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									         s o u t h p a r k                                                      2          t i m e s
                                                            June 2011
  Vol. 19 No. 06                                                                                                  Circulation: 575
                           A Publication of the SouthPark Homeowners Association Number 2, Inc.

                    Coming Soon!                                                              Forgot To Pick Up
         11th Annual National Night Out Party                                                 A 2011 Pool Pass?
                                                                                              If you did not pick up
              and Food & Pet Food Drive                                                   your pool pass on one
                             Tuesday, August 2, 2011
                                                                                          of the five designated
                   SouthPark 2 Clubhouse 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                          pickup dates in May
                      Free catered BBQ dinner • Door prizes
                                                                                          and June 4th, you will
       NEEDED! Door prizes for our annual National Night Out Party!                       need to pickup the pass at the
   We have a community block party on the first Tuesday in August to coordinate with      accounting/bookkeeping company’s office
National Night Out. This year will be on Tuesday, August 2nd. The participation for our   (Colorado Management & Associates –
community has been in excess of 250 homeowners and tenants. What a great way to           303-468-3745, ext. #7), located at; 8100
advertise your product or services.                                                       Southpark Way, Unit A-5, Littleton, CO
                  NEEDED! We need volunteers to help with:                                80120, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and
   •   4-6 strong people to setup tables and chairs at 4:00 p.m.                          4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call to
   •   2-4 people to set up table cloths, balloons at 4:30 p.m.                           schedule a pick-up appointment.
   •   2-3 people to assist with the sign in table 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.                     THE HOMEOWNER DUES MUST
   •   2-3 people to assist with food drive 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.                        BE CURRENT TO RECEIVE THE PASS.
   •   4-6 strong people to clean up tables and chairs at 8:00 p.m.                       IF THERE IS A BALANCE ON THE
     NEEDED! Donations for Littleton Meals-on-Wheels Program                              ACCOUNT, A PASS WILL NOT BE
  AND Dog and Cat Food, canned or dry (no larger than 10 pound bags).                     ISSUED. If the person requesting a pool
    The Littleton Meals on Wheels program prepares and delivers hot meals to 275 indi-    pass is a tenant (renter), they must have an
viduals a day, 80% of which have pets.                                                    authorization letter from their landlord
Their pet program is called WALOP; We                                                     (owner of the townhome). Please include
All Love Our Pets.                                                                        the tenant’s name, address and phone
    AND Non-perishable food and per-                                                      number. Access to the pool will not be
sonal hygiene items for The Gathering                                                     granted unless the resident has a valid 2011
Place. The Gathering Place is Denver’s                                                    pool pass and key. Lost your pool key and
only daytime drop-in center for women                                                     passes? Replacements can be obtained at
and children who are experiencing home-                                                   Colorado Management & Associates. The
lessness and poverty in Denver. These                                                     cost for lost keys is $25.00 and lost 2011
organizations like most are in dire need of your help.                                    pool passes is $10.00. CASH WILL NOT
    If you would like to donate goods or services as door                                 BE ACCEPTED.
prizes AND/OR to volunteer your time please call or email
(Norma Theisen, or 303-795-8387) or
(Jim Ramsay at 303-794-8142 or email                                If You Mail Your Payments
                                                                                           Please make payable to and mail ONLY to:
                                                                                                      SouthPark HOA #2
“Winners lose more than losers. They win and lose
 more than losers, because they stay in the game.”
                                                       Next Board                                  C/O Colorado Management
                                                                                                       P.O. Box 105007
                                 —Terry Paulson         Meeting                                       Atlanta, GA 30348
                                                       Tuesday, June 21st                  If you have automatic bank drafts, please check
    “The ultimate of being successful is the                                               the address to which they are being mailed. Do
    luxury of giving yourself the time to do           7:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse
                                                                                           NOT mail them to Dale or to the Assoc. mail-
   what you want to do.” —Leontyne Price                     Please attend!                box (2850 W. Long Ave.).
Page 2                                                       / SouthPark 2 TIMES / June 2011

Shrub Trimming                                                                                          SouthPark 2
    The trimming of deciduous shrubs is scheduled to begin in                                         Board of Directors
late June and is expected to take 5-7 weeks to complete. With a                                 Linda Lancaster             President
wet spring and early summer, the shrubbery has thrived. All                                     Jim Ramsay                  Vice President
deciduous shrubs will be trimmed with the exception of those                                    S. Dorenkamp                Secretary
that are flowering. However, if the flowering shrubs create an                                  Pat Cowdin                  Treasurer
                                                                                                Bruce Johnson               Director
issue of safe passage along a sidewalk, access or egress to a
                                                                                                Nancy Jack                  Member at Large
townhome or pose a safety issue, they will be trimmed. Please                                   Chris Moulder               Member at Large
be patient, as jumping from townhome to townhome would
delay the most efficient means of completing this large project.                                        Committees
    If homeowners do not want the landscape company to trim certain shrubs around their      Maintenance
townhome, attach a brightly colored ribbon to the shrub(s), where it can obviously be           Dale Lavene,
                                                                                                Centennial Management Group, LLC
seen. However, if the marked shrubs create an issue of safe passage along a sidewalk,           P.O. Box 3459, Littleton CO 80161
access or egress to a townhome or pose a safety issue, they will be trimmed.           720-528-8557
                                                                                                James Ramsay            Bruce Johnson
                                                                                                   Linda Lancaster          S. Dorenkamp
                                                                                                   Jim Ramsay               Pat Cowdin
                                                                                                   Evelyn Bowman            Nancy Jack
Limitations On Garage Sales                                                                  Recreation
                    A check with the Code Enforcement office at the City of Littleton           Jim Ramsay
               revealed a surprising ordinance. According to section 10-4-4(b)5 of the          Bruce Johnson
                 municipal code, garage sales are limited to no more than forty eight (48)      Josephine Slanovich
                 hours and not more than one (1) per calendar year.                          Architectural & Covenant
                    If you feel that someone is abusing this ordinance, you can contact      Control, & Area Patrol
                 Rebecca Thompson at the Code Enforcement office, 303-795-3831 and              Dale Lavene,           720-528-8557
                                                                                                Centennial Management Group, LLC
            she will investigate. If you reach her voice mail, please make sure that you        P.O. Box 3459, Littleton, CO 80161
             provide as much detail as possible, such as; address, types of items being
sold, location of signs, etc. You can also leave your name and phone number for a follow-    Clubhouse                      303-380-0024
                                                                                                Betty Vielhauer             Sandy Frye
up to her investigation.                                                                        Nancy Jack
    Residents are reminded that in September of each year the community holds its annu-
al garage sale. Dates and information will appear in the August newsletter.                  Councilman
                                                                                                Debbie Brinkman        303-734-8315
                                                                                             Littleton Police Department

