08-karnataka-Mysore-Coorg-Nagarhole by stariya


									Circuit KAR/08 - Mysore (2 nights)-Nagarhole (1 night) –Coorg ( Madikeri /
Siddhapur) (3 nights)

Bangalore                        Mysore                          140 kms
MYSORE                          Nagarhole                        55 kms
Nagarhole                       Medikeri                         65 Kms
Medikeri                        Mangalore                        170 kms
Medikeri                        Bangalore                        260 kms

Bangalore – Accessible by Train or Flight

Trains from Mumbai to Bangalore
                                                                                         Days Of Run
       Train Name              Origin       Dep.Time      Destination       Arr.Time
                                                                                        M T W T F S S
    COIMBATORE EXP        LOKMANYATILAK T     22:25    BANGALORE CANT           21:40   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    CHALUKYA EXPRES         MUMBAI CST        22:35    BANGALORE CY JN          22:20   N N Y N N Y Y
    BANGALORE EXP           MUMBAI CST        22:35    BANGALORE CY JN          22:20   Y N N N Y N N
    NAGARCOIL EXP           MUMBAI CST        12:10      BANGARAPET             13:50   N N Y Y Y N Y
    UDYAN EXPRESS           MUMBAI CST        07:55    BANGALORE CANT           08:25   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Trains from Mumbai to Mysore
                                                                                  Days Of Run
               Train Name        Origin     Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time
                                                                                M T W T F S S
            SHARAVATHI EXP MUMBAI CST        22:35     MYSORE JN    22:30       N Y N N N N N

Trains from Mangalore to Mumbai
                                                                                    Days Of Run
              Train Name          Origin     Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time
                                                                                 M T W T F S S
           ERS DADAR EXP       #KANKANADI     10:50      THANE          03:00    Y N N N N N N
           RAJDHANI EXP        *KANKANADI     07:30    VASAI ROAD       21:10    N N Y N Y N N
           MANGALA LDWEEP      *KANKANADI     22:55     KALYAN JN       14:35    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
           MATSYAGANDA EXP MANGALORE          14:40      THANE          05:58    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
           MARU SAGAR EXP      *KANKANADI     04:50    VASAI ROAD       21:10    Y N N N N N N
           GANDHIDHAM EXP      *KANKANADI     04:50    VASAI ROAD       22:40    N N N N Y N N
           NETRAVATHI EXP      *KANKANADI     00:30      THANE          16:03    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
           OKHA EXPRESS        *KANKANADI     04:50    VASAI ROAD       22:40    N N N Y N Y N
MYSORE (State: Karnataka Category: Heritage)

Places of Tourist Attraction in Mysore

The Mysore Palace    Once the residence of the Wodeyars, this structure is one
                     of the largest of its kind in India.
Jaganmohan           This is a converted art gallery which houses paintings that
Palace               date back to the late 19th century.
Chamundi Hill        Perched atop a hill is a 12th century temple of
                     Chamundershwari. About 13 Kms from Mysore by road
                     these is also a 1000 step walking track for all those young
                     at heart to try.
St. Philomena's      This beautiful Cathedral was built in 1956 and is one of
Church               the largest churches in the country.
The Mysore Zoo       One of the county's best zoo, this is famous for rare
                     animals bred in captivity and is housed in lush green
Brindavan Gardens 19 Kms north west of Mysore is the famous KRS dam.
Nagarhole National Park (State: Karnataka Category: Wildlife)

Nagarhole is one of the best destinations for Wildlife Sightings in India. The place derives
its name from the winding river - Nagarhole meaning "snake river" - which flows through
the park. The 640 sq km of gently undulating terrain at the foothills of the Brahmagiri hills
is covered with thick tropical forest, grassy swamps and numerous rivers and streams.
The park and animal life is part of the country's first "bio-sphere reserve".

Kabini River Lodge conducts tours along well-defined routes for tourists, in the early
mornings and evenings. One can be sure of seeing the bison, elephant, spotted deer,
sambhar, barking deer, wild boar, mongoose, peakcock, jungle fowl and many other
birds and animals.

Lucky people may see a tiger or panther or even a King cobra. Both trekking and going
by private vehicles is allowed, though permission has to be taken first. Huts have been
built for those who wish to stay in the wilds.

Madikeri (Coorg) (State: Karnataka Category: Plantation Retreat/Hill Station)

1525 m above sea level lies Madikeri, the district headquarters of Kodagu. Coorg or
Kodagu(originally called Kodaimalenadu) means 'dense forest on steep hill'. Dubbed as
the Scotland of India, this town has a lot to offer to the tourist. Misty hills, lush forest,
acres and acres of tea and coffee plantation, orange groves, undulating streets and
breathtaking views are what make Madikeri a popular holiday destination

Local Sightseeing

Madikeri Fort       This 19th century fort, in the centre of Madikeri, houses a temple, a
                    chapel, prison and a small museum. The fort offers a beautiful view of
Raja's Seat         According to legend, the kings of Kodagu spent their evenings here.
                    But what's unforgettable about Raja's seat is the spectacular sunset
                    that one can enjoy from here.
Talakaveri          The birth place of river Kaveri, is an astoundingly beautiful place
                    which is surrounded by mountains. This place is marked by a kundike
                    from where the river emerges as a small perennial spring, but flows
                    underground again to emerge a short distance away.
Iruppu Falls        The river descends perpendicularly into a great cataract known as the
                    Iruppu Falls. This place can be visited from Gonikopal on the way to
                    Nagerhole National Park by taking a detour after Srimangala, situated
                    in the Kutta Road.
Abbey Falls         A big attraction for tourists and filmdom alike is the Abbey Falls, 8 kms
                    from Madikeri
Dubare              This is mainly an elephant capturing and training camp of the Forest
Elephant Camp       Department, at the edge of Dubare forest, on the bank of river Kaveri,
                    on the Kushalnagar - Siddapur road. Must for Elephant ride
Tibetan            On the Kushalnagar Road is a Tibetan Monastary worth for its sheer
Monastary          size and peaceful surroundings.

Around Medikeri

Valanoor, 30 kms.from Mercara,the back waters of river Cauvery is one of the most
beautiful Angling sites in Karnataka. Types of fish include Golden-Masheer, Maral and
Mapp. Licence / permit can be arranged by local tourist agents.

Bhagamandala is situated at the confluence of 3 rivers (the Cauvery, the Kanika and the
Sujyothi). The temple here, built in Kerala style, has smaller shrines dedicated to various

Known for its calm, serene beauty, this place is an ideal picnic spot visited by hundreds
of tourists throughout the year.

Harangi Dam is a great picnic spot 36 kms from Madikeri.

Medikeri can be reached only by road, as there is no railway or commercial air services
that serves the area. The Mysore - Mangalore high way passes through Kodagu. The
district headquarters Madikeri (Mercara), is 260 km from Bangalore and 120 km from
Mysore. The distance from Mangalore is 170 km and from Cannanore and Tellicherry, it
is about 115 km.

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