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MD _ Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities


									                                   MD & Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities 2011
PROGRAM/            DEADLINE      LENGTH       AWARD          DESCRIPTION                                                WEBSITE
AWARD TITLE                                    AMOUNT
American            January 21,   2-3 months   Up to $4,353   The SPR and APS offer a medical student research           http://www.aps-
Pediatric Society   2011                                      training program to encourage medical students to
& Society for                                                 consider careers in research related to pediatrics. This
                                                              program is specifically designed for students seeking a
                                                              research opportunity at an institution OTHER THAN
Research: Student
                                                              THEIR OWN MEDICAL SCHOOL. Students selected to the
Res. Program                                                  program are able to choose or are assigned to leading
                                                              research laboratories. Applicants must be enrolled in a
                                                              medical school in the U.S. or in Canada.
Parkinson’s         January 21,   10 weeks     $3,000         PDF’s Summer Fellowship Program is used to support
Disease             2011                                      students – from advanced undergraduates to graduate        ellow#summer
Foundation                                                    and medical students – in their pursuit of Parkinson's-
                                                              related summer research projects. The goal of the
Summer Student
                                                              Summer Fellowship is to cultivate an early interest in
                                                              Fellows into the cause(s) and possible treatments for
                                                              Parkinson's disease.
                                                              Undergraduate students, graduate students and
                                                              medical students are all eligible for summer
Canadian            January       4 months     $7,000         Short-term financial support for undergraduates            http://www.cag-
                      st                                      wishing to obtain introductory training in research in
Association of      31 2011
Gastroenterology                                              gastroenterology.                                          aspx
American            February 1,   2 months     $2,500         The AANS through the Neurosurgery Research and   
Association of      2011          minimum                     Education Foundation is offering the AANS Medical          %20Fellowships/Medical%20Students%2
Neurological                                                  Student Summer Research Fellowship program. The            0Summer%20Research%20Opportunities
                                                              fellowship is open to medical students in the US or        .aspx
Surgeons Medical
                                                              Canada who have completed 1-2 years of medical
Student Summer
                                                              school and wish to spend a summer working in a
Research                                                      neurosurgical laboratory, being mentored by a member
Fellowship                                                    of the AANS. MD/PhD students are not eligible.

                                   MD & Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities 2011
PROGRAM/            DEADLINE      LENGTH       AWARD          DESCRIPTION                                                   WEBSITE
AWARD TITLE                                    AMOUNT
Associated          February 1,   3 months     $5,500         IN partnership with the Canadian Society for the History      http://php.ams-
Medical Services    2011                                      of Medicine, studentships are available to both medical
Inc., Hannah                                                  and non-medical undergraduate students registered in          h_studentship
                                                              a Canadian University to conduct a project in the
                                                              history of medicine (broadly defined as the history of
                                                              health, disease or medicine).
Canadian Cystic     February 1,   3 months     $5,555         CCFF Summer Studentships are intended to provide    
Fibrosis            2011                                      support to students engaged in summer research                /TrainingAwards_SummerStudentships.p
Foundation –                                                  projects in areas of the biomedical or behavioral             hp
                                                              sciences relevant to cystic fibrosis, normally under the
                                                              direction of CF clinic directors or principal investigators
                                                              based at a Canadian host institution. The research
                                                              project should be attainable within the three-month
                                                              term of the award. Full-time undergraduate students
                                                              are eligible to receive this award.
Congress of         February 1,   varies       $2,500         Medical Student Summer Fellowship awards represent  
Neurological        2011                                      a strategic investment by the Congress of Neurological        default.aspx
Surgeons Medical                                              Surgeons on behalf of the field of Neurosurgery. The
                                                              Congress of Neurological Surgeons offers fellowship
Student Summer
                                                              awards for medical students to help them expand their
                                                              research and studies and to enhance their education.
SIR Foundation      February 1,   varies       Up to $4,000   The Student Research Grant is designed to foster an 
Student Research    2011                                      interest in research by funding a summer research             awards/index.shtml#stu
Grant                                                         project conducted by a student in an area identified by
                                                              SIR Foundation as important to the advancement of
                                                              interventional radiology and patient care. Grants are
                                                              available to undergraduate and medical students in
                                                              both Canada and the United States.
Stem Cell           February 1,   Two 4        $10,000        The intent of this award is to enable undergraduate 
Network             2011          month                       students to obtain experience in stem cell research           hp?page=undergraduate-research-
Undergraduate                     work terms                  under the supervision of a Stem Cell Network (SCN)            training-award
                                                              Principal Investigator. Furthermore, attendance at the
Research Training
                                                              Network Annual General Meeting will provide students
                                                              with the opportunity to further their knowledge in the
                                                              stem cell field, to network with the Canadian stem cell
                                                              research community and to further their presentation
                                                              skills. Provides funds for an undergraduate student to
                                                              work on a research project with clear relevance to stem