Clubhouse Rental Cleaning Charges                                                            Bookkeeper/Accounting
                                                                                                Laura Dillon, 303-468-3745, prompt #6
    A reminder that the following fees will be charged for cleaning the clubhouse, if nec-      Colorado Management & Associates
essary. To avoid incurring any fees, please ensure clubhouse is thoroughly cleaned (spe-
cial emphasis on toilets and carpet). If fees are incurred, the $200 deposit check will be      The SouthPark2 newsletter is a monthly
cashed and any unused portion will be refunded. The Clubhouse Coordinators appreciate        publication of the SouthPark2 Homeowners
                                                                                             Association. Deadline for articles is the 20th
your understanding and thank you in advance for your support.
                                                                                             of the month. Contact Dale Lavene at 720-
                                                                                             528-8557 to submit an article. Check out our
   Bathrooms (both) – $40                                                                    website at
   Kitchen – $25
   Carpet (spot cleaning) – $10/spot                                                           All articles may be edited for clarity and
   Entire Clubhouse – $100                                                                   space requirements. Deadline for ads is the
                                                                                             15th of the month for the next month’s issue
                                                                                             except for the Jan. issue which is Dec. 6th.
                                                                                             Contact Colorado Lasertype at 303-979-
 Any exterior changes, replacements and/or additions             Who To Call:                Appearance of an advertisement in this publication
    MUST be approved by the ACC Committee.                                                   does not constitute a recommendation or endorse-
                                                                    Maintenance              ment by the publisher or the association of the
      Please address your request in writing to:                                             goods or services offered therein. The opinions
                                                                                             expressed in this newsletter are those of the individ-
                                                                     Grounds                 ual authors and not of the Board of Directors of
                 Dale Lavene,                                                                your association or the publisher. Neither the
      Centennial Management Group, LLC                              Dale Lavene              Board, publisher nor the authors intend to provide
       P.O. Box 3459, Littleton CO 80161                            720-528-8557             any professional service or opinion through this
June 2011 / SouthPark 2 TIMES /                                                                                                         Page 3

                                                                              Owe More Than Your Home Is Worth?
  LNO Schedule                                                                 Can’t Afford To Pay? Get The Truth
  Ladies Night Out is a fun way to network with                                             About Your Options.
  the ladies of SouthPark while trying out new
  cuisines and restaurants around Denver and Littleton. LNO meets                                     For your FREE copy of
  at 6:30 p.m. each month we send out evites a week before each                                       “The Home Owner’s Guide
  night to people who contact us with their e-mail addresses.                                         To Fighting Foreclosure”, visit:
  Please contact Judy Cowell or Roberta Wheeler at or to join in. Cheers!                              
  Thurs., June 21..............................................Elephant Bar   Ross King, Bailout Solutions • • (888) 512-7110
                                                                                                              R.E. Lic# E32899
  Wed., July 20......................Merle's (Downtown Littleton)
  Thurs., August 18. Cheesecake Factory (Park Meadows)
  Mon., September 19 ...............Bone Fish (on Wadsworth)                  Great Jeans! Great Selection! Great Price!
  Tues., October 18..............Buca Di Beppo (Aspen Grove)
  Wed., Nov. 16 .......Cafe Terracotta (Downtown Littleton)
  Hope to see many of you for dinner!

