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                            Twynham School                                                                 2010

                                                                                                  “Ambitious for all our
                                                                                                         February 2006

Dear Parents                                     but I wanted to say just how brilliant the     Inside this issue:
                                                 students were on the trip. They were a         Dr Fish - Front Cover
It is with great pleasure that I write the in-   credit to the school and their families dur-
troduction to this latest newsletter.            ing the whole visit, including the very long   Dr Fish continued           2
                                                 flights in both directions as well as the      New Zealand Exchange        3
Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head                lengthened stay due to the volcano with
Boy and Girl                                     the unpronounceable name. Some stu-
                                                                                                Year 8 Enterprise
I am delighted to inform you that the fol-       dents were very happy to stay longer!
                                                                                                Challenge                   4
lowing have been successful in being ap-
                                                                                                Employability Day           4
pointed to these important posts within the      I also want to thank the staff who led the
                                                                                                Year 7 Project Grip         5
school and you can see them in the pic-          trip; Ms Hurst-Levy, Mr Schuring and Ms
ture, named from left to right (with me in       Coffin. They did an excellent job through-
the middle):                                     out and supported the students magnifi-
                                                 cently. I also want to thank our Kiwi hosts
                                                 as they not only looked after us so well       Year 9                     5
                                                 during the planned visit but took us all       Careers & Vocational
                                                 back when our flights were delayed. They       Learning                   6
                                                 could not do enough for us and their           Christchurch Food Festival 7
                                                 warmth and generosity were very special
                                                 indeed. I know that some life-long friend-     Modern Foreign
                                                 ships will have been made during this ex-      Languages                   8
                                                 change and this friendship across the          Sixth Form News             10
                                                 world is something that will stay with peo-
                                                 ple for some time to come. Lastly I want to
                                                 thank Morrie and Kirstin Askew; the mem-       PE News                     12
                                                 bers of staff at Linwood College who or-       Ten Tors                    15
Head Girl: Nicola Robson                         ganised everything from the Kiwi end.          Student Support             16
Head Boy: Ben Mundy                              They were great and we look forward to         Business Studies            17
Deputy Head Girl: Daisy Board                    continuing to work with them in the future.
Deputy Head Boy: Ciaran Trellis
                                                                                                Technology Department       18
The interview process was highly competi-                                                       Gifted & Talented           18
tive and what struck us as we read their                                                        Kirkland Rowell Survey      19
applications and interviewed them was the                                                       Community News              20
extremely high quality of the students we
have in our 6th Form. There were many
highly confident but unsuccessful students                                                      Information Page            22
so Mrs Jackson is looking at significant                                                        Parents’ Page               23
roles of responsibility for them –they de-                                                      Forthcoming Events          24
serve it. We congratulate Nicola, Ben,                                                          Christchurch Cricket Club   24
Daisy and Ciaran and I am confident that
we have an exceptional team here to sup-
port the continued development and suc-
cess of the school.                         Many activities                                       Attendance telephone
                                            You will be able to read about the many
New Zealand Exchange                        activities that the students have been in-
This has been another eventful term and     volved in within this newsletter. I can‘t                 01202 495778
you will have noticed that I found myself   thank everyone by name here because
stranded in New Zealand with our staff and that would simply make this introduction
25 students. I tried to keep everyone up to very long indeed. I would, though, like to
                                                                                                 Sixth Form Attendance
date on what we were doing and how the      thank all the staff who work so hard for the                Number
students were reacting through the ‗Latest students enabling them to take part in the                 01202 495745
News‘ on the school website and I hope      very many activities which the school pro-
that everyone found this helpful and infor- vides for them. Just some examples are;
mative.                                     Ten Tors, Gym and Dance Show, theatre
                                            trips, Employability Day, Gifted and Tal-
You will be able to read more about this    ented Science, vocational opportunities for
wonderful experience within this newsletter students, musical activities, the many
         Page 2                                                   Twynham School

sports and the Christchurch Food Festival competition – to     pect that parents commented on for improvement in the
name just some. Our students are very fortunate indeed         school was this very thing. You may not be aware that
and it must be remembered that these are all organised in      during the last two weeks before the end of this half term,
the staff‘s own time for the benefit of the students. Thank    sewage was bubbling onto the field due to a blocked pipe!
you.                                                           Our field has also been left worse for wear due to the pro-
                                                               longed flooding and I felt that as both the Grange and Tho-
Christchurch Food Festival Young Chef Competition              mas Hardye School are receiving County Council funding
I‘d like to congratulate Shaydel Ramajan and Amelia Pre-       to improve sports provision, that now is the time to ap-
ston for coming 1st and 2nd respectively in this competition   proach the Local Authority, again, to ask what they are
for local schools. Shaydel prepared lamb kebabs with Mo-       doing about rectifying this terrible situation. Rather than
roccan couscous and a pineapple flambé and won cook-           go into detail here, you should have received a separate
ware, cookery books and a meal for four at Christchurch        letter from me – it was with the letter about the Taiwanese
Harbour Hotel. These really are great achievements and         students. I should be very grateful if you could write to
thank you also to Ms Bale and Lesley Waters (TV Chef           Dorset County Council demanding that our situation is rec-
and writer) for giving up time to help and support our         tified. In that letter I have explained the detail and given a
young people. We are delighted that our students won 1st       link to where you can download a draft letter, with the rele-
and 2nd places. Many congratulations.                          vant name and address for posting. The more parents
                                                               who write, the more notice that the Local Authority will
                                                               take, so I do urge you to support our young people and to
                                                               follow this up.

                                                               I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our students
                                                               taking examinations this summer all the very best. This is
                                                               clearly a stressful time for all concerned and that includes
                                                               parents at home. I hope that you do well and that you re-
                                                               ceive the success that you deserve. My advice to stu-
                                                               dents is very simple - make the most of the last minute
                                                               revision and take very careful note of the advice from your
                                                               teachers. Also, don‘t forget the Learning Gateway where
                                                               you will find a whole host of resources to help you with
                                                               your revision. Good luck.
Kirkland Rowell
You may remember completing a questionnaire about the          Summary
school and I‘d like to thank everyone who took the time to     We have an exceptional school at Twynham but I know
do this and return it to us. These have all been sent off to   this does not happen by accident. The dedication of the
Kirkland Rowell and the results have just been received.       whole staff, together with your help and support at home is
These questionnaires are very important to us because          what makes the real difference. When away with the stu-
they enable us to gauge how we are doing by seeking            dents in New Zealand it was apparent, yet again, what a
your views. Mr Bewley has written a summary within this        delightful group of young people we have here at Twyn-
newsletter and overall the feedback was overwhelmingly         ham and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for
positive. In fact, the word used by Kirkland Rowell was        your continued support and to wish you a good half term
‗exceptional‘ for both the parents‘ and the students‘ ques-    break.
tionnaire feedback. This is very encouraging indeed but
we do know that we don‘t always get everything right and
your additional comments have been very helpful to us as
well. Rest assured that they have all been read.

Taiwanese students                                               Yours sincerely
We have an opportunity of hosting around 20 students
from Taiwan as part of an international cultural programme
and I have written home separately about this. Please do
ask your son or daughter for the letter if you have not re-
ceived it and please do let me know if you are able to help
with these students – all the details are in the letter.

Sports Field and Sports Hall
You will know the dire position of our sports accommoda-
tion and it is a wonder that the students receive such ex-
cellent provision. This is, of course, all down to the won-                     Dr Terry Fish
derful staff who work so hard and imaginatively for the stu-                    Headteacher
dents. This should not, however, detract from the fact that
our accommodation is very poor indeed and the one as-
         Page 3                                                    Twynham School

                            New Zealand Exchange
            Tour of Christchurch                         New Zealand Exchange—24th March - 25th April 2010

                                                 We are back! After an extended stay in New Zealand due to the Ice-
                                                 landic Volcano, I am pleased to say the group made it back safely, a
                                                 week after we were due to arrive home.

                                                 The New Zealand Exchange has been running for twelve years and this
                                                 was the 5th time Twynham students have visited Linwood College in
                                                 Christchurch, New Zealand. The partnership that has been built over this
                                                 time is an incredible one; staff, students and parents at Linwood College
                                                 were extremely welcoming and the hospitality shown to us during our
                                                 stay was wonderful. I feel very privileged to have been able to lead such
                                                 an exciting trip and to have experienced New Zealand with such an
                                                 amazing group of students.

