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HOST--- Does Your Organization Currently Receive HOST Funding From CIC?
            NO          YES

Critical Path for Applications:
Application Deadline:    Thursday, August 9, 2007 by 4:00pm
Application Assessment: August 9 to September 30, 2007
Notification of Decision: By September 30, 2007
Contract Start Date:     October 1, 2007

Term of Agreement:
The earliest project start date will be October 1, 2007 and the last possible end date will be September 30, 2008, unless otherwise stated.
Note: Do not assume that your application is approved until you have been notified in writing by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Any
expenditures incurred prior to the approved start date are your own responsibility and will not be reimbursed. Do not hire staff or make any
commitments until you have been informed of CIC’s approval for funding. If your application is approved, it will then be used to develop a formal
agreement between your organization and CIC.

                                             APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY August 9, 2007 IN OUR OFFICE AT:
                                          Citizenship & Immigration Canada Settlement/Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate
                                                       130 ADELAIDE STREET WEST, 15th FLOOR, SUITE 1500
                                                                        TORONTO, ONTARIO
                                                                              M5H 3P5
                                                            Telephone: 416-973-3788 Fax: 416-973-9027
                                                         Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

This call for proposals is for current and new Service Providing Organizations (SPOs), located in the area of North Bay, applying to deliver HOST.

Application Host Program - Ontario Region

Section 1: Applicant Information (p. 3)
Section 2: Organization Profile (p. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Section 3: Settlement Services Provided by Organization (p. 11, 12)

Section 4: HOST (p. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Appendices :
Appendix A: Regional Priorities
Appendix B: Program Descriptions
Appendix C: HOST Application Considerations
Appendix D: HOST Request for Funding Guidelines
Appendix E: Cost Calculation Form Spreadsheet
               (NOTE - this last Appendix is in a separate electronic file)

Section 1 – Applicant Information
Applicant information (complete all parts)
                                     Applicant Organization

                                     Legal name of Organization

                                     Payee (If different than above)                 Contact Person

                                     Address                                         Position/Title

                                     City/Town                         Postal Code   Telephone          Fax
                                                                  ON                 ( )                (     )
                                     E-mail Address                                  Web Site Address
                                   Date of Formation      Are you a non-profit       Date of Incorporation Corporation No.
                                                          Yes       No
                                   Charity Registration No.           GST Registration No.             Date of GST Registration

                                   Name of the Chair of the Board                                             Telephone
                                                                                                              (   )
                                   Name of Executive Director                                                 Telephone
                                                                                                              (   )
                                   Name of Host Coordinator (If applicable)                                   Telephone
                                                                                                              (   )
                                   Is your Mandate (Check One)
                                             Local                 Regional               Provincial           National

                                    Is your organization authorized, in accordance with existing laws, to provide settlement
                                    and/or employment services, and have the capacity to do so? If yes, how long has your
                                    organization been involved in delivering or supporting the delivery of settlement services
                                    as a main priority?

If this is a joint application, list all co-applicants and identify the lead organization. All co-applicants must complete Section 1 and 2 and meet eligibility criteria
identified in the funding guidelines.
     Section 2 – Organization Profile
     Attach the following information about your organization.
     Please use the format outlined below.



1.   Provide the following information about the members of your Board of Directors.
                                                     NAME                     POSITION ON BOARD   TELEPHONE

2.   How is the Board representative of the community/clients your organization serves?
3.   If former or present public servants are involved in the Board of Directors or are employed by your organization, are they in compliance with Policies
     regarding Conflict of Interest or Post Employment Measures for Public Servants?

                              N/A                         YES                       NO

4.   Are police checks completed annually for staff?

     Who is eligible to become a member of your organization?

     Is service provided to both members and non-members?

     Provide the following information about the members of your organization.

     Number of members of your organization         Membership fee?   Membership fee:
     Individuals   Families         Organizations   YES     NO        Individuals   Families   Organizations
                                                                      $             $          $

     Date of last Annual General Meeting: _________________________________________

6.   Describe your organization’s financial records, bookkeeping, and internal control systems. Who maintains your organization’s financial records? Provide
     contact information.

