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Wisconsin Veterans Home at King ● “Caring for America’s Heroes” ● www.WVHKing.com

                           Story and more photos on page 14.
«	                                      State NewS	                                               «

                                        WDVA Secretary’s Column
                                        by Donna Williams
                                        Acting Secretary of the Wisconsin
                                        Department of Veterans Affairs

—— Looking AheAd And Working TogeTher for VeTerAns ——
I am honored to serve as         at meetings of the Wisconsin       with fellow veterans and
the Acting Secretary of the      Board of Veterans Affairs:         community groups.
Wisconsin Department of          the department’s budget for
Veterans Affairs (WDVA).         2011-13; the reorganization        At the end of May, we observe
As a woman veteran with          plan (which was acted upon         a special holiday. Memorial
29 years of military service,    by the Board and WDVA has          Day acts as a reminder to
I am proud to have the           started to be put into place);     us that the veterans who
opportunity to lead the          and the state of the Wisconsin     passed, whom we honor and
agency and represent the         Veterans Homes, including          remember, served to ensure a
fastest-growing population of    future plans for construction,     better future for all who have
veterans – women comprise        oversight and operations of a      served after them, as well as
about 15 percent of the          new 72-bed Skilled Nursing         for the citizens of our nation.
military population currently.   Facility at Chippewa Falls.        Their reward would be in
There is a rewarding sense                                          knowing we are carrying our
of purpose for current service   In the current economic            proud traditions on into the
members and new veterans.        climate, times may be tight,       future.
                                 but the department will strive
Our Wisconsin veterans           to continue providing the best
community is a combination       quality of care, programs and
of established veterans as       services veterans deserve.
well as those who have been      There is a new segment
serving in recent conflicts.     of veterans of Iraq and
It is the combined duty and      Afghanistan, who will need our
tradition of all of us to work   support and encouragement
together on each other’s         now more than ever, as they
behalf, going forward into the   face challenges and we
future.                          address program issues such         Florence Wasley, American Legion
                                 as Post-Traumatic Stress            Auxiliary Department President,
As we look ahead during          Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic          spoke at a banquet held at
the month of May, some           Blast Injury (TBI), suicide and     WVH-King to honor all the
of the main issues in the        homelessness prevention,            American Legion volunteers for
forefront for WDVA have been     employment and job training,        their dedication and commitment
presented and discussed          health care and connections         to the King members.

2                                  the Courier                                             MAy 2011
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                                                                                                    	 After	the	war,	he	borrowed	$100	
     Wisconsin BoArd of                                                                             on	a	handshake	as	a	down-payment	
  VeTerAns AffAirs presenTs                                                                         on	a	saw	mill	located	in	Soldiers	
      VeTerAn LifeTime                                                                              Grove	and	began	his	career	as	an	
                                                                                                    entrepreneur.		Over	the	next		
    AchieVemenT AWArd To                                                                            42	years	he	operated	Helgerson	
    herBerT f. heLgerson                                                                            Forest	Products,	which	bought,	
                                                                                                    harvested,	milled,	and	sold	locally	
	    A	World	War	II	veteran	who	served	                                                             harvested	hardwoods	and	gave	
in	General	Omar	Bradley’s	1st	Army	                                                                 employment	to	numerous	mill-hands	
and	General	George	Patton’s	3rd	Army,	                                                              over	the	years.
was	honored	with	the	Veteran	Lifetime	                                                              	 Helgerson	is	a	Life	Member	of	
Achievement	Award	for	April	2011,	by	the	                                                           the	American	Legion	and	a	65-year	
Wisconsin	Board	of	Veterans	Affairs,	at	a	                                                           member	of	William	Schoville	Post	
                                              Herbert F. Helgerson (second from left)                220	in	Soldiers	Grove,	where	he	has	
ceremony	in	Madison.
	    Herbert	F.	Helgerson,	88,	of	Soldiers	
                                              holds a Veteran Lifetime Achievement                   served	as	Post	Vice	Commander	and	
Grove,	enlisted	in	the	U.S.	Army	on	          Award that was presented to him by the                 Post	Finance	Officer.
February	6,	1943	in	Milwaukee	and	            Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs                    	 In	the	community,	he	is	a	past	
completed	basic	training	at	Camp	Swift,	      at its April meeting in Madison. Board                 member	of	the	Soldiers	Grove	
Texas	in	April	1943.		He	was	assigned	as	a	 Chair Dan Naylor (left) listens as Board                 Village	Board,	the	Soldiers	Grove	
Section	Leader	to	the	553rd	Heavy	Pontoon	 Secretary Dave Boetcher (center) reads                    Fire	Department,	and	the	Kickapoo	
Battalion	at	Camp	Swift	and	participated	     the proclamation while board members                   Valley	Association	Development	
in	pontoon	bridge	construction	exercises	                                                            Council.	He	has	actively	supported	
                                              Marv Freedman and Rod Moen
on	the	Sabine	River	along	the	Louisiana	                                                             Kickapoo	Area	Girl	Scout	and	Boy	
                                              look on.                                               Scout	endeavors,	is	a	past	member	
border.		In	the	fall	of	1943,	he	volunteered	
to	join	the	soon-to-be	deployed	291st	          to	Walheim,	Germany	with	his	unit,	he	         of	the	Soldiers	Grove	High	School	Band	
Combat	Engineer	Battalion	at	Camp	Swift	        drove	his	bulldozer	across	the	Ludendorff	 Parent	Association,	and	takes	food	to	other	
and	served	continuously	with	Company	B	         Bridge	at	Remagen,	under	enemy	fire,	to	       elderly	members	of	the	community.		He	is	
of	the	291st	throughout	the	war,	initially	     prepare	approaches	for	a	pontoon	bridge.		 a	60-year	member	of	St.	Philips	Catholic	
as	a	Heavy	Truck	Driver	and	then	as	a	          After	VE	Day	his	unit	was	assigned												 Church,	serving	on	the	Parish	Council	as	
Construction	(Bulldozer)	Operator.              debris-clearance	duty	in	Frankfurt,	           Finance	Chair.		He	is	also	a	member	of	the	
	    On	June	18,	1944,	his	unit	was	ordered	    Nuremberg,	and	Munich.                         Knights	of	Columbus.		He	and	his	wife	of	
to	move	to	Southampton,	England	to	load	        	    During	his	time	with	the	291st	           60	years,	Anita,	raised	six	children.
their	heavy	equipment	onto	the	USS	Amos	        Engineer	Battalion,	he	served	in	General	      	    The	Veteran	Lifetime	Achievement	
G.	Throop,	where	it	waited	aboard	ship	         Omar	Bradley’s	1st	Army	and	General	           Award	recognizes	living	veterans	currently	
in	the	storm-tossed	harbor	for	three	days	      George	Patton’s	3rd	Army,	saw	duty	            residing	in	Wisconsin	who	have	compiled	
before	being	dispatched	across	the	English	     in	France,	Belgium,	Luxembourg	and	            a	record	of	exemplary	service	as	a	military	
Channel.			 	                                   Germany,	and	won	battle	stars	for	the	         service	member,	a	veteran,	and	a	citizen	
	    On	June	23,	1943,	he	drove	a	truck,	       Normandy,	Northern	France,	Rhineland,	         during	the	veteran’s	lifetime.		Helgerson	is	
with	his	trailer-mounted	bulldozer	in	tow,	     Ardennes	and	Central	Europe	Campaigns.		 the	20th	recipient	of	the	award.
off	of	a	Landing	Ship	Tank	(LST)	into	the	      	    In	August	1945,	he	was	sent	to	Camp	 	         Nominations	are	accepted	from	
shallows	of	Utah	Beach,	where	he	helped	        Lucky	Strike,	France	for	rotation	to	the	      any	Wisconsin	resident,	and	the	Board	
construct	a	bypass	road.                        U.S.	and	subsequent	re-deployment	to	the	 especially	encourages	submissions	from	
	    From	July	to	September	1944	his	unit	      Asian	Theatre	of	Operations,	but	on	VJ	        Wisconsin	veterans,	veterans	service	
performed	road	maintenance	and	mine	            Day,	he	was	rescheduled	for	rotation	and	      organizations,	County	Veterans	Service	
clearance	along	the	main	supply	route,	         discharge.                                     Offices	and	other	veterans	groups.				
driving	by	night	to	keep	up	with	the	front.		   	    He	was	discharged	on	October	16,	         	    Nominations	may	be	submitted	at	any	
His	unit	arrived	in	Mortain,	France	just	       1945	at	Camp	McCoy	with	the	rank	              time	during	the	year.		There	are	up	to	six	
before	the	counter-offensive	now	known	         of	Tech	5	-	Construction	Operator.	His	        annual	awards.		For	more	information,	see		 	
as	the	Battle	of	the	Bulge.		During	that	       decorations	include	the	Bronze	Star,	the	      www.WisVets.com/BoardAward		or	call	
battle,	his	unit	was	assigned	defensive	        Good	Conduct	Medal,	the	European-              the	Wisconsin	Department	of	Veterans	
perimeter	duty	at	Malmédy	and	he	was	           African-Middle	Eastern	Service	Medal	          Affairs	toll	free	at	1-800-WIS-VETS			
awarded	the	Bronze	Star	for	clearing	           with	Five	Battle	Stars,	the	Distinguished	     (947-8387).
snow-covered	roads	with	his	bulldozer	          Unit	Citation,	the	Presidential	Unit	
while	under	constant	machine	gun,	mortar,	      Citation,	a	Letter	of	Commendation,	and	
and	artillery	fire.		In	March	1945,	en	route	   Four	Overseas	Bars.

