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  week ly                                                     UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE COUNTY’S STUDENT NEWSPAPER

                                                                                                                             03.04.08           VOLUME 42 ISSUE 20        

UMBC                                                                                                                                                                    Graduate
recycling                                                                                                                                                               students
program                                                                                                                                                                 fight for
competes                                                                                                                                                                right to
with 400                                                                                                                                                                unionize
schools                                                                                                                                                                         Andrea Thomson
                                                                                                                                                                                 SENIOR STAFF WRITER
          Anne Verghese
         SENIOR STAFF WRITER                                                                                                                                               A bill giving graduate students and
                                                                                                                                                                        adjunct faculty the right to unionize is
   From January 27 to April 5, 2008,                                                                                                                                    currently being debated by the Maryland
UMBC will be one of the schools com-                                                                                                                                    General Assembly. Although students
peting in a contest to see who can re-                                                                                                                                  at the University of Maryland, College
cycle and decrease the largest amount                                                                                                                                   Park have lobbied for this bill’s passage,
of campus waste. The competition,                                                                                                                                       UMBC graduate students, faculty, and
known as RecycleMania, spans over 10                                                                                                                                    administration display little support for
weeks and the schools compete in var-                                                                                                       COURTESY KELLY FAHEY        the bill.
ious contests to see which school can      > UMBC was to host a basketball game for the Special Olympics, which gives millions of disabled athletes an                     According to the Maryland General
collect the most recyclables per capita,   opportunity to interact with each other as well as non-disabled participants. The game was relocated to CCBC.                Assembly, the bill “could increase admin-
the largest amount of total recyclables,                                                                                                                                istrative expenditures [throughout the
the least amount of trash per capita, or
who has the highest recycling rate.
   According to the official RecycleMa-
                                           UMBC volunteers cheer on                                                                                                     University of Maryland System] by $1.3
                                                                                                                                                                        million” as of 2010. In addition to ad-
                                                                                                                                                                        ministrative expenses, benefits provided
nia website, the main goal of this com-
petition is “to increase student aware-
ness of campus recycling and waste
                                           Special Olympics athletes                                                                                                    to graduate students and adjunct faculty
                                                                                                                                                                        by the bill would costs $400 million to
                                                                                                                                                                        $650 million statewide. So far no action
minimization. RecycleMania helps all             Andrea Thomson                    Athletes range from ages eight to          to the “first ever unified basketball       has been taken beyond first reading ap-
participating colleges and universities            SENIOR STAFF WRITER             ninety-two. The Special Olympics           competition.” This would be the first      propriations and a hearing on February
make achievements in recycling and                                                 was founded in Rockville, MD. It           time in Special Olympics history          19. The bill is expected to fail.
waste reduction.”                             Last week, UMBC planned to host      began as Camp Shriver, a backyard          that the teams would be composed             "UMBC has approximately 600 [gradu-
   RecycleMania was started in 2001        a qualifying Special Olympics bas-      summer camp. Eunice Shriver had            of both non disabled and intellec-        ate assistants], and about half are funded
by Ed Newman (Ohio University) and         ketball game in the RAC. However,       noticed that her intellectually dis-       tually disabled athletes. One out of      from grants. A GA involves approxi-
Stacy Edmonds Wheeler (Miami Uni-          due to scheduling errors the event      abled sister participated most in          every five athletes participating in       mately 20 hours per week of classroom
versity). Since then the competition       was nearly canceled; a previously       family activities including physical       the event did not possess a disability.   or laboratory/field work responsibilities
has nearly doubled in participation        unscheduled wrestling match forced      activity or athletics.                     These athletes would play alongside       and in exchange a student will receive a
as more and more institutions realize      Special Olympics staff to hold the         Intending to give the intellectually    those with intellectual disabilities,     stipend, tuition remission for up to 10
that efforts must be taken to increase     event at CCBC. Five of the ten teams    disabled increased opportunities for       creating interesting and diverse team     credit hours per term, and GA student
recycling and reduce waste.                that had signed up to compete were      interaction, Shriver founded Camp          compositions. Most of the event’s         health insurance coverage,” explained
   This year there will be 400 schools     asked to participate later this year.   Shriver in the 60s. Camp Shriver           volunteers were UMBC students,            Scott A. Bass, Vice President for Research
competing, which is the most the com-      The five teams that did participate      would later expand, becoming the           with the majority belonging to the        and Dean of the Graduate School. He
petition has ever seen. The schools        were visiting from Baltimore City,      Special Olympics, a nonprofit orga-         Kappa Phi Lambda sorority. UMBC           continued, “The minimum nine month
will be representing 46 states includ-     Washington, Calvert, Charles, and       nization dedicated to encouraging          volunteers made posters, cheered          stipend for a Ph.D. student in FY '08 at
ing the District of Columbia and the       Harford Counties.                       physical fitness and fostering a sense      on athletes, passed out snacks, and       UMBC is $14,566. Depending on the
institutions vary between Ivy League          Joby Taylor, Director of Peace-      of belonging amongst the intellectu-       helped clean up after the event. The      source of funds, some NSF [National
universities to two-year community         workers at the Shriver Center, began    ally disabled. Tim Shriver is current-     event was largely run by volunteers.      Science Foundation] grants, for example,
colleges.                                  the event by sharing with volunteers    ly the Chairman of Special Olympics        As Special Olympics athletes are          pay as much as $30,000 for 12 months. I
   The current recycling program at        a brief history of the Special Olym-    International. UMBC is linked to           never charged a participation fee—        wish that all GAs were able to receive the
UMBC maintains the use of specialized      pics.                                   the Special Olympics through our           equipment, uniforms, and traveling                                             .
                                                                                                                                                                        kind of support as offered by NSF How-
recycling containers placed through-          Each year two to three million       Shriver Center, which, like the Spe-       costs are all free to athletes—it is      ever, our state funding is limited.”
out campus. At present, the campus         athletes from 159 countries compete     cial Olympics, owes its existence to       crucial for the program to keep costs        As an administrator, Dr. Bass con-
recycles glass containers, plastics jugs   in the Special Olympics. The event      the Shriver family.                        low. James explained that the Spe-        tinued by expressing the opinion of
and bottles, metal cans, mixed paper,      serves individuals with intellectual,      Bill James, Special Olympics coun-      cial Olympics is unique from other        UMBC’s administration concerning the
                > see RECYCLING [2]        physical, and emotional disabilities.   ty coordinator, welcomed volunteers                         > see ATHLETES [4]       bill: “The UMBC Graduate Student As-
                                                                                                                                                                        sociation and the Graduate School agree
                                                                                                                                                                        that the graduate students are students
                                                                                                                                                                        first. Their assistantships—whether in
            NEWS                     01       OPINION                     06         ARTS                           16         SPORTS                        25
I nsIde

                                                                                                                                                                        instruction, research, or administra-
                                                                                                                                                                        tion—are learning experiences. The
             Saving lives on                  Does Sodexho                            Spring Break                              Lacrosse wins                           formation of a union is appropriate to
             Commons Main                     have what it takes                      ideas and                                 first game while                         formal positions of employment; we do
             Street                           to win contract                         It’s Showtime!                            basketball’s win                        not see the role in the academy of GAs
                                              bidding?                                                                          streak ends                             as equivalent to someone holding a job.”
                                                                                                                                                                        The administration opposes the formation
                                                                                                                                                                                               > see UNION [3]
  2            News                  03.04.08                                                                                                                                               The RetrIever Weekly

    foreign desk
   Meeting our hot host mom
          Maggie Lebherz
                                                                                                                                          Bratwurst, pretzels
    Hi, my name is Maggie and I live a
 crazy life. Most recently, I spent the past
                                                                                                                                          and gypsies
 four months studying in Salamanca,                                                                                                                                                         I live in old barracks that were
 Spain and traveling throughout Eu-                                                                                                                Randi Leyshon                         made for the French army while
 rope. Sure, it sounds like something                                                                                                           FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT                    they occupied this part of Germany
 just anyone can do; but let’s just say                                                                                                                                                  after World War II. I was told that
 I literally had enough experiences to                                                                                                       Germany gives the term soft pret-           these dorms used to house the low-
 last me a lifetime. So I’m sharing them                                                                                                  zels a whole new meaning. Here, they           est of the French soldiers. My room
 with you, and hopefully inspiring you                                                                                                    are cooked every day in almost every           probably once held four bunk beds
 to take some chances and get your feet                                                                                                   shop. There is the original pretzel            and eight French soldiers who most
 wet in your own life. If you’ve ever                                                                                                     knot; there is a pretzel ball; there is        likely wanted to be back in France
 heard the phrase: get messy, get dirty,                                                                                                  a pretzel stick; you can order it with         sipping wine and eating cheese in-
 and make mistakes; you’ll be happy to                                                                                                    butter; you can order it with Nutella;         stead of getting their uniforms dirty
 know that I am an expert at all of them.                                                                                                 or my favorite, you can take it home,          with mustard covered sausage. But
 From horseback riding for five hours in                                                                                                   stick it in the microwave and slather it       now the room is just mine and it is
 the Arriondas Mountains, to cave div-                                                                                                    with cream cheese in lieu of a bagel. I        huge, the ceilings are tall and the
 ing, to being almost kidnapped in the                                                                                                    eat this option, every day, twice a day.       windows are wide. I share the rest
 Sahara desert, I’ve gotten more bumps,                                                                                                      But if I were in a meatier mood,            of the apartment with four other
 bruises, and embarrassing moments                                                                                                        I could head down to the center of             people: one American and two
 to fill up all of these pages. So here it                                                                                                 town and settle for one of twenty              German guys and also a chica from
                                                                                                            MAGGIE LEBHERZ — TRW
 goes; come travel with me.                                                                                                               sausage kiosks. I could have the               Spain. So far they all seem like nice
                                                > Maggie was surprised by the sveltness of her host mom.
    Five long days passed after taking                                                                                                    bratwurst of my choice, about a foot           people, but I haven't had much
 the scenic route to Salamanca from Ma-         that all of the host moms are short and       moms do over here, so we stop and           long, broken in half, shoved in a bun          time to get to know them yet. They
 drid to become adjusted to the cultural        fat. Claire and I are excited because we      wait on the curb. But just then, this big   and then covered with mustard and              do let me steal their wireless, which
 differences. Forty five anxious inter-          aren’t exactly the skinniest trees in the     old dumb vegetable truck stops right        onions. This stereotypical German              in my eyes makes them all perfect.
 national students arrive by bus to the         forest. Besides, everyone knows that          in front of us! I’m annoyed at how slow     meal only costs 2 euros and keeps                 Freiburg has the only Green
 beautiful town of Salamanca. All of the        short and fat equals funny and nice!          he’s driving, because obviously he is       me full for about a week. And with             Mayor in Germany and the city is
 families who are going to be our hosts         So we walk over after our names are           going to get in the way of us snagging      the catastrophic dollar to euro ex-            known for its solar-powered energy
 for the next four months are waiting           called, and meet our new host mom.            a taxi! But then a man gets out. Oh         change (every 100 American dollars             and strict recycling program. I live
 on the sidewalk, and every student in          Well not only is she the only skinny          God, he’s walking towards us. (These        are only worth 65 euros) cheap and             in a funky part of town where the
 the bus has their nose pressed against         mom hidden behind the other chub-             men sure are forward. Shoot, where’s        filling food is key.                            buildings can be orange, green or
 the window. I’ve already met my room-          by mommies, but she’s also the best           my pepper spray?!)                             I am studying abroad in Freiburg,           blue or a combination of all three.
 mate Claire on the plane a week ago,           dressed. Of course to us this means she          But wait, he’s kissing our mom?!         Germany. It is a small town in the             There is a gypsy camp behind my
 and we are nervous with anticipation!          either has a lot of money, and hopefully      This is our truck?! This is the way we      southwestern tip of Germany, very              building and several tree houses in
    We step off the bus, blinking in the        a big house, or that she is cool and hip      are going to begin our lives here in        close to the boarders of France and            the area. To say the living arrange-
 bright Spanish sun. Then we gather all         and so better than the other moms.            Salamanca.                                  Switzerland. Freiburg is surrounded            ments are eclectic is an understate-
 of the luggage we are allowed to bring            We are pretty nervous as we follow            Come back next week to see what          by the Black Forrest—the land of               ment. I am thoroughly enjoying liv-
 for the four month stay: only two large        her to the street. The drill is that you      happens. Thanks for stopping by!            the Grimm fairytales. The city's main          ing in this place. If I didn't have to
 suitcases each and our carry-on bags.          get assigned your host family and then                                                    industry is tourism, which doesn't             go to class, life would be perfect.
 The International Study Abroad leader          just willingly go off with them. Basi-                                                    make it Cancun, but does guarantee
 starts calling off names to match the          cally, our host mom could be a serial            Maggie Lebherz, world traveler,          that there are enough cute shops and
 students to their respectful host fami-        killer for all we know, but we follow          hails from the very exotic metropolis      majestic churches to make this town a           If your mouth is watering as much
 lies. Halfway through the list, she calls      in tow. Claire and I assume that we are          of Frederick, MD. Tell her what          perfect, idyllic and historically interest-        as ours are, tell Randi through
 Claire and me. Now I have to mention           going to call a taxi like all the rich, hip        you think at            ing place to spend the semester.           

RecycleMania raises awareness
for campus recycling efforts
                                                                                                                                                     Poll:                              What are your plans
                                                                                                                                                                                          for summer?

