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 WNY’s Largest and Most Comprehensive
  Employee Healthy Living Exposition

   September 22, 2009 | 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
         Radisson Riverside Hotel
     Conference Center | Rochester, NY

      GOLD Sponsors                       EMPLOYER Sponsors
                                                                  H E S TE

                                                                          TRIC T
                                                       CIT Y SC


                                                                   OL D
                                                       DISCOVER THE EXCELLENCE
for Busy People
Even if you are generally inactive, you can
improve your health and well-being significantly
by adding regular exercise at only a moderately-
intense level to your daily life. Think about your
weekly or daily schedule and look for or make
opportunities to be more active. Consider the
following suggestions:
• WALK, CYCLE, JOG, SKATE, etc., to work,            It is important to ease into
  school, the store, or place of worship.            an exercise routine. Use a
• PARK the car FARTHER AWAY from your                sensible approach by
  destination.                                       starting out slowly and
                                                     following these guidelines:
• WALK while doing errands.
                                                     • Begin by choosing
• Get ON or OFF the bus several BLOCKS AWAY.            moderate-intensity
• TAKE the STAIRS instead of the elevator               activities you enjoy the
  or escalator.                                         most. By choosing activities
                                                        you enjoy, you’ll be more
• PLAY with children or pets. Everybody wins.
                                                        likely to stick with them.
• If you find it too difficult to be ACTIVE after
                                                     • Gradually build up the time
  work, try it BEFORE WORK.                             spent doing the activity
• Take FITNESS BREAKS and walk or exercise,             by adding a few minutes
  instead of taking cigarette or coffee breaks.         every few days or until you
• PERFORM gardening or home repair                      can comfortably perform
                                                        a minimum recommended
                                                        amount of activity
• EXERCISE while watching TV (for example,              (30 minutes per day).
  use hand weights, stationary bicycle/treadmill/    • As the minimum amount
  stair climber or stretch).                            becomes easier, increase
• DANCE to music.                                       the length of time
• Keep a pair of COMFORTABLE walking or                 performing an activity or
                                                        the intensity of the activity.
  running SHOES in your car and office. You’ll
  be READY FOR ACTIVITY wherever you go!
• Make a Saturday MORNING WALK a habit.

For more tips on living well, visit
A nonprofit independent licensee of the BlueCross BlueShield Association

                                                                                       Making a difference in the place
                                                                                       we call home.

                                                                           Excellus BlueCross BlueShield has proudly called upstate New
                                                                           York home for more than 70 years. Our roots are here. Our
                                                                           employees work and raise families here. And our members live
                                                                           here. So it just makes sense that one of our priorities is to give
                                                                           back to the communities we serve. That’s why we partner with
                                                                           local nonprofits on health-related programs and other initiatives
                                                                           that contribute to an enhanced quality of life. We look at it as an
                                                                           investment in our future – and yours. That’s why we’re here.
                 convenient locations—
                         extended hours.

     A        t Q, we’re all about convenience.
              With five locations all over town,
     there’s always a Q Dental nearby.

     And we offer evening and weekend
     hours that make scheduling a visit
     simple, with a wide range of specialists                                            hours.
     for your unique dental needs. Best of
     all, you get quality dental care at a
     price that’ll make you smile.
     that’s convenience. that’s Q.
                                                                                   At Q, you always pay less.