     Complete the following information for your proposed project and attach a photocopy of your most recent renewal certificate from the insurer.
     a) Do you have third party liability coverage?                       Yes         No
     b) Do you have Board liability Insurance?                            Yes         No
     c) Do you have workers compensation insurance or comparable insurance?
                                                                          Yes         No
     d) Do you have fire and theft insurance?                             Yes         No
     e) Do you have transportation related insurance (if applicable)?     Yes         No
     e) Other?                                                            Yes         No
        Please Specify:

8.   Describe the mandate and the core business of your organization. Include a copy of your mission statement. Is your organization part of, or affiliated with, any
     other agency or organization? If yes, provide name and nature of relationship.

9.   List all services/programs and locations.
10. Describe the geographic area your organization serves.

11. Who are the clients of your organization? Which ethnic/language groups are served by your organization?

12. How do your clients learn about your services?

13. In what languages are services provided?


14. Describe the program planning process of your organization. If your organization has a business plan, please provide a copy.
15. What steps has your organization taken to diversify revenue sources over the last 24 months?

16. Provide the following information about your organization's settlement staff positions as of November 30, 2006.

                                                                   Total full-time
           Position Title              Number of Staff
                                                                  Equivalent (f.t.e.)

 Settlement Programs

 Example: Settlement Worker                  10                          7.0

 Other Programs


17. Information on the organization’s staff
   Indicate below details of all staff employed by your organization as of May 30, 2007. (attach separate sheet if needed).

           Name               Position          Services           % of Time       Funding Source         Client Group        Language(s)    Hours     Gross Salary
                                              Delivered/ Job     Spent on Each    and Program Under          Served                          Worked
                                             Responsibilities      Program/           which each                                            Per Week
                                                                    Activity       Position Funded
18. How many paid hours per week does a full time employee work at your organization
    according to your employment policies and/or agreements?


19. Provide the following information about the volunteers involved in your organization.

                                                   Total number of       Total volunteers
                                                     volunteers               hours
                      2006/2007   2006
Settlement program
                      Projected 2007/2008

                      2007/2008   2006
Other programs
                      Projected 2007/2008

                      2006/2007   2006
Board of Directors
                      Projected 2007/2008


20. Is your organization receiving provincial pay equity funding?

   Down Payment          Yes       No
   Proxy Funding         Yes       No

21. What is your organization’s financial year? From___________ to___________

22. Please complete Appendix A, Revenue and Expenditures, to provide information
    about your organization's revenue and expenditures. Appendix A is an Excel
    spreadsheet accompanying this application.
SECTION 3- Settlement Services Provided by Organization

23. Describe your organization’s previous and current immigrant settlement services

24. Identify the current location(s) at which settlement services/programs are available.

    Settlement                                               Operating Hrs
Services/Programs       Address                   Days of                       Language
                       (Location)    Telephone   Operation                    Spoken by Staff
                                                             From     To
25. Provide information that demonstrates that your organization is recognized by
    and known to be acceptable to its target population.

26. Of all the organization’s activities, what is the percentage of the activities that
    represents settlement services?

27. Describe which steps your organization takes to provide services without
    discriminatory practices based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour,
    religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, disability, or conviction for an
    offence for which a pardon has been granted.

28. Identify which program priorities your application addresses and how your
    organization will address those priorities (see Regional Priorities in Appendix A).

29. Describe the process used to provide assistance to all newcomer families and
    not just those who speak the language of the settlement workers.

30. Explain the system(s) you use to measure the effectiveness of services
    delivered by your organization. Include an example of how you have used these
    tools to improve services to newcomers. Please provide copies of the tool(s)
    you use.
Client Profile
1.      What is the profile of newcomers that you intend to serve in the upcoming
        year? Please comment on age, ethnicity, and family grouping vs. individual

2.      Is your agency wheelchair accessible? If not, how do you plan to address
        client needs?

3(a)    If you received funding in 2006/2007, what was the number of clients served,
        number of matches, volunteers recruited, and number of public information
        sessions held from April 1, 2006 to November 30, 2006 under this program?

