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The 2011 White Cane Packet - Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation


									                                             “Preventing the use of a…”

                                                White Cane
                                                  The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation
                                                     Fundraiser to Support Vision Care

                                                   Every Day is White Cane Day!
                                                   2010 Amount: $120,000
                                                   2011 Goal: $167,500

5582 Peachtree Road   Atlanta, GA 30341
Ph: 404-325-3630      Ph: 1-800-718-7483   Fax: 404-636-5549
Dear Fellow Lions,

       While there’s been much talk about economic recovery, the Lighthouse is still feeling the effects of hard
times, with applications and waiting lists at their highest ever. Increases in demand for Lighthouse services
have pushed the organization to expand into a new facility, with a dedicated clinic space and room to grow.
However, as the need for services has increased dramatically, contributions to White Cane continue to fall.
Last year, White Cane donations reached a significant low of $120,000. This amount does not come close to
the amount the Lighthouse spends yearly on its eye surgeries—nearly $500,000 in 2010.

          Through donations to the Lighthouse, the Lighthouse was able to serve over 7,500 people in 2010. One
of the people the Lighthouse served was a 2 year old girl named Jolly who was in need of eye surgery. Her
parents had no insurance and were on a fixed income so they were unable to receive adequate help. After a
long and desperate search for an organization that could help their daughter, they found the Lighthouse. “Now,
our little girl is happy and she’s able to learn and play and enjoy life as a normal 2 year old should!” Without
donations by the Lions club, Jolly would probably still be suffering. Jolly is now able to live a much more joyous
life and have a much brighter future ahead of her.

         It is our duty as Lions to help and serve our community. There are people that may live right down the
street from you who need help. The Lighthouse is an organization that can fill that need. We took an oath as
we were inducted into our Lions Club that we would help support the programs of our club, district and Lions
International. One of these programs in our district is the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.

         Everyone has the right to see and hear. By working together, we can give others the opportunity to
see the beauty of nature or hear the song of life that we may take for granted. I challenge you to rise to your
fullest potential and show the Lighthouse what the Lions Clubs of Georgia can really do.

        The following booklet includes service numbers for your county, client success stories, and other data
your club may find useful for marketing White Cane. Please also look through the supplement packet on the
Lighthouse’s new fundraising program, First Giving. You may want to look at what other clubs are doing
around your area. Do not hesitate to ask your fellow Lions of Georgia for ideas about how they are raising
money. White Cane is a year-round fundraiser and a team effort: working together, we can help prevent the
use of a white cane!

       Thanks in advance for your support of the White Cane! Please feel free to contact me for further

J.C. Coefield, Jr.

White Cane Chair
             YOUR TO-DO LIST FOR WHITE CANE 2011
1) Sign up for First Giving: FirstGiving is the Lighthouse’s new online
   approach to White Cane. On pages 8-12, you’ll find instructions on how you and
   your club can sign up for FirstGiving and use the site as a fundraising tool. Sign
   up takes less than 5 minutes!

2) Convince with Facts and Figures: Whether you’re holding a bucket
   drive or writing letters to area businesses, knowing how many people in your
   area were helped by the Lighthouse is a powerful fundraising tool. Find basic
   information about the Lighthouse on pages 4-5, and service numbers by county
   at the end of the packet.

3) Write a Walmart Grant: Walmart’s Local Community Contribution
   program offers grants of $250 or more to local charitable organizations. With
   hundreds of Walmart locations across the state, your club is bound to have one
   in your town. Completing the application (see page 15 for an example) takes
   little time and can have big rewards.

4) Talk about Lighthouse Successes: It’s important to remember that
   donations to the Lighthouse benefit real Georgians in need—including people in
   your neighborhood. Telling the stories of clients whose lives have been changed
   by Lighthouse services (page 6) makes fundraising appeals more moving and
   convincing. Your work is truly doing good all across Georgia!

5) Find a Fundraising Idea: Looking for new ways to fundraise? See
   pages 16-15 for fundraisers which have been successful for other clubs and will
   work well with FirstGiving!