Exterior Upkeep Of Your Home
     Homeowners are reminded that they are responsible for                    Do you love designer jeans, but cringe at the price tag? Well... cringe no
maintaining the exterior of their townhome. This includes, but is             more! We offer a large selection of styles and sizes in authentic brands...
not limited to; wood trim, siding, roofing, gutters, windows,                 NO knock-offs, NO seconds, NO price over $92. Whether you’re looking
screens, brick, concrete patios, porches and steps, etc.                      to buy great designer denim at up to 50% off retail, or you have an inter-
     This year approximately 50 of the 548 townhomes are                      est in learning how you can become a distributor and build your own suc-
                                                                              cessful business, we have what you’re looking for. We’re changing how
required to paint (for a list of those buildings required to paint,
                                                                              America is buying jeans – one pair at a time!
check the web page at During recent                                                           Lauren, your SouthPark neighbor
walkthroughs of the community, it was noted some of these                     “We have the Designer Denim you        303-332-6181
townhomes have considerable rotten wood that will require                      know & love... at prices you can afford”
replacement prior to painting. Other than surface preparation,
replacement of rotten wood is paramount. Many times rotten
wood is simply painted over and not replaced. This leads to more
cost in the future and a paint job that will fail.
     When the annual inspection is conducted to confirm that the
townhome owner required to paint has complied, owners will be
advised of any rotten wood that should have been replaced. To
avoid additional cost and inconvenience, make sure rotten wood
is replaced when the townhome is being prepared for painting. Do
a pre-walkthrough with your painting contractor to inspect for
rotten wood and obtain an estimate up front.
     All homeowners should, at a minimum annually inspect the
exterior of their townhome to see if repairs are necessary.
Periodic maintenance in the long run will save you money and
will keep up the appearance of your townhome.
     If you need a contractor, check with family and friends first.
Other possible sources for referrals are the community newsletter
and the radio/television consumer advocate Tom Martino’s
referral list ( A check with the Better
Business Bureau (BBB) and references from the contractor                         MONDAY • Havana Exchange                  THURSDAY • Wheat Ridge
should also be considered.                                                    2712-2892 S. Havana St. (Havana & Yale)              4252 Wadsworth Blvd.
                                                                                    10 a.m. – 3 p.m. or Sellout                  10 a.m. – 3 p.m. or Sellout
                                                                                      TUESDAY • Aurora                   SATURDAY • Southwest Plaza
                                                                                 General Park, 1561 N. Quentin St.         Southwest Plaza SE parking lot
                                                                                    10 a.m. – 3 p.m. or Sellout            Wadsworth & Bowles, Littleton
                                                                                 Starts July 12, ends October 24             8 a.m. – 2 p.m. or Sellout
Adult Summer Softball                                                               WEDNESDAY • Littleton                 SUNDAY • Highlands Ranch
   Registration is now open for all leagues. Nine games plus                  Located in Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center   Highlands Ranch Town Center Square
                                                                                       7301 S. Santa Fe Dr.             9288 Dorchester St., Highlands Ranch
playoffs begin the week of May 30. Ages 18-Adult. Held at                           10 a.m. – 3 p.m. or Sellout               10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or Sellout
Cornerstone, Bowles and deKoevend parks. Team Fee: $645 and
                                                                                           For more information call the Farmers’ Market Hotline
NO Player fees. For more information, call the Athletics Office at
303-798-7515.                               continued on page 4
                                                                              303-887-FARM •
Page 4                                                        / SouthPark 2 TIMES / June 2011

Yes, You Can Succeed With Some Basic Rules                             Don’t Go Broke On Vacation
    Unless you inherit a fortune or win the lottery, you’re going to        Summer is here, and if you haven’t planned your vacation yet,
have to work for your success. There aren’t any guaranteed strate-     it’s not too late. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money.
gies, but you’ll do OK if you follow these tried-and-true tactics      Here are tips for keeping the expenses reasonable when traveling:
for having a successful career – and life:                                  • Fly during the week. Airline rates are generally more
    • Set specific and ambitious goals. Effective goals point          expensive over the weekend, so plan your trip from Wednesday
directly toward results: “Lose 10 pounds this year” is more moti-      to Wednesday (for instance) to locate cheaper fares.
vational than “Exercise more.” And although you need to be real-            • Stay close to home. Distant destinations may call to you,
istic about what’s possible, don’t set goals that are too modest. A    but often you can find worthy locations to visit closer to home –
real challenge will inspire your best efforts more than an easy        national parks, lively cities, and other good places to explore.
win.                                                                        • Pack your own snacks for the road. Airline food and gas
    • Focus on improvement, not perfection. You can always do          station snacks can be expensive (as well as not particularly
more, achieve more, get more. Don’t let the fact that you’re not       healthy). Get into the habit of packing some sandwiches and
at the pinnacle of achievement drain your enthusiasm. Measure          snacks. Bring along a few bottles of water, and resist the impulse
your progress so you know how far you’ve come, and give your-          to buy an overpriced soda.
self credit for moving closer to your goal.                                 • Do your research. Before making any reservations, com-
    • Take a proactive approach. You can’t just wait for things        pare prices widely. Check out fees that may not be obvious, like
to happen – successful people make things happen. Create your          airline fees for checking bags. Look on the Internet for deals and
own opportunities by focusing on what you can control and not          coupons, and don’t be afraid to try negotiating for a better rate.
worrying about what’s beyond your reach. If you can’t reach the             • BYO cocktails. If you plan to have a drink or two – it’s a
CEO of the company you want to work for, for example, start            vacation, right? – find a nearby grocery or party store and buy
with someone you can contact and work your way up.                     your own ingredients instead of paying for drinks at the hotel bar
    • Don’t be afraid of failure. Most mistakes aren’t the end of      or local tavern.
everything. Put your ideas out there and give them a chance to              • Plan some down time. An itinerary keeps you organized,
succeed. If one crashes and burns, study it so you can learn what      which can save money. But don’t pack your trip so full of stops
happened. Maybe you just experienced bad luck – the wrong              that you end up too rushed and exhausted to enjoy the experience.
place at the wrong time – and your idea still has a good chance of     Give yourself and your family an afternoon off now and then to
achieving results. Or maybe you can adjust your approach to            lie around the pool or go to a movie.
improve your chances on the next attempt.

