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									Virginia Triad Chapters Successful Activities
            Updated January 2011
The following information was provided to the Office of the Attorney General by local
Triad chapters. If you have a successful event you would like to be listed online please
email us at .

Alexandria Triad:
Alexandria Triad was successful in helping seniors get organized so that in the event of
an emergency, the information needed to properly handle the emergency will be readily
available. The S.A.L.T. Council assisted seniors in organizing important information,
such as emergency contacts and medications. In addition to these activities, discussions
were held with seniors in order to educate them on frauds and scams, as well as general

Appomattox County Triad:
Appomattox County Triad’s most beneficial activities are their monthly meetings, where
current issues are discussed and information is shared. They participate with File of Life
and Project Lifesaver.

Bristol/Washington County Triad:
Bristol/Washington County Triad’s most successful event was the Seniors Prom. There
were 250 seniors present at the event, which was a Hawaiian Luau. The event required
significant planning and involved the Bristol Virginia Sheriff’s Office, Bristol Virginia
Police Department, the Senior Centers for both Bristol TN and VA, the Bristol
Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Fellowship Chapel Church, Performance Food
Group – Hale Brothers, the local office of the Attorney General and volunteers. Through
advertisement from both senior centers and the library, attendance was maximized.
Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office and staff from the AG’s Office prepared the food.
Volunteers led by Sheriff Jack Weisenburger served the food and local businesses
donated door prizes. The event was a success.

Buchanan County Triad:
Buchanan County Triad successfully held its Triad Senior Appreciation Day. Over 60
seniors and 14 vendors were in attendance. During the event, a guest speaker addressed
important issues, including depression that faces seniors on a daily basis. Buchanan
County Triad also delivered shredders to Senior Citizen Centers within the county in
order to support consumer protection. When they were delivered, Sheriff Foster spoke on
crime prevention issues involving seniors. Buchanan County Triad serves seniors year-
round by holding crime prevention rallies and other programs throughout the year.

Buckingham County Triad:
Buckingham County Triad had two Senior Days. Spring Senior Day featured a physical
therapist and over 60 senior attendees. At the second Senior Day, council members
obtained ambulance billing to pass along to their clients. They will continue featuring
innovative ideas for seniors each month.

Campbell County Triad:
Campbell County Triad had a successful in year in which they purchased six paper
shredders for each Senior Center in the county. They also promoted several senior
information sessions throughout the county in order to raise awareness about programs
available to seniors, as well as to provide information to keep them safe. They attended
eleven different senior center and senior church group events in order to give
presentations about these programs. These presentations featured the Better Business
Bureau speaker on Consumer Protection and Virginia 211 speakers. In addition,
Campbell County Triad distributed File of Life wallet cards to seniors. They have added
Senior Center Directors, some members from those centers, and a representative from the
Virginia State Police to the county’s TRIAD/S.A.L.T. council. These additions have
increased outreach efforts in the county.

Charlottesville/Albemarle Triad:
Charlottesville/Albemarle Triad presented ten senior programs during 2009-2010, with a
total of 800 seniors in attendance. The programs focused on a variety of topics such as
home safety, safe shopping on the Internet, scam and fraud awareness, storm
preparedness, inexpensive home safety gadgets, elder abuse awareness, neighborhood
watch, and holiday safe shopping. During the programs, a three-person team gave
presentations on these topics. Charlottesville/Albemarle Triad also presented File of Life
packets, re-chargeable storm flashlights, and program promotional materials to seniors.

Chesterfield County Triad:
Chesterfield County Triad held another very successful Senior Day program. Eight
hundred seniors were in attendance. At the event were numerous vendors (products and
services) from both non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as a keynote speaker
from the Chesterfield County CERT program. The event provided a helpful forum for
seniors to get information from a number of private and public agencies.

Christiansburg Triad:
Christiansburg Triad offered programs that provided 300 seniors with information on
agencies and organizations providing services in the area. Law enforcement was made
available to answer any questions or concerns the attendees had. Christiansburg Triad
also held a Care Fair at which seniors were given information about TRIAD and other
services. In addition, they conducted shred-a-thons, which helped protect the 100 seniors
in attendance from identity theft.