               > from RECYCLING [1]            is usually only one recycling bin per              “I do think while there are a lot of
                                               floor. Therefore, instead of walking all        opportunities to recycle on campus
and cardboard. Also located in depart-         the way to the recycling bin we end up         not enough people take advantage of
mental offices are “WOW boxes” that             throwing everything away. As a result,         it. Every time I go into the trash room
allow the recycling of materials such          students are not motivated to recycle,”        in my dorm I see things that can be
as printer, fax and copy paper, white          freshman Joanne Croos said.                    recycled easily. Students should re-
tablet paper, computer printouts, la-             According to the Annual All State           ally step up their efforts to recycle
ser printer paper, typing paper, and           Agencies Recycle Recycling Survey,             more than they do now,” freshman
stapled paper. However, although               UMBC’s Facility Recycling Rate for             Brian Frazee said.
these containers are readily available         2008 is 28 percent. Currently we recy-             UMBC has taken the firsts steps to
in public spaces, hallways, individual         cle 919.28 tons of Maryland Recycling          increase the amount we recycle on cam-
academic departments, residence hall           Act (MRA) Materials. Some of these             pus by involving itself in RecycleMania.                Classes and work                                     40.4%
lounge areas and apartment stair-              MRA materials include glass, organics          Even if we do not win the competition                                                                        30.8%
                                                                                                                                                      Part-time work
wells, many students still feel that we        (that must be composted or mulched),           hopefully students will become more
as a campus do not recycle as much             paper, plastic and other materials like        empowered to recycle and reduce the                     Travel                                                11.5%
as we can and should.                          commingled containers, frying grease,          amount of waste on our campus. For                      Summer classes                                        9.6%
   “It is true that we do not recycle          and computer equipment. UMBC also              more information on RecycleMania                                                                               7.7%
                                                                                                                                                      World of Warcraft
as much as we should on campus. I              recycles 2491.93 tons of non-MRA               visit
always see bottles and newspapers in           materials, which includes construction
the trash cans in the dorms because al-        and demolition debris, scrap automo-             Anne Verghese can be reached for                Vote in next week’s poll at
though there are many trash cans there         biles, and scrap metal.                           comment at
 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                                             03.04.08              News                      3

Grad student union                                                                               Professor Spotlight: Presenting
bill expected to fail                                                                            Dr. Christopher Swan
                        > from UNION [1]         the amount of work can be big but I have                  Ariane Szu-Tu
of a union of adjunct professors and TAs         seen that it really varies with the specific                 EDITORIAL STAFF
mainly because of the high administrative        task you are assigned to do. I know that
costs involved and reduced flexibility on         the administration and the people in my             Professors impart knowledge on
the part of UMBC’s administration.               department try to do as much as possible        their students, but do students know
   Graduate Student Association (GSA)            for us.” Mendez stressed the importance         much about these enigmatic figures
President Jessy Warner-Cohen explained           of strong collaboration between graduate        who stand before them each week? Well
that positioning graduate students as em-        students and the administration and that        here I am to introduce to you one of
ployees rather than students would take          of dealing with problems about [graduate        your professors: Dr. Christopher Swan,
away from their educational experiences          students] work conditions through some          Professor of Field Ecology (GES 408)
and diminish their future bargaining             institution.                                    and Spatial Statistics and Modeling in
power. Cohen also cited the recent gains            UMBC faculty have not taken a posi-          the Urban Environment (GES 623).
made by graduate students through talks          tion on this issue, however in most cases           Many may know him from class or
with the administration. Bass expanded           of graduate student unionization, faculty       from his involvement with the McNair
on these benefits and the process through         generally oppose the initiative as it stress-   Scholars and Meyerhoff programs.
which they are being achieved, “For the          es school budgets, potentially leading to       Many don’t know that during his last
past two years the UMBC Graduate Stu-            cuts in faculty pay. Some fear that a shift     year of graduate school he finished his
dent Association (GSA) and the Gradu-            in which graduate assistants change from        research at night, so he could watch
ate School Administration have worked            their role as students to that of employees     his newborn daughter while his wife
together on a Policies and Guidelines            may jeopardize student-faculty relations.       was at work. “I have to say it was quite
document that defines the Graduate                   One argument for the bill states that        life-changing as it forced me to learn
Assistantship (GA) support students              if UMBC fails to offer large stipends to        how to be a father and a scientist at the
receive as part of their overall learning        Graduate Assistants, the school will not be     same time,” he said.
experience. The document also clarifies           able to attract the best students, especially       His birthday was last week and his
GA responsibilities in situations such as        in the fields of science and engineering.        favorite color is green. He travels to
university closings, cases of illness, child-    This is less of a problem in the Humani-        Switzerland, Germany, and Portugal on                                                                           LAUREN KASMIR — TRW
                                                                                                                                               > Dr. Christopher Swan studies the effects of road-salt runoff and species
birth, and time away from duty for stu-          ties and Social Sciences, as students in        a routine basis to give lectures and to
                                                                                                                                               loss on stream ecology with UMBC students in Patapsco State Park.
dents on 12-month assistantships. The            these fields must accept lower stipends          conduct research. Next to the ecological
document is currently under final review          because of the larger numbers of students       research he has been carrying out for the     sions for the next trophic level up.            my work, including some that have pre-
and will be voted upon by the Graduate           competing for the same positions. In ad-        past fifteen years, he counts “mentoring           Like many of his students on campus,        sented at scientific conferences, and one
Program Directors in March.” Essentially,        dition, these fields do not receive as large     and training students” among his major        it took him a little time to find his passion.   that published her work in the UMBC
the document gives Graduate Assistants a         grants as do the sciences. UMBC ranks           accomplishments.                              He began his undergraduate years as an          journal, the UMBC Review,” he said.
more flexible leave policy.                       second among the universities who re-               Dr. Swan has two main projects            engineering major at Drexel University.            Ecosystems hang in a delicate balance.
   Miguel Angel Mendez, a chemistry              ceive funding from NASA. NASA is our            underway. He is examining the effects         His diverse interests could just as easily      Dr. Swan and his assistants’ research
student, shared his opinion concerning           largest funding source, followed by NSF     ,   and consequences of road-salt runoff          have led him down another career path.          have discovered that certain tree species
the bill. “I partially agree with the bill for   and the National Institutes of Health.          on streams, while also studying how           He said, “I thought for a long time that        alter the processing of carbon in streams.
the right to unionization as long as it is          These grants help build the state econ-      species loss influences ecosystem pro-         I wanted to become a chef.” Therefore,          Therefore, if certain tree species were lost,
optional for the different campuses and          omy, and may be applied in the future to        cesses in small streams. Dr. Swan said,       students, maybe your ecology professor          water quality and the processing of nutri-
it takes in consideration the particular         ameliorate the problem of the shortage          “Specifically, I look at how loss of tree      would be a good source for recipes!             ents would most likely be affected.
situation of each one of them. Some of           of campus research space. Bill support-         species, via their input of leaves/wood to        As for his change of focus he said,            Road-salt, also, seems to disrupt mi-
the points about student benefits can be          ers also argue that if graduate students        streams, alters the food base for stream      “But, as one moves through school,              croorganisms that degrade carbon in
mediated through the Graduate Student            must pay employee taxes to the state and        food webs, and the feedback on how this       they encounter different types of people        streams. However, stream invertebrates
Association (in the case of UMBC) and if         are eligible for the state employee health      material is processed and assimilated by      and I happened to be quite lucky to be          seem to be less sensitive to the salt and
a union can bring unnecessary tension in         plan, then they ought to be considered          invertebrate consumers.”                      mentored by really good ecologists.”            “their presence seems to lessen the im-
the relationships with the administration        “employees,” and hence be given the                 These projects could potentially have         Most of his field ecology research           pact on the microbial community,” said
it could really harm more than benefit            right to better their working conditions        significant results because estuaries have     is done locally at Patapsco State Park,         Dr. Swan.
the graduate students.” Mendez had no            through unionization.                           one of the highest net primary productiv-     which allows him to enlist the help of
complaints concerning his experience                                                             ities (amount of energy made available by     undergraduate and graduate students
as a TA. He remarked, “My experience               Andrea Thomson can be reached for             plants) per unit area. Effects on estuaries   from UMBC. “I have been fortunate to              Ariane Szu-Tu can be reached for
as TA it was a good one. Yes, sometimes             comment at                and streams could have huge repercus-         include more than 25 undergraduates in          comment at

               Police log
            FEBRUARY 19, 2008                                          South Campus                                       FEBRUARY 23, 2008                                     FEBRUARY 24, 2008
                                                                       Theft from Auto
               Chemistry Building                                      A UMBC student reported his passenger                 Erickson Hall                                         Walker Ave. Apartments
               Theft from Building                                  side window was broken and his GPS system                Alcohol Violation                                     CDS Violation
               A UMBC student reported her laptop                   and EZ pass were stolen from his vehicle.                UMBC police responded to a complaint                  A UMBC police officer on routine foot pa-
            computer was stolen between 5 and 7 p.m.                                                                      of two people yelling and falling on the              trol heard loud music coming from a room
            from the Chemistry Building. The computer                 South Campus                                        ground. Upon arrival, officers found two               within the Walker Avenue Apartments.
            was left unattended during this time period.              Destruction of Property                             intoxicated under-aged UMBC students. Both            Upon checking the apartment, a smell of
                                                                      A UMBC student reported that someone                students reported they had been drinking at           marijuana was detected. The officer did not
            FEBRUARY 21, 2008                                       broke the front driver’s side window of her           an off-campus party. One of the students was          observe any CDS within the room. The two
                                                                    vehicle. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle.         transported by ambulance to the hospital.             resident UMBC students were issued Judicial
               Walker Ave. Garage                                                                                         Both students were issued Judicial Referrals          Referrals for CDS Violations.
               Theft of Auto Parts and Acc.                         FEBRUARY 22, 2008                                     for alcohol violations.
               A UMBC police officer discovered a vehicle                                                                                                                           A.O.K. Library
            parked in the Walker Avenue garage propped                Parking Lot 13                                         Parking Lot 8                                         Theft from Buildings
            on jacks with no wheels. The vehicle’s owner              Theft of Auto Parts and Acc.                           Alcohol Violation                                     A UMBC student reported that someone
            stated the wheels were on the car when he                 A UMBC resident student reported the                   An unresponsive UMBC student was                   stole her wallet from a table and subse-
            parked it two days prior.                               theft of his tires and rims from his vehicle          brought to the UMBC Police Station seeking            quently withdrew money from her banking
                                                                    while parked on Lot 13.                               medical assistance. The under-aged student            account.
               Lecture Hall 1                                                                                             had been drinking at an off-campus party. The
               Destruction of Property                                Retriever Activities Center                         student was taken by ambulance to the hospi-            Chesapeake Hall
               A UMBC staff member reported that some-                Theft from Buildings                                tal. He was later issued a Judicial Referral for        Record of Information
            one climbed onto the roof of Lecture Hall 1               A UMBC faculty member reported his                  alcohol violations.                                     Someone dropped a plastic soda bottle
            and wrote with black paint on the gray sur-             wallet was taken from an unsecured locker                                                                   with an unknown substance on the ground
            face of the roof.                                       while he was at the RAC.                                                                                    outside of Chesapeake Hall.
  4            News               03.04.08                                                                                                                                   The RetrIever Weekly

Giving     Special Olympics survives scheduling
the gift   errors and is relocated to CCBC
of life on                                                 > from ATHLETES [1]

                                           sports organizations in that it does

Commons                                    not charge its athletes.
                                              James, a former marine, had given
                                           up his personal business to work

Main                                       for Special Olympics. According to
                                           James, “It’s a pleasure to work for
                                           Special Olympics. When you come,
Street                                     you’re hooked… the athletes, they’re
                                           the same as we are.” James added,
                                           “With our athletes you get a genuine
       Samantha Purcell                    response. When you make a friend,
         SENIOR STAFF WRITER               you make a friend for life, no strings
                                           attached. They make you feel wel-
   Organizations around campus             come.”
often find ways to get off campus             Norma Folk, who works in UMBC’s
and help other people, but UMBC            English Department administration,
students were given a special op-          decided to volunteer at the event “as
portunity to make their mark on            a birthday gift” to herself. As a former
other people's lives right on campus       special education teacher, Folk found
last week. The American Red Cross          it “encouraging to see them [those
made this possible when they took          with disabilities and those without]
over Main Street in the Commons to         unified.” “It’s great to see students
get UMBC students and faculty to           from UMBC coming out and giv-
give blood.                                ing up their time to volunteer,” she
   “The Red Cross is always in need        added. Most student volunteers had
of volunteers to donate their blood        come out to gain a new experience
to help another,” explained a Red          or simply to “have fun.” Nonetheless,
Cross staff member. Any individual         the athletes and their families were
was welcome to give blood provided         grateful for the volunteers’ presence,                                                                                                        COURTESY KELLY FAHEY
they were not sick or recently had         some thanking the volunteers after         > The Special Olympics began as Camp Shriver, a summer camp in Rockville, Maryland.
a piercing or a tattoo. Student Sara       the conclusion of the event.
Goodhand stated, “This was the best           The event served a dual purpose         ing around on the street,” Townsend       Special Olympics for twelve years. He     pic athletes would come to UMBC to
way that I could think of to help          for the Baltimore city team. This team     explained. Three of the athletes on the   played his first game in Maryland on       participate in sports alongside UMBC
people. It only took about 45 min-         was unique because it was the only         Baltimore City Special Olympics team      Saturday after moving from San Di-        students. Graduate student and
utes out of my time but that small         team composed completely of high           are regular education freshmen par-       ego, where he also participated in the    Peaceworker Jordanna Spencer, who
amount of time should help up to           school students. It also possessed         ticipating for student service learning   Special Olympics. Like Smith, many        also helped to coordinate this last
three people.” For the people that         members with emotional disabilities.       hours. According to Townsend, the         Special Olympics athletes stay with       event, explained, “There are definitely
gave blood during the drive, this re-      Apart from providing the disabled          rest are moderately intellectually dis-   the program for many years, some-         future opportunities for students to
action seemed to be very common.           with an environment in which to            abled. When asked what he enjoyed         times playing more than one sport.        be involved in service.” She encour-
Many people believed that this was         socialize, the Special Olympics quali-     most about the Special Olympics,             Kelly Fahey, UMBC Community            ages students to visit
a good way to help others.                 fier was also keeping students off the      Bryan Smith, an athlete from Wash-        Outreach Coordinator for athletics, is    umbcserves. The website advertises
   Eric Baker stated, “It was worth        streets. M. Townsend, a Special Edu-       ington County responded, “I like the      planning similar events which would       current opportunities to volunteer on
the little pin prick of pain that I felt   cation teacher at Northwestern High        competition.” Several other athletes      be hosted by UMBC in the future.          and off campus.
when I first started giving the blood.     School, travels with his team of ath-      agreed.                                   One proposed event would begin
I'm glad that I was able to help.”         letes. “These boys are so excited about       Smith, a mildly intellectually dis-    next January. It would take place in       Andrea Thomson can be reached for
   Although many people believed           being here because they’re not hang-       abled adult, has been playing in the      the RAC. Once a week, Special Olym-         comment at
that this was a great way to help
others, not everyone was willing
to give blood when the Red Cross
came to campus, all giving their
own reasons. Freshman Hannah
Evans explained, “I would have
loved to help, but I am terrified of
needles. So needles put an end to
any possible donation.”
   A fear of needles tends to be a
common factor that stopped stu-
dents from donating, however there
                                             The many species of the parking lot jungle
are some students who had other
reasons for deciding not to give                        Sarah Evans                   campus. They’re empty!                    their car. I especially love when           It can be a crazy game out there
blood. Junior Luis Rivera stated, “I                 CONTRIBUTING WRITER                 Parking isn’t that bad when class-     the person they followed is me.          in the parking lots; a nuisance that
hate needles but it is more than that.                                                es are in session. There is always a      Haha! Fooled you! There are also         lasts for about five minutes every
I don't want to be sick or something            What am I doing this spring           place to park. The spots might not        the slowpokes. These people pause        morning. None of this happens dur-
and find out by getting a phone call         break? The same thing I’ve done          be the closest and I don’t mind           at the end of every row and slowly       ing the breaks though. The parking
from the Red Cross. By not donating          on spring break for the last four        walking, but the process of getting       scan each spot for parking viability.    lots are an unending sea of empty
my blood, there is no chance that I          years. I’ll be on campus, working in     a spot can be a harrowing and frus-       They do this even when it is clear       spots. There are no crazy drivers to
will find out with a phone call.”            lab. This happens for all the major      trating experience. There are many        that there are completely empty          deal with. Nobody leaves notes on
   Although there may be reasons             breaks the university has. Fam-          methods that people use to find the        rows up ahead. I always seem to          your car with helpful parking tips.
that may have stopped students               ily, friends, and undergraduates         “best” spot. There are the lurkers.       encounter them when I have some-         (Someone actually took the time to
from giving blood, the American Red          don’t get it and feel sorry for me.      These people pick a row and hang          where to be. I’m slightly ashamed        do this for me. Thanks for the help!)
Cross made their presence known              But don’t feel too bad for us grad       out at the end watching and waiting       to admit that I beep at these people.    The only strategy you need to find
on campus. They provided students            students that are here all year long.    for someone else to leave. There are      Finally, there are the latecomers.       a spot is to show up. It’s great and
who wished to take advantage of the          There are some perks to being on         the stalkers. I find these to be the       You can spot these ones pretty eas-      I’m looking forward to spring break
chance with an opportunity to do-            campus when no one else is. Some-        creepiest. They follow people walk-       ily, especially after they cut you off   this year. I just wonder when it is.
nate blood and help others.                  times I forget when breaks are even      ing to their cars around the lot. I       and nearly take out pedestrians in
                                             beginning until a magical thing          love when they follow somebody            their quest to find a spot and get to       Sarah Evans can be reached for
  Samantha Purcell can be reached            happens in the parking lots around       who is just getting something from        class on time.                             comment at
 for comment at
The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                       03.04.08            Ad        5