                                                   N 39.537079, W ,-104.769176                    N 39.537079, W ,-104.769176

                                                        IS A NEW CAR ON
                                                        YOUR RADAR?
                                                         BELLCO HAS GREAT LOANS.
                                                                       With incredible rates and low fees,
                                                                       Bellco has made it easier to find
                                                                       yourself in the car of your dreams.

      get a free car wash:
      Use Secret Word: “Green” at                                                            BELLCO.ORG
      Kipling & Progress [10058 W. Progress Ave.]
      Southpark Way [8001 Southpark Way]
June 2011 / SouthPark 2 TIMES /                                                                                                             Page 5

Pet Reminders:                                                                                   Slow Down!!!
Leash and Excrement Removal Requirements                                                             There have been several reports of speeding vehicles
     Its that time of the year again when piles of dog feces begin to grow.                      through the community, particularly at the large curve on
It is obvious that some pet owners are not cleaning up after their dogs.                         the north end of Long Drive. This curve has a major blind
Probably one of the most concentrated areas of feces is along the south                          spot and with the addition of vehicles parked along the
end of the community, along the reservoir, but there are many others too.                        street it makes it even more dangerous. With nice summer
In some places it looks like a dog run. It is apparent that dogs are being                       days there are many walkers and children playing outside.
allowed to run at large and the waste is not being cleaned up by the owner.                      Please be careful, obey the speed limit and use common
There are other areas as well. All pet owners are advised that the City of                       sense when driving through our heavily populated
Littleton has a leash law and waste removal ordinance. In addition, the                          residential community.
Association also has rules governing these same ordinances.
     Efforts to reduce the unsightly, smelly and unhealthy problem rests
with all residents. For the most expedient action, residents are urged to                         How To Lead A Purposeful Life
contact and file a complaint with the City of Littleton Animal Control at                             The most successful people are those who have a
303-794-1551 when they observe pet owners that do not pick-up after                               strong sense of purpose at work – and in life. So how do
their pet and/or allow them to run at large.                                                      you find your own unique purpose? Try this exercise:
     Another option is to file a written and signed complaint (photo’s are                        • Identify what you do best. Look at your current job
helpful too) with the Association. However, the process can take as much                              and your previous jobs, as well as activities outside
as 75 days before penalties can be imposed. The complainant must pro-                                 work. Focus on what you do well, but don’t ignore
vide the date, time, location, description of the dog, alleged violation and                          what you enjoy – usually we’re good at tasks we like,
address of where the dog owner resides. The Association will follow-up                                and vice versa.
with the pet owner with a 1st and if necessary 2nd written warning letter.                        • Focus on helping others. Ask yourself what you enjoy
If the issue is not rectified after these letters, the pet owner may be sum-                          doing that helps other people. That’s usually more
moned to a hearing before the Board of Directors and could be assessed                                fulfilling than just earning a paycheck, and more
a fine(s) for violation of the rules and regulations. The complainant will                            valuable to employers and clients as well.
be required to attend said hearing to provide eye witness testimony.                                  Combine those two elements – what you do best, and
     To those responsible pet owners, the Association, landscape company,                         what benefits other people most – and you’ll have a good
your neighbors and particularly children, thank you for picking up after                          idea of how to start moving toward a life that’s based on
your pet(s).                                                                                      purpose.

                            Do you know that your neighborhood was built during an era that used electrical panels and breakers that were soon thereafter
                            recalled? F.P.E. (Federal Pacific Electric) panels and breakers used during the construction of your neighborhood have been found to be
                            faulty and extremely dangerous. Is your home currently supplied by F.P.E. panels and breakers? If so, Delmark Electric urges you to
                            further your knowledge on the history of this defective product by simply searching “F.P.E. recall” in your search engine. There you will find
                            hundreds of documentations on the hazards presented by these defective products. You may also use the following link to gain further
                            knowledge of the hazards presented by F.P.E. electrical products:

                            Delmark Electric is offering a special rate for replacement of these panels and breakers specifically for you and your community!
                            This summer’s special includes: Complete replacement of your electrical panel and breakers, replacement of your main meter
                            housing, updating of the grounding system protecting your home, as well as a scheduled meter release with Excel Energy and a
                            permit with the city of Littleton. Standard pricing is $1,800 – $2,000.

          This summer’s special incentive price is listed at $1,500. That is a savings between $300 and $500!
   All of which comes with a FREE 5-star home safety inspection and a 2-year warranty on all work, panels and breakers installed!
                                      (No other discounts or coupons can be included with our special summer promotion).

   Delmark Electric is fully licensed and insured and currently celebrating our 25th anniversary!
   Visit our website at today!
                       Scheduling a service visit is quick, easy and secure.                                     On all other service requests, receive a
                       Or you can always call our office at 303-922-8811.                                        15% discount with this advertisement.

                   Christian Gilbert, Service Technician • Delmark Electric, Inc.
                            2125 S. Jason Street • Denver, CO 80223
       Office 303-922-8811 • Cell 303-913-2343 • Fax 303-922-5281
Page 6                                                             / SouthPark 2 TIMES / June 2011