Gates – 426-3020      Greece – 225-7790        IrondequoIt – 544-2003           PenfIeld – 421-8168       HenrIetta – 424-5240
 General Dentistry & Hygiene | Periodontal Services | Prosthodontics | Oral Surgery | Children’s Dentistry | Dentures | IV Sedation

    PrOVIDInG DentIStry tO yOu AnD yOur fAmIly fOr 25 yeArS.
                              	   In	this	fast	changing	
                              global	economy,	human	
                              capital	is	every	business’	
                              most	important	asset.	
                              If	your	workforce	is	
                              unhealthy,	your	business	
                              is	unhealthy.	It	makes	
                              unmistakable financial        “Knowledge
                              sense	to	make	sure	the	
Nancy and Randy Murphy
                              human	capital	asset	is	a	
Rochester	WellFest	Founders
                              healthy	one.		          	       is power.
   We understand that employees can not often find
the	time	to	seek	support	or	information	on	health	and	
lifestyle	issues.	Rochester	WellFest	makes	it	easy	
                                                             An ounce
to find the people and the services for solutions to
healthy	living	in	one	location	at	one	time.
	 	Rochester	WellFest	allows	the	employee	to	
interface	with	multiple	health	and	wellness	providers	
                                                            of prevention
in	an	informal	atmosphere	and	choose	their	own	
personalized	program	to	reach	improved	health	and	
health	awareness.	                                            is worth
	 	We	would	like	to	thank	the	sponsors,	vendors	and	
attendees	for	playing	a	major	part	in	the	success	of	
Rochester	WellFest.	                                          a pound
   We hope that companies and employees find it
beneficial in more ways than one!
	 	We	look	forward	to	greeting	you	at	the	event	and	          of cure.”
hope	for	your	continued	support	in	the	future.
   We wish you the best of health!
What’s at rochester Wellfest!

 Confidential Health Screenings	provided	FREE	of	charge.

 A Fresh Farmers’ Market with	healthy	living	items	for	sale.

 Healthy Living providers	will	explain	a	full	compliment	of	medical	and	
 healthy	decision-making	options.	Treatment	demonstrations	will	provide	
 animation,	education	and	inspiration.

 Retirement planning, insurance and senior care providers assist	in	
 making	the	transition	beyond	employment	a	joyful	experience.

 Financial services explore options for weathering financial challenges.

 Fitness experts promote	the	latest	in-home	and	club	solutions.	
 Entertainment	and	recreation	offerings	are	available	to	alleviate	the	
 stress	of	your	everyday	routine.

 Doctor, hospital, pharmaceutical, primary and specialty health care
 providers	can	be	approached	on	a	personal	level.

 Free 5-minute chair massages - relax and enjoy!

 RAFFLe PRizeS gALoRe!

             Produced By            HARMONY
             scheDUle of eVeNts
    The eXPeRTS are in! enjoy learning about healthy lifestyle choices
          and the options that are available in our community.

                      Demonstration stage
11:00		 Meridian	Tapping	for	Health	and	Success	by	Joanne	Jaworski

11:30	 Quick,	Easy	and	Healthy	Breakfast	by	Rachel	Wiener

12:00	 Power	Posture	=	Increased	Energy	300%	by	Dr.	Norman	O’Dell	DC

12:30	 Zumba	-	Ditch	the	workout,	get	the	party	started	by	Glenda	Blondy

1:00	     The	Art	of	Gentle	Yoga	by	Cheryl	Minchella

1:30		    Healthy	Eating	for	the	Whole	Family	by	Rachel	Wiener

2:00	     Yoga	in	the	Workplace	by	Lindsey	Berman

2:30		    Meridian	Tapping	for	Health	and	Success	by	Joanne	Jaworski

                        Live HarmoniousLy!


                                  The key to harmonious living begins with
                                  knowledge about healthy, smart choices!

                                  HARMONY EXPOSITIONS specializes in
                                expanding employee wellness and awareness
                                      through exciting and informative
                                    Worksite Healthy Living Expositions.

