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									                         Burrell School District
    2009 Summer Credit Recovery Handbook
         Providing 21st Century Learning Opportunities on an E-Learning Platform

Orientation Dates:   June 12, 15, 16 and 17

Summer Term:         June 22 – July 24, 2009

Cost per Course:     $90.00     -Resident Students
                     $110.00 -Non-Resident Students
Registration Deadline:        June 5, 2009 for residents; June 15, 2009 for non-residents

Part I of the Handbook--Pages 1-10--discuss general summer school guidelines and procedures.
Contact Information                                                                                                        1
Courses Offered- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   3
Requirements for Student Participation                                                                                     3
Program Information - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -      4
Registration Form                                                                                                          10
Student Computer/Internet Usage Agreement Form - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -                         11
Student Academic Integrity Form                                                                                            11
Student/Parent Discipline Guidelines Form - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -                  11
Part II of the Handbook –separate document.

                                                         Contact Information
Help Desk – 724-594-3803
                      8:00am – 8:00pm
Burrell School District Central Administrative Office – 724-334-1406
                      8:00am – 3:00pm
Burrell High School Office – 724-334-1403
                      8:00am – 3:00pm
Charles A. Huston Middle School Office – 724-334-1443
                      8:00am – 3:00pm

                                          Courses Offered
           **Courses marked with an asterisk are closed to non-resident students**
          Math 6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, *Geometry, *Algebra II

           Reading 6, Reading 7, Reading 8

           English 6, English 7, English 8
           English 9, English 10, English 11
           *Speech (.5 credit)

          Science 7
          Science 8
          *Biology I
          *Environmental Science

     Social Studies
           Economics (.5 credit)
           *Government (.5 credit)
           *Social Studies 7—World History

           *Health 10

                              Requirements for Student Participation
•   Students in grades 6-12 who have failed 1 or 2 of the courses being offered:
•   Students in grades 6-11 who passed 1 or 2 of the previously mentioned classes and could benefit
    from additional skill building.
•   Students who wish to increase preparation for a course in the fall may do so; however, the summer
    credit course will not replace the full year course.

                                             General Information
Students should have basic computer skills, experience with Word or Works, saving files, using the
internet, and sending/receiving emails. Students not experienced should report to the computer labs until
they are comfortable with the technology requirements. Computer requirements, etc. are identified in the
attached Westmoreland Intermediate Unit eAcademy Handbook.
                                        Expectations and Guidelines
    •   Parent/guardian and student should understand that online instruction is more demanding than
        traditional instruction because the individual student is held accountable for his/her own pacing and
        learning. Students have found online learning to be more intensive than traditional instruction.
    •   Parent/guardian and student must agree to and sign the School Property Usage and Internet
        Agreement for Internet access in the computer labs and email access.
    •   Computer lab will be open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm for student use.
    •   Online course instructors will offer two office hours as indicated on course syllabus. Lab facilitators
        will assist students with content and technology related issues in the Labs.
    •   The student must show active online participation and advancement. Students who do not achieve
        a 75% or higher in their online course each week will be required to come to the computer labs for
        lab facilitator monitoring. Transportation is the responsibility of the family.
    •   Non-district students are not required to report to the computer labs; however, progress information
        will be sent to their parent/guardian each week to ensure proper communication between school
        and home.

                                              Grading Policies
Student progress/grades will be reported to parents/guardians and students as percentages. The scale for
resident students is as follows:
                                          93%-100%                  A
                                          84%-92%                   B
                                          74%-83%                   C
                                          65%-73%                   D
                                          64%-0%                    F
Non-resident students will follow their district’s grading procedure concerning summer school grades.

Teachers will update student grades every Monday morning by 8:00am for the previous week’s work.
Students who do not maintain a 74% may be assigned additional computer lab days/time at teacher
and/or administrator discretion. These students will also receive a phone call via School
Messenger notifying them that they have dropped to a 74% or lower. Progress notices will be sent
to every parent/guardian weekly. Daily assignments must be uploaded or completed by 12:00am
(midnight). Daily assignments are considered late if completed after this time. Late work may be accepted
until 12:00am (midnight) of Friday of the week assigned. Late work is only accessible and acceptable with
teacher permission. Students are required to request additional time and provide a reason to the teacher;
point deductions may apply. Check with your teacher as to specific assignment deadlines; teachers may
require assignments to be completed prior to 12:00am. Students must follow course syllabus and
communicate regularly with their teacher.