For many reasons, this tour will be a memorable one for all involved (not
least for being stuck in New Zealand for an extra week!). Whilst in Christ-
church students stayed with host families, who really helped to integrate
them into New Zealand culture. They all have amazing stories of their ex-
periences, with families arranging a whole range of activities for our stu-
dents, including sailing, kayaking, hiking and camping all around the
South Island! Students have once again made friendships that will last a
lifetime. I know they are all looking forward to their host students returning
this time next year.

Whilst we were away, we travelled around the South Island on two sepa-                  Sea Kayaking Abel Tasman Tour 1
rate tours. The first tour, took us to the North of the South Island. The
real highlight of this tour was a day spent Sea Kayaking around the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park. We were
also lucky enough to spot a whale, along with hundreds of dolphins, on our Whale watching cruise around the coast of
                                          Kaikoura. Our second tour took us to the South of the Island and held yet more
                                          adventure. In Queenstown we tackled the Shotover Jet, weaving in and out of
                                          rocks and canyons at high speeds! After a ride on a gondola and several runs
                                          down the luge, we then sat down to a meal at the Skyline restaurant, looking out
                                          over this beautiful city. We all feel so privileged to have seen and done so much,
                                          travelling the length and breadth of the South Island, we were truly able to take in
                                          the magnificent beauty of New Zealand.

                                        I would like say a huge thank you to all of the Exchange students, their positivity
                                        and enthusiasm for everything was infectious. I am extremely proud of their ma-
                                        ture attitude towards travelling and for representing Twynham School in such a
 Dolphins on the coast of Kaikoura      positive way.

I would also like to thank Fiona Coffin, Jon Schuring and Terry and Lynne Fish for all of their support in making the trip
a hugely enjoyable and memorable experience for all. Finally, a big thank you to Linwood College. Their warmth and
support was fantastic and we look forward to their return trip next Easter.                        Lola Hurst-Levy

‗I loved the trip and I would recommend going on it! I had a fantastic
time in Queenstown and on the luge, at the Skyline dinner and also
the Shotover jet! Thank you for such an amazing time!‘ Molly Place

‗The NZ trip was amazing, we travelled all over New Zealand, seeing
beautiful sights and doing amazing things.‘ Callum Lee 9LHL

‗New Zealand has been one of the most fantastic experiences in my
life especially Kayaking in the ocean, we were with amazing people
and everyone got along so well! We had the fortunate chance of being
stuck for an extra week due to the volcanic ash and we took every
opportunity that we had to have a good time. Thank you so much to
everyone who helped us!!‘ Isobel Booth 8JT                                                                Wharariki Beach
        Page 4                                                  Twynham School

                     Year 8 Enterprise Challenge
Tutor groups in year 8 have been busy raising money for the Youth Cancer Trust. 8CHV
ran a cake sale in which over £80 was raised and are currently organising a hot dog sale.
8SHK and 8CO both organised successful raffles and cake sales in which a number of
good prizes were won! Thank you to everyone that donated gifts for this good cause.

8JT have raised over £150 in some novel ways. Firstly, the tutor group undertook a spon-
sored ‗row to France' last week in their lunch hours; all of them took turns on the rowing
machines and rowed a total of 115km.This was all organised by Mr Cooper – thank you
for your hard work! Additionally Lloyd Roche in the tutor group did a sponsored silence.

Reece and Sam from 8PHSEM also undertook a sponsored row, whilst Jenny did a spon-
                                                                sored silence. In
                                                                total, they have
                                                                raised over £100!
                                                                Look out for news
                                                                of a special event
                                                                they are planning for the end of term.

                                                                       Well done Year 8 on all your hard work so far.
                                                                       The deadline for all monies raised to be handed
                                                                       in, is 28th May.

                                                                       Good luck with the rest of your fundraising!

The pictures show 8CO selling delicious cakes and 8JT ‘rowing to France’.

                                   Employability Day
                               Recently, year 10 students have been involved in an Employability day. Initially the
                               students were given a task to build on their communication and teamwork skills; the
                               task involved building a freestanding tower made purely out of newspaper and sello-
                               tape. The task brought out the competitive instinct in each student, and there were
                               some interesting results! The winning tower team were-Tom Kossack-Masters, Char-
                               lotte Horlock, Gemma Ellis, Rebecca Detheridge and Ben Hewin who built a ten foot
                               tower! After this, the students then met with 25 different employers in a career speed
                               dating format. The students were then able to ask
                               questions, such as what skills and experience are re-
                               quired for a variety of jobs. The day was a very re-
                               warding experience for all the students involved.

                               So thank you to all the employers involved;
                               Bath Travel, Beagle Aerospace, Bournemouth AFC,
                               Bournemouth University, Chewton Glen, Christchurch
                               Dental Centre, Connexions, Dorset County Council,
                               Dorset Wildlife Trust, Fire Service, Hadland Group,
                               HSBC, Institute of Civil Engineers, JP Morgan, Leos

Gym, Liberty Living, On Tap,
Orbital Graphic Design, Oswald
Bailey, Bournemouth Police,
RAF, Steele Raymond, South-
ampton University and Retail
           Page 5                                                      Twynham School

                                    Year 7 Project GRIP
Year 7 students all attended Project GRIP sessions on Thursday 22 nd and Friday 23rd April. Run by Local Community
Support Officers, the students attended sessions on Knife Crime, Restorative Justice, Police in the Community, Anti
Social Behaviour and Internet safety.

Not only were the students extremely well behaved, the project was also a valuable way of encouraging them to exam-
ine and ask questions of the society that they live in. It is hoped that as a result of the sessions, the school can de-
velop the students‘ awareness and responsibility.

                                                          Miss R Mee

                                                          Year 9
                                                        YEAR 9 PREFECTS

                              It is with great pleasure that we announce the Prefects for 2009/2010

   Rebecca          Allen            VCP      George         Flory         KDO      Lucy          Moesbauer   KDO
   Grace            Ball             GS       Jack           Gibbins       VCP      Conor         Pearce      MD
   Toby             Baril            DKE      Rebecca        Gordon        KDO      Hushai        Pineda      VCP
   Jasmin           Begum            RHR      Amy            Grobbelaar    KDO      Ashley        Reedman     DKE
   Chris            Blythe           JMI      Abigail        Henderson     DKE      Isobel        Ridley      GS
   Molly            Board            MD       Dudley         Hopkins       MD       Emily         Rogers      KDO
   Richard          Bowes            MD       Emma           Horn          GS       Tyarnni       Rolt        LHL
   Joe              Breddy           RHR      Charlotte      Hubbard       VCP      Zoe           Seabourne   KDO
   Hannah           Brindley         VCP      Ben            Hyndman       GS       Matt          Simpson     JMI
   Jack             Bunce            GS       Flo            Jacob         VCP      Chris         Skinner     RHR
   Alex             Burgess          KDO      Oliver         James         VCP      Lauren        Smith       GS
   Kieran           Cheesman         MD       Ella           Josey         RHR      Ella          Somers      LHL
   Dan              Coulter          GS       Rebecca        Kennedy       GS       Jack          Stanley     JMI
   Charlotte        Dadds            VCP      Hannah         Lane          MD       Michael       Stevenson   RHR
   Bethany          Davies           KDO      Callum         Lee           LHL      Harry         Thorpe      RHR
   Kieran           Docherty         LHL      Holly          Longman       GS       Ben           Watts       JMI
   Lucy             Du Cros          KDO      Trisha         Mason         JMI      Phillip       Webb        VCP
   Holly            Du Cros          RHR      Eleanor        McDowell      JMI      Natasha       Webber      GS
   Sophie           Duffell          VCP      Hannah         McGuigan      KDO      Jack          Whitton     KDO
   Kate             Ementon          LHL      Dan            Message       JMI      Tom           Wilson      KDO

Miss Coffin and myself would to thank everybody who applied. It was a tough process which involved a written applica-
tion, an interview and staff recommendation and everyone who took part whether successful or not can be very proud
of their efforts. We received almost 100 applications which made our task of getting that number down to 60 extremely
difficult. Congratulations to them all.

                                                          Mr D Hurley
                                                          Head of Year 9
         Page 6                                                   Twynham School

                  Careers & Vocational Learning
Year 11 students who are unsure of their route after Twynham need to see Jeanette Rogers, our Connexions Adviser.
Jeanette would also like to see any students considering going straight into employment (finding a job) or those still
looking for apprenticeships; she can be contacted by email
or visit her in the Careers Room.

Vocational Learning
We are delighted that all our year 11 Retail, Motor Vehicle, Halo and Hairdressing students
passed their vocational courses, the external verifiers commented on the exceptionally high qual-
ity of work. One particular mention goes to Kane Rowe who received a Distinction in Retail and
received a 100% pass mark in HALO, well done Kane.

