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					 The Sports Medicine Center
            Part of the Washington Hospital Healthcare System

You Back
Into The
Getting You Back
Into The Game

    F YOU ARE an avid runner, a touch-football player or
     a mountain bicyclist, you have the possibility of being
     injured. Whether you experience a minor strain,
sprain or abrasion, The Sports Medicine Center provides
state-of-the-art, comprehensive orthopedic and sports
medicine care for the Tri-City area athlete. Our mission is
to return you to action as soon as possibleó getting you
back into the game.
The Sports Medicine Center team strives to achieve the
athleteí s early but safe return to activity through:
   Quality orthopedic care by fellowship-trained, board
   certified physicians
   An accelerated program of physical rehabilitation
   Close follow-up with a concern for long-term results
   Close-to-home, around-the-clock physician accessibility
Your Injury

        HE TEAM at The Sports Medicine Center is trained
        to evaluate your specific sports-related injury or
        condition. This evaluation may consist of an
examination by a member of our physician staff, and may
include various diagnostic studies such as:
   MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
   Other imaging tests (scans)
   Strength testing
   Mobility testing
Based on these types of evaluations, a specific treatment and
rehabilitation program will be designed for your condition.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and we will
coordinate your care with various physical therapists, athletic
trainers and other medical professionals in our area.
The Sports Medicine Center is part of the Washington
Hospital Healthcare System, and works directly with the
Washington Hospital clinics, and its outpatient rehabilitation
center, surgery center, emergency room and other affiliate
Your Injury
The physician and therapy staff at The Sports Medicine
Center are trained in the latest sports medicine treatment.
These treatments can include:
   Surgical procedures
   Rehabilitation programs
   Strengthening programs
The goal of The Sports Medicine Center is to return the
patient to his/her desired activities as safely and quickly as
Returning to
The Sports Medicine Center team will thoroughly evaluate
your injuryó including range of motion, muscle strength,
flexibility and extent of pain or swellingó and develop a safe
and accelerated rehabilitation program designed to promote
healing and prevent further injury. Our experienced
rehabilitation staff will make sure you get the encouragement
and support you need to stick with your program.

Conditioning and Protection
Proper training can prevent many sports injuries or re-injury
through conditioning and protection. The Sports Medicine
Center can help you prevent injuries by providing:
   Strength and performance evaluation
   Protective taping, padding and bracing
   Exercise prescriptions for return to activity
   Sports equipment modification
   Fabrication of protective pads, splints and soft rubber
   playing casts
Sports Medicine
for the Community

        HE SPORTS MEDICINE CENTER physicians are
        available to offer local sports teams, coaches, parents
        and community athletes information and programs on:
   Sports nutrition
   Fitness conditioning
   Sports psychology
   Basic first aid, CPR
   Strength training for athletes

Team Resources
The Sports Medicine Centerí s staff can provide expertise and
guidance on the playing field and in the training room for
local sports teams and athletes at all levels. The physicians
currently serve as team physicians for several high schools and                  The Sports Medicine Center         Part of the Washington Hospital Healthcare System

universities in the area, and they are available to take on this
role at other schools as requested.

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Serving the Entire
Tri-City Area

      T THE SPORTS MEDICINE CENTER, weí re sports
         medicine professionals. Our physicians are board
          certified and fellowship trained. Each has specialized
training and additional years in sports medicine. Our goal is to
make sure you have excellent results for the long term. Our
physicians are always nearby, on call, whenever you need care.

We’re Just a Phone Call Away
Need help getting back in shape, or suffering from an injury?
Let The Sports Medicine Center get you back into the game.
Phone us today at 510.794.4671.

              The Sports Medicine Center
                                    Part of the Washington Hospital Healthcare System

                                  2000 Mowry Avenue, Fremont, CA 94538

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