WL Malingerer by liaoqinmei


									WL1                                      acidulous. slightly sour; sharp;                 people.                                   his master.
                                           caustic. The spinster spurned him            adit. entrance                            alienate. make hostile; separate.
abeyance. suspended action. The            with an ~ retort.                            adjuration. solemn urging. His ~            His attempts to ~ the two friends
  deal was held in ~ until his arrival   acidulate. to make somewhat acidy                to tell the truth did not change the      failed because they had complete
abjure. renounce upon oath. He ~ed         or sour                                        witnesses' testimony.                     faith.
  his allegiance to the king.            acme. top; pinnacle. His success               adroit. skillful. His ~ handling of       alimentary. supplying nourishment.
ablution. washing. His daily ~s            in this role marked his ~ as an actor.         the delicate situation pleased his        The ~ canal in our bodies is so
  were accompanied by loud noises..      acquittal. deliverance from a charge.            employers.                                named because digestion of foods
abominate. lathe; hate. Moses ~ed          His ~ by jury surprised those who            adulation. flattery; admiration. He         occurs there.
  idol worship.                            had thought him guilty.                        thrived on the ~ of his henchmen.       alimony. payment by a husband to
abrade. wear away by friction; erode.    acrid. sharp; bitterly pungent. The            adumbration. foreshadowing;                 his divorced wife. Mrs. Jones
  the skin of his leg was ~ed by the       ~ odor of burnt gunpowder filled the           outlining. The ~ of the future in         was awarded $200.00 monthly ~ by
  hard rock.                               room.                                          science fiction is often extremely        the court when she was divorced
absolve. pardon. The father              acrimonious. stinging; caustic. His              fantastic.                                from her husband.
  confessor ~ed him of his sins.           tendency to utter ~ remarks                  adventitious. accidental; causal.         allay. calm; pacify. The crew tried
abstemious. temperate; sparing in          alienated his audience.                        He found this ~ meeting with his          to ~ the fears of the passengers by
  drink. The drunkards mocked at him     actuarial. calculating; pertaining to            friend extremely fortunate.               announcing that the fire had been
  because of his ~ habits.                 insurance statistics. According to           affirmation. solemn pledge by one           controlled.
abstruse. obscure; profound;               recent actuarial tables, life                  who refuses to take an oath. The
  difficult to understand. He read ~       expectancy is greater today than it            Constitution of this country provides
  works in philosophy.                     was a century ago.                             for oath or ~ by officeholders.         WL2
acclivity. sharp upslope of a hill.      adage. wise saying; proverb.                   affray. public brawl. He was badly
  The car could not go up the ~ in         There is much truth in the old ~               mauled by the fighters in the ~.        alluvial. pertaining to soil deposits
  higher gear.                             about fools and their money.                 agglomeration. collection; heap. It         left by rivers, etc. The farmers
accolade. award of merit. In             addiction. compulsive, habitual need.            took weeks to assort the ~ of             found the alluvial deposits at the
  Hollywood, an "Oscar" is the             His ~ to drugs caused his friends              miscellaneous items he had                mouth of the river very fertile.
  highest ~.                               much grief.                                    collected on his trip.                  altercation. wordy quarrel.
accoutre. equip. The fisherman           addle. rotten; muddled; crazy. This            aggrandize. increase or intensify.          Throughout the entire ~, not one
  was ~ed the best that the sporting       ~-headed plan is so preposterous               The history of the past quarter           sensible word was uttered.
  goods store could supply.                that it does not deserve any                   century illustrates how a President     amble. move at an easy pace.
accrue. come about by addition.            consideration.                                 may ~ his power to act aggressively       When she first mounted the horse,
  pay the interest which has ~ed on      adduce. Present as evidence.                     in international affairs without          she was afraid to urge the animal to
  your debt as well as principal sum.      When you ~ evidence of this nature,            considering the wishes of Congress.       go faster than a gentle ~.
acerbity. bitterness of temper             you must be sure of your sources.            alacrity. cheerful promptness. He         ambrosia. food of the gods. ~ was
acetic. vinegary.      The salad had     adipose. fatty. Excess ~ tissue                  demonstrated his eagerness to serve       supposed to give immortality to any
  an ~ flavor.                             should be avoided by middle-aged               by his ~ in executing the orders of       human who ate it.

ambulatory. walking. an ~ patient.          anomalous. abnormal; irregular.               apothegm. pithy, compact saying.            that cunning and ~ were often more
amenable. readily managed; willing            He was placed in the ~ position of            Proverbs are ~s that have come            effective than military might.
  to be led. He was ~ to any                  seeming to approve procedures                 familiar sayings.                       ascetic. practicing self-denial;
  suggestions which came from those           which he despised.                          apotheosis. deification; glorification.     austere. The cavalier could not
  he looked up to; he resented advice       antediluvian. antiquated; ancient.              The ~ of Roman emperor was                understand the ~ life led by the
  from his inferiors.                         The ~ customs had apparently not              designed to insure his eternal            monks.
amnesia. loss of memory. Because              changed for thousands of years.               greatness.                              asceticism. doctrine of self-denial.
  she was suffering from ~, the police      anthropoid. manlike. The gorilla is           appellation. name; title. He was            We find asceticism carried on in
  could not get the young lady to             the strongest of the ~ animals.               amazed when the witches hailed            many parts of the world.
  identify herself.                         antipathy. aversion; dislike. His               him with his correct ~.                 ascribe. refer; attribute; assign. I
amorphous. shapeless. He was                  extreme ~ to dispute caused him to          apposite. appropriate; fitting. He          can ~ no motive for his acts.
  frightened by the ~ mass which had          avoid argumentative discussions               was always able to find the ~ phrase,   asinine. stupid. Your ~ remarks
  floated in from the sea.                    with his friends.                             the correct expression for every          prove that you have not given this
amulet. charm; talisman. Around             apathetic. indifferent. He felt ~               occasion.                                 problem any serious consideration.
  his neck he wore the ~ which the            about the conditions he had                 appurtenances. subordinate                askew. crookedly; slanted; at an
  witch doctor had given him.                 observed and did not care to fight            possessions. He bought the estate         angle. When he placed his hat ~
anathema. solemn curse. He                    against them.                                 and all its ~.                            upon his head, his ob- servers
  heaped ~ upon his foe.                    aphorism. pith maxim. An ~                                                                laughed.
adirons. metal supports in a                  differs from an adage in that it is         WL3                                       asperity. sharpness of temper.
  fireplace for cooking utensils or logs.     more philosophical or scientific.                                                       These remarks, spoken with ~, stung
  She spent many hours in the               aplomb. poise. His nonchalance                aquiline. curved, hooked. He can            the boys to whom they had been
  department stores looking for a pair        and ~ in times of trouble always              be recognized by his ~ nose, curved       directed.
  of ornamental ~ for her fireplace.          encouraged his followers.                     like the beak of the eagle.             aspersion. slanderous remark. Do
animadversion. critical remark. He          apocryphal. not genuine; sham.                arcade. a covered passageway, usually       not cast ~s on his character.
  resented the ~s of his critics,             His ~ tears misled no one.                    lined with shops                        aspirant. seeker after position or
  particularly because he realized they     apogee. highest point. When the               arraign. charge in court; indict.           status. Although I am an ~ for
  were true.                                  moon in its orbit is furthest away            After his indictment by the Grand         public office, I am not willing to
animosity. active enmity. He                  from the earth, it is at its ~.               Jury, the accused man was ~ed in          accept the dictates of the party
  incurred the ~ of the ruling class        apostate. one who abandons his                  the County Criminal Court.                bosses.
  because he advocated limitations of         religious faith or political beliefs.       arrant. thorough; complete;               assail. assault. He was ~ed with
  their power.                                Because he switched from one party            unmitigated. "~ knave," an epithet        questions after his lecture.
annuity. yearly allowance. The ~              to another, his former friends                found in books dealing with the age     asseverate. make a positive
  he set up with the insurance                shunned him as an ~.                          of chivalry, is a term of                 statement or solemn declaration. I
  company supplements his social            apothecary. druggist. In the                    condemnation.                             will ~ my conviction that he is
  security benefits so that he can live       apothecaries' weight, twelve ounces         artifice. deception; trickery. The          guilty.
  very comfortably without working.           equal one pound.                              Trojan War proved to the Greeks         assuage. ease; lessen (pain). Your

  messages of cheer should ~ his           avow. declare openly. I must ~               barterer. trader. The ~ exchanged               refusing any beggar who accosted
  suffering.                                 that I am innocent.                         trinkets for the natives' furs.                him.
astral. relating to the stars. He was      avuncular. like an uncle. ~ pride            bate. let down; restrain. Until it            benighted. overcome by darkness.
  amazed at the number of ~ bodies           did not prevent him from noticing           was time to open the presents, the             In the ~ Middle Ages, intellectual
  the new telescope revealed.                his nephew's shortcomings.                  children had to ~ their curiosity.             curiosity was discouraged by the
astringent. binding; causing               awry. distorted; crooked. He held            batten. grow fat; thrive upon others.           authorities.
  contraction. The ~ quality of the          his head ~, giving the impression           We cannot accept a system where a            berate. scold strongly. He feared
  unsweetened lemon juice made               that he had caught cold in his neck         favored few can ~ in extreme                   she would ~ him for his
  swallowing difficult.                      during the night.                           comfort while others toil.                     forgetfulness.
atheistic. denying the existence of        axiom. truth requiring no proof.             beatific. giving bliss; blissful. The         bereft. deprived of; lacking. The
  God. His atheistic remarks               azure. sky blue.                              ~ smile on the child's face made us            foolish gambler soon found himself
  shocked the religious worshippers.       babble. chatter idly. The little girl         very happy.                                    ~ of funds.
athwart. across; in opposition. His          ~ed about her doll.                        bedizen. dress with vulgar finery.            berserk. frenzied. Angered, he
  tendency toward violence was ~ the       badger. pester; annoy. The                    The witch doctors were ~ in all their          went ~ and began to wreck the
  philosophy of the peace movement.          drunkard began to ~ the bartender.          gaudiest costumes.                             room.
attenuate. made thin; weaken. By           baffle. frustrate; perplex. The new          beguile. delude; cheat; amuse. He             besmirch. soil, defile. The
  withdrawing their forces, the              code ~ed the enemy agents.                  ~ himself during the long hours by             scandalous remarks in the
  generals hoped to ~ the enemy lines.     baleful. deadly; destructive. The             playing solitaire.                             newspaper ~ the reputations of
attrition. gradual wearing down.             drought was a ~ omen.                      behoove. suited to; incumbent upon.             every member of the society.
  They decided to wage a war of            balk. foil. He tried to ~ the escape.         In this time of crisis, it ~s all of us to   bête noire. aversion; person or thing
  attrition rather than to rely on an      banal. hackneyed; commonplace;                remain calm and await the                      strongly disliked or avoided.
  all-out attack.                            trite. His frequent use of clichés          instructions of our superiors.                 Going to the opera was his personal
augury. omen; prophecy. He                   made his essay seem ~.                     belabor. beat soundly; assail                   ~ because high-pitched sounds
  interpreted the departure of the birds   bandanna. large, bright-colored               verbally. He was ~ing his                      irritated him.
  as an ~ of evil.                           handkerchief.                               opponent.                                    betroth. become engaged to marry.
aver. state confidently. I wish to ~       baneful. ruinous; poisonous. His ~           benediction. blessing. The                      The announcement that they had
  that I am certain of success.              influence was feared by all.                appearance of the sun after the many           become ~ed surprised their friends
averse. reluctant. He was ~ to             bantering. good-natured ridiculing.           rainy days was like a ~.                       who had not suspected any romance.
  revealing the sources of his               They resented his ~ remarks because        benefactor. gift giver; patron.               bicameral. two-chambered, as a
  information.                               they thought he was being sarcastic.        Scrooge later became Tiny Tim's ~.             legislative body. The US Congress
avid. greedy; eager for. H was ~                                                        beneficiary. person entitled to                 is a ~ body.
  for learning and read everything he                                                    benefits or proceeds of an insurance         bilious. suffering from indigestion;
  could get.                               WL4                                           policy or will. You may change                 irritable. His ~ temperament was
avouch. affirm; proclaim. I am                                                           your ~ as often as you wish.                   apparent to all who heard him rant
  willing to employ your friend if you     baroque. highly ornate. They                 benevolent. generous; charitable.               about his difficulties.
  will ~ for his integrity.                 found the ~ architecture amusing.            His ~ nature prevented him from              bivouac. temporary encampment.

  While in ~. we spent the night in our     alone.                                        assignment but I had no one else to    calorific. heat producing. Coal is
  sleeping bags under the stars.          bouillon. clear beef soup. The cup              send.                                    much more ~ than green wood.
bizarre. fantastic; violently               of ~ served by the stewards was             burgeon. grow forth; send out buds.      calumniate. slander. Shakespeare
  contrasting. The plot of the novel        welcomed by those who had been                In the spring, the ~ing plants are a     wrote that love and friendship were
  was too ~ to be believed.                 chilled by the cold ocean breeze.             promise of the beauty that is to         subject to envious and ~ time.
bland. soothing; mild. She used a         braggadocio. boasting. He was                   come.                                  calumny. malicious misrepre-
  ~ ointment for her sunburn.               disliked because his manner was             burlesque. give an imitation that          sentation; slander. He could
blandishment. flattery. Despite his         always full of ~.                             ridicules. In his caricature, he ~ed     endure his financial failure, but he
  ~s, the young lady rejected his         bravado. swagger; assumed air of                the mannerisms of his adversary.         could not bear the ~ that his foes
  companionship.                            defiance. The ~ of the young                burnish. make shiny by rubbing;            heaped upon him.
blatant. loudly offensive. I regard         criminal disappeared when he was              polish. The ~ed metal reflected the    cameo. shell or jewel carved in
  your remarks as ~ and ill-mannered.       confronted by the victims of his              lamplight.                               relief. not to purchase ~s from the
blazon. decorate with an heraldic           brutal attack.                              buxom. plump; vigorous; jolly.             street peddlers of Rome who sell
  coat of arms. B~ on his shield          brazen. insolent. Her ~ contempt                The soldiers remembered the ~            poor specimens of the carver's art.
  were the two lambs and the lion, the      for authority angered the officials.          nurse who had always been so           canard. unfounded rumor;
  traditional coat of arms of his         brazier. open pan in which live coals           pleasant to them.                        exaggerated report. It is almost
  family.                                   are burned. On chilly nights, the           cabal. small group of persons              impossible to protect oneself from
blighted. suffering from a disease;         room was warmed by coals burning              secretly united to promote their own     such a base ~.
  destroyed. The extent of the ~ed          in ~s set in the corners of the room.         interests. The ~ was defeated          candor. frankness. The ~ and
  areas could be seen only when           bristling. rising like bristles;                when their scheme was discovered.        simplicity of his speech impressed
  viewed from the air.                      showing irritation. The dog stood           cacophony. discord. Some people            all.
blithe. gay; joyous. Shelley called         there, ~ with anger.                          seem to enjoy the ~ of an orchestra    canker. any ulcerous sore; any evil.
  the skylark a "blithe spirit" because   brusque. blunt; abrupt. She was                 that is tuning up.                       Poverty is a ~ in the body politic;
  of its happy song.                        offended by his ~ reply.                    cadaver. corpse. In some states, it        it must be cured.
bludgeon. club; heavy-heady               bucolic. rustic; pastoral. The                  is illegal to dissect ~s.              canny. shrewd; thrifty. The ~
  weapon. His walking stick served          meadow was the scene of ~ gaiety.           cadaverous. like a corpse; pale. By        Scotsman was more than a match
  him as a ~ on many occasions.           buffoonery. clowning. Jimmy                     his ~ appearance, we could see how       for the swindlers.
bode. foreshadow; portend. The              Durante's ~ is hilarious.                     the disease had ravaged him.           cantata. story set to music, to be
  gloomy skies and the sulphurous         bullion. gold and silver in the form                                                     sung by a chorus.
  odors from the mineral springs            of bars. Much ~ is stored in the                                                     canter. slow gallop. Because the
  seemed to bode evil to those who          vaults at Fort Knox.                        WL5                                        race horse had outdistanced its
  settled in the area.                    bumptious. self-assertive. His                                                           competition so easily, the reporter
bolster. support; prop up. I do not         classmates called him "show-off"            callous. hardened; unfeeling. He           wrote that the race was won in a ~.
  intend to ~ your hopes with false         because of his ~ airs.                        had worked in the hospital for so      canvass. determine votes, etc.
  reports of outside assistance; the      bungle. spoil by clumsy behavior.               many years that he was ~ to the          After ~ing the sentiments of his
  truth is that we must face the enemy      I was afraid you would ~ this                 suffering in the wards.                  constituents, the congressman was