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                                             Guest Column
                                             by Security/Fire/Safety Chief Jim Hotvedt
                                             Wisconsin Veterans Home at King

                                               —		From            tHe                       	
                                                                              Fire StatioN	—			
My name is Jim Hotvedt and I am
the new Chief of the Security/Fire/
Safety Bureau. Today I’m writing
as a guest for the Commandant’s
Column, but I intend to write a
monthly column for the Courier
with material that is relevant,
informative, and dare I hope,
possibly even entertaining to the
members of WVH-King and other
readers of this newsletter. But,
enough about me; my biography
was in last month’s issue.
                                               (left to right) Jim Hotvedt, Ron Johnston, Tammy
The focus of this column is to                 Vande Zande, Matt Bohm, Derek Nowak, Jeff Hoffman,
introduce you to the staff you have            Randy Busch, Scott Pudil. Missing: Andy Ader, Gary
most likely observed at work one               Hartleben, Joshua Simons, Scott Sweetalla.
time or another on the grounds or
in the buildings. The full-timers      All officers, at a minimum, are        The Security/Fire/Safety building
are eight dedicated individuals        State of Wisconsin Certified           at the Wisconsin Veterans Home
who know this complex inside           Firefighter II and all have just       at King is staffed 24 hours a
and out. Their knowledge has           completed their First Responder        day, seven days a week. The
accumulated through years of           Medical Refresher course, which        officers work in pairs putting in 12
patrolling the halls, tunnels and      occurs in every two years. They        hour days/nights. In addition to
grounds, responding to medical         share in the duties of fire safety     shared duties, each officer serves
calls, fire calls, trespassers, dogs   inspections of all of our buildings,   a separate function assisting
and cats and any other type of call    fire drills, fire extinguisher         the Chief in administering the
that sometimes defies categorizing.    demonstrations, 24/7 monitoring        department.
The experience represented by          of fire alarm and sprinkler panels,
these eight officers totals 136        and taking over the telephone          If you have any questions, I
years. Rounding out the schedule       switchboard for the home from          encourage you to call me at
are two limited term employees.        1630-0800 hours on weekdays and        ext. 1485 and if you ever have an
They are fully qualified to perform    all day on weekends and holidays.      emergency, PLEASE CALL ext.
at the same level as the full-time     Their list of duties and services is   2222.
officers, but must be teamed with      hard to put a cap on, I think you
one of them while on duty.             are starting to get the idea.

4                                        the Courier                                                     MAy 2011
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                             Chaplain’s Column
                             by Chaplain David Guerrero

