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									 8th REReP Task Force meeting
 September 23, 2005
 Brussels, Belgium


Report on reforms in environmental
policy and reconstruction
     Development of legal and policy
• Legislation approximation
   – A. Laws approved (6)
      • Law no.9299, date 28.10.2004 “On the approval of
        amendments of Basel Convention for the Tran
        boundary transfer of hazardous substances”.
      • Law no. 9334, date 16.12.2004 “On the approval of
        Albania’s adhering to the Kyoto Protocol, in the
        frame of the Framework Convention of Climate
      • Law no. 9279, date 23.09.2004 “On Albania’s
        adhering to the Cartage Protocol”
Development of legal and policy
 • Law no.9263, date 29.07.2004“On the ratification of the
   convention on persistent organic pollutants”
 • Law no. 9347, date 24.02.2005 “On the ratification of the
   agreement between the RoA and the government of the
   Republic of Macedonia for the protection and sustainable
   development of the Ohrid lake and its watershed”, based on the
   Convention for the protection of world natural and cultural
   heritage; Convention on biodiversity; Ramsar Convention;
   Convention on EIA on the transbondary context; Aarhus
   Convention; Bonn Convention.
 • Draft law “On the EIA in the transbondary context” is being
   discussed by the Parliamentary commissions.

 Development of legal and policy
B. Decisions of Council of Ministers ( 5 )
   • DCM no.680, date 22.10.2004 “On the declaration of the
     wetland system Vjose-Narte as water – terrestrial protected
   • DCM “On the activity of the Environmental Inspectorate
     “approved in January 2004.
   • DCM no.86, date 11.02.2005 “For the establishment of the
     management committees of the protected areas”.
   • DCM no.99, date 18.02.2005 “For the approval of the
     Albanian catalogue for the classification of waste”. based on
     the Commission Decision 2000/532 as amended by
     2001/118/EC and 2001/119/EC and the Council Decision
     2001/573/EC, Directives 75/442/EEC and 91/689/EEC.

Development of legal and policy
 • DCM no.177, date 31.03.2005 “For the approval of
   norms on effluent discharges”.
 • DCM no.469, dt.23.06.05 “On the rules and
   procedures of the administration up to the banning
   of the ozone depleting substances” based on the
   Directive 2002/3/EC.
 • Common guideline of the Minister of Environment
   and the Minister of Transport and
   Telecommunications no. 6527, date 24.12.2004 “On
   the allowable levels of air pollutants from emissions
   and noise from road mobile sources and the
   approach for their control” based on the Directive
   96/96/EC as amended by Directive 2003/27/EC.         5
     Development of legal and policy
• DCM “On the approval of the strategy for the
  implementation of the Aarhus convention”
• Other DCMs to be approved by the end of 2005:
• Draft- law on “Albania’s adhering to the Convention on
  Long Range Transbondary Air Pollution” (CLRTAP) – on-
• Draft- law on “Albania’s adhering to the protocol of PRTR
  of Aarhus Convention” – to be approved soon.
• Decision no.153, dt.18.03.2005 “For environmental
  protection from transbondary impacts” – planned to be
  approved by the Parliament at the end of 2005.

     Development of legal and policy
• Draft DCM “For the declaration of the Shkodra Lake as a
  natural managed reserve” – on-going.

Other secondary legislation:
• Order of the minister of Environment “For the
  indispensable documentation for the application for an
  environmental permit”
• Regulation “On the form, content and administration of the
  environmental dossier” December 2004.
• Regulation “For the public participation in the EIA
  process” approved on 17.08.2004.
     Development of legal and policy
• Guideline “For the approval of the list of activities,
  application format, rules and procedures for obtaining the
  environmental consent and authorization of the REAs”,
  approved on 17.03.2004.
• Draft-Guideline “For the service tariffs for the
  environmental declaration, permit, authorization and
  consent”, to be signed soon by the Minister of
• New development: prior consultation of the economic
  agents with the MoE and civil society since the preparation
  of the ToRs, etc.

