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          Dynamic Views: Update…
                                                                      Dynamic Views: Update #1
          Dynamic Views: seven …    Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates
                                        Hi Bloggers!

                                       Last week, we launched Dynamic Views in an effort a make it easier for readers to
               Earlier this year we simplified the process for monetizing your blog by addingto “Monetize” tab in the
          Tips for New Blo… 248 started with AdSense, which allows you to add contextual advertising to your
                Blogger app. We        enjoy and discover your posts. You responded. As of today, hundreds of thousands of
                                         we have AdSense for Feeds to help you generate The clear favorite
               pages; more recentlyblogs added changed their blog template to Dynamic Views.revenue from the appears
                                       to be Magazine, with Today running a close second.
               distribution of your blog via RSS and Atom.Classic we launched a third option: direct integration with
          Your images never look…
               Amazon Associates to search Amazon’s product catalog and add links to products that earn you
                                       I readers buy products you recommend.
               commissions when yourwould like to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide their feedback, and let
          Announcing the Blogger…
                                       you know that in the last week we’ve made the following improvements:
               With this feature, you can search Amazon directly from the
                                           Added and links to to search results
          Blogger’s fresh new lookand add pictures more emphasisAmazon products with Magazine & Timeslide
               Blogger editor
                                           Improved will earn you of image position within the full post
               right into your posts. Your readersthe preservation commissions
                                           Enabled JavaScript support if you don’t
               whenever they buy the products you recommend, and within posts
          Latest updates, August …
                                           Fixed the issue that can sign resulted in continuously spinning gears after
               already have an Amazon Associates account, yousometimesup for
               one for free without leavingclicking a link
          You can do som…       68         Turned on support for Archive pages
                                      a blog post about a of feedback we’ve a
               If you’ve ever written The other big pieces book, recommendedheard have been around gadget support and
                                        toy you bought for your news is...both are
               gadget, or reviewed acustomization. The good kids, you’ve likely on the way! Since Dynamic Views uses
          New tools for handling c…
                                      HTML5, drafting and CSS3, our up a
               gone through the process of Javascriptthe post, openingexisting library of gadgets is being rewritten to
                                                   site that sells the product, then
               separate window to go to findinathis new environment. We’ll be introducing the first set of gadgets very soon,
          Creator vs. Curator 135
                                       to paste the link to the product into the post
               going back to Blogger so stay tuned!
          Why do you blog?        359
                                        With respect to customization, we realize that many bloggers have invested lots of time
                                        and effort the Amazon product catalog custom background, fonts, etc. We
               Starting today, you can search to personalize their blog with without leaving the Blogger interface plan to
               and Browser Sup…         products you find into your posts. Not only is the process via the Template Designer in
          Update on insert links to the enable similar customization of Dynamic View templates of linking to products
                                        the very near easy for
               more efficient, but Amazon makes it future. you to earn money whenever your readers actually buy
               the products you write about. This is known as an “affiliate program”, and it’s designed to let you
          Fashion blogs on…    91
                                        Our plan your audience — if they buy the product, you’ll earn a commission
               recommend products you like tois to continue to introduce updates and improvements as quickly as we can.
                                         more on affiliate programs in general, here is a good overview at ProBlogger
               on that purchase. (ForThanks again for your feedback, and we’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying Dynamic
               Bruce, Blog… 91
          Meet from this summer, and Darren’s “11 Lessons Learned” post about Amazon Associates is a good
               review of how to get the most out of the program.)
          The best bloggin…   127      Happy blogging.
                To get started, click on the Monetize tab for your blog and click “Amazon Associates”. Walk through
                the setup wizard, and add the Product Finder once you’re done.
                                       Bruce Polderman, Product Manager
          Getting to know t…      248

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