                               ——————		LiFe’S PurPoSe	——————			
                            	 As	a	Chaplain,	      do	as	it	related	to	his	future.	Should	he	       an	optimal	God	glorifying	outcome	and	
                            I	often	meet	          take	a	job	offer	in	another	state	or	should	     (2)	seeing	if	indeed	something	could	have	
                            people	who	            he	remain	where	he	is	now?	By	the	end	of	        been	worked	out	that	would	not	only	uplift		
                            are	stuck	not	         our	conversation,	the	bottom	line	came	to	       Jesus,	but	would	demonstrate	a	powerful	
                            knowing	the	           the	surface	when	I	asked	him,	“In	God's	         witness	to	everyone	involved	as	to	what	
next	direction	or	step	to	take	in	life.	Often	     call	in	your	life,	who	has	He	called	you	to	     God	can	do	to	bring	reconciliation	in	the	
times,	the	individual	doesn't	realize	the	         be?”	There	was	a	long	silence	and	then,	         body	of	Christ.	
reason	they	are	stuck	is	that	they	have	           "Hmm,	that’s	a	good	question."	                  	     You	see,	as	a	Christian,	the	first	thing	
lost	a	sense	of	life's	purpose.		I	feel	this	      	     In	answering	that	question,	my	dear	       we	should	ask	ourselves	in	any	situation	
happens	to	all	of	us	at	some	point	in	our	         friend	began	to	make	his	choice	of	what	         is,	"What	is	God's	purpose	in	this?"	Our	
lives.                                             he	was	to	do.	You	see,	in	responding	to	         problem	is	that	all	too	often	we	seek	our	
	     The	Apostle	Paul	made	profound	              who	God	wants	us	to	be	we	can	effectively	       personal	purpose	and	reasoning	for	what	
statements	when	he	penned	these	words	             respond	to	what	we	will	do.	When	we	             we	do	without	consulting	God.	The	Bible	
found	in	Philippians	3:10,	“That	I	                discover	who	God	desires	us	to	become,	          tells	us	of	a	leader	of	God,	named	Joshua,	
may	know	Him	and	the	power	of	His	                 we	can	face	life's	challenges	with	the	great	    who	when	he	forgot	to	consult	God,	at	a	
resurrection,”	and	in	I	Corinthians	2:2,           expectation	that	what	we	are	becoming	           place	called	Ai,	experienced	a	great	loss.			
“For	I	decided	to	know	nothing	among	              in	Him	will	certainly	lead	us	to	what	we	        	     However,	when	he	consulted	God	and	
you,	except	Jesus	Christ	and	Him	                  ought	to	do	in	every	life	circumstance.		        followed	His	direction	he	gained	a	great	
crucified.”	                                       	     We	simply	make	the	choice	based	on	        victory.	(Joshua	7	&	8)	I	believe	a	good	
	     It	is	abundantly	evident	that	Paul's	life	   if	it	aligns	with	what	God	is	doing	or	what	     course	of	action	in	life	is	to	remember	to	
purpose	was	to	know	Christ.	He	sought	to	          He	would	have	done	as	it	relates	to	our	         make	sure	our	purposes	and	decisions	are	
know	Christ	personally	and	how	He	was	at	          character	development.	                          in	tune	with	God's.	This	is	imperative	in	
work	in	life’s	circumstances.	This	pursuit	                                                         our	Christian	growth,	as	we	must	always	
of	discovery	was	the	objective	of	Paul's	                                                           remember	that,	“My	thoughts	are	not	your	
life.	                                             “This is life’s purpose—to                       thoughts,	neither	are	your	ways	my	ways,”	
	     Paul	didn’t	just	seek	to	simply	know	        become more like Christ.”                        declares	the	LORD.”		Isaiah	55:8				
Christ	for	the	first	time,	but	to	continually	                                                      	     As	this	is	true	as	we	grow	in	
seek	to	know	what	Christ	wanted	from	                                                               positive	character	development,	we	must	
his	life	each	and	every	day,	as	well	as	to	        	     Not	too	long	ago,	a	fellow	Christian	      constantly	and	consistently	consult	God	
experience	Christ’s	power,	in	the	course	          felt	the	extreme	need	to	sue	the	company	        in	all	matters	of	our	lives.	We	must	be	
of	daily	living.	Paul	was	determined	to	           she	worked	for.	This	was	a	Christian	            seeking	His	purpose	and	not	our	own.	For	
discover	God's	will	and	purpose	for	his	           organization	and	she	felt	she	had	been	          it	is	in	seeking	and	fulfilling	God's	purpose	
challenges	and	trials.	Paul	understood	            treated	unfairly.	Instead	of	trying	to	work	     that	we	glorify	Him	and	accomplish	with	
that	it	was	through	difficulties	that	God	         things	out,	she	consulted	an	attorney.		         great	joy	the	direction	and	purpose	of	life	
journeys	with	us,	in	order	that	He	might	          	     What	saddened	me	was	when	she	             which	He	has	designed	for	us.	This	must	
help	us	to	see	our	need	and	help	us	in	our	        and	her	Christian	attorney	were	asked	           be	our	life's	direction	and	goal.	
need	to	become	more	like	Christ.	                  to	sit	down	and	reason	together	the	best	        	     In	life	we	too,	like	Paul,	in	all	things	
	     This	is	life's	purpose—to	become	            course	to	pursue,	the	response	was,	             must	seek	to	decide	to	know	nothing	else	
more	like	Christ.	So	often	we	view	life	           "NO,	we	have	nothing	to	discuss.		If	the	        in	the	midst	of	our	making	decisions	and	
so	differently.	However,	in	Heaven’s	              company	does	not	reply	to	our	request	as	        life	circumstance,	but	to	know	Christ,	
economy,	it	is	who	we	are	or	who	we	are	           we	have	demanded,	they	will	be	sued!"		I	        Him	Crucified	and	the	power	of	His	
becoming	that	God	is	most	concerned.		             wondered,	“Is	this	God's	way	to	solve	this	      resurrection.	To	do	this	and	to	have	this	
When	we	think	about	it,	isn't	this	what	           problem?”		I	thought,	“Doesn't	God's	word	       experience	is	life's	ultimate	purpose.	
matters	most?	Isn't	this	what	should	              encourage	us	as	Christians	to	come	and	
determine	what	we	do	and	how	we	do	it?	            reason	together?”	
	     The	other	day,	someone	who	is	a	life	        	     What	was	sad	was	that	the	Christian	
coach	client	of	mine	was	stuck	and	called	         lawyer	didn't	even	see	the	wisdom	in	
me.	He	was	perplexed	as	he	did	not	know	           seeking	to	glorify	God	by	(1)	learning	all	
what	to	do.	He	wasn't	sure	what	he	should	         the	facts	and	clarifying	the	issues	to	effect	

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«                            wHat’S New        at   KiNg?                                       «

                                                Barron County Veterans Service Office
                                                arranged a tour and brought a van with
                                                ten veterans and spouses to see what
                                                WVH-King has to offer. Tour members
                                                commented, “your facility is absolutely
                                                something to be proud of” and we certainly

        The Easter Bunny (volunteer Cathy
        Tratz) hopped into WVH-King with
        coupons for King members courtesy
        of the AMVETS. Member Mack Leffel
        (center) stands next to the Easter
        Bunny, as Jim Tratz of AMVETS holds
        the basket.

                               As the ice thins every year, members anxiously wait and
                               watch for “Josie’s” icy plunge. This year’s winner was
                               member Josie Buss from Ainsworth Hall who guessed 3:10
                               p.m. on April 13. “Josie” actually fell in at 3:30 p.m. Thanks
                               to all the members who participated.

     The Pool League came to a close and
     celebrated the season with a banquet
     sponsored by the Disabled American
     Veterans and Auxiliary. Thanks for
     another GREAT year!

6                              the Courier                                              MAy 2011
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«                               wHat’S New         at   KiNg?                                   «

                                                        The Wisconsin Veterans Home at King
                                                        hosted a drinking water table top exercise
                                                        funded by the Environmental Protection
                                                        Agency through the Department of Natural
                                                        Resources (DNR). The training exercise
                                                        was a tremendous learning experience and
                                                        visitors from Emergency Management, DNR
                                                        and Public Health were among those who

      The Wisconsin Veterans Home at King
      hosted a Wound Care Certification Training
      Program for 40 RNs, two of whom were
      WVH-King RN staff. The visiting nurses
      said they were very impressed with King.