  confident that he represented the      castigate. punish. ~ the culprit                problems sometimes require much            the ingrown nail on the boy's feet.
  majority opinion of his district.      cataclysm. deluge; upheaval. A ~                ~.                                       choleric. hot-tempered. His
capacious. spacious. In the ~ areas        such as the French Revolution               cession. yielding to another; ceding.        flushed, angry face indicted a ~
  of the railroad terminal, thousands      affects all countries.                        The ~ of Alaska to the US.                 nature.
  of travelers lingered while waiting    catechism. book for religious                 chafe. warm by rubbing; make sore          churlish. boorish' rude. Dismayed
  for their train.                         instruction; instruction by question          by rubbing. The collar ~d his              by his ~ manners at the party, the
caparison. showy harness or                and answer. He taught by                      neck.                                      girls vowed never to invite him
  ornamentation for a horse; put           engaging his pupils in a ~ until they       chaffing. bantering; joking.                 again.
  showy ornamentation on a horse..         gave him the correct answer.                  Sometimes his flippant and ~
  The gaily ~ed horses made their        cathartic. purgative. Some drugs                remarks annoy us.
  entrance into the circus ring to the     act as laxatives when taken in small        chagrin. vexation; disappointment.
  accompaniment of a lively march          doses, but act as ~ when taken in             His refusal to go with us filled us      WL6
  played by the band.                      much larger doses.                            with ~.
caprice. whim. Do not act on ~.          caustic. burning; sarcastically biting.       chalice. goblet; consecrated cup.          ciliated. having minute hairs. The
capricious. fickle; incalculable. He       The critic's ~ remarks angered the          champ. chew noisily.                         paramecium is a ~, one-celled
  found her ~; she changed her mind        hapless actors who were the subjects        charisma. divine gift; great popular         animal.
  constantly without reason.               of his sarcasm.                               charm or appeal of a political leader.   circumvent. outwit; baffle. In
captious. fault-finding. His             cavalcade. procession; parade. the            charlatan. quack; pretender to               order to ~ the enemy, we will make
  criticisms were always ~ and             ~ of Canterbury pilgrims was a                knowledge. This advertisement is           tow preliminary attacks in other
  frivolous, never offering con-           motley group.                                 the work of a ~.                           sections before starting our major
  structive suggestions.                 cavil. make frivolous objections. I           chary. cautiously watchful. She              campaign.
carmine. rich red. Her ~ painted           respect your sensible criticisms, but         was ~ of her favours.                    clairvoyant. having foresight;
  lips appeared black on the               I dislike the way you cavil about           chasm. abyss.                                fortuneteller. Cassandra's ~
  photograph.                              unimportant details.                        chastise. punish. I must ~ you for           warning was not heeded by the
carnage. destruction of life. The ~      celibate. unmarried; abstaining from            this offense.                              Trojans.
  that can be caused by atomic             sexual intercourse. He vowed to             chattel. personal property.                clamber. climb by crawling. He
  warfare adds to the responsibilities     remain ~.                                   chicanery. trickery. The lawyer              ~ed over the wall.
  of our statesmen.                      censure. blame; criticize. He was               was guilty of ~ in freeing his client.   clandestine. secret. a ~ meeting
carnivorous. meat-eating.                  ~d for his ill-advised act.                 chide. scold. Grandma began to ~           clarion. shrill trumpet-like sound.
carousal. drunken revel. The party       centaur. mythical figure, half man              Junior for his lying.                      We woke to the ~ call of the bugle
  degenerated into an ugly ~.              and half horse.                             chimerical. fantastic; highly              claustrophobia. fear of being locked
carping. finding fault. a ~ critic       centurion. Roman army officer.                  imaginative. Poe's ~ stories are           in.
carrion. rotting flesh of a dead body      Because he was in command of a                sometimes too morbid for reading in      clavicle. collarbone.
carte blanche. unlimited authority or      company of one hundred soldiers,              bed.                                     clemency. disposition to be lenient;
  freedom. Use your own discretion         he was called a ~.                          chiropodist. one who treats                  mildness as of weather. The judge
  in this matter; I give you ~.          cerebration. thought. Mathematics               disorders of the feet. The ~ treated       was noted for his ~ towards first

  offenders.                                of ~ should exist among nations.           conclave. private meeting. He was            noble purpose.
coadjutor. assistant; colleague. He       commandeer. to draft for military              present at all their ~s as a sort of     consort. associate with. We
  was assigned as ~ of the bishop.          purposes; to take for public use.            unofficial observer.                       frequently judge people by the
cockade. decoration worn on hat.            The policeman ~d the first car that        concomitant. that which accom-               company with whom they ~.
cog. tooth projecting from a wheel.         approached and ordered the driver            panies. Culture is not always a ~        construe. explain; interpret. If I ~
  On steep slopes, ~ railways are           to go to the nearest hospital.               of wealth.                                 your remarks correctly, you disagree
  frequently used to prevent slipping.    commiserate. feel or express pity or         condign. adequate; deservedly                with the theory already advanced.
cogent. convincing. He presented            sympathy for. Her friends ~d with            severe. The public approved the ~        contemn. regard with contempt;
  ~ arguments to the jury.                  the widow.                                   punishment.                                disregard. I will not tolerate those
cogitate. think over. ~ over this         compact. agreement; contract.                condiments. seasonings; spices.              who ~ the sincere efforts of this
  problem; the solution will come.        complacent. self-satisfied. a ~                Spanish food is full of ~.                 group.
cognizance. knowledge. During               look on his face                           condole. express sympathetic sorrow.       contentious. quarrelsome. We
  the election campaign, the two          complaisant. trying to please;                 His friends gathered to ~ with him         heard loud and ~ noises in the next
  candidates were kept in full ~ of the     obliging. The courtier obeyed the            over his loss.                             room.
  international situation.                  king's orders in a ~ manner.               condone. overlook; forgive. We             contiguous. adjacent to; touching
cognomen. family name. He asked           compliant. yielding. He was ~ and              cannot ~ your recent criminal              upon. The two countries are ~ for
  the court to change his ~ to a more       ready to conform to the pattern set          cooperation with the gamblers.             a few miles...
  American-sounding name                    by his friends.                            congeal. freeze; coagulate. His            contingent. conditional. The
cohorts. armed band. Caesar and           comport. bear one's self; behave.              blood ~ed in his veins as he saw the       continuation of this contract is ~ on
  his Roman ~ conquered almost all          He Ed himself with great dignity.            dread monster rush toward him.             the quality of your first output.
  of the known world.                     compunction. remorse. Have you               congruence. correspondence of parts;       contortions. twistings; distortions.
collate. examine in order to verify         no ~s when you see the results of            harmonious relationship. The               As the effects of the opiate wore
  authenticity; arrange in order.           your act?                                    student demonstrated the ~ of the          away, the ~ of the patient became
  They ~d the newly found manu-           concatenate. link as in chain. It is           two triangles by using the                 more violent and demonstrated how
  scripts to determine their age.           difficult to understand how these            hypotenuse-arm theorem.                    much pain he was enduring.
collateral. security given for loan.        events could ~ as they did without         conifer. pine tree; cone-bearing tree.     contrite. penitent. Her ~ tears did
  the sum you wish to borrow is so          outside assistance.                        conjugal. pertaining to marriage. ~          not influence the judge when he
  large that it must be secured by ~.     conception. beginning; forming of              bliss                                      imposed sentence.
collation. a light meal. The ladies         an idea. At the first ~ of the work,       connubial. pertaining to marriage or       controvert. oppose with arguments;
  were served canapés at the ~.             he was consulted.                            the matrimonial state. he wished           contradict. To ~ your theory will
comely. attractive; agreeable. a ~        conciliate. pacify; win over. She              the newly-weds a lifetime of ~ bliss.      require much time but it is essential
  wife                                      tried to ~ me with a gift.                 consanguinity. kinship. The                  that we disprove it.
comestible. something fit to be                                                          lawsuit developed into a test of the ~   contumacious. disobedient; resisting
  eaten. the roast turkey and other                                                      of the claimant to the estate.             authority. The ~ mob shouted
  ~s                                      WL7                                          consecrate. dedicate; sanctify. We           defiantly at the police.
comity. courtesy; civility. A spirit                                                     shall consecrate our lives to this       contumely. scornful insolence; insult.

  The "proud man's ~" is distasteful to      absence.                                       conquerors who demanded                defalcate. misuse money held in
  Hamlet.                                  covenant. agreement.                             excessive tribute.                      trust. brokers who ~d their clients'
contusion. bruise. He was treated          cower. shrink quivering, as from                dais. raised platform for guests of      money.
  for ~s and abrasions.                      fear. The frightened child ~ed in              honor. When the approached the ~,      defamation. harming a person's
convivial. festive; gay. The ~               the corner of the room.                        he was greeted by cheers from the       reputation. Such ~ of character
  celebrators of the victory sang their    crabbed. sour; peevish. The ~ old                people who had come to honor him.       may result in a slander suit.
  college songs.                             man was avoided by the children as            dally. trifle with; procrastinate.      default. failure to do. As a result
convoke. call together. Congress             he scolded them when they made                 Laertes told Ophelia that Hamlet        of her husband's failure to appear in
  was ~d at the outbreak of the              noise.                                         could only ~ with her affections.       court, she was granted a divorce by
  emergency.                               crass. very unrefined; grossly                  dank. damp. The walls of the             ~.
cornice. projecting moulding on              insensible. The philosophers                   dungeon were ~ and slimy.              definitive. final; complete. Carl
  building (usually above columns).          deplored the ~ commercialism.                 dastard. coward. This sneak attack       Sandburg's Abraham Lincoln may
  Because the ~ stones had been            craven. cowardly. His ~ behavior                 is the work of a ~.                     be regarded as the ~ work on the life
  loosened by the storms, the police         in this critical period was criticized.       dawdle. liter; waste time. Inas-         of the Great Emancipator.
  closed the building until repairs        credence. belief. Do not place any ~             much as we must meet a deadline,       defunct. dead; no longer in use or
  could be made.                             in his promises.                               do not ~ over this work.                existence. the ~ corporation.
corporeal. bodily; material. He            credulity. belief on slight evidence.           debauch. corrupt; make intemperate.     deign. condescend. Will he ~ to
  was not a churchgoer; he was               The witch doctor took advantage of             A vicious newspaper can ~ public        answer your letter?
  interested only in ~ matters.              the ~ of the superstitious natives.            ideals.                                deleterious. harmful. Workers in
corpulent. very fat. The ~ man             crone. hag. The toothless crone                 debilitate. weaken; enfeeble.            nuclear research must avoid the ~
  resolved to reduce.                        frightened us when she smiled.                 Overindulgence ~ character as well      effects of radioactive substance.
corsair. pirate; pirate ship. the ~s,                                                       as physical stamina.                   demagogue. person who appeals to
  preying on shipping in the Medi-                                                         debonair. friendly; aiming to please.    people's prejudice; false leader of
  terranean, were often inspired by                                                         The ~ youth was liked by all,           people.
  racial and religious hatreds as well     WL 8                                             because of his cheerful and obliging   demoniac. fiendish. The Spanish
  as by the desire for money and                                                            manner.                                 Inquisition devised many ~ means
  booty.                                   cull. pick out; reject. Every month             decant. pour off gently. Be sure to      of torture.
cortege. procession. the funeral ~           the farmer ~s his non-laying hens              ~ this wine before serving it.         demur. delay; object. Do not ~ my
  proceeded slowly down the avenue.          from his flock and sells them to the          deciduous. falling off as of leaves.     request.
coterie. group that meets socially;          local butcher.                                 This oak is a ~ tree.                  demure. grave; serious; coy. She
  select circle. After his book had        culpable. deserving blame. Cor-                 declivity. downward slope. The           was ~ and reserved.
  been published, he was invited to          rupt politicians who condone the               children loved to sky down the ~.      denizen. inhabitant of. Ghosts are
  join the literary ~ that lunched daily     activities of the gamblers are                decorous. proper. Her ~ behavior         ~s of the land of the dead who
  at the hotel.                              equally ~.                                     was praised by her teachers.            return to earth.
countermand. cancel; revoke. The           cupidity. greed. The defeated                   decrepit. worn out by age. The ~        depilate. remove hair. Many
  general ~ed the orders issued in his       people could not satisfy the ~ of the          car blocked traffic on the highway.     women ~ their legs.