                               MD & Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities 2011
PROGRAM/           DEADLINE   LENGTH       AWARD            DESCRIPTION                                                WEBSITE
AWARD TITLE                                AMOUNT
Radiological       February   10 weeks     $3000 + $3000    To increase the opportunities for medical students to
                    st                                      have a research experience in medical imaging and to       chMedicalStudentGrant.cfm
Society of North   1 2011     minimum      to be provided
America (RSNA)                             by supervisor    encourage them to consider academic radiology as an
                                                            important option for their future. Recipients will gain
Medical Student
                                                            experience in defining objectives, developing research
                                                            skills and testing hypotheses before making their final
                                                            choices for residency training programs. Students are
                                                            expected to undertake a research project requiring full
                                                            time efforts for at least 10 weeks under the guidance of
                                                            a scientific advisor during personal/vacation time or
                                                            during a research elective approved by their medical
The Endocrine      February   10-12        $4,000           To encourage promising undergraduate students,             http://www.endo-
                    th                                      medical students and first year graduate school  
Society Summer     4 2011     weeks
Research                                                    students to pursue careers in endocrinology.               summer.cfm
                                                            The project supervisor must be a member of the
                                                            Endocrine Society and the student must be enrolled in
                                                            school fulltime for the duration of the project.
The Eye            February   8-10 weeks   $8,000           The program is open to both first and second year
                    th                                      medical students who intend on pursuing a career in
Foundation of      7 2011     minimum
Canada Summer                                               ophthalmology. The program allows students to spend
                                                            the summer furthering their education in ophthalmic
                                                            medicine, surgery and research at the Eye Associates
                                                            and Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto.
BC Cancer          February   8-16 weeks   Up to $6,000     Up to 10 summer research studentships will be    
                     th                                     available to support 3rd and 4th Year undergraduate        research-administration/2011-bc-cancer-
Studentships       14 2011                 ($375/week)
                                                            students and 1st & 2nd Year Medical or Dental students     studentships
                                                            seeking hands-on training in cancer research in British
                                                            Columbia. In addition, the Canadian Breast Cancer
                                                            Foundation, B.C. Chapter is providing funding for 2
                                                            summer studentships specifically directed towards
                                                            breast cancer research. These awards may be held at
                                                            any BCCA site but are restricted to applicants planning
                                                            to work on a research project that is funded and
                                                            supervised by a senior health professional who has an
                                                            appointment in the B.C. Cancer Agency.