               The Commons, Second Floor—Student Organization Space
                                 (410) 455 - 2220

                              We want your input! We've narrowed it down to five finalists from the twenty-two submitted Prove It propos-
                              als, now it is your turn to submit feedback! From March 3rd until March 7th you can watch videos about each
                              of the finalists and leave feedback! You can help us make a decision on the winner!

                               Here is a quick summary of the proposals:

                                 Revamping the UMBC Pond: Improve the Library Pond's sanitary and maintenance system, landscape the
                                 area around the pond, and add a deck area.

                                 Student Creative Center: Establish a Student Creative Center where students could have 24/7 access to art
                                 supplies and tools.

                                 Transforming the "Study Place": Add dining and lounge options to the Study Place.

                                 Ropes and Challenge Course: Add a ropes and challenge course on campus to encourage team-building and
                                 leadership training.

                                  Green Space: Create a green space near the Fine Arts building.
                               Click on any of the links below to see a proposal's video and leave a response


                             STAFF EDITORIAL

                staff        Immigration, tuition
Elizabeth Silberholz
                             and citizenship
Managing Editor                 Out-of-state students pay $8,732 more per year for tuition here at UMBC
Dave Iden                    than in-state students. While it makes sense that in-state students get a cut in
                             tuition costs because of financial support from the state of Maryland, not all
      Editor                 in-state students are allowed to take advantage of this. Students who are in this
      Brian Whippo           country illegally have to pay out-of-state tuition, despite the fact that many of
      Assistant Editor
      Ariane Szu-Tu          them have spent the majority of their lives in the United States. A bill has been
                             proposed that would allow students who attended a secondary high school
      Editor                 in the state of Maryland and graduated from a high school in the state to be
      Jeremy Hentschel       given an exemption from paying nonresident tuition, regardless of residency
      Assistant Editor
      Gaby Arevalo           status. These students also need to be planning to apply for residency and have
                             parents who pay Maryland taxes. It’s unfair for the state to charge students
     Editor                  more money for their education because of their status in the United States:
     Aaron Ludensky          when somebody comes to the United States as a child, it is safe to say that they
     Assistant Editor
     Greg Dewey              did not immigrate with malicious plans to take the spot of a U.S. citizen at a
                             university. These students’ parents have risked everything to give their children
      Editor                 a better life in the United States, so is it really fair to punish them for seeking a                                                                     HELEN ZHANG — TRW
      Alexander Pyles        chance to move ahead? Isn’t that, after all, the American Dream that all of our
      Assistant Editor
      Ashley Benitez

                             ancestors pursued when they came to the United States?
                                                                                                                     Kicking it up a notch
      Mark Perdomo
                             Iraq’s new Sunni force                                                                  to win dining contract
      Assistant Editor                                                                                                           Willie Archer                         I don’t know how Linda does it,
      Patricia Davila
                                                                                                                              CONTRIBUTING WRITER                  maybe there are different cooks during
    COPY EDITORS                                                                                                                                                   the day? Or maybe the dinner food is just
     Caitlin Hisim
     Liz Lebedda                                                                                                        I’m sure by now that many of you           the lunch food but four hours older. Re-
     Mary Meier                                                                                                      have heard about the “Worth the Walk”         gardless, there is a noticeable difference. I
     Ryan Wiggins
                                                                                                                     program that Sodexho has developed,           know going on and on about the dining
PRODUCTION                                                                                                           but I’m also sure that many of you have       hall during lunch won’t truly convince
 410.455.1266                                                                                                        completely ignored it. “Worth the Walk”       anyone that it’s something great, but I
      Manager                                                                                                        is Sodexho’s way of luring students to the    hope this will convince you to at least
      Megan Zlock
                                                                                                                     dining hall on weekdays during lunch          go try for yourself. This all brings me to
      Assistant                                                                                                      hours. While most things done “The            my next point: how can the food around
      Chrissie Barr
      Assistant                                                                                                      Sodexho Way” both scare and appall            here vary so much!?
      Stephanie Jung                                                                                                 UMBC students, this is definitely some-            For those of you who have been privi-
      Anne Verghese                                                                                                  thing done right.                             leged enough to have had the Skylight
      Assistant                                                                                                         Our dining hall on campus has quite        Room lunch, you know what I mean
      Helen Zhang
                                                                                                                     the schizophrenic disorder. While we all      when I say Sodexho is capable of making
TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                           know and love (or tolerate) dinner in the     delicious food. And still, apart from the
 410.455.3901                                                                                                        dining hall, it’s usually for reasons other   Skylight and Lunchtime Linda, the new
      Manager                                                                                                        than the food. These reasons may range        barbecue place is good. Hell, I even find
      Matt Basch
                                                                                                                     from the company of close friends to the      myself enjoying a fresh slice of pizza from
      Online Editor                                                                                                  delicious milk and juice offered there.       Pete’s Arena when the cheese isn’t brown
      Andrew Cleveland                                                                                               Whatever your reason for eating dinner        and the crust isn’t anywhere on a 16-tone
      Greg Fiumara                                                                                                   in the dining hall, it certainly is not the   gray scale.
      System Administrator                                                                                           macaroni and cheese. But friends, rejoice!        Whatever your theory is on the
      Paul Swenson
                                                                                   COURTESY OF LIB.UTEXAS.EDU        The dining hall has a different side to her   gross quality differences in food on this
                             > Iraq is here. Now you know.                                                           that very few see, which, for the sake of     campus, I have to say it all amounts to
                                                                                                                     catchy alliteration I will now refer to as    one thing: Sodexho is (and has always
 410.455.1261                           Matt Mainen                       central government. Considering,           Lunchtime Linda.                              been) dropping the ball. With the food
      Business Manager               SENIOR STAFF WRITER                  however, that elements of the larg-           Now Lunchtime Linda offers the best        contract up for bids for the campus this
      Kyle Clelan                                                         est Sunni bloc in Iraq’s parliament        of dinner while improving the overall         year, I have to say that I can only hope
      Advertising Manager       Commentary on the success                 continue to actively and ideologi-         quality of the food tenfold. Regardless of    for one of two things to happen. Either:
      Zachary Bratcher
                             of the U.S. surge in Iraq is often           cally support terror, the emergence        what anyone says, there is always a large     A.) Sodexho loses the bid and we get
DISTRIBUTION                 coupled with praise for the Sunnis           of a Sunni political force that has        selection of foods at dinnertime. Well,       some seriously new food choices or B.)
      Manager                who abandoned the insurgency and             renounced terror should seem to be         while keeping said expansive selection,       Sodexho wins and subsequently steps up
      David Noonan           joined the U.S. in the War on Ter-           a welcome sign for those seeking a         Linda also offers us the “Worth the Walk”     its game.
      Assistant              ror. However, all are not happy with         stable Iraq.                               item of the day; this item is frequently          So Sodexho, on behalf of the student
      Junior Portobanco
                             the grassroots Sunni’s newfound                 In February of 2007, the author         something no dinner dining hall connois-      body (especially the student stomach), I
ADVISOR                      success. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri           of this piece reported in the Inter-       seur will ever see. I have seen this item     am imploring you to make that macaroni
      Faculty Adviser        al-Maliki allegedly fears that the           national Herald Tribune (“No Com-          be fresh fruit, chocolate fondue, French      and cheese the best you can, to let us
      Christopher Corbett    70,000 members of the Sunni Awak-            promise with Extremists”, February         toast sticks, and perogies, among others.     use our meals where and when we want
                             ening Councils (SAC) could one day           28, 2007) that then-leader of the          Now alone, such an item at the dining         (the Skylight Room and Jazzman’s are a
      Carly Wilkeins         become a rogue militia threatening                                                      hall would be good, but somehow all the
                             the power and influence of Iraq’s                                     > see IRAQ [8]    food during lunchtime is just better.                             > see SODEXHO [8]
 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                                   03.04.08           oPINION                 7

America’s xenophobia and Barack Obama
                                 Nick Jamison                tional Committee. First off, now that    don’t want France to French up our
                                SENIOR STAFF WRITER          that the gloves are off and the mud      “freedom” fries (which are Belgian
                                                             is being slung around like it was in     anyway). If it wasn’t American made
   Shakespeare once asked, “What’s                           Woodstock ‘94, it was nice to hear       and if it doesn’t come in our favorite
in a name?” At the essence of names,                         some political news that was be-         color, white, it’s not welcome here.
they are nothing more than arbitrary                         nevolent. The RNC’s announcement         Of course this is nothing new; the
labels that rarely reflect anything                          came off as amiable and mature,          American past time is hating those
about the person to whom they                                which is almost shocking consider-       who are not us. After that first wave
are attached. Sadly, in the foreign-                         ing it came from an opposing party.      of immigrants settled in the young
fearing United States, names carry                           But was it necessary? Is there a dif-    nation, every new group since has
more weight than they should.                                ference in saying ‘Hussein’ or not?      faced ridicule and discrimination.
Enter Barack Hussein Obama. It’s                             While it may not matter to you, it          What compounds this new wave
pure coincidence that he shares his                          might sway someone else. And it’s        of xenophobia is fact that we are be-
middle name with Iraq’s last dicta-                          not like the people using Hussein        coming more and more trivial as a
tor and that his last name’s sounds                          are doing it on accident. It’s obvious   nation. For example, one of the top
painfully similar to ‘Osama.’ But all                        when someone uses Obama’s middle         stories on Yahoo Buzz this week was
in all, should that matter? While you                        name but doesn’t say John Sidney         entitled ‘Britney Spears’ Boys Get
may have your reasons or personal                            McCain. And when the Tennessee           Haircuts.’ People are putting more
convictions to be against Obama,                             GOP said Barack Hussein Obama,           weight into things that really don’t
his name shouldn’t be one of them.                           they knew exactly what they were         matter and this superficiality has
With that being said, the Republican                         doing. They were playing on Amer-        even affected politics. It occurred to
                                                                                                                                                                                                   TIJANI OGUNLENDE — TRW
National Committee vowed to no                               ica’s narrow-mindedness and fact         me during the Republican Debate at
longer use Barack Obama’s full name                          that we can be swayed by the most        the Reagan National Library when
in the public forum. It’s an honor-                          inconsequential.                         McCain and Romney got into a heat-       him appear French. Sadly that’s how      unoriginal and just makes them look
able move to keep politics about the                            In those two simple sentences,        ed cat fight about ‘who said what’ in    trivial we can get. And when the fate    immature and moronic. I guess they
candidate’s policies and not the can-                        Duncan spoke volumes about the           regards to war timetables. When the      of being the most powerful man in        will have plenty of time to get the
didate’s label.                                              face of America. Turn on any news        bickering subsided, Ron Paul com-        the world can be swayed on some-         pronunciation right when he be-
   “The RNC rejects these kinds of                           channel, especially the Fox News         mented, “...You know, the country        thing so frivolous, it’s a shame.        comes president.
campaign tactics...We believe this                           Propaganda Network, and it’s clear       is in bankruptcy. And when I listen         While the RNC is taking some
election needs to be about the criti-                        that America is becoming increas-        to this argument, I mean, I find it      steps in the right direction, it prob-       Tell Nick his name’s too ge-
cal issues confronting our nation,”                          ingly xenophobic. We don’t want          rather silly...” Recall back to the      ably won’t stop the far far neo-con          neric and you wouldn’t vote
were the words used by Mike Dun-                             to buy Chinese toys, we don’t want       2004 election, one of Fox News’ tac-     right from using their ever-so-clever       for someone with a name like
can, chairman of the Republican Na-                          Mexicans to take our jobs, and we        tics against John Kerry was to make      ‘Osama’ instead of Obama quip. It’s           his at

                                                      blah   Quotes from the Quad
                                                          What would you do in the event of a zombie attack?