             Student Behavior/Discipline Updates for the Summer Credit Recovery Program
Traditional discipline measures are not feasible during this compacted summer program. Burrell School
District will implement the following consequences for any BSD, BHS, and HMS policy or procedure
         1st offense – Written reprimand and phone call home
         2nd offense – Meeting with parents/guardians, student, teacher, lab
                         facilitator, and administration
         3rd offense – Parent/guardian, student, and administrator meeting and
                         dismissal from the program without refund
• Students behavior expectations: no talking, no collaboration, and no food or beverages.
Disruptive students will be removed from the lab and subject to disciplinary action.
• Important Note: Serious incidents such as weapons, tobacco, drugs/alcohol, etc… are subject to
program and school expulsion, charges filed at the magistrate/county and suspension at the
beginning of the 2009-2010 school year.
                                             Academic Integrity
Academic dishonesty of any type, including cheating and plagiarism, is unacceptable. Cheating is any
misrepresentation in academic work. Plagiarism is the representation of another person's work, words or
ideas as your own. Academic dishonesty is punishable by failure (zero points) of the test,

examination, term paper, or other assignment on which cheating occurred. In addition, disciplinary
actions or expulsion from the Summer Credit Recovery Program may occur.
    Cheating is the use or attempted use of fraud, deception or misrepresentation in any academic
exercise. Examples: (these are typical cheating examples, not an exhaustive list)
    1. Use of unauthorized notes or material during an exam
    2. Exchanging information with another person during any graded assignment
    3. Using data gathered by another person
    4. Submitting as your own work a paper or assignment written or completed by someone else
    5. Copying an assignment, homework, computer assignment, coursework etc
    Plagiarism is representing the words or ideas of another as one's own work in any academic exercise.
It is wrong to pass off another person’s work as one’s own. However, there are more ways of doing this
than simply by copying another’s words (or cutting and pasting from the Web). Some seem to think that by
changing a few words one can avoid an accusation of plagiarism. This is incorrect; avoiding plagiarism
means citing every single source that you used in writing a paper—and “use” means drawing any sort of
fact (except those which are common knowledge) or interpretation. Burrell School District expects that a
student's work is a product of that student's own thought and research. One should acknowledge all words
and ideas that originate from others or other’s written work.
• Important Note – Any student who assists another student with issues surrounding academic
dishonesty will receive comparable punishments.

                                       Computer and Technology Use
Any student caught tampering with (setting or configuration changes) or vandalizing computers, technology,
or school equipment in any way will be referred to the office for disciplinary action and restitution. This
includes, but is not limited to, all computers, laptops, peripherals, and technology education and library
equipment. Expulsion from the Summer Credit Recovery Program will also be considered.

Burrell School District Policy 815. Use of the Internet
The Burrell School District recognizes the Internet as a viable and important educational resource.
The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit provides Internet access to administrators, teachers, and students in the
school districts of Westmoreland County for educational and instructional purposes. The use of the Internet,
e-mail and IU network technology must be in an ethical, lawful and acceptable manner. This Internet
Acceptable Use policy has been established to provide the guidelines for such use. All Internet users are
required to agree to this policy and sign the Internet Acceptable Use Agreement Form.

The Burrell School District as a participating school district therefore, requires users to agree to the WIU
Internet Acceptable Use Policy and sign the agreement form. This Internet Acceptable Use Policy supersedes
previous Acceptable Use Policy of the Burrell School District and the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit.

The district’s Internet provider is the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit which has established an Acceptable
Use Policy to be in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The Westmoreland Intermediate
Unit Acceptable Use Policy clearly defines ethical and safe use of the Internet for our students. Therefore, the
Burrell School District will use the guidelines established by the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit as the local
Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, “Computer Usage Rules” have been established by staff members as an
addendum to the local AUP.
All users are prohibited from using the Internet and e-mail in the following ways:
A.                 Use for commercial, private advertisement or for-profit purposes.
B.                 Use for lobbying or political purposes.
C.                 Use for any illegal purpose.
D.                 Use to copy, install or distribute copyrighted materials.
E.                 Use to access pornographic materials.
F.                 Providing your login/password to another person.
G.                 Use of another person’s Internet or e-mail account.
H.                 Use of threatening, obscene, harassing remarks and/or cyber-bullying.
I.                 Use to infiltrate or interfere with the computer network.
J.                 Unauthorized access to the network, including “hacking” and/or “cracking”.
K.                 Use or downloading of unauthorized games, programs, files, music or other electronic media,
     including peer-to-peer applications such as Bit Torrent, Limewire, etc.
L.                 Use to upload/download and spread a computer virus.
M.                 Use that invades the privacy of others.
N.                 Use of chat rooms, listservs, or newsgroups for non-educational purposes.
O.                 Disabling or circumventing or attempting to disable or circumvent Internet filtering.
P.                 Tampering, interfering or intercepting another user’s e-mail.
Q.                 Disclosing or disseminating any personal information about themselves or others.
R.                 Use of inappropriate language/graphics or profanity.
S.                 Quoting of personal communications or works in a public forum without the author’s prior
T.                 Sending unsolicited bulk mail messages.
U.                 Disclosing names, addresses, and/or phone numbers of minors.
V.                 Use to access social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, or the like.

