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									 KIAsia NEWS BYTES

                                                         OCTOBER 2001 (#38)

KIAsia NEWS BYTES is a monthly update on the activities of the Kenan Institute Asia. You are
welcome to quote or distribute any information contained in this newsletter. If you would like to receive
our newsletter, please write to us at

In this month's NEWS BYTES:


    1.   Business plan writing workshop
    2.   Signing ceremony for risk management training for Bank of Ayudhya
    3.   BAAM activities to fight against malaria
    4.   Building staff capability for the Post and Telegraph Department
    5.   Mediation and dispute resolution training


    1.   Workshop on social marketing for improving air quality in Chiang Mai
    2.   Workshop on communications for achieving environmental results
    3.   Seminar and workshop on financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy project
    4.   BMA-New York City energy management study trip
    5.   Workshop on community and environmental problems solving


    1. Thank you plaque received from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
    2. Dow presents donation to ACT Co-Chairman, Mr. Anand Panyarachun

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Schedule of Upcoming Events (1 of 7)10/23/2006 11:41:30 AM


1. Business plan writing workshop

In September, a customized business plan writing workshop was successfully organized for members
of "The Association of Thai Concrete Products Industry" and a number of BAC clients in other
industries. Mr. Veeravut Makhasilanonth from Expernet Co., Ltd. and Mr. Sorakit Manbuphachati,
KIAsia financial expert, covered all necessary areas of business plan. The participants expressed
appreciation for the knowledge gained and requested to receive information on future BAC seminars
and workshops in other topics.

2. Signing ceremony for risk management training for Bank of Ayudhya

The Bank Training Project agreed to support a risk management training program at the Bank of
Ayudhya. PricewaterhouseCooper Risk Management Services, Ltd. has been awarded a contract to
deliver the training. The contract signing ceremony will be held on October 10. This grant is from the
second year of the Bank Training Project.

3. BAAM activities to fight against malaria

Between September 12-14, the Border Action Against Malaria (BAAM) project organized a USAID
Partners’ Meetings with the Malaria Division, USAID, WHO, U.S. Pharmacopeia, Management
Sciences for Health, and ACTMalaria on key issues and potential BAAM support for monitoring and
studies on drug quality and drug use practices as an expanded function of the national malaria drug
resistance sentinel surveillance network in Thailand and Cambodia. On September 26-27, BAAM
organized a workshop on participatory action research planning in Chantaburi Province to test
interventions for malaria control among high-risk forest-related occupation groups in Pong Nam Ron
and Soi Dao Districts for a community-based approach for malaria control in Thai-Cambodian border

4. Building capacities of Post and Telegraph Department’s staff.

With funding from the Business Support Organization Partnership (BSOP) project, a videoconference
was held on September 7 between US Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Thailand’s Post
and Telegraph Department (PTD) and the Kenan Institutes to discuss key telecommunications industry
issues including regulatory framework, spectrum management and competition.

US lessons-learned were presented on: FCC’s roles and functions by Ms. Irene S. Wu, Regional
Specialist for Asia, FCC; spectrum issues by Mr. Richard Engelman, Chief, International Bureau; and,
on competition and dominant carrier issues by Mr. Mark Uretsky, Economist, International Bureau. Mr.
Sethaporn Kusripituck, the Director General of the PTD led the discussion from the Thai side. Forty
Thai participants joined from the PTD, the Telephone Organization of Thailand, and the
Communication Authority of Thailand. (2 of 7)10/23/2006 11:41:30 AM

This activity is the first step of cooperation supported by the BSOP. It builds on the memorandum of
discussion signed by the FCC and PTD in 2000. The objectives of this capacity building project are to
prepare the PTD staff for the liberalization of Thailand’s telecommunications sector and to build a long-
term mutually beneficial partner between FCC and PTD as the PTD evolves into the secretariat of the
telecommunications regulatory commission.

5. Mediation and conflict resolution raining

The BSOP brought in five U.S. experts from the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) to deliver two
three-day training courses on basic mediation, organized by Thailand’s Dispute Resolution Office,
Office of the Court of Justice, to a total of 100 participants, including mediators and financial advisors,
at the Grand Hotel, Bangkok. An effective mediation system will assist in expediting the closure of
thousands of economic cases held up in the courts. The ABI team included Mr. George Kelakos, Mr.
Jacob Esher, Judge Lisa Fenning, Mr. Richard Wynne, and Mr. Tim Wales. After the training courses,
twenty of these trained mediators and financial advisors will be selected to participate in the upcoming
train-the-trainers program in December 2001 to become trainers for newly-established Mediation
Center for Financial Disputes (MCFD). Additional educational outreach is planned for judges and

AERA is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. State


1. Thank you plaque received from Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

On September 22, Ms. Indhira Wattanakasem, KIAsia Director of Human Resource Development
Division, represented KIAsia in receiving a thank-you plaque from the Ministry of Labor and Social
Welfare. The ceremony was held to celebrate an anniversary of the Ministry. KIAsia has been
nominated to receive the plaque by the Department of Skill Development for two consecutive years. It
has been working closely with the Department for several projects including training on plant tissue
culture, food processing, and freight forwarding.

