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					I heard a msg a while back that so struck me as truth, and my heart
burned within me as I heard it. Let me quote just a little: The presence
and power of darkness doesn't teach, it demonstrates. It's great
authority and power is in its demonstration not just simply its
instruction. The effort the powers of darkness go to to demonstrate their
reality is so profound because this earth is filled with the glory of
Satan right now. There's coming a day when Jesus comes back this earth
will be filled with the glory of God. Right now there is the presence of
Satan and wherever you go in this world though you will find pockets of
Christians who are loving Jesus, worshiping Jesus. But mostly what you
will see, even in your own culture, is the power of Lucifer. That is the
stronghold of his kingdom and his darkness. You see pestilence, disease,
you see poverty. You see the fruit of the demonic stranglehold that is
upon people and cultures everywhere. The Holy Spirit asks what do you
think it will take to deliver these people who are so bound in darkness,
who know only this way of life, what do you think is even going to bring
them into your churches to even listen to what you have to say? And who
has the audacity and authority and the anointing to walk into their
culture and into their darkness with such confidence in the power of the
gospel of Jesus Christ to bring liberty? Who is going to do that?
(Quoting Pastor Lee Shipp, First New Testament Church, Baton Rouge LA,
concerning the day in Nicaragua he had to travel through a parade full of
cross dressing trans-genders who were painted up demoniacally)
This isn't just in Nicaragua, it's in every city, every culture, it's
everywhere. And this is the call of Christ upon our life. He has not
called us to go into pretty places. He has not called us to go into
pleasing situations. He has not called us to simply go where we are
welcomed. He has called us to go everywhere and preach to everyone the
gospel of Jesus Christ. If they reject you, then shake the dust off your
feet, and leave. But if they receive you bless them. In a lot of places
we will not be accepted or welcomed because the Bible tells us in John 3
that men love the darkness because their deeds are evil and they run to
the darkness. But in every pocket of darkness there are those in it that
are craving light. They want light, they want deliverance and freedom. I
believe every man does. But it's the blindness Satan has put upon men so
they don't see the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
All we have to do is open our eyes in our culture and society to see
this. We see Christian programs everywhere. We see Christian Literature,
Christian radio stations, Christian TV, Christian cable networks, we have
Christian everything. We as a culture in the United States are inundated
with the Christian message. But for all intents and purposes it has
fallen powerlessly at the feet of this darkness that is sweeping our
culture, and that is strangling our nation from the life it has had-that
is the life of Christ, the truths of God. We have to understand that.
It's not our preaching that is going to be the answer. It's not our
ability to quote Scripture at the proper time and place or our Bible
Studies. This won't bring about the defeat of this darkness. The only
thing that is able to contend with the spirit of darkness is the Spirit
of Christ. And that is the Holy Spirit. He's the only One. He is ready
and willing to come upon us with power and might and courage and boldness
to be able to do through our lives what He alone can do.
The problem is we are so confident in our churches, in our programs, we
are so confident in our methods that we've practiced how to witness to
people (I.E. The Way of the Master-my thought here) We practice what to
say. That's fine, but we have to leave the plan at the door. We have to
be led by the Holy Spirit because we don't know what needs to be dealt
with. The power of darkness doesn't just teach, it demonstrates itself
from every possible avenue of our culture from our education system to
our scientific institutions to our entertainment and even our government
institutions. This is where all the efforts of the kingdom of darkness
are concentrated to demonstrate its reality. And for the last many
decades the church has done nothing but get together behind the walls of
its buildings and TALK. There has to be a move of God's Spirit. From "The
River of the Spirit" preached by Lee
Shipp http://fntchurch.org/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid=79&task=vid

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