                                           I would try my best to defend                                   Anu Olofinlue
                                          myself.                                                          Biology
                                                                                                           Senior, 20                                                       I’d Shaun of the Dead my
                                                                                                                                                                            way through campus to
                                                                                                                                                                            get around.

                                                                                                                        Computer Science
                                    David Proffen                                                                             Senior, 21                                                      Paul Wetzstein
                                    Applied Linguistics                                                                                                                                                  Music Education
                                    Senior, 21                                                                                                                                                                 Senior, 21

                                                                I’m working on my                                                                    I’d buy a shotgun and
                                                                headshots.                                                                           tons of fake blood.
   8           oPINION                    03.04.08                                                                                                                             The RetrIever Weekly

    College!  the best 6 years
                 of my life

    As you read this, UMBC students
 are taking part in the first annual
                                                                                                                                                                                              MEGAN ZLOCK — TRW
 Career Week. This exciting en-
 deavor allows students the oppor-
 tunity to hear from UMBC alums
 and prestigious employers about
                                               Al-Maliki, militias, and the threat of the SAC
 potential careers that are both tra-                                > from IRAQ [6]     recently the highly publicized Army       challenge the IAF too quickly.            an insurgency is driven by ideology,
 ditional and innovative. It is the                                                      of Heaven cult attacks on Shia pil-          Under the worst case scenario, a       the insurgents are driven by money.
 goal of the Career Week committee             Iraqi Accord Front (IAF), Adnan           grims during the Ashura festival in       Sunni civil war would ensue, eras-        Though it would be unwise for the
 to shed light on the road after col-          al-Dulaimi, played an active role in      Najaf.                                    ing all of the tremendous gains           United States and the al-Maliki gov-
 lege and where it could potentially           the insurgency by storing car bombs          As to why al-Dulaimi loyalists         that have been made in the Sunni          ernment to hasten the SAC’s rise,
 take you. Your degree in physics              in his home. At the time, officials       were involved in attacks against the      provinces in addition to yielding a       it would be equally unwise to not
 may not necessarily lead directly             claimed that the true culprit was         SAC, the answer is obvious. In less       domino effect, returning Iraq to a        have a role for it in Iraq’s future.
 to being a physicist, but perhaps             a bodyguard of al-Dulaimi, senior         than a year, ordinary Sunni citizens      pre-surge level of violence. This will       As for the continued concerns
 an advocate for science education             al-Qaeda member Khudhir Farhan,           working together for a common             be the final straw for the American       that the SAC could turn its arms
 for a non-profit organization or the           who along with seven members of           cause have done more to secure Iraq       public, and if it happens prior to        on the government once it defeats
 owner of your own consulting firm.             al-Qaeda was planning a series of         than the al-Maliki government (in-        the election, the candidate most          al-Qaeda, certain precautions could
 Students should use Career Week               attacks.                                  clusive of the IAF) has since coming      likely to enact a swift withdrawal        obviate such a scenario. In this case,
 as a jumping point for career explo-             Were this an isolated incident,        to office. Where there is effective-      will become the next president.           the best avenue would be to present
 ration and research into non-linear           al-Dulaimi could possibly have            ness there is popular support, and        Understandably then, the Bush Ad-         the SAC with an avenue of legiti-
 career paths.                                 been given the benefit of the doubt       where there is popular support            ministration is in no rush to push        macy via political participation in
    If you have not gone to an event           (against common sense), but on No-        there is political power, which for       the SAC over the IAF, and the US          the upcoming provincial elections.
 yet, it’s not too late. Each afternoon        vember 29, 2007, a raid on al-Du-         the SAC, is being gained at the ex-       Embassy has played a considerable         This will encourage the SAC to shift
 until Friday will start with a series         laimi’s compound, with the purpose        pense of the IAF. Politics is a zero-     role in slapping the wrists, but no       from military to public service en-
 of Career Conversations, with re-             of finding the killers of a prominent     sum game, and the IAF will not go         more, of Adnan al-Dulaimi in order        deavors rather than leaving 70,000
 turning alum and other presenters             member of the SAC, yielded two            down without a fight.                     to maintain the status quo.               men with arms but no one to target.
 distributing sage advice on topics            car bombs, leading to the detention          Al-Maliki does not fear the rise of       Given the SAC’s resounding effec-      Ultimately, however, the al-Maliki
 ranging from internships to medi-             of over 40 individuals, including         the SAC per se, and he, in fact, sees     tiveness in combating terror, how-        government and the United States
 cal school.                                   al-Dulaimi’s son Maki Adnan al-           the organization as a better alterna-     ever, the worst case scenario seems       must engage the SAC with tact, at-
    These conversations are followed           Dulaimi. The elder al-Dulaimi, on         tive to the terrorist-affiliated IAF as   unlikely. As popular support for the      tempting to maintain Iraq’s short
 later in the evening with corre-              the other hand, spent a single day        demonstrated by his threatening to        SAC continues to rise, al-Dulaimi’s       term stability while being vigilant of
 sponding alumni panels and indus-             under house arrest.                       replace IAF ministers who boycot-         henchmen will be hard pressed to          what is in Iraq’s long term interest.
 try fairs. Each fair has a focus into            Al-Dulaimi is considered by            ted his government with members           find recruits for their cause, espe-
 a particular industry, but students           many to be politically untouchable        of the SAC. What al-Maliki fears is       cially when the SAC, still funded
 are encouraged to attend all of the           despite substantial allegations of his    the destabilizing effect it will have     by the United States, can pay top          We all love Iraq. Especially Matt.
 fairs, no matter what your major              involvement in massacres against          on his government if the SAC be-          dollar for foot soldiers. As we have      Ask him more at
 may be. Don’t forget to follow up             Shias and numerous attacks, most          comes a force powerful enough to          learned, whereas the leadership of
 your Career Week experiences with
 the Career Services Center! You
 can schedule an appointment with
 a career specialist to talk in depth
                                               Believing in change for the wrong reasons
 about what you’ve learned and how
 to use that information to develop a                  Alex Domingos                     also promised to rise above the di-          Presumably this DLC style of           ing articles at their peers (the same
 satisfying career. See you at Career                      STAFF WRITER                  visions of partisanship. This was         governing is what Obama means             battle has happened on the pages of
 Week!                                                                                   not surprising due to his role as the     by “transcending politics.” It ap-        this newspaper). The most striking
                                                  As a resident of Pennsylvania in       spokesman for the Democratic Lead-        pears that way if one looks at David      thing about the endorsement is that

Sodexho                                        the front-loaded primary season I
                                               have, and still do have, a lot of time
                                                                                         ership Council (DLC). The DLC’s
                                                                                         most prominent goal is to move the
                                                                                                                                   Cutler, Jeffrey Liebman and Austan
                                                                                                                                   Goolsbee, his three financial advi-
                                                                                                                                                                             it was not based on policy. “[We are]
                                                                                                                                                                             critical of the senator from Illinois

for the win?                                   to decide who gets my vote. This is
                                               a very special occasion because, as
                                                                                         Democratic Party into the realm of
                                                                                         Reaganism. By his own admittance
                                                                                                                                   sors. Cutler and Liebman are from
                                                                                                                                   the Clinton administration and
                                                                                                                                                                             for his closeness to Wall Street; his
                                                                                                                                                                             unwillingness to lay out an ambi-
                  > from SODEXHO [6]
                                               an 18-year-old, this is the first time    Clinton’s policy was focused on the       Goolsbee, Obama’s main advisor,           tious progressive agenda on health-
                                               I can vote. I could not have pre-         needs of Wall Street and not the          comes from the University of Chica-       care, housing and other domestic
hint), and to live up to all that you can      dicted a few years ago that in the        working man. This is obvious in his       go. Cutler writes about incentivizing     policy issues...” prefaced the asser-
be. America is all about second chances        Democratic race there would be a          economic policies, which contrib-         the healthcare industry as a way to       tion that despite all of these flaws he
and we forgive you. We elected George          half-black man as the presumptive         uted to the dotcom boom and bust          improve care. Liebman has endorsed        is the candidate most likely to build
Bush for a second term, we went to war         Democratic nominee. For those who         and the growing pay inequality be-        the partial privatization of Social Se-   a coalition and work with congress.
in Iraq again, we are still racially profil-    fill in the same ethnicity bubble on      tween CEOs and employees.                 curity. Their influence shows in his         It baffles me how supporters of
ing, and yes they are making a sequel          the SATs as I do it is an opportunity        The DLC has been churning out          subprime plan. Obama hasn’t called        any of the Democratic candidates re-
to the recently released Alvin and The         to elect a president who may change       “centrist” politicians that were sup-     for a moratorium on foreclosures or       maining can really expect meaning-
Chipmunks. Therefore, Sodexho, if you          perceptions within our country.           ported enthusiastically during the        a freeze on interest rates, both poli-    ful change. Voting millionaires into
get your second chance on our campus              However, as I learned more and         2006 election simply because of the       cies that help people stay in their       our presidency is not a formula for
please make the experience better than         more about politics I began to won-       D in front of their names but now         homes.                                    change. Having right wing advisors
it has been. If not, well, I’ll just have to   der how progressive Barack Obama          have earned the ire of democrats.            Recently one of the most impor-        is not the formula for change. The
start getting high before I eat, because       would be. He has been running on          The most local example is the pri-        tant liberal publications, The Na-        real agents of change are those that
everything tastes better when you have         the promise to simultaneously tran-       mary defeat of Al Wynn in Mary-           tion, came out in support of Obama.       don’t have to announce it; if you re-
the munchies.                                  scend partisanship while also chang-      land’s 4th district. Donna Edwards        Throughout the election this same         ally want change look at candidates
                                               ing America. What is most striking        ousted him riding a wave of grass-        magazine has been bemoaning the           that rely entirely on the people to
                                               about this rhetoric is its similarities   roots support run by voters who           lack of diversity in the policy of        run their campaigns. The corporate
    Willie Archer can be reached for           to that of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton     voted for Wynn but found that he          Clinton and Obama. Its writers have
    comment at              was a very pronounced centrist and        was in effect a Republican.               picked sides and have been hurl-                             > see CHANGE [9]
The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                03.04.08           oPINION                    9

 PEOPLE I KNOW                                                               BY CHARLIE GRIGGS

    There are some problems that         what either meant. Granted I was        phe ‘s.’ There are dumber rules in        Imagine you’re sending your            ent types of protection. Mix it up,
 people are confronted with ev-          much younger and watching a             the English language we could’ve       child off to their first day of school.   don’t be afraid to try new pills.
 ery day. Whether it’s running out       low-quality white-trash television      overcome. But instead the posses-      You can’t wait for them to grow up        Maybe they’ll work and keep you
 of bottled water or having a test       show like Jerry Springer and hadn’t     sive ‘s’ on the end of ‘it’ was left   and be educated and successful.           constantly one-step ahead of an un-
 in that afternoon class you never       yet fully comprehended promis-          apostrophe-less leaving the rule of    Odds are that if they have no idea        wanted pregnancy out of wedlock.
 study for, people’s lives are filled    cuity, but that’s beside the point.     possessive ‘s’s wide open and sus-     how to express possession with            But most importantly, it should be
 with conflict. However, one prob-       Baby-momma and baby-daddy do            ceptible to future attacks.            the apostrophe ‘s’ that they’re not       said that stupid people shouldn’t
 lem that I personally have never        not make any sense. And even as             After that it was all downhill.    going to get very far in school and       be breeding in the first place. So,
 had to deal with is teenage preg-       a young seemingly trouble-free             Think about it. If you’re stu-      then your dream will have died.           the next time you come across two
 nancy. And, seriously, that is one      youth I was able to recognize this.     pid enough to get knocked up or        All because you had to incorrectly        rednecks with a cumulative IQ of
 bullet that I am continuously              The downfall of the possessive       knock someone up unintentionally       refer to your child’s father as the       15, go ahead and cock-block but
 thankful to have dodged. Yet, in        ‘s’ probably began with the word        (because it always is unintention-     baby-daddy.                               rejoice knowing that you’ve just
 recent times, bastard children          “it.” Instead of adding the apos-       al) then you probably don’t have          Maybe I’m looking too much             saved the next generation from a
 and their illegitimate parents have     trophe before the ‘s’ in possessive     much residual knowledge about          into this matter. But the possibility     little more embarrassment.
 been indirectly beefing with me         scenarios, someone decided to add       grammar or the likes. Don’t get me     that future generations will be ru-          Charlie was made in a cup. He
 through their ignorance of the          the apostrophe before the ‘s’ in the    wrong, I don’t really care about if    ined by their parents’ lack of con-       isn’t real. Therefore he has no right
 possessive ‘s’.                         contraction of ‘it is’ or ‘it has.’ I   you’re pregnant or if you’ve gotten    traceptive use and poor grammar           to pick on pregnant teenagers or
    We’ve all heard the terms ‘baby-     think that people could have han-       someone pregnant, more power           is becoming increasingly likely.          bastard children.
 momma’ and ‘baby-daddy.’ And            dled it if that someone would’ve        to you, but if we could just stray        Of course, there’s one way to
 truthfully the first time I heard       just decided to make both the           away from the terms baby-momma         avoid all these bastard children
 each one of those phrases I didn’t      contraction and possessive form of      and baby-daddy then I think we’d       and grammatically nonsensical                  Complaints can be sent
 have a the slightest idea about         the word ‘it’ end with an apostro-      all be a lot better off.               terms: use protection. Use differ-              to