H.A.L.O – Hospitality and Leisure
                     The year 10 Halo group recently visited the Queen Elizabeth School, Wim-
                     borne and took part in a Culinary Master Class. Bournemouth and Poole
                     College Senior Catering lecturer Gary Kilminster introduced the students
                     to various exotic fruit, herbs and spices and discussed the importance of
                     handling and tasting ingredients. Gary has previously cooked at Bucking-
                     ham Palace and the Houses of Parliament and has won numerous compe-
                     titions. Some of the items students tasted or handled were Dragon Fruit,
                     Cape Gooseberries and fresh vanilla pod, the second most expensive
                     spice in the world.

                        Chef Gary then proceeded to bone out a whole chicken and prepare a
                        dish called Chicken Ballottines (stuffed chicken legs) and a Chicken and
Red Pepper Risotto. Our students were then set about the task of replicating these dishes from scratch including bon-
ing a fresh chicken; all did very well and enjoyed the fruits of their labour for lunch. This was followed by cooking their
own fresh cream profiteroles with a warm chocolate sauce!

Last year our Retail students ran a shop for four days in Saxon Square as part of their learning for their qualification;
the event had a huge impact on their understanding of the various factors of running a shop. This year we hope to run
two shop units, one in Saxon Square and one in Bournemouth and once again we are looking for stock. If anyone out
there has brand new saleable items or know of someone who would be able to donate new stock for our students to
sell or if anyone could sponsor the event in order that we could purchase items to sell please let us know by contacting or As we do not yet know what work will
be required to get the shop units ready for use, any support that could be given re: car-
pentry, decorating, carpet fitting etc would also be gratefully received. Many thanks.

Vocational Team Building Day

                                The Army came into school and delivered a team build-
                                ing day for all our vocational students; Retail, Halo, Motor
                                Vehicle, Hairdressing and Childcare students from Twyn-
                                ham were joined by their counterparts from Queen Eliza-
                                beth School, The Grange and Ferndown Upper. Activi-
                                ties were set up to motivate, help communication, sup-
                                port and trust within teams and development of working

                             The Child Care students have been out and about visiting
                             local child care settings. Just before Easter they visited
                             Trinity Parent and Toddler group in Southbourne. This is a
                             really busy group for babies and pre-school children in the
                             local community. The students were able to experience the organisation and safety con-
                             siderations that go into planning and delivering good quality voluntary child care.

                                                       Mrs J Hopkins, Vocational Learning Manager
        Page 7                                                  Twynham School

                       Christchurch Food Festival
Year 10 Food Technology students have recently completed a design task for the Christchurch Food Festival. The
task was to design and make a dish for an existing pub/restaurant in Christchurch.

This is hugely beneficial to students as they are designing and making for a ‗real‘ need. A local chef, Adam Stocker
from the ‗Captains Club‘, judged all students from five GCSE groups and ten finalists were chosen to compete in the
‗cook off‘ which took place on Monday 26th April.

             The finalists were:

             Kane Davis, Emma Etchells, Abigail
             Hurren, Tom Hodgkinson, Jordan
             Kite, Amelia Preston, Shaydel
             Ramajan, Mark Twaddle, Joe War-
             ren and Aaron Winter.

Lesley Waters, Mary Reader and Adam Stocker kindly gave up their time to judge our finalists. Students had to pre-
pare a two course healthy meal for no more than £6 per head in one and a half hours. Marks were awarded for colour,
balance, flavour, texture and nutritional value of the ingredients chosen, how the meal was prepared and the range of
skills that each menu required.

Standards were extremely high which made the judges‘ task of choosing three finalists very difficult.

                                                                 The three finalists were:

                                                                 1st Amelia Preston
                                                                 2nd Shaydel Ramajan
                                                                 3rd Emma Etchells

          We are very proud of the hard
          work and enthusiasm that our
          Year 10 students have had for this
          task and we are elated that out of
          four contestants, Shaydel came
          first and Amelia came second
          place at the festival.
         Page 8                                                    Twynham School

                       Modern Foreign Languages
« Est-ce que vous vou-          SIXTH FORM WORK EXPERIENCE IN FRANCE – EASTER 2010 we went to work in local busi-
lez une baguette,                                                                               nesses. For me this meant
une rétro, une rétro                                             preparing and serving food at "La Nonna", a popular deli-
graines, un pain de                                              catessen in the town centre. This was a challenging yet
campagne, un pain                                                very rewarding experience and on the fourth day we were
complet, une mouil-                                              all sad to be leaving our different occupations. Our fami-
lette, un pain cé-                                               lies organised busy schedules of sight-seeing and meeting
réales, un bou-                                                  new people - which was very daunting (as well as
chon...." after my 4                                             funny) for Heather Drummond and me, when on our very
days working in a                                                first night, we attended a Slippers and Champagne 30th
traditional bakery, I                                            birthday party! We all met some lovely people, who I am
could name all the                                               sure we will stay in
breads under the                                                 contact with and
Sun! My first day, I was put straightaway on the till serving I hope to return to
a constant queue of hungry French customers. Despite             Beauvais in the fu-
this nerve-racking task, my supervisor couldn't have been ture. The "complete"
more patient, welcoming and cheerful, and I soon became experience also in-
accustomed to the challenges of working in a real patisse- cluded a weekend in
rie. My jobs included serving the customers with bread,          Paris, a trip to Parc
working at the till, writing labels, making sweet, cookie and Astérix and even a
madeleine sachets as well as cutting the bread using the         visit to a cheese
scary chopping machine! It was such a happy environ-             farm. ―
ment and I was regularly teased by the baker! Working in Phoebe Sephton
an atmosphere that smells continually of freshly baked
croissants, bread and cakes was hard, however, made              ―Our trip began in the small hours of Saturday morning.
easier by the fact I could eat what I wanted, when I wan-        As soon as we were on the minibus we were asked to put
ted! It was tiring at times being on your feet all day and       on our seatbelts and from that moment on the seven of us
having to listen and speak French incessantly but I would- (including Madame Holod and her friend Iris) had to speak
n't change it for the world. C‘était une expérience fantasti- French, and only French. We immediately got into ‗French
que! »               Laura Walton                                mode‘, we were able to notice this when we started speak-
                                                                 ing French to the assistant in Sainsbury‘s at the service
―Having never worked abroad before, the prospect of              station! At first Jess, Phoebe and I were a little apprehen-
spending several days in what can only be described as           sive to be the youngest on the trip, especially seeing as
the French equivalent of Borders, along with a load of peo- the others had an extra year of French under their belts -
ple I knew nothing about was pretty scary. However after however by the time we reached the ferry our anxiety no
the initial stumbling, stuttering, and general awkward intro- longer existed and we were extremely excited for what
ductory conversation was out of the way, finding out a bit       was to come.
more about these people over the next few days was actu-
ally pretty rewarding. At the same time living with a family Our journey was long and tiresome and by the time we
                            I'd never met proved just as inter- arrived in Beauvais we were ‗buzzing‘ to meet our families
                            esting. Not only were they so        and then hit the pillow! Everyone‘s parents (French par-
                            incredibly welcoming and happy       ents!) came to collect their students from the centre of
                            to involve me in their lives for 10  Beauvais, having already made contact via email. My par-
                            days or so, but willing to engage    ents were visiting their relatives so for the time being I
                            in topics of conversation I would    stayed with Phoebe‘s family; who was in fact the daughter
                            never have really imagined to be of my parents. Oh my goodness, what an experience!
                            having with people I knew so little Phoebe and I immediately went to a ‗champagne and slip-
                            about. My time in France defi-       pers party‘ with many strangers- talk about being dropped
                            nitely put into perspective what it in at the deep end. It was so worth it, I ended up chatting
                            is that I've been studying for, pro- to almost everyone there, which built up my confidence as
                            viding me not only with contacts     I realized I could actually speak French and people could
                            for the future but most importantly actually understand me! That was the unforgettable start
the hunger to go back, travel around, and do it all over         to my unforgettable French trip.
again next year.‖                              Ross McNulty
                                                                 I worked in a Librairie d’ocassion which allowed me to
―During the Easter holiday, Madame Holod took seven 6th build up relationships with the locals and understand the
form students to her home town of Beauvais where we              French way of life, particularly because my employer
spent 10 days living the French way, each of us staying          knows EVERYONE! For me, the best thing about this
with a different family. Of course we were expected to           unique French trip was my French family and the people I
speak French from start to finish. For 4 days of the trip,       grew extremely fond of in only two weeks! My family were
         Page 9                                                      Twynham School

