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									country profile n 0 5

     POPULATION                2 595 275
     LITERACY                  85 %
     AREA                      10 990 SQUARE KM
     INFANT MORTALITY          15.6 PER 1000
     CAPITAL                   KINGSTON
     GDP / CAPITA              $3200 U.S.
     UNEMPLOYMENT              15.4 %
     LIFE EXPECTANCY           74.9 YRS
     HEAD OF GOVERNMENT PRIME MINISTER                             5

     JAMAICA is an island nation located in the West
     Indies bordering on the Caribbean Sea. The econo-
     my, based primarily on sugar, bauxite and tourism
     has suffered in recent years, but is slowly starting
     to rebound. Jamaica is one of the largest produc-
     ers of bauxite in the world. The country is forced
     to import fairly large quantities of grain, meat and
     dairy products and petroleum. Poverty is a prob-
     lem in many rural areas. Water pollution and
     deforestation plague some parts of the country.

     the royal commonwealth society of canada, toronto branch   autumn 1999
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     POPULATION               28 176 686
     LITERACY                 78.1 %
     AREA                     582 650 SQUARE KM
     INFANT MORTALITY         55.3 PER 1000
     CAPITAL                  NAIROBI
     GDP / CAPITA             $1300 U.S.
     UNEMPLOYMENT             35 %
     LIFE EXPECTANCY          55.6 YRS

     KENYA is located in eastern Africa and borders on
     the Indian Ocean. The country supports abundant            5
     and varied wildlife of scientific and economic
     value but poaching is a continuing problem. Kenya
     is one of the poorest countries in the world. Many
     people live in terrible poverty. A large annual pop-
     ulation growth, a deteriorating infrastructure and
     a shortage of arable land threaten economic
     growth. Unemployment is about 35% in urban
     areas. Water quality is deteriorating in the country.
     Coffee and tea are the biggest exports but the
     country relies heavily on foreign aid. There is
     about one physician for every 10 000 people, a
     dangerously low rate. Infant mortality is very high
     and life expectancy is way below the world aver-
     age. Very few people have telephones and televi-
     sions are considered a luxury item.

     the royal commonwealth society of canada, toronto branch       autumn 1999
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     POPULATION               8 000
     LITERACY                 N.A.
     AREA                     21 SQUARE KM
     INFANT MORTALITY         40.6 PER 1000
     CAPITAL                  YAREN (GOV’T OFFICES)
                              (NO OFFICIAL CAPITAL CITY)
     GDP / CAPITA             $10000 U.S.
     UNEMPLOYMENT             0%
     LIFE EXPECTANCY          66.7 YRS

     NAURU is a very small island nation which gained
     its independence from Australia on January 31,
     1968. It is located in the Melanesia, Pacific Ocean.
     The large majority of Nauruans are Christians. The
     economy depends largely on the export of phos-
     phates but these reserves are expected to be
     exhausted by the year 2000. Nauru’s only agricul-
     tural activity involves coconuts and the country is
     almost completely dependent on imports for food
     and water. However, the country has one of the
     highest per capita incomes in the third world.

     the royal commonwealth society of canada, toronto branch   autumn 1999
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     south africa
     POPULATION                41 743 459
     LITERACY                  82 %
     AREA                      1 219 912 SQUARE KM
     INFANT MORTALITY          48.8 PER 1000
                               CAPE TOWN (LEGISLATIVE)
     GDP / CAPITA              $4800 U.S.
     UNEMPLOYMENT              32.6 %
     LIFE EXPECTANCY           59.5 YRS
     HEAD OF GOVERNMENT PRESIDENT                             5

     SOUTH AFRICA is located at the southern end of
     Africa and borders on the Indian Ocean and the
     South Atlantic Ocean. There is a great difference in
     living standards between the white minority, which
     is privileged and the black majority which until
     recently has been held down due to racist govern-
     ment policies (apartheid). Blacks did not have the
     right to vote in elections until just a few years ago.
     International embargoes against the country
     because of its apartheid policies hurt the economy.
     Unemployment is a major concern. South Africa is
     the world’s largest producer of platinum, gold and
     chrome. Lack of fresh water resources requires
     extensive water conservation and control mea-
     sures. South Africa has eleven official languages.
     Life expectancy is relatively low while infant mor-
     tality is high.

     the royal commonwealth society of canada, toronto branch     autumn 1999
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     sri lanka
     POPULATION               18 553 740
     LITERACY                 90 %
     AREA                     65 610 SQUARE KM
     INFANT MORTALITY         20.8 PER 1000
     CAPITAL                  COLOMBO
     GDP / CAPITA             $3600 U.S.
     UNEMPLOYMENT             13 %
     LIFE EXPECTANCY          72.4 YRS

     SRI LANKA is an island located in the Indian
     Ocean, south of India. Approximately 69% of the
     population is Buddhist while 15% is Hindu. The
     economy is based on agriculture, forestry and fish-
     ing; tea, rubber and coconuts provide about one-
     third of export earnings. Industry is growing rapid-
     ly but high rates of unemployment and inflation
     have been a problem since the 1970s. Pollution of
     fresh water sources is becoming a major concern.
     Education is highly advanced for a country of Sri
     Lanka’s economic level. Internal political conflict
     in recent years has turned violent and caused
     problems in many areas including the economy.
     Thousands of Sri Lankans have lost their lives or
     have fled the country.

     the royal commonwealth society of canada, toronto branch   autumn 1999
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