deplete. reduce; exhaust. We must       how the pioneers used to ~ food in           diaphanous. sheer; transparent.          discursive. digressing; rambling.
 wait until we ~ our present            order to preserve it.                          They admired her ~ and colorful          They were annoyed and bored by
 inventory before we order replace-    despicable. contemptible. Your ~                dress.                                   his ~ remarks.
 ments.                                 remarks call for no reply.                   dictum. authoritative and weighty        disgruntle. make discontented.
deposition. testimony under oath.      despise. scorn. I ~ your attempts at            statement. He repeated the               The passengers were ~d by the
 He made his deposition in the          a reconciliation at this time.                 statement as though it were the ~ of     numerous delays.
 judge's chamber.                      despoil. plunder. If you do not                 the most expert worker in the group.   disingenuous. not naive; sophisti-
depravity. corruption; wickedness.      yield, I am afraid the enemy will ~          diffidence. shyness. You must              cated. Although he was young, his
 The ~ of his behavior shocked all.     this building.                                 overcome your ~ if you intend to         remarks indicated that he was ~.
deprecate. disapprove regretfully. I                                                   become a salesman.                     disjointed. disconnected. His
 must ~ your attitude and hope that                                                  dilatory. delaying. Your ~ tactics         remarks were so ~ that we could not
 you will change your mind.            WL9                                             may compel me to cancel the              follow his reasoning.
deprecatory. disapproving. Your ~                                                      contract.                              disparate. basically different;
 criticism has offended the author.    destitute. extremely poor. The                dipsomaniac. one who has a strong          unrelated. It is difficult, if not
deranged. insane. He was mentally        illness left the family ~.                    craving for intoxicating liquor..        impossible, to organize these ~
 ~.                                    desuetude. disused condition. The             dire. disastrous. People ignored           elements into a coherent whole.
derelict. abandoned. The ~ craft         machinery in the idle factor was in a         his ~ predictions of an approaching    disport. amuse. The popularity of
 was a menace to navigation.             state of ~.                                   depression.                              Florida as a winter resort is con-
deride. scoff at. The people ~d his    detraction. slandering; aspersion.            dirge. lament with music. The              stantly increasing; each year,
 grandiose schemes.                      He is offended by your frequent ~s            funeral ~ stirred us to tears.           thousands more ~ themselves at
derision. ridicule. They greeted his     of his ability as a leader.                 disavowal. denial; disclaiming.            Miami and Palm Beach.
 proposal with ~ and refused to        devoid. He was ~ of any personal                His disavowal of his party in the      disputatious. argumentative; fond of
 consider it seriously.                  desire for gain in his endeavor to            conspiracy was not believed by the       argument. People avoided
descant. discuss fully. He was           secure improvement in the com-                jury.                                    discussing contemporary problems
 willing to ~ upon any topic of          munity.                                     discomfit. put to rout; defeat;            with him because of his ~ manner.
 conversation, even when he knew       devolve. deputize; pass to others.              disconcert. This ruse will ~ the       disquisition. a formal systematic
 very little about the subject under     It ~d upon us, the survivors, to              enemy.                                   inquiry; an explanation of the results
 discussion.                             arrange peace terms with the enemy.         disconcert. confuse; upset; embar-         of a formal inquiry. In his ~, he
descry. catch sight of. In the         diabolical. devilish. This scheme               rass. The lawyer was ~ed by the          outlined the steps he had taken in
 distance, we could barely ~ the         is so ~ that I must reject it.                evidence produced b y his adver-         reaching his conclusions.
 enemy vessels.                        diadem. crown. The king's ~ was                 sary.                                  dissemble. disguise; pretend. Even
desecrate. profane; violate the          on display in the museum. dia-              disconsolate. sad. The death of his        though you are trying to ~ your
 sanctity of The soldiers ~d the         lectic. art of debate. I am not               wife left him ~.                         motive in joining this group, we can
 temple.                                 skilled in ~ and, therefore, cannot         discordant. inharmonious; conflict-        see through your pretense.
desiccate. dry up. A tour of this        answer your arguments as forcefully           ing. He tried to unite the ~           dissimulate. pretend; conceal by
 smokehouse will give you an idea of     as I wish.                                    factions.                                feigning. She tried to ~ her grief

  by her gay attire.                       WL10                                           dross. waste matter. to separate the       new ideas were forthcoming.
dissipate. squander. The young                                                              valuable metal from the ~.             efficacy. power to produce desired
  man quickly ~d his inheritance.          divest. strip; deprive. He was ~ed             drudgery. menial work. a life of ~.        effect. The ~ of this drug depends
dissolute. loose in morals. The ~            of his power to act.                         duplicity. double-dealing; hypocrisy.      on the regularity of the dosage.
  life led by these people is indeed       divination. foreseeing the future                People were shocked and dismayed       efflorescent. flowering. Green-
  shocking.                                  with aid of magic. I base my                   when they learned of his ~ in this       house gardeners are concerned with
dissonance. discord. Some con-               opinions not on any special gift of ~          affair for he had always seemed          the coinciding of the plants' ~ period
  temporary musicians deliberately           but on the laws of probability.                honest and straightforward.              with certain holidays.
  use ~ to achieve certain effects.        divulge. reveal. I will not tell you           duress. forcible restraint, especially   effulgent. brilliantly radiant. The ~
distrait. absent-minded. Because             this news because I am sure you will           unlawfully. The hostages were            rays of the rising sun lit the sky.
  of his concentration on the problem,       ~ it prematurely.                              held under ~ until the prisoners       effusion. pouring forth. The critics
  the professor often appeared distrait    docket. program as for trial; book               demands were met.                        objected to his literary ~ because it
  and unconcerned about routine.             where such entries are made. The             ebullient. showing excitement,             was too flowery.
distraught. upset; distracted by             case of Smith vs. Jones was entered            overflowing with enthusiasm.           effusive. pouring forth. Her ~
  anxiety. The ~ parents searched            in the ~ for July 15.                          His ~ nature could not be repressed;     manner of greeting her friends
  the ravine for their lost child.         dolorous. sorrowful. He found the                he was always laughing and gay.          finally began to irritate them.
diurnal. daily. A farmer cannot              ~ lamentations of the bereaved               edify. instruct; correct morally.        egoism. excessive interest in one's
  neglect his ~ tasks at any time; cows,     family emotionally disturbing and              Although his purpose was to ~ and        self. His ~ prevented him from
  for example, must be milked                he left as quickly as he could.                not to entertain his audience, many      seeing the needs of his colleagues.
  regularly.                               dolt. stupid person. I thought I was             of his listeners were amused and not   egotism. conceit; vanity. We found
diva. operatic singer; prima donna.          talking to a mature audience; instead,         enlightened.                             his egotism unwarranted and
  Although world famous as a ~, she          I find myself addressing a pack of           educe. draw forth; elicit. He could        irritating.
  did not indulge in fits of tem-            ~s and idiots.                                 not educe a principle that would       egregious.     gross; shocking. He
  perament.                                domicile. home. Although his                     encompass all the data.                  was an ~ liar.
diverge. vary; go in different               legal ~ was in NY City, his work             eerie. weird. In that ~ setting, it      egress. exit.
  directions from the same point.            kept him away from his residence.              was easy to believe in ghosts and      elegiacal. like an elegy; mournful.
  The spokes of the wheel ~ from the       dorsal. relating to the back of an               other supernatural beings.               The essay on the lost crew was ~ in
  hub.                                       animal. ... ~ fin of a shark                 effectual. efficient. If we are to         mood.
divers. several; differing. We             doughty. courageous. Many folk                   succeed in this endeavor, we must      emaciated. thin and wasted. His
  could hear ~ opinions of his ability.      tales have sprung up about this ~              seek ~ means of securing our goals.      long period of starvation had left
diverse. differing in some character-        pioneer                                      effervesce. bubble over; show              him wan and ~.
  istics; various. There are ~ ways        dour. sullen; stubborn. The man                  excitement. Some of us cannot          emanate. issue forth. A strong
  of approaching this problem.               was ~ and taciturn.                            stand the way she ~s over trifles.       odor of sulphur ~d from the spring.
                                           droll. queer and amusing. He was               effete. worn out; exhausted; barren.     embellish. adorn. His handwriting
                                             a popular guest because his ~                  The literature of the age reflected      was ~ed with flourishes.
                                             anecdotes were always amusing.                 the ~ condition of the writers; no     emblazon. deck in brilliant colors.

  E~ed on his shield was his family        endue. provide with some quality;               Homer's writings were featured by         display of temper.
  coat of arms.                              endow. He was ~d with a lion's                the use of such ~s as "rosy-fingered    escutcheon. shield-shaped surface
embroil. throw into confusion;               courage.                                      dawn."                                    on which coat of arms is placed.
  involve in strife; entangle. He          enervate. weaken. The hot days of             epitome. summary; concise abstract.         His traitorous acts placed a blot on
  became ~ed in the heated discussion        August are ~ing.                              This final book is the ~ of all his       the family ~ which shamed all.
  when he tried to arbitrate the           engross. occupy fully. The boy                  previous books.                         esoteric. known only to the chosen
  dispute.                                   was ~ed in his studies.                     equanimity. calmness of temper-             few. Those students who had
emend. correct. The critic ~ed the                                                         ament. In his later years, he could       access to his ~ discussions were
  book by selecting the passages                                                           look upon the foolishness of the          impressed by the scope of his
  which he thought most appropriate                                                        world with ~ and humor.                   thinking.
  to the text.                             WL11                                          equestrian. rider on horseback.           esprit de corps. comradeship; spirit.
emetic. substance causing vomiting.                                                        These paths in the park are reserved      West Point cadets are proud of their
  The use of an ~ like mustard is          ennui. boredom. The monotonous                  for ~s and their steeds.                  ~.
  useful in cases of poisoning.              routine of hospital life induced a          equipage. horse-drawn carriage.           estranged. separated. The ~ wife
emolument. salary; compensation.             feeling of ~ which made him moody             The ~ drew up before the inn.             sought a divorce.
  In addition to the ~ this position         and irritable.                              equivocal. doubtful; ambiguous.           ethereal. light; heavenly. Visitors
  offers, you must consider the social     enrapture. please intensely. The                Macbeth was misled by the ~               were impressed by her ~ beauty, her
  prestige it carries with it.               audience was ~d by the freshness of           statements of the witches.                delicate charm.
emulate. rival; imitate. As long as          the voices and the excellent                equivocate. lie; mislead. The             euphonious. pleasing in sound.
  our political leaders ~ the virtues of     orchestration.                                audience saw through his attempts         Italian and Spanish are ~ languages
  the great leaders of this country, we    ensconce. settle comfortably. The               to ~ on the subject under discussion      and therefore easily sung.
  shall flourish.                            parents thought that their children           and ridiculed his remarks.              evanescent. fleeting; vanishing. In
enclave. territory enclosed within an        were ~d safely in the private school        errant. wandering. Many a                   the ~ rays of the sunset, the entire
  alien land.                                and decided to leave for Europe.              charming tale has been written            western skyline was bathed in an
encomiastic. praising; eulogistic.         enthrall. capture; make slave.                  about the knights-~ who helped the        orange-red hue.
  Some critics believe that his ~            From the moment he saw her picture            weak and pushed the guilty during       evince. show clearly. When he
  statements about Napoleon were             he was ~ed by her beauty.                     the Age of Chivalry.                      tried to answer the questions, he ~d
  inspired by his desire for material      entree. entrance. Because of his              erudite. learned; scholarly. His ~          his ignorance of the subject matter.
  advancement rather than by an              wealth and social position, he had ~          writing was difficult to read because   evoke. call forth. He ~d much
  honest belief in the Emperor's             into the most exclusive circles.              of the many allusions which were          criticism by his hostile manner.
  genius.                                  epigram. witty thought or saying.               unfamiliar to most readers.             ewer. water pitcher. The primitive
encumber. burden. Some people ~            epitaph. inscription in memory of a           escapade. prank; flighty conduct.           conditions of the period were
  themselves with too much luggage           dead person. In his will, he                  The headmaster could not regard           symbolized by the porcelain ~ and
  when they go for short trips.              dictated the ~ he wanted placed on            this latest ~ as a boyish joke and        basin in the bedroom.
endive. species of leafy plant used          his tombstone.                                expelled the young man.                 exaction. exorbitant demand;
  in salads.                               epithet. descriptive word or phrase.          eschew. avoid. He tried to ~ all            extortion. The colonies rebelled

  against the exactions of the mother      expiate. make amends for (a sin)                   plastics.                                  squeamish. The waitresses dis-
  country.                                   He tried to ~ his crimes by a full             exuberant. abundant; effusive;               liked serving him his dinner because
exasperate. vex. Johnny often ~s             confession to the authorities.                   lavish. His speeches were famous           of his very ~ taste.
  his mother with his pranks.              expostulation. remonstrance.                       for his ~ language and vivid             fatuous. foolish; inane. ~ remarks
exculpate. clear from blame. He              Despite the teacher's scoldings and              imagery.                                 fawning. courting favor by cringing
  was ~d of the crime when the real          ~s, the class remained unruly.                 exude. discharge; give forth. The            and flattering. He was constantly
  criminal confessed.                      expunge. cancel; remove. If you                    maple syrup is obtained from the           surrounded by a group of ~ admirers
execrable. very bad. The anecdote            behave, I will ~ this notation from              sap that ~ from the trees in early         who hoped to win some favor.
  was in ~ taste.                            your record card.                                spring.                                  fealty. loyalty; faithfulness. The
exemplary. serving as a model;             expurgate. clean; remove offensive               facetious. humorous; jocular. Your           feudal lord demanded ~ of his
  outstanding. Her ~ behavior was            parts of a book. an ~d edition                   ~ remarks are not appropriate at this      vassals.
  praised at Commencement.                 extemporaneous. not planned;                       serious moment.                          fecundity. fertility; fruitfulness.
exhort. urge. The evangelist will ~          impromptu. Because his ~ remarks               factitious. artificial; sham. Holly-         The ~ of his mind is illustrated by
  all sinners in his audience to reform.     were misinterpreted, he decided to               wood actresses often create ~ tears        the many vivid images in his poems.
exhume. dig out of the ground.               write all his speeches in advance.               by using glycerin.                       feign. pretend. Lady Macbeth ~
  His body was ~d in order that an         extirpate. root up. We must ~ and                factious. inclined to form factions;         illness in the courtyard.
  autopsy might be performed.                destroy this monstrous philosophy.               causing dissension. Your state-          feint. trick; shift; sham blow. The
exigency. urgency. In this ~, we           extradition. surrender of prisoner by              ment is ~ and will upset the har-          pugilist was fooled by his oppo-
  must look for aid from our allies.         one state to another. The lawyers                mony that now exists.                      nent's ~ and dropped his guard.
exiguous. small. Grass grew there,           opposed the ~ of their client on the           factotum. handyman. Although we            felicitous. apt; suitably expressed;
  an ~ outcropping among the rocks           grounds that for more than five                  had hired him as a messenger, we           well-chosen. He was famous for
exonerate. acquit; exculpate. I am           years the prisoner had been a model              soon began to use him as a general ~       his ~ remarks and was called upon
  sure this letter will ~ you.               citizen.                                         around the office.                         to serve as master-of-ceremonies at
expatiate. talk at length. At this         extraneous. not essential; external.             fain. gladly. The knight said, "I            many a banquet.
  time, please give us a brief resume        Do not pad your paper with ~                     would ~ be your protector."              fell. cruel; deadly. Henley writes
  of your work; we shall permit you to       matters; stick to essential items only.        fallacious. misleading. Your rea-            of the "~ clutch of circumstance' in
  ~ later.                                 extrinsic. external; not inherent;                 soning must be ~ because it leads to       his poem, "Invictus."
expatriate. exile. Henry James was           foreign. Do not be fooled by ~                   a ridiculous answer.                     ferret. drive or hunt out of hiding.
  an American ~ who settled in               causes. We must look for the                   fallow. plowed but not sowed.                He ~ed out their secret.
  England.                                   intrinsic reason.                                Farmers have learned that it is          fervid. ardent. His ~ enthusiasm
expediency. that which is advisable                                                           advisable to permit land to lie fallow     inspired all of us to undertake the
  or practical. He was guided by ~                                                            every few years.                           dangerous mission.
  rather than ethical considerations.      WL12                                             fancier. breeder or dealer of animals.     fervor. glowing ardor. Their kiss
expeditiously. rapidly and efficiently.                                                       The dog ~ exhibited his prize collie       was full of the ~ of first love.
  Please adjust this matter as ~ as        extrude. force or push out. Much                   at the annual Kennel Club show.          fester. generate pus. The wound
  possible.                                  pressure is required to ~ these                fastidious. difficult to please;             from the splinter in her finger began

