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					                       South Ayrshire Community Health Partnership
                       Public Partnership Forum Core Group
                  Meeting Notes of:   21st March 2007 Skills Lab, Ayr Hospital
                         Voluntary Sector Core Group Members
Name                        Background                             Attending     Apologies
                                                                      ()           ()
Betty Kenny                 South Oaks Tenants Association                           
Lesley Milligan             Margaret Blackwood Housing
Linda Sharp                 Working Together Group/Ayr Stroke
Morag Elliot                South Ayrshire Children’s Services
                            Voluntary Forum
Pat Brown                   Troon District Elderly Forum               
Sheena Scott (Vice          South Ayrshire Forum on Disability
                       Community Council Core Group Members
Name                        Background                              Attending    Apologies
                                                                       ()          ()
Catherine Collins                                                       
David Kiltie (Chair)        Maybole                                                  
Liz McQuiston                                                           

                                Supporting the Core Group
Name                        Background                              Attending    Apologies
                                                                       ()          ()
Pauline McLoughlin          South Ayrshire Carers Centre                             
Frank Reilly                NHS Ayrshire and Arran                      
Gus Collins                 South Ayrshire Council                                   
Gill Rogers                 NHS Ayrshire and Arran                      

       In attendance: Nil
       Additional apologies: Jeff Holt, Scottish Health Council

       Linda Sharp and Sheena Scott are the Representatives on the South Ayrshire
       Community Health Partnership Committee.
Sheena welcomed everyone to the PPF core group meeting

   1. Matter arising from past notes/accuracy
   The notes were accepted as accurate
Notes proposed as accurate by: Linda Sharp
Seconded by: Lesley Milligan

   2. CHP Committee report
Sheena reported the last CHP committee meeting had been cancelled at short
notice and therefore nothing to report on. There was a general discussion where
members felt that this action lessened the importance and value of the

   4. Coordinators update
Gill produced a written update that detailed the following:
      Half Day event – 2nd April - venue was booked and the programme and
       menu would be distributed to members.
      Promotional materials had been ordered.
      Travel expenses were to be sent to the members for previous meetings
       attended. Payment would be as a cheque.
      Wider network progress. Gill advised the group they had been provided
       with the contact details of people who had previously participated in NHS
       Ayrshire and Arran public involvement activity. There were also other
       individuals requesting further information. The group approved opening up
       the wider network for individuals.
      A Partnership Team has been formed between the CHP and the local
       authority's Social Work, Health and Housing department. Frank and Gill
       will keep the group informed of its progress.
      The group were informed of a potential service development for “Adult
       survivors of childhood sexual abuse.” A bid for Scottish Executive funding
       is being made by the CHP in partnership with the Moving On project in
       North Ayrshire.
      Update on PPF involvement:
   1. Clinical Governance Standards for GP practices – Lay member request:
       Pat Brown has volunteered for this work.
   2. Food and Health Action Plan – members provided names of appropriate
        community groups. These will be approached when the draft plan goes to
   3. Gender Equality Scheme – members provided names of appropriate
        community groups. These identified groups will be able to influence the
        actual Gender Equality Scheme. Linda Semple to present at the next
   4. Cancer Prevention Pack Launch – Members were asked to share notice of
        this event.
       Programme and menu to be posted out to members
       Members to inform Gill if travel expenses were not received
       Gill to send letter to potential members inviting them on to the Forum

   5. Mind your health
David Rowland, Project Director of the Mind your health project, presented to the
group. He stated his team were now moving towards workshop based events. A
roadshow would follow showing the “raw” outputs from the workshops – this
would be prior to any proposals being submitted to the Board. Members offered
to share leaflets with their communities and within their own networks. David
asked members to provide him with appropriate venues and names of
community groups for the roadshow. South Ayrshire Children’s Services
Voluntary Forum offered him the opportunity to present at their event on 31st May
       Members to contact Gill with numbers of leaflets they need and
        names of groups and venues within their communities

   6. Working Agreement
A revised draft of the Working Agreement was presented to the group. Members
requested more work on the wording around the deputising of PPF
representatives on the CHP committee. Issues raised were:
       Following a Core Group meeting, the representatives had reported back to
        the CHP committee that deputies would not be required and one
        representative would deputise in effect for the other should one not be
        able to attend.
      A suggestion was also made that deputies could be provided, but not
       named, and a time delay could be written into the agreement allowing the
       deputising member to become more informed on a subject should a vote
       be required
      Sheena, David and Gill to revisit the agreement

   7. Core Group membership
Gill informed the group that Betty Kenny was unable to attend meetings due to ill
health. It was suggested Pauline McLoughlin was brought onto the Core Group
to fill this post. Gill also reminded the group about the shortage of community
council members in post. Members asked Gill to contact the Chair of South
Ayrshire Community Councils to determine a course of action.
      Gill to speak with Betty and inform Pauline
      Gill to contact Henry McCubbin

Frank informed the group that Gus Collins (regeneration manager for Girvan)
wished the PPF to be aware of a health needs assessment being undertaken
jointly with South Ayrshire CHP. Once the assessment has been completed the
results will be presented to the core group for discussion.

There being no other business Sheena thanked everyone for attending and
brought the meeting to a close.

Date of next meeting: 9th May 2007

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