                                   Tailored expositions feature practical, fun
                               information for employer groups of 100 or more,
                                       as well as multi-employer events.
                                         Call today for more information
                                     Harmony Expositions, Inc. | (716) 539-5793
                                        Visit us at

                 HeaLtHy Living benefits everyone!
          rochester Wellfest exhibitors
a Matter of taste                 Bath fitter                       campanella
201	Glide	Street                  30	Vantage	Point	Drive            chiropractic &
Rochester,	NY	14611	              Rochester,	NY	14624	              Wellness
(585)	442-6267                    (585)	349-9940                    3450	Winton	Place                Rochester,	NY	14623	
Contact: Holland Hofma            Contact: Venessa Haley            (585)	334-4060	
Brown                             Booth: 203              
Booth: 144
                                                                    Contact: Kim Fornataro
                                  Bath Fitter provides more         Booth: 103
A Matter of Taste is redefining   than just bathtub liners and
catering in Rochester by          bath surrounds. With more         Combining skill and expertise
offering great tasting and        than 25 years of experience,      that spans the entire
healthy food prepared in-house    we tailor each acrylic bathtub    chiropractic wellness spectrum.
using natural ingredients.        and shower to fit your specific
                                                                    consumer credit
advanced family                   Blanchard                         counseling service
chiropractic                      chiropractic                      of rochester
1968	South	Clinton	Ave.           2541	Monroe	Avenue                50	Chestnut	Plaza
Rochester,	NY	14618	              Rochester,	NY	14618	              Rochester,	NY	14604	
(585)	473-0260	                   (585)	271-4270                    (585)	546-3440	x230	
Contact: Dr. Sarah Pace           www.blanchard           
Booth: 141                                Contact: Amy Storms
                                  Contact: Bill Blanchard           Booth: 146
Corrective Chiropractic care
for the entire family utilizing   Booth: 105
                                                                    CCCS of Rochester has been
CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics                                        assisting people for nearly 40
Technique).                       Blanchard Chiropractic
                                  specializes in state-of-the-art   years in leading financially
                                  corrective spinal care with       healthier lives.
alliance advisory                 the goal of reducing pain and
Group                             maximizing nervous system         cornerstone eye
350	Essjay	Rd.	Suite	301          function.                         associates
Williamsville,	NY	14221	                                            2300	Buffalo	Road
www.allianceadvisorygroup.        Brighton campus                   Rochester,	NY	14624	
com                               chiropractors, llc                (585)	328-0153	ext.	28
Contact: Matthew J. Edwards       2024	West	Henrietta	    
Booth: 106                        Road,	Suite	5B                    Contact: Michele Comery
                                  Rochester,	NY	14623	              Booth: 111
Alliance Advisory Group           (585)	272-7340
(AAG) is a financial advisory
                                  www.brightoncampus                Provides eye care for all ages
firm headquartered in Buffalo,                                      from glasses and contact
NY, with additional offices
                                  Contact: Dr. Louis Catapano       lenses to Cataract surgery,
in Rochester, Syracuse and                                          Glaucoma management and
Jamestown.                        Booth: 147