                                                Number of clients

                                               Number of matches

                              Number of volunteers          Number of program
                                                            promotion sessions

3(b)    What is the anticipated number of clients to be served, matches, volunteers to
        be recruited, and public information sessions to be held from October 2007 to
        September 2008, under this program?

                                                Number of clients

                                         Number of Government Assisted
                                          Refugees (GARS) to be served

                                               Number of matches

       Number of Volunteers           Number of Returning Volunteers     Number of Program Promotion

3(c) What is the anticipated number of Group Activities and Volunteer Training
     Sessions to be delivered from October 2007 to September 2008, under this
                  Number of Group Activities          Number of Volunteer Training
3(d)    Please provide a rationale for why these targets are appropriate for your

4.      Describe how your organization plans to meet the needs of Resettlement
        Assistance Program (RAP) clients in the community. Do you communicate
        with the Refugee Reception Centre in your community on a regular basis
        (where applicable)?

5(a) Identify any barriers that might stop newcomers from participating in your
       HOST program.

5(b)    What steps will you take to minimize the impact of these barriers?

New HOST Program Applicants
6(a) For new applicants, please describe your experience in working with

6(b)    For new applicants, please list and give a brief description of the programs
        that you currently offer.

6(c)    For new applicants, please describe your partnerships with other agencies.

6(d)     If there is currently a HOST program being delivered in your target
        community, please indicate why your proposed program is needed. Please
        describe how your program is different or how it will complement the existing
        HOST services in your community.

7(a) What is your experience with recruiting volunteers?

7(b) How do you plan to recruit and retain volunteers?

7(c) If you received funding in 2006/2007, what were the most effective ways to
    recruit volunteers?

7(d) How do you plan to celebrate volunteer recognition?

Outreach and Partnerships
8(a) What kind of partnerships will you or have you established with other
     agencies? Comment on the role these partners will play or have played in the
     identification of potential clients for your HOST program.

8(b)   If you received funding for the HOST program in 2006/2007, provide a
       percentage breakdown of referral sources for your clients by agency (not
       including walk-in clients).

9.     Include a copy of your 2007/2008 volunteer recruitment and newcomer clients
       outreach strategies.

          Outreach strategy attached

10.    If you received funding in 2006/2007, comment on the strengths and
       weaknesses of past strategies. Please describe how this outreach strategy is
       different from 2006/2007.

11.    Describe the HOST specific program promotion sessions that you plan to
       offer (e.g. where they will be held, how often, target group etc.).

HOST Program Matching Process
12.   Describe the screening process for HOST volunteers.

13(a) Describe the training that will be offered to volunteers before the match and
      the support they get from your organization during the match.

13(b) Describe your HOST orientation sessions that will be provided to newcomers.

14.   Describe the process that will be used to match clients and volunteers.

HOST Program Wait Times
15(a) If currently funded, how long, on average, do HOST volunteers wait for a

15(b) If currently funded, how long, on average, do newcomers wait to be matched?

16.   What strategies do you intend to implement to reduce wait times for
      newcomers and HOST volunteers, if necessary?

17.   What barriers may impede the matching process? What steps will you take to
      minimize the impact of the barriers?

HOST Program Group Activities
18(a) If you are proposing group activities (e.g. conversation circles, special
      events), describe briefly the models proposed and the frequency of these
18(b) If applicable, describe the benefits of your group activities for the 2006/2007

HOST Program Evaluation
20. How will you evaluate newcomers’ and volunteers’ satisfaction with each of
    your Host activities (e.g. exit survey)? Please provide a copy of the form that will
    be used to evaluate clients' satisfaction.

        Evaluation form attached

21. How will the feedback used from your evaluation be used to improve your





     I certify to the best of my knowledge that the information
     provided in this application is accurate and complete
     and that this request is endorsed by the Board of
     Directors of the organization I represent.

