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									               Montessori Moments
Lexington Montessori School
March/April 2003-04 Newsletter


Spring Break March 29th-April 2nd
Daylight Saving Time Begins: April 4th

CTBS TEST SR. CLASS April 13th-15th
CTBS TEST 3rd Year Students April 20th -21st
Prof. Dev. Day April 23rd (No Classes)
Records Day April 26th (No School)

Thank you to all LMS students and families for participating in all the `athons" during February.
The classes collected and donated these amounts to the following charities/associations:
Sr. Class:
Special Olympics                            $187.45
American Heart Assoc.                       $167.45
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                 $167.45

Jr. Class:
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                  $218.10

Primary Class:
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                  $157.20

God's Pantry Kid's Helping Kid's Food Drive. LMS families donated 476 lbs. of food to this
program this year. Your support is greatly appreciated. Results from this drive will be posted in
April. (This was a food drive for local private schools.)

Don't forget to check the lost & found for any lost items; mittens, sweatshirts, socks, etc. Any
articles not picked up by the end of April will be donated to a local clothing bank (Goodwill, or
local church).

There are no words that can fully express my gratitude for all the kindness that you have shown
me during my time of grief. "Thank you" for all of your thoughts, hugs, prayers and words of
support. I am comforted by your kindness.

Mrs. T. & Family
Have A Safe and Wonderful Spring Break!!

    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every
                                                                     - Sir Winston Churchill

Primary Class News
Primary Class News

March has been a busy month, we have been studying insects, Asia and
simple machines. The children especially enjoyed the experiments on how
simple machines work and have learned how to use some of them in the

The month of April will include the topics of rocks and minerals and the
continent of Africa.

P.E. for the Kindergarten children will be every Wednesday morning at
Seaton Center. Please plan on dropping your child off by 7:50 a.m. Please
send a note to Mrs. Morris if you can drive from Seaton Center to school at
9:00 a.m.

We are in need of some supplies for the classroom. If you didn't bring
supplies at the beginning of the year, please bring the following:

-  small paper cups
- small paper plates
- spoons
- glue sticks
- pencils ( regular)
** we have plenty of napkins and tissues

Thank you to Maggie for the Hula Hoops, Hitomi for the Origami paper,
Khalid for the basketball and to Eli for the Art Book.

Medical Alert: Pink eye/Conjunctivitis has been going around the primary
class. If your child has pink eye/conjunctivitis, please keep him / her home
for 24 hours after s/he has been on medication. This is a highly contagious
infection that is hard to control without your help.

Thanks Primary Class Teachers

Junior Class News
       The Junior Class has worked very hard raising money to send to the Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society. Each child was a winner in their desire to help others by
participating in the soccer kick off, the jump rope-a-thon, the walk-a-thon, the basketball
shoot out and taking part in the Penny War. All of the children developed a stronger
spirit of giving and helping those that we may not even know. This proved to be a
success for all and will continue as a Junior Class project through the coming years.

       During March we visited the Downtown Public Library and went on a tour of the
children's section and learned about the pendulum that hangs in the foyer of the library.
The children (and adults) were in awe of the work that was done to create this piece of

       We explored another area of our city this month on our visit to the UK Arboretum.
We went on a tour of part of the Kentucky's different ecosystems and focused on the
Bluegrass Region. The children learned many of the native species for our area as well
as trees. We also learned the importance of native vegetation and how to make
habitats for wildlife.

       We want to give a huge thanks to our wonderful LMS families for all of your
generous contributions in the fight against cancer. We would also like to say thank you
to Mr. Kelley for teaching the Junior Class basketball during P.E. This was one of our
best P.E.'s. Everyone loved it! We want to show our gratitude toward Mr. Bishop and
Hailey B. for sharing information about Ireland with us on St. Patrick's Day. Both Hailey
and Mr. Bishop really helped to make our St. Patrick's Day very special. The children
wrote wonderful paragraphs on the all of the history and information that Mr. Bishop
taught us.

      Thank you!
             Mrs. P
             Ms. D.

Senior Class News
Upcoming Events:

Due Dates:
Monday, April 5: Heritage Fair
Spring Break: March 29 – April 2
We hope yours is safe, fun, and relaxing!

No School: Friday, April 23 and Monday, April 26

CTBS Testing: Tues., April 13, Wed., April 14, and Thurs., April 15. Please make
certain that your child eats a nutritious breakfast on these mornings. Also, please do not
schedule any appointments for your child over this time period, as tests cannot be
made up.

P.E.: Wednesdays at Seaton Center:
April 7, April 21, and April 28

Congratulations to Madeline and Nikki who won in their divisions at the Fayette Co.
Science Fair.

This month concludes our unit on geology. The students explored the structure of Earth
and the various kinds of rocks from which Earth is formed. The students enjoyed
simulating how igneous rock is formed by making "rock cycle fudge." The students also
studied how to identify minerals and the properties of minerals. We also took a brief
hiatus from rocks and minerals to review the water cycle and created our own water
cycle "wheels." Our focus in science for the next couple of months will be the human

The students have been researching their countries of origin for our Heritage Fair. The
Heritage Fair is set for Monday, April 5 at 1p.m. Parents are encouraged to attend. The
students are continuing with their Civil War research. Each student has a specific
person to study. There will be a presentation in May to introduce their characters and to
discover why each person was important to the Civil War.

Thank You!
Thank you to Madeline who gave a substantial donation to the classroom in honor of
her birthday; we can get some new science books!
Thank you to Clean Sweep Car Wash Inc. for donating full sponsorship of our class
Thank you also to the following families: Ali's family, Charlie's family, Ellen's family,
Greg's family, and Madeline's family, for their generous donations toward the cost of the
play; we will use these funds for costumes and set decorations.
Thank you to all the parents who drove and chaperoned on our overnight trip to
Mammoth Cave and Kentucky Downunder.

Thank you to the parents who drove and chaperoned the trip to Lexington Children's

Thank you to the parents who drive for P.E.
                             Mrs. D
                              Ms. G

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