                                                   The Wisconsin Airborne Tribute Case is now
                                                   in the King Museum. The case contains many
                                                   memorabilia of the Airborne uniforms, medals
                                                   and equipment, 3rd Infantry (Audie Murphy).
                                                   Dedicated veterans coordinated the placement
                                                   of the case at the King Museum.

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«                                aiNSwortH HaLL                                        «

                                              All members celebrated Easter with a
                                              catered meal sponsored by the May
                                              Luchsinger Foundation.

          Member Curly Buss.

                                                       Member Bob Reichelt and
                                                       Activity Staff Moriah Garza.

    Members Darrel and Ruby Dunbar.

                                                       Member Dale Stelson.
      Member Howard Reinhart.

8                               the Courier                                       MAy 2011
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«                                    mac artHur HaLL                                                   «
     inTergenerATionAL group
                                                                      300 gAme

Waupaca Learning Center second graders
pose with King members. (front left to right)
Frank “Doc” Lehman, Bill Kramer, Mary Jane
Hynes, Bea Reavis, Trudy Hohensee, Alice
Levenhagen, Bea Reidinger, (back left to right)
Geraldine Falk, Lloyd Mitchell, George Fucik,         Member Harold Hohensee bowled a 300 game
Leonard King, Lee Trinrud.                            with the help of volunteer Jed Deyoung.

                                          mcdonALd’s cATered supper sponsored By
                                                mAy Luchsinger foundATion

(left to right) Doris Deering, Marge
Johnson, Mike Penne, Dorothee Quam,
Cliff Van Heuklon, Tom Utter.

                                                       (left to right) Member Dale Ehnert, Activity Staff
                                                       Dawn Cravillion and member Al Lietz.

                                                    (left to right) Members Ron Johnson, Betty
                                                    Volmer, Marge Williams, Alice Sturzl, Norb
                                                    Mayer, Don Peterson.

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«                                              oLSoN HaLL                                                      «

                                                            Olson Hall celebrated and honored work
                                                            therapy members with music provided by
                                                            Jim Vollmer. Members enjoyed ice cream
                                                            sundaes after listening to the music.

     (back left to right) Richard Woodford, Sally
     Olson (front left to right) Doris Lange, Jim
     Peronto, Tom Leas.

                                                        (left to right ) Bev Gerner, Ernie Boggs, Marjorie

 (left to right) Ruth Halberg and Lad Strnad.

                                                              (back left to right) Lee Moore, Richard
                                                              Rolstad (front left to right) Robert Nicolini,
                                                              Deloris Mier.
        (left to right) Terry St. Pierre and Jim

10                                         the Courier                                               MAy 2011
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«                                     StordocK HaLL                                                «

                                                The May
                                                “Roger’s Polka
                                                Party” for
                                                members at
Roger and Joy Hartwig are “Roger’s Polka        Stordock Hall.
Party.” Members enjoyed the lively music.

                                                                      Members (front) Bill Michaud
                                                                      and (back) Gene Newhouse.

   Members (front) Els Hameister              Member Tom Vincent.
   and (back) Duane Christianson.

                                                                            Member Betty Rushford.

Members (clockwise) John Stoian, Bruce Barth,               Members Orville and Betty Bierstadt.
Ed Hassmer.

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«                                   aiNSwortH HaLL 1                                                    «

        (left to right) Virginia Schoenicke, CNA;
        Randy Fox and Nicole Bodenheimer, Social
        Workers, help out at the St. Patrick’s catered

                                                                 Member Jim Logue wears a
                                                                 “Kiss me I’m Irish” tie.

(left to right) Patti House, Activity Therapy
Assistant; member Veikko Reinikainen and Virginia
Schoenicke, CNA.

                                                         (left to right) Members Virginia Siburt
                                                         and Grace Kinziger help make table
                                                         decorations for St. Patrick’s Day.

 Mo Kledtiz, LPN, shows her Irish pride.

12                                   the Courier                                                   MAy 2011
«	              Home NewS	                «

«          mardeN memoriaL ceNter         «
                   Opera for the
                   Wednesday, April 13,
                   members enjoyed
                   a performance
                   of “Pirates of
                   Penzance.” There
                   was a cast of
                   four professional
                   singers and one
                   pianist, along with
                   16 students from
                   Waupaca Learning
                   Center. Thanks
                   for the magnificent

MAy 2011           the Courier            13
«	                                        Home NewS	                                                «

«                               StarS & StriPeS eveNiNg           at tHe    uSo                    «

                                  The Wisconsin Veterans
                                  Home at King hosted their
                                  annual all-campus “Stars &
                                  Stripes, Evening at the USO”
                                  on Tuesday, April 26th from
                                  6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Ainsworth
                                  Hall Multipurpose Room. The
                                  Division Administrator for
                                  the Division of Homes, Brian        King Lloyd Mitchell and
Acting Commandant Jackie          Marshall, crowned the “King and     Queen Sheila Claussen.
Moore and WDVA Home               Queen” during the event.
Administrator Brian Marshall.     Rosholt High School Honor
                                  Society students decorated the
                                  hall for the night’s festivities.

                                  The program included live music
                                  from the Neenah Ambassadors,
                                  refreshments and a general
                                  “prom-like” atmosphere.
                                  Thank you to the Veterans of
                                  Foreign War Auxiliary, the May
VFW and Auxiliary volunteers      Luchsinger Foundation, the          Volunteers Etola and Lyle Pingel.
Twiggy and Karen Johnson.         Masonic Services Organization,
                                  Carol Anderson and all the
                                  volunteers who helped put this
                                  wonderful evening together.

                                                                       Member Allen Bitler and guest.
Jen Biesek, Gary Dumas, Glen
Collins and Dawn Reichert.

                                  Member Frances Buehler and
                                  Activity Therapist Carmen
                                                                      Member Sally Olson dancing the
     Member Mary Stockton.                                            night away.

14                                  the Courier                                              MAy 2011
«	                                    Home NewS	                                          «

                           StarS & StriPeS eveNiNg         at tHe   uSo

     Neenah Ambassadors.

                                                              Members Kathleen and George
                               Members Gary Dumas and Glen    Baker.

Members Russ and Elizabeth

                                                             Staff Holly Henning and member
                                                             Ken Graves.
                                     Member Chet Reitz.

