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					                         The British Society of Criminology seeks a

                               NEW EDITOR/EDITORIAL TEAM


                                Criminology & Criminal Justice
                                   An International Journal

             Published by the British Society of Criminology and Sage Publications
                            ISSN: 1748-8958 Published quarterly

Invitation to tender
The British Society of Criminology is seeking nominations of editors for our journal Criminology
& Criminal Justice to serve for a period of four years (with an option to extend to five)
beginning in January 2011. This means that the new Editors will need to be in place by June

From 2011, the journal, published jointly with Sage, will be increasing to 6 issues a year. The
new Journal and Book Review Editors will be responsible for all six issues of the Journal.
However, we are expecting issues 2 and 5 each year to be special issues. We are doing this in
order to provide room to investigate two areas in greater depth. It is anticipated that an expert
in their field – normally outside the editorial team - will edit the special issues and the articles
will be subject to the same rigorous peer review process that the rest of our Journal is subject
to. We expect that these issues will reflect the international flavour of the journal.

Consequently, the BSC seeks a new editor/editorial team to work on behalf of the Society and
with colleagues at Sage to produce the journal. This work includes coordinating the manuscript
review process, organising and managing the book reviews section and communicating with
authors and Sage staff. The journal is international in scope and new arrangements will need
to be made for securing and reviewing contributions from continental Europe and the United
States. It is likely that the editorial board will also need to be overhauled (this latter task will
need to be undertaken by the new editors jointly with the BSC Executive).

Editing a Journal places a considerable administrative burden on any team and applicants are
encouraged to consider provision for this within their bid.

Full details of the journal, its aims and scope, tables of contents and its current editorial board
can be found at:

Tenders are sought for an editor/editors and book review editor(s). Such nominations may be
made separately or as a joint application.
    The Society encourages participation by members of underrepresented groups in the
      publication process and would particularly welcome such nominees.
    Institutional applications by small groups of BSC members are encouraged.
    Nominees must be members of the Society.
    The Society reserves the right to contact nominees for further discussion.

Nominations, in Word format, should be submitted by email to Dr Anne Brunton (BSC Director)
( and Dr Andrew Millie (Chair of the Society’s Publications
Committee) ( by 9th October 2009 and should include each of the

   1.   A one-page (maximum) summary CV covering research, teaching and publishing,
        especially editorial, experience, for each person included in the application)
   2.   An outline of the proposed editorial approach to be taken. This might include, but is
        not limited to:
          a. The structure and division of labour of the editorial team
          b. The approach to managing and stimulating submissions nationally and
          c. The approach to securing special issues editors and managing the
             timetabling/review process (ideas for themes for the special issues are
          d. The approach to generating citations/ commissioning work from highly-cited
             authors in the field
          e. Arrangements for receipt of papers from outside the UK
          f. Any institutional support that applicants can bring to the task.
          g. We would also request that prospective editiors outline their position on on-line
             submission systems such as SAGETRACK

Nominations will be assessed on the basis of the experience they bring to the tasks, and the
editorial approach outlined in the submission. The decision about the appointment of the new
editor/editorial team will be taken by the BSC’s Publications Committee and Executive
Committee by the beginning of February 2010.

There will be some financial support available from the BSC for this editorial function, with the
precise amount to be agreed between the Society and the editor/editorial team.

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