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									           List of Publications: Hendrik P. N. SCHOLL
                                (Original Articles)

Scholl,H.P.N., Bellmann,C., Dandekar,S.S., Bird,A.C., & Fitzke,F.W. (2004).
Photopic and Scotopic Fine Matrix Mapping of Retinal Areas of Increased
Autofluorescence in Patients with Age-Related Maculopathy (ARM) and Macular
Degeneration (AMD). Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 45, 574-583.

Scholl,H.P.N., Dandekar,S.S., Peto,T., Bunce,C., Xing,W., Jenkins,S., & Bird,A.C.
(2003). What is lost by digitising stereoscopic fundus color slides for macular grading
in age-related maculopathy (ARM) and degeneration (AMD)? Ophthalmology, 111,

Scholl,H.P.N. & Kremers,J. (2003). Alterations of L- and M-cone driven ERGs in
cone and cone-rod dystrophies. Vision Research, 43, 2333-2344.

Scholl,H.P.N. & Kremers,J. (2003). L- and M-cone driven large-field and multifocal
electroretinograms in sector retinitis pigmentosa. Doc. Ophthalmol., 106, 171-181.

Scholl,H.P.N., Peto,T., Dandekar,S.S., Bunce,C., Xing,W., Jenkins,S., & Bird,A.C.
(2003). Inter- and intra-observer variability in grading lesions of age-related
maculopathy (ARM) and macular degeneration (AMD). Graefe’s Arch Clin Exp
Ophthalmol., 241, 39-47.

Besch,D., Jägle,H., Scholl,H.P.N., Seeliger,M., & Zrenner,E. (2003)               Inherited
multifocal RPE-diseases: mechanisms for local dysfunction in global retinoid cycle
gene defects. Vision Research, 43, 3095-3108.

Jägle,H., Sadowski,B., Kremers,J., Scholl,H.P.N., Leo-Kottler,B., & Sharpe,L.T.
(2003). Detecting color vision in a malingerer. Doc. Ophthalmol., 106, 121-128.

Kremers,J., Stepien,M.W., Scholl,H.P.N., & Saito,C.A. (2003). Cone selective
adaptation influences L- and M-cone driven signals in electroretinography and
psychophysics. Journal of Vision, 3, 146-160.

Scholl,H.P.N., Besch,D., Vonthein,R., Weber,B.H.F, & Apfelstedt-Sylla,E. (2002).
Alterations of slow and fast rod ERG signals in patients with molecularly confirmed

                                                      H.P.N. Scholl, list of publications   1
Stargardt disease type 1 (STGD1). Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science,
43, 1248-1256.

Scholl,H.P.N., Schuster,A., Vonthein,R., & Zrenner,E. (2002). Mapping of retinal
function in Best macular dystrophy using multifocal electroretinography. Vision
Research, 42, 1053-1061.

Scholl,H.P.N., Kremers,J., Vonthein,R., & Weber,B.H.F. (2001). L- and M-cone
driven electroretinograms show divergent temporal alterations in Stargardt’s macular
dystrophy-Fundus flavimaculatus. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 42,

Scholl,H.P.N., Langrova,H., Pusch,C.M., Wissinger,B., Zrenner,E. & Apfelstedt-
Sylla,E. (2001). Slow and fast rod ERG pathways in patients with X-linked complete
stationary night blindness carrying mutations in the NYX gene. Investigative
Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 42, 2728-2736.

Scholl,H.P.N., Langrova,H., Weber,B.H.F, Zrenner,E. & Apfelstedt-Sylla,E. (2001).
Clinical electrophysiology of two rod pathways: normative values and clinical
application. Graefe’s Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol., 239, 71-80.

Scholl,H.P.N. & Kremers,J. (2001). Electroretinograms in S-cone monochromacy
using S-cone and rod isolating stimuli. Color Research and Application, 26, S136-

Scholl,H.P.N., Kremers,J., & Wissinger,B. (2001). Macular dystrophy with protan
genotype and phenotype studied with cone type specific ERGs. Current Eye
Research, 22, 221-228.

Kremers,J. & Scholl,H.P.N. (2001). Rod-/L-cone and rod-/M-cone interactions in
electroretinograms at different temporal frequencies. Visual Neuroscience, 18, 339-

Scholl,H.P.N. & Kremers,J. (2000). Large phase differences between L-cone and M-
cone driven electroretinograms in retinitis pigmentosa. Investigative Ophthalmology
& Visual Science, 41, 3225-3233.
Scholl,H.P.N., Kremers,J., Apfelstedt-Sylla,E., & Zrenner,E. (2000). L- and M-cone
driven ERGs are differently altered in Best's macular dystrophy. Vision Research,
40, 3159-3168.

Scholl,H.P.N. & Zrenner,E. (2000). Electrophysiology in the investigation of acquired
retinal disorders. Survey of Ophthalmology, 45, 29-47.

Kremers,J., Scholl,H.P.N., Knau,H., Berendschot,T.T.J.M., Usui,T., & Sharpe,L.T.
(2000). L- and M-cone ratios in human trichromats assessed by psychophysics,
electroretinography and retinal densitometry.     Journal of the Optical Society of
America A, 17, 517-526.

Rivera,A., White,K., Stohr,H., Steiner,K., Hemmrich,N., Grimm,T., Jurklies,B.,
Lorenz,B.,    Scholl,H.P.N.,    Apfelstedt-Sylla,E.,     Weber,B.H.F.         (2000).        A
comprehensive survey of sequence variation in the ABCA4 (ABCR) gene in Stargardt
disease and age-related macular degeneration. American Journal of Human
Genetics, 67, 800-813.

Scholl,H.P.N., Thiel,H.J., & Schlote,T. (1999). Orbitablutung als Folge einer Heparin-
induzierten Thrombozytopenie. Klin. Monatsbl. Augenheilkd., 215, 197-200.

Kremers,J., Usui,T., Scholl,H.P.N., & Sharpe,L.T. (1999). Cone signal contributions
to electroretinograms in dichromats and trichromats. Investigative Ophthalmology &
Visual Science, 40, 920-930.

                                                       H.P.N. Scholl, list of publications   3

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