Members Howard and Rose

                               Members Ruth Gravelle and
                               Gaynell Brunette.
                                                              Brittany Marg, CNA, and member
                                                              Henry Check.
     Member Sharon Wonderly.
MAy 2011                                  the Courier                                         15
«                                                Home NewS                                                  «

«                                        voLuNteer BaNquet                                                  «
Volunteers Recognized by
 the Wisconsin Veterans
     Home at King
  Veteran Community Celebrates
     National Volunteer Week

Almost	200	volunteers	attended	                                                   Volunteer Dave Johnson
the	banquet	on	Wednesday,	April	                                                  and Miss Wisconsin,
20th.		Registered	volunteers	who	        (left to right) Jackie Moore, Acting     Kimberly Sawyer.
contribute	25	hours	or	more	of	
                                         Commandant of the Wisconsin
service	are	invited	to	this	yearly	
                                         Veterans Home at King, and
banquet.		Volunteers	who	were	able	
                                         Volunteer Irene Guthu.
to	give	more	than	100	hours	were	
recognized	at	the	program	with	a	
certificate	of	appreciation	and	a	pin	
or	bar.		The	Veterans	Home	at	King	
has	over	350	active	volunteers	who	
donated	38,108	hours	of	volunteer	
time	to	the	Home.	“We’re	extremely	
fortunate	to	have	so	many	dedicated	
and	compassionate	volunteers,”	said	
Jackie	Moore,	Acting	Commandant	
of	the	Home.			

Irene	Guthu,	a	long-time	volunteer	
was	recognized	for	her	service	
                                         Volunteers enjoying a
of	over	10,000	hours.		She	began	                                                WDVA Home Administrator
                                         conversation before their meal.
volunteering	at	the	Home	in	                                                     Brian Marshall and volunteer
November,	1983	as	a	member	of	                                                   Lyle Pingel.
the	Disabled	American	Veterans	
Auxiliary.	“I	probably	get	more	
out	of	my	volunteering	than	the	
members;	it	makes	me	feel	good	to	
give	back,”	said	Ms.	Guthu.		

Brian	Marshall,	Administrator	of	
the	Division	of	Veterans	Homes	and	
Kimberly	Sawyer,	Miss	Wisconsin	
2011,	attended	the	banquet	as	guest	
speakers.		Miss	Wisconsin	delighted	
                                                                                Volunteers Ken and Barb
the	attendees	when	she	graciously	
accepted	a	request	to	sing	America
the Beautiful.
                                         Master of Ceremonies, Laura

16                                          the Courier                                              MAy 2011
«                                      Home NewS                                             «

«                                voLuNteer BaNquet                                           «

AMVETS volunteers Cathy Tratz
and Ken Wendt.

                                AMVETS Department
                                Commander Gene Wagner and          WDVA Home Administrator
                                members Gary Dumas and Glen        Brian Marshall gave the
                                Collins.                           keynote speech.

       Volunteer Khloe.

                                Members Dorothy and Fred Bartz.
                                                                  DAV and American Legion
                                                                  Department Commanders John
                                                                  Hoeft and Robert Batty.

Brian Marshall and Jackie

                                     Volunteer Gene Zeinty.       WDVA Board Chair Dan Naylor
                                                                  and volunteer Alice Bentley.
Brian Marshall and volunteer
Ken Tourville.

MAy 2011                                   the Courier                                       17
«	                                      Home NewS	                                           «

«                             memBer worK tHeraPy weeK                                       «
The Wisconsin Veterans Home at King celebrated Member Work Therapy Week April 4-8 to recognize
the significant and critical services the members provide to campus operations. The celebration
finished with a luncheon in the Marden Multipurpose Room. 	

                                  Library Work Therapy members.

«                              coNStructioN uPdateS                                          «

18                                 the Courier                                         MAy 2011
«	                                         LiBrary NewS	                                                  «

«            Large PriNt BooKS avaiLaBLe                         «

                                                                          submitted by member
submitted by librarian Linda Hagen                                               Tom Leas
                                                                     These movies are available at
The	library	has	recently	added	many	new	DVDs	to	its	permanent	       the WVH-King library which
collection.		Following	are	some	of	those	DVDs.                       is located on the third floor of
                                                                     the Marden Memorial Center.
High Noon starring	Gary	Cooper	and	Grace	Kelly
Amish Grace	starring	Kimberly	Williams-Paisley	
Discoveries America: Wisconsin	–	a	travelog                          Twelve O’Clock High
On the Waterfront	starring	Marlon	Brando
                                                                     Gregory	Peck,	#304,	2	hr.	12	min.,		
The Devil’s Own	starring	Harrison	Ford	and	Brad	Pitt                 Not	Rated
Bye Bye Birdie	starring	Dick	Van	Dyke
Bell, Book and Candle	starring	James	Stewart                         Story of a bomber crew, with a
                                                                     hard nosed commanding officer,
Songwriter starring	Willie	Nelson	and	Kris	Kristofferson             set during WWII. A typical WWII
Cowboy starring	Glenn	Ford	and	Jack	Lemmon                           film that’s one of the many made.
Modern Marvels: Walt Disney World	–	a	documentary                    Actual combat scenes, American
To Catch a Thief starring	Cary	Grant                                 and German film, are used which
Murder She Wrote –	first	season                                      makes it more real than a sound
                                                                     stage version.
MASH	–	first	season
The Waltons	–	first	season                                           «««« 4	stars
Gone With The Wind	starring	Clark	Gable	and	Vivian	Leigh
Marmaduke	starring	Owen	Wilson                                       Forever Young
12 Angry Men	starring	Norman	Fell	and	other	stars                    Mel	Gibson,	1	hr.	42	min.,	#374,	
Unstoppable starring	Chris	Pine                                      Rated	PG
Silver Streak	starring	Gene	Wilder	and	Richard	Pryor                 If you wait too long, all you desire
Doctor Zhivago starring	Omar	Sharif	and	Julie	Christie               could be lost. This movie shows
NFL Super Bowl XLV	starring	the	Green	Bay	Packers                    you the consequences of delay.
Secretariat starring	Diane	Lane                                      Very good film.
The Searchers	starring	John	Wayne
The Fighting Sullivans	starring	Anne	Baxter                          ««««« 5	stars
Jailhouse Rock	starring	Elvis	Presley                                The Devil’s Brigade
Cool Hand Luke	starring	Paul	Newman
                                                                     William	Holden,	#354,																				
Three Men and a Baby	starring	Tom	Selleck                            1	hr.	27	min.,	Not	Rated
Three Men and a Little Lady	starring	Tom	Selleck
Red River	starring	John	Wayne                                         I hate to say it, but this is just
                                                                     another WWII film through the eyes
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows starring	Daniel	Radcliffe       of a different director.
The King’s Speech starring	Colin	Firth
The Tourist	starring	Johnny	Depp                                     ««« 3	stars
MAy 2011                                          the Courier                                              19
«                                      LiBrary NewS                                        «

«                           movieS   at tHe   marveLouS mardeN!                            «

                                  All movies are shown in the Marden Theater.
                                  Tugger service is available. Free popcorn on
                                  Thursday evenings.