  to fester.                               ~ed their foe with a metal ball               question ~ed him and he stammered        fortuitous. accidental; by chance.
fete. honor at a festival. The             attached to a handle.                         his reply.                                 There is no connection between
  returning hero was ~d at a com-        flair. talent. He has an uncanny ~                                                         these two events; their timing is
  munity supper and dance.                 for discovering news artists before                                                      extremely ~.
fetish. object supposed to possess         the public has become aware of their         WL13                                      fractious. unruly. The ~ horse
  magical powers. The native wore          existence.                                                                               unseated its rider.
  a ~ around his neck to ward off evil   flamboyant. ornate. Modern                     foible. weakness; slight fault. We        fraudulent. cheating. The govern-
  spirits.                                 architecture has discarded the ~               can overlook the ~ of our friends.        ment seeks to prevent ~ and
fetter. shackle. The prisoner was          trimming on buildings and em-                foist. insert improperly; palm off. I       misleading advertisements.
  ~ed to the wall.                         phasizes simplicity of line.                   will not permit you to ~ such           fraught. filled. Since this enter-
fiasco. total failure. Our ambitious     flaunt. display ostentatiously. She              ridiculous ideas upon the mem-            prise is ~ with danger, I will ask for
  venture ended in a ~.                    is not one of those actresses who ~            bership of this group.                    volunteers who are willing to
fiat. command. I cannot accept             their physical charms; she can act.          foment. stir up; instigate. This            assume the risks.
  government by ~.                       flay. strip off skin; plunder. To my             report will ~ dissension in the club.   fray. brawl. The three musketeers
fickle. changeable; faithless. He          mind, no crime justifies the pun-            foolhardy. rash. Don't be so ~.             were in the thick of the ~.
  discovered that she was ~.               ishment that the criminal be ~ed             foppish. vain about dress and             freebooter. buccaneer. This town
figment. invention; imaginary thing.       alive.                                         appearance. He tried to imitate the       is a rather dangerous place to visit
  That incident is a ~ of your           fleck. spot. Her eyes, ~ed with                  ~ manner of the young men of the          as it is frequented by pirates, ~s, and
  imagination.                             blood, were testimony to the hours             court.                                    other plunderers.
finale. conclusion. It is not until        of weeping.                                  foray. raid. The company staged a         frenetic. frenzied; frantic. His ~
  we reach the ~ of this play that we    fledgling. inexperienced. While it               midnight ~ against the enemy              activities convinced us that he had
  can understand the author's              is necessary to provide these ~ poets          outpost.                                  no organized plan of operation.
  message.                                 with an opportunity to present their         forbearance. patience. We must            fresco. painting on plaster (usually
finicky. too particular; fussy. The        work, it is not essential that we              use ~ in dealing with him.                fresh). The cathedral is visited by
  old lady was ~ about her food.           admire everything they write.                foreboding. premonition of evil.            many tourists who wish to admire
flaccid. flabby. His sedentary life      flick. light stroke as with a whip.              Caesar ridiculed his wife's ~s about      the ~s by Giotto.
  had left him with ~ muscles.             The horse needed no encouragement;             the Ides of March.                      freshet. sudden flood. Spring ~s
flagellate. flog; whip. The Romans         only one ~ of the whip was all the           forensic. suitable to debate or courts      had washed away several small
  used to ~ criminals with a whip that     jockey had to apply to get the                 of law. In his best ~ manner, the         bridges and that long detours would
  had three knotted strand.                animal to run at top speed.                    lawyer addressed the jury.                be necessary.
flagging. weak; drooping. The            flippancy. trifling gaiety. Your ~ at          forte. strong point. I am not eager       frieze. ornamental band in a wall.
  cross-country runners forced their ~     this serious moment is offensive.              to play this rather serious role, for     The ~ of the church was adorned
  bodies up the last hill before the     flout. reject; mock. The head-                   my ~ is comedy.                           with sculpture.
  finish line.                             strong youth ~ed all authority.              fortitude. bravery; courage. He           fritter. waste. He could not apply
flail. thresh grain by hand; strike or   fluster.    confuse; befuddle with               was awarded the medal for his ~ in        himself to any task and ~ed away
  slap. In medieval times, warriors        liquor. The teacher's sudden                   the battle.                               his time in idle conversation.

frolicsome. prankish; gay. The ~         gamut. entire range. In this per-               superstitious beliefs, do you realize      other's eyes out.
  puppy tried to lick the face of its      formance, the leading lady was able           that you, too, are guilty of similarly   gourmand. epicure. The ~ liked
  master.                                  to demonstrate the complete ~ of her          foolish thoughts?                          French cuisine.
froward. disobedient; perverse;            acting ability.                             gig. tow-wheeled carriage. As              granary. storehouse for grain. our
  stubborn. Your ~ behavior has          gabled. mixed up; based on false or             they drove down the street in their        ~ies are full.
  alienated many of us who might           unfair selection. The garbled                 new ~, drawn by the dappled mare,        grandiloquent. pompous; bombastic;
  have been your supporters.               report confused many readers who              they were cheered by the people            using high-sounding language. a ~
frowzy. slovenly; unkempt; dirty.          were not familiar with the facts.             who recognized them.                       politician.
  Her ~ appearance and her cheap         garish. gaudy. She wore a ~ rhine-            glean. gather leavings. After the          granulate. form into grains. Sugar
  decorations made her appear lu-          stone necklace.                               crops had been harvested by the            that has been ~d dissolves more
  dicrous in this group.                 garner. gather; store up. He hoped              machines, the peasants were                readily than lump sugar.
fructify. bear fruit. This tree            to ~ the world's literature in one            permitted to ~ the wheat left in the     gratis. free. The company offered
  should ~ in three years.                 library.                                      fields.                                    to give one package ~ to every
fulminate. thunder; explode. The         garnish. decorate. Parsley was                glib.     fluent. He is a ~ speaker.         purchaser of one of their products.
  people against whom he ~d were           used to ~ the boiled potato.                                                           gratuitous. given freely; unwar-
  innocent of any wrongdoing.            garrulity. talkativeness. The man                                                          ranted. I resent your ~ remarks
fulsome. disgustingly excessive.           who married a dumb wife asked the           WL14                                         because no one asked for them.
  His ~ praise of the dictator annoyed     doctor to make him deaf because of                                                     gregarious. flocking together. He
  his listeners.                           his wife's ~ after her cure.                glut. overstock; filled to excess.           was not ~ and preferred to be alone
funereal. sad; solemn. I fail to         geniality. cheerfulness; kindness;              The manufacturers ~ the market and         most of the time.
  understand why there is such a ~         sympathy. This restaurant is                  could not find purchasers for the        grisly. ghastly. She shuddered at
  atmosphere; we have lost a battle,       famous because of ~ of the pro-               many articles they had produced.           the ~ sight.
  not a war.                               prietor who tries to make everyone          gnome. dwarf, underground spirit.          grotto. small cavern. The G~ in
fustian. pompous; bombastic.               happy.                                      goad. urge on. He was ~ed by his             Capri can be entered only by small
  Several in the audience were de-       germane. pertinent; bearing upon                friends until he yielded to their          boats rowed by natives through a
  ceived by his ~ style; they mistook      the case at hand. The layer ob-               wishes.                                    natural opening in the rocks.
  pomposity for erudition.                 jected that the testimony being             gorge. stuff oneself. The glutton-         gruel. liquid food made by boiling
gaff. hook; barbed fishing spear.          offered was not ~ to the case at              ous guest ~ed himself with food as         oatmeal, etc., in mild or water.
galleon. large sailing ship.               hand.                                         though he had not eaten for days.          Our daily allotment of ~ made the
galvanize. stimulate by shock; stir      gibber. speak foolishly. The                  gory. bloody. The audience shud-             meal not only monotonous but also
  up. the entire nation was ~d into        demented man ~ed incoherently.                dered as they listened to the details      unpalatable.
  strong military activity by the news   gibbet. gallows. The bodies of the              of the ~ massacre.                       grueling. exhausting. The mara-
  of the attack on Pearl Harbor.           highwaymen were left dangling               gossamer. sheer; like cobwebs.               thon is a ~ race.
gambol. skip; leap playfully.              from the ~ as a warning to other              Nylon can be woven into ~ or thick       gruesome. grisly. People screamed
  Watching children ~ing in the park       would be transgressors.                       fabrics.                                   when his ~ appearance was flashed
  is a pleasant experience.              gibe. mock. As you ~ at their                 gouge. tear out. tried to ~ each             on the screen.

guile. deceit; duplicity. He               recall the details of your unpleasant         WL15                                        country smarted under the ~ defeat
  achieved his high position by ~ and      experience.                                                                               and dreamed of the day when it
  treachery.                             harry. raid. The guerrilla band                 hostelry. inn. Travelers interested         would be victorious.
guileless. without deceit. He is           ~ied the enemy nightly.                         in economy should stay at ~ies and      imbecility. weakness of mind. I
  naive, simple and ~.                   hauteur. haughtiness. His snob-                   pensions rather than fashionable          am amazed at the ~ of the readers of
gullible. easily deceived. He              bishness is obvious to all who                  hotels.                                   these trashy magazines.
  preyed upon the ~ who believed his       witness his ~ when he talks to those          humdrum. dull. After his years of         imbibe. drink in. The dry soil ~
  stories of easy wealth.                  whom he considers his social                    adventure, he could not settle down       the rain quickly.
gustatory. affecting the sense of          inferiors.                                      to a ~ existence.                       imbroglio. a complicated situation;
  taste. This food is particularly ~     hawser. large rope. The ship was                humid. damp. He could not stand             perplexity. He was called in to
  because of the spices it contains.       tied to the pier by ~.                          the ~ climate.                            settle the ~ but failed to bring
habiliments. garb; clothing. Al-         hiatus. gap; pause. There was a ~               humus. substance formed by                  harmony into the situation.
  though not a minister, David             of twenty years in the life of Rip van          decaying vegetable matter.              imbue. saturate; fill. His visits to
  Belasco used to wear clerical ~.         Winkle.                                       hypercritical. excessively exacting.        the famous Gothic cathedrals ~d
hackneyed. commonplace; trite. ~         hibernal. wintry. Bears prepare for               You are ~ in your demands for             him with feelings of awe and rev-
  plot.                                    their long ~ sleep by overeating.               perfection; we all make mistakes.         erence.
halcyon. calm; peaceful. In those        hieroglyphic. picture writing of                hypochondriac. person unduly              immaculate. pure; spotless. The
  ~ days, people were not worried          ancient Egyptians.                              worried about his health; worrier         West Point cadets were ~ as they
  about sneak attacks and bombings.      hilarity. boisterous mirth. This ~ is             without cause about illness. The          lined up for inspection.
hap. chance; luck                          improper on this solemn day of                  doctor prescribed chocolate pills for   immolate. offer as a sacrifice. The
hapless. unfortunate. This ~ creature      mourning.                                       his patient who was a ~.                  tribal king offered to ~ his daughter
  had never known a moment's             hirsute. hairy. He was a ~ individ-             iconoclastic. attacking cherished           to quiet the angry gods.
  pleasure.                                ual with a heavy black beard.                   traditions. George Bernard Shaw'        immutable. unchangeable. Scien-
harangue. noisy speech. In his           histrionic. theatrical. He was                    ~ plays often startled people.            tists are constantly seeking to
  lengthy ~, the principal berated the     proud of his ~ ability and wanted to          idolatry. worship of idols; excessive       discover the ~ laws of nature.
  offenders.                               play the role of Hamlet.                        admiration. Such ~ of singers of        impale. pierce. He was ~d by the
harass. to annoy by repeated attacks.    hoary. white with age. The man                    popular ballads is typical of the         spear hurled by his adversary.
  The used to ~ her husband by her         was hoary and wrinkled.                         excessive enthusiasm of youth.          impeccable. faultless. He was
  continual demands for fine attire.     holster. pistol case.                           igneous. produced by fire; volcanic.        proud of his ~ manners.
harridan. shrewish hag. Most             homespun. domestic; made at home.                 Lava, pumice and other ~ rocks are      impecunious. without money.
  people avoided the ~ because they        H~ wit like ~ cloth was often coarse            found in great abundance around           Now that he was wealthy, he gladly
  feared her abusive and vicious           and plain.                                      Mount Vesuvius.
  language.                              homily. sermon; serious warning.                ignoble. of lowly origin; unworthy.
harrow. break up ground after              His speeches were always ~, ad-                 This plan is inspired by ~ motives
  plowing; torture. I don't want to ~      vising his listeners to repent and              and I must, therefore, oppose it.
  you at this time by asking you to        reform.                                       ignominious. disgraceful. The