Colonial Triad:
Colonial Triad serviced 750-800 citizens in the Williamsburg-James City County area
during 2008. The citizens were provided with information on home safety, identity fraud,
reverse mortgages, and information on the HDTV conversion. Operation Share was also a
successful activity for 2008. Colonial Triad served over 150 senior citizens by providing
them with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, as well as information on crime prevention
and safety. The citizens were also given a power failure night light which allows them to
have emergency lighting and a motion sensor. The activity was very successful with the
help of the Williamsburg-James City Sheriff’s Office, James City Police Department,
Williamsburg Police Department, and great volunteers from the local community.

Fluvanna County Triad:
Fluvanna County Triad held a Senior Safety Day, with approximately 75 seniors
attending. Various community, civic, and public agencies participated.

Front Royal/Warren County Triad:
Front Royal/Warren County Triad was successful at fundraising and providing LifeLine
to seven low income, fall risk seniors. They also provided emergency response dialers to
36 residents. They recruited and trained volunteers to assist seniors with hooking up the
service. They raised the funds for LifeLine thanks to the Moose Lodge, the American
Legion, and the Elks Club.

Grayson County Triad:
Grayson County Triad distributed Home Locators, benefitting over 150 seniors. This tool
provides peace of mind and assists emergency personnel in locating the spot of an
emergency at a senior’s home. The National Sheriff’s Association, the National
Association of Triads, Inc., and Cyalume Light Technology assisted in the completion of
this project.

Greene County Triad:
Greene County Triad has speakers at each of their monthly meetings. They also
participate with File of Life, Project Lifesaver and conduct cell phone/E911 drives.

Hanover/Ashland Triad:
Hanover/Ashland Triad held a Senior Police Academy every Tuesday morning from
April through June. This Academy taught senior citizens about crime prevention, identity
theft, telemarketing fraud, cons, scams, lotteries, and other potential pitfalls. Seniors also
learned about residential safety, neighborhood watch, and general senior safety.
Friendship Café (Senior Connections) aided with the success of this program.

Henrico County Triad:
Henrico County Triad had safety programs at various senior groups meetings in the
county. They used advertising to promote these programs. They have monthly meetings
with a speaker. Topics recently covered include: CASA, Project Lifesaver, ElderFriends,
Fire Safety, Security/Financial Security, ElderHomes, Police Use of Force, Medical
Reserve Corp – Disaster Preparedness. They also held two social events for our SALT
Council last year. At June’s social event, they collected cans of food for the food bank.
At December’s event, they collected mittens, hats, and scarves for the ElderFriends
Christmas baskets. At their meetings, they hold a monthly sunshine fund which is given
to the organization from which the guest speaker came. They also assisted with the
holiday ACT NOW, a multi-generational non-enforcement holiday-season shopping mall
patrol program – 26 volunteers partnered with different neighborhood watch coordinators
and police.

Isle of Wight County Triad:
Isle of Wight County Triad held their annual conference, which hosted approximately
300 seniors. Local civic organizations and professional agencies provided speakers and
literature. Individual assistance to seniors on specific questions was provided. They also
provide safety beacons for seniors; cell phone distribution; Triad presentations to
requesting groups; and Project Lifesaver.

Lee County Triad:
Lee County Triad held their annual Triad Senior Fair. Businesses and organizations bring
information and answer the seniors’ questions. They have speakers on senior safety who
address the attendees. Businesses provide door prizes.

Loudoun County Triad:
Loudoun County Triad purchased a number of promotional items, including clickable
pens with six different crime prevention messages, clip-on refrigerator magnets, and
brochures detailing the Loudoun County chapter of TRIAD. These items raised
awareness of the role of the TRIAD chapter in the County, and the crime prevention
message it sends to senior citizens.

Madison County Triad:
Madison County Triad held their annual Crime Prevention conference for 200+
attendees; handouts at two local street fairs; Aging Together/Triad Senior Prom; and
Intergenerational Safety Day.

Martinsville/Henry County Triad:
Martinsville/Henry County Triad held seminars at which they gave presentations with an
emphasis on fraud and consumer protection. The topics included: Building Savings &
Keeping Your Debt under Control, Management of Your Important Papers, and
Controlling Your Financial Situation. In addition to giving these presentations,
Martinsville/Henry County Triad distributed 500 tote bags and 800 memo clips. Over 800
seniors were educated through these seminars as well as through a senior health fair.