                                  MD & Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities 2011
PROGRAM/             DEADLINE    LENGTH      AWARD               DESCRIPTION                                                   WEBSITE
AWARD TITLE                                  AMOUNT
Canadian Arthritis   February    Up to 3     $6,000 max.         With support from The Arthritis Society, CAN offers a
                       th                                        limited number of summer placements for highly-               trainingprograms_en.php#Summer
Network Summer       15 2011     months      (plus travel
Research                         (37.5       expenses, if        motivated students registered in Canadian medical
                                             applicable, up to   schools to work with a researcher who is a member of
Program for                      hours/wee
                                             a max of $1,500)    CAN and who is conducting research/development
Medical & Allied                 k min.)
                                                                 focused on arthritis. The program also accepts clinical
Health                                                           students in allied health professional fields such as
Professional                                                     dentistry, rehabilitation sciences (including
Students                                                         physiotherapy and occupational therapy), nursing,
                                                                 pharmaceutical studies and veterinary medicine.
                                                                 Potential projects include basic, applied, clinical, health
                                                                 services or population health research.
Canadian Blood       February    Up to 4     $1,800 per          To attract and support students at Canada’s post-   
                       th                                        secondary institutions to contribute to, and experience       /internet/uw_v502_mainengine.nsf/page
Services Summer      15 2011     months      month
Internship                                                       from, working on projects within any division of CBS.         /E_SIP?OpenDocument
                                                                 The program is offered to students from any field
                                                                 relevant to the business of CBS.
Child Neurology      February    Up to 4     $3,500              This award, supported by Questcor Pharmaceuticals, is         http://www.childneurologyfoundation.or
                       th                                                  st      nd
Foundation           25 2011     months                          open to 1 and 2 year US and Canadian MD students.             g/main_awards_3.cfm
Swaiman Medical                                                  Up to ten awards of $3,500 are available for clinical
                                                                 research in child neurology with the sponsorship of a
                                                                 child neurologist who will oversee the project.
National Science     March 4     16 weeks    $4,500              NOT FOR STUDENTS IN PROFESSIONAL DEGREE             
& Engineering        2011                                        PROGRAMS (e.g. MD). These awards are meant to                 udents/st_nserc.htm
Research Council                                                 stimulate your interest in research in the natural
                                                                 sciences and engineering, and to encourage you to
of Canada
                                                                 undertake graduate studies and pursue a research
                                                                 career in these fields. If you would like to gain research
Undergraduate                                                    experience in an academic setting, these awards can
Student Research                                                 provide you with financial support through your host
Awards (USRA)                                                    university. NSERC encourages qualified Aboriginal
                                                                 students to apply.

                                      MD & Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities 2011
PROGRAM/             DEADLINE        LENGTH       AWARD             DESCRIPTION                                                 WEBSITE
AWARD TITLE                                       AMOUNT
Canadian             March 4         12 weeks     $5,000 max.       The CRA and Abbott Pharmaceuticals are offering a  (link for Summer
Rheumatology         2011            max.         ($11.11/hr x      clinical summer studentship for medical students of         Employment under “Students &
Association –                                     37.5 hrs/wk)      Canadian citizenship registered in a medical school, to     Residents”)
                                                                    work with a rheumatologist who is a member of the
Abbott Summer
                                                                    This program is designed to introduce medical students
                                                                    to the subspecialty of Rheumatology.
Canadian             March 4         12 weeks     $5,000 max.       The CRA and Roche designed the studentship to      (link under “CRA-Roche
Rheumatology         2011            max.         ($11.11/hr x      introduce medical students of Canadian citizenship,         Research Studentship)
Association –                                     37.5 hrs/wk)      registered in a medical school, to the subspecialty of
                                                                    Rheumatology by allowing them to work with a
Roche Research
                                                                    rheumatologist and member of the CRA over the
                                                                    summer doing a research project. Project must be
                                                                    feasible to allow the student to make a significant
                                                                    contribution over the summer.
Child & Family       March 15        8-12 weeks   $3,750            CFRI invites applications for studentships in research      http://www.cfri-
Research Institute   2011                         undergraduates    pertaining to children’s or women’s health, tenable
(CFRI) Summer                                     $4,250 medical    during the summer months. This program is open to           ogram.asp
                                                                    students registered in science, medicine, or allied
Students’                                         students
                                                                    science programs. Out-of-province students are
                                                                    welcome as long as they are registered at a recognized
Program                                                             university. Sponsoring Faculty must provide whatever
Competition                                                         space, supplies or resources the student will require to
                                                                    complete the project.
The Society for      March 17        2 months     $3,000 + a 2-     To stimulate laboratory and clinical vascular research by
Vascular Surgery     2011            full-time    year              undergraduate college students and medical school           Foundation-AVA/Pages/lifeline-student-
Lifeline Student                     (minimum)    subscription to   students registered at North American universities.         research-fellowship.aspx
                                                                    Supervisor must be an SVS member.
Research                                          Journal of
Fellowship                                        Vascular