    Development of legal and policy

• ELPA project – CARDS 2002
• Improving inter-sectorial coordination
• Drafting a smart national environmental
  strategy focusing more on how to do things
  than what to do
• Increased involvement of the local
     Development of legal and policy
• NPAL drafted and approved by DCM
• Short term: 2005-2006, 33 directives, i.e 9% of the Acquis
• Medium term: 2007-2008, 82 directives, i.e 23% of the
• Long term: 2009-2014, 45 directives i.e 68% of the Acquis

 Civil Society/Public Involvement in Policy
        Making and Implementation

• Environmental bulletin published by MoE
• MoE’s website in internet updated in
  April 2005(in Albanian)
• All kind of activities with the participation of NGOs: all
  Steering Committees of different projects
• During 2004: 541 articles in the written media
• January & February 2005 a total of 187 articles
• 6 press conferences
   60 people/month visiting the Information Center

 Civil Society/Public Involvement in Policy
        Making and Implementation
• Continued Workshops (10 in the period December 04-
  April05) on the new legislation at the local level (REC,
  OSCE, MoE)

• Participants: staff of municipalities, Council of the County,
  Prefecture, Regional Forest Directories, Local Water
  Directories, other inspectorates, NGOs, students and

• Areas covered:
   – Elbasani, Shkodra, Vlora,
   – Gramshi, Gjirokastra, Berat,
   – Durres, Lusnja, Korca, Kukes
                   Total number   Local        NGOs   University     Business   Others
     Name of       of             Government          and Students
     Districts     Participants

1    Elbasani      41             11           4      3              8          15
                   33             5            5      16                        7
2    Shkodra

3    Vlora         34             11           5      5              8          5
                   20             12                                 2          6
4    Gramshi

                   28             11           5      3                         9
5    Gjirokastra

                   53             40           3                                7
6    Berat

                   34             17           4                                13
7    Durres

                   22             14                                            8
8    Lushnja

                   38             20           1      6                         11
9    Korca

                   28             16           4                                8
10   Kukes

                   331            157          31     33             18         89

    Achievements in reducing
     environmental pollution
– The feasibility study for the rehabilitation of Durresi hot
  spot, completed.
– Draft agreement for a fund 1,5 million USD for Bishti I
  Palles, for re-packaging and disposal.
– Grant of 3.5 million US$ pledged by the Royal
  Netherlands Embassy for Porto-Romano for
  rehabilitation, strengthening the implementation
  capacity of MoE, hydrogeological monitoring,
  remediation and demolition works
– Results of the continuous monitoring of health in the
  Porto Romano show evidence of the environmental
  health impact.

     Achievements in reducing
      environmental pollution
– A study performed by an NGO, through questionnaires and tests of
  100 school children of 10-16 shows that the following data are
    • 49% headaches; 27% dizziness, 18% cold; 31% stomachache;
      14% nausea and vomits; 14% skin rash; 18% nose bleeding;
    • Symptoms connected to the presence of dust and lindane
– Dislocation of 4 families illegally settled in the most risky area of
  Porto Romano, 8.5 million ALL from MoE under tendering
  process. Within 2005.
– The construction of the isolating wall for the first part has finished.
  Tender procedures for the constructions of the rest of the isolating
  walls completed. Construction under process.

       Achievements in reducing
        environmental pollution
Feasibility study for the environment rehabilitation
  project of the former PVC plant in Vlora.
• Feasibility study for the urban waste management
• Council of the County was gathered with
  representatives of the community for a public
  consultation on the site selected for urban waste
• Final draft report for the 3rd and last phase delivered
  to MoE and UNEP.

   Achievements in reducing
    environmental pollution
 Arsenic treatment from the ammonia factory in
  Fier completed.
 Preparations on-going for the export of the
  solidified waste abroad, to be treated in a
  hazardous waste treatment plant.
 Follow up project suggested for the extra
  amounts of arsenic solution and polluted
  facilities, discovered recently.