2. Dow presents donation to ACT Co-Chairman, Mr. Anand Panyarachun

Mr. James Fitterling, Country Manager, Dow Chemical Thailand Co., Ltd. presented a donation of US$
30,000 for the first year of ACT II activities to Mr. Anand Panyarachun, ACT Co-Chairman on August
14, 2001. Dow is a new corporate donor member of ACT, after recently merging with Union Carbide
Thailand, a former ACT donor. The company will contribute a total donation of US$ 90,000 over a
three-year period.

ACT is funded by gold members: Unocal and AIG; silver members: Motorola; and benefactors:
Raytheon, Chase Manhattan Bank, General Electric, Dow Chemical Thailand Co. and Union Carbide.
Other contributors include American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand and American Express. (3 of 7)10/23/2006 11:41:30 AM


1. Workshop on social marketing for improving air quality in Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai Municipality and Thailand's Pollution Control Department organized a workshop on
Social Marketing for Improving Air Quality in Chiang Mai province on September 11-12, 2001. The
workshop was supported by the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE), US Environmental
Protection Agency (US EPA), US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) and Kenan Institute Asia.
The objectives of the workshop were to develop a social marketing campaign to initiate and motivate
individuals and organizations to make commitments for implementing the Air Quality Management Plan
in order to have better air quality in Chiang Mai. Sixty participants from Chiang Mai Municipality, the
private sector, local government agencies, universities, media, community units and NGOs attended
the workshop. This workshop is a part of the US-AEP-funded Chiang Mai Air Quality Master Plan

2. Workshop on communications for achieving environmental results.

A workshop on Communications for Achieving Environmental Results was organized by the Bangkok
Metropolitan Administration (BMA) on September 13-14, 2001 in Bangkok in support of an ongoing air
quality project, Green Fleets. The workshop was attended by about 50 participants from a previous
Green Fleets workshop last July, including representatives of districts and concerned BMA's
departments, government agencies, universities and NGOs. The workshop was supported by US-AEP,
Maryland Department of Environment, US Environmental Protection Agency and Kenan Institute Asia.

3. Seminar and workshop on financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy project.

The Kenan Institute Asia and US-Asia Environmental Partnership in cooperation with E&CO, CO-GEN
AIT, Industrial Financial Corporation of Thailand (IFCT), International Institute of Energy Conservation
(IIEC), AT-Biopower, Thai Photovoltaics Ltd and Department of Energy Development and Promotion
organized a half-day seminar for executives and 2-day workshop on Financing for Energy Efficiency
and Renewable Energy Projects between September 25-27, 2001. The objectives of this workshop
were to increase knowledge of the participants in financing energy efficiency and renewable energy
projects and provide US financial organizations with opportunities to meet with potential clients. The
participants included developers, consultants, and representatives from financial institutes, government
agencies, international organizations and state enterprises.

4. BMA-New York City Emergency Management Study Trip

The US-Asia Environmental Partnership sponsored three senior officials from the Bangkok
Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to visit the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ)
and the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) on September 7, 2001. The BMA
delegates for this trip were the Deputy Governor, Deputy Permanent Secretary, and Director of Policy
and Planning. The objective of the visit was to follow up and establish a partnership between BMA and
NYC emergency management agencies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),
PANYNJ, and the NYC OEM have been providing technical assistance to BMA for the past three (4 of 7)10/23/2006 11:41:30 AM

years. The Thai delegation also planned to visit FEMA office in Washington DC in the following week;
however, due to the chemical truck accident in Bangkok on September 6, 2001, they had to return
early. The study trip was coordinated by the Kenan Institute Asia, Institute of International Education
(IIE), and FEMA.

5. Workshop on community and environmental problems solving

The Environment Law Center-Thailand Foundation conducted a workshop on "Community and
Environmental Problems Solving" in Mae Sod, Tak province on September 22, 2001. The objectives of
this workshop were to educate and develop a manual for the community and Thai lawyers on how to
handle environmental cases. Case studies from Tak province were used to develop practical
procedures. Key speakers included Senator Panas Tasaneeyanond, Senator Kaewsan Atipoh, Khun
Somnuk Rubthong of the Pollution Control Department and many others from the State Attorney
Office. Paul Violette represented US-AEP at this workshop. The project was supported by US-AEP
under its NGO Communities Participation Initiative managed by KIAsia in cooperation with the US-AEP
Regulatory Dialogue program managed by PADCO. The workshop was attended by about 100

KIAsia’s environment program receives its funding from the US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-
AEP) and from its own endowment which has received contributions from the Department of Economic
and Technical Cooperation – Royal Thai Government, Kenan Charitable Trust, Kenan Institute of
Private Enterprise, US Agency of International Development (USAID), private donors and the US-Asia
Environmental Partnership.