             Questions? Your White Cane Contact is Lucy Zhou
                 770.738.4675 or

                             LIGHTHOUSE FACTS


  The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. provides vision and hearing care
  to Georgians in financial need. The Lions Lighthouse serves residents who have
  nowhere else to turn for eye exams, eyeglasses, eye surgeries, prosthetic eyes, and
  hearing aids.


  Founded in 1949 as a major service project of the Lions Clubs of Georgia, the
  mission of the Lions Lighthouse is to foster sight conservation and restoration,
  and hearing conservation.

  Today, more than 225 Lions clubs provide financial and volunteer support for the
  Lions Lighthouse.


  Over $.90 of every dollar given to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse goes directly to
  program services.

  The Lighthouse receives over $4 of medical services for every $1 spent on
  medical services.


  Approximately 3,256 lions support the Lighthouse each year through personal
  gifts, club contributions, and fund-raising efforts.

  We also partner with Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Anesthesiologists,
  Audiologists, and hospitals across the state. These medical providers greatly
  discount their services for the Lighthouse.

  The Lighthouse also works with County Health Departments and DFACS offices to
  ensure clients know about the services we offer.

Eye Surgeries
The Lighthouse Foundation provides eye surgery to uninsured Georgians in danger of permanent
vision loss.

       In our 2009-2010 year, the Lighthouse provided 317 eye surgeries at a
       $447,594 value to low-income uninsured Georgians.

       Every dollar we spend is matched by $6 of in-kind medical services.

Vision Clinics
The clinics enable doctors to diagnose and treat serious eye conditions before the patient experiences
permanent vision loss. Monthly clinics now operate in Atlanta, Albany, Augusta, Decatur, Fayetteville,
Athens, Macon, Savannah, Thomson, Tifton, Brunswick, Rome, and Waycross, with a new clinic just
opened in January 2011 at the new Lighthouse offices in Chamblee.

       The clinic program of the Lighthouse hosts 14 vision clinics around the

       Last year we provided over 5,000 people an eye exam and eyeglasses.

Operation I Care:

       The Lighthouse ships over 50,000 pairs of recycled glasses to developing
       nations around the world.

Vision Screenings
Vision Screenings allow us to educate the public about the need for vision care, especially when
certain risk factors such as diabetes are present. Screenings are typically at community events, and
many take place throughout rural Georgia.

Hearing Service
The Lighthouse Foundation is the primary resource for low–income residents seeking hearing aid

       Hearing aids were provided to nearly 1,000 Georgia residents last year.

       The average cost of a hearing aid is $1500 each, but only costs our clients
       between $60 to $205 each, depending on their income.

                      Learn more at

                           LIGHTHOUSE SUCCESS STORIES

Vernie was retired and a grandmother when her husband succumbed to colon cancer. Though she’d
hoped to live on her husband’s savings, a cataract which developed in her left eye quickly made it
impossible for her to play the piano, read, or drive to visit her grandchildren across town. Uninsured
and still a year away from receiving social security, Vernie cannot afford the surgery she needs to
prevent herself from going blind.

Please help reach my fundraising goal of $1,500, the cost of one surgery. Your donations to the
Lighthouse Foundation will help Vernie, and other Georgians in need, see more clearly and live fuller,
more independent lives.

After suffering an accidental gunshot to the face last September, Jacob Shiflett went undiscovered for
three days before being rushed to Grady Hospital, where he stayed for nearly a month. Without
insurance, and with estimated medical costs of over $500,000, Jacob and his family are unable to
afford the multiple surgeries and prosthetic eye that he needs to return to a normal life.

Although his family and the Marietta community have rallied to support him, the cost of treatment is
still daunting. Please help reach my fundraising goal of $1,500, the cost of one surgery. Your
donations to the Lighthouse Foundation will help give Jacob a prosthetic eye and a second chance at

Robert Ladislaw, a Baxley resident, had lost his job when he was directed to the Baxley Lions Club.
Once the owner of a lawn care business, Robert found himself unable to continue working when he
developed cataracts in both eyes. With a family to support and no insurance to cover the cost of dual
eye surgeries, Robert sought the help of his local Lions Club as a last resort.