contributed to funds to assist the ~     ryone in the class with ~ for he felt          our plans.                                religious devotion, the officials
  and the disabled.                      that no one would dare retaliate.            inclement. stormy; unkind, I like           ordered that the school day begin
impenitent. not repentant. We                                                           to read a good book in ~ weather.         with the signing of a hymn.
  could see by his brazen attitude      imputation. charging; reproaching;            inclusive. tending to include all.        incumbent. office holder. The
  that he was ~.                          giving blame for. You cannot                  This meeting will run from                newly elected public official
imperious. domineering. His ~             ignore the ~s in his speech that              January 10 to February 15 ~.              received valuable advice from the
  manner indicated that he had long       you are the guilty party.                   incognito. with identity concealed;         present ~.
  been accustomed to assuming           inadvertence. oversight; careless-              using an assumed name. The              indefatigable. tireless. He was ~
  command.                                ness.    By ~, he omitted two                 monarch       enjoyed       traveling     in his constant efforts to raise
impiety. irreverence; wickedness.         questions on the examination.                 through the town ~ and mingling           funds for the Red Cross.
  We cannot forgive such an act of      inane.     silly; senseless.    Such            with the populace.                      indenture.       bind servant or
  ~.                                      comments are ~ because they do              incommodious. not spacious. In              apprentice to master.         Many
impious. irreverent. ~ remarks            not help us solve our problem.                their ~ quarters, they had to             immigrants could come to
importune. beg earnestly. I must        incapacitate. disable. During the               improvise for closet space.               America only after they had ~d
  ~ you to work for peace at this         winter, many people were ~d by              incongruity.      lack of harmony;          themselves for several years.
  time.                                   respiratory ailments.                         absurdity. The ~ of his wearing         indigent. poor. Because he was ~,
imprecate. curse; pray that evil        incarcerate.      imprison.      The            sneakers with his formal attire           he was sent to the county
  will befall.       To ~ Hitler's        warden will ~ the felon.                      amused the observers.                     poor-house.
  atrocities is not enough; we must     incarnate.     endowed with flesh;            incontrovertible.         indisputable.   indite. write; compose. Cyrano
  insure against any future practice      personified. Your attitude is so              We must yield to the ~ evidence           ~ed many letters for Christian.
  of genocide.                            fiendish that you must be a devil             which you have presented and free       indolence. laziness. The sultry
impregnable. invulnerable. Until          ~.                                            your client.                              weather in the tropics encourages
  the development of the airplane as                                                  incorporeal. immaterial; without a          a life of ~.
  a military weapon, the fort was                                                       material body. We must devote           indubitably.      beyond a doubt.
  considered ~.                         WL16                                            time to the needs of our ~ mind as        Because his argument was ~ valid,
improvident. thriftless. He was         incendiary. arsonist.                           well as our corporeal body.               the judge accepted it.
  constantly being warned to mend       inchoate.        recently     begun;          incredulity. a tendency to disbelief.     ineffable. unutterable. Such ~
  his ~ ways and begin to "save for a     rudimentary. Before the Creation,             Your ~ in the face of all the             joy must be experienced; it cannot
  rainy day."                             the world was an ~ mass.                      evidence is hard to understand.           be described. ~ names.
impugn. doubt; challenge; gainsay.      incipient. beginning; in an early             incriminate.         accuse.       The    inept.          unsuited;     absurd;
  I cannot ~ your honesty without         state. Will go to sleep early for I           evidence gathered against the             incompetent.         The constant
  evidence.                               want to break an ~ cold.                      racketeers ~ some high public             turmoil in the office proved that he
impunity. freedom from punish-          incisive. cutting; sharp. His ~                 officials as well.                        was an ~ administrator.
  ment. The bully mistreated eve-         remarks mad us see the fallacy in           inculcate. teach. In an effort to ~       inexorable. relentless; unyielding.

  The governor is ~, he will not          inscrutable.         incomprehensible.         intimate. hint. She ~d rather than       itinerant. wandering; traveling. an
  suspend the sentence.                     Your motives are ~.                            stated her preferences.                  ~ peddler.
infraction. violation. Because of         insensate. without feeling. He                 intransigent.          refusing   any    jaded.       fatigued; surfeited. He
  his many ~s of school regulations,        lay there as ~ as a log.                       compromise.            The    strike     looks for exotic food to stimulate
  he was suspended by the dean.           insidious.      treacherous; stealthy;           settlement has collapsed because         his ~ appetite.
ingenuous. naive; young. These              sly.     The fifth column is ~                 both sides are ~.                      jingoism.       extremely aggressive
  remarks indicate that you are ~           because it works secretly within             intrepid.     fearless.    For his ~       and militant patriotism. We must
  and unaware of life's harsher             our territory for our defeat.                  conduct in battle, he was                be careful to prevent a spirit of ~
  realities.                              insinuate. hint; imply. What are                 promoted.                                from spreading at this time; the
ingrate.        ungrateful.     person.     you trying to ~ by that remark?              inured.      accustomed; hardened.         danger of a disastrous war is too
  You are an ~ since you have             insipid. tasteless; dull. ~ talk.                He became ~ to the Alaskan cold.         great.
  treated my gifts with scorn.            insolent.              haughty      and        inverse. opposite. There is an ~         jocose.     given to joking. The
ingratiate. to become popular with.         contemptuous. I resent your ~                  ratio between the strength of light      salesman is a ~ person.
  He tried to ~ himself into her            manner.                                        and its distance.                      jocund. merry. gay and ~.
  parents' good graces.                   insolvency. bankruptcy; lack of                inveterate.     deep-rooted.    an ~     judicious. wise. This plan is not
inhibit. prohibit; restrain. The            ability to repay debts.                        smoker.                                  ~.
  child was not ~ed in his responses.     insular.          like     an   island;        invidious.      designed to create       junket. a merry feat or picnic.
inimical. unfriendly; hostile. She          narrow-minded. In n age of such                ill-will or envy. We disregarded         The opposition claimed that his
  felt that they were ~ and were            rapid means of communication,                  her ~ remarks because we realized        trip to Europe was merely a
  hoping for her downfall.                  we cannot afford to be hemmed in               how jealous she was.                     political ~.
iniquitous.       unjust; wicked.     I     by such ~ idea.                              iota. very small quantity. He            junta. group of men joined in
  cannot approve of the ~ methods         insuperable.            insurmountable;          hadn't an ~ of common sense.             political intrigue; cabal.
  you used to gain your present             invincible.      In the face of ~            irascible. irritable; easily angered.    ken. range of knowledge.
  position.                                 difficulties they maintained their             His ~ temper frightened me.            kismet. fate. K~ is the Arabic
innocuous.        harmless.    Let me       courage and will to resist.                  iridescent. exhibiting rainbow-like        word for 'fate'.
  drink it; it is ~.                                                                       colors. He admired the ~ hues of       kleptomaniac. a person who has a
innuendo.        hint; insinuation.   I                                                    the oil that floated on the surface      compulsive desire to steal. They
  resent the ~s in your statement         WL17                                             of the water.                            discovered that the wealthy
  more than the statement itself.                                                        irreverent. lacking proper respect.        customer was a ~ when they
inordinate. unrestrained; excessive.      insurgent. rebellious. We will                   The worshippers resented his ~           caught her stealing some cheap
  She had an ~ fondness for candy.          not discuss reforms until the ~                remarks about their faith.               trinkets.
insatiable.       not easily satisfied;     troops have returned to their                irrevocable. unalterable. Let us         knoll. little round hill.
  greedy.. His thirst for knowledge         homes.                                         not brood over past mistakes since     lackadaisical. affectedly languid.
  was ~.                                  inter. bury. ~ the body. ~ment.                  they are ~.                              He was ~ and indifferent about his

  part in the affair.                      Although she was aware of his                fame, he wrote stories of popular        Central Park has always been a
laggard.      slow; sluggish.     The      reputation as a ~, she felt she              appeal.                                  favorite spot for Sunday strollers.
  sailor had been taught not to be ~       could reform him and help him              lugubrious.      mournful.      The ~     malleable.      capable of being
  in carrying out orders.                  break his dissolute way of life.             howling of the dog added to the          shaped by pounding. Gold is ~
lagniappe. trifling present given to     libidinous.        lustful.      They          sadness.                                 metal.
  a customer                               objected to his ~ behavior.                lurid. wild; sensational. The ~           maniacal. raving mad. His ~
laity. laymen. The ~ does not            libretto. text of an opera.                    stories he told shocked his              laughter frightened us.
  always understand the clergy's         licentious. wanton; lewd; dissolute.           listeners.                              marauder. raider; intruder.
  problems.                                The ~ monarch helped to bring              luscious. pleasing to taste or smell.     martinet.      strict disciplinarian.
lambent. flickering; softly radiant.       about his country's downfall.                The ripe peach is ~.                     The commanding officer was a ~
  They sat quietly before the ~ glow     limn.      portray; describe vividly.        macabre. gruesome; grisly. The             who observed each regulation to
  of the fireplace.                        He was never satisfied with his              City Morgue is a ~ spot for the          the letter.
lampoon. ridicule. This article            attempts to ~ her beauty on                  uninitiated.                            masticate. chew. We must ~ our
  ~s the pretensions of some movie         canvas.                                    macerate. waste away. Cancer               food carefully and slowly.
  moguls.                                limpid. clear. ~ stream.                       ~d his body.                            maudlin.     effusively sentimental.
lapidary.       worker in precious       lithe. flexible; supple. Her figure          Machiavellian.        crafty; double       I do not like such ~ pictures.
  stones.                                  was ~ and willowy.                           dealing.                                mauve. pale purple. The ~ tint in
largess.      generous gift.     Lady    litigation. lawsuit. Try to settle           maelstrom.        whirlpool.        The    the lilac bush was another
  Bountiful distributed ~ to the poor.     this amicably; I do not want to              canoe was tossed about in the ~.         indication that Spring had finally
lascivious. lustful. ~ books               start ~.                                   magniloquent. boastful, pompous.           arrived.
lassitude. languor; weariness. a         livid. lead-colored; black and blue;           In their stories of the trial, the      melee. fight. The captain tried to
  feeling of ~.                            enraged. His face was so ~ with              reporters ridiculed the ~ speeches       ascertain the cause of the ~ which
lave. wash. The running water              rage that we were afraid that he             of the defense attorney.                 had broken out among the crew
  will ~ away all stains.                  might have an attack of apoplexy.          malediction. curse. The witch              members.
levity.     lightness.    Such ~ is      loath.     averse; reluctant.    They          uttered ~s against her captors.         mellifluous.     flowing smoothly;
  improper on this serious occasion.       were both ~ him to go.                     malefactor. criminal. We must              smooth. Italian is a ~ language.
                                         lope. gallop slowly. As the horse              try to bring these ~s to justice.       memento. token; reminder. Take
                                           ~d along. we had an opportunity to         malevolent.      wishing evil.      We     this book as a ~ of your visit.
WL18                                       admire the ever-changing scenery.            must thwart his ~ schemes.              memorialize. commemorate. Let
                                         loquacious. talkative. She is ~.             malingerer. one who feigns illness         us ~ his great contribution by
libelous.   defamatory. He sued          lout. a clumsy person.                         to escape duty.        The captain       dedicating this library in his honor.
  the newspaper because of its ~         lucent. shining. The moon's ~                  ordered the sergeant to punish all      mendacious. lying; false. People
  story.                                   rays silvered the river.                     ~s.                                      soon learned to discount his ~
libertine. debauched person. rou.        lucre. money. Preferring ~ to                mall. public walk. The Mall in             stores.

mendicant.   beggar.    From the        misapprehension.                 error;        monotheism. belief in one God.            ~ gift was presented to the bride.
 moment we left the ship, we were        misunderstanding. To avoid ~, I               moodiness. fits of depression or         musty. stale; spoiled by age. The
 surrounded by ~s and peddlers.          am going to ask all of you to                  gloom. We could not discover             attic was dark and ~.
                                         repeat the instructions I have                 the cause of his recurrent ~.           mutable. changing in form; fickle.
                                         given.                                        moot.      debatable.       Our tariff    His opinions were ~ and easily
WL19                                    miscegenation.         intermarriage            policy is a moot subject.                influenced by anyone who had any
                                         between Negro and white.                      mordant. biting; sarcastic; stinging.     powers of persuasion.
mercurial. fickle; changing. He         miscreant. wretch; villain. His                 Actors feared the critic's ~ pen.       nadir. lowest point. The cold
 was of a ~ temperament and              kindness to the ~ amazed all of us            mores.        customs.      The ~ of      spell reached its ~ yesterday.
 therefore unpredictable.                who had expected to hear severe                Mexico are those of Spain with
meretricious. flashy; tawdry. Her        punishment pronounced.                         slight modifications.
 jewels were inexpensive but not ~.     misogynist. hater of women.                    morose.         ill-humored; sullen.     WL20
meringue.      a pastry decoration      mite. very small object or creature;            When we first meet Hamlet, we
 made of white of eggs. The              small coin. The criminal was so                find him ~ and depressed.               natation. swimming. The Red
 lemon ~ pie is one of our               heartless that he even stole the              mortify.      humiliate; punish the       Cross emphasizes the need for
 specialties.                            widow's ~.                                     flesh. She was so ~ied by her            courses in ~.
mesa. high, flat-topped hill.           mitigate appease. He did nothing                blunder that she ran to her room in     nave. main body of a church.
mete. measure; distribute. He            to ~ her wrath.                                tears.                                   The ~ of the church was empty at
 tried to be impartial in his efforts   modicum. limited quantity. His                 mote. small speck. The tiniest ~          this hour.
 to ~ out justice.                       story is based on a ~ of truth.                in the eye is very painful.             nebulous.    cloudy; hazy.      Your
mettle. courage; spirit.                modish. fashionable. She always                mountebank.        charlatan; boastful    theories are too ~; please clarify
mews.      group of stables built        discarded all garments which were              pretender. The patent medicine           them.
 around a courtyard.                     no longer ~.                                   man was a ~.                            necrology. obituary notice; list of
mien. demeanor; bearing. She            moiety. half; part. There is a                 muggy. warm and damp. August              the dead. The ~ of those buried
 had the gracious ~ of a queen.          slight ~ of the savage in her                  in New York City is often ~.             in this cemetery is available in the
militate.    work against.      Your     personality which is not easily               mulct. defraud of a person of             office.
 record of lateness and absence will     perceived by those who do not                  something.         The lawyer was       necromancy. black magi; dealings
 ~ against your chances of               know her well.                                 accused of trying to ~ the boy of        with the dead. Because he was
 promotion.                             mollify. soothe. We tried to ~ the              his legacy.                              able to perform feats of ~, the
mincing.         affectedly dainty.      hysterical child by promising her             multiplicity.        state of being       natives thought he was in league
 Yum-Yum walked across the stage         many gifts.                                    numerous. He was appalled by             with the devil.
 with ~ steps.                          molt. shed or cast off hair or                  the ~ details he had to complete        nefarious. very wicked. He was
misanthrope.       one who hates         feathers. The male robin ~ in the              before setting out on his mission.       universally feared because of his
 mankind.                                spring.                                       munificent. very generous. The            many ~ deeds.

