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									                                           COLLEGE OF BUSINESS

                    WHAT’S HAPPENING...
SPRING 2011                                                                                    VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

          NEW COLLEGE AND SCHOOLS                                                               New executive

                           The Board of Trustees at Husson University approved a new         Executive Director,
                           “College of Business” and four new “Schools” within the           Academic Affairs
                           College. According to Dean Ronald Nykiel, Dean of the                   Thomas Hutchison
                           College of Business: “this action by the Board provides for             (photo on left below)
                           an overall appropriate structure for our growing academic
                           offerings an a great framework for future expansion.”             Executive Director,
                                                                                             Administrative Affairs
                          The College of Business, which is Maine’s Largest College of
                                                                                                   Marie Hansen
                          Business with nearly 1400 students, consists of four schools             (photo on right below)
                          and offers over 200 courses in Bangor, Portland, Presque
                          Isle and this fall in York County. Nykiel added: “the new
                          structure allows for each school to grow in its own respec-
                          tive academic area as well as provides greater opportunities
for development, and corporate and community relations.”
Under the new College, there are four Schools, which include: the
School of Accounting, the School of Business and Management,
the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management, and
the School of Legal Studies.
Husson has been offering business education for over 100 years                                   NEW DIRECTOR
and just recently launched a new MBA degree, with concentrations                                 APPOINTMENTS
in Corporate Management, Health Care Management, Hospitality
Management, and Non-Profit Management.                                                       Director, School of
                                                                                                   Dewey Martin
                                                                                                   (photo on left below)
                                                                                             Director, School of Business
                                                                                             and Management
              SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING                                                                 Thomas Hutchison
The following are recent achievements by            Grease at the Wang Center for the              (photo on left above)
students in the School of Accounting:               Performing Arts. They will also          Director, School of
                                                    walk the Freedom Trail, visit historic   Hospitality, Sport and
1. Eric Lawson, accounting major, has               sights in Boston, tour four museums      Tourism Management
   passed the Internal Revenue Service              and visit the offices of Pricewater-           Lee Speronis
   examination for Enrolled Agents and              houseCoopers, CPA's.                           (photo on right below)
   has earned that designation.
2. Nick Norton and Charmy Anonuevo,                                  Karen Kydd, a
                                                                                             Director, School of Legal
   accounting majors, are preparing tax                              proud alumna, has
   returns on a volunteer basis for RSVP                             been teaching                 Marie Hansen
   in Bangor.                                                        Accounting for over           (photo on right above)
3. Accounting majors Shannon Cote and                                21 years on a part
   Charmy Anonuevo are enrolled at                                   time basis at Husson.
   Harlaxton College near Grantham,                                  Karen has recently
   England for an International Business                             been appointed to a
   course in May through an alliance with                            full time instructor
   the University of Evansville.                                     position where she
4. 10 Accounting majors will be traveling      teaches at both the undergraduate and
   to Boston with Professor Dewey Martin       graduate level in the School of
   in late April to attend a performance of    Accounting.
                                      WHAT’S HAPPENING...                                                                                  Page 2

                                      Congratulations are in order for                         Paul Morrow received news
                                      Jesse Baker’s BA 414 Business                            regarding the acceptance of
Jennifer Flynn (pictured below left) Policy students. The students                             his article “Cyberlaw: The
has been named as Site Director for are using an innovative online                             Unconscionability/
Northern Maine. Husson delivers       approach to the course. They                             Unenforceability of Contracts
undergraduate offerings in            have thus far ranked in the top                          on the Internet” by the
Accounting and Business, and
                                      100 Global performers for the                            University of Pittsburg Law
graduate offerings in Business,
Criminal Justice, and Nursing on      GLO-BUS program in two                                   School’s Journal of Science,
the Northern Maine Community          different weeks. GLO-BUS allows students to              Technology, and Public Policy for spring 2011.
College campus.                       simulate the management of a digital camera
                                                                                                  Tom Hutchison co-authored The Music Business
                                      company in head-to-head competition against other
                                                                                               and Recording Industry in Nov. 2010. The book was
Russell Strout (pictured below right) classmates companies. The companies produce
has been named as Site Director for entry level and upscale cameras in a Taiwan facility       recently named book of the month by Routledge,
Southern Maine. Husson delivers                                                                Taylor and Francis Group publishing.
                                      and ship the cameras to all over the world.
undergraduate offerings in Ac-
counting, Business, Criminal Justice,
Education, Paralegal Studies and
graduate offerings in Business,                       SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, SPORT
Criminal Justice, Education and
Nursing at its campus in South
                                                       AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT
Portland. Beginning in the fall,                            Tom Collins joined the            from East Carolina University. He is currently
undergraduate business classes will
                                                            College of Business in the fall   working on completion of an Ed.D. in Higher
be offered through Husson on the
York County Community College                               and is the Program Manager        Education Administration.
campus.                                                     for the Sport Management
                                                                                              The Richard Dyke Center for
                                                            program. Tom joins us from
                                                                                              Family Business is currently
                                                            North Carolina where he held
                                                                                              being directed by Lee
                                                            positions including: Director
                                                                                              Speronis. He is supervising
                                                            of Athletics, Dean of
                                                                                              the experiential learning for
                                       Students, Assistant Football coach, Sport Informa-
                                                                                              students to participate in the day-to-day operation
                                       tion Director, and Assistant Commissioner to the
                                                                                              of the Center. Holly Adams and Brandon Kenney
                                       Big South Conference. Tom has a Bachelor’s
                                                                                              are two students handling event coordinating for
                                       degree in Social Studies from Campbell University
                                                                                              groups from Husson and the outside community.
                                       and a Master’s degree in Athletics Administration

       Dean’s Distinguished
                                                             SCHOOL OF LEGAL STUDIES
       Lecturer: F. Lee Bailey,
                                       John Michaud has completed                             Mock Oral Boards are scheduled for April 5, 2011
       April 29, 2011 in Gracie
       Theater at 1:00 p.m.            a review for the publisher                             to assist other students preparing for jobs and the
                                       Jones and Bartlett of the                              Academy.
       Awards Ceremony for the         book Criminal Procedure Law:
       College of Business,                                                                   Cornel Plebani has authored new Web quizzes for
                                       Police Issues and the Supreme
       May 2, 2011 in Gracie                                                                  Cengage publishing’s text Criminal Procedure (8th ed).
                                       Court. He has also completed
       Theater at 5:30 p.m.                                                                   He has also authored learning activities for
                                       a review for Pearson
                                                                                              Pearson publishing’s Criminal Justice Interactive
       Graduate Hooding                publishing of the text Criminal
                                                                                              on-line text. Additionally, over
       Ceremony: May 13, 2011          Justice: A Brief Introduction over the Spring Break.
                                                                                              Spring Break he completed a
                                       Two students, Ben Murtiff and Kyle McDonald,           text reviews of Criminal Procedure:
       Graduation: Bangor
       campus, May 14, 2011            are currently attending the Maine Criminal Justice     Constitution and Society (6th ed.) for
                                       Academy’s Basic Law Enforcement Training               Pearson publishing and Serial
       Graduation: Southern            program as tuition cadets. Ben has accepted a          Murderers and Their Victims (4th
       Maine, May 21, 2011             position with Augusta Police Department.               ed.) for Wadsworth publishing.

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