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                                                                                                  J A NU ARY
      SSS/TRiO News                                                                                 2 0 11
                                                                                                  INS ID E TH IS
               Welcome to Winter Quarter!                                                   Workshops
                                                                                                     IS SU E:
                                                                                            FAFSA Assistance       4
A Message from Sandy Meliah,                              TRiO Scholarships
your TRiO Program Director                                                                  Go Green club          4
                                                                                            Study Tips             4
Welcome back! I hope you all                              Application forms for the
enjoyed your winter break and                             TRiO scholarship are now          Campus Visits          5
had a chance to get away and                              available. The forms can be       TRiO Club              5
do something fun.                                         found on the TRiO counter.
                                                                                            Laptop Smoking         6
                                                                                            Win the iPod           6
The TRiO department was very busy dur-                   TRiO will award 20 $1000
ing your time off. We are now operating       scholarships to students based on need.
with a full staff after six months with a     Preference will be given to students
skeleton crew. Come by and meet our           who have maintained good academic
newest team members, Shannon Miller           standing at WWCC. Also taken into
and Harminder Pooni, if you haven’t           consideration will be each student’s
done so already. These advisors come          level of active involvement with the
with a new energy and will join a team of     TRiO program, and their ability to
dedicated professionals who are passion-      show the most need for the scholarship.
ate about working with our TRiO popula-
tion.                                         Transfer Deadlines                                  DAT E S :
                                              Approaching!                              Jan 17 College closed for
Winter quarter is a very busy time for        January is a busy month! For those of     Martin Luther King Day
students. Now is the time you should be       you who will be transferring, you
applying for FAFSA, four-year universi-                                                 Feb 18    Last day to drop
                                              should be looking at the four-year col-   classes
ties, and scholarships.     Don’t de-         lege deadlines now. Many deadlines
lay…many deadlines are approaching            for admission are coming up.              Feb 18 Spring schedule
fast!                                                                                   available online

                                                                                        “Never leave that till
                                              College Priority Deadlines:
The TRiO staff has planned many work-
                                                 WSU: January 31
shops, activities, classes, and campus vis-
                                                 EWU: February 15                     tomorrow which you
its…you can read about them in this
newsletter!                                      U of Washington: February 15            can do today.”
                                                                                            Benjamin Franklin
                                                   LCSC: March 1
Best wishes for a successful winter quar-        Portland State U: December 1*
ter. Remember, we want to meet with              Evergreen State College: March 1
each of you at least twice each quarter. If      Eastern Oregon U: Sept. 1             With that in mind—it
you haven’t touched base with your               CWU: April 1                            is time to file your
TRiO advisor yet this quarter, please stop       Boise State U: June 30                2011-12 FAFSA. This
by and make an appointment.                                                             should be done no later
                                              * Still accepting applications                  than March 1.
  P AG E 2

                                  Winter Workshops
Intro to Angel                                                     The Scholarship Shuffle
You do not need to attend this workshop if you have attended a
previous session. If you plan to participate in TRiO’s online      Want to learn how to find more
workshops, you need to first learn how to operate within the       money to go to school? There are
Angel program. Come to this workshop to learn how Angel            thousands of dollars out there wait-
works. This workshop is being offered twice this quarter for       ing for students like you! Go after
your convenience.                                                  those scholarships—we will teach you how.
 Thursday, January 13, 1:30-2:30, Rm. 281
                                                                   Part I Information on scholarships that are avail-

My WWCC Portal
                                                                   able regionally as well as nationally. Part I is open
                                                                   to ALL WWCC students—so bring your friends!
Why wait in line? Did you know most of your school questions       All sessions of Part I will be in the Board Room.
can be answered by using MyWWCC to its fullest potential?          Dates:
Learn about campus resources, print your schedule, order tran-      Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2:00-3:30
scripts, learn how to claim a tax credit for going to school—all    Wednesday, Jan. 26, 5:00-6:30 p.m.
in one place! Come learn more about using MyWWCC and the            Thursday, Jan. 27, 11:30-1:00
Ed Apps page by attending this workshop.                            Friday, Jan. 28, 12:30-2:00
 Tuesday, Feb 8, 11:30-12:30, Room 245
                                                                   Part II: This is a scholarship writing workshop.
Study Skills to Study Smart                                        Students will work on computers to complete
                                                                   scholarship applications. Staff will be available to
As you begin a new quarter this workshop will review your
                                                                   assist with this process. Students are encouraged to
learning preferences and help                                      attend Part I prior to attending Part II. Part II is
you find more study tips to
                                                                   open to TRiO students only. Bring your flashdrive
utilize your style. The work-
                                                                   to the workshop to save your work. Dates:
shop will also include some
tips on note-taking, utilizing                                        Tuesday, Feb. 1, 11:30-12:30, Rm. 281
study aids, and effective ways                                        Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2:30-3:30, Rm. 281
to self-quiz or test. All ses-                                        Thursday, Feb. 3, 2:00-3:00, Rm. 281
sions in Room 133M. Dates:
 Tuesday, January 18, 11:30-12:30, Room 133M                     Special Session for Fall Transfers
 Tuesday, January 18, 2:30-3:30, Room 133M
                                                                   This is a hands-on work session for students. This
                                                                   is a special session designed for students who will
                                                                   be transferring to 4-year campuses fall 2011. TRiO
The Write Way for Scholarship Personal                             advisors will be assisting students with writing
Statements                                                         scholarship letters as well as completing applica-
Find a way to express yourself and make your individuality         tions to 4-year institutions. Come prepared with a
shine. Personal statements allow the reader to get a glimpse of    list of scholarships you want to apply for (Attend
                                                                   Scholarship Shuffle Pt. I for assistance with the search).
you. Learn how to dig for the gold in your personality and aim
for good writing structure at the same time.                          Tuesday, Jan. 25, 11:30-1:30, Room 245
 Wednesday, January 19, 11:30-12:30, Room 133M                        (drop in at this work session at any time during
                                                                        this time period).
    Sign up to attend workshops at the
          TRiO Office counter!
     S S S/ TR I O N EWS                                                                                        P AG E 3