         rochester Wellfest exhibitors
crest Manor living &               essential Wellness               finger lakes
rehabilitation center              and Nutrition                    Quantum health
6745	Pittsford-Palmyra	Rd.         274	N.	Goodman	Street            9	Rocklan	Avenue
Fairport,	NY	14450	                Rochester,	NY	14607	             Waterloo,	NY	13165	
(585)	223-3633                     (585)	261-9983                   (315)	539-8432	
www.crestmanorlivingand            EssentialWellnessAnd                        Contact: Susan Bird
Contact: Tina Cook                 Contact: Rachel Wiener           Booth: 101
Booth: 204                         Booth: 112
                                                                    See inches lost in 45 minutes!
                                   Essential Wellness and
Derleth chiropractic                                                Reduce Fat and Cellulite, Tone,
                                   Nutrition offers the most
                                   effective and supportive         Tighten & Firm the Skin.
& Wellness center
1387	Fairport	Rd.	Suite	640        nutrition counseling to
                                   educate and assist you to
Fairport,	NY	14450	
                                   experience essential wellness
                                                                    Genesee Waterways
(585)	598-3535                     in your life.                    center
Contact: Paula Derleth D.C.                                         149	Elmwood	Ave
Booth: 135                                                          Rochester,	NY	14611	
                                   excellus BcBs
                                   165	Court	Street                 (585)	975-9949
My passion is treating patients                                     www.geneseewaterways.
of all ages with the most          Rochester,	NY	14647	
                                   (585)	453-6395                   org
current and up to date practices
                                      Contact: Shastin Swank
in Chiropractic care & wellness.
                                   Contact: Minerva Padilla         Booth: 143
esI - employee                     Booth: 201, 202
                                                                    A non-profit organization that
assistance Group                                                    promotes human powered
The	Park	at	Allens	Creek	          finger lakes                     boating and related activities
132	Allens	Creek	Road,	            occupational                     along the local blue and green
2nd	Floor                          health services
Rochester,	NY	14618	               2180	South	Clinton	
(585)	593-9870	ext.	101	           Avenue,	Suite	D                  GrandeVille and                     Rochester,	NY	14618	             GrandeVie senior
Contact: Angela Delahunt           (585)	244-4771	                  living communities
Booth: 133                         www.envmed.rochester.            555	Maiden	Lane
                                   edu/envmed/OCCMED/               Rochester,	NY	14616	
We provide an extensive menu       fingerlakeswelcome.html          (585)	621-6160
of services for your employees     Contact: Donna Lawrence
to address their most pressing                            
                                   Booth: 126                       Contact: Tina Brown
problems, as well as a broad
array of life-enhancement                                           Booth: 125
benefits.                          We are a quality Center of
                                   Excellence dedicated to the      Care for the elderly ranging
                                   diagnosis, treatment, and        from Independent Living to
                                   prevention of occupational       Assisted Living to Memory
                                   injury and disease for a nine-   Care to Enhanced Care as
                                   county Finger Lakes region.      well as Adult Day Care.
         rochester Wellfest exhibitors
health economics                  IcMa-rc                           lakeside health
Group, Inc.                       777	N.	Capitol	St.	NE             system
1050	University	Avenue            Washington,	DC	20001	             156	West	Avenue
Rochester,	NY	14607	              (585)	258-8290	                   Brockport,	NY	14420	
(585)	261-6377	                             (585)	395-6095	x	4379                    Contact: Dennis Morihara
Contact: Mary Ann                 Booth: 138                        Contact: Kelly Smith
Strohmeyer                                                          Booths: 211, 212, 213, 214
Booth: 121                        For over 36 years, ICMA-RC
                                  has partnered with people like    Lakeside Health System in
                                  you—public employees—to           Brockport, NY, a 181-bed health
We design and manage
employee benefit plans: dental,   help build retirement security.   care system is comprised of
flex and prescription drug.                                         Lakeside Memorial Hospital,
                                  Independent Nursing               Lakeside Beikirch Care Center,
                                                                    Lakeside Child Care Center,
hear for You                      care, llc                         Lakeside Foundation and the
21	Everett	Road	Ext.              1038	Davis	Road                   Daisy Marquis Jones Family
Albany,	NY	12205	                 West	Falls,	NY	14170	             Wellness Center.
(518)	435-1400                    1-888-264-5854                     laura sleggs, ND
Contact: Laura McGraw             Contact: Terry Kensy              550	Latona	Road
Booth: 152                        Booths: 216, 217, 218             Rochester,	NY	14626	
                                                                    (607)	661-5497	
Full Service Audiology and        INC will be administering
Hearing Aid Dispensing            influenza immunizations for
                                                                    Contact: Laura Sleggs
Practice.                         the seasonal flu. This does not
                                  include the swine flu.            Booth: 109

hunt real estate                                                    Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
430	Dick	Road                     Joanne Jaworski                   is a fifteen minute non-invasive
Cheektowaga,	NY                   734	English	Road                  test. It detects subtle physiologic
(716)	912-5355	                   Rochester,	NY	14616	              changes that can alert you and                   (585)	621-7571	                   your doctor to early stage breast
Contact: Beatrice Dunwoodie       Contact: Joanne Jaworski          disease.
Booth: 119                        Booth: 154