     Name (print)                                                 Title

     Signature                                                    Date
Appendix A – Regional Priorities
Indicate which of these priorities your organization will focus on during the contract
period and explain how you intend to do so.

      Programs that include innovative approaches to improve strategic access to
      settlement information

      Programs that provide services to the entire newcomer family, including
      youth, seniors, and youth at risk, and address parenting issues

      Programs which provide services to Government Assisted Refugees and
      Privately Sponsored Refugees

      Programs that deliver services in both official languages

      Programs that demonstrate effective partnership with other relevant sectors
      and resources

      Programs that build capacity to engage newcomers in social networks
Appendix B – Program Description
HOST- Program
The HOST Program funds the recruitment, training, matching and co-ordination of
volunteers (individuals or groups) to help newcomers adapt, settle and integrate into
Canadian life.

This program is designed to help newcomers overcome the stress of moving to a new
country by having a friend, familiar with Canadian ways, to help them learn about available
services and how to use them, practice English or French, develop contacts in their
employment field, and participate in community activities.

In return, HOST volunteers learn about other cultures and strengthen community life.

HOST illustrates that integration is a two-way process that allows volunteers and
newcomers to relate on a personal level and develop an understanding of their respective

The HOST Program does not involve a financial commitment from the volunteers. They are
asked to share time and knowledge with newcomers.

To find out more about the HOST program, CIC encourages you to visit the following
website addresses:
Who may apply?
   Businesses
   Not for profit organizations
   Non-governmental organizations
   Community groups
   Educational institutions
   Individuals
   Provincial, territorial or municipal governments

Who will benefit?
   Government-assisted refugees.
   Immigrants eligible for employment insurance.
   Immigrants receiving social assistance
   Newly arrived immigrants.

Who is eligible?

Eligible Host Clients

Newcomers may be matched with a volunteer if they are:

       permanent residents of Canada; or
       individuals who have been allowed to remain in Canada and to whom CIC intends
        to grant permanent resident status (including Minister’s Permit holders or persons
        who have received special permission to remain in Canada for the purpose of
        becoming a permanent resident).

You must examine immigration documents to ensure that Host activities are offered to only
those persons who are eligible. Refugee claimants whose claims to refugee status have
not yet been determined are not eligible.

While the program is mainly for newcomers, other eligible immigrants may also qualify,
regardless of how long they have been in Canada, as long as they have not yet acquired
Canadian citizenship. They may still need help in adapting to Canadian society and
integrating into the community.

Volunteer Hosts

Volunteers should be Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are established in the
community and who have a genuine desire to help newcomers through the early stages of
their settlement

The deadline for receipt of your application at CIC is 4:00 p.m. on Thursday August
9, 2007.

Applicants are encouraged to consider strategy and program content that will enhance the
HOST program’s ability to include and involve groups, volunteers and youth as well as
develop effective community partnerships.
Applications may propose:
Volunteer – run workshops
Social or Professional- group matches
Youth – organized activities
Creation of - volunteer pools and development of agency or employer partnerships.

CIC recognizes that each community may have unique newcomer needs and / or
community characteristics and welcomes creative suggestions from applicants to identify
any new HOST initiatives.

Multi-Year Funding Guidelines

   Multi-year funding agreements are an option that will be exercised at CIC’s discretion.

   HOST SPO’s that meet the assessment criteria will be eligible for a 3 year agreement.

   HOST SPOs that do not meet the assessment criteria will be informed by letter of the
    reasons and what they must do to apply for future consideration. The length of their
    agreements starting on October 1, 2007 will be determined by CIC.

   Multi-year funding agreements will not be available for first time deliverers of CIC
    funded Settlement Programs.

   CIC will use a screening tool to determine an SPO’s eligibility for multi-year funding
    consideration. The tool looks at performance in relation to community outreach,
    organizational stability, financial status, program delivery capacity, administrative
    capacity, reporting, and monitoring activities.
The funding guidelines for 2007-2008 have changed substantially from the Guidelines
used for current Contribution Agreements. It is recommended that you read each section
carefully before proceeding with your application.
Costs submitted must be reasonable and justifiable. CIC will reimburse only the incurred
costs associated with the delivery of the HOST program.