Through the Lighthouse Foundation, Robert is qualified to have both cataracts removed. Please help
reach my fundraising goal of $1,500, the cost of one surgery. Your donation will help the Lighthouse
give Robert the help he needs to regain his livelihood and his independence.

When Jolly's parents moved to America from
Egypt, they were seeking a better life for her.
However, when their daughter was in need of
eye surgery they quickly learned that medical
expenses can be very costly without
insurance. As teachers still seeking
employment, they had no insurance and were
on a fixed income.Ms. Mohkles, Jolly's mother
was desperately calling organizations trying
to find someone to help her two year old
child, who suffered from frequent tear-duct
infections. Jolly’s mother was desperate and
in tears when she called the Lighthouse and exuberant when she learned that we were able to
help.“Now, our little girl is happy and she’s able to learn and play and enjoy life as a normal 2 year old

                                  ASFAW ARAGA
                                  Asfaw Araga, like many 19 year olds, enjoys going to movies,
                                  restaurants and hanging out with friends in his free time. He had
                                  trouble enjoying all of these activities as well as focusing in school
                                  when he was 12 and 13 because vision problems. His parents and
                                  doctors elected to try to correct Asfaw’s vision with glasses for a few
                                  years. When he discovered a corneal transplant was his only option
                                  for clear vision, he was 18, uninsured and unable to receive
                                  Medicaid. He was still having trouble in school academically as well
                                  as socially because of his vision problems. He thought there was no
                                  hope until he called the Lighthouse. He received surgery through the
                                  Lighthouse in the summer of 2007. “Now it’s a whole different world
                                  for me…I’m doing better academically and socially.” Asfaw is in
                                  college, studying to become an accountant.

The Lighthouse brought music back into Sarah’s life. After playing the piano for 47 years, she was
forced to give up her sheet music when bifocals made it difficult to read from one line to another.
Unable to afford a new pair of glasses, for two years, Sarah could only play songs she knew by heart.
Then, thankfully, she found the Lighthouse. Receiving a pair of single prescription glasses from the
Lighthouse’s Brunswick clinic finally allowed Sarah to read her music clearly and return to playing the
piano she loves.

                 More stories of hope can be found on

                                          FIRST GIVING

                                               First Giving ( is a website which
                                               helps nonprofits organize successful online
                                               fundraisers. The site provides tools to spread the word
                                               about your campaign using email, Facebook, and other
                                               networking websites, along with tools to track fundraising

Using First Giving, other nonprofits, such as CURE Childhood cancer, were able to meet and greatly
exceed their fundraising goals. Originally hoping to raise $30,000, CURE ultimately raised over
$150,000 in a month through First Giving.

We’re hoping to see similar success! This year, with the blessing of our Board of Directors, the Lions
Lighthouse has signed up to use First Giving as the backbone of the White Cane campaign.

You can find the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation on First Giving at:

From there, you can see how much money has been raised for the Lighthouse, who our top
fundraisers are, and sign up to fundraise yourself.

First Giving helps to unify Lions fundraising for White Cane by putting it all in one place. Once
you’ve created your individual fundraising page through the Lighthouse’s organization, you’ll be linked
to not only your club and the Lighthouse, but also all other clubs and individuals who are fundraising
for White Cane.

Here’s how you can tie First Giving into your club’s fundraising activities:

   1) Promote an event through First Giving: First Giving’s email and Facebook messaging tool
      can help you tell everyone you know about your club’s White Cane fundraiser. This can work
      for anything from golf tournaments to barbecues!

   2) Organize a walk/run: if your club is hosting a walk or run (or any other community event!) for
      White Cane, you can create an event page on First Giving and have runners create individual
      pages to ask for sponsorship donations for the event.

