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					Chuck Sundberg
Dead River Campers, Inc.
102 South Main St.
Ishpeming, MI 49849

Dear Mr. Sundberg,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us your expectations for the
web site. As you know Professor Poindexter’s class will be developing the Dead River
Campers, Inc. web site. Attached is a preliminary analysis report which outlines
problems, opportunities, and goals for the website.

We hope that the web site should be ready for deployment in mid-April. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact Professor Poindexter for help.


CIS 250 class

During this Winter 2005 semester (February through May) , Professor Sandi Poindexter’s
CIS-250 class at Northern Michigan University will be working on building a website
for the Dead River Campers, Inc (herein referred to as DRCI). Following e-mail
communication and an interview with DRCI representative Mr. Chuck Sundberg, our
plan is to create a website with the main purpose of enhancing communications between
DRCI’s Board of Directors and its shareholders.

For many students, this will be excellent experience to work on a real world project in a
business-like setting. On top of that, the students will be able to gain additional
knowledge beyond the regular class-room learning environment. There will be no charge
for this project other than the cost to have it hosted on the web by a third party company.
The entire project needs to be completed by the end of the semester, which after that
DRCI will have its own personnel who will be taking care of the website from then on.
This report outlines the opportunities and problems as well as the goals for the students in
working on this project.

 We’re going to create the overall look for the entire website, as well as the initial
  content (as according to the ideas by DRCI) in the design.
 We aim to increase communication efficiency among members of the DRCI by
  adding Contact Information and Current Announcements to the website.
 This website will have a resource section containing forms and links to outside
  websites that contain information pertinent to members of the DRCI.
 We also hope by making this website available that it will help to ensure
  understanding of the rules & regulations among all members of the DRCI


I. Problems, Opportunities, Objectives, and Constraints
The first step in our preliminary analysis is to recognize the existing problems,
opportunities (and their causes & effects), the objectives in providing a solution to them,
and also their constraints/restrictions. The following Table indicates those we have
identified at this time.

                  Cause and Effect Analysis                               System Improvement Objectives
        Problem or Opportunity          Causes and Effects            System Objective           System Constraint
 Make newsletters available            Organizes present      Post and archive newsletters on a Need the documents
 instantaneously and archived          and past newsletters   website                           scanned digitally
                                                                                                and in a format
                                                                                                everyone can open
Cut Costs on Postage                    More materials will      Allow data to be electronically      Some documents
                                        be e-mailed cutting      viewed and transferred               may need actual
                                        time and costs                                                signatures
Make tree cutting and other forms       Need a more              Create a form section on a           Need physical
available                               convenient method        website                              documents of forms
                                        of making forms                                               to scan. What forms
                                        available                                                     are used?
Make a resource section about general   Allows members to        Create a general resource section    What are the links to
information on the Dead River Basin     look up water            on a website.                        the websites Mr.
and regulatory agencies.                elevations and other                                          Sundberg wants
                                        general information                                           posted.
                                        regarding their
Members are unsure of the rules and     Members are cutting      Create a section containing          Need copies of the
regulations of the DRCI.                down trees close to      bylaws, rules and regulations, and   charter, bylaws, and
                                        the shoreline and        the charter of the DRCI.             rules and
                                        violating other rules.                                        regulations.
Make a contact list of the Board.       Allows members to        Create a contact list containing a   Need a list of the
                                        communicate with         board of director’s list and their   board and their
                                        the board more           email addresses.                     emails.
Add a frequently asked question         Provides members         Create a F.A.Q. section on a         Need a list provided
section.                                answers to               website.                             that contains
                                        commonly asked                                                frequently asked
                                        questions.                                                    questions and their

II. PIECES Analysis
To further analyze the problems and opportunities related to this project we also used a
checklist-like method called PIECES, which is a common approach used in the
development of information systems such as a website.

Performance – The website will allow DRCI to get information (such as forms) to its
members in a more timely matter because things can be e-mailed or posted online instead
of sent through snail mail. Minutes can be posted that same night after a meeting instead
of having to be sent through the US Postal Service. Relatively quick download time is
important, as well as good web-hosting to support it.

Information – More information, such as rules & bylaws, can be easily accessible to
shareholders. Not only can it be sorted and available to everyone, but it can be searched
using Google.

Economics/Costs – Because people will be receiving electronic versions of documents, it
will save costs on postage and paper.

Control/Security – Login and secured sections issues. Content can be personalized, so
things that shouldn’t be seen by some people can’t be seen. For example, future board
meeting minutes that are secret can be posted so that only few people can see it.

Efficiency – Through online forms, they are able to make items such as the tree removal
forms available faster and easier to submit.
Service – The website will improve customer service as more information is conveniently
accessible & available to members.

All of the items in the Project Scope section above were defined after analysis. DRCI
currently has no website or existing information technology infrastructure, so we will
design everything almost from scratch. Other than that our focus will be on making
features that will improve communication within DRCI, as following DRCI’s request.


Our team will be utilizing the Systems Development Life Cycle methodology to approach
this project. This method is comprised of five phases: initiation, analysis, design,
implementation, and maintenance. In the initiation phase our team has determined that
there are opportunities for the DRCI to better communicate with their shareholders. After
the interview with Mr. Sundberg we have decided how much content will be integrated
into the website. Currently we are at the beginning of the analysis phase which includes
gathering all the necessary documents and follow-up information. In the coming weeks
we will contact Mr. Sundberg to provide tree-cutting forms, other permits used, list of
websites containing relevant information pertaining to the Dead River Basin, frequently
asked question list with the answers provided, a list of the board and their email
addresses, bylaws, rules and regulations, and the DRCI charter. In the design phase
afterwards we will come up with a website template that organizes the site into grouped
sections. Then implementation & maintenance will follow, and a training manual will be
created for the updating of the website after our class has finished the project.

Having a website will improve communication between Dead River Campers, Inc.’s
Board of Directors and their shareholders. After reviewing all the above facts and
concerns regarding this website project, we have determined that this project can be
accomplished within the allotted timeframe. With your approval, we will commence on
the data gathering and analysis phase of the project.

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