In reviewing requests, CIC will take into consideration any exceptional circumstances
which may be difficult to anticipate or identify here. As these are guidelines, CIC may
allow for exceptions as part of the negotiation process.

Please submit a 12 month budget for the period October 2007 to September 2008. Please
use the attached budget sheets and appendices.


The contribution towards salaries for employees who contribute to the delivery and
administration of HOST should be included under Salaries and Wages. Only the time spent
working on HOST projects will be reimbursed. CIC will not reimburse staff wages for lunch
breaks. The number of hours for a full time position must be based on your existing
personnel policy. Please ensure a copy is attached to your application for funding.

Service providers are the employers and may determine salary scales for staff based on
their personnel policies or agreements. Each part-time and full-time position (including
those at different wage levels in the same job) should be listed by job title. The following
information should be included:

       hours of work per week, rates of pay, number of weeks, etc.
       sources/methods used to confirm that wages are within the prevailing rates of the
        LOCAL labour market
       an explanation of any increases/decreases in wages or benefits, if applicable, and
        why this should be supported
       an explanation for wage rate differences for employees classified in the same
        position (e.g. due to seniority, difference in responsibilities, etc)
       a brief description of roles or responsibilities for any new positions or increased
        hours, if currently funded by CIC (3 or 4 bullet points).

(2) MERC (Mandatory Employment Related Costs) and Benefits:

Both MERC and benefits are allowable costs. MERC includes Employment Insurance (EI),
Canada Pension Plan (CPP), vacation pay, Employer Health Tax (EHT), and Workplace
Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) where mandated. Only the employer’s share of the MERC
will be reimbursed.

Benefits are defined as per the employer’s personnel policy. In the submitted budget(s),
benefits must be identified with related percentages indicated. An exact breakdown by
benefit component is required e.g. medical, dental, LTD, etc. CIC will only reimburse
benefits which are offered to all staff under the agency’s personnel policy.

The Department will reimburse up to a maximum of 11 public holidays, as per the Ontario
Ministry of Labour Employment Standards Act. These must be identified in the employer’s
personnel policy or equivalent.

(3) Overhead/Administration:

Overhead may include:

   facility rental, telephone, utilities
   licenses, permits, fees, insurance
   materials and supplies, postage, printing, photocopying
   bank charges, bookkeeping and audit expenses
   translation and interpreter services for outreach materials
   promotion and publicity
   purchase or lease of equipment less than $500 - for purchases or leases exceeding
    $500, refer to section 5 “Capital Costs” below.
   professional and consulting fees
   group activity expenses – may include, but not limited to: reasonable fees for
    accommodation if group sessions are held outside office, honorariums for guest
    speakers, hospitality for light refreshments
   conferences, workshops and seminars - note that the costs associated with attending
    HOST conferences will probably be covered under the conference contracts and may
    not need to be included in your budget proposal.
   local transportation, meals, and accommodation within Canada
   volunteer appreciation costs
   staff development
   special events for networking – full breakdown and rationale must be included
   Criminal Records Check for staff and HOST volunteers based on the actual costs of
    such services in your community. Note: criminal records checks are not mandatory
    with the exception of volunteers working with youths.
   Other administrative costs – a detailed breakdown is required (not a percentage) and
    the rationale for the HOST program’s share of the administrative costs must be

(4) GST:
GST can only be reimbursed for the difference between GST incurred and the Revenue
Canada GST rebate.

(5) Capital Costs

Where leasing is not feasible or cost-effective, CIC may authorize the purchase of
essential items costing $500 or more. At the end of the project, CIC will determine the
method of disposal of assets which have not been physically incorporated into the
premises of the recipient, as per the terms and conditions of the Contribution Agreement.

Prior to approval for purchase, you must provide three quotes from suppliers to the
Settlement Officer and these quotes must be kept on the CIC office file.

