best way 2 speed up internet by seenu001


									worlds best method 2 increse ur net surfing speed
hi every1.
[1]in past i had tried all the softwares nd command 4 doing this .i mean
i tried modam booster software ,tweakmaster,gpedit command but i found
that no1 of them is making any very good change in surfing speed.i use a
free internet connection of airtel gprs and that comes vd a vaery fukkish
speed aur jab bhi gilz se chat karta hun to thik se ho hi nahi pata but
yesterday i downloaded a new software named google web accelerator nd
trust me now my surfing speed has increased many times nw i m very much
happy vd the surfing seems as i m working on a siffy broadband
cafe .heres d software is

[2]now this is proxyshell hide ip software ..a very useful software.With
ProxyShell Hide IP, you can hide IP address, surf the web without anyone
knowing who you are, protect your own information and reading interests.
You can also use ProxyShell Hide IP to send anonymous emails, or post on
forums without displaying your own IP address.ProxyShell Hide IP uses our
own proxies and public proxies to hide your IP address. It has ability to
automatically choose proxies for your surfing, and use multiple proxies
simultaneously to handle your surfing requests, offers faster speed, much
better proxy errors tolerance and stability. ProxyShell Hide IP works on
Windows XP, Vista, you can use it with IE 6/7, Firefox, or is

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