Tuesday, May 17 at 1:30 p.m.
- Bye Bye Birdie starring
Dick Van Dyke, rated G,
1 hr. 52 min.

Wednesday, May 18 at                           Please come and check out
1:30 p.m. - The Searchers
starring John Wayne, not rated,
                                                what the fun is all about!
1 hr. 59 min.
                                          Arthritis Foundation Exercise
Thursday, May 19 at 6:00 p.m.
- Unstoppable starring Denzel
Washington, rated PG-13,                     Tuesdays & Thursdays
1 hr. 38 min.                                 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 24 at 1:30 p.m.                 Member Fitness Center
- Road to Bali starring Bob               Marden Center Lower Level
Hope and Bing Crosby, not
rated, 1 hr. 30 min.
Wednesday, May 25 at                    To provide members with an enjoyable
1:30 p.m. - A Good Year                 and safe exercise program.
starring Russell Crowe,                 To encourage positive social
rated PG-13, 1 hr. 58 min.
                                        interactions among members.
Thursday, May 26 at 6:00 p.m.           To reduce pain, fatigue, and stiffness.
- Get Smart starring Steve
Carrell and Anne Hathaway,               If you would like to participate, ask your
rated PG-13, 1 hr. 50 min.               building Activity Staff or Fitness Center
                                                  Staff how you can join.
Tuesday, May 31 at
1:30 p.m. - Duplicity
starring Julia Roberts,
rated PG-13, 2 hr. 5 min.

20                                   the Courier                                      MAy 2011
«                                                            BirtHdayS                                                                  «

     ———————————————                                         May                     ———————————————
                                                                                                 20	 Veda	Flynn	................... AH	307
                                                                                                 		 Marcella	Canniff	........... SH	363
                                                                                                 		 John	Lebal,	Jr.	............... SH	355
 		1	 Nolan	Ninabuck...............SH	262      14	   Laura	Bostedt	..................MH	229                            .
                                                                                                 		 Ronald	Mitchell	........... AH	443
 		2	 Austin	Corwin	............ MH	262        		    John	Dinse	....................... SH	320   		 Patricia	Duffy	.............SH	519B
 		 Lillian	Reese	............. AH	228B        		    Leon	Luick	......................MH	328     		 Donald	Tautges	............ OH	485
 		3	 Gerald	Strachota	.......... AH	458       		    Michael	Penne	.................MH	222       21			Frank	Podach	.............OH	476A
 		5	 James	Espeseth	............. SH	541      15	                       .
                                                     Virginia	Lockery	............ AH	424        22	 Donald	Meyer	.............. OH	582
 		 Richard	Swanson	......... OH	469           		    George	Jeskewitz	............. SH	503       25	 Raymond	McClone	......MH	276
 		6	 Alexander	Kozikowski	. AH	238            16	                           .
                                                     Elsworth	Hameister	......... SH	250         26		Eugene	Herman.............SH	216B
 		 Michael	Kloehn	............ SH	525
                       .                       		    Edward	Sartausky	............AH	161         27	 Elizabeth	Montgomery.. SH	365
 	7	 Evelyn	Schroeder	.......... SH	453        		    Veronica	Magayna	...........OH	325          		 Lucille	Oninski	............. SH	536
 		 Pearl	O’Donahue	....... AH	452A            		    Robert	Rigsby	................SH	279B       28	 Leonard	Mika	............AH	433B
 	8	 Stanley	Sankey...............MH	283       17	   David	Bzdusek	................ AH	444       29	 Joseph	G.	Mock,	Sr.	..... OH	502
 		 Donald	Hunt	................. AH	438       		                  .
                                                     Suzanne	Karl	................... SH	512     30	 Gordon	Falk	.................. SH	550
 	9	 Ronald	Weinfurtner	..... OH	206           		    Dean	Johnson	...................OH	455      		 Rodney	Schoenbeck	..... OH	335
 		 Wilfred	Michaud	...........SH	482          		    Hanayo	Meyer	..................OH	583       		 Vernon	Langholff	.........MH	358
 10	 Roy	Aaberg	...................SH	408      18	   Thomas	Utter	..................MH	361       31	 Robert	Van	Drasek	....... OH	266
 		 Clifford	Poppy	............. AH	323
                     .                         		    Raymond	Levandowski	AH	332B                 	 Anne	Hermus..................AH	324
 12	 Philip	Binder	................AH	206                                                        	 	

           —————————————                                   June                     ———————————————

  	1	 Donald	Bartram...........MH	319          13	 Keith	Gales...................	OH	250
		3	 Eugene	Gauger	.............OH	308             Roman	Leonard..........SH	219A
	 Dennis	Olsen	........... SH	246B             14	 David	Christie.......	........SH	383
	 William	Eddy	 ..............AH	144           	 Chester	Reitz	.................SH	553
		4	 Corrine	Radloff	...........AH	254         15	 John	Janick...................	OH	220
	 James	Holeman	............AH	457             17	 James	Leedom.............	MH	259
	      James	Nylund............SH	476B         	 Theresa	Demmert......SH	576B
	 Otto	Tiedemann...........	SH	283	        	   	 George	Kelly,	Jr.	...........SH	542             24	 Elmer	Feltz..............SH	319A
		5		Robert	Griffith	..............OH	320      	 Emil	Zmek	.... ...........MH	360B               26	 Alan	Freezy.................SH	353
		6	 Ernest	Boggs................	OH	242       	 John	Miller....................	OH	280          	 Leroy	Talbot..............AH	435
      Tom	Martin.................OH	319B       18	 Anne	Lesko...................AH	425           	 George	Fucik............MH	368
	 Byron	Kuehl...................SH	350         	 Nona	Schroeder	...........AH	226                	 James	Fulton..............	OH	350
		7	 Anthony	Adamczyk.....SH	252               19	 Gustav	Finkbeiner........SH	436               	 Donald	Wesley...........SH	308
		9	 Mervin	Granger	..........MH	280           	 Vernice	Bohn.............AH	232A                                                S
                                                                                                 27	 Ernest	Ksionek...........	 H	338
10	 William	Burling	...........AH	130          20	 John	Blair......................MH	261        	 Frank	Mettler.............OH	282
	 Richard	Ruppert	...........OH	303            21	 Minnie	Ahlm.............AH	333A               28	 Henry	Check.............	AH	318
11	 Larry	Stiebs	... ...............SH	535     	 James	Vaux,	Jr.............	. SH	472            	 Howard	Reinhart......AH	330
12	 Otto	Blohm	.... ..............AH	135       23	 Colin	Young.................MH	309            	 James	Hirsch.............MH	322
	 Gerald	Baker................	.AH	335         	 William	Godfrey.......	OH	576A                  29	 Marian	Wienandt.......SH	312
	 George	Banton	...........OH	576B             	 John	Tews......................OH	233           	 Richard	Fanshaw.......AH	146
MAy 2011                                                         the Courier                                                             21
«                                       commemoratioNS                                                      «

