megaupload by seenu001


									Fake IP to Create Megaupload Premium Account 100%

In VietNam and other Countries, users must use a lot TIPS to download
from rapidshare, megaupload ...
With this topic, you can download 100% from above sites with your new
Premium Accout(s).

Step1: Setup and Enable Megaupload Toolbar
Step2: Connect to this address:
Add your infomations and create your account.
vn is your Language.
Step3: Check your email to Active your Account
Step4: Download and install
"". Config it: Open
"Privacy Control Center" > Change Pravacy Level to Invisible > Click to
ADVANCED > Uncheck "Block personnal information"
Step5: If you use FireFox Browser, change your Proxy: Tools > Options >
Advanced > Network > Setttings > Manual Proxy ... >
Port: 7212
OK. Your IP was changed. Go to to Check What is your IP
Step6: Connect again to megaupload, you'll see "Happy Hour Premium" - Click to it, your free Acc
become Premium Acc !

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