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									    Integrating Data Analysis Into the Undergraduate Curriculum:
            From Introductory to Senior Level Coursework
                   Tracy L. Dietz & Jana L. Jasinski
               Department of Sociology & Anthropology
  Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Summer 2003 Workshop

Some On-Line Sources:

The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research houses a
number of good data sources, many of which can be analyzed on-line. The web
address is:

The General Social Survey:


City-County Data Book:

State and Metro Area Data Book:

Statistical Abstract:

Census Bureau Web Site:

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data:

Substance Use and Mental Health Data Archive:

Online Analysis Using the Data Analysis System (DAS):

Bureau of Justice Statistics: Data Online

Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Contains downloadable excel files

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics: Contains downloadable excel files

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