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									                                                                                                                  Minimum MKin Admission Requirements:
                                                        Master of Kinesiology (MKin)                              a) A minimum grade of B or 3.0 in each of the
                                                        Course-based Graduate Degree                                 following undergraduate prerequisite courses or
                                                              equivalents: Anatomy, Exercise Physiology,
                                                                                                                     Biomechanics, Sport Psychology and Statistics.
        GRADUATE PROGRAMS                               The MKin program is designed to prepare students to       b) A minimum admission GPA of 3.0 or higher on a
                                          KNB 146       be professional kinesiologists with an advanced              four-point scale over approximately the last two
                          understanding of applied exercise physiology.                years of study in a Kinesiology or appropriate
                                                        Careers of MKin graduates include work in high               academic background for the area of
              performance sport, chronic disease management,               specialization.
                                                        occupational assessment and prevention of disease         c) Two academic reference letters.
                                                        via health and wellness.                                  d) A demonstrated ability to be self-motivated and
                                                                                                                     capable of independent study as shown in
4+1: The Integrated Bachelor-Master of                  Students will be exposed to the tests and techniques         undergraduate studies, volunteer work and/or
Science Degree                                          employed to train and monitor elite world class              work experience in exercise science areas will be       athletes as they prepare for international competition,      considered.
                                                        including the Olympic Games. MKin students will also      e) For applicants required to provide proof of
The 4+1 Integrated Bachelors/Master of Science          work with a number of specialists in the health              proficiency in English, a minimum TOEFL score of
program allows exceptional undergraduate students       profession to gain clinical experience in the areas of       580 (written), or 92 (internet-based), or an IELTs
registered in the Faculty of Kinesiology to complete    stress testing, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing and        score of 7.5, or a MELAB score of 82.
their BSc or BKin and a thesis-based graduate           metabolic disorders.                                      f) Letter of Intent (800 words):
degree (MSc) within 5 years.                                                                                          -   Why are you pursuing an MKin degree?
                                                        The course-based MKin degree program is                       -   What is your career goal at the completion of
Students apply to the 4+1 during Year 3 of their BKin   comprised of 5.50 full course equivalents and is                  your MKin degree?
or BSc (Kinesiology) undergraduate program.             undertaken in 16 consecutive months commencing                -   What is your career goal 5 years after the
                                                        annually in September. The MKin program is a quota-               completion of your MKin degree?
During a student’s final 4th year in the Kinesiology    based program with a highly competitive admission             -   Describe your relevant experiences in the
undergraduate program, the student would acquire        process. Only top applicants are admitted annually.               area (including but not limited to coaching,
the necessary academic background for their                                                                               volunteer,     clinical, employment      and
graduate thesis work by completing two graduate                                                                           recreational experiences).
courses, in combination with undergraduate courses
that would be credited toward the student’s
undergraduate degree. The graduate courses would                                                                  2010-11 Course-based Tuition and General Fees:
be taken into consideration as academic preparation                                                     
for the graduate MSc degree.                                                                                      _C_Based-_July_09_2010.pdf

4+1 Students are eligible for the Vera A. Ross
Graduate Scholarship.                                                                                             All admission applications, application fees, official
                                                                                                                  transcripts, degree certificates, letters of reference,
              More information:                                                                                   letters of intent and language proficiency official test
 KNES Undergraduate Office                                                                   scores (if applicable) must be submitted to the
   KNES Graduate Office                                                                      Kinesiology Graduate Program by the application
                                                                                                                  deadline. The MKin Admissions Committee will meet
 4+1 ANNUAL APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 1                                                                           to make final admission decisions.