Relocation and local moves.       Joanne Jaworski is a Success
                                  Coach and Energy Educator.
                                  She uses a simple acupressure
                                  tapping technique that gently
                                  realigns the body’s energy
                                  system along with verbal
                                  coaching to relieve issues.

          rochester Wellfest exhibitors
laurie l. Irlbacher                 Make and take                    Metlife
lMt                                 Gourmet                          400	Meridian	Centre,	
595	Blossom	Rd.,	Suite	307          6	Commerce	Drive                 Suite	101
Rochester,	NY	14610	                Victor,	NY	14564	                Rochester,	NY	14618	
(585)	469-7789	                     (585)	742-5101	                  (585)	214-8650	
Contact: Laurie L. Irlbacher        www.makeandtake                  www.rochesterfinancial
Booth: 140                     
                                    Contact: Amy Reese               Contact: Cate Saperstone
I am a Licensed and Nationally      Booth: 139                       Booth: 120
Certified Massage Therapist.
I am a professional. I am gentle    Imagine home-cooked meals        MetLife is a subsidiary of
where I need to be gentle and       for your family without the      MetLife, Inc., a leading provider
firm where I need to be firm.       stress of menu planning, food    of insurance, employee benefits
I adjust my massages to meet        shopping, or the chopping        and financial services with
the needs and requests of my        and slicing of ingredients.      operations throughout the US
clients.                                                             and the Latin America, Europe
                                                                     and Asia Pacific regions.
                                    Mary Kay
lifetime care
3111	South	Winton	Road              cosmetics                        Midtown cafe &
Rochester,	NY	14623	                20	Eagle	Rock	Drive
                                    Rochester,	NY	14609	
(585)	233-1174	                                                      Address:	35	Chestnut	St                (585) 703-8330
                                                                     Rochester,	NY	14604	
Contact: Lisa Gabel       
                                                                     (716)	481-7835	
Booth: 200                          Contact: Judy Dickinson
                                                                     Contact: Ashley Ladowski
                                    Booth: 129
                                                                     Booth: 150
Lifetime Care provides
passionate caring and               Skin care for both men and       Midtown Cafe is a new
personalized care, delivering       women.                           downtown restaurant serving
a wide array of health care                                          breakfast and lunch in the
services at home and in home-       Maxim healthcare                 business district.
like settings that offer patients
convenience and preserve
independence.                       150	State	Street,	Suite	140      Mirbeau Inn & spa
                                    Rochester,	NY	14614	             851	West	Genesee	Street
                                    (585)	454-3550	                  Skaneateles,	NY	13152	
lifetime health                                                      (315)	217-4102	
                                    Contact: Joseph Maloney
Medical Group                       Booth: 155             
800	Carter	Street                                                    Contact: Mr. Chris Pulito
Rochester,	NY	14621	                Maxim Healthcare Services        Booth: 132
(716)	656-4010	                     is one of the fastest growing              providers of home health,        Perfect for a romantic getaway
Contact: Stacy Sellka               medical staffing, and wellness   or a short escape with friends,
Booth: 110                          services in the industry.        Mirbeau Inn & Spa blends
                                                                     gracious hospitality, award
Lifetime Health Medical Group                                        winning dining and a world
provides primary health care                                         class spa into a relaxing
for nearly 100,000 patients in                                       vacation experience.
Rochester and Buffalo.
          rochester Wellfest exhibitors
MonaVie                             families in 50 counties, and we   Nea P. sample lMt
38	Turning	Leaf	Drive               continue to remain dedicated      178	Alameda	St
Pittsford,	NY	14534	                ”to ending the devastating        Rochester,	NY	14613	
(585)	309-1708	                     effects of multiple sclerosis.”
                                                                      (585)	478-5692	
www.meetup/juiceforhealth                                             Contact: Nea P. Sample
Contact: Michael McCrackan          National safety                   Booth: 145
Booth: 130                          council WNY & cNY
                                    chapter- rochester                I am a locally trained
MonaVie develops scientifically                                       professional Licensed Massage
