Conceptual Lens Samples by qingyunliuliu

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Action         Decision-making      Happiness              Machine                Progress         System
Accomodation   Democracy            Harmony                Management             Property         Technology
Adaptions      Design               Hope                   Market                 Quest            Terrorism
Aesthetic      Diversity            Human Nature           Matter                 Racism           Theory
Balance        Domain               Human Virtue           Measurement            Reaction         Time
Beauty         Dreams               Humor                  Migration              Reason           Tolerance
Beliefs        Ecosystem            Identity               Motivation             Recycle          Tool
Causation      Efficiency           Immigration            Mutation               Reflection       Transfer
Change         Energy               Individual             Mutualism              Reform           Transformation
Chaos          Equality             Infinity               Negative               Region           Transition
Citizenship    Equilibrium          Influence              Number                 Relationship     Transportation
Civilization   Error                Institution            Order                  Reliability      Trust
Class          Ethics               Interactions           Origin                 Reproduction     Truth
Collective     Ethnocentrism        Innovations            Organization           Resources        Universe
Communication Evil                  Interdependence Ownership                     Responsibility   Validity
Compassion     Evolution            Impact                 Paradox                Revolution       Values
Competition    Excellence           Journey                Patriotism             Rights           Variation
Complexity     Fairness             Justice                Pattern                Risk             Virtue
Conflict       Family               Knowledge              Part/Whole             Role             Wants
Connections    Fitness              Labor                  Past/Present           Rule             Wealth
Consumption    Flexibility          Language               Peace                  Self             Wellness
Cooperation    Force                Law                    Perspective            Specialization   Will
Cost           Form                 Leadership             Population             Status
Courage        Freedom              Liberty                Positive               Stress
Creativity     Function             Life                   Power                  Structure
Culture        Goodness             Limits                 Prejudice              Symbiosis
Cycle          Government           Location               Probability            Symmetry

                             Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources
Death   Grace          Love                   Productivity           Synergy

                Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources
                   Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

                                    Sample Science
Systems        Evidence           Change              Evolution         Form
Order          Models             Constancy           Equilibrium       Function

Behavior       Conductivity       Adaptation          Balance           Bonding
Entropy        Cycles             Conservation        Behavior          Cells
Environment    Erosion            Disorder            Ecosystem         Conduction
Interaction    Fission/Fusion     Energy              Extinction        Convection
Niche          Fossils            Force/Power         Habitat           Density
Patterns       Properties         Matter              Heredity          Diversity
               Similarities -                         Natural
Population     Differences        Motion              Selection         Living Things
Relative                                                                Natural/
Distance       Traits             Mutation            Position          Constructed
Reproduction   Waves              Transfer            Regulation        Organism
Transfer       Weathering         Waves               Survival          Organs
                      Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

               Sample Music
Aesthetics     Expression          Performance
Rhythm         Melody              Harmony
Timbre         Form                Dynamics
Articulation   Tempo               Text
Mood           Culture
                   Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

                    Sample Health
Physical         Mental/ Emotional
Wellness         Wellness                Social Health
Disease          Relationships           Relationships
Disorder         Feelings                Communication
Nutrition        Behaviors               Family
Exercise         Rights                  Community
Safety           Responsibilities        Coping Skills
Choices          Stress                  Needs
Responsibility   Coping Skills           Interdependence
Abuse            Self-Esteem             Conflict Resolution
Neglect          Anxiety                 Rights
Change           Needs                   Responsibilities
Growth           Conflict Resolution     Support Resources
Sexuality        Choices                 Lifestyle
Safety           Symptoms/Signs
Life Cycle       Lifestyle
                 Anger Management
                       Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

                                   Sample Social Studies
Culture        Time                 Change                Power            Authority
Governance     Civic Ideals         Continuity            Institutions     Production
People         Places               Environments          Distribution     Individuals

Culture        Places               Interdependence Groups                 Policy
Similarities   Space                Common Good           Institutions     Supply
Differences    Region               Rights                Origin           Demand
Perspective    Resources            Responsibilities      Ethics           Incentives
Behavior       Role                 Environment           Values           Systems
Identity       Status               Power                 Beliefs          Barter
Needs          Patterns             Order                 Customs          Exchange
Wants          Conflict             Leadership            Influence        Markets
Time           Cooperation          Government            Justice          Consumption
Change         Traditions           Limits                Freedom
Continuity     Laws                 Transportation        Equality
Location       Rules                Communication         Citizenship
                      Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

