Employee_Safety_and_Health by liaoxiuli2


									Employee Safety and Health
Occupational Safety and Health Act
       and Administration
• “each employer shall furnish to each of his (or
  her) employees employment and a place of
  employment which are free from recognized
  hazards that are causing or are likely to cause
  death or serious physical harm to his (or her)
• Accidents
• Illness (abnormal condition or disorder caused
  by exposure to environmental factors associated
  with employment
• Inspections
• Citations ($5,000 - $70,000)
• Penalties $1.5 million for willful, serious or
  repeated serious violations.
• $7,000 per day for failure to correct
• Both employer and employee have
  obligations under the law.
          Reduce Accidents
• Selection and
• Training
• Emphasis on safety
• Employee
• Employer inspections
Other Significant Workplace Issues
•   Industrial Hygiene (Asbestos)
•   Infectious Disease
     – Travel abroad (SARS, Ebola)
•   Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
•   Stress (Employee Selection)
•   Burnout
•   Depression
•   Computer Usage (Eye strain and
    carpal tunnel syndrome)
•   AIDS
•   Smoking
•   Violence
•   Security

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