formulated, premium quality         office                            Therapist. Each massage is
nutritional products featuring an   92.	S.	Main	Street                tailored for the specific individual
exclusive blend of the powerful     Fairport,	NY	14450	               to maximize relaxation for the
Açai berry and other nutrient-      800-255-1300                      muscles and the mind.
dense fruits, each selected
for its specific nutritional        Contact: MJ Kohl / I Scruton      NYs ePIc & NYPs
properties.                         Booth: 124                        (New York state
MVP health care                     National Safety Council is a
                                                                      Prescription saver)
220	Alexander	Street                non-profit, non-governmental      P.O.	Box	15018
Rochester,	NY	14607	                membership organization that      Albany,	NY	12212	
(585)	325-3113                      makes New York a safe place       (518)	391-9435               to live at home and
                                    on the road. The local Chapter    health_care/epic/ NYPS
Contact: Member Services
                                    offers worker safety, driver      - http://nyprescriptionsaver.
Booth: 116, 117                     safety and first aid/cpr/aed
MVP Health Care is a regional,                                        Contact: Gene Dumlao
not-for-profit provider of an                                         Booth: 123
ever-expanding range of health      Nature’s sunshine
plans and related products for      (585)	421-9780	                   EPIC (Elderly Pharmaceutical
businesses and individuals.          Insurance Coverage) is New
                                    Contact: Kirk Bashaw              York State’s prescription
                                                                      protection for qualified seniors.
National Multiple                   Booth: 104
sclerosis society                   I am a Traditional Naturopath     o’Dell family
Upstate NY chapter                  and a distributor of Nature’s
1650	South	Ave,	Suite	100           Sunshine Products. I provide
Rochester,	NY	14620	                two forms of Bio Feedback         853	Ridge	Road
(585)	271-0966                      health assessments and Herbal     Webster,	NY	14580                 Consultations by appointment.     (585)	671-9210	
Contact: Dee Mascari                                        
Booth: 131                                                            Contact: O’Dell Family
Nationally recognized as                                              Booth: 114
a leader in providing
comprehensive service                                                 Infrared Nerve Scan with
programs for nearly 12,500                                            computerized printout.
people with MS and their
          rochester Wellfest exhibitors
Pfizer Inc.                         rising lotus                     roche Diagnostics
P.O.	Box	488                        Marriage and                     9115	Hague	Road	
Highland	Mills,	NY	10930	                                            P.O.	Box	50457
                                    family therapy
(845)	492-6611                                                       Indianapolis,	IN	46250	
                                    1344	University	Ave,	
Contact: Christy Schultz                                             (585)	203-7206	
                                    Suite	230
Booth: 122                                                           Contact: Paul Dalessandro
                                    Rochester,	NY	14607	
                                                                     Booth: 118
                                    (585)	244-4880	
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
                                                                     Accu-Chek BG Meters.
PoMco Group                         Contact: Melissa Spooner
2425	James	Street
                                    Booth: 107
                                                                     rochester athletic
Syracuse,	NY	13206	                                                  club
(315)	432-9171	x4139                Rising Lotus Marriage and        21	Goodway	Drive                  Family Therapy...Helping         Rochester,	NY	14623	
Contact: Eboni Britt                you maintain wellness and        (585)	424-2222
Booth: 142                          experience growth throughout
                                    life’s transitions.              Contact: Karen Troiano
POMCO Group is one of the                                            Booth: 113
nation’s largest independent        roberts Wesleyan
professional benefits
administrators assembling           college                          rochester eye &
                                    2301	Westside	Drive
best-in-class services to offer                                      tissue Bank
comprehensive, cost effective       Rochester,	NY	14624	
                                                                     524	White	Spruce	Blvd.
solutions for clients.              (585)	594-6348	
                                                                     Rochester,	NY	14623	
                                                                     (585)	272-7890	
Q Dental Group, Pc                  Contact: Kathleen Walker