   3) Start a letter-writing campaign—online! Many clubs have gotten great results from writing
      and delivering letters to local businesses asking for donations. Using First Giving, your club
      can send emails not only to businesses, but family, friends, coworkers, and colleagues, while
      giving them an easy way to send donations online.

   4) Start a competition: The Lighthouse’s First Giving page displays a list of its top fundraisers.
      Challenge members of your club to take your club to the top! Top teams will be recognized at
      the Lighthouse’s Volunteer Recognition Dinner in June.
Get Started:
To sign-up with the Lighthouse
on First Giving, go to

   1) Click on the orange “Get
      Started” button at the
      center of the page.

   2) On the “Select your event”
      page, click the orange
      “Select” button next to
      “White Cane Month”.

   3) On the White Cane Month
      page, click on the orange
      “Raise Money” button.
      From here, enter your
      email and follow the site’s
      instructions to create your

   4) You’ll be asked to join or
      create a team. If someone
      in your club has already
      created a team, you can
      search for your team and
      join it. If your club has not
      yet created a team, you
      can enter a team and
      organization name, and
      click “add +”.

   5) From here, you’ll be
      prompted to create your
      individual First Giving
      page. Spending some time
      to personalize your page can make all the difference! People donate to PEOPLE, not to

Personalize Your Fundraising
Page and Profile

To update your fundraising page,
sign in to First Giving and click on the
“My Fundraising” tab. Then, click on
the blue “Edit My Page” button.

You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll
be able to change the title of your
page, your fundraising target, your
profile picture, and “Your Story”, a
section where you can give your
donors an idea of why you support
the Lighthouse and White Cane.

Taking some time to personalize this
message in your own voice, with an
explanation of why you care about
the cause of blindness prevention,
will make your ask much more
compelling to friends, family, and
your other supporters.

See Page 4 for a sample “Your
Story” template and links to other
successful fundraising pages.

Some Great Fundraising Pages:

Ayiesha & Ragui Selwanes for the Organization for Autism Research:

Randi Engle for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network:

Shannon Johnson for Special Olympics Virginia:

                    Questions? Your White Cane Contact is Lucy Zhou
                       770.738.4675 or
Using First Giving to Contact Potential Donors

To begin contacting potential donors, click on the “My Fundraising” tab in your account home. From here, you
can either send your fundraising page to contacts via email, or post about your page on Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, and other online networks.

To email your fundraising page:
                                                         1) Click on the green “Email your page” button.
                                                         2) You’ll be asked to choose between three types of
                                                            messages, based on what stage of fundraising
                                                            you’re in.
                                                         3) Enter email addresses manually in the “To:” field,
                                                            or use the address book tool (blue button on left)
                                                            to add emails from your contact lists.
                                                         4) Compose your message!

To post on other websites:
                                                         1) Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where
                                                            you’ll find a box with website icons along the left
                                                         2) Choose from various websites to post on: you’ll
                                                            be prompted to enter log-in information in a pop
                                                            up window. (Click +More to see other options).
                                                            You can select multiple sites at once.
                                                         3) Enter in a short blurb about your fundraising
                                                            efforts. The post should link to your fundraising
                                                            page automatically.

Tips for Email Donation Asks:
   1) Email widely! Asking for donations online means that people all over the world can easily donate
       money to your cause. If you have friends, family, or other acquaintances outside of Georgia, First
       Giving is a great way for them to contribute to the causes you care about.

   2) Include a Lighthouse client success story. Success stories reach people on an emotional level and
      are more likely to convince them to donate money to your cause. Talk about how the Lighthouse has
      changed the lives of people in your area. Several success stories are included in this packet: for more
      stories from your area, email Lucy at

   3) Use a template. Pre-written email and Facebook update templates are included in this packet. Feel
      free to edit and personalize them to make sending emails easier and faster.

Dear ______,

This April, the __________ Lions and I are fundraising to prevent blindness in Georgia.