                        Modern Foreign Languages
so lovely and accepting, they honestly feel like my second        through the city, stopping for
family, I can‘t wait to return and see them again (hopefully      chouquettes in the park. We
this summer!). I ate like a king the whole time and got           had supper in a traditional
deep in conversations, as well as games time after time.          Breton Restaurant with pan-
The French are so social, it‘s fantastic... it‘s virtually im-    cakes for mains and dessert!
possible to go anywhere without stopping for a good old           We then hurried on to our
                                    chat!                         next stop, le cinéma!
                                    I really could talk for ab-
                                    solutely ages about all       The night wasn‘t over after
                                    the wonderful things I did    that, we took the tube to a station just next to the Eiffel
                                    on the French trip (as        Tower, which is beautiful at night! We caught the 11pm
                                    Madame Holod truly did        river cruise. It was amazing to see all the monuments and
                                    make sure we had the          buildings lit up, and the grand apartments and town
                                    real ‗French experience‘)     houses that lined the river. We woke up early the next day
                                    however it really won‘t do    for breakfast, we left the Auberge and found the metro
                                    the trip justice. What‘s      station and en route we saw the Paris Marathon.
important to share is that it has further deepened my pas-
sion for the language and has made me realize what I‘m        We took the high speed metro line that took Mirry and Iris
capable of. I came away from France thinking in French        to the Musée d‘Orsay and the rest of us to la Tour Eiffel.
and having an even greater willpower to learn and do simi-    We walked the first two levels of the Eiffel Tower and then
lar things in the future. This really was no average school   had to wait in a queue for an hour to get right to the top.
trip,; alors merci beaucoup Madame Holod!”             HeatherThe views were incredible and we were lucky to have
Drummond                                                      great weather. We met Mirry and Iris and then went on a
                                                              hunt for some lunch. Hungry and weary we eventually
Notre week-end à Paris                                        found a restaurant and sat down for some croque-
―A week into our trip, we arrived at the Hostel in the centre monsieurs. During our lunch copious amounts of people
of Paris at lunchtime. It was a beautiful day and we ate our roller-bladed past the restaurant, we were told that every
packed lunch in the sunshine on the terrace of the Au-        Sunday afternoon they close some of the streets and eve-
berge. Our first stop was at the Musée de L‘Immigration,      ryone from young to old goes roller blading together! We
a museum that celebrated and acknowledged the integra- then took a quick trip to Montmartre, my absolute favourite
tion of immigrants of different ethnicities into France. It   place in Paris, I intend to move there! We took the many
was interesting for all of us as we study immigration as      many stairs through Montmartre. There were so many art
part of the year 13 course. We then took a wander             stalls, food markets, souvenir shops and fashion bou-

                 KS4 SPANISH TRIP TO ROSAS                        of activity and spellbinding. We were lucky enough to go
On 15th March we set off for our trip to Spain to give us an      to Barcelona‘s football stadium, Nou Camp. For the foot-
insight into the way of Spanish life and their culture. We        ball fans among us this was a real honour and even if you
had a smooth journey there and before we knew it we had           were not a football fanatic you could not help but be
arrived at our hotel in the beautiful town of Rosas.              stunned by the size of it.
Throughout the week all of us had so much fun and all got
along well. New friendships formed among us and we all            A highlight of our evening was seeing Senora Costa and
appreciated each other‘s company. It was a fun-filled             others strutting their moves on the dance floor, everyone
week of amazing trips, the Dali museum for instance was           was enjoying themselves and having a laugh. All in all,
very interesting and seeing his work ‗in the real‘ was fasci-     the trip was really good fun, an excellent opportunity to
nating, especially for the artists amongst us.                    practise our Spanish and one that we will remember for a
                                                                  long while – I may even go back next year!
Another remarkable trip was to Gerona. On this day the                                                 Emily Fardell 10SHO
weather was particularly kind to us and really helped this
pretty town show its real beauty. The town was made of
an intricate weave of narrow alley streets and at the heart
a beautiful cathedral. For those who chose to go inside, it
was an exquisite place, filled with superb architecture.

Arguably the most memorable of all our ventures was the
mid-week trip to the city of Barcelona. This day was even
more special as we were also celebrating Lauren Clifton‘s
birthday. Barcelona really lived up to its reputation, it was
very busy and an astonishing city. Parque Guël, designed
by the architect Gaudi, was absolutely stunning, it was full
         Page 10                                                   Twynham School

                                     Sixth Form News
                                       Step into Sport

If you don‘t know me already I‘m Greg Message and am currently in year 12; I‘m pretty tall
so you probably have seen me around.

Anyway I recently attended a ―Step into Sport‖ camp at Loughborough for four days from
29th March to 1st April. The camp forms part of the Step into Sport pathway and each year
attracts approximately 300 16 -19 year olds to Loughborough University. I was selected by
our school sports partnership to attend the event alongside four others from the Dorset
region which was a great honour. The purpose of the camp was to learn more about myself as a person by under-
standing where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

                                   Once we had arrived at the camp we where split up and put into different countries; I
                                   was in Jamaica and Sweden. Being a bit late I had to walk into my countries‘ HQ by
                                   myself. Most of the first day was getting to know your team and your team leaders;
                                   these sessions were used to focus us on the responsibility of being a role model and
                                   how to improve as a sports leader. Various team building exercises were set up
                                   helping me to have a sense of belonging in the team and helped everyone to connect
                                   to each other. There was also an opening ceremony with various speeches; the
                                   most influential one had to be the story of Darren Campbell with his personal story of
                                   coming from the estates of Manchester to Olympic gold.

Over the course of the next few days my country and I were involved in many workshops, including a party and talent
show at the end of day two. This was the main thing that brought me out of my comfort zone as my group had to do
this dance ―jungle skank‖ and let‘s just say I‘m not a natural mover! I also undertook the Wheelchair Basketball Young
Officials award which was great as it helped me to consider how to improve my basketball coaching.

At the start of the process I thought the camp would be all right and
better than going to sixth form however I never expected to enjoy the
camp as much as I did. It helped me improve as an individual and en-
abled me to look at how privileged I am to live in this area and my life in
general, moreover, it enabled me to see how living in this part of the
world is like a bubble protecting us to what is happening in other
places. I was able to contemplate this as the camp gave me the oppor-
tunity to mix with other people from different geographic areas, different
backgrounds and different cultures.

Overall I went on a mini journey along with everyone else on the camp.
This journey had many different aspects including belonging, leader-
ship, confidence, adventure, creativity, pride, fun and heroes which
were all prevalent on the camp. The bond built between me and the others in our country in a few days was incredible.
We were able to start with a clean slate as no one knew each other; this enabled everyone to bring out their actual
character which in turn created a natural atmosphere which everyone thrived on.

Following my SiS Camp experience, I have a real sense of confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm and I believe I can
use the skills that I have developed to pass on to other young people and encourage them to get into volunteering.

Staff Vs Sixth form Netball

We held a staff vs sixth form netball match to help alleviate exam stress
from both students and teachers! We had a great time and the stu-
dents played really well but were no contest for the staff team! With
some great shooting from Liz Perry and Charlotte Larrington-Vandy the
staff steamed ahead to an 8-0 victory. Better luck next time sixth form!!

Staff team: Debbie Jackson, Liz Perry, Diana James, Charlotte Larring-
ton- Vandy, Lorraine Byles, Natasha Goddard, Nikki Boote. Sixth form
team: Daisy Board, Jasmine Hunt, Lucy Walters, Lillie Matthews, Rio
Dunsden, Lauren Hickford, Megan Brown, Sarah Crisp and Felicity
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                                     Sixth Form News
                              Is this a dagger I see before me? Why no, it is the Globe!
                               A Level Theatre Trip – Macbeth at The Globe in London

On Wednesday 28th April Mr Holmes, Mrs Mapes and a minibus full of eager English Lit students ventured to London
to see a performance of Macbeth in the legendary Shakespeare‘s Globe theatre. Leaving the restrictions of classroom
study, we saw a renowned Shakespearian play performed in an authentic 16 th century setting.

Brilliant acting, treacherous kings, beautiful women and brave soldiers made everyone‘s experience one to remember,
and definitely gave us all an appreciation of the actors‘ and playwright‘s craft. We all gained an insight into what it
would have been like to have seen a play in Shakespearian times, especially since we were standing in the yard as the
16th century peasants would have been!

And as with most plays by Shakespeare, scenes of bawdy comedy (this time in the form of an obese, half-naked and
drunken porter) kept us groundlings thoroughly entertained.