Achievements in reducing environmental

  Water treatment plant for Ballsh oil refinery (tender to
   be launched)
  Pre-feasibility studies completed for Elbasan, Rubik
   and Lac – Institute of Environment
  Feasibility study and detailed design for a hazardous
   waste landfill on-going,
    • three potential areas already selected,
    • no decision yet on the final site for construction,
    • draft law and strategy prepared and discussed with line
      ministries, civil society, media

                   CARDS 2005

Pollution abatement at Ballshi Refinery (Phase II)
• Design, procurement and installation of integrated
  pollution control facilities – through the provision
  of a wastewater treatment plant.
• Further training in environmental protection and
  management as well as operations and
  management of wastewater treatment plant

                     CARDS 2005

Environmental ‘clean-up’ of Nitrogen Fertiliser Plant, Fier
  (Phase II)
• Further treatment of hazardous residues/ wastes (arsenic
• Transportation and final disposal of hazardous residues/
• Removal, management and safe disposal of asbestos
  wastes and contaminated concrete structures; and
• Remediation/ rehabilitation of former polluted areas.

                  CARDS 2005

• Environmental review and Action Plan in wider
  Patos Marinze area
• Environmental review of wider Patos Marinze
  area, identifying main sources of contaminants
  and negative impacts to key receptors;
• Develop an Action Plan, identifying key actions
  for remediation/ rehabilitation of key pollution
  sources; and
• Priority actions indicated and costed with a view
  to attract future IFI and other donor funding.

    Environmental regional cooperation on
            cross border issues

• Project title: Lake Ohrid Conservation Project
• Starting date 1998
• Finishing date March 2005
• Project budget: 1840000 USD GEF, 142000 USD
  Albanian Government
• Project objectives: The conservation of natural value and
  the biodiversity of the Ohrid Lake and collaboration
  between Republic of Albania and FYRoM for a joint
  effective management of the watershed.

   Environmental regional cooperation on
           cross border issues
• Programme title: Enabling Activity for Climatic Change
  Programme – Albania (for more detailed go to ccalb@icc-
• Starting date 1998
• Finishing date 2009
• Regional Project budget:
• 62,000 USD - Improvement for GHG inventory (GEF).
  End June 2006.
• Project objectives: Preparation, Maintenance and Increase
  of national capacities for the preparation of the national
  communications to the UNFCCC, secure an ongoing and
  improvement of this process.

   Environmental regional cooperation on
           cross border issues
• Project title: Conservation of Wetlands and Coastal
  Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
• Starting date 1999
• Finishing date 2005
• Project budget: 1,7 51million USD by GEF; 150 000
  USD by Albanian Govern.
• Project objectives: To have a sustainable management and
  the preservation of the biologic diversity in the coastal
  zone of 6 Mediterranean countries through the
  compilation of a suitable legal framework, institutions and
  capacities building, exchange of experience, the
  undertaking of concrete actions, etc. The project is being
  implemented in the Narta zone.
  Environmental regional cooperation on
          cross border issues
• Project title: Strengthening of the relations of the
  Environment Ministry with the Environment European
  Agency. First phase: Regional project that includes
  Albania and Yugoslavia.
• Second phase: Project budget: 2 MEuro.
• 2004-2006.
• Regional EIONET training of the IT experts from the
  Balkan MoEs.

  Environmental regional cooperation on
          cross border issues

• MoU between the Ministry of Environment and Territory
  (Republic of Italy) and the MoE (Albania) On the
  “Cooperation in the field of the clean development
  mechanism under article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol”

   Environmental regional cooperation on
           cross border issues

• Regional Project “Integrated management of the
  ecosystems of the Prespa Lake trans-boundary region.
  expected to start soon. To be finalized in 2006. 928,000
• Objectives: To promote integrated management of the
  ecosystem of the trans-boundary region of the National
  Prespa Park through the participation of all parties and
  through the increase of the cooperation between three
  participating countries in this project (Albania, FORYM ,

   Environmental regional cooperation on cross border

• Project title: Integrated Ecosystem management of Lake
• Starting date 2005. Finishing date 2006.
• Project budget: 175,000 USD. WB.
• Project objectives: To control pollution and to improve
  Biodiversity conservation of Lake Shkoder. Regional
  project between Republic of Albania and Republic of
  Monte Negro.


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