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Newton Knightly News


									                    Newton Knightly News
Newton Falls Council # 3350 March 2011
Grand Knights Report:
Brother Knights,
    It’s been a pretty good year, we were able to raise over $400.00 dollars from our measure up
campaign last year and we donated it to the Special Olympics that are run by Fairhaven in Niles.
We gave a couple of flags to our district deputy Dave Bender who is a Fourth Degree knight for
the proper retirement of the flag.
Our spaghetti dinners are doing pretty good, I am very thankful for the Brother Knights and for the
ladies that help us out. The ladies that help us out are, Lillian Stimac, Jacka Verbosky, Sophie
Kurtz, and Val Simon.
These ladies help us out a lot and help to make our dinners a success, so please thank them
when you see them. We are going to try another fund raiser on Saturday March 5th; we are going
to be selling sausage sandwiches after the 4pm. mass down stairs in the church. I would like to
thank Father Matthew for allowing us to use the down stairs of the church for this event.
If you haven't been to a meeting in a while, I encourage you to attend; we are trying to make a
positive difference in the church and the community. We recently set up a box for food donations
at the council hall, and once a month we take that box and donate the food to Saint's Mary &
Joseph food pantry.
Saint's Mary & Joseph school is having a Night at the races on Saturday March 26th at Saint
Mary's social hall to help raise money for the school. Our council will be running the Chuck-A-
Luck wheel at this event with all of the proceeds going to the school. If anyone can help me run
the wheel for this event it would be greatly appreciated. Just a reminder, our council meetings are
the first and third Mondays of the month at 7:00 pm at the council hall, please try to attend. I
thank all of you for your continued support of our council and together we will continue to fulfill our
duties as Knights of Columbus through our acts of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. May
God bless you all,
Sincerely, and Fraternally,
 Jim Burns; Grand Knight Newton Falls Council # 3350

Sausage Sales:
   Our next sausage sandwich sales are April 2nd & May 7th 2011 after the 4:00 pm mass at St.
Mary and Josephs. We will meet at 2:30 pm at the council hall to start cooking. All members are
welcome to help. For more information please call Brother Greg Leopold at 330-719-1500.
Please if you can’t help order a sandwich and support the council.
   It’s that time of year again. A good portion of our annual income comes from the charity ticket
sales. Tickets have been mailed to you. Please sell your tickets, and if you need more contact
Tom Fetok; Ticket Chairman at 330-872-5886

4th Degree:
    The next 4th Degree exemplification is Saturday April 30th. Any 3rd degree member in good
standing for at least 1 year is eligible. Please contact SK Greg Leopold for more information, or
fill out a Form 4 and turn it in to DD Dave Bender. Thanks...SK Greg Leopold Assembly 834.

Shirt sales:
   Brother Greg Leopold has samples of shirts for sale. Available are denim long sleeve button shirt for
$30.00 and a golf shirt for $25.00. A multi color golf shirt would be $30.00. Each shirt will have the 3rd
Degree logo; Newton Falls Council 3350 and your name. If any council members would like to order a
shirt please e-mail Greg at or call him

   Please visit our website at for up to date council and community
information. We have a sausage sales page, St Mary’s school page; as well as links to the church
and assembly 834.

Officer Nominations:
   Nominations are now being accepted for all officer positions. Voting will take place in July. If
you would like to run for a council office please come to any meeting and put in your nomination.
We hope to see you there.

We need your help:
     Ink, postage, paper and envelopes are expensive. If you have an e-mail address and don’t
mind having the newsletter send to you by e-mail please contact us. This small gesture will save
your council money that we can use for charity or bills. Thank You…

Grand Knight:
   Jim B 330-883-0575
Financial Secretary:
   Matt Stimac 330-872-7856
Deputy Grand Knight/ Charity Campaign Chairman
   Tom Fetok 330-872-5886
Program Director:
   SK Greg Leopold 330-719-1500

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