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					Dears Sisters:
  It was so nice to see so many of you at the May meeting. Thank you all for
your generous donations to the BirthRight Shower. I know that the gifts will
be put to good use and are very appreciated.
  Please remember to put the Memorial Day Parade, The County
LAOH/AOH Convention in Bridgeport, The State LAOH/AOH
Convention In Meridan, the June Brunch, as well as the June Dinner meeting
on your calenders. Details are found within the newsletter.
  Thank you all also to the sisters who attended the Joint LAOH/AOH
meeting regarding the buidling at 6 lake Ave. The Building Corp. Committee
will be negotiaing the lease with the option to buy in the very near future. We
need to all work together to make our dream of a LAOH/AOH Hall come
true. Volunteers will be needed to help on all aspects of the renovations etc so
please volunteer to do what ever you can to make this hall a success.
Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming events
Deborah Lynch-Fako
President Division #58 LAOH Danbury CT
In a message from Jim Kelly
Greetings, I hope you are well.
 With the help of the AOH National Chapter we have put up a page to honour the victims of the
Great Famine and to shed light on the contributions of the AOH American Chapters help in
erecting the first memorial of its kind in Ireland in 1995.

Thank you for your support and thank you for your help in honouring those poor souls, especially
the children, who lived through An Gorta Mor.

Slan go foill,

Jim Kelly
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Two events                  on the same day ----- June 16, 2007
Golf Tournament will take place on June 16 th at 2:PM at the
Sunset Golf Course. $40.00 a golfer including green fees, and keg
beer, food and prizes at the Hall later. Singles and foursomes are
welcome. Call Pete Hearty @ 746-2393 or Norm Carvalho @ 792-
2940 to reserve a place and ask questions if you are a newcomer to this
annual event.
Same day , June 16th at 7:00 there will be a Texas Hold'
Em Poker Tournament at the Hall .
   $50.00 buy-in Call Pete Hearty @ 746-2393 for details.

ABD Group Home...Our next visit to Whippoorwill will be on June 23
at one o'clock. In May we strung wooden necklaces for Memorial Day
and made posters for the Bethel VFW to thank them for their service
to our country. We marched with American flags, and of course had
cupcakes and soda. Each visit makes us realize the bond we have
formed with the consumers at Whippoorwill and how much they look
forward to spending time with us. We never leave without thinking
that we have received more than we have given. Debbi and Kathy
Yarr also went to Special Olympics to cheer on our special friends. Call
Maura or Debbi if you can join us some month.

                                                                                  May 1, 2007

      Dear Family and Friends,

      It has been about three months since I’ve written an update about how things are
      going in my new life in Bolivia. The school and host family have been quite
      wonderful and I must say, very patient. Spanish is probably one of the easier
      languages to learn but being out of school for so many years does make it a little
      harder. I find myself torn between wishing I could start full time ministry with the
      children right now, and hoping I never have to go out into the streets of
      Cochabamba. The Maryknoll language institute will end in two months and at that
      time I will move in with my fellow missioners, Kim and Emily. Richard and
      Kristen will have their own apartment near by. We have already started to paint
      and get a few furnishings to try to make us feel more at home.

      We are all still in a period of discernment as we decide on where we can best be
      of service to the poor. I have spent time at Casa Nazareth and enjoy the young
      boys so much that I will be working there for part of the day. The boys are in
      school in the mornings so I will be able to also work in another location for the
      first half of the day. There are 25 boys there and they are either orphans or have
      been abandoned because their parents can’t feed them. We also have 50 families
      that have been able to take the boys back but still need assistance. These guys are
      so cute. Some are pretty clever and street wise but on the whole what they want
      most is to be hugged and told that they are loved. The home for younger children
      has 117 from newborn to 5 years old. I know how desperately they need help but
      through my discernment I’ve learned that I just don’t have the stamina to handle
      that kind of work. The boys in Casa Nazareth are 5 to 8 years old and offer to help
    me with my Spanish. They think it very funny that I am also going to school and
    they know where I live and look for me in the mornings.

    This Monday we will all go out into the campo where they need volunteers to
    work in a medical clinic and a school. Last week we were taken to a monastery
    which was donated to the Franciscans and we have been told we can take over the
    building to work whatever ministry we think would be of the greatest help. The
    Archdiocese has asked us to work in their programs also. I now believe it is as
    difficult to know what to do, as it is to do it! The need here is great.

    We have done a little traveling and if my computer skills hold up I am planning to
    send some photos in an additional e-mail. One is of us working at a Habitat for
    Humanity site, another shows me with some sheep and a goat in the background
    trying to get to a hanging plant. I’ll write more after school. You can e-mail me
    anytime and my mail address is: Casilia 1528 Cochabamba, Bolivia this is a
    different address then I had earlier. God Bless and keep me in your prayers as you
    all remain in mine.                             Ginny

The monthly sesuin will be Sunday June 24th 5-8pm
at the hall Nora Hanley will be the Lead Musician so
come play, sing, story tell or just sit back and enjoy.

Brunch on Sunday will feature a new menu most of
the same standards BUT introducing our spring
selections including, Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas and
Belinis ! see you there Sunday the 3rd of June 9-

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