(6) Outreach

In order to be considered eligible for HOST funding, a Service Provider Organization must
demonstrate that the following criteria are met:

1) The Service Provider has developed an outreach strategy targeting newly arrived
   immigrant ethnic groups with high needs in the Service Provider’s catchment area, that
   is, the area in which it is mandated to serve.

2) The Service Provider has developed a strategy to reach new immigrants within their
   first year of arrival and will match them with a host within three months of the newcomer
   first seeking a match.

Applicants which do not address the above program requirements in 6 (1) and 6 (2) will not
be considered for funding.

The purpose of outreach is to create visibility of HOST programs and services throughout
the agency's catchment area, including communities and clientele that may not have been
previously targeted. A detailed outreach plan is expected to be well structured, include
success indicators and barriers and address and / or include the following:

   Detailed and specific strategies for each community, agency, target group, etc. e.g. the
    focus of the plan should go beyond the scope of general advertisements or flyer
   It should describe networking possibilities with other community organizations,
    partnership development and include community presentations.
   A method to obtain community knowledge and analyze needs/gaps in service (ethnic
    groups, geographic areas, client needs, etc).
   Plans on how the agency is to develop a process to determine best approaches for
    outreach in your area, if needed.
   Combining outreach efforts with other organizations that have outreach strategies
    currently in place.
   Progress reports should include results to date and identify outreach activities that have
    taken place (where, when, participants, etc.).

For additional information regarding the programs that CIC Settlement Directorate
supports, please refer to the following web site:
Immigrant Orientation Publications and Videos

The following orientation publications and videos are available in small quantities and may
be ordered through:
Public Affairs Branch
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Jean Edmonds Tower South
365 Laurier Avenue West, 19th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: (613) 954-9019
Fax: (613)-954-2221

A Newcomer’s Introduction to Canada (C&I-031-03-97E)
This publication explains to newcomers what Canada is like and the Canadian way of life.
Topics include: geography, economy, shopping, employment, and rights and obligations.
The publication is distributed both overseas by Canadian visa officials as well as through
settlement agencies and second language courses in Canada. This publication is
available in English and French.

Fact Sheets (C&I-xxx-09-97)

These cover a number of topics including Employment, Housing, Education, Rights and
Responsibility, Health and Income Security, Budgeting, Banking and Saving, Government
in Canada, Citizenship, and what you should bring with you.

Canada: Day to Day
This 60-minute video provides immigrants with a realistic view of what they can expect
when they arrive in Canada and prepares them for a new culture and a new climate. More
importantly, it outlines what Canada will do for them and what they are expected to do for
themselves. The video is available in English, French, Punjabi, Cantonese, Somali,
Spanish, Tamil and Vietnamese. There is an accompanying presenter’s guide.

Working in Canada: A Newcomer’s Introduction
This 39-minute video introduces newcomers to the Canadian workforce and looks at the
Canadian employment process in four main stages: getting ready, looking for work, the job
interview, and working in Canada. This video is available in English, French, Arabic,
Cantonese, Punjabi, Somali, Vietnamese and Spanish. There are also fact sheets on
résumé preparation and a presenter’s guide.

Education in Canada: A Newcomer’s Introduction
This 21-minute video provides newcomers with an overview of Canada’s public education
system in the following four areas: Canada’s school system, going to school, language and
culture, and helping your child succeed. This video is available in English, French, Arabic,
Cantonese, Punjabi, Somali, Vietnamese and Spanish. A presenter’s guide accompanies
this video.

  Application for HOST Program - Ontario Region
  Most recent Annual Report
  Most recent audited financial statements and management letter
  Job description and qualifications for each position for which you are requesting a
  financial contribution
  Constitution and bylaws of the organization
  Copy of the personnel policy
  Conflict of interest guidelines
  Registration documents
  Evaluation forms / reports
   Copy of most recent renewal from Insurer
  Copy of any Third Party Agreement for which you are requesting a financial
  Appendix E - Cost Calculation Form Spreadsheet

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