nemesis.         revenging     agent.    These spring flowers will make an          I resent the ~ that you are casting     punishing you most ~.
  Captain Blight vowed to be             attractive ~.                              upon my reputation.                   odoriferous. giving off an odor.
  Christian's ~.                        noxious. harmful. We must trace            obnoxious. offensive. I find your        The ~ spices stimulated his jade
neophyte. recent convert; beginner       the source of these ~ gases.               behavior ~; please amend your           appetite.
  This mountain slope contains          nugatory. futile; worthless. This           ways.                                 officious.     meddlesome; exces-
  slides that will challenge experts     agreement is ~ for no court will          obsequious.     slavishly attentive;     sively     trying      to     please.
  as well as ~s.                         enforce it.                                servile; sycophantic. Nothing is        Browning informs us that the
nettle. annoy; vex. Do not let          numismatist. person who collects            more disgusting to me than the ~        Duke resented the bough of
  him ~ you with his sarcastic           coins.                                     demeanor of the people who wait         cherries some ~ fool brought to the
  remarks.                              oaf. stupid, awkward person. He             upon you.                               Duchess.
nexus. connection. I fail to see         called the unfortunate waiter a           obtrude. push into prominence.         ogle. glance coquetishly at; make
  the ~ which binds these two            clumsy ~.                                  The other members of the group          eyes at. It is improper to ~ the
  widely separated events.              obdurate. stubborn. He was ~ in             object to the manner in which you       passer-by.
nib. beak; pen-point.                    his refusal to listen to our com-          ~ your opinions into matters of no    olfactory. concerning the sense of
niggardly. meanly stingy; parsi-         plaints.                                   concern to you.                         smell. The ~ organ is the nose.
  monious.      The ~ pittance the      obeisance. bow. She made an ~              obtrusive.    pushing forward.     I   oligarchy. government by a few.
  widow receives from the gov-           as the king and queen entered the          found him a very ~ person, con-         The feudal ~ was supplanted by an
  ernment cannot keep her from           room.                                      stantly seeking the center of the       autocracy.
  poverty.                              obelisk. tall column tapering and           stage.                                ominou. threatening. The dog
noisome. foul smelling; unwhole-         ending in a pyramid.                      obtuse. blunt; stupid. Because he        growled ~ at the stranger.
  some. I never could stand the ~       obese. fat. It is advisable that ~          was so ~, he could not follow the     omniscient. all-knowing. I do
  atmosphere      surrounding     the    people try to lose weight.                 teacher's reasoning and asked           not pretend to be ~, but I am
  slaughter house.                      obfuscate. confuse; muddle. Do              foolish questions.                      positive about this item.
nonentity. nonexistence. person          not ~ the issues by dragging in           obviate. make unnecessary; get rid     omnivorous. eating both plant and
  of no importance. Of course you        irrelevant arguments.                      of. I hope this contribution will       animal food; devouring everything.
  are a ~; you will continue to be      objurgate. scold; rebuke severely.          ~ any need for further collections      Man is an ~ animal.
  one until you prove your value to      I am afraid he will ~ us publicly          of funds.                             onerous. burdensome. He quit
  the community.                         for this offense.                         occult. mysterious; secret; super-       because he found the work too ~.
non sequitur. a conclusion that         obliquity.    departure from right          natural. The ~ rites of the organi-   opalescent. iridescent. The An-
  does not follow from the facts         principles; perversity. His moral          zation were revealed only to            cient Mariner admired the ~ sheen
  stated. Your term paper is full of     decadence was marked by his ~              members.                                on the water.
  ~; I cannot see how you reached        from the ways of integrity and            oculist. physician who specializes     opiate. sleep producer; deadener
  the conclusions you state.             honesty.                                   in the treatment of the eyes.           of pain. By such ~s, he made the
nosegay.         fragrant    bouquet.   obloquy. slander; disgrace; infamy.        odious. hateful. I find the task of      people forget their difficulties and

 accept their unpleasant circum-          paean.     song of praise or joy.              lowest instincts should be banned.      content to wage a defensive battle
 stances.                                   They sang ~s of praise.                     panegyric. formal praise. The            and tried to ~ his opponent's
opprobrious. disgraceful. I find          palatial.       magnificent.       He          modest hero blushed as he listened      thrusts.
 your conduct so opprobrious that I         proudly showed us through his ~              to the ~ uttered by the speakers       parsimonious. stingy; excessively
 must exclude you from classes.             home.                                        about his valorous act.                 frugal. His ~ nature did not
optometrist. one who fits glasses         palaver.     discussion; misleading           paragon.      model of perfection.       permit him to enjoy any luxuries.
 to remedy visual defects.                  speech; chatter. In spite of all the         The class disliked him because the     parvenu.         upstart; newly-rich
                                            ~ before the meeting, the delegates          teacher was always pointing to          person.        Although extremely
                                            were able to conduct serious                 him as a ~ of virtue.                   wealthy, he was regarded as a ~ by
                                            negotiations when they sat down             paraphernalia.             equipment;    the aristocratic members of
WL21                                        at the conference table.                     odds-and-ends.       His desk was       society.
                                          pallet.    small, poor bed.       The          cluttered with paper, pen, ink,        patent. open for the public to read;
opulence. wealth. to be amazed              weary traveler went to sleep on his          dictionary and other ~ of the           obvious. It was ~ to everyone
  by the ~ of this country.                 straw ~.                                     writing craft.                          that the witness spoke the truth.
oratorio. dramatic poem set to            palliate.    ease pain; make less             paregoric.     medicine that eases      pathetic. causing sadness, com-
  music. The Glee Club decided to           guilty or offensive. Doctors must            pain. The doctor prescribed a ~         passion, pity; toughing. Every-
  present an ~ during their recital.        ~ that which they cannot cure.               to alleviate his suffering.             one in the auditorium was weeping
ordinance. decree. Passing red            pallid. pale; wan. Because his                pariah. social outcast. I am not a       by the time he finished his ~ tale.
  light is a violation of a city ~.         occupation required that he work             ~ to be shunned and ostracized.        pathos. tender sorrow; pity; qual-
ornate.       excessively decorated.        at night and sleep during the day,          parlance. language, idiom. All           ity in art or literature that produces
  Furniture of the Baroque period           he had an exceptionally ~ com-               this legal ~ confuses me; I need an     these feelings. A quiet tone of ~
  can be recognized by its ~ carv-          plexion.                                     interpreter.                            ran through the novel.
  ings.                                   palpable. tangible; easily percepti-          parley. conference. The peace ~         patricide. parricide.
ornithologist.       scientific student     ble. I cannot understand how                 has not produced the anticipated       patrimony. inheritance from father.
  of birds. Audubon's drawings of           you could overlook such a ~                  truce.                                  As predicted by his critics, he
  American bird life have been of           blunder.                                    parody.       humorous imitation;        spent his ~ within two years of his
  interest not only to the ~s but also    palpitate. throb; flutter. As he               travesty. We enjoyed the clever         father's death.
  to the general public.                    came excited, his heart began to ~           ~ies of popular songs which the        paucity. scarcity. The poor test
ostentatious.      showy.      the real     more and more erratically.                   chorus sang.                            papers indicate that the members
  hero is never ~.                        paltry. insignificant; petty. This            paroxysm. fit or attack of pain,         of this class have a ~ of intelli-
osteopath.       one who practices        is a ~ sum to pay for such a mas-              laughter, rage. When he heard of        gence.
  healing by manipulation.          The   terpiece.                                      his son's misdeeds, he was seized      peccadillo. slight offense. If we
  services of an ~ may be helpful in      pander. cater to the low desires of            by a ~ of rage.                         examine these escapades carefully,
  treating severe cases of sciatica.        others. Books which ~ to man's              parry. ward off a blow. He was           we will realize that they are mere

 ~es rather than major crimes.         penitent.   repentant.    When he                                                    we could not understand his ~.
peculate. steal; embezzle. His          realized the enormity of his crime,        peripatetic. walking about; mov-       pervious. penetrable. He has a ~
 crime of ~ing public funds en-         he became remorseful and ~.                 ing. The ~ school of philosophy         mind and readily accepts new
 trusted to his care is especially     penumbra. partial shadow (in an              derives its name from the fact that     ideas.
 damnable.                              eclipse) During an eclipse, we              Aristotle walked with his pupils      pestilential. causing plague; bane-
pecuniary. pertaining to money. I       can see an area of total darkness           while discussing philosophy with        ful.     People were afraid to
 never expected a ~ reward for my       and a lighter area which is the ~.          them.                                   explore the ~ swamp.
 work in this activity.                penurious. stingy; parsimonious.            perpetrate.    commit an offense.      petulant. touchy; peevish. The
pedagogue.        teacher; dull and     He was a ~ man, averse to                   Only an insane person could ~           feverish patient was ~ and restless.
 formal teacher.                        spending money even for the                 such a horrible crime.                phial. small bottle.
pediatrician. expert in children's      necessities of life.                       persiflage. flippant conversation;     philander. make love lightly. Do
 diseases.                             penury.    extreme poverty.       We         banter. This ~ is not appropriate       not ~ with my affections because
pelf. stolen property; money or         find much ~ and suffering in this           when we have such serious               love is too serious.
 wealth (in a contemptuous sense).      slum area.                                  problems to discuss.                  philistine. narrow-minded person,
 Your possessions are only ~; they     perdition.    damnation; complete           perspicacious.      having insight;      uncultured and exclusively inter-
 will give you no lasting pleasure.     ruin. He was damned to eternal              penetrating; astute. We admired         ested in material gain. We need
pell-mell. in confusion; disorderly.    ~.                                          his ~ wisdom and sagacity.              more men of culture and enlight-
 The excited students dashed ~ into    peremptory. demanding and leav-             pert.    impertinent; forward.     I     enment; we have too many ~s
 the stadium to celebrate the           ing no choice. I resent your ~              think your ~ and impudent               among us.
 victory.                               attitude.                                   remarks call for an apology.          phlegmatic. calm; not easily dis-
pellucid. transparent; limpid; easy    perennial. lasting. These plants            pertinacious. stubborn, persistent.      turbed. The nurse was a cheerful
 to understand.        After reading    are hardy ~s and will bloom for             He is bound to succeed because          but ~ person.
 these stodgy philosophers, I find      many years.                                 his ~ nature will not permit him to   physiognomy. face. He prided
 his ~ style very enjoyable.           perfidious. basely false. Your ~             quit.                                   himself on his ability to analyze a
penance. self-imposed punishment        gossip is malicious and dangerous.         perturbation. agitation. I fail to       person's character by studying his
 for sin. The Ancient Mariner          perfidy.    violation of a trust.            understand why such an innocent         ~.
 said, "I have ~ done and ~ more        When we learned of his ~, we                remark should create such ~.          pied. variegated; multi-colored.
 will do.                               were shocked and dismayed.                 perverse.     stubborn; intractable.     The ~-antelope may be recognized
penchant.        strong inclination;   perforce. of necessity. I must               Because of your ~ attitude. I           by its white face.
 liking. He had a strong ~ for          perforce leave as my train is about         must rate you as deficient in co-     pillage. plunder. The enemy ~d
 sculpture.                             to start.                                   operation.                              the quiet village and left it in ru-
pendant.      hanging down from                                                    perversion.     corruption; turning      ins.
 something. Her ~ errings glisten-                                                  from right to wrong. Inasmuch         pillory. punish by placing in a
 ed in the light.                      WL22                                         as he had no motive for his crimes,     wooden frame and subjecting to

  ridicule. Even though he was             shortcomings.                                tions of the body. He was advis-          the forces of justice will ~
  mocked and ~ied, he maintained         plumb. checking perpendicularity;              ed to apply a flax-seed ~ to the          eventually in this dispute.
  that he was correct in his beliefs.      vertical. Before hanging wallpa-             inflammation.                           presage. foretell. The vultures
pinion. restrain. They ~ed his             per it is advisable to drop a ~ line                                                   flying overhead ~d the discovery
  arms against his body.                   from the ceiling as a guide.                                                           of the corpse in the desert.
piquant.      pleasantly tart-tasting;   poltroon.      coward.     Only a ~           WL23                                     presentment.      premonition; fore-
  stimulating. The ~ sauce added           would so betray his comrades at                                                        boding. Hamlet felt a ~ about his
  to our enjoyment of the meal.            such a dangerous time.                      prate. speak foolishly; boast idly.        meeting with Laertes.
pique. irritation; resentment. She       pommel. beat. The severity with                 Let us not prate about our virtues.    prevaricate. lie. He was forced
  shoed her ~ by her refusal to ap-        which he was ~ed was indicated              prattle. babble. The little girl ~d        to ~ to save his life.
  pear with the other contestants at       by the bruises he displayed on his            endlessly about her dolls.             prim. very precise and formal;
  the end of the contest.                  head and face.                              precept.      practical rule guiding       exceedingly proper. The spinster
piscatorial. pertaining to fishing.      portend. foretell; presage. The                 conduct. "Love thy neighbor as           was too ~ to attract suitors.
  He spent many happy hours in his         king did not know what these                  thyself" is a worthwhile ~.            primordial. existing at the begin-
  ~ activities.                            omens might ~ and asked his                 precipitate. throw headlong; has-          ning (of time). The Neanderthal
pittance.      a small allowance or        soothsayers to interpret them.                ten. We must be patient as we            Man is one of our ~ ancestors.
  wage. He could not live on the ~       portent. sign; omen. He regarded                cannot ~ these results.                pristine. characteristic of earlier
  he received as a pension and had         the black cloud as a ~ of evil.             precipitous. steep. This hill is           times; primitive; unspoiled. This
  to look for an additional source of    portentous. ominous; serious. I                 difficult to climb, because it is so     area has been preserved in all its ~
  revenue.                                 regard our present difficulties and           ~.                                       wilderness.
plaintive. mournful. The dove              dissatisfactions as ~ omens of              precocious. developed ahead of           privy. secret; hidden; not public.
  has a ~ and melancholy call.             future disaster.                              time. By his rather adult manner         We do not care for ~ chamber
platitude. trite remark; common-         portly.      stately, stout.      The           of discussing serious topics, the        government.
  place statement. His ~ impressed         wealthy financier was a portly                child demonstrated that he was ~.      probity. uprightness; incorruptibi-
  the ignorant.                            gentleman.                                  predilection. partiality; preference.      lity. Everyone took his ~ for
plauditory. approving; applauding.       potentate.      monarch; sovereign.             Although the artist used various         granted; his defalcations, therefore,
  ~ comments.                              The ~ spent more time at Monte                media from time to time, he had a        shocked us all.
plebeian. common; pertaining to            Carlo than he did at home with his            predilection for water color.          proboscis. long snout; nose. The
  the common people.               His     people.                                     prefatory.      introductory.     The      elephant uses his ~ to handle
  speeches were aimed at the ~           potpourri. heterogeneous mixture;               chairman made a few ~ remarks            things and carry them from place
  minds and emotions; they dis-            medley. He offered a ~ of folk                before he called on the first            to place.
  gusted the more refined.                 songs from many lands.                        speaker.                               proclivity.      inclination; natural
plethora. excess; overabundance.         poultice.       soothing application          preponderate. be superior in power;        tendency. He has a ~ to grumble.
  She offered a ~ of reasons for her       applied to sore and inflamed por-             outweigh. I feel confident that        prodigal. wasteful; reckless with