White Cane is a fundraiser of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation’s vision programs. Every year, the
Lighthouse provides over 300 eye surgeries to the uninsured across Georgia, with a goal of performing one
surgery a day—365 surgeries in all. Partnerships with local surgeons help Lighthouse provide services at
greatly reduced cost—however, the grassroots organization still spends over $500,000 a year on its surgery

Blindness and poor vision are a growing problem in Georgia. You might not realize how important sight is in
your day to day life, yet four out of five Lighthouse surgery patients found that surgery helped them
keep their job, and 94% of eyeglass recipients say that glasses help them recognize people in the
street. While these things may seem basic, they are critical to living a normal, independent life.

The _____ Lions Club fundraises every year for White Cane. By raising funds for blindness prevention, I help
the Lighthouse serve people like Ruth, whose glasses helped keep her job on a Savannah river boat—or
Helene, whose Cataract surgery allowed her to read the labels on her children’s medication.

I support the Lighthouse because I believe they are making a real difference for Georgians who have no other
options. As a Lion for ____ years, I believe in helping to improve the lives of people in my community and
throughout the state. I hope you’ll help me and the _____ Lions to meet our $______ fundraising goal for this

Please join me in donating to White Cane by April 30 to make Georgia a brighter place!



April is White Cane Month! Help me fight blindness in Georgia by giving to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse
Foundation, a local nonprofit, on my donation page.

Almost 24,000 people lose their vision yearly from diabetic complications, such as diabetic retinopathy. Join
me in the fight against blindness by giving to the Lighthouse, a nonprofit which gives eye surgery and eye care
to the uninsured in Georgia.

Tip: use statistics and success stories to get people’s attention and draw them to your First Giving page!

                     Questions? Your White Cane Contact is Lucy Zhou
                          770.738.4675 or
                                   WALMART GRANTS

Enclosed is a sample Wal-Mart Grant Application.

There are two types of grants that you can apply for to
help raise money for your club’s White Cane campaign:

   1) The Community Grant Program is a gift given to
      the Lighthouse by applying at your local Wal-Mart.
      Ask your local store manager for an application.
   2) The matching gift program allows Wal-Mart to
      match any funds you raise through your bucket

      Do either or both! If 175 clubs were able to get the highest grant possible of $1,000, we would
      meet our goal!

Wal-Mart Locations in Georgia
Albany 2825 Ledo Road -- (229) 889-9655               834-3513
Americus 1711 E Larmar Street -- (229) 928-           Cartersville 101 Market Place Blvd -- (770)
0653                                                  382-0182
Athens 1911 Epps Bridge Pkwy -- (706) 549-            Cedartown 109 Davis Road -- (770) 748-1636
1423                                                  Columbus 2801-B Airport Thruway -- (706)
Atlanta 4725 Ashford-Dunwoody -- (770) 395-           322-8801
0199                                                  Columbus 4701 Buena Vista Road -- (706)
Augusta 3209 Deans Bridge Rd -- (706) 792-            568-3222
9323                                                  Commerce 30983 Hwy 441 South -- (706) 335-
Augusta 260 Bobby Jones Expressway -- (706)           7563
860-0170                                              Conyers 1436 Dogwood Drive -- (770) 860-
Austell 1133 Ew Connector Sw -- (770) 863-            8544
9300                                                  Cordele 1215 East 16Th -- (229) 273-9270
Bremen 404 Hwy 27 No. Bypass -- (770) 537-            Cornelia 308 Hapersham Hills Circle -- (706)
5531                                                  776-3060
Brunswick 150 Altama Connector -- (912) 261-          Covington 9218 Hwy 278 Ne -- (770) 787-8030
1616                                                  Cumming 1500 Marketplace Blvd. -- (770) 889-
Buford 3795 Buford Drive -- (770) 271-8210            3436
Cairo 361 8Th Avenue Ne -- (229) 377-1394             Dalton 2545 E Walnut Ave -- (706) 279-1905
Calhoun 450 West Belmont Drive Sw -- (706)            Douglas 1450 Southeast Bowens Mill Rd --
625-4274                                              (912) 384-4600
Camilla 131 N Us 19 And Sylvester Rd -- (229)         Douglasville 7001 Concourse Pkwy -- (770)
336-0920                                              489-7057
Canton 1550 Riverstone Pwky -- (770) 479-             Dublin 2101 Veterans Blvd -- (478) 272-7017
9891                                                  Duluth (Lilburn) 4004 Lawrenceville Hwy Nw --
Carrollton 1301-A South Park Street -- (770)          (770) 921-9224