It was a fantastic experience and we are very grateful to Mr Holmes and Mrs Mapes for all their effort in making this trip
                                             Shannon Kneis, Ollie Hirst and Lindsey Hill

                                                                          Ollie under cover at The Globe

                                           Raise Your Hats To Forest Holme!

                           On 14th May Sixth Form students participated in a fund
                           raising event for the Poole based charity Friends of For-
                           est Holme. This charity supports the Forest Holme hos-
                           pice which helps care for cancer patients and their fami-
                           lies to support them through their illness. I myself have
                           first hand experience of the fantastic job that they do
                           after they cared for my Aunt who sadly passed away last

                             On the day itself we all donned a piece of headgear, of
                             all shapes and sizes, in return for a small donation. I
                             was amazed by the huge variety of jolly good examples
                             from the sublime to the down right ridiculous, which in-
                             cluded sombreros, fezzes and to cap it all (excuse the
pun) a splendid top hat! All of the money raised will go a long way to helping the
people at Forest Holme continue the good work that they do. Overall it was a
really enjoyable, if slightly surreal day and we raised a fantastic £160! I would like
to thank everybody in the Sixth Form for their efforts and also Mrs Jackson for
making it all possible.

                                        Matt Lawrence, Year 12
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                                                PE News
                  Gym and Dance Show - 29th April 2010

This year‘s Gym and Dance show was a huge success, with over 50 students
participating in the sell out show. The night was packed with a variety of per-
formances from students across years 7-13. The younger students per-
formed highly skilled gymnastic routines that they had choreographed them-
selves and in their own time, along with a performance from the Twynham
Gym Club. Whilst the older years treated the audience to a taste of their
GCSE dance and audition pieces. The night was brought to a close with the
performance that Twynham entered for the Rock Challenge competition ear-
lier on this year, which was awarded a fantastic second place and gained
best choreography- well done Miss Blackmore!

A raffle was also run on the night which was again a great success with fantastic prizes being donated by Heffords
Flowers, The Regent Centre, The Kings Hotel and Twynham staff. A big thank you goes to Kevin Doyle who very
kindly donated the first prize of a framed and signed Bournemouth AFC shirt. We would like to thank everyone in-
volved in the show and making it such a successful night.

Thank you to the parents and friends that supported the students on the night and staff for giving up their time. Special
thanks to Julia Paton- staging and lights, Dave Chapman -music, Tina Kimber-Twynham Gym Club, Sue Mulhare-
ticket sales, Jy Taylor- filming, student helpers and the PE department! We look forward to an even bigger and better
show next year.

The Dorset Schools County Schools Swimming Championships- Saturday 8 May

                       A number of our students who swim for local clubs entered the championships representing
                       Twynham. It was held at Littledown Centre and featured teams from 36 Dorset schools in-
                       cluding local rivals, St Peters, Highcliffe, Bournemouth School for Boys, Bournemouth
                       School for Girls and Portchester. Students competed well at the event which was held to
                       select a team to represent Dorset in the Division 12 Secondary Schools Gala to be held in
Southampton in September of this year.

Well done to Rachel Hawkins from year 8 who came 1st in the Girls 100m Backstroke, with a personal best and came
overall 3rd in the girls 100m butterfly again performing really well. Leanna Galton and Bethany Folland also competed
in the 100m backstroke and both performed well, again with Bethany achieving a personal best time. In the boys‘
event, there was another winner with James Seddon coming 1st in the boys100m backstroke and 100m butterfly. Mat-
thew Allen also competed in the backstroke performing well. Congratulations also go to Ben Wickens, Jack Simpkins,
Peter Lawson who all competed in a range of events. We look forward to hearing of further success. Well done to all
those that took part.

Year 8 Rounder’s Tournament
The year 8 rounders team played well at their first fixture of the season, coming third in a tourna-
ment. They lost their first match to The Grange 3½ to 4½, but came back fighting to win against
St. Peters 4 to 3 ½ thanks to a cracking hit from Ellie Jones. Their last match was the toughest
against Highcliffe, but the girls managed a draw 5 all, despite Kate Wassell and Jazz Tizzard
nearly knocking each other out by both going for the same ball! Well done girls- We now wait for the area tournament
just before half term. Team: Morgan Clements, Ellie Jones, Tess Allen, Sarah Barwood, Katie Wassell, Olivia King,
Anna Couldridge, Emma Davey and Jaz Tizzard.
        Page 13                                                  Twynham School

                                                PE News
Yr 7 and Yr 8 Girls Athletics V Grange and Bournemouth Collegiate School

The Athletics team got off to a great start to the season with an
excellent performance in the recent athletics fixture. Despite
the cold and wet conditions, we had many great performances in
both track and field events. Most of the competitors were trying
out 'new' events which meant that they had little or no experience
in that specific area - many of whom actually ended up beating
other competitors from the two other schools. An amazing per-
formance was seen in the 800m Year 7 and 8 girls‘ event which
saw Eleanor Jones and Lydia Davies finish in joint 1st position. In
the 4x100m Yr 8 Relay, the team also ended up in 1st place with
Rebecca Fitzpatrick and Tess Allen demonstrating outstanding
sprinting performance. In Year 7, Frankie Bendall won the Jave-
lin clearing a distance of 15 metres. Frankie is clearly an able ath-
lete who excels in throwing events as she also cleared 5 metres
in the shot putt. All in all it was a great team effort and a pleasure
to take such an enthusiastic and willing group of girls. We look forward to Town Sports and the rest of the summer
Athletics season.

Year 9 and 10 Athletics

We took a full year 9 and 10 team to the first athletics meet of the year at St Peters School. The Year 10 girls came 4 th
overall; there were some determined performances from Becky Long: 2 nd in the 100m, 1st in the 200m and 2nd in the
relay; Charlotte Payne: 2nd in Javelin and 4th in 200m and Merissa Locke: 2nd in the 300m and 4th in the 800m.
Our year 9 girls also performed fantastically, gaining an overall first place! Well done girls!

Individual performances that stood out were Zoe Seabourne 2 nd in Long Jump, Emma Horn 1st in the 800m, Trisha Ma-
son 3rd in Javelin, Lucy du Cros 1st in the 300m, Holly Clapham 1st in Long Jump and 2nd in 800m. We wish the year 9
and 10 girls luck at the next major Athletics competition of the season; Town sports.

Years 3, 4 & 5 Quadkids Athletics Festival

The second annual Quadkids festival took place here at Twynham on Thursday 14 May. The num-
ber of participants had more than doubled from 45 to 96 students this year so we had our work cut
out. In terms of helpers, the main responsibility fell to the year 10 sports leaders who helped run the
event last year. They really excelled in their leadership roles. Having spoken to the staff from the
primary and junior schools, they felt that the students were brilliant; really supportive and encouraging which made the
event so successful. They were supported by the year 9 students who will be undertaking the sports leader course
                next year as well as two volunteer year 8 students.

               The actual Quadkids event, involves students competing in four different athletic disciplines; the 50m
               sprint, a standing long jump, a 400m run and the vortex howler throw. Students across the four compet-
               ing schools were mixed into four teams which were a combination of each year group. They then com-
               peted against each other within their age groups. The sports leaders officiated in the different disci-
               plines really well, organising their groups of 24 students to compete in all the events which was not an
               easy task with so many students.

All the sports leaders did themselves and the school proud. They really grasped the importance of good communica-
tion, good organisation, responsibility and initiative. This was particularly encouraging from the year 9 students who
have embraced their roles and really enjoyed the afternoon.

Students involved all deserve a mention due to their hard work and superb leadership: Danny Bowen, Quinn Davey,
Ryan Bareham, Craig Bareham, Matt Masterman, Dean Matthews, Zoe Wade, Merrissa Locke, Tom Smallman, Char-
lie Mansbridge, Sam Coates, Sam Elvin, Tyarnni Rolt, Molly Place, Chris Cotton, Dean Grimes, Katy Wassell, Annabel
Peacock and Trisha Mason.

Also a special thank you goes to Mr Thomas from the TA department who came out and supported students in their
roles and to Tom Symons the School Sports Partnership Competition manager who again helped out. It was much
appreciated and aided the success of the event. We look forward to further leadership opportunities for our students.
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                                                 PE News
Charis Wood 8 PHSEM
Charis Wood in Year 8 has made an extremely brave and bold decision to take up Fencing. Re-
cently she has been training and competing at various events around the U.K. She has only
been fencing for around two months and is already beating opponents with much more experi-
ence. She is keen to carry on training and hopes that she continues to progress and improve.
Good luck and well done for having the courage and determination to start a new sport...and a
very difficult one!