  money. The ~ son squandered            propitiate. appease. The natives               being.                                  and Italy every year in search of
  his inheritance.                         offered sacrifices to ~ the gods.           puerile. childish. His ~ pranks          new products to sell.
prodigious. marvelous; enormous.         propitious. favorable; kindly. ~               sometimes       offended   his         purview. scope. The sociological
  He marveled at her ~ appetite.           occasion.                                    serious-minded friends.                 implications of these inventions
profligate.     dissipated; wasteful;    propulsive. driving forward. The                                                       are beyond the ~ of this book.
  licentious. In this ~ company, he        jet plane has a greater ~ power                                                     pusillanimous.              cowardly;
  lost all sense of decency.               than the motor-driven plane.                WL24                                     faint-hearted.    You should be
profusion.       lavish expenditure;     prorogue. dismiss parliament; end                                                      ashamed of your ~ conduct during
  overabundant condition. Seldom           officially. It was agreed that the          pugnacious. combative; disposed          this dispute.
  have I seen food and drink served        king could not ~ parliament until it         to fight. As a child he is ~ and       putrid. foul; rotten. ~ smell of
  in such ~.                               had been in session for at least             fights with everyone.                   the wound.
progenitor. ancestor. We must              fifty days.                                 puissant.        powerful;    strong.   pyromaniac. person with an insane
  not forget the teachings of our ~s     provender. dry food; fodder. I                 potent.     We must keep his            desire to set things on fire. The
  in our desire to appear modern.          am not afraid of a severe winter             friendship for he will make a ~         detectives searched the area for the
progeny. children; offspring. He           because I have store a large                 ally.                                   ~ who had set these costly fires.
  was proud of his ~ but regarded          quantity of ~ for the cattle.               pulchritude.    beauty; comeliness.     quaff. drink with relish. As we
  George as the most promising of        provident.      displaying foresight;          I do not envy the judge who has to      ~ed our ale, we listened to the gay
  all his children.                        thrifty; preparing for emergencies.          select the best from among this         songs of the students in the tavern.
prognosticate.       predict.     I ~      In his usual ~ manner, he had                collection of feminine ~.              quail. cower; lose heart. He was
  disaster unless we change our            insured himself against this type of        punctilious.      laying stress on       afraid that he would ~ in the face
  wasteful ways.                           loss.                                        niceties of conduct, form. We           of danger.
prolix. verbose; drawn out. His          proviso. stipulation. I am ready               must be ~ in our planning of this      qualms. misgivings. His ~s of
  ~ arguments irritated the jury.          to accept your proposal with the ~           affair. for any error may be re-        conscience had become so great
promontory.        headland.      They     that you meet your obligations               garded as a personal affront.           that he decided to abandon his
  erected a lighthouse on the ~ to         within the next two weeks.                  purgatory. place of spiritual expia-     plans.
  warn approaching ships of their        proxy. authorized agent. Please                tion. In this ~, he could expect       querulous. fretful; whining. His
  nearness to the shore.                   act as my ~ and vote for this slate          no help from his comrades.              classmates were repelled by his ~
propagate. multiply; spread. I             of candidates.                              purloin. steal. In the story, "The       and complaining statements.
  am sure disease must ~ in such un-     prurient.      based on lascivious             P~ed Letter," Poe points out that      quibble.     equivocate; play on
  sanitary and crowed areas.               thoughts. The police attempted               the best hiding place is often the      words. Do not ~; I want a
propensity. natural inclination. I         to close the theater where the ~             most obvious place.                     straightforward and definite an-
  dislike your ~ to belittle every         film was being presented.                   purveyor. furnisher of foodstuffs;       swer.
  contribution he makes to our or-       psyche. soul; mind. It is difficult            caterer. As ~ of rare wines and        quiescent. at rest; dormant. After
  ganization.                              to delve into the ~ of a human               viands, he traveled through France      this geyser erupts, it will remain ~

  for 24 hours.                           phere.                                       The religious people ostracized the      from the race.
quip. taunt. You are unpopular          ratiocination.     reasoning; act of           ~ who had abandoned their faith.       refulgent. radiant. We admired
  because you are too free with your      drawing conclusions from prem-             recrimination.        countercharges.      the ~ moon and watched it for a
  ~s and sarcastic comments.              ises. Poe's "The Gold Bug" is a              Loud and angry ~s were her an-           while
quirk. starling twist; caprice. By        splendid example of the author's             swer to his accusations.               refutation. disproof of opponent's
  a ~ of fate, he found himself           use of ~.                                                                             arguments. I will wait until I
  working for the man whom he had       raucous. harsh and shrill. His ~                                                        hear the ~ before deciding whom
  discharged years before.                laughter irritated me.                                                                to favor.
qui vive. wide awake; expectant.        ravening. rapacious; seeking prey.           WL25                                     regale. entertain. John ~d us
  Let us be on the ~.                     We kept our fires burning all night                                                   with tales of his adventures in
quizzical.      bantering; comical;       to frighten the ~ wolves.                  rectitude. uprightness. "He was            Africa.
  humorously serious.            Will   ravenous. extremely hungry. The                renowned for his ~ an integrity.       regatta. boat or yacht race. Many
  Rogers' ~ remarks endeared him to       ~ dog upset several garbage pails          recumbent. reclining; lying down           boating enthusiasts followed the ~
  his audiences.                          in its search for food.                      completely or in part. The com-          in their own yachts.
rabid. like a fanatic; furious. He      rebate. discount. We offer a ~ of              mand "AT EASE" does not permit         regimen. prescribed diet and hab-
  was a ~ follower of the Dogers          ten per cent to those who pay cash.          you to take ~ position.                  its. I doubt whether the results
  and watched them play whenever        recalcitrant. obstinately stubborn.          redolent. fragrant; odorous.       the     warrant our living under such a
  he could go to the ball park.           Donkeys are the most ~ of ani-               air is ~ of spring.                      strict and inflexible ~.
ragamuffin. person wearing tatter-        mals.                                      redoubtable. formidable; causing         remiss.       negligent.    He was
  ed clothes.                           recant. repudiate; withdraw previ-             fear. He was a ~ foe.                    accused of being ~ in his duty.
rancor. bitterness; hatred. Let us        ous statement.       Unless you ~          reek. The room ~ed with stale            remonstrate. protest. I must ~
  forget our ~ and cooperate in this      your confession, you will be                 tobacco.                                 about the lack of police protection
  new endeavor.                           punished severely.                         refection. slight refreshment. In          in this area.
rant. rave; speak bombastically.        recapitulate. summarize. Let us                our anxiety to reach our destina-      remunerative.           compensating;
  As we heard him ~ on the platform,      ~ what has been said thus far be-            tion as rapidly as possible, we          rewarding. I find my new work
  we could not understand his             fore going ahead.                            stopped on the road for only a           so ~ that I may not return to my
  strange popularity with many          recluse.      hermit.     The recluse          slight ~.                                previous employment.
  people.                                 lived in a hut in the forest.              refraction. bending of a ray of          rend. split; tear apart. In his grief,
rapacious.    excessively grasping;     recondite.       abstruse; profound;           light. When you look at a stick          he tried to ~ his garments.
  plundering. Hawks and other ~           secret. He read many ~ books.                inserted in water, it looks bent       renunciation. giving up; renounc-
  birds may be killed at any time.      recourse. resorting to help when in            because of the ~ of the light by the     ing. Do not sign this ~ of your
rarefied. made less dense (of a gas)      trouble. The boy's only ~ was to             water.                                   right to sue until you have con-
  The mountain climber had diffi-         appeal to his father for aid.              refractory.     stubborn; unmanage-        sulted a lawyer.
  culty breathing in the ~ atmos-       recreant. coward; betrayer of faith.           able. The ~ horse was eliminated       repartee. clever reply. He was

  famous for his witty ~ and his        restitution. reparation; indemnifi-            warned us that he was coming           WL26
  sarcasm.                                cation. He offered to make ~ for             down with a cold.
replete. filled to capacity. This         the window broken by his son.              ribald. wanton; profane. He sang         rotundity.     roundness; sonorous-
  book is ~ with humorous situa-        restive.      unmanageable.         ~          a ~ song which offended many of          ness of speech. Washing Irving
  tions.                                  animals.                                     us.                                      emphasized the ~ of the governor
repository. storehouse. Libraries       resuscitate. revive. The lifeguard           rife. abundant; current. In the            by describing his height and cir-
  are ~ies of the world's best            tried to ~ the drowned child by              face of the many rumors of               cumference.
  thoughts.                               applying artificial respiration.             scandal, which are ~ at the            rubicund. having a healthy reddish
reprehensible.      deserving blame.    retentive. holding; having a good              moment, it is best to remain silent.     color; ruddy, florid. His ~ com-
  I find your present attitude ~.         memory. The pupil did not need             rime.     white frost.     The early       plexion was the result of an active
reprieve. temporary stay. During          to spend much time in study as he            morning dew had frozen and eve-          outdoor life.
  the twenty-four hour ~, the layers      had a ~ mind.                                rything was covered with a thin        rueful.        regretful; sorrowful;
  sought to make the stay of exe-       reticence. reserve; uncommunica-               coat of ~.                               dejected. The artist has captured
  cution permanent.                       tiveness. Because of the ~ of the          risible. inclined to laugh; ludicrous.     the sadness of childhood in his
reprobation.      severe disapproval.     key witness, the case against the            His remarks were so risible that         portrait of the boy with the ~
  The students showed their ~ of his      defendant collapsed.                         the audience howled with laughter.       countenance.
  act by refusing to talk with him.     retraction.      withdrawal.       He        risqu. verging upon the improper;        ruse. trick; stratagem. You will
requiem. mass for the dead; dirge.        dropped his libel suit after the             off-color. Please do not tell your       not be able to fool your friends
  They played Mozart's R~ at the          newspaper published a ~ of its               ~ anecdotes at this party.               with such an obvious ~.
  funeral.                                statement.                                 roan. brown mixed with gray or           rusticate. banish to the country;
requite.     repay; revenge.      The   revelry. boisterous merrymaking.               white. You can distinguish this          dwell in the country. I like city
  wretch ~ed his benefactors by           New Year's Eve is a night of ~.              horse in a race because it is ~          life so much that I an never un-
  betraying them.                       revile. slander; vilify. He was                while all the others are bay or          derstand how people can ~ in the
rescind.      cancel.      Because of     avoided by all who feared that he            chestnut.                                suburbs.
  public resentment, the king had to      would ~ and abuse them if they             rococo. ornate; highly decorated.        sacerdotal. priestly. The priest
  ~ his order.                            displeased him.                              At the present time, architects          decided to abandon his ~ duties
rescission. abrogation; annulment.      revulsion. sudden violent change               avoid ~ designs.                         and enter the field of politics.
  The ~ of the unpopular law was          of feeling; reaction.          Many        roseate. rosy; optimistic. I am          sacrilegious. desecrating; profane.
  urged by all political parties.         people in this country who                   afraid you will have to alter your       His stealing of the altar cloth was
respite.     delay in punishment;         admired dictatorships underwent a            roseate views in the light of the        a very ~ act.
  interval of relief; rest. The judge     ~ when they realized what Hitler             distressing news that has just         sacrosanct. most sacred; inviolable.
  granted the condemned man a ~ to        and Mussolini were trying to do.             arrived.                                 The brash insurance salesman
  enable his attorneys to file an       rheumy. pertaining to a discharge                                                       invaded the ~ privacy of the office
  appeal.                                 from nose and eyes. His ~ eyes                                                        of the president of the company.

saffron. orange-colored like the           "Love's sad ~" in his "Ode to a               very ~ young man.
  autumn crocus. The Halloween             Skylark."                                   scullion. menial kitchen worker.        sequester. retire from public life;
  cake was decorated with ~-colored      saturnine. gloomy. The saturnine                Lynette was angry because she           segregate; seclude. Although he
  icing.                                   professor had few pupils.                     thought she had been given a ~ to       had hoped for a long time to ~
sallow. yellowish; sickly in color.      saunter. stroll slowly. As we ~ed               act as her defender.                    himself in a small community, he
  We were disturbed by his ~               through the park, we stopped                scurrilous. obscene; indecent. I          never was able to drop his busy
  complexion.                              frequently to admire the spring               should horsewhip you for your ~         round of activities in the city.
salubrious. healthful. Many peo-           flowers.                                      remarks about my daughter.            serendipity. gift for finding valu-
  ple with hay fever move to more ~      savant. scholar. world famous                 sebaceous. oily; fatty. The ~             able things not searched for.
  sections of the country during the       ~s.                                           glands secrete oil to the hair fol-     Many scientific discoveries are a
  months of August and September.        savoir faire. tact; poise; sophistica-          licles.                                 matter of ~.
salutary.      tending to improve;         tion. I envy his ~; he always               sedate. composed; grave. The            serenity.       calmness; placidity.
  beneficial; wholesome.           The     knows exactly what to do and say.             parents were worried because they       The serenity of the sleepy town
  punishment had a ~ effect on the       schism. division; split. Let us                 felt their son was too quiet and ~.     was shattered by a tremendous ex-
  boy as he became a model student.        not widen the ~ by further                  sedentary. requiring sitting. Be-         plosion.
sangfroid.       coolness in trying        bickering.'                                   cause he had a ~ occupation, he       serrated.     having a saw-toothed
  situation. The captain's ~ helped      scintilla. shred; least bit. You                decided to visit a gymnasium            edge. The beech tree is one of
  to ally the fears of the passengers.     have not produced a ~ of evidence             weekly.                                 many plants that have ~ leaves.
sanguine. cheerful; hopeful. Let           to support your argument.                   sedulous.       diligent.   Stevenson   severance.        division; partition;
  us not be too ~ about the outcome.     scintillate. sparkle; flash. I enjoy            said that he played the "~ ape" and     separation. The ~ of church and
sapid.     savory; tasty; relishable.      her dinner parties because the food           diligently imitated the great writ-     state is a basic principle of our
  This chef has the knack of making        is excellent and the conversation             ers of the past.                        government.
  most foods more ~ and appealing.         ~.                                          seine. net for catching fish.           shambles. slaughter house; scene
sapient. wise; shrewd. The stu-          scion. offspring. The farm boy                senility. old age; feeble-minded-         of carnage. By the time the po-
  dents enjoyed the professor's ~          felt out of place in the school               ness of old age. Most of the de-        lice arrived, the room was a ~.
  digressions more than his formal         attended by the ~s of the wealthy             cisions are being made by the         sheaf. bundle of stalks of grain;
  lectures.                                and noble families.                           junior members of the company           any bundle of things tied together.
sardonic.       disdainful; sarcastic;   scourge. lash; whip; severe pun-                because of the ~ of the president.      The layer picked up a ~ of papers
  cynical. I cannot stand his ~ wit.       ishment. They feared the plague             sententious. terse; concise; apho-        as he rose to question the witness.
sate. satisfy to the full; cloy. Its       and regarded it was a deadly ~.               ristic. After reading so many         sherbet. water-ice. I prefer rasp-
  hunger ~d, the lion dozed.             scrupulous.       conscientious; ex-            wordy and redundant speeches, I         berry ~ to ice cream since it is less
satiety.       condition of being          tremely thorough. I can recom-                find his ~ style particularly           fattening.
  crammed full; glutted state; re-         mend him for a position of re-                pleasing.                             shibboleth.       watchword; slogan.
  pletion.        Shelley mentions         sponsibility for I have found him a         WL27                                      We are often misled by ~.