1100	Long	Pond	Road                 Booth: 215
                                                                     Contact: Karen Guarino
Rochester,	NY	14626	                                                 Booth: 208
                                    Cardiac risk assessments.
(585)	317-1630
Contact: Rosemary Zaepfel           roberts Wesleyan                 rochester healthy
Booth: 205                          college                          living
                                    2301	Westside	Drive              P.O.	Box	572
Q Dental offers complete,           Rochester,	NY	14624	             Pittsford,	NY	14534	
affordable dentistry for your       (585)	594-6457	                  (585)	249-5059	
entire family. We participate             www.rochesterhealthy
with all major dental plans, five   Contact: Nancy Kressman
convenient office locations,                                         Contact: David Harney
                                    Booth: 108
General Dentists and Specialists
                                                                     Booth: 207
for all of your dental needs,
                                    With an enrollment of nearly
extended and weekend hours.
                                    2,000 students and a tradition   Rochester Healthy Living
                                    of excellence since 1866,        (RHL) is a free publication
                                    Roberts Wesleyan College         designed to help readers attain
                                    is a leader among liberal        a thriving lifestyle.
                                    arts colleges with a Christian
                                    world view.                                           continued
         rochester Wellfest exhibitors
rochester oxygen                  special care                     Urology associates
and cPaP                          systems, llc                     of rochester
395	Summit	Point	Dr.	Ste.	3A      474	Ridge	Road                   995	Senator	Keating	Blvd.,	
Henrietta,	NY	14467	              Webster,	NY	14580	               Bldg	E,	Suite	330
(585)	321-5045	                   (585)	671-1180	                  Rochester,	NY	14618            (585)	232-2980	
Contact: Adam Leahy               Contact: Ann Kowal     
Booth: 102                        Booth: 206                       Contact: Eileen Stone
                                                                   Booth: 153
Mission Statement Providing       Special Care Systems is a
high quality, medically           Health Care Communications       We will be doing Men’s health
necessary home medical            Company, providing Personal      screenings which will include
equipment (HME), related          Emergency Response Systems       Blood Draws, prostate cancer/
supplies and services,            for residential homes and        men’s health awareness.
represents our primary mission.   facilities.
                                                                   Visiting Nurse
serenity station                  the south Wedge                  service
1387	Fairport	Rd,	Suite	520       farmers’ Market                  2180	Empire	Blvd.
Fairport,	NY	14450	               331	Gregory	St.                  Webster,	NY	14580	
(585)	690-9122                    Rochester,	NY	14620	             (585)	787-8360	
www.serenitystation.              (585)	474-6532                         www.swfarmersmarket.             Contact: Karen Ihrman
Contact: Kelly Carey, LMT         org Contact: Chris Hartman       Booth: 100
Booth: 136                        Booth: 148, 149
                                                                   Visiting Nurse Service offers
Professional Massage Therapy      A neighborhood-based market      complete home health care
with Care & Compassion.           in Rochester providing access    services for newborns to
Accepting most insurances as      to fresh, healthy, local foods   seniors, whether acutely ill,
well as no-fault cases.           in a vibrant and engaging        temporarily disabled or requiring
                                  community setting.               long-term care.
soulitudes Wellness
center                            Upstate Workcomp                 Western New York
1387	Fairport	Rd,	Suite	520       Inc.                             Dental Group, Pc
Fairport,	NY	14450	               116	Marc	Mar	Trail               1524	Ridge	Road	West
(585)	377-1990                    Rochester,	NY	14606	             Rochester,	NY	14615                (585)	247-2823	                  (716) 689-6951
Contact: Dr. Bonnie Chudyk                               
                                  Contact: Linda Hull
Booth: 137
                                  Booth: 127                       Contact: Linda Maraszek
We are a wellness center run                                       Booth: 134
by a Naturopthic physician,       Assistance with Employer
with Chiropractors, Massage       management of NY Workers         Quality family, cosmetic and
Therapists, REIKI, IET, YOGA,     Compensation Claims.             specialty dentistry including
Hypnosis, Shiatsu, Acupressure,                                    pediatric dentistry, orthodontics
Aromatherapy, Homeopathy,                                          and oral surgery.
Herbal therapies, etc.
                    Buddy Up for Fitness
       From the American Institute for Cancer Research, AICR

