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					          Unit 13 Mind Your Health
   mind v.
     • Mind your steps while going down the stairs.
     • Please you don’t mind her ways of talking to a patient.
  Session 1      (p.136)
“Further research into the safety of mobile phone use is being
  recommended by an independent expert… group … .”

   • research … is being recommended by … group…
“It has been claimed that … .”


“Changes … have also been measured … .”

                                 detected; found out
    “However, the report of the independent Expert Group
    on Mobile phones, organized by the UK Department of
    Health, has found insufficient evidence to back up
    these claims, but does believe there is enough
    anecdotal evidence to justify further research and to
    take a cautious approach to the use of mobiles.”

• report … found … but believe … to justify … and to take… .
• back up
  The assumption is backed up by the experimental results.

• do   aux. v.
e.g. She does love her job as a nurse though sometimes
       she may forget to give injections to her patients.
     “In the absence …, the Export Group
     recommended that power output be minimized …
     and that they should be labeled with … .”
 • recommend + do/be done/should
• The doctor recommended that the tumour should be
removed as early as possible.
•The doctor recommended the patient to do some light
manual labour.
                 propose         or: do + -ing
          He recommends wearing safety equipment
          I suggest leaving now.
         What do you propose we do?
“Research which showed that mice exposed to
microwave radiation for 18 months suffered an
increase in tumour is now being repeated.”

     • research … is … being repeated

                 which showed that …
 “…, it points out that risk of having a car accident
 while using a mobile phone is equivalent to
 having a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent.”

                                          says …
 • the editorial in BMJ         it
                                          points out …

                   • is equivalent to

          using …          =         having …

• It points out…

   (M. Clau.)      risk of having …       is … .

 “The risk is the same when a hands-free phone is
 used instead, which implies that the conversation
 itself is to blame for distracting the driver. ”
• hands-free     -free e.g. Smoking-free zone;
                             duty-free shop

 • instead
  The head nurse didn’t feel well, so the new nurse went
for the emergency instead.

 • is to blame for sth.
    The unnecessary delay of the operation is to blame for
  the death of the patient.
  T or F       (p.138)

 2. Experts have not found sufficient evidence to prove
 that mobile phones can cause brain cancer … .
        sufficient        robust

5. As a matter of fact, the conversation instead of the
mobile phone should be blamed … .

  conversation instead of the mobile

                            conversation itself
     Session 3     Activity
   Activity 3 Supplementary reading           (pgs.133-134)

“Most smoke because enjoy it. Some smoke despite the fact
  that they hate it!”
    • most                      smoke
     some                       smoke
     n. (subj.)                 v. (pred.)

  “Smoking is not smart.”
   He always has smart ideas, and he is always smartly
  dressed, too.
  “We know that at least one third of health expenditure in
  the western world is directly and indirectly the result of
  cigarette smoking, and the amount of human suffering
  from smoking-related diseases is enormous.”
• we know that …
                        expenditure … is … result …, and
                        amount … is … .
     1/3 of                 expenditure

  “The truth is that it is not impossible to stop smoking
  and it is important to stop … .”

 • truth is that …
                          it is … and it is …
    “…, all the way through your life.”

• all the way through
 The internals from the medical school were there for the
ward inspections all the way through the whole morning.

   “…, it is important to approach stopping with a
   comprehensive plan in mind.”

• in mind
  keep in mind the oath you took when you were
 medical student in college and carry out your work
 “If you were building the house of your dreams,
 there would be … .”
• subjunctive mood:
  If I were you, I would tell the head nurse about the
new method.

“Having found the appropriate piece of land, you
definitely want to find … .”

• v. tense
  Having finished the duty report, the doctor returned to
the consulting room early.
   “You would probably go over the plans … . ”

  • go over

   Let us go over the report one more time before we submit
it to the head nurse.

   “Plan it carefully beforehand and then stick to the plan.”

  • stick to
  English is not too hard to learn if you stick to the simple
 golden rules of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
T or F         (p. 134)

5. If you have got a comprehensive plan for stopping
smoking, you will succeed.

         “plan it … and stick to it”
Activity 4 Specification of medicine             (pgs.140-141)

   “A complete multicitamin-multiminaral formula”

    • “multi-”     “-”   e.g. multiculture; multimedia

   “In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or … .”

  Please remember to press the button in case you are in
  need of a doctor or in any form of emergency at night.
 “As with any supplement, if you are …”


 English as spoken in Australia is somewhat different to
 the ear of an English learner.

Ref. Unit 12
“…, you will not see this as it is hidden by the
scanning housing.”
 As he was not well, I decided to go without him.

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