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					                 ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
                  Department of Allergy and Immunology

POSITION TITLE:                               Allergy Immunology Fellow

DEPARTMENT:                                   Allergy and Immunology

ROSTERED HOURS OF WORK:                       43 hours, Monday - Friday

REPORTS TO:                                   Assoc Prof Mimi Tang

SUPERVISOR (Person responsible for feedback/training): As above

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE:                     Friday 14 August 2009

Department’s purpose or mission statement:
To develop, train and enthuse the next generation of Pediatric Immunologists/Allergists

Individual training or development objectives:
Please refer to current Mango handbook for advanced training in Immunology/Allergy

Qualifications required:     MBBS, Physicians Exam Part I

Experience required:         Completion of Basic Training in Paediatrics or equivalent

Position Description:

   1. Attend Outpatient Clinics (two clinics per week).
          a. Undertake clinical assessment, investigation and management of
             patients referred to Allergy Immunology
          b. Perform and interpret skin prick tests under supervision of Consultant

   2. Attend Allergy and Immunology Challenge Clinics (two times per week)
          a. Perform food and drug challenges on Allergy Immunology patients
             admitted to the Day Medical Unit under the supervision of Consultant

   3. Administer Immunotherapy in clinic under supervision of Consultant
      Allergist/Immunologist (once per week).

   4. Triage referrals to the Department of Allergy and Immunology Outpatient clinics.

   5. Educational activities
         a. Attend the weekly Allergy Immunology Case Presentation meeting, and
             present patient findings to Consultants for discussion.
         b. Attend the weekly Allergy Immunology Seminar Series and present as
         c. Attend the weekly Immunology Laboratory reporting meetings to discuss
             results of immune function testing.
         d. Be familiar with issues involved in the performance of immunological
             tests, and provide interpretation and comments on the results of these
             tests under the supervision of the Consultant Clinical Immunologist.
         e. Be available as a resource to the Immunology Laboratory scientists for
             queries relating to immunological testing / results.
   6. Perform a research project under the supervision of the Department Head of
      Clinical Allergy and Immunology, where required.

Work together with Allergy Immunology Registrar to cover the following:

   1. Perform ward consultations on inpatients referred to the Department of Allergy
      and Immunology and present to Consultant Clinical Allergist/Immunologist for

   2. Day-to-day care of inpatients admitted under the Department of Allergy and
      Immunology, working with resident staff in Medical Unit D.

   3. Attend Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Infusion Clinics at Ambulatory Care
      Centre to review patients receiving intravenous immunoglobulin.

   4. Attend Multidisciplinary Clinics as required including:
          a. Severe eczema clinic – Dermatology Ground Floor Red Desk every 2
             months (rotate with Allergy Immunology Registrar)
          b. Bone marrow transplant meeting – Oncology 6th Floor (as required)

If undertaking pathology training:

   1. Responsible for weekly reporting of high level and abnormal results under
      supervision of Consultant Immunopathologist.

   2. Attend the weekly Immunology Laboratory business meeting.