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Manage links in your profile


									Manage links in your profile - Accounts Help

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          Accounts Help

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                                           Profiles › Manage links in your profile
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                                           When people search for your name on the                     passwords
                                           web, they may find many sites about other
                                           people who share your name. Adding links to
                                           your Google profile makes it easy for people to             Help resources
                                           find the sites that are actually about you.
                                                                                                                Can't sign in?
                                           When you add links to your profile, you can                          Get help regaining access to your
                                           choose to place them into three different                            account
                                                                                                                Known issues
                                                   Other profiles: Place links here to                          Commonly reported problems
                                                   webpages that are specifically about
                                                   you. For example, a link to your                             Video tutorials
                                                                                                                Watch videos on how to edit and
                                                   personal webpage and links to your
                                                                                                                manage your account
                                                   profile on other social networks are good
                                                   to include in this section.                                  Step-by-step problem solving
                                                   Contributor to: Add links here where                         A list of available resources to
                                                   people can find your work online. For                        help you get your answer
                                                   instance, links to sites you've written for
                                                   should be included in this section.                          Help forums for Google products
                                                   Recommended links: Use this section
                                                   to display links that you think visitors to
                                                   your profile would like to check out.
                                                   Imagine if Natalia was an economist,                Help with other Google products
                                                   she may choose to add links to her[11/10/2011 00:56:12]
Manage links in your profile - Accounts Help

                                                    favorite economic think tanks and blogs.        Orkut            Gmail

                                           To manage the links displayed on your profile:

                                               1. Sign in to your Google profile.                   Checkout         AdWords

                                               2. Click Edit Profile.
                                               3. Click the About tab.
                                                                                                    YouTube          More...
                                               4. Click the link section you want to edit.
                                                         To display a link that Google
                                                         suggests, click Add beside the
                                                         To add a link of your own, click
                                                         Add custom link, then provide a
                                                         label for the link and its URL.
                                               5. Choose the visibility setting you'd like to
                                                  apply to the section you're editing.
                                               6. Click Save.

                                           To change the order of the links as they
                                           appear on your profile page:

                                               1. Sign in to your Google profile.
                                               2. Click Edit Profile.
                                               3. Click the link section you want to edit.
                                               4. Click and drag the link to the position
                                                  you want within the list.
                                               5. Click Save.

                                           When you edit the links sections in your profile,
                                           Google might suggest adding links to Google
                                           products you already use and other public web
                                           pages. For example, you can link to your
                                           photos on Flickr or your blog posts on Blogger.
                                           If you link your profile to a page with content
                                           you created and tagged using authorship
                                           markup tags, that page will appear on the +1's
                                           tab of your profile. In addition, when that page
                                           appears in Google's web search results, your
                                           profile image may display next to the search
                                           result. Learn more about authorship on search


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Manage links in your profile - Accounts Help

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