                                              Internet Etiquette
All users are expected to do the following:
A. Be courteous and respectful when communicating with others.
B. Use appropriate language. Swearing, vulgarities, or inappropriate graphics are not to be used.
C. Be respectful of other users regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, handicaps,
     ethnicity, or cultural differences.
D. Respect the privacy of other users.
E. Periodically purge unneeded e-mail messages.

                                            WIU Internet Network Procedures
A. Filtering
     1.                   The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that filtering is on all computers
            with Internet access regardless of whether they are used by students or staff. In an effort to block and
            filter inappropriate material that may otherwise be accessible via the Internet, the Westmoreland
            Intermediate Unit has incorporated an Internet Filtering Service to those districts that utilize the
            Westmoreland Intermediate Unit as their Internet Service Provider. The filtering service is fully
            compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit provides
            the opportunity to school districts and their schools to subscribe to the WIU Internet Filtering System.
     2.                   All Burrell School District computers with Internet access shall
            be equipped with filtering software.
     3.                   The Children’s Internet Protection Act also allows for the filtering to be disabled for adults
            for bona fide research or other lawful uses. The act specifically states:
“An administrator, supervisor, or person authorized by the responsible authority (i.e. school, school board,
local educational agency, or other authority with responsibility for administration of such school) may disable
the technology protection measure concerned to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful
Therefore, in keeping with the above guidelines of the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the filtering service
may be disabled on computers by the network administrator for a bona fide research or other lawful purposes.
The filtering service may not be disabled by or for students or other minors for any reason.
B. Monitoring
   1. The Burrell School District and the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit reserves the right to log network
         use, Internet activity, and e-mail fileserver space. Network administrators may review student and staff
         files and communications to maintain system integrity and insure that students and staff are using the
         system only for appropriate uses.
  2. The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit reserves the right to monitor users’ e-mail.
C. Internet Accounts
  1. All users of the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Internet network who use the Internet, e-mail and
        network facilities must agree to and abide by all of the conditions of this Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
        The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit will provide Internet accounts to educators/employees in all of the
        participating districts. These accounts will not be created until the educator/employee has signed the
        Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Internet Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Form, which includes a
        signature from the authorized person in Burrell School District. Students will not be permitted to use
        district computers until a Student Internet Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Form has been signed by
        the student and the parent/guardian.
  2. The WIU and Burrell School District shall not be responsible for any unauthorized charges or fees
        resulting from access to the Internet. The user shall be responsible for any unauthorized charges or
        fees incurred while accessing the Internet.
                                                     Policy Enforcement
A. Access to the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Violations of this Internet Acceptable Use Policy will result
     in the cancellation of those privileges and appropriate disciplinary action.
B. Despite the use of the filtering software, students and staff may gain access to inappropriate information.
     In respect to students, educators must monitor and supervise student Internet activity to the best of their
C. If an inappropriate site has been reached, it is the responsibility of the student user to report it immediately
     to the teacher. The teacher and/or other staff member who reaches an inappropriate site is responsible

   for immediately reporting it to the District Technology Department. The Technology Department staff will
   contact the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Technology Services Department in order for the site to be
   blocked in the future.
D. The Burrell School District and the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit reserve the right to monitor online
   activities of minors.
E. The user (student, teacher, staff member) shall be responsible to make full restitution (including all labor
   costs for repair or replacement) for any damages to equipment, systems, and software resulting from
   deliberate or willful acts.
                                     School District Limitation of Liability
A. The Burrell School District makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, that the functions
   or services provided by or through the District’s computers, network, Internet, etc. will be error-free or
   without defect. The District shall not be responsible for material that is retrieved through the Internet, or
   the consequences that may result from them. The District shall not be responsible for any damage users
   may suffer, including but not limited to, information that may be lost, damaged, delayed, miss delivered, or
   unavailable when using the computers, network, Internet, and electronic communication systems. The
   District will not be responsible for stolen, damaged, or lost personal devices of students, employees,
   contractors and guests. In no event shall the District be liable to the user for any damages whether direct,
   indirect, special or consequential, arising out of the use of the computers, network, Internet, etc.