Workshops-continued                                                  Nitty Gritty Note-Taking
                                                                     Get down to the specifics of note-taking. This
Find Your Path                                                       workshop will explore mind-mapping, outlining
                                                                     and Cornell Notes as options to organize all that
A mission statement is a living, breathing, evolving part of our-
                                                                     great knowledge you are receiving in class.
selves that is centered on our core values and life passions. This
                                                                     Dive deeper into how your learning preference
workshop will provide an op-
                                                                     should influence your note-taking skills and
portunity to explore and de-
                                                                     create a plan for winter quarter.
velop each of these concepts
into an individual and worka-                                         Wed., Jan. 12, 3:00-4:00, Rm. 133M
ble life mission for each par-                                        Thurs., Jan. 13, 12:30-1:30, Rm. 133M
ticipant. We will discuss The
Knight in Rusty Armor. This
suggested reading is available                                       The Write Way for Classroom
through the TRiO office when
                                                                     Essays and Tests
you sign up for the workshop.
 Tues., March 8, 12:30-1:30, Rm. 133M
                                                                     Examine some different
                                                                     methods to approach those
 Living on a Budget: Learning to get
                                                                     classroom and/or application
                                                                     and scholarship essays.
through your years as a student                                      Learn how to answer the
Proper budgeting is an essential skill needed today in order to      questions or address the
get ahead in life. Because most students find themselves with        statements completely and
limited resources while in school, it is impor-                      creatively. Find your voice
tant to learn to manage your finances properly.                      and good writing structure
This workshop is structured to help you plan for                     at the same time!
                                                                      Thurs., Jan. 20, 1:30-2:30, Rm. 133M
the next several years as a student. You will
learn to deal with school expenses, personal
living demands, and plan for the unexpected.
 Thurs., March 3, 2:30-3:30, Rm. 133M                              Overcoming Obstacles to
                                                                     Achieve Your Goals
Diversity                                                            This workshop will reflect on the barriers and/
     Thurs., March 10, 1:30-2:30, Rm. 133M                         or obstacles that sometimes cause us to give up
                                                                     on our dreams or ideas. Learn how to identify

Test Stress
                                                                     the obstacles and make a concrete plan to suc-
                                                                     ceed. Topics such as mind over mood and self-
Have you ever studied for a test, knew your material, and then       defeating thought patterns will be explored.
felt like you hadn’t studied at all when the test started? You        Thurs., Feb. 10, 11:30-12:30, Rm. 133M
might have a case of test anxiety. Come to this workshop to
identify the causes, symptoms and cures of test anxiety.
                                                                     Testing, Testing, TESTING!
 Tues., March 1, 3:00-4:00, Rm. 133M
                                                                     Do tests freak you out? Do you ever feel like

Accessing your Financial Aid Portal
                                                                     you could study hour after hour after hour and
                                                                     not be sure you are ready for the test? You’re
Learn how to log into the portal and find out how to read impor-     not alone! Come to this workshop and learn
tant information that relates to YOUR financial aid. Find the        some test preparation ideas and skills.
answers to many of the financial aid questions you might have         Monday, Jan. 24, 11:30-12:30, Rm. 133M
including deadlines, awards, budgets and more.                        Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2:30-3:30, Rm. 133M
 Wed., Feb 9, 11:30-12:30, Rm. 281 (in library)
     FAFSA Assistance Dates
                                           Jose Godinez, Financial Aid Specialist, will be assisting students with
                                           completing their 2011-12 FAFSA on-line applications on the following
                                           All sessions will be in Room 281 (in the library)
                                            Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2:30-3:30
                                            Thursday, Jan. 20, 11:30-12:30
                                            Tuesday, Jan. 25, 3:30-4:30
                                            Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2:30-3:30
                                              Wednesday, Feb. 2, 8:30-9:30

     The sessions listed above will be group sessions (not one-to-one). Students will be expected to bring with
     them everything they will need to complete the FAFSA online—including Social Security Number, FAFSA
     Pin (if applicable) and 2010 tax returns and W2’s (if you have filed). If you have questions about this
     process, feel free to call Jose prior to the session at 524-5321.