South Suburban Parks and Rec Activities                                                                Movie Night, Lone Tree Recreation Center
Buck Blitz for Youth! Douglas H. Buck Recreation Center                     10249 Ridgegate Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124, 303-708-3500
2004 W. Powers Ave. Littleton, CO 80120, 303-797-8787                           Saturday, May 21, 5-8 p.m. at Lone Tree Recreation Center.
    Saturday, May 13 at Buck Recreation Center. In addition to              Potty-trained children invited for pizza dinner, popcorn, animal
themed activities and contests, swimming is available along with            crackers and juice while watching movies. Supervised by trained
DJ and dancing, basketball and other gym activities plus conces-            child care staff. Ages 3-12, $20/$15 Resident. Pick up your loy-
sions. This is a supervised, secure program. Ages 10-14, Fee: $8.           alty card TODAY! Call 303-708-3518 for more information.
Call 303-483-7036 for information.                                          Rec & Rock for Youth! Lone Tree Recreation Center
Big Cookie Blast, Douglas H. Buck Recreation Center                         10249 Ridgegate Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124, 303-708-3500
2004 W. Powers Ave. Littleton, CO 80120, 303-797-8787                           Saturday, May 14, 7-11 p.m. at Lone Tree Recreation Center.
    Tuesday, June 7, 12:30-2 p.m. at Buck Recreation Center.                In addition to themed activities and contests, swimming is avail-
Create and bake a one-of-a-kind big cookie to share with your               able along with DJ and dancing, basketball and other gym activ-
family. Enjoy a story and games while smelling the cookies bake.            ities plus concessions. This is a supervised, secure program. Ages
Ages 6-9. Fee: $15/$13 Resident. Call 303-730-4612 for more                 10-14, Fee: $8. Call 303-483-7036 for information.
information.                                                                High Line Canal Run 5k/10k – 30th Annual
                                                                            Goodson Recreation Center
                                                                            6315 S. University Blvd, Centennial, CO 80121, 303-798-2476
                                                                                Saturday, May 14; Start and finish lines in deKoevend Park
                                                                            near Goodson Recreation Center along the scenic High Line
                                                                            Canal Trail. All runners receive a long-sleeve T-shirt, juice, fruit
                                                                            and a goody bag. Before the race FREE pancake breakfast! Fee:
          $300 off                           10% off                        $30, Race Day: $35. Call 303-483-7036 for information.
    Exterior or Interior Painting             Package at                    Centennial Spring Fling, Goodson Recreation Center
         American family owned.                Tan Time                     6315 S. University Blvd, Centennial, CO 80121, 303-798-2476
           15 years in business.                                                Saturday, May 14, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Admission and activities
          10% discount for cash.           8996 W. Bowles Ave., Littleton   for the general public are FREE, deKoevend Park at the Goodson
                                               Must present coupon.         Recreation Center, The event is designed as a hands-on interac-
     Workmans Comp & Liability Insurance
                                                                            tive festival for children of all ages. Call 303-483-7061 for more

         Need to Update Your Will?
                                                                            Rec & Rock for Youth! Goodson Recreation Center
                                                                            6315 S. University Blvd, Centennial, CO 80121, 303-798-2476
             We specialize in wills and trusts,
                                                                                Saturday, May 21, 7-11 p.m. at Goodson Recreation Center.
              estate planning and probate.
                                                                            In addition to themed activities and contests, swimming is avail-

                   Free initial consultation.
                                                                            able along with DJ and dancing, basketball and other gym activ-

         Evening and Saturday appointments available.
                                                                            ities plus concessions. This is a supervised, secure program. Ages

                   Call 303-794-5901
                                                                            10-14, Fee: $8. Call 303-483-7036 for information.
                                                                            Buck-A-Roo Ice Skating, South Suburban Ice Arena

                Patrick M. Plank, Attorney at Law
                                                                            6580 S. Vine St, Centennial, CO 80121

                26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 420
                                                                                Sunday, May 15, 1-3 p.m., South Suburban Ice Arena, 6580 S.

                Littleton, CO 80120                   $1 public admission, $1 skate rental and $1
                                                                            Vine St. Glide on in for some cool fun for the whole family with
                                                                                                                            hot dogs. Call 303-
                                                                            798-7881 for information.
                                                                            Climbing Class, Family Sports Center
                                                                            6901 S Peoria St, Centennial, CO 80112, 303-708-9500

                                                                                Monday, May 16 at Family Sports Center. Youth learn basic
                                                                            rock climbing and practice skills on the indoor climbing wall.
                                                                            This 1-hour class offers a hands-on approach to rock climbing
                                                                            basics, skills, and safety. 4-5 p.m. Fee: $25 ($20 Residents). For
                                                                            more information call 303-708-9500 x217

                                                                            Summer Fun Pass Great Buy!
                                                                                A special South Suburban Parks and Rec Summer Fun Pass

                                                                            for youth, 2-17 years, who live within South Suburban bound-
                                                                            aries, provides unlimited play all summer, from May 28 through
                                                                            September 5, at four recreation centers and four outdoor pools for
                                                                            only $110. Economical pricing is also available for adults, senior
                                                                            citizens 65+, and households. Contact Registration Office for
                                                                            more information, 303-347-5999.
June 2011 / SouthPark 2 TIMES /                                                                            Page 7