                              Vertically                                                                                 Not all change is good
                                                                                                                                            > from CHANGE [8]       statement that changed my outlook
                                                                                                                                                                    on politics. A candidate mentioned
                                                                                                                         money Obama receives has strings           the lesser of two evils conundrum
                                                                                                                         attached. Wouldn’t you rather have         and stated “just don’t vote for evil.”
                     Saira Khan                             all this into consideration, I think it’s time we got        the common man pulling strings             I’ve made the choice to start my vot-
                                                            off our high horses, gave Cuba a break, and wished           than Wall Street?                          ing career by not voting for evil.
    I am feeling quite excited right now. I don’t know      Fidel a happy retirement.                                       Ron Paul is a candidate that is             Cynthia McKinney is the first
 if you noticed or not but we’ve had quite an event-           When Prince Harry of Wales made his plans for             able to compete with his corporately       African American female congress-
 ful few weeks. Let’s see if I can cover all that I want    joining the British Army public, I literally laughed         funded opponents but is dismissed          woman elected to Georgia and an
 within my word limit.                                      out loud. Initially I thought “how can that kid pos-         by the corporately funded media            ex-Democrat running for the Green
    So, first and foremost, elections were finally held     sibly have a real army experience? If anything they’ll       as “un-electable.” Dennis Kucinich         Party. As a six-term member of
 in Pakistan on the 18th without, to my surprise, any       send him to some five-star hotel (or what’s left of          was funded entirely by grassroots          congress she amassed a consistent
 major setbacks and with the Pakistan People’s Party        one) in Iraq and he’ll eat ham and cheese sandwich-          support but was similarly dismissed.       voting record. She voted against
 getting a majority of the votes, to no one’s surprise.     es all day”. Apparently, I was wrong. Turns out the          The same people that denounce              the Iraq War, but more importantly
 Contrary to popular belief, there was never really         young prince recently spent ten weeks on the front-          these candidates fail to explain how       voted against the Gulf War in 1991.
 any doubt that they were going to win even before          lines in Afghanistan. The royal family and Army had          Paul and Kucinich continue to be           It’s not enough to just be against the
 Benazir Bhutto’s assassination (which is probably          made a deal with the media and asked them not to             elected to the House of Representa-        Iraq War; meaningful change is a
 why the radicals wanted her dead in the first place).      reveal that that he was there (in return he would            tives year after year. The corporately     candidate against all wars of impe-
 The Pakistan Muslim League, led by Nawaz Sharif            provide them with interviews and such when he was            run media never mention how they           rialism. She has also voted against
 (and I still believe that he is a total buffoon) trailed   done serving). If they did so, they could potentially        predicted Rudolph Giuliani to be a         funding the war despite the false
 in second place. The PPP has decided to form a co-         endanger his life along with many others. The media          major force and how he was beat-           assertions by other Democrats that
 alition with the PML and together they will hold a         abided… for a while. Last week the Drudge Report             en handily by Ron Paul in several          somehow that would translate to
 majority of the seats in the next parliament. What         leaked to the world that the prince was in Afghani-          states.                                    troops with no armor or weapons in
 does this mean for President Musharraf? Nothing            stan. His time serving the nation was cut short as              When discussing politics I too          battle. McKinney introduced articles
 good. He now stands almost alone facing a parlia-          the army decided to pull him from the front-lines            often hear “I like Candidate X, but        for impeachment against George
 ment filled with people who want him gone. Critics         because of concerns regarding his safety. Well then,         I’m voting for Candidate Y because I       Bush and passed legislation prevent-
 and analysts from all over the world seem to agree:        were all of you as surprised as I was? I didn’t think        don’t want to waste my vote.” Prior to     ing the sale of weapons to human
 President Musharraf’s days are now numbered and            he had it in him to leave his pampered life behind.          his withdrawal I was a supporter of        rights abusers. Isn’t that change you
 the coming year will either make or break Pakistan.        Prince Harry is OK in my books now; I have a new-            Dennis Kucinich but hesitant about         can believe in?
    Moving on. In a somewhat shocking yet not very          found respect for him. As far as his brother is con-         voting for him for the same reason. I
 significant move, our Cuban buddy Fidel Castro             cerned…well he was blessed with fabulous looks.              had resigned myself to voting for the           We can all empathize with
 has stepped down as president, paving the way for          Enough said.                                                 lesser of two evils. While listening          Alex. Send your condolences to
 his brother Raul Castro to take over. What does               In other news, the world of glitz and glamor suf-         to the Green Party debate I heard a  
 this mean for us? Nothing. What does it mean for           fered ANOTHER loss this year with the death of
 the Cuban people? Not much. I do want to take              former super model turned activist Katoucha Niane.
 a minute to say that, ignoring the horrific picture        Her body was found in a river near her houseboat.
 the U.S. paints of him, Fidel did do some good in          As of now, there is no suspected foul play. Between
 Cuba (compared to other Caribbean countries). In           me and you, I feel this isn’t the last major death                          Our current writers don’t fill
 fact, according to the numbers provided in the CIA         we’re going to see this year. It’s just a feeling that
 World Fact Book, the infant mortality AND unem-            I have.                                                                           out their time sheets.
 ployment rate in Cuba is lower than in the United             There is plenty more that has happened in the
 States (are you reading this George Bush… senior           past two weeks concerning death, violence, war,                                   Come by the Retriever
 and junior!?). This one takes the cake though: Cuba        military, weapons, and drugs but to be honest with
 has a literary rate of 99.8 percent whereas the Unit-      you it is way too depressing and morbid for me to                          office (UC 214) at 12 p.m. on
 ed States stands at 99 percent. Of course, I’m not         talk about right now. So I think I will save it for
 saying that Fidel has no skeletons in his closet and
 I’m not at all condoning any of his evil deeds, but
                                                            another time.
                                                                                                                                   Wednesdays to claim their un-
 for us to do nothing but criticize him is, well, very
 hypocritical and narrow. The War in Iraq shows that                Saira Khan can be reached for com-
                                                                                                                                                     earned wages.
 we don’t have a clean track record either. So, taking                    ment at
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       in web applications development using PHP                               Applicants must have some experience
       and mySQL and the ability to modify ex-                                 with Macintosh and Unix-based systems,
       isting php applications and CMS (Content                                networking, and customer service. Ap-
       Management Systems). Experience with                                    plicants must be able to work night and
       Macintosh and Unix-based systems are                                    weekend hours, as well as maintaining
       preferred. If you are interested, please e-                             office hours for a specified period of time
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       ployment, you must have at least a 2.5 GPA                              be required. If you are interested, please
       and be enrolled as a full time student in an                            e-mail your resume to Greg Fiumara (As-
       undergraduate program at The University                                 sistant Technology Manager) at (gfiumara
       of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).                                    at To be considered
                                                                               for employment, you must have at least a
       E-Mail Matt Basch:                                                      2.5 GPA and be enrolled as a student in an
                                                                               undergraduate program at UMBC.
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                                                                               E-Mail Matt Basch:
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                                          PROGRAMS OF CONTINUING & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
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Photographs by Maria Krajcirovic

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                                            In nature
                                            we see reflections of our children.

                                                   The tree is the strong one.

                                                   The ocean, rambunctious and untamed.

                                                   The sky, the absolute dreamer.

                                            And to choose the tree over the ocean
                                            would be like choosing one child over the next.

                                                   An impossibility as large as the world itself.

                                            The world’s leading environmental groups are working together.
                                                   To find out how you and your employer can help,
                                                           please visit our Web site at

                                                   One environment. One simple way to care for it.
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                                              a text book                                                                                       T yota F Cr
                                                                                                                                                 o     J
                                    on’t need
                               You d
                               to tell you                                                u bsti tute
                       is N .O s
                   ere uality
                th q
                  for                                                                            T ta Y
                                                                                                  oyo  aris
                              A s a recen
                              co llege grad ible for                                                                                         T ota Camry
                                    may be eli
                                                                                                O FF
                                     00                                                                                       hoice in

                                                                                                                        our c
                                                                                                             oyota of y                 .
                                                                                                   any new T to other incentives
                                                                                                         addition                   r for                                      details.
                                                                                                                                               o ota deale
                                                                                                                                       e your T y

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                                                                                  CORPORATE VISIBILITY DAY
      Wednesday, March 5th,
      11:00 am to 3:00 pm
      University Center 310
Attn: PSYC, SOWK, SOCY, BIOL, EDUC students
looking for full-time and part-time opportunities!
Don’t miss out on the employment and networking
                                                                                                                                    HEALTHY PEOPLE NEEDED
opportunities, targeted career skill information,
free food, and give-aways at KKI's Corporate Visibility                                                                                  For a Study of the Brain
Day! Attend any of their one hour information                                                                                                sponsored by the
                                                                                                                                        National Institutes of Health
sessions to learn more about their FT and PT                                                                                                and coordinated by
positions (that include TUITION REIMBURSEMENT!)!                                                                                              Johns Hopkins

                       11am - 12noon                                                                                                    18 to 60 year old adults
             Clinical Assistant Position Overview                                                                                  will participate in a health assessment,
                                                                                                                                   hormone stimulation procedure and/or
                                                                                                                                  brain scan. We take pictures of the brain
                        12noon - 1pm                                                                                              using a safe, painless, medical scanner.
             Clinical Assistant Position Overview
                         FREE LUNCH!                                                                                                   Different studies available.
                                                                                                                                     Payment for study participation.
                          1pm - 2pm
             Clinical Assistant Position Overview                                                                                           Call (410) 502-5433
                                                                                                                                           for more information
                          2pm - 3pm
             Clinical Assistant Position Overview                                                                                        PI: Mary E. McCaul, Ph.D./ RPN 00-02-03-05
                                                                                                                                          Dean Wong, M.D., Ph.D./RPN 99-12-07-04
                                                                                                                                             Gary S. Wand, M.D./RPN 99-12-07-03
                    Hosted by the Career Services Center.
                Please RSVP via the Events tab in UMBCworks.

                                                          Campus Events This Week
      Tues                                                               05
                                                                                                                                                                       Acoustics Series
        04                                                     Guitar Hero Tournament                              8 Ball Billiard Ladder Night                                             Fri
                                                                                                                                                                    5-7pm / Flat Tuesdays
                                                                6-10pm / Gameroom                                     6-10pm / Gameroom                                                     07
   Good Morning Commuters
   8:30-10:30am / Commons                                                                                                                                   UMBC Spirit Night - 1/2 Price Pool
                                                                     Trivia Night                                        Magic Tourny
                                                                                                                                                                7pm-12am / Gameroom
                                                               7-9:30pm / Flat Tuesdays                               6-10pm / Gameroom
   Pub Nights @ Flat Tuesdays
          4pm-9:30pm                                                                                                                                                SEB Movie “Atonement”
                                                                 1/2 Price Air Hockey                                SEB Movie “Atonement”
                                                                                                                                                                         8pm / LH1
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      True Grit – Free Play                                                                                  Thurs
      7-10pm / Gameroom                                                                                                                                                Live Music Series
                                                                Project Runway Finale                         06      Film Festival Kick Off
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                                                                 10pm / Sports Zone                                      Commons 2b10

                                                                                               SEB Fitness Club           Sun                  Seb Committee Meeting
                                1/2 Price Pool                                                   12pm / RAC                                    12pm / Commons 2B10
                             7pm-12am / Gameroom
                                                                                Club Practice - 1/2 Price Play
                 Sat                                                                                                                       Pub Nights @ Flat Tuesdays
                              Battle of the Bands                                    All day / Gameroom                                           4pm-9:30pm
                            7pm-12am / UC ballroom                                                                                                                                    Mon
                                                                                  Films for Film Festival Due                                    8 Ball Tournament
                                                                                       Commons 2b10                                                                                   10
                             SEB Movie “Atonement”                                                                                              6-10pm / Gameroom
                            8pm / Sports Zone / Free
                                                                                 UMBC Symphony Orchestra                                 Table Tennis Mini-Tournament
                                                                                   3pm / FA Recital Hall                                     6-10pm / Gameroom
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                                                                                                                        TNT Series: Cella,
                                                                                                                        Menzies, and Goldstein
                                                                                                                               Nyonsuatee Kollue                      harmonic explosion. You needed a min-
                                                                                                                                      STAFF WRITER                    ute to recover when the piece was over.
                                                                                                                                                                      At the end of the recital, it was evident
                                                                                                                           There was a beautiful blend of ex-         that both those in attendance and the
                                                                                                                        quisite talent in the fine arts recital hall   performers had enjoyed the occasion.
                                                                                                                        on Sunday as flutist Lisa Cella, violinist        Biographies of the artists show their
                                                                                                                        Mark Menzies and percussionist Tom            individual outstanding accomplish-
                                                                                                                        Goldstein performed in a TNT Series           ments at home and abroad. Lisa Cella
                                                                                                                        production by the UMBC Music De-              is the Artistic Director of San Diego
                                                                                                                        partment. The musicians preformed             New Music and a founding member of
                                                                                                                        five numbers. The pieces fell into cat-        NOISE. She has performed throughout
                                                                                                                        egories of all sorts: childhood lullabies,    the Unites States and is known to be a
                                                                                                                        sounds of nature, striking tunes from         champion of contemporary music. She
                                                                                                                        scary movies, Disney-like melodies,           is also an assistant professor of music
                                                                                                                        high-pitched opera harmonies, and just        at UMBC and a founding member of
                                                                                                                        about whatever you chose to interpret         Ruckus (a UMBC faculty contemporary
                                                                                                                        them to be. Lisa Cella and Tom Gold-          music ensemble). Mark Menzies holds
                                                                                                                        stein performed fl/vln (2006); and then        a career as a viola and violin virtuoso,
                                                                                                                        Lisa performed four selections with           chamber musician, and advocate of
                                                                                                                        Mark Menzies: "Scrimshaw" (1985),             contemporary music. His performances
                                                                                                   AUSTIN KAAK — TRW
                                                                                                                        "Met Him Pike Horse" (1979), "Deities         are recognized far and wide in the
> Thomas Buckner’s baritone broke down musical boundaries.
                                                                                                                        of the Cherry Grove Dance" (2000), and        United States, as well as New Zealand,
                                                                                                                        "Quicksilver" (1992).                         Europe, Australia, and Japan to name