           In MeMory of                     “Heaven is my throne and
                                            the earth is my footstool.” —Isaiah 42:10

              Vincent	M.	Sroka               Kenneth	Petersen                       Harold	A.	Gruen
              Herb	V.	Grasmick                 Joseph	F.	Voss                      James	G.	Whitney
               Orville	Green                Lenore	M.	Schroeder                     Leland	S.	Moore
                Paul	O.	Koch                Lawrence	A.	Hanns                       Joseph	E.	Prindle

Happy	Anniversary!
        May Anniversaries
		3		Kermit	and	Marjorie	Peterson
		8	 Raymond	and	Maryann	Levandowski
						Paul	and	Irene	Frank
		9	 Albert	and	Elizabeth	Brouwer		
17	 Gary	and	Cora	Schwersinske	
                                                      MEMBER FITNESS CENTER
25	 Erwin	and	Isabel	Beach
26	 Donald	and	Virginia	Bures
28	 Kenneth	and	Shirley	Trinrud
                                             8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                                        CLOSED Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
     June Anniversaries                                     for Exercise Class
		1			Russell	and	Minnie	Ahlm
15		Leon	and	Josephine	Luick                 Located in the Marden Center past the Coffee Shop

17		Donald	and	Hanayo	Meyer
18		Ralph	and	Jacqueline	Tramm                            NuSTEP Exercise Bikes
26		Leonard	amd	Georgiana	Mika                     (Cardiovascular workout for upper and lower body)
                                                           Arm and Leg Weights
27		Conrad	and	Virginia	Scheuerman
30		Alton	and	Myrtis	Gigstead               To use the Fitness Center - check with your building
                                                   Activity Staff or Fitness Center Staff.

22                                     the Courier                                                     MAy 2011
«                                                          wHat’S cooKiNg?                                                                                   «
                        Menus are subject to change. Please speak to dining room staff or your dietitian
                         to request alternate choices which are indicated on the menu in parentheses.
                                                   WHAT S COOKING?
                                              LUNCH MENUS FOR May 8-28, 2011
      SUNDAY             MONDAY                TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                FRIDAY             SATURDAY
      MOTHERS                             9               10                     11                       12                        13               14
        DAY              Build Your             Salisbury           Carolina Salad            Veal Parmesan            Baked             Country Style
                            Own:                 Steak                 (Waldorf Salad)             over             Haddock with            RIbs
     Grilled Salmon      Hamburger            (Baked Haddock)          with Grilled              Buttered           Tartar Sauce             (Meatloaf)
           With          with a Bun              Scalloped              Chicken                 Spaghetti           (Scrambled Eggs)     Boiled Potatoes
      Hollandaise          (Meatloaf)            Potatoes               (Tuna Salad             (Macaroni and       Baked Potato          (Whipped Potato)
                           Lettuce,           (Whipped Potato)           Sandwich                 Cheese)            With Butter           Sauerkraut
          Sauce                                                       on White Bread)
       (Pork Roast)       Tomato,                Sautéed                                        Cauliflower         (Whipped Potato)        (Wax Beans)
                                                 Zucchini           Sunflower Seeds               Salad             Sliced Carrots          German
     Potato Medley      Onion, Pickles
     (Whipped Potato)    (2 Bean Salad)        (Diced Carrots)         and Dried              (Cucumber Salad)      (Diced Rutabagas)    Chocolate Cake
       Asparagus         French Fries           Raspberry             Cranberries              Warm Garlic            Rye Bread
      (Green Beans)      (Potato Salad)          Sherbet               Croutons                   Roll               Black Forest
     Warm Dinner        Creamy Fruit                                 Honey Mustard               Éclair                Mousse
         Roll              Salad                                       Dressing
      Strawberry                                                    (Diet Ranch Dressing)
     Chiffon Pie                                                       Assorted
                                                                      Warm Peach
                    15                 16                17                  18                            19                     20                 21
        Southern            Italian        Hamloaf with     Sweet and Sour                    Grilled Reuben          Butterflied         Ham-Stuffed
         Baked         Meatballs over Mustard Sauce             Pork over                       Sandwich             Shrimp with            Chicken
        Chicken           Spaghetti        (Baked Haddock)    Steamed Rice                    (Turkey Tettrazini)   Cocktail Sauce         w/ Swiss
          With           (Macaroni and        Augratin         (Macaroni and                   French Fries         (Scrambled Eggs)     Cheese Sauce
       Cranberry            Cheese)           Potatoes            Cheese)                     (Whipped Potato)         Cheesy                (Meatloaf)
     Sauce Garnish     Tossed Salad (Whipped Potato)            Pea Pods                         Creamy              Hashbrowns             Noodles
       (Roast Pork)     (Pickled Beets)       Steamed           (Asparagus)                      Coleslaw           (Whipped Potato)        Romanov
        Whipped           with Blue           Broccoli       Fortune Cookie                     (Carrot Salad)         Tomato-            (Whipped Potato)
       Potato w/            Cheese           (Green Bean)   Angel Food Cake                   Peanut Butter            Zucchini          California Blend
         Gravy             Dressing       Blueberry Fruit with Strawberry                         Pie                   Relish             Vegetables
                          (Diet French         Parfait           Topping                                             (Tossed Salad          (Asparagus)
     Whole Kernel          Dressing)                                                                                  With French         Black Forest
          Corn               Warm                                                                                      dressing)
      (Diced Carrots)                                                                                                                         Bar
                          Breadstick                                                                                  Rye Bread
       Peach Pie
                          Strawberry                                                                                  Cinnamon
                           Sundae                                                                                      Streusel
                        (Chocolate Frozen                                                                            Coffee Cake
                    22               23                       24                         25                26                  27                    28
       Roast Pork       Swiss Steak              Lasagna                 Kielbasa                Cream of              Grilled           Chicken Breast
      with Spiced      with Tomatoes          (Turkey Tetrazzini)       (Turkey Loaf)          Chicken and          Haddock with         with Supreme
       Apple Ring      (Baked Haddock)           Steamed             Sage Dressing            Wild Rice Soup        Tartar Sauce             Sauce
       (Roast Beef)       Whipped                Zucchini             with Brown              with Crackers         (Scrambled Eggs)         (Meatloaf)
      Baked Sweet      Potatoes with           (Diced Carrots)           Gravy                (Turkey Rice Soup)    Baked Potato          Steamed Red
         Potato            Gravy               Warm Garlic           (Whipped Potatoes)        Hot Ham and          (Whipped Potato)         Potato
          With         Whole Kernel               Bread               Sliced Carrots          Swiss on a Rye           Brussels           (Whipped Potato)
       Cinnamon             Corn              Strawberry Ice         (Diced Rutabagas)             Bun                 Sprouts               Mixed
         Butter          (Wax Beans)              Cream               Banana Cake              (Ham and Swiss         (Asparagus)          Vegetables
     (Whipped Potato)    Chocolate                                                               Casserole)           Rye Bread              (Squash)
       Black-Eyed        Cream Pie                                                             Green Beans          Raspberry Jell-       Poppy Seed
          Peas                                                                                    (Spinach)         o with Peaches       Cake with Icing
       (Green Bean)                                                                            Warm Fudge
      Strawberry-                                                                                Cookie
     Rhubarb Fruit

MAy 2011                                                                the Courier                                                                          23
«                                           doNatioNS                                               «

     On behalf of the members, we sincerely thank the following for their generous donation.