Year 7 Multi Sport Festival- Highcliffe School
On Wednesday 31st March 16 year 7 students went to Highcliffe School with Mr Jones, their
                                      head of year, to participate in the multi sport festival. This
                                      event is aimed at students that have not been involved in
                                      school teams or extra-curricular activities and is a fun experience to encourage
                                      them to see the benefits of involvement. The students selected the events that
                                      they wanted to participate in from Rocketball, quicksticks hockey and table ten-
                                      nis. However, due to poor weather, the quicksticks hockey was changed to
                                      dodgeball. The students played against students from Highcliffe School, The
                                      Grange and some Purbeck middle schools. They all did really well and had
                                      great fun, eventually coming 2nd in each of the events. This meant that they won
                                      the event overall which was a great achievement.

                                        Well done to Hannah Small, Nicole Boyt, Katie Holt, Matthew Smith, Josh
                                        McMenneny Reed, Charlie Shortell, Daniel Lawford, Josephine Gordon, Rachel
                                        Johnson, Emily Board, Millie Fry, Katie French, Rhys Atkin, Tom Richardson
                                        and Alex Derham. We hope to see you all continue your involvement.

Jurassic Challenge 2010- Mrs Goddard & Sport Relief
Having always competed in athletics, enjoying running and keeping fit, and this year being Sport Relief
year, I decided to set myself a challenge in order to raise funds. Throughout the summer, I keenly followed
the progress of Eddie Izzard in his ultimate challenge of running 43 marathons and was absolutely as-
tounded that someone could push themselves this hard and experience an amazing personal journey.
This inspired me to do something beyond my normal boundaries. Two years ago I watched competitors in the Juras-
sic challenge which involves completing 3 trail marathons in 3 days over the South West Coast path. At the time I
thought it was insane, but seeing their elation at the finish made me decide that this was the challenge. Also asking for
the same amount of time off to match Eddie‘s challenge might not have gone down too well, so this only involved miss-
ing one school day!

My elder sister decided she would do this with me so we embarked on our training last October. This involved long
runs, gradually building up our distance so that we could cover the distance and with the trail runs, due to the terrain, it
takes a lot longer to cover the distance. We participated in a couple of trail half marathons across Dorset, including
Charmouth, running up and down the Golden cap, and running around Portland completing the last 2 miles on pebble
beach. Having done all this, we were ready to complete our challenge.

So at 6.00 am on Friday 26 March, we departed for Portland to register for the first day. 160 competitors had entered
for the 3 days, with 60 plus athletes competing in the ‗Oner‘ which involved running 3 marathons back to back starting
at 6.00 pm on the Saturday, aiming to finish Sunday (madness). It all seemed suddenly very real, arriving to be
greeted by baggage check. We had to carry a number of emergency items with us including a mobile phone, choco-
late, torch, dry clothing and a compass. Having had our check we moved through to the waiting area where we were
surrounded by the smells of deep heat and adrenaline!

On day one, we started in the G3 group; the fastest group for those that intended to run as far as was humanly possi-
              ble! We all packed ourselves into 7 mini buses and departed for the start at Charmouth. Then we
              were off; 6 hours and lots of mud and hills later, and only a little rain we finished day one. We were
              then back home to prepare for day 2. For recovery I had my ice cold bath which was incredibly painful
              but well worth it as the next day I woke up with no stiffness. Off to Weymouth to register before starting
              marathon 2. We had to do quite a bit of map reading on day 2 to ensure that we found our way. We
              ran around the whole of Portland, then through Weymouth to finish the second day at Durdle Door. It
              was 6.5 hours and a lot harder due to the number of hills. Recovery today was a dip in the sea at Lul-
              worth Cove! Home and preparing for day 3, woke up and had difficulty walking, not good! The day
              started with some massive hills and again we passed some amazing scenery including dancing ledge
         Page 15                                                   Twynham School

                                                  PE News
and lots of the rugged coast. We completed the last few miles up on Old Harry Rocks in complete fog, managing to
finish in 7.5 hours. The event was later called off by the Coastguard due to increasing fog which had become danger-
ous. Thank goodness we had made it, that would have been gutting!

In all we completed our challenge in just over 20 hours. The leading runners had done 11 hours, but we figured they
were a different breed! We had achieved our challenge and raised a lot of money for Sport Relief. Thank you to all
those staff who sponsored me and I look forward to a new challenge next year.

Results and fixtures March 19th - May 14th

Football Results
              Year 7 Town Cup Semi Final v Winton, won 4-2;
              Year 7 Town Cup Final v Bournemouth Grammar, lost 2-1
              Year 8 Town Cup Semi Final v Bournemouth Grammar, lost 4-0
              Year 9 Town Cup Semi Final v Portchester, won 3-1; Year 9 Town Cup Final v Winton, lost 6-0
              Year 10 Town Cup Semi Final v Bournemouth Grammar, lost 2-1
Year 11 Town Cup Semi Final v Winton, lost 2-1
Sixth Form Football team finished 5th in the Dorset Schools U19 league.

Congratulations to all our football teams who have performed exceptionally well this season.

A special well done to the Year 7 and Year 9 teams for reaching the Town Cup Finals, with all five year groups
reaching the Semi Finals!

The Dorset School County Championships took place on Saturday 8 th May and the following students received certifi-
cates and medals:

Rachel Hawkins, 1st Junior girls 100m Backstroke and 3rd Junior girls 100m Butterfly,
James Seddon, 1st Junior boys 100m Backstroke and 1st Junior boys 100m Butterfly,
Ben Wickens, 1st Junior boys 100m Freestyle and 3rd Junior boys 100m Breastroke
Jack Simpkins 3rd Junior boys 100m Butterfly

Year 7 v Arnewood, lost,
Year 8 v St Edwards (County Cup Round 1) won
Year 8 V Bournemouth Grammar (County Cup Round 2) lost
Year 9 v Arnewood, won
Year 9 v Shaftesbury (County Cup Round 2, bye in Round 1) won
Year 10 v Poole Grammar (County Cup Round 1) lost
Year 8 & 10 still have cricket fixtures v Arnewood to play and all year groups have fixtures arranged to play Highcliffe.

Two very important Athletics fixtures for your diary are Town Sports – Wednesday 19th May and School
Sports Day – Tuesday 29th June.

                                                   Ten Tors
                   Congratulations to the following who have completed the Bronze 35 mile Ten Tors challenge:
                   Jake Feeley, Tom Shinton, Connor Merecki, Mat Masterman, Ben James and Ben Hewin.

                   Congratulations to the following who have completed the Silver 45 mile Ten Tors challenge:
                   Duncan Yeabsley, Heather Drummond, Alex Hayle, Ciaran Trellis, Matthew Du Cros and Paul Whipple.

                   Paul Whipple (left) was awarded the ‗Walkers Boot‘ for his overall commitment and effort.

All of the above have been in training since November and have shown determination and team work to complete an
extremely demanding challenge. Well done to all.
                                                                   Mr Jackson
        Page 16                                               Twynham School

                                   Student Support
                                                                 INNOVATION PROJECT

                                         This term the students involved in the Innovation Project have engaged
                                         in two additional experiential learning opportunities.

                                         On Wednesday 21st April, Connexions arranged a Team Building event
                                         held at the Captains Club. The students had to work together to build a
                                         structure that would stand freely, made from dried spaghetti and
                                         marshmallows. Much ingenuity, patience and eating of marshmallows re-
                                         sulted in a fine structure being created. Jeanette Rogers, Connexions
Adviser, also gave the students excellent strategies to improve their higher
level thinking and team building skills.

On Saturday 15th May, the students attended an „International Trophy Race
Meeting‟ at Silverstone. Stuart Tizzard had kindly arranged for the students
to explore the „pits‟, sit in racing cars, visit the control centre and watch some
races! The risk assessment for this trip took some time to complete, however,
it did not allow for an additional surprise to our day – Stuart had arranged for
a Renault racing driver to take Twynham‟s Mini Bus twice around the Grand Prix
Circuit with all of us in it!! Much excitement for the students and raised blood
pressure for the staff!

Grateful thanks to Stuart Tizzard and Brenda Traylen, Special Constable
(retired WPC), who continues to support the work of the Innovation Project,
which aims to raise the aspirations and achievements of our Looked After Chil-
            Mrs E Perry
            Student Support Co-ordinator
            Designated Teacher for LAC

          Stressed by the thought of exams?!

                        To all year 11 students, support is
                        still available to you during the
                        exam period. Please feel free to
                        pop into the PACE office to have a
                        chat or make an appointment.