 Music: A re-definition                                                                                                    The beauty of the performance was
                                                                                                                        perfect communication. The flute was
                                                                                                                        in deep connection with the percussion
                                                                                                                                                                      a few. The first violinist of New York’s
                                                                                                                                                                      Ensemble Sospeso, Mark Menzies holds
                                                                                                                                                                      a high reputation as a chamber music
                                                                                                                        instruments; and it spoke a language          performer. Tom Goldstein has been a
   Christianna Stavroudis                in the Schneider recital, Harrison         Robert Ashley’s "The Producer       that only the violin knew. The violin         New York City freelance percussionist
            STAFF WRITER                 was a champion of world music           Speaks" and an improvisation           alone heard the silent whispers of the        for over 20 years. He has performed
                                         and composer Dan Joseph (who            concluded the ambitious program.       flute and responded in perfect harmony.        chamber groups, Broadway shows, and
    Should music strive to do more       accompanied Mr. Buckner on ham-         That these pieces were grouped         Each knew exactly when to hold its            the Brooklyn Philharmonic amongst
 than provide aesthetic sonic plea-      mer dulcimer) knit this fact beau-      together was great program de-         peace and when to deliver, in the right       others, and is the Artistic director of
 sure? Can it, by abandoning the         tifully into his work. The piece        sign, since "The Producer Speaks"      pitch, at the right time. The musicians       GAGEEGO.
 realm of traditional pattern and        began with a very quiet dulcimer        is intentionally written in a way to   were completely in sync with their in-           In this day and age, music has be-
 harmonic theory, achieve some-          intro, one that was like the sound      give the artist much interpretive      struments, themselves, and with the           come affordable to everyone, but some-
 thing more? The TNT Series recital      of waves softly crashing against        freedom. The text of this piece was    audience. The audience responded with         times, music should be a treat. iPods
 of Thomas Buckner, baritone, pro-       rocks on the coast. (Mr. Joseph in-     inspired by a story of pre-Homeric     total admiration.                             would not suffice. Make time to treat
 posed these and other questions         dicates in the program notes that       Greek mythology and was repre-            "Met Him Pike Horses" (1979) was           yourself to a relaxing, enjoyable artistic
 Thursday evening in the UMBC            this piece “musically reflects on        sented scat-style, with pounding       a captivating, melodious comedy as            performance. Recitals are a beautiful
 Fine Arts Recital Hall.                 the time I spent living in the Bay      piano chord accompaniment. In          the violin and flute seemed to compete         thing to enjoy, and now you are invited
    Mr. Buckner has dedicated over       Area.”) Mr. Buckner’s undulating        contrast to all of the other pieces,   to see which sounded better, louder,          to listen.
 thirty years of his career in vocal     chromatics and exaggerated (at          the improvisation featured no text;    sharper, and bolder. Lisa Cella piped
 music to the interpretation and         times, unnerving) vibrato gave          Mr. Buckner, instead, demonstrat-      pure brilliance; Mark Menzies defi-             Nyonsuatee Kollue is a Staff Writer for
 creation of new music. Classically      the piece an Eastern feel, one that     ed the range of possibilities that     antly responded. Flute and violin held        The Retriever Weekly and can be reached
 trained, one of his priorities is to    reminded me of a Greek Ortho-           are available to the voice, accom-     together, blending into a spellbinding,          for comment at
 “merge genres and break barriers        dox cantor. There was a tangible        panied by both Mr. Joseph and Mr.
 in [an] on-going search for the         synergy between Mr. Buckner and         Kubera.
 yet-to-be-imagined.” This desire        Mr. Joseph, which was, for me, the         Just like an academic lecture on
 manifested in the spoken word,          most appealing part.                    an unfamiliar topic, Mr. Buckner’s
 improvisation, theatre, extended           The program continued with           recital for voice was challenging
 vocal techniques, and creative in-      the Stuart Saunders Smith piece         and, at times, overwhelming. Un-
 strumentation employed in Mr.           "Beats." Dr. Smith writes that “Beats   able to grasp onto the comfortable
 Buckner’s program of Dan Joseph,        is two poets who went outside,          chords of the well-known, the
 UMBC composer and professor             writing their living as they lived.”    audience was forced to encounter
 Stuart Saunders Smith, and Robert       The composition incorporated            something entirely new, something
 Ashley.                                 screen-play-like elements into it,      that made one ask oneself, “What
    The recital began with "Dan          including having Mr. Buckner sing       is music, exactly?” The ability to
 Joseph’s Music Primer," a piece         off-stage for the last portion. Pia-    encourage the audience to reflect
 composed around composer Lou            nist Joseph Kubera was a remark-        so naturally in this way was cer-
 Harrison’s prose book of the same       ably supportive accompanist and         tainly one of best successes, if not
 title. Using Harrison’s work for this   engaged performer. Dr. Smith was        the greatest, of the evening.
 piece created great continuity from     in the audience and came on stage
 last week’s guitar recital with John    (gratefully applauding the artists)      Christianna Stavroudis is a Staff
 Schneider (also part of the TNT         at the end of the piece, underscor-       Writer for The Retriever Weekly
 Series), who performed several          ing the familial tone I often per-       and can be reached for comment                                                                      PATRICIA DAVILA — TRW
 Harrison pieces. As was explained       ceive at UMBC music events.                at        > Lisa Cella and Mark Menzies entertained their audience with moving rendi-
                                                                                                                        tions of modern pieces.
 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                                    03.04.08           ARTS                  17

How to kill a week this spring
           Sarah Evans
             STAFF WRITER

   It's that time of year again. When
there is promise that the weather will
get warmer, the flowers will bloom,
and that week off from school known
as spring break is just around the
corner. Typically, the first thoughts
conjured up at the mention of spring
break are of drunken college students
destroying the hotel rooms of semi-
tropical locations, making bad deci-
sions, and partaking in full-blown
shenanigans. But this version isn't
necessarily appealing to everyone,
and it doesn't have to be!
   There are plenty of other ways to
spend your break that don't involve                                                                         COURTESY SIMON HO
alcohol poisoning and using the en-          > The Temple of Dendur is just one of the many exhibits at New York’s
                                             Metropolitan Museum of Art. Time for a road trip!
tirety of your bank account.
   The beach is always a popular des-        easy to get to many cities along the         help out, whether that is in the form
tination for the spring break traveler,      east coast. A road trip to the Big Apple     of volunteering at a soup kitchen or
but most of us can't afford the trek         is always fun and it shouldn't be too        helping to clean up your community.
to Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale. Even if         hard to find a group of friends will-         It might be too late to sign-up for
you can afford the trip, the Girls Gone      ing to explore some major city. For          an alternative spring break project,
Wild atmosphere might not be your            those who live in the Baltimore-D.C.         where you travel to a location with an
style. Don't let this deter your beach-      area, break is a prime opportunity to        organization like Habitat for Human-
side ambitions though; South Caro-           take advantage of the cities near us.        ity and help out there, but there is
lina, Georgia, and Alabama all have          How many times have you thought,             definitely still time to help out locally.
                                                                                                                                                                                            COURTESY RICH RIGGINS
beaches in a slightly warmer climate         “I should really go to a museum or           Another way to spend the break is              > Renata Melillo is one of the many talented students appearing in the IN10
than Maryland and the hotel fees             see a show,” and then never actually         by bettering your future. Now is the           Theater Festival: Four plays in four nights, this Thursday through Sunday.
shouldn't be too extravagant. They           do it? If you're like me, the answer is,     time to start looking for a good sum-
are also close enough that driving is        "too many times." So why not use the         mer internship or job. While this may        be a break from the stresses of school,    give in to the pressure that you need
not out of the question, which poses         week to gain some cultural knowl-            not be fun, it is a necessary part of life   and if you don't want to deal with a       to have a spring break straight out
another option for the break. Take a         edge? Sometimes, because we live so          and should be done early, or else you        vacation or work, just do nothing for      of the movies. Kick back, relax, and
road trip!                                   close to these major cities, we don't        will get stuck with the left over jobs       a week. A movie marathon is always         revel in the fact that you won’t be in
   Not everyone likes the beach, and         appreciate the opportunities they of-        that may not be as appealing.                something fun that you can do at           class for a full week because that is
even some who do like it don't see the       fer and then we miss out.                       When putting together a list of           home, and if doing nothing sounds          something to truly enjoy.
point in going if the water is still cold.      If these options still don't appeal to    ways to spend your spring break, it is       appealing, then sit back and enjoy.
That doesn't mean you have to spend          you, hope should not be lost. For the        important not to forget the simplest,          As long as you spend spring break        Sarah Evans is a Staff Writer for The
the week at home though. Being based         service oriented individual, the break       but probably most important option.          the way you want, you will get the         Retriever Weekly and can be reached
in such a central location makes it          could be used as an opportunity to           Just relax! The week off is designed to      most out of your vacation. So don't        for comment at

It’s Showtime at UMBC! with Phi Beta Sigma
       Adrienne Hawkins                                                                                                                                                           man. The Sandman was played this
         CONTRIBUTING WRITER                                                                                                                                                      year by sophomore and Phi Beta Sigma
                                                                                                                                                                                  member Kemeron Senhouse. “It’s an
    The men of the Zeta Upsilon Chapter                                                                                                                                           important role. When people stink I
of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. host-                                                                                                                                          pull them; it makes it more entertain-
ed their second annual tribute to the                                                                                                                                             ing. Hopefully I won’t have to come on
popular television show It’s Showtime at                                                                                                                                          too much tonight, but it’s inevitable.”
the Apollo! by having their own version                                                                                                                                           Inevitable, indeed. Though a lot nicer
of the variety show in the Commons.                                                                                                                                               than the audience last year, the audi-
It’s Showtime at the Apollo! first aired on                                                                                                                                        ence still let out a chorus of boos when
television in 1986. Filmed at the leg-                                                                                                                                            they got tired of a performer. “I felt a
endary Apollo Theater in New York,                                                                                                                                                little bad [about having to escort some
this show was responsible for launching                                                                                                                                           people off stage] but they were laugh-
the careers of several celebrities, such                                                                                                                                          ing in the end, so it was ok.”
as Lauryn Hill. In addition to hosting                                                                                                                                                The large crowd caught some of the
last Wednesday night’s program, Phi                                                                                                                                               performers off guard. “I wasn’t that
Beta Sigma also sponsored a trip to the                                                                                                                                           nervous at first, but then I saw all these
Reginald F Lewis Museum of African-                                                                                                                                               people,” said performer Marcus Dick-
American History with fellow National                                                                                                                                             erson. At the end of the night, junior
Pan-Hellenic Council members earlier                                                                                                                                              Elani Odeyale and senior Ray Remesch
in February.                                                                                                                                                                      won the competition for their acoustic
    “This is a highly anticipated event in                                                                                                                                        rendition of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”
Black History Month at UMBC,” said                                                                                                                                                    The crowd ultimately had a good
Terrance Johnson, chapter President.                                                                                                                                              time. “It’s really good to see so many
“We’re trying to revisit the old days                                                                                                                                             black people come together to unite in
with a UMBC twist. Our mission is to                                                                                                                                              fellowship at one event,” said Raymond
make sure that we uplift black history.”                                                                                                                                          Hawkins, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha
This is an important night for the Sig-                                                                                                       COURTESY ADRIENNE HAWKINS           Fraternity, Inc. who came out to sup-
mas. “In its original plans, it’s not just   > Winners Elani Odeyale and Ray Remesch pose with members of Phi Beta Sigma.                                                         port. “There’s no violence, no hating,
entertainment, it’s an expression of tal-    twist that ultimately worked in their        “It feels good that we’re building off of    not. The premise behind It’s Showtime      everybody’s just having a good time.
ent,” said member Brandon Johnson.           favor. The Cabaret room was not ready        last year,” members speculated as they       at the Apollo! is to have the talents of   And the Sigmas did a good job.”
    The night certainly held a couple of     for the mass of people that showed up        watched the crowd grow.                      amateur contestants brutally scruti-
twists for the Sigmas. Some schedul-         for this event. The reputation from last        The night consisted of poetry, sing-      nized by a skeptical audience. If the        Adrienne Hawkins is a Contribut-
ing conflicts led to the Cabaret room         year’s event led to the head count eas-      ing, and some dancing, with a hand-          audience appreciates the talent, then        ing Writer for The Retriever Weekly
being unprepared just minutes before         ily surpassing 100 people crowding the       ful of brave souls getting up on stage       the amateur survives. If not, they get        and can be reached for comment
the event was scheduled to begin—a           Sports Zone for the evening’s festivities.   to showcase their talent—or perhaps          booed and carted away by the Sand-                  at
  18           ARTS               03.04.08                                                                                                                                         The RetrIever Weekly