Duluth (Nw) 2635 Pleasant Hill Road -- (770)       453-0667
418-0162                                           Monroe 2050 West Spring St -- (770) 267-4527
East Ellijay 88 Highland Crossing -- (706) 276-
1170                                               Morrow 6065 Jonesboro Road -- (770) 968-
Eastman 1099 Indian Drive -- (478) 374-7782        0774
                                                   Moultrie 641 East Bypass S.E. -- (229) 985-
Elberton 955 Lower Heard Street -- (706) 283-      3697
8660                                               Newnan 1025 Bullsboro Dr -- (770) 502-0677
Fayetteville 125 Pavillion Parkway -- (770) 460-   Rincon 434 South Columbia Ave -- (912) 826-
0947                                               4030
Fitzgerald 120 Benjamin H Hill Dr. Sw -- (229)     Riverdale 7050 Highway 85 -- (770) 994-1670
423-4353                                           Rome 2510 Redmond Circle -- (706) 236-9595
Forsyth 120 North Lee Street -- (478) 994-0163     Roswell 970 Mansell Road -- (770) 993-0533
Fort Oglethorpe 3040 Battlefield Pkwy -- (706)     Sandersville 1308 So. Harris St. -- (478) 552-
861-4698                                           1988
Gainesville 400 Shallowford Road -- (770) 503-     Savannah 1955 E. Montgomery Crossroads --
9300                                               (912) 354-0335
Griffin 1569 North Expressway -- (770) 229-        Savannah 4725 East Hwy 80 -- (912) 898-1391
5040                                               Savannah 6000 Ogeechee Road -- (912) 921-
Hartwell 1572 Anderson Hwy -- (706) 376-5400       0882
Hazlehurst 136 East Jarman St. -- (912) 375-       Snellville 1550 Scenic Highway -- (770) 979-
3627                                               2447
Hinesville 751 W Oglethorpe Hwy -- (912) 369-      St. Marys 6586 Hwy 40 East -- (912) 510-9216
3600                                               Statesboro 730 Northside Drive East -- (912)
Hiram 4166 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy -- (770)           489-1910
439-1028                                           Stockbridge 5600 N. Henry Blvd. -- (770) 389-
La Grange 803 New Franklin Rd -- (706) 812-        1709
0225                                               Stone Mountain 1825 Rockbridge Rd -- (770)
Lawrenceville 630 Collins Hill Rd -- (770) 995-    469-8660
0102                                               Swainsboro 414 So. Main St. -- (478) 237-3318
Lithonia 5401 Fairington Road -- (770) 593-        Thomaston 855 North Church St. -- (706) 648-
3540                                               2105
Macon 6020 Harrison Road -- (478) 781-0086         Thomasville 15328 Us 19 South -- (229) 228-
Macon(Ne) 1401 Gray Highway -- (478) 745-          0144
3999                                               Thomson 2205 Harrison Road Se -- (706) 595-
Madison 1681 Eatonton Road -- (706) 342-           5530
9988                                               Tifton 1830 Us Hwy 82 West -- (229) 386-0263
Marietta 1785 Cobb Parkway South -- (770)          Toccoa 700 South Big A Road -- (706) 886-
955-0626                                           9775
Marietta 2795 Chastain Meadows Pkwy Nw --          Trion 13427 Hwy 27 -- (706) 734-2931
(770) 427-4933                                     Union City 4375 Jonesboro Road -- (770) 964-
Marietta 3100 Johnson Ferry Road -- (770)          6921
640-7225                                           Valdosta 340 Norman Drive -- (229) 249-8400
Milledgeville 2592 No. Columbia St. -- (478)       Vidalia 3109 East 1St Street -- (912) 537-0889