                                           District Computer Usage Rules
Students will follow the following rules:
    A. There is to be no food or drinks in computer areas.
    B. No personal diskettes, flash drives, downloaded files, etc. from home are to be used without the
         approval of the instructor, librarian, or Technology Department Staff. ALL devices must be scanned
         before using them on the district’s computers and/or network.
    C. No files should be saved unless instructed to do so by the teacher.
    D. Students will not alter any setting or move icons on the computer.
    E. Students will not access any information from the district’s network unless directed and supervised by
         the teacher.
    F. Students shall not be on the Internet unless given permission by the teacher.
    G. Students are responsible for the computer assigned to them in class. Any problem detected on the
         assigned computer is to be reported immediately to the teacher.
    H. Any student caught vandalizing a computer in any way will be referred to the building administrator for
         disciplinary action which may result in suspension from school and/or payment of damages.
    I. Burrell School District reserves the right to monitor all activity on the district’s computers, network,
         servers, Internet, etc.
Violations of these rules will result in loss of privileges to use Burrell School District computers, as well as
appropriate disciplinary action.

                               BURRELL SCHOOL DISTRICT

School District:__________________________ Building attended in 08/09:______________________
Student Name: ____________________________________________ Grade: ___________________
Parent/Guardian(s) Name: ______________________________________________________________
Home Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Numbers that will be used to contact parents for grades, discipline, and general information
Phone 1: __________________Phone 2: ___________________Phone 3:_______________________
Home/Alternate Phone: ____________________________________________
Parent/Guardian(s) E-mail: ___________________________________________
Parent/Guardian(s) E-mail: ___________________________________________
Course Information: Circle the course(s) you plan to take. Courses with an Asterisk are not available to
non-residents. Choose Pre-Algebra if you are attending summer school for Pre-Algebra A or Pre-Algebra
Math 6              Pre-Algebra       Algebra I         Algebra II*           Geometry*       Reading 6
Reading 7           Reading 8         English 6         English 7             English 8       English 9
English 10          English 11        Speech*           Science 7             Science 8       Biology I*
Environmental Economics               Government*       Social Studies        Health 10*
Science*                                                7*
*Resident students who do not maintain a 74% or higher in each summer school course will be required to
report to school computer labs daily.
Required Orientation: You must attend with a parent/guardian.
Choose one:
   June 12, 9-11am, HMS                      June 15, 9-11am, HMS              June 15, 6-8pm, HMS
   June 16, 9-11am, HMS                      June 16, 6-8pm, HMS
Payment and Registration:
     • Registration form and payment are due no later than June 5, 2009 for residents. Non-
         residents may complete their registration and payment by June 15, 2009.
     • Fees (Cash Only).
              o $90 per course for residents.
              o $110 per course for non-residents.
*Please contact Mrs. Wagner if other arrangements are needed.
*All novels, textbooks, etc must be returned at the completion of summer school in order to receive grades
and credit. Fees will be charged for lost materials. We will discuss this procedure at orientation.
Computer Lab Use:
   I intend to use my home computer when permitted and access the BHS/HMS computer
   when required.
   I intend to access the BHS/HMS computer lab daily; however, I do have access to a computer at

                                                  - 10 -
  I intend to access the BHS/HMS computer lab daily because I do not have access to a computer at
                       Burrell School District Computer/Internet Policy No. 815
I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Burrell School District use of the internet policy no. 815 and computer
usage policy. I further acknowledge that I have read and understand this policy and its regulations by
signing below; I agree to abide by the policies and procedures contained therein. I further understand that
any violation of the regulations in this policy will result in loss of privileges, disciplinary action, and may
constitute a criminal offense.
Student Name (print): ___________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ __________________
Signature                                                         Date

                                         Student Academic Integrity
I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Burrell School District’s Summer Credit Recovery Program Academic
Integrity Guidelines. I further acknowledge that I have read and understand these guidelines and
consequences by signing below; I agree to abide by the procedures contained therein. I further understand
that any violation of the regulations will result in failure, disciplinary actions, and/or expulsion from the
Student Name (print): ___________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ __________________
Signature                                                         Date

        Burrell High School/Huston Middle School Student Summer School Handbook
I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Burrell High School/Huston Middle School Student Summer School
Handbook. By signing below, I agree to abide by the policies and procedures contained therein throughout
the summer credit recovery program. I further acknowledge that I have read and understand the Burrell
High School/Huston Middle School Student Summer School Handbook. The contents contained in the
Handbook are an overview of the rules and procedures, or district wide policies, and do not replace or
surpass any school board approved policies. All conditions may be added to, deleted or changed by the
Burrell School District at its sole discretion. I agree to consequences listed and cited in the Burrell High
School/Huston Middle School Student Summer School Handbook.
Student name (print): __________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ __________________

                                                       - 11 -
Signature            date

            - 12 -

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