                                                        Former MKin Student Matthew Price is a Strength and           MKIN ANNUAL APPLICATION DEADLINE:
                                                        Physiology Consultant, Canadian Sport Centre-Calgary.                      March 1
                                                                                                                       committee and studies should be performed with the
                                                           Minimum MSc and PhD Admission Requirements:                 highest level of academic rigor. Students should be
                                                           a) Consent for supervision from an approved Faculty         encouraged to become more independent as their
                                                              Member in Kinesiology.                                   program progresses to demonstrate that they can
                                                           b) An appropriate academic background for the area of       design, conduct and critically report original research.
                                                              specialization.                                          The PhD should be made up of 2-3 individual studies
        GRADUATE PROGRAMS                                  c) A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 or            that build upon previous work in complexity, scope and
                                                              higher on a four-point scale over approximately the      sophistication. The program should be realistically
                                            KNB 146           last two years of study.                                 designed so that the student can complete all
                             d) For applicants required to provide proof of              requirements of the degree within four years. All
                    proficiency in English, a minimum TOEFL score of         students are expected to have a minimum of three
                                                              580 (written), or 92 (internet-based), or an IELTs       original scientific contributions from their PhD work
                                                              score of 7.5, or a MELAB score of 82.                    either submitted, published or in press in a recognized
Thesis-Based Graduate Degrees                              e) Two academic reference letters.                          peer-reviewed journal before defending their thesis.         f) Written confirmation of external funding to support      Students should also be given the opportunity to present
                                                              the thesis research project, in accordance with          their work at national and international conferences
Thesis-based degrees offered in Kinesiology can be            policies of the Faculty of Kinesiology Graduate          specific to their field of study.
completed in a number of specializations depending on         Program.
the interests and training of the student, and on the      g) For PhD students only: A minimum stipend of              Each Doctoral student is required to complete a
expertise of the faculty member(s) who is (are) the           $18,000 per annum for a reasonable duration of           minimum of three graduate-level half courses. Course
designated supervisor(s). Specialization areas include        graduate training, for up to five years.                 selection is finalized after consideration of the student’s
Adapted Physical Activity & Gerontology, Biomechanics,                                                                 background preparation and the research topic and is at
Exercise & Health Physiology, Health & Exercise            Master of Science (MSc)                                     the discretion of the graduate supervisor(s) and the
Psychology, Multi-Media Applications in Learning,          The MSc thesis should be focused on a novel question        supervisory committee.
Neuro-Motor Psychology & Motor Learning; Nutrition,        within the student’s chosen discipline which allows the
Metabolism & Genetics; Sport History; Sport                student to learn and fully appreciate the entire research   All thesis-based students are encouraged to apply for
Psychology; Sport Sociology; Sport Medicine and Injury     process from the generation of an idea through to the       external funding:
Research.      publication of their findings in a peer-reviewed journal.   -Tri-council (CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC)
                                                           The entire MSc should be focused so that the student        -Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions or Alberta
All thesis-based projects are expected to include          can complete data collection and defend their thesis        Innovates-Technology Futures.
current, rigorous research training and to result in new   within a two year time period. Students are encouraged
research findings and peer reviewed publications.          to present their work at one or more national conference
                                                           specific to their field of study.                           2010-11 MSc Tuition and General Fees:
                                                           MSc students are required to complete a minimum of          20Masters%20Thesis%20Based_July_09_%202010.pdf
                                                           two graduate level half-courses. Additional graduate
                                                           level course work is at the discretion of the Supervisory   2010-11 PhD Tuition and General Fees::
                                                           A student may request a transfer from the Master of
                                                           Science degree program to the Doctoral degree
                                                           program, upon the recommendation of the supervisory         All admission applications, application fees, official
                                                           committee and subsequent approval of the Associate          transcripts, degree certificates, letters of reference, and
                                                           Dean (Graduate) and Dean, Faculty of Graduate               language proficiency official test scores (if applicable)
                                                           Studies.                                                    plus confirmation of supervision and funding must be
                                                                                                                       submitted to the Kinesiology Graduate Program by the
                                                           Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)                                  application deadline.
                                                           The PhD thesis should constitute a substantive original
                                                           contribution to knowledge in the student’s chosen area        MSc/PhD ANNUAL APPLICATION DEADLINE:
       Dr. Raylene Reimer, Faculty of Kinesiology          of interest. Students should develop their research                      March 31 (flexible)
     Professor in Nutrition, Metabolism and Genetics       questions in consultation with their supervisory

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