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									Your Distance Learning Partner in Military Education
    Coastline Community College
Member of SOCNAV
–   Major Player in PACE
–   Member - Navy College Program Distance
    Learning Partnership
–   Partner College with the Naval Reserve

Associate Degrees by Distance Learning
–   AA in General Studies
–   19 Rating Related AA Degrees
       Coastline Community College
              Rating Related AA Degrees
Applied Marine Engineering         Electronics Technology
Aviation Technology                Food Service Management
Business & Administration          Health Sciences Technology
Computer Systems                   Management
Construction Technology            Marketing and Sales
Counseling & Applied Psychology    Materiel Operations Management
Criminal Justice                   Media/Communication
                                   Nuclear Power Technology
Electrical Mechanical Technology
                                   Oceanography Technology
Electronic Data Systems
                                   Vocational-Technical Education
    Coastline Community College
AA - Counseling and Applied Psychology

• Designed for NCs, NEC 9588s, and Navy Drug and
 Alcohol Counselors.
• Need 18 sh of credit in subject material – Military credit
 will count.
• If less than 18 sh military, can make up the difference
 with a couple of Coastline distance learning courses.
 (ie. Intro to Psych, Marriage & Family, others)
    Coastline Community College
Dual Major Opportunity:

A Sailor was an MM 2, eventually becomes an NCCS,
and has the NEC 9502.
• MM 2 – Applied Marine Engineering
• NCCS – Counseling and Applied Psychology
• E-8 – Management
• NEC 9502 – Vocational-Technical Education

He/She has a choice of any two majors
      (With no additional coursework required)
       Coastline Community College
       Requirements for Rating-Related AA
• General Education Requirements 18 sh
• Rating Related Major                18 sh
• Free Electives                      24 sh
                       TOTAL          60 sh

Up to 40 sh for Military Experience
Residency Requirement of 12 sh – 4 distance learning courses
     Coastline Community College

• General Education Requirement: 18
   –Speech                        3
   –English Composition           3
   –Natural Science               3
   –Arts & Humanities             3
   –Social Sciences               3
   –Self-Development (Phys Ed)    3
    Satisfied by Basic Training
       Coastline Community College
Web-based Delivery
•   Convenient 8-week long sessions.
•   Five sessions a year (2 in Spring; 1 in Summer; 2 in Fall).

Typical Course has 4 quizzes (open book), a
proctored mid-term and proctored final.
•   Self-paced; can be completed early.
•   No set times to be on-line.
•   Designed for minimum on-line requirements.
      Coastline Community College
Can Coastline’s AA get me into a bachelor’s degree program?
   Yes, and at the Junior (3rd year) level!
Coastline has 2+2 agreements with . . .
– Governors State University – BA Degree
– Fort Hays State University – BS Degree (follow-on
    BS majors for each of Coastline’s rating-related majors)

–   Northcentral University – BS Degree (follow-on BS
    majors for some Coastline rating-related majors)

–   University of Maryland (UMUC) – BS Degree
–   Others in development.
       Coastline Community College
Coastline Grad with AA in Counseling and
  Applied Psychology
Transfers to
–   Fort Hays State – BS (Emphasis in Counseling and
    Applied Psychology) Can be satisfied by Military credits – 21 sh .
–   Northcentral Univ. – BA in Psychology; MA in
    Psychology; PhD in Philosophy.
–   UMUC – BS (Either a major or a minor in
–   Numerous others
    Coastline Community College
•   Get an unofficial evaluation anytime –
    Fax your SMART to (714) 241-6324
     -- No Obligation
     -- Next day feedback
•   Get your SOCNAV Agreement when
    you enroll with Coastline.
     -- Submit:
            SMART Transcript
            College Transcripts
   Coastline Community College’s Website

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