shimmer. glimmer intermittently.           He ~ed through the less fashion-             somnolent.        half asleep.     The    staid. sober; sedate. His conduct
  The moonlight ~ed on the water as        able sections of the city in order to          heavy meal and the overheated             during the funeral ceremony was ~
  the moon broke through the clouds        avoid meeting any of his former                room made us all ~ and indifferent        and solemn.
  for a moment.                            friends.                                       to the speaker.                         stanch. check flow of blood. ~
shoal. shallow place. The ship           slake. quench; sate. When we                   soupcon. suggestion; hint; taste.           the gushing wound.
  was stranded on a ~ and had to be        reached to oasis, we were able to ~            A ~ of garlic will improve this         stein. beer mug. drink beer from
  pulled off by tugs.                      our thirst.                                    dish.                                     ~s.
sidereal.     relating to the stars.     sleazy.       flimsy; insubstantial.           spangle. small metallic piece sewn        WL28
  The study of ~ bodies has been           This is a ~ material; it will not              to clothing for ornamentation.          stentorian. extremely loud. The
  greatly advanced by the new              wear well.                                     The thousands of ~s on her dress          town crier had a ~ voice.
  telescope.                             slough. cast off. Each spring, the               sparkled in the glare of the stage      stoic. person who is indifferent to
silt. sediment deposited by run-           snake ~s off its skin.                         lights.                                   pleasure or pain. He bore the
  ning water. The harbor channel         slovenly. untidy; careless in work             spawn. lay eggs. Fish ladders               pain like a ~.
  must be dredged annually to re-          habits. Such ~ work habits will                had to be built in the dams to          stolid.    dull; impassive.      I am
  move the ~.                              never produce good products.                   assist the salmon returning to ~ in       afraid that this imaginative poetry
simian.        monkey-like.      This    sluggard. lazy person. "You are a                their native streams.                     will not appeal to such a ~ person.
  strange       animal      has      ~     ~, a drone, a parasite," the angry           specious.       seemingly reasonable      striated.     marked with parallel
  characteristics.                         father shouted at his lazy son.                but incorrect. Let us not be mis-         bands. The glacier left many ~
sinecure. well paid position with        sobriety.        soberness.        The           led by such ~ arguments.                  rocks.
  little responsibility. My job is no      solemnity of the occasion filled us          spectral.      ghostly.      We were      stricture.       critical comments;
  ~; I work long hours and have            with ~.                                        frightened by the ~ glow in the           severe and adverse criticism.
  much responsibility.                   solecism. grammatically incorrect                room.                                     His ~s on the author's style are
sinuous. winding; bending in and           constructions.                               splenetic. spiteful; irritable; pee-        prejudiced and unwarranted.
  out; not morally honest. The           solicitous.     worried; concerned.              vish. People shunned him be-            strident. loud and harsh. She
  snake moved in a ~ manner.               The employer was very ~ about                  cause of his ~ temper.                    scolded him in a ~ voice.
skimp. provide scantily; live very         the health of his employees as               sportive.      playful.    Such a ~       stringent. binding; rigid. I think
  economically. They were forced           replacements were difficult to get.            attitude is surprising in a person as     these regulations are too stringent.
  to ~ on necessities in order to        solstice. point at which the sun is              serious as you usually are.             stymie. present an obstacle; stump.
  make their limited supplies last the     farthest from the equator. winter            spurious. false; counterfeit. He            The detective was ~d by the
  winter.                                  ~.                                             tried to pay the bill with a ~ bank       contradictory evidence in the
skittish. lively; frisky. He is as ~     solvent. able to pay all debts. By               note.                                     robbery investigation.
  as a kitten playing with a piece of      dint of very frugal living, he was           squalid. dirty; neglected; poor. It       suavity. urbanity; polish. He is
  string.                                  finally able to become ~ and avoid             is easy to sea how crime can breed        particularly good in roles that
skulk. move furtively and secretly.        bankruptcy proceedings.                        in such a ~ neighborhood.                 require ~ sophistication.

subaltern. subordinate. The cap-        sundry. various. My suspicions               surly. rude; cross. Because of his      temerity.       boldness; rashness.
  tain treated his ~s as though they      were aroused when I read ~ items             ~ attitude, many people avoided         Do you have the ~ to argue with
  were children rather than com-          in the newspaper about your ~.               his company.                            me?
  missioned officers.                   superannuated. retired on pension            surreptitious. secret. News of          temporize. avoid committing one-
sublimate.      refine; purify.   We      because of age. The ~ man was                their ~ meeting gradually leaked        self; gain time. I cannot permit
  must strive to ~ these desires and      indignant because he felt that he            out.                                    you to ~ any longer; I must have a
  emotions into worthwhile activi-        could still perform a good day's           swathe. wrap around; bandage.             definite answer today.
  ties.                                   work.                                        When I visited him in the hospital.   tenacious. holding fast. I had to
sub rosa.       in strict confidence;   supercilious.          contemptuous;           I found him ~d in bandages.             struggle to break his ~ hold on my
  privately. I heard of this ~ and I      haughty. I resent your ~ and               swelter. be oppressed by heat. I          arm.
  cannot tell you about it.               arrogant attitude.                           am going to buy an air condition-     tepid, lukewarm. to take a ~ bath.
subterfuge.        pretense; evasion.   superfluity.      excess; overabun-            ing unit for my apartment as I do     WL29
  As soon as we realized that you         dance. We have a definite lack of            not intend to ~ through another hot
  had won our support by a ~, we          sincere workers and a ~ of leaders.          and humid summer.                     terrestrial. on the earth. We have
  withdrew our endorsement of you       supine.      lying on back.      The         sylvan. pertaining to the woods;          been able to explore the ~ regions
  candidacy.                              defeated pugilist lay ~ on the               rustic. His paintings of nymphs         much more thoroughly than the
succor.      aid; assistance; relief.     canvas.                                      in ~ backgrounds wee criticized as      aquatic or celestial regions.
  We shall be ever grateful for the     suppliant. entreating; beseeching.             overly sentimental.                   testy.      irritable; short-tempered.
  succor your country gave us when        He could not resist the dog's ~            tactile. pertaining to the organs or      My advice is to avoid discussing
  we were in need.                        whimpering, and he gave it some              sense of touch. His calloused           this problem with him today as he
succulent. juicy; full of richness.       food.                                        hands had lost their ~ sensitivity.     is rather ~.
  He developed the ~ theme fully.       supplicate. petition humbly; pray            tantalize. tease; torture with disap-   theocracy. government of a com-
suffuse. spread over. A blush ~d          to grant a favor. We ~ your maj-             pointment. Tom loved to ~ his           munity by religious leaders.
  her cheeks when we teased her           esty to grant him amnesty.                   younger brother.                      thrall. slave; bondage. The cap-
  about her love affair.                supposititious. assumed; counter-            tantrum. fit of petulance; caprice.       tured soldier was held in ~ by the
sultry. sweltering. He could not          feit; hypothetical. I find no simi-          The child learned that he could         conquering army.
  adjust himself to the ~ climate of      larity between your ~ illustration           have almost anything if he went       threnody.        song of lamentation;
  the tropics.                            and the problem we are facing.               into a ~.                               dirge. When he died, many poets
sumptuous. lavish; rich. I cannot       surcease. cessation. He begged               tawdry. cheap and gaudy. He               wrote ~ies about his passing.
  recall when I have had such a           the doctors to grant him ~ from his          won a few ~ trinkets in Coney         throes. violent anguish. She was
  sumptuous feast.                        suffering.                                   Island.                                 in the ~ of despair.
sunder. separate; part. North and       surfeit. cloy; overfeed. I am ~ed            tedium. boredom; weariness. We          throttle. strangle. The criminal
  South Ireland are politically and       with the sentimentality of the               hope this radio will help overcome      tried to ~ the old man.
  religiously ~ed.                        average motion picture film.                 the ~ of your stay in the hospital.   thwart. baffle; frustrate. ~ one's

  plans.                                   We could not recognize the people             They are a ~ race, ready to fight at    uncouth. outlandish; clumsy. an
tipple. drink (alcoholic beverages)        in the next room because of the ~             any moment.                              ~ and ungainly young man.
  frequently. He found that his            curtains which separated us.                trumpery. objects that are showy,         unction. the act of anointing with
  most enjoyable evenings occurred       transmute.      change; convert to              valueless, deceptive.        All this    oil. The anointing with oil of a
  when he ~d with his friends at the       something different. He was un-               finery is mere trumpery.                 person near death is called ex-
  local pub.                               able to ~ his dreams into actuali-          tryst. meeting. The lovers kept            treme ~.
tirade. extended scolding; denun-          ties.                                         their ~ even though they realized       unctuous. oily; bland; insincerely
  ciation. Long before he had fin-       transpire. exhale; become know;                 their danger.                            suave. I am suspicious of his ~
  ished his tirade; we were suffi-         happen. In spite of all our efforts         tumbrel. a tip-cart.                       manner.
  ciently aware of the seriousness of      to keep the meeting a secret, news          tumid. swollen; pompous; bom-             ungainly. awkward.
  our misconduct.                          of our conclusions ~d.                        bastic. I especially dislike his ~      unguent. ointment. Apply this to
toady. flatter for favors. H hope        travail. painful labor. How long                style.                                   the sore muscles before retiring.
  you see through those who are            do you think a man can endure               turbid. muddy; having the sedi-
  ~ing you for special favors.             such ~ and degradation without                ments disturbed. ~ water.
toga. Roman outer robe. Marc               rebelling?                                  turnkey. jailer.                          WL30
  Antony pointed to the slashes in       travesty.    comical parody; treat-           turpitude. depravity. A visitor           unmitigated.     harsh; severe; not
  Caesar's ~.                              ment aimed at making something                may be denied admittance to this         lightened. I sympathize with you
tome. large volume. He spent               appear ridiculous. The decision               country if he has been guilty of         in your ~ sorrow.
  much time in the libraries poring        the jury has arrived at is a ~ of             more ~.                                 unseemly. unbecoming; indecent.
  over ancient ~s.                         justice.                                    tyro. beginner; novice. For a              Your levity is ~ at this time.
torpid. dormant; dull; lethargic.        tribulation.      distress; suffering.          mere ~. you have produced some          untenable. insupportable. I find
  The ~ bear had just come out of          After all the trials and ~s we have           marvelous results.                       your theory ~ and must reject it.
  his cave after his long hibernation.     gone through, we need this rest.            umbrage. resentment; anger; sense         upbraid. scold; reproach. I must
touchy. sensitive; irascible. Do         trident.       three-pronged spear.             of injury or insult. She took ~ at       ~ him for his misbehavior.
  not discuss this phase of the            Neptune is usually depicted as                his remarks.                            uxorious. excessively devoted to
  problem as he is very ~ about it.        rising from the sea, carrying his ~         unassuaged.          unsatisfied; not      one's wife. His friends laughed
tractable. docile. You will find           on his shoulder.                              soothed. His anger is ~ed by             at him because he was so ~ and
  the children in this school very ~     trite.    hackneyed; commonplace.               your apology.                            permitted his wife to henpeck him.
  and willing to learn.                    The plot of this play is ~.                 unbridled. violent. He had a sud-         vacuous. empty; inane. He was
traduce. expose to slander. His          troth. pledge of good faith espe-               den fit of ~ rage.                       annoyed by her ~ remarks.
  opponents tried to ~ the candi-          cially in betrothal. He gave her            unconscionable.         unscrupulous;     vainglorious boastful; excessively
  date's reputation by spreading           his ~ and vowed he would cherish              excessive. He found the loan             conceited. He was a ~ and arro-
  rumors about his past.                   her always.                                   shark's demands ~ and impossible         gant individual.
translucent.      partly transparent.    truculent.       aggressive; savage.            to meet.                                vapid. insipid; inane. He delivered

 an uninspired and ~ address.              copper which has been exposed to             contract.                                as a fox in avoiding trouble.
variegated.     many-colored.      He      the weather.                               vitriolic.      corrosive; sarcastic.     winsome.        agreeable; gracious;
 will not like this blue necktie as he   vernal. pertaining to spring. We               Such ~ criticism is uncalled for.        engaging. By her ~ manner, she
 is addicted to ~ clothing.                may expect ~ showers all during            vituperative.      abusive; scolding.      made herself like by everyone who
velum. parchment. Bound in ~               the month of April.                          He became more ~ as he realized          met her.
 and embossed in gold, this book is      vertex. summit Let us drop a                   that we were not going to grant         wizardry. sorcery; magic. Merlin
 a beautiful example of the binder's       perpendicular line from the ~ of             him his wish.                            amazed the knights with his ~.
 craft.                                    the triangle to the base.                  vociferous.        clamorous; noisy.      wizened.        withered; shriveled.
venal. capable of being bribed.          viand. food. a variety of ~s at                The crowd grew ~ in its anger and        The ~ old man in the home for the
 The ~ policeman accepted the              the feast.                                   threatened to take the law into          aged was still active and energetic.
 bribe offered him by the speeding       vicarious. acting a a substitute.              their own hands.                        wraith. ghost; phantom of a living
 motorist whom he had stopped.             Many people get a ~ thrill at the          voluble. fluent; glib. He was a ~          person.      It must be horrible
veneer. thin layer; cover. Casual          movies by imagining they are the             speaker.                                 experience to see a ghost; it is
 acquaintances were deceived by            characters on the screen.                  voluptuous. gratifying the senses.         even more horrible to see the ~ of
 his ~ of sophistication and failed      vicissitude.     change of fortune.            The       nobility    during      the    a person we know to be alive.
 to recognize his fundamental              We must accept life's ~s.                    Renaissance led ~ lives.
 shallowness.                            victuals. food. I am very happy              voracious. ravenous. The wolf is
venial. forgivable; trivial. We            to be able to provide you with               a ~ animal.
 may regard a hungry man's                 these ~s.                                  votary. follower of cult. He was
 stealing as a ~ crime.                  vindicate. clear of charges. I                 a ~ of every new movement in
ventral.    abdominal.      We shall       hope to ~ my client and return him           literature and art.
 now examine the ~ plates of this          to society as a free man.                  waggish. mischievous; humorous;
 serpent.                                 vindictive. revengeful.                       tricky. He has a ~ wit.
venturous. daring. The five ~            viper. poisonous snake.                      wary. very cautious. The spies
 young men decided to look for a         virago. shrew. Rip Van Winkle's                grew ~ as they approached the
 new approach to the mountain top.         wife was a veritable ~.                      sentry.
veracious.       truthful.      I an     virtuoso.      highly skilled artist.        wheedle. cajole; coax; deceive by
 recommend him for this position           Heifetz is a violin ~.                       flattery. She knows she can ~
 because I have always found him         viscid. sticky; adhesive. This is a            almost anything she wants from
 ~ and reliable.                           ~ liquid.                                    her father.
verdant.    green; fresh.      The ~     viscous. sticky; gluey. Melted tar           whit. smallest speck. There is
 meadows in the spring are always          is a ~ substance.                            not a ~ of intelligence or
 an inspiring sight.                     vitiate. spoil the effect of; make             understanding in your observation.
verdigris.    a green coating on           inoperative. Fraud will ~ the              wily. cunning; artful. He is as ~


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