     If you plan to attend a session, you must sign up on the clipboard at the TRiO Office. Non-TRiO students
     can sign up on the clipboard at the Financial Aid Office.

     Your 2010 taxes do not need to be filed before you apply for FAFSA! Meeting priority deadlines is impera-
     tive. You can file a revision after your taxes are complete.

                 Go Green Meeting
                                                        Study Tips
            January 5—1:30 at the WEC

                                                           Are you studying in a good

Agenda:                                                      environment? Library?
    Set clean-up date for Bennington Lake Trail            Bedroom? Kitchen table?
    Campus sustainability update
      Natural Resources Job Fair at WWCC
                                                             Be realistic and honest with
    Sustainability tips for the Warrior Quickie            yourself! Cell phone? Music?
                                                             Studying with friends?
                         If you want to get involved
                         with the Go Green Club on
                         the WWCC campus, con-             Be aware of HALT—are you hungry, angry, lonely, tired?
                         tact Melissa Holececk, Go           Stop and solve the issue before trying to study.
                         Green Club Advisor, for
                         the next meeting date, time       Have study tools ready: calculator? Highlighters? Paper,
                         and location. Her email             pen and pencils?
address is
Campus Visits—                                            Enrichment Activities
                                                          TRiO strives to have the majority of our partici-
The following campus visits are now in the process        pants attend at least one enrichment activity each
of being planned.                                         year. In February, we will be sending five mem-
                                                          bers to see “12 Angry Men” playing at the Walla
   WSU - March 2 (advising day)                         Walla Little Theatre on Friday, February 18.
                                                          Twelve Angry Men is a drama about a 19-yearold
   EWU - May 18 (advising day)                          that is being tried for the fatal stabbing of his fa-
                                                          ther. The murder re-enacted and tempers get
   U of Washington - May 18-19 (over-nighter)           short, arguments grow heated, and the jurors be-
                                                          come 12 angry men.
   The River Point in Spokane - spring date TBA (this
     campus houses WSU and EWU nursing programs,
     and the EWU dental hygiene program)                  Watch the enrichment board on the TRiO
                                                          counter for upcoming activities!
   Gonzaga & Whitworth - spring date TBA

   Walla Walla University - winter and spring dates

   Eastern Oregon University - March 2 (advising day)
                                                                     TRiO Club News
                                                                        Next meeting date:
                                                                             January 20
Other schools we may visit:
                                                                      12:30-1:30, Room 133M
     Portland State University
   Boise State University
   Evergreen State College
   Central Washington University                                                   The Club will be discuss-
   Oregon State University
                                                                                     ing the YMCA Shootout
                                                                                     AAU tournament (Feb
                                                                                     18-20). This is our big
If you want to go on any of the campus visits listed                                 fund raiser of the year.
above, sign up on the campus visit interest sheet on                                 Volunteers needed!
the TRiO counter. If you have any questions above
the campus visits, stop in and meet with your TRiO                                The TRIO Club meets
advisor.                                                                          every first and third
                                                                                  Thursday of the month
                                                                                  from 12:30-1:30 pm.
                                                          Our next meeting will be on January 20 in Room
                                                          133M Sign up on the boards if you plan to attend
                                                          and want some LUNCH.

                                                          Please come join the fun and discuss your fundrais-
                                                          ing ideas for this next quarter. If you have any ques-
                                                          tions you can e-mail Harminder Pooni
                                                          ( .
        Walla Walla Community College

               500 Tausick Way
             Walla Walla WA 99362

           How to reach us:
         Walla Walla Office
        Phone: 509.527.4258
          Clarkston Office
        Phone: 509.758.1721

         email addresses:
  Sandy Meliah, Program Director

      Shannon.Miller, Advisor

     Harminder Pooni, Advisor

Jose Godinez, Financial Aid Specialist

  Heather Markwalter, Clk. Advisor

   Debra Grant Fortney, Secretary

  Ryne Eggers, TRiO Tech Support,

       Our Mission: The Student
        Support Services program
           mission is to foster an
          environment where first
                                         TRiO Laptops—Smoking Exposure Rules Reminder
      generation, low-income, and
      disabled students can develop
       life skills and knowledge to
       maximize their potential to
                                         TRiO has 12 laptops that are available for TRiO students to check out (for two
      achieve their educational and      week increments). We have a strict rule that students who check the laptops out
                  life goals.            are not to take them into any environment where smoking will take place. It’s
                                         not good for the laptop, and most nonsmokers do not want to check out a laptop
                                         that comes back smelling like smoke. If you check out a laptop and abuse this
                                         privilege, you may not be loaned a laptop in the future.

                                         Win the iPod!
                                         The member who attends the most TRiO workshops and en-
                                         richment activities combined during the academic year, will
                                         win an iPod!

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