                                        Sample Drama
  Character       Movement                   Voice                 Theme                Design
Physical       Body Position           Tone                  Culture                Style

Personality    Action/Reaction         Pitch                 Conflict               Meaning
Background     Purpose                 Size                  Time                   Mood
Relationship   Order                   Quality               Perspective            Structure
Conflict       Influence               Dialect               Beliefs/Values         Function
Motivation     Angle                   Patterns              Choices                Expression
Growth         Line                    Expression            Influence              Feeling
Type/role      Balance                 Articulation          Diversity              Symbol
Obstacle       Timing                  Pronunciation         Identity               Realism
Wants/Needs Space                      Beat/Pulse            Power                  Realism
Habits         Logic                   Breathing             Destruction            Setting
Feelings/      Physical
Emotions       Expression              Diction               Innocence              Costume
Purpose        Direction               Emphasis              Isolation              Lighting
                     Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

                                Sample Math
  Pattern        Order             System            Relationship

Angle         Equivalence     Numbers              Proportion          Slope

Area          Estimate        Odds                 Quantification      Symbols

Average       Fractions       Percentage           Quantity            Symmetry
Chance        Function        Point                Range               Variable
Coordinates Graph             Predictions          Ratio               Vector

Correlation   Line            Probability          Rotation            Volume

Decimals      Logarithms      Projections          Scale

Derivative    Measurement Properties               Shape
                                     Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

                                         Sample Language Arts
                     Macroconcepts for: Reading, Listening and Viewing
 Comprehension     Response to Text             Critical Stance                       Purpose
Connections       Connection             Evaluation                      Audience
Genre             Discourse              Judgment                        Explanation
Imagery           Literary Criticism     Synthesis of idea/Info          Information
Inference         Motivation             Text Evidence                   Research
Problem Solving   Perspective
Summary           Personal Reflection
Text Language

Macroconcepts for: Writing and Speaking
        Voice         Organization                  Fluency                        Word Usage
Tone              Details                Cadence                         Alliteration
Mood              Leads                  Flow                            Conventions: Grammar, etc
Dialect           Text Structure         Rhythm                          Onomatopoeia
                  Transitions                                            Symbolism
                                  Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources

                                         Sample Literacy - Fiction
  Elements    Structure/Form            Genre                     Theme                         Writer's Craft
Character    Circle Story      Comedy                  Fairness                     Conventions: Mechanics,
Plot         Classical         Folktales               Heroes                         Presentation, Grammar
Setting      Cumulative        Historical Fiction      Loneliness                   Ideas: Originality, Purpose,
             Interlocking      Mysteries               Prejudice                      Topics
             Minimalist        Plays                   Perspective                  Organization: Leads, Order,
             Surreal           Poetry                  Sacrifice                      Details, Conclusions
                               Science Fiction         Survival                     Sentence Fluency: Rhythm,
                               Short Stories           Tolerance                      Cadence, Flow
                               Tragedy                 Humanity/Inhumanity          Voice: Tone, Emotion,
                                                                                    Word Choice: Alliteration,
                                                                                      Symbolism, Figurative,
                                                                                      Sensory Language
                                     Taken from the work of Dr. Lynn Erickson and ASCD Resources
                                                Sample Literacy Nonfiction
       Elements          Structure/Form                 Genre                        Theme                Writer's Craft
Subject/Character/      Cause and Effect     Autobiography                 Social Reform           Conventions: Mechanics,
Issue or Exigency:      Problem/Solution     Biography                     Conflict/Cooperation     Presentation, Grammar
  Main Idea             Exposition           Essay                         Courage                 Ideas: Originality,
  Supporting Details    Temporal             Historical                    Power/Influence          Purpose, Topics
  Events                Compare/Contrast     Persuasive                                            Organization: Leads, Order
Audience:                                    Poetry                                                 Details, Conclusions
  Targeted                                   Satire                                                Sentence Fluency: Flow,
  General Public                             Technical                                              Cadence, Rhythm
Purpose: Exposure,                                                                                 Voice: Tone, Emotion,
  Explanation,                                                                                      Audience
  Analysis, Argument,                                                                              Word Choice: Alliteration,
  Propaganda,                                                                                       Symbolism, Figurative,
  Description,                                                                                      Sensory Language

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