                         If you are feeling stressed about
exams you have the chance to look at relaxation tech-
niques as well as organising your time or simply having
some time to chat about anything that is on your mind.
        Page 17                                                  Twynham School

                                      Student Support
                                        STUDENT SUPPORT

This term we have once again started two PACE groups in Year 7, one for girls and one for boys, which
meet on alternate weeks to actively learn about issues related to self esteem. Each week we „check in‟
with each other describing the „good‟ and the „not so good‟ about the week just gone. There are prizes
to be won for working well together and on the odd occasion we may also celebrate with cakes! The
groups get involved in a number of interactive activities as well as watching video clips and acting out
role plays.

Students who have already been involved in PACE groups of this nature, have not only learned to feel more posi-
tively about themselves but have also made some good friends. We hope to continue this valued work each half
                                         Ellen Rudyard, Pastoral Care

                  As mentioned in April‟s newsletter some of our students are taking part in a Government initia-
                  tive to receive 1:1 tutoring in English. So following on from the “Robin Diary” in the last newslet-
                  ter, below are details of another piece:

                'Escape from Padlock Farm' is a short story written by a pupil in year 9 to complete his 1:1 tui-
tion. A copy of this can be found in the L.R.C. after the half-term break. This is the story of an evil farmer;
cruel and greedy, mean and mercenary. Disaster strikes and the animals plot to escape. This is a dark tale with a
happy ending.

                                      Business Studies
                                        A Lesson in franchising from Domino’s

                                                     Domino‘s Pizza franchisee Astrid Patil, visited Yr 11 GCSE Busi-
                                                     ness studies students. The students are currently researching
                                                     Pizza delivery franchises as part of their course and invited Astrid
                                                     to give them a real insight into her business.

                                                     Astrid Patil and her husband Anil own the local Domino‘s store in
                                                     Christchurch as well as nine others around the South, so she is
                                                     well versed in the running of a franchise. Astrid talked to the stu-
                                                     dents about how she joined the pizza delivery business – a real
                                                     departure from her previous career as a lawyer – and provided
                                                     firsthand knowledge of setting up a franchise and running her Dom-
                                                     ino‘s stores. The talk was followed by a delivery of piping hot pizza
                                                     for the students to enjoy!

Michelle Betteridge-Hanson, Head of Business & Law, said: ―We were delighted to have Astrid in class. She is a fan-
tastic example of a successful franchisee and the talk she gave to our students has been very useful to their studies.
Her experiences of franchising and running her own business really helped to bring the GCSE research to life, we are
keen to enhance the learning of our business studies students wherever possible by working with local business per-
sons such as Astrid.‖

Astrid Patil, Domino‘s franchisee, added: ―As a local store, we‘re very keen to deliver more to our community and are
delighted to support schools such as Twynham. I was very honoured to be asked to attend and it was great fun talking
to the pupils about the challenges and rewards of running your own business. They all seemed very keen, especially
when they got to try some pizza, so who knows, maybe there are some budding new Domino‘s franchisees in the
        Page 18                                                   Twynham School

                          Technology Department
                                                     Graphic Products
                   PrintIT! is a major initiative to encourage learners to consider a career path related to
                   the UK printing industry. Led by Proskills, PrintIT! is a joint venture between the printing
                   industry, and The Fairtrade Foundation. The project is targeted at Year 9 and Year 10
                   students studying GCSE Graphic Products and Product Design. It is also relevant to the Creative
                   and Media and Manufacturing and Product Design Diplomas.

                   This year two Twynham students have been awarded a certificate of Merit.
                   This is a great achievement as the competition was nationwide with thousands
                   of entrants. Congratulations to Rory Cahill and Laura Maw for their excellent

                           GCSE Graphics coursework this year has seen an excellent standard
                           of final coursework practical products. Projects have ranged from board
                           games, cosmetic packaging, perfume point of sales and products de-
                           signed to help children tell the time. The work produced this year has
                           been excellent and has set the foundations for a successful year of
                           GCSE results.

                           Congratulations to year 11 Graphic students and good luck in the exams.

                                                  Mrs A Britton

                                 Gifted and Talented
           Local Junior Schools G&T Science Event

                  As part of our G&T Lead School work we have
                  been working with Highcliffe and the Grange and
                  many local junior schools on a series of small
                  projects. This has included story-telling at High-
                  cliffe, media and ICT at the Grange and a Sci-
                  ence workshop at Twynham. This was held last
half term after school and was led by Miss Harries and Miss Ball in
the Science department. It was a superb event which over 30 jun-
ior school students attended. They learnt about rockets and grav-
ity and were even able to use Bunsen burners to create their own
fireworks. The students really enjoyed themselves and learnt a
great deal.

The joint work that we have been doing was then brought together with a celebration at Christchurch Junior School
where we showcased the work that we had done and shared experiences of the events amongst students and parents.
We hope to run more events like this in the future involving as many students with different talents and abilities as pos-
sible. Many thanks to Miss Harries and Miss Ball for running the event and to Abigail Benjamin and Felicity Heath in
Year 12 for helping out.
                                                      Mrs Z Beynon
                                                   G&T Lead Teacher
       Page 19                                         Twynham School

                        Kirkland Rowell Survey
                          The Kirkland Rowell Perceptions Survey 2010

Can I start by saying thank you to the parents and students in the school who completed the sur-
vey. If you were not one of these it is because we sample exactly half of the school including 6 th
form. The school‘s results were compared to those of 140 similar schools.

Parents gave an exceptional overall performance score of 88% (where 70% is considered a suc-
cess). 21% of parents said the school had improved over the year and only 2% that the perform-
ance was worse. Of new parents 27% thought the school was better than expectations and only
2% that it had not lived up to expectations.

Parents were most happy with careers advice, developing potential, discipline and control of bully-
ing. Since our survey two years ago there were significantly higher scores in levels of homework,
community spirit, availability of resources, school facilities (equipment, books, cleanliness, com-
puters etc), security, communication and happiness of the child. There were significantly high
scores for school management, parents‘ evenings, handling complaints and explaining how to help
the child. With regard to subjects parents were again very pleased with no subject being consid-
ered less than good.

The lowest scores (please be aware these were relative to other aspects of the survey but still high
compared to other schools) were written reports, promoting racial harmony and extra-curricular ac-
tivities. The biggest concern was that of facilities (we presume this to be especially PE but also
our lunch-time provision), with 12.3% citing this. Parents of 6 th formers felt, perhaps with some jus-
tification, that we do not promote healthy lifestyles and diet! The ―tear-off‖ comments have all been
read and we are reacting to your comments. We know that for some parents that although the
school did very well, there are still certain aspects that affect your son/daughter and in which we
can improve. Can I assure you that there will be no complacency. We want to make Twynham the
very best for all our students and continue to strive for improvement.

Students‘ perceptions were very similar to those of parents with significantly high scores for school
facilities (equipment, computers etc), resources, control of bullying, teaching quality, community
spirit and discipline. Since the survey two years ago, they thought we had improved in teaching
quality, computer access, social-health education, marking work (although some Key Stage 4 stu-
dents were not so sure) and listening to students‘ views. Again, the priority for school improvement
was facilities (PE and for many of them places to go at lunchtime when the weather is inclement).
With regard to subjects we were delighted that no subject came out less than good. However,
some students had written individual concerns for a small number of subjects which have been
passed to the teachers and heads of subject concerned. We will look at subject specific issues
with staff over the next few weeks. Can I emphasise again that all of your comments were anony-
mous and that our students had very perceptive and constructive things to say. Can I also say to
the students that we know we can still improve and value your opinions.

There is a great deal more information in the final analysis and should you wish to know the an-
swer to a particular question for example, I may be able to help if you contact the school.

                                              J Bewley
                                       Assistant Headteacher
           Page 20                                                                  Twynham School

                                             Community News


                           CHRISTCHURCH HOSTED BY

                             The Grange School, Redvers Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 3AU
                                           TEL: 01202 486536 (term time only)

                                          This programme is valid from
                                    Tuesday 1st June to Saturday 5th June 2010
                                      Programme co-ordinator: Jae Harris

            FOR BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES TEL: 07785 935928
Please complete the booking form and consent form when booking an activity or activities. Separate forms are
required per child but one consent form covers all activities. Please make sure payment is made at the time
of booking as we are unable to proceed without this. Closing date for all bookings is Wednesday 26th May
2010. It is advisable that payment is made by cheque. Unfortunately we are unable to issue any refunds for
cancellations which are made within 48 hours of the activity taking place. Once payment and booking has been
received you will only be contacted if there are NO SPACES LEFT on the activity, please call if you want con-
firmation. If you require any further advice or information please contact Jae Harris on the above number.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the parent/carers responsibility to arrange for their child/young person to get to and from the activi-
ties or the stated meeting points. Lunch, snacks or refreshments are NOT provided and it is the parent/carers responsibility
to ensure that their child/young person brings with them any drinks, snacks or lunches they may need for the activity ses-
sions. Also please ensure that all young people are adequately dressed for the activity which they are participating in.

