LCHS Pep Squad Camp Behavior Contract by chenmeixiu


									                                      LCHS Pep Squad Camp Behavior Contract
                                              Camp Dates: July 28-July 31
                                        Location: University of California, Irvine
                              Organization hosting camp: Universal Spirit Association (USA)

Thursday, July 28 at 9:15 AM: Time to be ready to load/board bus. As the tradition is to take many pictures prior to
departure, please arrive earlier to provide enough time to take photos and board at 9:15 AM. The CHARTER COACH bus
will be in the front parking lot in front of the North Gym.

Sunday, July 31 at around 2:30 PM: Time we will arrive back at LCHS to be picked up to go home.

As a member of the 2011-2012 LCHS Pep Squad, I agree to abide by the following:
    1. I will be a positive member of the LCHS Pep Squad and represent the school well.
    2. I will respect the rules of LCHS and follow them at all times.
    3. I will respect the rules of USA and follow them at all times.
    4. I will attend all required functions and be on time.
    5. I understand that I am expected to fully participate in all camp guided activities.
    6. I will be respectful to all teachers/chaperones and USA staff at all times.
    7. I will be on my floor and in my room by the curfews set by USA.
    8. I understand that I can request my roommate ahead of time, but I cannot change it once the roommate request
        has been submitted to Mrs. Kalb and USA. I understand that rooms will be checked at night by USA and LCHS
        staff and that I need to be in my assigned room at that time.
    9. It is encouraged that you decorate the door of your dorm room to show school and individual spirit, but you
        need to bring blue painter’s tape to adhere posters to the door.
    10. I will not engage in any behavior that involves the use of drugs/alcohol/nicotine.
    11. I will not be in any dorm room that is housing the opposite sex.
    12. I will not participate in any illegal activities.
    13. I will not engage in hazing and/or harassment of any kind.
    14. I will not participate in shower parties. No saran wrap or other similar item will be worn.

I understand that I must abide by these rules. Should I choose not to abide by these rules I will be subject to disciplinary
consequences which will include forfeiture of attendance at camp and my parent will need to pick me up from camp
immediately. Furthermore, I understand that I will face disciplinary consequences at LCHS.

Student Name (Please print)_______________________________________ Date________________
Student Signature___________________________________________________________________

I understand that if my child fails to abide by these rules, I will be asked to pick her up and bring her home immediately
and that I will forfeit the camp fee. Furthermore, I understand that my child will face disciplinary consequences at LCHS.
Parent/Guardian Name (Please print) ________________________________ Date_________________
Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________________________________________


Mrs. Kalb, Pep Squad Advisor

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