Warner Robins 2720 Watson Blvd. -- (478) 953-7070
Waycross 2425 Memorial Drive -- (912) 283-9000
Winder 440 Atlanta Hwy N.W. -- (770) 867-8642
Woodstock 12182 Hwy 92 -- (770) 516-4719

                                       FUNDRAISING IDEAS
The Following Fundraising Ideas Were Taken from the Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project, Inc’s
website on Creative Fundraising Ideas (

                                  CONTACT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES:
Letter writing campaigns (requesting donations from local corporations and small businesses) have been
extremely successful for many Lions Clubs, and require little pre-planning or material costs.

First Giving: Using First Giving, your club can essentially run a letter-writing campaign online! Write to contacts
at local businesses and keep them up to date on your fundraising efforts.

Corporate Request
 (People Power: 1-2 / Cost: $50 / Planning Time: 1 month)
Corporations with which you have a good relationship are sources of small amounts of money for emergency
purposes. Top level managers often have up to $1000 in discretionary funds which they can release without
internal approval.

Percentage of Business Profits
(People Power: 1 / Cost: $50 / Planning Time: 2 months)
Check with various businesses to see if they will give part of their profits to your program. For example, a local
photographer may give her sitting fee of $5.00 to the program around Mother's Day. This event produces small
amounts of money, but every little bit helps. These activities require little extra work. Your local high school
volunteers can disseminate flyers to advertise the event.

                                            MAKE A DIRECT APPEAL:
First Giving: Online fundraising is a great way to reach out to people you don’t see every day, but may still
want to support you and your cause! From distant relatives to old roommates, compiling a contact list for your
club and developing an email plan for soliciting

(People Power: 12-24 / Cost: $600 / Planning Time: 6 months)
Individual donations typically compose 80% of support for non-profits in the United. States. An accurate list of
potential donors and staff (e.g. volunteers) to solicit donations needs to be created before beginning this event.
Pledges can be for one time only or on a time payment plan. Time plans must be billed. This event helps
increase community ownership for your program.
With FirstGiving:

                                               PLAN AN EVENT:
While planning fundraising events may take more time, effort, and manpower than simply asking for donations,
the result can be a rewarding way of interacting with your community and increasing awareness for your Lions
Club and White Cane.

First Giving: If your Club already has an event planned, First Giving can be a great way to attract and keep
track of donations. For a run/walk, for example, racers can create fundraising pages on First Giving to tell their
contacts about what they are doing, and ask for donations.

Run, Walk or Bikeathon
(People Power: 6-24 / Cost: $1,000 / Planning Time: 8 months)

This takes quite a bit of time to organize depending on the size of the event (length of the area, number of
participants, etc.). Promotion is the biggest cost and an essential component of the event. The better the
advertising, the larger the number of participants. Participants pre-register and obtain pledges before the
event. Encourage groups or clubs to participate since they would represent a significant number of people.
This event will also increase the visibility of your organization throughout the community. Prizes for competitors
can be donated (cash or goods) by community organizations who will also enjoy greater visibility by becoming
a donor. Remember, this event is weather-dependent.
With FirstGiving:

Golf Tournament
(People Power: 24 + / Cost: $6,000 / Planning Time: 12 months)
Celebrity golf tournaments can be very successful especially if you include a dinner and dance as part of the
event. It may take more than one tournament before you see substantial profits. Often a golf course gives a cut
in fees for purchase of gifts in their pro shop. Celebrities need to be recruited far in advance for the event.
Golfers may pay large fees for the privilege of playing with a celebrity. An event of this type needs a strong
community base, underwriters, wealthy donors and buyers, and a very professional team of volunteers. This
event may also include a raffle or auction.

                           For more fundraising ideas, see

                     Questions? Your White Cane Contact is Lucy Zhou
                        770.738.4675 or


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