      VFW #10203 of Hamburg          Marine Corps League #1133       Donna Eckholm of New London
                                             of Hurley                in memory of Lydia Wittman
 Hope Untied Church of Christ
  Sunday School of Fremont            Gene and Linda Schmitt of      Elks Lodge #259 of Green Bay
                                       Wausaukee in memory
       VFW #8068 of Elderon              of Raymond Paul

 Beverly and Ronald yahnke of        Fred Brown of Hortonville in
     Wautoma in memory                memory of Orville Green             IN MEMORY OF
      of Nicholas Alberti                                               KENNETH PETERSEN
                                        VFW Auxiliary #10406
Patricia and Terrance Malmberg             of Buffalo City              Sandy and Kirk Nichols
    of Cudahy in memory of                                                   of Appleton
         Nicholas Alberti             AMVETS of Sturgeon Bay
                                                                        Cliff Fischer of Menasha
      Chuck and Janet Kading        VFW Auxiliary 8514 of Osseo
           of Appleton                                               Ronald and Carol Ballschmiede
                                     VFW Auxiliary - Department            of Palatine, Illinois
       Member Royal Kielman               of Wisconsin
                                                                       David and Karen Thomsen
       Member Walter Simboli          The American Legion #337                of Neenah
                                             of Pulaski
        Member Don Meyer                                               Michael and Carol Bogan
                                      Member Gaynell Brunette                of Neenah
     Gilbert and Loleta Hofschild
        of Nekoosa in memory           Member Gordon Evans              Nancy and Dennis Lewis
           of Lydia Wittman                                               of Highland, Indiana
                                         VFW Auxiliary 5970
        VFW Auxiliary #1037               of Lyndon Station           Lorraine Petersen of Neenah
           of Waupaca
                                         King Recreation, Inc.        Darlene Petersen of Neenah
 The American Legion Auxiliary
   #69 of Mayville in memory        Bruce and Mary Lou Tessmer               Margaret White
      of Louise Feilbach            of Richland Center in memory          of Glen Ellyn, Illinois
                                           of Willo Tessmer
        MOPH - Department
          of Wisconsin              Dr. Robert Wubben of Neenah
                                    Paula Kohloff of Beaver Dam in
       VFW #8584 of Cashton             memory of Lynn Winkie

WE	NEED	YOUR	HELP: When making a donation, please provide the full name and complete
   address (including zip code) of the person or group to be acknowledged. Thank	you!

24                                    the Courier                                            MAy 2011
«                                         doNatioNS                                                 «

    Members of Girl Scout Troop 2800,                        AMVETS donated a 210 gallon
    Katherine and Kelsey Leaf, delivered                     fresh water aquarium with 63 fish
    handmade greeting cards. Many hours went                 to the Wisconsin Veterans Home at
    into this project and the members at King                King. Members and visitors alike are
    certainly appreciate the troops’ efforts.                impressed with the beauty and serenity
                                                             of the tank.

    Wausau VFW and Auxiliary sponsored the
    monthly birthday bingo for the members at               Cliff Doxtator, member of the Green
    King.                                                   Bay Elks Lodge #259, presented Acting
                                                            Commandant Jackie Moore a donation
                                                            for the wood shop and for member
                                                            coupon books.

                                        Over 40 students from the Waupaca High School gave their
                                        time, talent and energy on Wednesday, April 27 at King.
                                        Students, as participants of a service learning project, raked
                                        leaves, cleaned buildings and played games with members.
                                        Thank you to these caring and hard-working students!

MAy 2011                                        the Courier                                          25
«                                           New memBerS                                                           «

          We	welcome	the	following	new	members	to	the	Wisconsin	Veterans	Home	at	King.

                                                Clarence Anderegg
                                           WWII Army veteran and spouse,
                                                 Delores Anderegg
                       joined us on April 1, 2011 from Nekoosa. They are living at MH 377.

                                                 Paul Graff
         WWII Army Air Corps veteran joined us on April 1, 2011 from Milwaukee. He is living at AH 242

                                              George Banton
            Peacetime Navy veteran joined us April 6, 2011 from Evansville. He is living at OH 576B.

                                               Richard Bong
          Vietnam War Army veteran joined us on April 11, 2011 from Mosinee. He is living at OH 449B.

                                              Dennis Wagner
     Vietnam War Marine Corps veteran joined us on April 12, 2011 from Manitowoc. He is living at OH 246B.

                                             William Godfrey
       Vietnam War Army veteran joined us on April 13, 2011 from Stevens Point. He is living at OH 576A.

                                             Dolores Mueller
             WWII Navy spouse joined us on April 13, 2011 from Waupaca. She is living at MH 380.

                                               Larry Stiebs
         Vietnam War Army veteran joined us on April 14, 2011 from White Lake. He is living at SH 535.

                                              Wilbur Hamblin
             WWII Navy veteran joined us on April 15, 2011 from Clintonville. He is living at AH 125.

                                                Melvin Leffel
           Korean War Army veteran joined us on April 15, 2011 from Pickerel. He is living at SH 419A.

                                               Dennis Olsen
       Vietnam War Marine Corps veteran joined us on April 15, 2011 from Merrill. He is living at SH 246B.

                                                Felicia Laux
            WWII Army veteran joined us on April 18, 2011 from Oshkosh. She is living at AH 259A.

                                              Charles Hittle
              WWII Army veteran joined us on April 22, 2011 from Antigo. He is living at MH 216B.

                                              Eugene Herman
           Vietnam War Army veteran joined us on April 25, 2011 from Antigo. He is living at SH 216B.

                                              Ronald Lorge
          Vietnam War Army veteran joined us on April 25, 2011 from Glidden. He is living at AH 359B.

                                                Richard Nelson
             Berlin Army veteran joined us on April 29, 2011 from Menasha. He is living at OH 479B.

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