New Real Estate Brokerage in Sarasota, Florida

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					New Real Estate Brokerage in Sarasota, Florida

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 Christina Miller opens Sarasota Bay Real Estate, a 5,500 square foot brokerage office in the
 center of downtown Sarasota, Florida that provides the marketing and administrative framework
 for Sarasota’s top producing real estate agents.

Online PR News – 15-October-2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sarasota, Florida - At a time when
some brokers are going out of business, Christina Miller has taken the plunge and opened a 5,500 square
foot office in the heart of downtown Sarasota.

Sarasota Bay Real Estate occupies the second floor of the Sterns Bank building located at 22. South
Links Ave. The Law firm of Dunlap and Moran is located on the third floor of the premises. Many of you may
be familiar with Dunlap and Moran as they provide many agents and homeowners in Sarasota with title and
transaction closing services.

Sarasota Bay Real Estate is a 100% commission broker that offers more agent services than any other
discount broker. From 6 large agent offices that average 250 square feet to in-house marketing services
that includes everything from high quality digital color printing on premises to production of farming material
and listing management services.

Monthly administrative fees charged to agents are set at $300, under this program the agent retains 100%
of their fee as commission from their sales. Office and desk fees are only charged to agents that actually
occupy an office in the building. There are no RAPP statements and there is not a marketing fee taken off
the top when a property closes. $300 a month is all the agent has to pay to retain 100% of their fee as

The marketing department is run by Sarasota’s most accomplished real estate website SEO, Roy Hunter,
and the company provides every agent one of his market-leading WordPress real estate websites many of
you have seen on the first page of more than 400 of the most popular search terms for Sarasota and the
local communities.

“The focus of this company is marketing, and a very high level of marketing at that. Agents get to decide
where, when, and how much they want to spend marketing their services through a pay-as-you-go plan.”
Christina said in her interview.

Christina Also went on to say ‘The way real estate is bought and sold in today’s market makes traditional real
estate brokerages obsolete. There is no reason any Sarasota Real Estate agent should have to pay 20 to
40% of their commission to a real estate broker. Technology has leveled the playing field and customers do
not care who you are with, they care about the job you are going to do for them. They hire you because it is
you they want, not your broker.’

“The agents are the ones doing all the work and procuring the customers, they deserve to keep their

‘Sarasota Bay Real Estate is a company that provides the framework agents can operate in. We give them
access to full service marketing services and administrative services that make their jobs easier. The
services we provide allow top producing agents in our market to focus more time on selling real estate
rather than focusing on administrative duties and marketing plan development.’

If you are an agent that consistently produces more than $2,000,000 in sales each year then Sarasota Bay
Real Estate is a company that would be a good option if you wish to increase your sales and advance your
career. For more information about Sarasota Bay Real Estate and see photos of some of the agent offices
that are available view the Our Company page and by following the links in this Press Release.

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Roy Hunter
22 South Links Ave #200
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