What's new this month:

     q   Job opportunities with KIAsia: KIAsia is seeking qualified candidates for Business Consultant
         for SMEs and Program Consultant for the Business Support Organization Partnership project.
         For further information, please visit our website at
     q   Download Center:
              r Presentation from the seminar on "Business Security Act" organized on October 4,

                 2001 by the Office of the Legal Affairs in cooperation with KIAsia.


Oct. 1-5
Three U.S. experts from the American Bankruptcy Institute to travel to Bangkok to provide technical
assistance on the draft Business Security Act to the Office of the Court of Justice. The experts will also
deliver a seminar on October 4 to 300 judges, lawyers and businessmen.

Oct. 1-29
Five BAC success stories to be featured every Monday in October between 5:00-5:30 p.m., with the (5 of 7)10/23/2006 11:41:30 AM

rerun on the following Tuesday between 6:30-7:00 p.m., on the "Executive Time" program, UBC
Channel 7. The featured BAC clients are Center Container - a corrugated paper and box manufacturer,
Rinse Tech - a rinsing spray manufacturer, A Group - an audio system manufacturer, contractor, and
consultant, Black Canyon - a restaurant franchise offering coffee and meals, and Greensville - a
contracted manufacturer of skincare, toiletries, and household products respectively. The interview-
style show will feature each company's background, their products and services, BAC assistance, and
the benefits gained from BAC.

Oct. 12
Seminar on Net Metering for senior Thai government officials in the power sector at the Queen Sirikit
National Convention Center, Board Room 3 organized by KIAsia and Thai Photovoltaics. The seminar
is to provide a venue for the participants to learn and discuss problems regarding grid interconnection
of small renewable energy in Thailand and net metering. (Invitees only)

Oct. 10-11
Bi-annual meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise in Chapel Hill,
North Carolina.

Oct. 12-16, 25-29
Training of primary school teachers from 25 schools in Tak and Mae Hongson Provinces on in-depth
study of community malaria epidemiology by primary students as part of case study approach for
mobilizing community action against malaria in border areas.

Oct. 17-18
Seminar on "Financial Management for Survival and Recovery" organized by the Business Advisory
Center. The seminar will be conducted in Thai at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. The
seminar aims at providing knowledge to Thai SMEs on how to survive through the crisis. The course
includes business assessment considering both internal and external factors, effective funding
techniques, new sources of funding, and effective debt restructuring techniques. For further
information, please contact Khun Sirirat at 0-2654-5270 ext. 101

Oct. 18-19
Thirteen delegates from four Asian countries including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India to visit
Thailand on the Municipal Solid Waste Management Project. KIAsia and US-AEP will assist and
accompany the delegates for meetings with Thailand's Pollution Control Department, Bangkok
Metropolitan Administration, and several companies as well as arranging site visits to solid waste
disposal facilities.

Oct. 24
Meeting of the AERA Thailand Steering Committee.

Oct. 25
The US-Thailand Trade Information Project carried out by the Foundation for Transportation Trade and
Commerce and KIAsia will hold an International Trade Conference and Customs Forum on Thursday,
October 25, 2001, 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel. The conference will present the results of (6 of 7)10/23/2006 11:41:30 AM

a two-year pilot project on electronic trade information processes and discuss ways that such
processes can help improve Thailand’s competitiveness.

Oct. 30 - Nov. 8
A Thai delegation including officials from Rayong Municipality, Thailand Environmental Institute, and
selected municipalities will visit Portland,U.S.A. This will be the second visit under the Rayong-Portland
Resource City Project. The Thai delegation will participate in the training program in Portland focusing
on financial management and citizen participation in environmental project development. The Project is
funded by US-AEP and facilitated by KIAsia.

Seminar on AFTA (Asian Free Trade Area) agreement at the Stock Exchange of Thailand building to
be organized by the Business Advisory Center (BAC). The seminar aims at educating Thai SMEs on
the trade agreement which will be fully effective next year, commitment by the country members,
import tariff reduction scheme of Thailand, and potential impact and benefits that will affect Thai SMEs.
The BAC plans to organize the event jointly with the Federation of Thai Industries. Approximately 400
participants from BAC clients and FTI members are targeted. The speakers will be specialists and
experts on the subjects from both related government agencies and the private sector.

Jan. 23, 2002
The First Annual Kenan Conference. This year's theme is strategies for maintaining export growth in
the automotive industry and how to better link the big manufacturers with small suppliers. The
conference will include industry leaders, government policy makers and planners. The discussions will
provide important input for Thailand’s national automotive strategic plan. For further information,
please regularly visit our website.

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