Lengthen Your Life With Lifestyle Changes                             First Day of Summer – Ready to Celebrate?
    Nobody lives forever, but most of us hope to reach a ripe old         Summer begins in 2011 on June 21 with the summer solstice,
age and remain active and healthy throughout our lives. Here are      the day when the Earth’s axis tilts our northern hemisphere most
some basic tips for keeping your mind and body in good shape for      prominently toward the sun. (In the southern hemisphere, the
a long life:                                                          summer solstice will occur on December 22, 2011.) On this day,
    • Stop smoking. OK, this is obvious. But your chances of          the sun will reach its highest point in the sky, and afterward the
living for a long time are much better if you don’t smoke – or if     daylight hours will grow shorter.
you quit.                                                                 The solstice has been a time of celebration and ritual in cul-
    • Don’t stop working. Retirement can be risky, especially         tures around the world throughout history. At Stonehenge, a visi-
if you just quit and spend your days sitting on the sofa. Keep        tor standing in the center of the stone circle can see the sun rising
working in some capacity by volunteering or working part-time.        directly over the Heel Stone, located just outside the ring of
Or have a plan for staying active after your retirement party ends.   stones. The Egyptian Great Pyramids were built in such a way
    • Keep flossing. Flossing every day can prevent bacteria in       that an observer standing near the Sphinx can watch the sun set
the mouth from growing and then moving to your bloodstream,           directly between two of the Pyramids. Celts and Slavs celebrated
where it can cause inflammation and hardening of the arteries,        the event with bonfires and dancing to help the sun increase its
which contributes to heart disease.                                   strengths. The Native American Hopi tribe had males dress as
    • Sleep just the right amount. We need at least six hours         dancing spirits of rain and fertility known as Kachinas; the
of sleep per night for optimum physical and mental health. Less       Kachinas were messengers between humanity and the gods who
than that – or even more, some doctors say – can be detrimental.      left the villages at midsummer to live in the mountains, where
In one study of women ages 50 to 81, mortality over 14 years was      they were said to visit the dead.
higher among subjects who reported sleeping less than five hours          The ancient Druids’ belief that the solstice represented the
per night, or more than 6.5 hours.                                    wedding of heaven and Earth is responsible for the tradition of
    • Eat the right foods. Avoid saturated fats, eat lots of fiber    brides planning a lucky June wedding.
(especially for breakfast), and try to get your vitamins from foods
instead of relying on supplements.
    • Pay attention to your health. Stressing about every ache        National Fishing & Boating Week, June 4-12
and pain isn’t necessarily productive, but an extreme “Don’t              Head out to the water for this national celebration of fishing
worry, be happy” attitude about your body can be risky as well.       and boating coordinated by the Recreational Boating and Fishing
Take your health seriously, and don’t ignore the warning signs of     Foundation (scheduled for most states’ free fishing days, which
trouble.                                                              allow the public to fish without a license).

            What's the key to selling
            a home in SouthPark?
            You have to sell the neighborhood first.
            The key to selling a home in SouthPark is simple: you must sell
            the neighborhood first. We know about SouthPark's unparalled
            quality of life ... the quiet beauty, world-class schools, incredible
            amenties and our unbeatable location. Here's the problem ...
            most buyers and realtors do not, so it's my job to "inform" them.
            I can "sell" this neighborhood better than anyone for one
            reason: I live here, too. If you're considering making a move,
            call me first. You'll have everything to gain.

            Julie Montgomery (303) 906-3150
Page 8                                                                  / SouthPark 2 TIMES / June 2011

                                                                                 FREE Hershey Track & Field Meet
                                                                                     Friday, June 10, registration begins at 8:45 a.m. at Euclid
                                                                                 Middle School track, 777 W Euclid Ave. in Littleton. Participate
                                                                                 in up to three events of your choice: running events like the 50-
                                                                                 meter dash and the 800-meter run, plus field events like the soft-
                                                                                 ball throw and the long jump. Photocopy of child’s birth
                                                                                 certificate is required at the time of registration. Age as of
                                                                                 December 31, 2011 determines eligibility. Ages 9-14, FREE
                                                                                 event is a partnership with the National Recreation and Park
                                                                                 Association. Go to or call the
                                                                                 South Suburban Athletics Office at 303-798-7515.

  We can design your ad for you!
    Call us to ask about our reasonable rates!                                   Kids Play FREE Golf
    • Business Cards • Newsletter design & publications                             All 4 golf courses in South Suburban Parks and Rec offer free
                                                                                 golf for youth 18 and under all summer on Saturdays and
    • Advertisements   for businesses, Hoa’s,                                    Sundays at 5 p.m. at Littleton Golf (303-794-5838) and Family
    • Flyers           & other organizations                                     Sports Golf (303-649-1115) Courses, and at 6 p.m. at South
                                                                                 Suburban Golf (303-770-5500) and Lone Tree Golf (303-799-
                                                                                 9940) Courses. Reservations can be made up to three days in
         We also do black and white printing.                                    advance. See for details or call golf courses.

   White or Pastel vs. Astrobrite    1-500            501-999         1000+
       1 side                   6.5¢ / 7.5¢        5.5¢ / 6.5¢    4.5¢ / 5.5¢
       2 sides               10.0¢ / 10.5¢         9.0¢ / 9.5¢    8.0¢ / 8.5¢    Multi-Sport & Splash Camp
                                                                                     Mon-Fri, June 13-17, 1-4 p.m., South Suburban Parks and Rec.
         C olorado                        303-979-7499                           Each day at Buck, Goodson and Lone Tree Recreation Centers
    L asertype                                includes fun drills and games to teach basic sport fundamentals
                                                                                 such as kicking, throwing, catching, cooperation and teamwork.
                                                                                 The other half is spent cooling off in the exciting leisure pool.
                                                                                 Giveaway included. Ages 5-9, Fee: $109/$90 Resident. Call the

                    JD’s Handyman
                                                                                 Athletics Office at 303-798-7515 for information.