                                         MD & Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities 2011
PROGRAM/           DEADLINE             LENGTH      AWARD             DESCRIPTION                                                 WEBSITE
AWARD TITLE                                         AMOUNT
Canadian Liver     March 31             3 months    $3,500            Twelve summer studentships are available for 3-month
Foundation         2011                             (+$500 for        summer research projects:1 may be awarded to a              gram/How_to_Apply.aspx
Summer                                              supplies)         student in Canada whose project is related to
                                                                      hepatobiliary research; 1 may be awarded to a student
                                                                      in Canada whose research project is related to
                                                                      paediatric liver disease; 1 may be awarded to a student
                                                                      in Alberta whose research project is related to
                                                                      hepatobiliary research; 1 may be awarded to a
                                                                      University of Alberta MD student for a research project
                                                                      in the area of radiology of liver disease; 8 may be
                                                                      awarded to students in Ontario whose projects are
                                                                      related to hepatobiliary research.
                                                                      Applicants must be registered at a Canadian institution
                                                                      in an undergraduate degree program.
BC Clinical        April 15             variable    $4,048 MD         The BCCGN holds an annual competition for student 
Genomics           2011                             students;         research projects. The competition is available to assist   htm
Network                                             $3,750            BC medical students and undergraduate students to
                                                                      conduct a research project under the supervision of
                                                                      experts in the field of genetics, genomics, genomic data
                                                                      analysis, database design and knowledge translation in
                                                                      the field of genomics.
Epilepsy Canada    April 15             June 1 –    $5,000            Epilepsy Canada will award four summer studentships
Summer             2011                 August 30                     to students enrolled at a Canadian university or college    ml
Studentship                                                           at the time of application submission. Applications are
                                                                      invited from all areas of epilepsy research including the
                                                                      biomedical, clinical and social sciences. The award is to
                                                                      be held at a Canadian university, college or hospital
British Columbia   June 30                          $1250 plus        The British Columbia Prader-Willi Syndrome Association
Prader-Willi       2011                             $250 upon         (BCPWSA) is offering a student research award in the        (follow link under news and events)
Syndrome                                            presentation at   amount of $1250 for research related to Prader-Willi
                                                                      Syndrome. An additional $250 is available upon paper
Association                                         the annual
                                                                      or workshop presentation at a BCPWSA fall or spring
Summer Research                                     conference

                                      MD & Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities 2011
PROGRAM/           DEADLINE          LENGTH      AWARD           DESCRIPTION                                                WEBSITE
AWARD TITLE                                      AMOUNT
Canadian           Nov 15            Up to 4     $6,000          Funds Available for Scientific Research in Fields
Hemophilia         2010              months                      Relevant to Hemophilia                                     chs-dream-of-a-cure-research-
Society Summer     (awarded                                      The Canadian Hemophilia Society will support 2             program/summer-studentships-in-
                                                                 interested Canadian Medical or Science students to         hemophilia-research/
Studentships in    Feb. 2011)
Hemophilia                                                       work for up to 4 months during the Summer of 2009
                                                                 doing research on hemophilia. Stipend: $6,000.00.
FoM Summer         January 21,       6-8 weeks                   MD Undergraduate Dean’s Office is providing funds for
Student            2011              full-time                   a limited number of 1st and 2nd Year students who are      ugrad/Students/ssip.htm
Internship                                                       interested in the field of medical education to be hired
                                                                 for projects related to curriculum development. In the
Program (SSIP)
                                                                 past students have worked with faculty on a wide range
                                                                 of projects such as self-assessment, quiz development,
                                                                 creation of web-based tutorials, vertical integration of
                                                                 themes such as microbiology and rehabilitation,
                                                                 radiological resources gathering and new PBL case
FoM Summer         February          2 months    $3,200 MD       The Summer Student Research Program is a         
                     th                                          competition open to undergraduate and first and            udents/ssrp.htm
Student Research   11 2011                       students;
Program (SSRP)                                   $2,800          second year medical students registered at UBC. It
                                                                 provides funding for a summer research project
                                                                 supervised by a member of the Faculty of Medicine
FoM Department     March 11          2 months    $3,000 total    The Summer Student Fellowship Program of the     
                           nd                                                                                               logy/SummerResearchProgram.html
of Pathology &     2011 (2                                       Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
Laboratory         Friday in                                     UBC Faculty of Medicine has been established for the
Medicine           March)                                        purpose of providing undergraduate and medical
Summer Student                                                   students with either basic or clinical research
Fellowship                                                       experiences, or clinical experiences in laboratory
                                                                 medicine under supervision and mentorship of our
                                                                 Department’s Faculty.
*Blue text denotes opportunities not open to medical undergraduate students


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