Liabilities. Dorset County Council can only be held liable for damage, loss or injury if it can be shown that an employee, servant or agent has been negli-
gent by act or omission and that this was the cause of the said damage, loss or injury.
        Page 21                                                 Twynham School

                                  Community News
                                           Programme of Activities
Tues 1 June                  Weds 2 June                                Thurs 3 June

Family day trip to Wey-      Ages 5-7                                   Ages 5-7
mouth Sealife Centre with    1pm – 3.30pm                               1pm – 3.30pm
optional free time to ex-    Cooking                                    Mad Science workshop
plore Weymouth and the       £5.50                                      £5.50
beach.                       The Grange School                          The Grange School

Bring a picnic lunch.        Ages 8+                                    Ages 8+
                             1pm – 3.30pm                               1pm – 3.30pm
Meet at The Grange           Cooking,                                   Mad Science workshop,
School at 8.30am. Return     The Grange School                          The Grange School
by 6pm
                             Wednesday 2 June – Saturday 5 June
Cost £6 pp, under 2‘s
£2.50                        Years 5 and over
                             3 night residential trip to Langdale Youth Hostel in the Lake District
                             Cost £70
                             Depart 7am Wednesday morning

                                               Forthcoming activities

  Sat 3 July Young People only trip to Thorpe Park. Ages 12+. Cost £22.50

 Summer Holiday Mon 26 July - Thurs 2 Sept
  Sat 24 July. 3 night residential trip to London.
  Thurs 28 July. ‗We Will Rock You‘. Dominion Theatre, London. Afternoon performance. £40 pp. 32 places. Family

  Tues 3 Aug. Family trip to Thorpe Park. Cost:: £20.00 12 years and over, £10 aged 5-11, £5 under 5‘s

  Mon 9 - Thurs 12 Aug. Drama camp Cost: Ages 5-7 (half day) £25 for the week or £7 per day. Ages 8+ (full day)
   £35 for the week or £10 per day. Limited to 24 places. (INCLUDING A SHAKESPEARE 4 KIDZ PRODUCTION)

  Friday 13 August. Family day trip to Marwell. Cost £17.50 pp

  Mon 16 August - Friday 20 August. 5 day residential trip to Newgale YMCA activity centre in South Wales. Ages
   12+. Cost £75pp. 28 places.

  Mon 16 Aug - Friday 20 Aug. Art Week for the under 12‘s. Ages 5-7 (half day) £30 for the week or £7 per day.
   Ages 8+ (full day) £40 for the week or £10 per day. Limited to 24 places.

  Thurs 26 August. Family trip to the London Dungeon (with the option for families to independently explore the area
   around the Tower of London and HMS Belfast afterwards). Cost £17.50pp. 50 places.

  Sat 4 September. Young person‘s trip to Thorpe Park. Ages 12+. Cost £22.50. 32 places.

October half term Mon 25 Oct - Fri 29 Oct
  Sun 24 October. 3 night residential trip to Cornwall
  Fri 29 Oct. Young person‘s trip to Thorpe Park Fright Night. Cost £25. 32 places.

 February half term Mon 21 – Fri 25 Feb 2011
  Sun 20 Feb – Thurs 24 Feb (BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND) 4 night residential trip to Edale Activity Centre. £75

                            JAE HARRIS ON 07785 935928
         Page 22                                        Twynham School

                               Information Page
                                        EXAM RESULTS DAYS

                      GCE RESULTS -              THURSDAY 19TH AUGUST 2010

                      GCSE RESULTS -             TUESDAY 24TH AUGUST 2010

                                        TWYNHAM SCHOOL

                                       TERM DATES 2010—2011


Wednesday 1st September 2010 - Friday 17th December 2010

            Tuesday 31st August            -    Year 12 and 13 Registration
            Wednesday 1st September        -    INSET Day—school closed to students
            Thursday 2nd September         -    Year 7 only attend school
            Friday 3rd September           -    Years 7-13 attend school

Half Term Monday 25th October 2010 -        Friday 29th October 2010

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY          Monday 20th December 2010 -       Monday 3rd January 2011 (Bank Holiday)


Tuesday 4th January 2011 -      Friday 8th April 2011

Half Term Monday 21st February 2011 -       Friday 25th February 2011

EASTER HOLIDAY        Monday 11th April 2011            -    Monday 25th April 2011 (Bank Holiday)


Tuesday 26th April 2011    -    Wednesday 20th July 2011

Half Term Monday 30th May 2011 (Bank Holiday) -         Friday 3rd June 2011

May Bank Holiday - Monday 2nd May 2011 - school closed

STAFF TRAINING DAYS—Students do not attend school on these days

            Wednesday 1st September 2010
            Friday 1st October 2010
            Friday 18th February 2011
            Friday 1st July 2011
    Page 23                                            Twynham School

                                  Parents’ Page

Would your family enjoy introducing someone from another country to your way of life?
There are international students from all over the world at universities in the UK: they speak English
and most are in their 20's.They would love to spend a weekend sharing your family life in order to
understand more about the UK. You could have fun introducing them to British food, customs, your
local community and area; and you could learn about their country and culture. This is an opportunity
to make friends across international boundaries. Geography comes alive, and afterwards, any
news bulletin about your guest's country will have much more meaning.

HOST is a national charity, backed by the Foreign Office, which has been linking students with volun-
teer hosts for many years. See or call Margaret Astridge, the voluntary organiser in
Dorset, on 01458 251699.

                 Advertise your business or sell an article in the newsletter
                                    from £20 inc VAT.

                                  Contact Rosanna Langdown
                                       on 01202 486237
                     May Snippets                                    FORTHCOMING EVENTS

                                                 May 2010
                 Twynham School                  28th         Year 11/13 exam period starts
                   Sopers Lane                   31st         HALF TERM 31 May-4th June
                     Dorset                      June 2010
                    BH23 1JF                     7th          School restarts
                Phone: 01202 486237              7th-11th     Year 9 French Normandy Visit
          Attendance : 01202 495778              9th          Year 8/10 Girls Vaccinations
                 Fax: 01202 486230               16th         Full Governors Meeting 4.00 pm
       E-mail:          23rd         Year 7 Achievement Evening
                                                 25th-30th    Year 12 History Berlin Trip
                                                 29th         Sports Day
         “Ambitious for all our Students”        30th         Year 6 Induction Day
                                                 30th         Top Universities Seminar at Village Hotel, 7.00 pm

                                                 July 2010
                                                 1st          Year 8 Achievement Evening
                                                 1st          Year 12 Familiarisation Day
                                                 2nd          MUFTI Day
                                                 4th-10th     Year 7 Fairthorne Trip
                                                 5th          School Closed—STAFF TRAINING
                                                 7th          Year 9 Achievement Evening
                                                 8th          Year 10 Achievement Evening
                                                 11th-15th    Year 10 Snowdon Trip
                                                 12th-16th    Year 12 Spanish Trip
                  16th         Year 12 Finish
                                                 17th-24th    Music Tour
                                                 21st         Last Day of Term

                                                 August 2010
                                                 19th       GCE Results Day
                                                 24th       GCSE Results Day

Christchurch CC hold cricket coaching sessions for the youth cricket section every term-time Tuesday for boys (4pm
for years 3 and 4, 5pm for years 5 and 6) and Wednesdays for girls from 5pm (years 2 to 7). The ECB is particularly
keen to get girls involved so please encourage any girl you think might enjoy it to come along. Each session is led
by a level 3 coach supported by at least one level one coach. We would like to invite children of that age to come
along to these sessions and, when they are ready, to participate in one of the youth teams during the coming cricket
season. The final indoor session is 27th April. The outdoor sessions begin from 4th May and are held at Barrack

Each session costs £4. The first will be free. If you want to pay by standing order the cost is £10.50 a month which
includes any outdoor games your child may be involved in.

              Why not come along and learn something about a great game from a top coach?
                                       No Experience necessary.

     If you would like more information then please visit our website. Alternatively please give us a call.

                   INTERESTED? Give us a call or just turn up on the appropriate night – all welcome

                   PLEASE CONTACT:           STEVE DONALDSON (Chairman) 07515 027673
                                             JOE MALONE (Under 9 Manager) 07857 563644
                                             JOHN DUGAN (Youth Secretary) 07768 904131


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