                    & Maintenance Service
                           — Minutes from Your Door —                                                    “Take care of your body.
                                                                                                  It’s the only place you have to live.”
   15+ Years Experience • Reasonable Rates! • Great Service • Insured & Bonded
                                                                                                                                              —Jim Rohn
              $$ SAVE MONEY $$
             Call Me Before You Call the “Big Guys”
   Painting • Plumbing • Water Heater Install • Drywall Repair
   Carpet & Vinyl Installs • Granite for Kitchens & Bathrooms                             C olorado                         SERVICE PROVIDER
       Fence Repair • Light Electrical • Popcorn Removal
                                                                                    L asertype                                 DIRECTORY
                                                                                             Find a professional to suit your needs
                     Specializing in                                                           while supporting local businesses!
                                                                                    •   Automotive            •   Home Improvement     •   Pet Services
                    Small Bathroom                                                  •   Carpet & Upholstery   •   House Cleaning       •   Plumbing
                       Remodels                                                     •
                                                                                        Computer Services
                                                                                        Financial Services
                                                                                                                                           Product Sales
                                                                                    •   Health Care           •   Music                •   Recreation
                                                                                                              •   Painting
              Call Jimmy for a FREE Estimate                                      Call us to ask how to get added to one of the categories above!
              Leawood Resident • Referrals Available                                                       303-979-7499
   303-806-0498 • c: 303-549-4655                                                    Visit our website for advertising information, ad rates, a map of the
                                                                                  HOA newsletters we publish and details about our graphic design services.                                                              
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                                                                                                                                Computer problems? Need wireless? Just
                                                     CLASSIFIEDS                                                                a question? No minimum charge. Free
 Classified ads are $2.95/line for 2011. Contact Colorado Lasertype at 303-979-7499 or getinfo@colorado to place an ad. To view our display ad prices, visit our website at www.coloradolasertype.                       consultation. 10+ yrs IT exper. SP resident
 com. The deadline for placing a classified or display ad is the 15th of the month for the next month’s issue                   since ‘98. Brock Talbert 303-217-0832.
 (i.e., 15th of Sept. for Oct. issue), except the January issue, which has a deadline of December 6th.
                                                                                                                                Aminals Pet Sitting Service: Pet sitting
Courtesy Garage Door Service. 303-791- Happy Tailz Pet Sitting- 14 yr. SouthPark                                                (in your home). Bonded & ins. Refs. avail.
8619. Springs replaced 7 days a week resident will take care of your pets while                                                 Call Nancy at 303-335-6237
between 8-5 same price. References avail. you’re away. Bonded & ins. SouthPark refs.
                                                                                                                                Mike the Plumber - Your reliable neighbor-
                                                Jeri, 303-437-5526
FIRE SAFETY CHECK: LOCAL South                                                                                                  hood plumber for 14 yrs. Competitive rates.
Park Resident will change smoke alarm bat- GUITAR LESSONS - Southpark location.                                                 Free estimate. 720-422-8139
teries free and preform a free fire safety Great with kids - 25 years experience, ref.
                                                                                                                                Tom’s Top Notch Painting - int./ext., dry-
check. 40 years experience please call (303) Smitty 303-738-8442.
                                                                                                                                wall repairs. Tom Martino approved, 5%
210-2006 to set up your appointment time.
                                                Small Paint Jobs Only 720-331-7032                                              disc. for Littleton residents 303-523-2941.
J & R Services. I will run your errands,
                                                Crystal Window & Blind Cleaning!                                                Hassle-Free Home Sales! Want to sell
house sit, petsit. Do you need a ride? Just let
                                                Chandeliers & mirrors. Refs, 20 yrs exp.                                        your home but can't afford costly upgrades
me know how I can help! Jean 720-270-2202.
                                                Feel good with clean windows. Call NOW-                                         or repairs? No problem ... just sell it “as is.”
Housecleaning. Exper. dependable w/ great avoid the rush! Bill & Jerry 303-922-4655                                             High demand for homes in your neighbor-
refs. Call Gigi to sched. an est. 303-523-0792                                                                                  hood! Call Julie Montgomery, RE/MAX
                                                HANDYMAN in your area, Bill 303-740-
Oil Painting Classes by proffessional artist. 8035 or 303-908-9695                                                              Masters, Inc., 303-906-3150 today!!
K. Witherspoon. 303-                                                                                         A+ Home Improvement Services. Pro-
                                                Highlands Pride Painting- 303-738-9203
588-0581.                                                                                                painting (ext. & int.), gutter & trim replace-
                                                QuickBooks Troubleshooter 720-383-4782                                          ment & stucco. No job too small - we do it
Brand new in plastic. Retails $529, asking PARTYLITE CANDLES & Accessories.                                                     all! Basement & bath remodels, drywall
$265. Also, NEW KING SIZE pillowtop set. Contact Jan at 303-979-3880 or                                                         repairs/texturing, decks, fencing, carpen-
Retails $699, asking $385. 303-742-4860.                                                      try, doors, plumbing, electrical, tiles, car-
                                                                                                                                peting & hrdwd flooring. BBB Member.
Drywall & Basement Finishing Services. House cleaning. 303-797-7865 or 720-                                                     Call A+ for fast, professional service every
26 years experience. Gary 303-829-6363 984-4047.                                                                                time. Steve, 303-979-7858. Major credit
Carpet, hardwood, slate, tile- Installation, Summer air duct cleaning and chimney                                               cards accepted. Refs., fully ins. & bonded.
restretch & repairs. Bill at 303-794-1001    cleaning for your home. 720-299-7782.                                    

