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									                        Distance Learning
Distance learning is an excellent mode of study for people who are unable to
attend classes or lectures when and where they are held. Hence, rather than
the student going to classes, the classes are brought to the student!
Furthermore, students can fit their studies into their existing life, rather than
trying to arrange their lives around their studies. Students can also continue to
work while gaining a qualification, which is an important factor for some

Distance learning is not a new idea, but with recent developments in home
computing, it has become easier and profitable for many more course
providers to deliver their programmes via home-based study. Course material
can be provided to students via:

      Course packs through the mail
      CD-ROM
      On-line via the Internet
      Video
      T.V. (The Open University broadcasts programmes on BBC television
       at night that are designed for students completing its many courses.)

Distance Learning Options in Ireland
In Ireland, distance learning courses are provided by a number of course
providers. Some of the options available to individuals wishing to study via
this mode are listed below.

Oscail. Dublin City University in collaboration with other Irish Universities
offers three streams of study leading up to a Bachelor’s degree.

      Diploma in I.T. / Bachelor of Science in I.T.
      Diploma in Arts / Bachelor of Arts
      The final year of the Bachelor of Nursing Studies degree

Open University. Though UK based, the Open University offers Irish
students the chance to obtain qualifications up to Bachelor’s degree in several

      Undergraduate Certificates in Accounting, German, Health and Social
       Care, Health Promotion, Managing Care, Management, Humanities,
       Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Spanish, Web Applications
       Development, Specialist Teacher Assistant, Early Years Practitioner.
      Undergraduate Diplomas in Classical Studies, Computing, Design and
       Innovation, Economics, English Language Studies, Environment and
       Development, Environmental Policy, French, Geography, Geography
       and Environment, Geosciences, German, Health and Social Welfare,
       Information Technology, Life Sciences, Literature, Mathematics,
       Molecular Science, Music, Natural Sciences, Physical Science, Politics
       and Government, Pollution Control, Psychology, Religious Studies,
       Social Policy, Social Policy and Criminology, Sociology, Spanish,
       Statistics, Systems Practice.

      Bachelor’s Degree. The routes available are the Bachelor of
       Engineering and Bachelor of Arts and/or Bachelor of Science degrees

Hibernia College. Ireland’s newest on-line college offers people the chance
to study for a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. For the most part, the
college focuses on post-graduate courses including:

      Graduate Diploma in Primary Education
      M. A. in Hospitality Management
      M. A. in Public Administration

Institute of Public Administration. The IPA offers home-study students two
Bachelor’s degree options:

      Bachelor of Arts in Public Management
      Bachelor of Business Studies

Marketing Institute of Ireland. Offers candidates professional qualifications
in Marketing including:

      Foundation Certificate in Marketing
      Diploma in Marketing
      Graduateship of the Marketing Institute of Ireland (Grad. MMII)

School of Practical Childcare. Offers a selection of childcare modules for
the home-based student.

Kilroy’s College. Students can study Junior and Leaving Certificate subjects
as well as IT Training, Business & Computer Skills, Childcare,
Communication, Leisure, Sport, Mind & Body, Languages, Adult Education
FÁS Net College. FÁS offers a number of courses on-line including courses
in Business, Office Applications, Web Design/Programming, Technical
Support and Soft Skills/Personal Development.

National Training and Development Institute. Offers home-based training
in Information Technology.

Further Information
Oscail                                  http://www.oscail.ie

Open University                         http://www.open.ac.uk

Hibernia College                        http://www.hiberniacollege.ie

Institute of Public Administration http://www.ipa.ie

Marketing Institute of Ireland          http://www.mii.ie

School of Practical Childcare           http://www.practicalchildcare.com

Kilroy’s College                        http://www.kilroyscollege.ie

FÁS Net College                         http://www.fas-netcollege.com

October 2003. Compiled by Clare Adult Learners Guidance Service (CALGS). Sources of
information used include course outlines from course providers. Although every effort is made
to ensure that the information contained in the sheet is accurate, readers should check with
the appropriate organisations for the latest information. CALGS accepts no responsibility for
the accuracy of the information contained in this document or for any actions arising from its

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