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                                                       Room Mode Calculator
                                                            Operating Instructions
                              Axial Modes                                                         Mode Distribution
1. To access the axial modes calculator, click the AXIAL MODES                   Click on the MODE DISTRIBUTION tab located at the bottom
   worksheet tab located at the bottom of this window.                       of this window. The room dimensions displayed are imported
2. Enter the room dimensions in feet, inches, or both. Your input            from the AXIAL MODES worksheet. To change the dimensions,
   is automatically applied to the MODE DISTRIBUTION calculator.             go to AXIAL MODES, enter the new dimensions and return to
   All calculations are automatically updated.                               MODE DISTRIBUTION.
3. The first four axial mode frequencies are displayed to the right of           This worksheet provides a different, more detailed look at
   the input fields. These are color-coded for easy identification.          room modes. The graph displays the spectral distribution of
   BLK=1st order RED=2nd BLU=3rd GRN=4th                                     axial, tangential and oblique modes from 10Hz to 1kHz. This is
4. Additional comments and instructions are imbedded behind some             most useful at the design stage, when you have an opportunity
   cells. You will find a red tab in the upper right corner of such cells.   to alter the room's geometry and speaker placement. It is the
   To view the comment, move the mouse pointer over the cell.                first step toward an analytical design approach. As a rule of
                                                                             thumb, rooms with even spectral distribution of modes
                                                                             are preferred. Rooms with mode clusters will sound colored or
                                                                             exhibit uneven frequency response.

    1           Customized Reports: If you wish to create a report, fill in the information fields below. This information will
                automatically be included in the printout.

     Dealer:    Bob's Best Bet                                                      Client: Ida Claire
    Address:    123 Nevermore Boulevard                                           Address: 987 Somewhere Drive
     Phone:     800.123.4567                                                       Project: Attic intercom

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                Deskjet printers. This works well in most cases, however, you may need to alter this setup to get perfect results.

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                                                                    10/15/2011                  0d893dd0-e6b1-47a5-a0ab-46f0b88da595.xls
                                           AXIAL MODE CALCULATOR
            Enter Room Dimensions                  1st Through 4th Axial Mode Frequencies
             Feet Inches             Meters            1st        2nd         3rd        4th
     Height: 10 ft.   0 in. (120in.)   3.05M          57Hz       113Hz      170Hz      226Hz
     Width: 0 ft. 216 in. (216in.)     5.49M          31Hz        63Hz       94Hz      126Hz
    Length: 25 ft.    7 in. (307in.)   7.80M          22Hz        44Hz       66Hz       88Hz
    Volume:    4605ft 3               130.4M 3
                                   Enter speed of sound: 1131.0 ft/S (344.7M/S)
t                                                     Height: 120 in.                                                u

<          >15in. >20in.     >30in.        >45in.         >60in.<          45in.<        30in.<    20in.< 15in.<         >
           226Hz 170Hz      113Hz          226Hz       170Hz 57Hz          226Hz         113Hz     170Hz 226Hz
t                                                      Width: 216 in.                                                u

<          >27in. >36in.    >54in.         >81in.        >108in.<          81in.<        54in.<     36in.< 27in.<        >
           126Hz 94Hz       63Hz           126Hz        94Hz 31Hz          126Hz         63Hz       94Hz 126Hz
t                                                     Length: 307 in.                                                u

<         >38in. >51in.     >77in.         >115in.       >154in.<         115in.<        77in.<     51in.< 38in.<        >
            88Hz 66Hz       44Hz            88Hz        66Hz 22Hz          88Hz          44Hz       66Hz 88Hz

Bob's Best Bet                                                  Report prepared for:
123 Nevermore Boulevard                                         Ida Claire
800.123.4567                                                    987 Somewhere Drive                                                Project:
                                                                Attic intercom

                                           Room Mode Spectral Distribution Calculator
                                                              by: Allan Devantier
                                        Dimensions   Length        Width            Height       Volume
                                                                                             Cubic    Cubic
                                           Meters     7.80          5.49             3.05
                                                                                             Meters    Feet
                                           Inches     307            216             120     130.40   4605.0

                                                     Axial Mode Distribution

   Height                                                                                                             Height
  All Axial

                  10                                     100                                                   1000
                                                         Frequency (Hz)

                                                      All Mode Distribution
Tangential 5                                                                                                           Tan
  Oblique 4
Tan & Obl 3                                                                                                            Width
        All 2                                                                                                          Height

                  10                                        100                                                1000
                                                              Frequency (Hz)

              Bob's Best Bet                                     Report prepared for:
              123 Nevermore Boulevard                            Ida Claire
              800.123.4567                                      987 Somewhere Drive
                                                                Attic intercom


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