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					                                              Council on General Education
                                                  September 9, 2002

                                                    (Approved by email)

PRESENT:      Larry Alferink, Jeff Bakken, Patty Dunn, Bonnie Laesch, Kent Machina, Steve McCaw, Den Patten, Lou
              Perez, John Poole, Mike Sublett, Jim Swindler, Joe Trefzger, Kay Weir,

ABSENT:       None

GUESTS:       Jon Rosenthal, John Walker

The meeting was convened at 1:00 p.m. by Chairperson Kent Machina. He began the meetings with reports from Lou
Perez on the summer workshops given this year. Following are highlights of those reports:

        Quantitative Reasoning workshop - regarding ECO/GEO/POL/PSY 138 Social Science Reasoning Using
         Statistics, suggestions were made to bring POL 138 more in line with the way the other three departments
         were teaching the course; and the POL instructor currently teaching this course could propose a new course
         for Middle Core-Quantitative Reasoning.
        U.S. Traditions workshop – very positive workshop; new syllabi prepared for all courses
        Portfolio workshop – funded by CAT (Center for Advancement of Teaching); small group but very worthwhile
        FOI Assessment – funded by CAT; ongoing assessment project; various instruments of assessment used,
         such as LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), portfolio, embedded assignments, etc. Kent gave an overview
         of the portion of the LSAT exam which was given to FOI students at both the beginning and end of Fall 1999,
         along with seniors in Spring 2000; the test deals with critical analysis and logic. Kent also reported that the
         analysis of the 1997 essay project for FOI had been completed. The FOI students’ essays showed
         improvement, while non-FOI students showed no improvement. A written report will be forthcoming.

Lou reported on the parent survey, which he conducted during Preview this past summer. The survey was
overwhelmingly positive with regard to the General Education program and FOI in particular. A majority of those
parents with a positive impression of FOI had learned of the course from their student’s sibling. Lou also indicated that
two campus-wide open forums will be scheduled this year to discuss the General Education program and FOI. He
also reminded the Council of his report to the Academic Senate which is due next fall. A lengthy discussion then took

Jeff Bakken and Kay Weir will once again be the subcommittee to review the new proposal from Foreign Languages
for FOR 116 Second Year Foreign Language Part II. They will report back to the Council at next meeting.

Members were divided into subcommittees for the purpose of Inner Core syllabi review. They are:

ENG 101/COM 110 – Joe Trefzger and Kay Weir
MAT – Jeff Bakken and Larry Alferink
NS/NSA – Steve McCaw and Patty Dunn
FOI – John Poole, Den Patten and Mike Sublett (to be reported next spring)

The meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.; next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 23.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Laesch, Recording Secretary

                                     Council on General Education – Minutes – 09/09/02                                  1

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