Mathews County Triad:
Mathews County Triad continued to produce their quarterly newsletter “The Senior
Connection.” They also held their 9th Annual TRIAD Senior Safety Fair with great
success. Sixteen information booths and four speakers—including the Director of
Virginia TRIAD, members of the Virginia Bureau of Insurance, an FBI special agent, and
the Executive Director of the Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority—highlighted
a day filled with fun, information, entertainment, food, and friendship. Mathews County
Triad held its Senior Training Academy, which ran for six weeks and provided seniors
with Crime Prevention and Health Information classes.
Mecklenburg County Triad:
Mecklenburg County Triad have given out between 200-500 Files of Life and emergency
beacon lights; held a shredder program; install peep holes; conducted crime prevention
seminars and programs; and held a senior citizen police academy. Many benefitted from
their shredder program – local police departments and libraries places shredders in their
location giving a secure place for seniors to shred their important documents.

Nelson County Triad:
Nelson County Triad’s most successful activity was the installation of the Personal
Emergency Dialers (PED). In 2008, they celebrated the installation of their 200 PED.
Jennifer Aulgur was the guest speaker. They also initiated the Project Lifesaver service.

Norfolk Triad:
During Thanksgiving, a turkey giveaway was sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office. Each
Triad member who requested a turkey was given one for a Thanksgiving meal. Over 150
were given.

Northumberland County Triad:
Northumberland County Triad printed community-specific Crime Prevention and
Consumer Protection information materials and distributed them to over 500 senior
citizens. The Council further added members and reorganized in order to re-energize the
chapter, which proved successful.

Orange County Triad:
The Orange County Triad distributed Guardian Alert 911 Pendants. These pendants allow
citizens to quickly summon law enforcement when they feel threatened by criminals. The
demand was so high that a waiting list was started!

Page County Triad:
Page County Triad held their 10th Annual TRIAD Senior Crime Prevention Conference
on May 6, 2010. Over 100 attendees came to listen to three speakers. Major Jason A.
Pettit, Page County Sheriff’s Office, spoke on “Frauds and Scams”; Julie Thurnau, RD,
Harrisonburg Dieticians, LLC spoke on “Nutrition to Maintain Your Brain”; and Dr.
Mashaw gave a talk on “Healthy Living and Aging.” Seniors were provided with
information on current scams within the community, information on Project Lifesaver,
and a wide array of other information available at a number of exhibitors’ booths. A
luncheon was served at the end of the conference to give seniors a chance to socialize
with the speakers, council members, vendors, and one another.

Petersburg Triad:
Petersburg Triad held their Annual Senior Resource Day. Over 400 hundred seniors
participated in the event. They were able to meet with 60 different vendors specializing in
health and safety needs. Petersburg Triad continues to serve its seniors by connecting
them to law enforcement and providing them a sense of security within their community.
Publicized notifications of events geared towards crime prevention/intervention and
awareness are distributed to seniors at monthly meetings and through the mail. These
notifications help Petersburg Triad maintain an active senior membership. These senior
members volunteer to help with the preparation and execution of projects and events.

Portsmouth Triad:
Portsmouth Triad participates regularly at civic league meetings and Neighborhood
Watch groups where crime prevention talks are presented to the senior population in an
effort to combat fraud, identity theft, and those that prey on the elderly to defraud them of
their life savings. In 2008, the S.A.L.T. Council promoted eight crime prevention
programs for seniors. They have adopted two nursing homes. The S.A.L.T. Council
actively participates in planned activities at each home. They sing, read, talk about the
good old days and allow patients to dialog and reminiscence about their lives when there
was tranquil behavior and how people got to know one another. They have purchased
personal items for distribution to seniors in nursing homes. They also prepared breakfast
for seniors on special occasions at no charge. During the Thanksgiving holidays, the
S.A.L.T. Council purchased baskets for distribution to seniors on a fixed income. They
designed a vest in which the concept was mimicked after a Northern Virginia Triad vest
and added the local Sheriff, Police, and retired seniors logo together with the Triad logo.
They had the wording on the vest embroidered. Members take great pride in wearing the
vest at all Triad functions thus promoting the image and concept of the Triad
organization. The S.A.L.T. Council conducts church visitations every 5 Sunday to area
churches where members are encouraged to attend as a group. They are blessed that they
have a City Councilman as a member of the S.A.L.T. Council and the Sheriff attempts to
make some visits with the group. The S.A.L.T. Council conducts quarterly excursions to
meat plants in North Carolina where seniors purchase bulk mats at reduced prices. They
transport 12 seniors per trip who enjoy the one day outing.