National Candy Month
    Don’t go overboard for the whole month, but don’t deny your                                           Coffee: Good For More Than Waking Up Early
sweet tooth a little enjoyment in June. The best practice for good                                            That cup of coffee that gets you going in the morning – or
nutrition is to eat a healthy variety of foods each day and exercise                                      keeps you energetic in the afternoon – may have some positive
regularly. That should leave room for the occasional chocolate                                            health benefits. Though no one is recommending massive doses
bar or cookie in your diet.                                                                               of caffeine, coffee in moderation may be good for more than just
                                                                                                          keeping you awake and alert. Here’s a look at some of the
                                                                                                              • Gallstones. Some scientists believe that drinking coffee
National Tire Safety Week, June 5-11                                                                              may reduce a person’s risk of developing gallstones by
    More than 900 million tires travel U.S. roads on cars and light                                               stimulating gallbladder contractions and lowering concen-
trucks every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety                                                            trations of cholesterol in bile.
Administration estimates that 600 deaths every year are caused                                                • Kidney stones. Studies have suggested that coffee con-
by underinflated tires, and it recommends a visual inspection                                                     sumption (caffeinated or decaf) cuts a person’s chances of
and pressure check of all tires once a month and before every                                                     developing kidney stones by as much as 10 percent.
long trip.                                                                                                    • Diabetes. Research involving more than 450,000 patients
                                                                                                                  indicates that drinking four cups of coffee or tea a day may
                                                                                                                  reduce one’s risk for Type 2 diabetes by 25-35 percent.
                                    Teen Services                                                             • Parkinson’s Disease. Men who don’t drink coffee are
 To add your teen’s name, please email Colorado Lasertype at getinfo@colorado                                     apparently five times as likely to develop Parkinson’s and leave the following information: the neighborhood you live
 in, your age, phone number and the categories you would like included.
                                                                                                                  Disease as those who consume lots of coffee—though the
 Categories: (B) Baby-sitting; (*) Red Cross Cert for CPR; (L) Lawn care;                                         link between coffee and Parkinson’s hasn’t been definite-
 (S) Snow removal; (P) Pet & House sitting. No recommendation or endorsement of any of                            ly established. Studies with women have been inconclu-
 the names on this list is implied or stated by the homeowners association board or Colorado Lasertype.           sive.
     Savionne D.                           13           B                   720-283-4282                      Just don’t go overboard. Doctors recommend drinking no
     Audrey M.                             16           B*/P                303-960-8300                  more than 24 ounces of coffee a day. That’s four 6-oz. cups.
     Emily M.                              14           B*/P                303-960-8300
SOUTHPARK TWO                                                                                                                             PRSRT STD
Colorado Lasertype                                                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
7142 W. Morraine Dr.
                                                                                                                                        LITTLETON, CO
Littleton, CO 80128                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 481

Page 10                                                       / SouthPark 2 TIMES / June 2011

Take Care Of Your Skin In The Sun                                                 What Your Father Told You Is Still True
   Summer means warm weather and sunshine. As enjoyable as that may be,              On Father’s Day, we remember those words of wis-
sunshine means increased risk of skin damage due to overexposure. Protect         dom that Dad passed down to us – whether we listened
yourself from harmful rays this summer with this common-sense advice:             to him or not. Here’s a collection of some fatherly
   • Choose your times. When possible, limit your exposure to the sun             advice from a variety of sources:
       between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are strongest.
   • Dress appropriately. Wear loose, light clothing covering your body                On money: “The people that make a lot of money
       as much as possible, along with a broad-brimmed hat to protect your             are the ones that don’t spend their time stressing
       face and neck.                                                                  about money.”
   • Check your medications. Antibiotics and other medications can                     On marriage: “Create a marriage that lasts because
       increase your sensitivity to sunlight. Talk to your doctor about how            it is a happy one.”
       best to take care of yourself on bright days.                                   On intelligence: “Use that thing on your shoulders
   • Drink lots of water. Avoid overheating by staying hydrated during                 for something other than a hat rack!”
       hot weather.                                                                    On pouting: “If you stick that lip out any further, a
   • Use sunscreen liberally. Your best line of defense is a broad-spec-               bird will come along and poop on it!”
       trum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Reapply every                 On problems: “If you don’t want the hole to get any
       four hours, or more often if you go swimming or sweat a lot.                    deeper, stop digging!”
   • Examine yourself. Regularly check your body and skin for any                      On life: “Appreciate scenery, art work, and a rainy
       strange or irregular growths that might be caused by sun exposure.              Sunday. And always keep your gas tank full.”

                                                                              SouthPark Real Estate Update for June 2011
                                Terry Jenni GRI, CRS                                     SouthPark Single Family Homes
                                YOUR SOUTHPARK                          For Sale
                                                                                         Up to $400,000 $400,000–$475,000 $475,000–Plus
                                                                                                2                0              0
                                REAL ESTATE EXPERT                      Under Contract
                                                                        Total Sold 2011
                                Direct: 303-794-6932                    Total Sold 2008/09/10 16/7/5           2/0/1          1/0/0
                                                                                                SouthPark Townhomes
                                                                                         Up to $200,000 $200,000–$250,000 $250,000–Plus
                                                                        For Sale                3                3              2
                                                                        Under Contract          0                3              0
                                                                        Total Sold 2011         3                5              0                                                  Total Sold 2008/09/10 9/9/10         19/14/18         8/8/5
                                                                                           The information is based on MLS May 15, 2011.
                                                                           Not all of the properties were listed and/or sold by Terry Jenni, Metro Brokers.
    •   Licensed Realtor by the State of Colorado, License #40012199    GO TO TERRYJENNI.COM FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE INFORMATION!
    •   Member of the South Metro Denver Realtor Association                  • Current inventory of SouthPark single family homes
    •   Certified Residential Specialist                                        and town homes for sale.
                                                                              • Home Valuation
    •   Living in and selling SouthPark Community since 1989
                                                                              • Mortgage Calculator
    •   Business Degree from the University of Denver                         • Free Home Search
    •   Member of The Colorado Association of Realtors
                                                                        Thank you SouthPark Home Owners for your support!
 Call Terry for honest, Professional Real Estate Service.               Terry Jenni CRS
                                                                        Metro Brokers Realty Innovations 303-794-6932
 303-794-6932 •

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