The Other Boleyn Girl rocks
intensely and provocatively                                                                                                                                         C  m
                                                                                                                                                                     oto theaters
           Liz Omberg
             STAFF WRITER                                                                                                                                                              This week
   I spent part of my Saturday night                                                                                                                                     by Jeremy
researching the history of King Henry
VIII online. Sad? Yes. Justified? Abso-
lutely. I had just gotten out of The Oth-
er Boleyn Girl and had burning ques-
tions about what was fact and fiction
in the movie, almost hoping that parts
were not true in order for my faith in                                                                                                  THE BANK JOB (R)
humanity not to decrease too much.                                                                                                      This week we have a little theme in our movie releases: Movies whose
Having an older (and smarter) sister,                                                                                                   titles suggest that they are a sequel to popular movies, but are in fact
                                                                                                                                        independent from them (and bad). First on the list is The Bank Job with
I know sibling rivalry all too well, but
                                                                                                                                        Jason Statham. It has nothing to do with The Italian Job. Statham has
the story of the Boleyn girls took both                                                                                                 recently been quoted as saying he wants to be taken more seriously as
rivalries and dysfunctional families to                                                                                                 an actor. Jason, that’s like saying you want to go pro in football… you
a whole new level.                                                                                                                      can’t just tell it to people, you actually have to win a few games. But
   The movie is based on the novel                                                                                                      Dungeon Siege was a good start; keep that up and you’ll be walking
                                                                                                                                        down that red carpet in no time. Oh, by the way, this movie is about a
by the same title written by Philippa
                                                                                                                                        job a guy gets to rob a bank.
Gregory, which I had not read (mak-
ing me feel like a lazy English ma-
                                                                                                                                        COLLEGE ROAD TRIP (G)
jor). Having never read the book, I                                                                                                     This might be the first G movie I’ve seen be released since I started
was apprehensive that the storyline                                                                                                     writing this column. Then again, I am grossly negligent. Anyway, this
might not be believable, either being                                                                                                   movie also seems like it should be related somehow to, you know, Road
too historical and I would get lost in                                                                                                  Trip, but it’s not. It is related, however, to Martin Lawrence, who is
                                                                                                                                        very funny to think about, but not funny to watch. And Martin, in a G
the multitudes of characters or too
                                                                                                                                        movie? Get out of here. What the hell is the dialogue going to be like?
fictional where the plot would not be                                                                                                    He can’t even say “Daaaaaaamn!”
   Natalie Portman is one of my favor-                                                                                                  10,000 BC (PG-13)
ite actresses hands down. She can play                                                                                                  So, this movie doesn’t really sound like it’s related to another movie…
royalty in Star Wars and Zach Braff’s                                                                                                   except, you know, the original 10,000 BC. All that it has in common
                                                                                                                                        to the original, however, is blatant disrespect for the president of our
innocent love interest. So I had no
                                                                                                                                        country. The world is clearly only 6,000 years old, at best, so this fictional
doubt that she would be anything but                                                                                                    nonsense is just anti-Republican propaganda seeding the impressionable
stunning as Anne Boleyn. With her                                                                                                       minds of our youth shortly before election season. It is a sinister attack
bright eyes, dark features, and silky                                                                                                   on the hard-working, thoughtful minds behind the Young Earth theory
slyness, she played the cunning and                                                                                                     and the Mouse Trap theory. Look them up, I think you’ll agree.
                                                                                               COURTESY COLUMBIA PICTURES
mysterious young woman extremely
                                            > Natalie Portman and Eric Bana’s chemistry lights up the screen.
well. On the flipside, ScarJo (Scar-
lett Johansson, I’ve been reading too       little too well, but I still hold out hope   finds out about this, he will leave her.
much Perez Hilton) captures the less        in real life he’s a sweet guy. All of the    So, in order to ‘solve’ the problem she    which the King ends with, “May God          were beautifully intricate and always
planning and more naïve sister, Mary        acting was genuine, believable, and          decides not to tell the King but asks      have mercy on your sister’s soul.” In a     in vibrant colors.
Boleyn, flawlessly. Johansson’s charac-      everyone could do what sounded like          her brother George to help her get         terrifying and sad turn of events Anne         The film starts with a scene of the
ter fights for what is right no matter       an authentic British accent.                 pregnant again. First of all, gross and    takes off her jewelry and is beheaded.      three young Boleyn children frolick-
how many times Anne betrays her,                The scenes that stand out most in        second of all, this movie has enough          In school there was the rhyme            ing in a field in the English country-
which makes her both the underdog           my mind are those at the end. After          sex in it already without adding incest.   ‘divorced beheaded, died, divorced,         side – picturesque beginning for such
and most relatable character. The cast-     Henry had divorced Catherine of              Thankfully, George cannot go through       beheaded, survived’ but this movie          an intense and upsetting movie. The
ing of Eric Bana for Henry Tudor was        Aragon and had a child with Mary, he         with it, but they are overheard in a       shows just how tumultuous and cun-          movie ends with three young children
a good choice. Henry must have been         ignores her and banishes her to the          bedroom, and it is reported to Henry       ning Henry was. The movie portrays          running in a field smiling, bluntly
good looking in order to have had           countryside so that he can be with           that they have slept together. Henry       a very lustful side of him, and even        touching on how history repeats itself.
six wives, but in history class when        Anne, her sister. Shortly after that,        puts both Anne and George in jail and      though there were political and other       However, this time they are Mary’s two
he is discussed we only see that one        Anne and Henry get married and               in a heartbreaking scene George is led     reasons for all the marriages, it still     children and her adopted niece and
depressing picture where he is obese        Anne produces a daughter (Elizabeth),        out to the city center and beheaded.       makes our government look pretty            future Queen of England, Elizabeth I.
and has the awful looking facial hair.      which upsets the King because he still       Then Mary appears and pleads with          good in comparison. The movie was           But that is a different story.
Thankfully, he was portrayed in his         does not have a male heir. There is still    the King to spare Anne’s life and he       more than I expected and it did show
glory days, and let’s face it, Eric Bana    hope for Anne when she gets pregnant         promises to do so. Then, as Anne is        just what chaos the monarchy was in.          Liz Omberg is a Staff Writer for The
is smokin’. He also played the role of      a second time but suffers from a mis-        announcing to the crowd that she will      The costumes in the film were prob-            Retriever Weekly and can be reached
a powerful and self-involved King a         carriage. She is aware that if the king      leave England, a letter comes to Mary,     ably one of my favorite factors. They        for comment at

   SLIGHTLY A MASOCHIST                                                                                                                                            HELEN ZHANG     
 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                                        03.04.08              ARTS                  19

BodyWorlds 2: Informative and creepy!
           Gaby Arevalo                        mens called Plastination. Plastination       each serve to show a certain part of the       past the fact that they were in a room                                    fact that real
            EDITORIAL STAFF                    basically involves stopping the decom-       human body; there is a young woman             with dead bodies and ex-                                               people are ex-
                                               position process of the deceased body        who is posed in a yoga position, which         amined the specimens                                                 hibited. Though I
   Though I may not understand the             and injecting the cells with resins. This    is used to exemplify the way that mus-         with curiosity. I was                                             would recommend
logistics of it, I love science. It’s not so   results in a body that is preserved and      cles work.                                     not able to detach                                              that anyone with an
much that I like the actual mechanics          rigid. Now I know what you’re think-            It is disturbing to think that these        my mind from it                                                 interest in anatomy go
of scientific study (since I’m a dunce          ing: body?! Deceased body?! That’s           “exhibits” were once real people, with         completely, so while                                            to the exhibit, I my-
when it comes to anything other than           right, the BodyWorlds exhibit is a           families and jobs that they went to            I appreciated the idea                                        self would not choose
literature, and even then it’s debat-          museum exhibition of preserved hu-           every day, but it is easier to come to         of the exhibit, I had a                                      to go again. Though I
able), but I genuinely find the physical        man bodies. Though this may sound            terms with that once you realize that          hard time being there. It                                      believe that Gunther
world to be a fascinating place. I am          disgusting, it is not the case.              they chose to donate their bodies to           was upsetting for me to see                                       von Hagen’s work is
especially fascinated by the intricacies          The BodyWorlds exhibit looks at           science – that they chose to have their        the exhibit of a pregnant woman,                                   important in rais-
of the human body. It’s amazing to             the beauty of the human body and ex-         bodies displayed so that others could          as I couldn’t stop thinking about                                   ing awareness and
think that your nose never stops grow-         amines it from both a scientific and ar-      learn about human anatomy and the              the fact that two people whose                                     informing people
ing, or that the average human has             tistic perspective. People from around       wonder of the human body. Because,             lives were cut short were displayed            of the wonders of the human body,
100,000 individual strands of hair. So         the world have donated their bodies          at the end if it all, this exhibition is not   in front of me.                                I would rather celebrate life by liv-
you can’t imagine how excited I was            to this exhibition, and the it tastefully    a freak show, it is a celebration of the          The BodyWorlds exhibition is a               ing it, not by looking at people who
for the BodyWorlds exhibit.                    displays their bodies as specimens.          human spirit. Throughout the exhibit           very interesting take on the study              lost theirs.
   The BodyWorlds 2 exhibit is cur-            The bodies are not recognizable as in-       there are banners with inspirational           of the human body, and while in                 COURTESY INSTITUTE
rently on display at the Maryland              dividuals (i.e. you wouldn’t recognize       quotes that honor the people who               theory it is very cool, it can be a lit-           FOR PLASTINATION
Science Center in the Inner Harbor,            the person whose body is displayed           donated their bodies and honor the             tle hard to swallow in person. I was
and will be going on until September           even if you knew them), and they are         amazing achievements that humanity             very excited to go to the exhibit, but                   Gaby Arevalo is the As-
1. Essentially, a man named Gunther            posed in interesting ways, like danc-        as a whole has been able to accom-             my mind changed once I got there. It             sistant Arts and Entertainment
von Hagens made up the BodyWorlds              ers or ice skaters. It is very difficult to   plish.                                         is definitely not for those with an over-         Editor and can be reached for
concept. Von Hagens invented a new             describe this exhibit, because while it         Some of the museum-goers at the             active imagination or a weak stomach,           comment at
way of preserving anatomical speci-            sounds gruesome, it’s not. The bodies        exhibit were able to quickly move              as it is hard to detach yourself from the

                                                  QUESTIONS                                                         FOR              QUINN             Questions? E-mail
                                                Q: I’ve gotten in the habit of skipping classes lately. I’ve skipped class at least once a week. My friends keep telling me to stop, but I’m not
                                                getting anything out of class and all the PowerPoints are online. What do you think I should do?

                                                A: If you skip class every once in a while it’s not the end of the world, but this should not become a habit! Whether you think you’re getting anything out of class or
                                                not, you are still a member of the class, and you will be held accountable for the materials covered. Don’t depend on Blackboard notes to give you the knowledge
                                                provided during class (I know a lot of teachers that don’t put all the notes online). Many people don’t think they’re getting anything out of class because they’re
                                                having trouble paying attention. If this is the case, you may want to think about recording the lectures so that if you missed something important, you can go back
                                                and hear it. Also think about finding someone in class that you can work with so that if you do miss a class for good reason, you have someone who can help you
                                                catch up.

                                                Q: I have a job that takes up a lot of my time. I’m also going to school full time. Lately I feel left out because I don’t have time to go to all the
                                                school events and parties my friends go to. Is there any way to have the best of both worlds, or am I doomed to choose between a social life
                                                and a financially stable one?

                                                A: That’s a tough decision for anybody to make because you always want the best of both worlds, and in some cases it is possible. You must realize that this is your
                                                life, and it’s up to you to make with it what you want. You can always talk to your boss about cutting down on your hours. That way you would still have a steady
                                                income (although a little less than before), and you would be able to socialize more as well. Now, if your boss won’t let you cut back on your hours, than you have
                                                to decide which is more important to you – being social or having a steady job. If it’s more important to you to have a steady job then your decision is already made.
                                                However, if you want more of a social life, then you need to quit your job and look for another one where you can have the flexibility you need. You and only you
                                                are able to figure out what you want, and although it may be hard, it’s an important part of having a happy, healthy life.

 around                                             Free DVD and CD rentals, the
                                                    second floor of the AOK Library at
                                                    the Media Desk. Get your groove on
                                                                                               WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5

                                                                                               Cancer support group Meeting. The
                                                                                                                                           by one actress. A suggested donation
                                                                                                                                           of $2 for students and $5 for non-
                                                                                                                                           students is encouraged.
                                                                                                                                                                                       SUNDAY, MARCH 9

                                                                                                                                                                                       IN10 performance. UMBC Theatre

                                                    for free with the wide selection of        Women’s Center 4-5:45 p.m. For those                                                    4 p.m. Four new performances that
                                                    music that the library offers. And in      who are diagnosed with cancer or            Blues Jazz Ensemble. Fine Arts Recital      display the talents of UMBC actresses.
                                                    case you’re in a TV mood, the library      caregivers for persons diagnosed with       Hall 8 p.m. Composed of some of the         $10 general admission, $5 students
                                                    offers a bunch of movies and TV            cancer, a support group will take place.    finest jazz musicians in the country,        and seniors.
                                                    shows are there for you to borrow                                                      the U.S. Army Blues Jazz Ensemble will
                                                    for a full seven days as well!             Political Cartoonist. Albin O. Kuhn         perform for free.                           Symphony Orchestra performance.
                                                                                               Library Gallery 4 p.m. World-renowned                                                   Fine Arts Recital Hall 3 p.m. The UMBC
                                                    True Grit Tuesdays in the Gameroom         political cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kal-       FRIDAY, MARCH 7                             Symphony Orchestra will perform
                                                    7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wear your UMBC           laugher will speak about cartooning.                                                    under the direction of E. Michael Rich-
        reasons not                                 gear and play pool, table tennis,          The artist-in-residence at UMBC, KAL’s      IN10 performance. UMBC Theatre              ards. Admission is free.
         to go home                                 and air hockey for free!                   presentation will surely be an enter-       8 p.m. Four new performances that
      this weekend                                  The Black Panthers: Making Sense
                                                                                               taining lecture.                            display the talents of UMBC actresses.
                                                                                                                                           $10 general admission, $5 students
                                                    of History, January 28-March 24,           Guitar Hero Tournament. Game Room           and seniors.
                                                    The Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery.         6-10 p.m. Show off your rocking ax
                                                    This exhibit features photographs          skills and compete for a Gameroom           SATURDAY, MARCH 8
                                                    by Stephen Shames. Shames’ pho-            free play pass.
                                                    tographs show both the public and                                                      Battle of the Bands. UC Ballroom
                                                    private sides of the Black Panther         IN10 preview performance. UMBC              7-11:55 p.m. Watch UMBC’s top bands
                                                    Party from 1967 to 1973.                   Theatre 8 p.m. Four new performances        compete for a guaranteed spot at this
                                                                                               that display the talents of UMBC            year’s Quadmania.
                                                    Andrea Robbins and Max Becher:             actresses. $3 for admission.
                                                    Portraits, January 31-March 22, The                                                    IN10 performance. UMBC Theatre 8
                                                    Center for Art, Design, and Visual                                                     p.m. Four new performances that dis-
                                                                                               THURSDAY, MARCH 6
                                                    Culture. A moving collection of                                                        play the talents of UMBC actresses. A
                                                    portraits that hail from the past                                                      talkback will follow the performance.        SEB’s Weekly Movie is shown in
                                                                                               IN10 performance. UMBC Theatre
                                                    fifteen years. The photographers                                                        $10 general admission, $5 students           Lecture Hall 1, behind the Commons.
                                                                                               4 p.m. Four new performances that
                                                    spend weeks living with each com-                                                      and seniors.                                 Be sure to bring Campus Cash on your
                                                                                               display the talents of UMBC actresses.
                                                    munity they document, resulting                                                                                                     card – money is not accepted.
                                                                                               Free for campus community.
                                                    in photographs that speak volumes                                                      Free Movie. The Commons Sports Zone
                                                    about their subjects.                                                                  8-11 p.m. Watch John C. Reilly sing          Thursdays at 7:30 and 10:00 for $2
                                                                                               One Woman play. Lecture Hall 5 8 p.m.
                                                                                               “Always The Women” tells the story          and dance in the hit fake biopic, Walk       Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 for $1
                                                                                               of 24 women in Jesus’ life, all played      Hard. Free admission and popcorn!
  20           ARTS                03.04.08                                                                                                                                                   The RetrIever Weekly

More than Enchanted
                                                                                                                          PRETTY GOOD MUSIC                                   by Dave Iden