	 	 You	don’t	have	the	right	clothes.	         and reduce cell inflammation.
There	just	isn’t	time.	You	feel	so	tired.      	 	 But	knowing	we	should	be	
	 	 There	are	101	excuses	to	not	              physically	active	and	getting	started	
exercise,	but	physical	activity	is	vital	to	   are	quite	different.	Studies	are	
good	health	and	lower	risk	for	cancer.	        finding that having a buddy or group
For	many	people,	getting	started	is	the	       for	regular	physical	activities	helps	
biggest	obstacle	to	being	more	active.         people	get	motivated.
	 	 It’s	news	to	many	people	that	             	 	 Chatting	with	an	exercise	partner	
cancer	prevention	is	tied	to	getting	          can	make	the	time	go	by	quickly	and	
physical	activity.		AICR’s	Second	Expert	      help	regulate	your	pace.	The	guilt	
Report	found	that	moderate	levels	of	          of	disappointing	someone	may	help	
physical	activity	for	30-minutes	a	day	        you	stick	to	a	scheduled	activity.	
lowered	risk	for	colon	cancer,	with	           Also,	sharing	the	woes	and	joys	of	
breast	and	endometrial	cancers	also	           exercising	can	be	the	impetus	to	
likely	to	be	warded	off	by	moving	more.        keep	at	it.
	 	 One	reason	exercise	helps	                 	 	 You	may	want	to	choose	
prevent	cancer	is	its	role	in	weight	          someone	of	your	own	gender	and	
management-	excess	body	fat	is	a	key	          age so your fitness levels are similar.
risk	factor	for	cancer	development.	           Y
                                               	 ou	can	also	join	a	community	
Being	physically	active	also	regulates	        challenge	or	a	cause-related	
the	body’s	hormones.	                                       marathon.	Many	major	
High	levels	of	some	                                           health	organizations	
hormones	play	                                                    conduct	annual	
a	role	in	certain	                                                marathons	that	
cancers,	such	as	                                                 even	walkers	who	
post-menopausal	                                                  go	at	a	moderate	
breast	cancer.	                                                   pace	can	join.	
Physical	activity	                                                Check	the	Internet	
may	also	                                                         or	visit	
strengthen	our	                                         	for	
immune	system,	                                                   more	information.
promote	healing	
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      RRHIMA                                                                      “He who has health,
     The Rochester Regional Health Information Management
  Association is a professional organization of health information
                                                                                       has hope:
leaders. We provide expertise in management of health systems,
     data integrity, security, privacy, confidentiality, regulatory,
   compliance, reimbursement, and accreditation requirements.
     Through continuous education and networking, we foster
                                                                                 and he who has hope
    development and maintenance of quality health information
  including electronic and paper based to benefit the healthcare
 delivery systems of the Rochester Region, the health consumer,                     has everything.”
             providers and other users of clinical data.

   Rochester Regional Health Information
         Management Association
                        Our vision is to be recognized leaders
                             in the management of health
                         information in the Rochester region.
                            We serve as advocates for our
                        profession as health information roles
                          change, expand and are redefined.
                             Better Healthcare
                             Through Quality
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