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IMovie Rubric


									Photostory Rubric

Content                                                                                                                                                  Score Out of   Comments
Depth & Breadth of      Clear evidence that higher-level Some evidence that higher-level           Little evidence that higher-level thinking skills
Imovie Content          thinking skills were used in the thinking skills were used in the          were used in the creation of this Imovie.
                        creation of this Imovie.         creation of this Imovie.
Subject Knowledge       Subject knowledge is evident         Subject knowledge is evident in       Some subject knowledge is evident. Some
                        throughout the Imovie. All           much of the Imovie. Most              information is confusing, incorrect, or flawed.
                        information is clear, appropriate,   information is clear, appropriate,
                        and correct.                         and correct.

Ideas                   Ideas are well developed.            Ideas are developed. Appropriate      Ideas are not fully developed. Inappropriate use
                        Exceptional use of images to         use of images to create an            of images to create an atmosphere that correlates
                        create a distinct atmosphere         atmosphere that correlates with       with the context of the story. A weak purpose is
                        that correlates with the context     the context of the story. A           evident in the Imovie.
                        of the story. A clear purpose is     purpose is evident in the Imovie.
                        maintained throughout the
                        Imovie.                                                                                                                                  3.0
Originality             The Imovie shows significant         The Imovie shows some evidence        The work is an extensive collections and rehash of
                        evidence of originality and          of originality and inventiveness.     other people's ideas, products, images and
                        inventiveness. The majority of       While based on an extensive           inventions. There is little evidence of new thought
                        the content and many of the          collection of other people's ideas,   or inventive ness.
                        ideas are fresh, original, and       products, images and inventions,
                        inventive.                           the work extends beyond that
                                                             collection to offer new insights.

Technical Elements
Transitions and Edits Smooth; appropriate to the             Most are appropriate to the           Confusing; overused; detract from the “flow” of
                        subject matter and add to the        subject matter but some are           the video
                        flow of the video                    distracting                                                                                         3.0
Sound                   Well coordinated with video;         Mostly well suited to the meaning     Uneven and distracting; not coordinated with
                        adds meaning or tone; easy to        and tone of the video but it may      video; does not add to meaning or tone; difficult
                        understand                           be uneven (too loud or too soft)      to understand
Images                  Images in focus; steady;             Some images are out of focus or       Images out of focus; no variation in camera
                        camera angles are varied and         unsteady with variety in camera       angles. Poor image quality.
                        interesting. Strong image            angles. Inconsistent image
                        quality                              quality.                                                                                            3.0
Content Elements        Purpose and organization are         Purpose and organization of the       Story is badly organized or does not keep interest
                        seamless; audience is captivated     story are evident and clear.          of audience. No impact on the audience.
                        by story. Story evokes               Sequencing and narration tell
                        reflection, and/or transformation    story well. Audience empathizes
                                                             with story
                                                                                                                               General Comments
                                                                                                                                           Total          0.0 24.0

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