Powhatan County Triad:
This year, Powhatan County Triad organized a very successful Senior Day Event. One
hundred and fifty seniors were on hand to receive important information concerning
scams, identity theft, and Project Lifesaver. Vendors were also in attendance to provide
the seniors with other resources. The event provided Powhatan County Triad the
opportunity to develop its Council and receive feedback from seniors on how to
effectively address their needs. The event was successful in impacting senior citizens in
the areas of crime prevention and consumer protection in three major ways: 1) seniors
were made more aware of the criminal elements in society in order to avoid becoming
victims of exploitation. 2) They became more involved in advocating for themselves as
members of the Triad council. 3) They also interacted with personnel from different
agencies that provided them with educational resources and additional information.
Service agencies and religious communities also collaborated in putting this event

Radford Triad:
This year, Radford Triad purchased Guardian Alert systems, which benefitted area
seniors. These systems provide seniors with a sense of security, and the system’s
company works very closely with Radford Triad.
Roanoke Valley Triad:
Roanoke Valley Triad held a “special meeting” that was in concordance with the Boomer
and Beyond Senior Expo. During the Senior Expo, the Triad meeting was set up in an
adjacent room. Light refreshments were provided. Scheduled lecturers spoke to attendees
on topics such as Identity Theft, Senior Media and Crime Prevention, as well as an
Alzheimer’s question and answer session. A full explanation of the Triad and how law
enforcement and Triad work together was given by Ms. Kathy Terry of the AG’s Office
and Mr. Don Thorne, President of the Triad. They were able to dispense crime prevention
information to over 3,000 seniors during that “special meeting.” They also record Triad
meetings for live internet broadcasts. This type of meeting has reached an untold amount
of viewers, as well as the regular monthly attendees. They are always working towards
more efficient means of providing the seniors citizens of the Roanoke Valley with crime
prevention information.

Russell County Triad:
Russell County Triad successfully organized a Senior Day. Seniors from the community
were able to visit with different vendors who provided them with helpful information. A
guest speaker, Allen Slagle from Senior Navigator, spoke about personal safety. His
presentation covered information that was useful for both crime prevention and what to
do in case a senior citizen became a victim. The local hospital has gotten involved with
Russell County Triad. An evening event has been requested, and many community
groups seem eager to continue supporting the Council and its efforts.

Scott County Triad:
Scott County Triad’s 2010 Senior Fair was their best one yet. Thirty different vendors
representing organizations from throughout the county were on hand. They provided very
important safety information to the 130 senior citizens in attendance. Local organizations
continued their support of the fair and had a positive impact as a result. Scott County
Triad has also started a mailing list for seniors in the area in order to inform them of
events and programs. The Fair continues to be a success, and they hope to see the
numbers grow.

Tazewell County Triad:
This year, Tazewell County Triad published and distributed 500 “Second Edition” Senior
Resource Guides to seniors, caregivers, and agencies serving Tazewell County seniors.
The Guide was a wealth of information for the seniors, with an emphasis on local
information, services, and agencies including law enforcement and consumer protection.
They also held a Senior Safety Day seminar on May 27, 2010 with 100 seniors in
attendance. Seminar topics included home and personal safety; avoiding scams and
frauds; identity theft; and dealing with contractors and home improvements. A high level
of cooperation between the council members and agencies contributed to the success of
these projects.
Virginia Beach Triad:
Virginia Beach Triad continued their Operation Lookout Expanded program. They
purchased 180 Crime Watch Light Adapters and 300 “No Solicitors” decals. Two
hundred Operation Lookout Expanded/Home Security Assessments were completed,
which exceeded their goal of 168. During these visits, they were able to install a jumbo
door viewer, provide a home security assessment, and educate seniors on a variety of
topics. These topics included identity theft; File of Life: personal safety (specifically
purse and wallet security); home security tips; information on the Do Not Call registry;
aging in place; and city-specific crimes. Community response to the Operation has been
very positive, and Virginia Beach Triad looks forward to continuing the program.

Warren County Triad:
Warren County Triad was able to provide almost 100 emergency light devices to home-
bound senior citizens in the county. These devices provide a light source during periodic
power outages, thereby increasing senior safety and lowering the likelihood of senior
victimization by criminals. The council’s established partnerships with the Senior Center
and the Department of Social Services were integral to the success of the project.

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