                                                                                                                                                    Now Playing

                                                                                                    THE BANK (2013 FREDER-                    see Brooklyn-based noise rock trio
                                                                                                    ICK AVE.)                                 Parts & Labor. They’ll be backed          RED ROOM (425 E. 31ST
                                                                                                                                              by Baltimore’s own post-punkers           STREET)
                                                                                                                                              Double Dagger and drone wizards 
                                                                                                                                              Ecstatic Sunshine (who were lav-
                                                                                                                                              ishly praised in previous editions        AFTER NOW
                                                                                                    Mar. 9, 9:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                              of this paper). Beards welcome.           Mar. 8, 8:30 p.m., $6
                                                                                                    West Baltimore’s best unlicensed
                                                                                                    venue sure knows how to terrify           METRO GALLERY (1700 N.                    Typically a venue for improvised
                                                                                                    the neighbors—this New York               CHARLES ST.)                              music, The Red Room shifts gears
                                                                                                    City-based trio specializes in delay           with an evening of avant-garde
                                                                                                    loops, cacophonous feedback,                                                        chamber music compositions
                                                                                                    and thundering machinations               PANDA RIOT, THE SKY DROPS                 hosted by the High Zero Founda-
                                                                                                    reminiscent of construction work          (canceled), SCREEN VINYL                  tion. The third such presentation
                                                                                                    sounds. Check out the feature on          IMAGE                                     in the After Now series, this
                                                                                                    Sightings in the February issue of        Mar. 7, 8:00 p.m.                         performance features the works
                                                                                                    The Wire. New record Through                                                        of composers Samuel Burt, C.R.
                                                                                                    The Panama is available from              Out-of-towner shoegazers con-             Kasprzyk, Andrew Cole, and Mark
                                               COURTESY FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES                    Load Records on LP and CD.                verge for a night of dream-pop            Lackey.
> An Oscar was a fairy tale ending for the film Once.                                                                                         at the Metro Gallery. Fans of
                                                                                                    FLORISTREE (405 W.                        Slowdive and Spacemen 3 will              TALKING HEAD (203 DAVIS
          Katrina Cohen                         apple cider from plastic goblets, lulled            FRANKLIN STREET, SIXTH                    surely like the Chicago-based             STREET)
                                                                                                                                              shoegaze trio Panda Riot, who   
         SENIOR STAFF WRITER                    into our annual Oscar-induced leth-                 FLOOR)
                                                                                                                                              deliver soft girl vocals washed
                                                argy, Irglova and Hansard’s win turned    
                                                                                                                                              with layer upon delicate layer            WEEDEATER, BLACK TUSK,
    Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard            out to be that Bright Moment. The one                                                         of guitar fuzz. They’ll be backed         WOOLY MAMMOTH, THE EXPO-
want you to make art. Because, who              we wait for every year, but never seems                                                       by Screen Vinyl Image, who take           NENTIALS
                                                                                                    PARTS & LABOR, DOUBLE DAG-
knows, one day you too could be on the          to come. When the rooted-for, gracious                                                        a more electronic synth/Silver            Mar. 7, 10:00 p.m., $10
                                                                                                    GER, ECSTATIC SUNSHINE
                                                                                                                                              Apples approach to their wall of
receiving end of an Academy Award.              underdog (who we are actually famil-                Mar. 4, 9:00 p.m., YE$
                                                                                                                                              sound. Delaware guy/girl duo The          North Carolina doom rockers
    Right.                                      iar with) takes that creepy gold nude                                                         Sky Drops (shockingly similar to          Weedeater are an eighteen-
                                                                                                    Yeah, yeah, I know, March 4 is
    Irglova and Hansard are the duo re-         figurine and skips joyfully off into the                                                       My Bloody Valentine) has unfortu-         wheeler of southern head-bang-
                                                                                                    today (today being Tuesday, the
sponsible for the soundtrack and lead           Hollywood sunset.                                                                             nately dropped this concert from          ing tonal sludge, and they will
                                                                                                    day the new Retriever hits the
roles of the summer’s break-out inde-              Irglova and Hansard didn’t exactly                                                         their schedule, but that shouldn’t        probably pound you right though
                                                                                                    stands). If you’re cool enough to
                                                                                                                                              deter you from checking out their         the floor—that is, if you’re not
pendent film, Once. Tauted as a mod-             skip, but they were gleeful as they ac-             be reading this newspaper on
                                                                                                                                              music at http://www.myspace.              annihilated by Savannah, Georgia
ern-day musical, the movie explores             cepted the award and encouraged us                  March 4, then you owe it to your-
                                                                                                                                              com/theskydrops.                          swamp thrashers Black Tusk first.
                                                                                                    self to drive up to the Floristree to
the will-they-won’t-they relationship           all to pursue our dreams. Then the
between down-and-out musicians, Girl            evil Oscar Overlord cut Irglova off as
and Guy, who make beautiful music               she began to speak. Jon Stewart, serv-        Irglova’s father, also a musical-type.        When Irglova and Hansard accepted              The Swell Season (after a pre-Once re-
together in Dublin.                             ing as the dutiful do-gooder host, gave       Consequently, he met Marketa, who             their Oscar, I think we saw how their          cord they made together) will bring
    The soundtrack was the movie’s star.        her the floor after a tepid commercial         was about 12-years-old. Time passed.          relationship works. She was mature             their music to Baltimore Saturday, May
The soaring desperation of “Falling             break. For an enchanted minute, the           Hansard gained independent mu-                and serene; he looked like a little kid        17 at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.
Slowly,” which earned Irglova and Han-          monotony was broken.                          sic scene success with his group, the         who got the train set he always wanted         Tickets are $37.00. The two share a
sard their Oscar last Sunday over three            Irglova and Hansard do seem to be          Frames. Then Hansard’s friend decided         on Christmas morning.                          vocal harmony that’s not to be missed.
tunes from Disney’s Enchanted and an-           sprinkled with magic dust almost as           to make Once, and asked that Hansard             And their music? Stripped down and          (And if you need an Irish musical fix
other from August Rush, not only made           sparkly as any Disney film could con-          and Irglova record the songs for the          lush, soothing and softly sad, but al-         before then, head down to the Mary-
it the best song of the soundtrack, but         jure up. But their story is real. From        soundtrack. Cillian Murphy was sup-           ways hopeful and filled with humanity.          land Science Center for U23D in IMAX.
also the best scene of the movie. In the        interviews and the film’s commentary,          posed to play Guy, but that didn’t work       Songs like “Lies” and “The Hill” feature       $12.00 never before got you so close to
scene, the characters have just met and         I’ve gleaned some bits and pieces of          out. So Hansard and Irglova were of-          broken hearts, and will break yours.           Bono’s sweaty neck.)
they learn and play the song together           their story, which goes something like        fered the roles, and the film was made         But “Fallen from the Sky” and the
on a borrowed piano in an empty mu-             this:                                         on a shoestring budget.                       award-winning “Falling Slowly” will                   Katrina Cohen is a Senior
sic shop.                                          Once upon a time, Glen Hansard                Then the fairy dust came along. The        make you wonder… who knows what                      Staff Writer for The Retriever
    As my friends and I sat around the          was an upstart musician who made              pair fell in love, and she moved from         will happen? Even if it’s just Once.                Weekly and can be reached for
common room drinking sparkling                  his way to the Czech Republic. He met         her home to Ireland to be with him.              Irglova and Hansard, under the name              comment at

                                                                                              person? Maybe not so much confused            don’t feel the same catch up with them        ing on your thoughts and share them.

                   Horoscopes                                                                 as off-center. You seem to be focused
                                                                                              entirely on one or two aspects of your
                                                                                              life, while neglecting the rest. It can be
                                                                                                                                            Libra (9/23-10/22): Conflicts with author-
                                                                                                                                            ity are a real possibility, so be smooth
                                                                                                                                                                                          This goes for any ideas you may have
                                                                                                                                                                                          in regards to a romantic partner. Take
                                                                                                                                                                                          chances! As you’re pouring out the con-
                                                           by Morgan Hammett                  daunting to try to center yourself alone      around the higher-ups. Of course you          tents inside of your head, enjoy listening
                                                                                              so try a new approach. Harmonize your         have a gift for seeing things from            to what other people have to say too.
  Pisces (2/19-3/20): Guidance in all            at you, so just sit back and ride the        body and your mind will follow suit.          multiple perspectives, so this problem        Capricorn (12/22-1/19): Get as much
  matters will help you remain focused.          wave. It could be interesting or stressful   Power stretch Wednesday and Friday            is short-lived. You really get along with     work as you can done early, because
  Everyone gets off track every now and          depending on how you spin it. Abide          evenings at the gym are looking really        everyone this week. It makes you feel         there are likely to be mishaps later in
  then, so don’t fret. It would be smart         by your schedule but throw in a thing        good for you.                                 good about yourself, but so does doing        the week. Besides, it’ll feel good to fin-
  to start seeking answers now, putting          or two that’s different. There should be     Leo (7/23-8/22): If you’re feeling unap-      good things for other people. Feel            ish first, all the more time to yourself. If
  them off will only cause you stress later      many things that come up, so put on a        preciated it’s not that people don’t care,    even more appreciated by doing some           there is any extra time in your schedule,
  on. After consulting friends, partners,        smile and go for it. In the midst of all     it’s that you’re demanding too much.          volunteer work.                               treat yourself to something nice. Go
  parents or whoever, be ready to connect        the hustle and bustle you will naturally     People like mystery because they get to       Scorpio (10/23-11/21): You’ve never           out to eat or just stay in and relax. It’ll
  with them later in the week. They help         grow closer to the ones you care about.      discover things on their own, without         been a simple person, but this week           boost your self-confidence even more
  you see clearly, you help them have a          Make the most of it!                         being told. Let people figure you out          expect the complexity to be record            this weekend. Don’t dampen your good
  good time.                                     Gemini (5/21-6/21): There might be a         instead of constantly making yourself         high. You make about as much sense to         mood by keeping bad feelings bottled
  Aries (3/21-4/19): Trying to control what      day or two that throw you off at the         known to everyone. This weekend               everyone else as molecular theory does        up.
  everyone else is doing shows a lack of         beginning of the week, but it only gets      everything seems to go your way, but          to non-chemistry majors. Your moods,          Aquarius (1/20-2/18): We’d all rather
  trust on your part. Turn that desire for       better. Your natural inquisition is back,    beware of superficial people or scams.         emotions, and actions are all over the        not go to class and do homework, but
  control inwards and work on improving          so if you’re learning something that in-     Virgo (8/23-9/22): For you the energy         place. However this is not to say there       sometimes you have to just suck it up
  your own life. People will be there for        terests you, or trying to figure someone      from the weekend stays strong until           aren’t great opportunities in the mix.        and do it. You’re here doing the same
  you and show they care in the most             out, dive right in. You’ve had so much       Tuesday. Opportunities are abound             Your intuition is strong, but you’ll need     things as everyone else, so there’s not
  unexpected ways. Give them time. You           going on lately you might not have had       but don’t rush anything. Romantically         something more to pull you through            any reason to complain. Once all the
  go through waves this week of feeling          time to focus much on yourself. Change       speaking, take it slow and learn to           the week.                                     technical stuff is out of the way, let
  asocial and wanting to be around oth-          is favored now, so go get that haircut,      appreciate the beauty and qualities of        Sagittarius (11/22-12/21): There’s been       loose! You’ve got fresh new ideas, and
  ers. Dedicate some time to you before          or go buy that outfit you’ve had your         others over time. You will feel so much       a lot on your mind recently, and this         people are intrigued by you, so don’t
  the weekend, when you’ll want to be            eye on.                                      more liberated if you let go a little and     is your week to let it out. You have a        be afraid to share your thoughts. Be
  with your friends.                             Cancer (6/22-7/22): Have you ever            stop trying to perfect everyone. You are      knack for knowing just how to say what        prepared for a surprise of some sort this
  Taurus (4/20-5/20): Life is hurling itself     thought that you are a confused              positive throughout the week, if others       it is that’s on your mind. So stop dwell-     weekend.
 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                03.04.08      ARTS      21

games                                      play
                                                                                                                            CROSSWORD              WWW.MIRROREYES.COM/CROSSWORD

1. Genus of goats                          25. Stone pillar                         52. General Agreement on Tariffs and
6. Body powder                             26. Cask                                 Trade
10. Requests                               29. Anagram of "Mire"                    53. People with fair hair
14. Zodiac sign of the Ram                 30. Largest continent                    54. Aversion
15. Margarine                              31. A maximum or minimum                 58. Overthrow
16. Desire                                 37. Savor                                59. Cited from the same place
17. Half native and half French Canadian   39. Mesh                                 61. Communion table
18. Arithmetic                             40. A type of marsh plant                62. Swerve
19. Small insect                           41. Unable to respond                    63. An aromatic ointment
20. Grazing lands                          44. Traditional knowledge                64. Erodes
22. Insightfulness                         45. Level                                65. Nature of being
24. Goddess of discord (Greek mythol-      46. Canvassed                            66. A color between black and white
ogy)                                       48. Side-by-side                         67. Until now (2 words)

1. Pitch tents                             21. Streamlet                            42. Snakes vocalizing
2. District                                23. Anagram of "Acres"                   43. Resorts
3. Holes                                   25. Leaves out                           47. Capital of Canada
4. State again                             26. Nocturnal mouselike mammals          48. In a higher place
5. Make certain of                         27. As Soon As Possible                  49. Style of music
6. Books                                   28. Go up                                50. Thorny flowers
7. "Oh my!"                                29. Chieftain                            51. French for "Between"
8. Permit                                  32. Cove                                 52. Silly
9. Live together                           33. Gossipers                            54. Nearly hopeless
10. Horrible                               34. Object of worship                    55. Stick around
11. Ragout                                 35. Monster                              56. Vetch
12. Leg joints                             36. Require                              57. Anagram of "Rest"
13. Smelled                                38. Anagram of "Cadet"                   60. Tavern

  SUDOKU                                                                                            LEMO.DK/SUDOKU         SOLUTIONS      TO LAST WEEK’S PUZZLES


   Fill all empty squares
   so that the numbers
   1 to 9 appear once in
   each row, column and
   3x3 box. You might
   want to use a pencil!

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IN10 2008, an annual festival and playwriting competition at UMBC
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                                                                             Susan McCully, artistic director evening! The 3rd annual IN10
                                                                             See four exciting new plays, all in one
                                                                             Festival features the winners of UMBC's international 10-minute play
                                                                             competition—action-driven dramas spotlighting roles for young
                                                                             women—plus new commissioned works by renowned playwrights
                                                                             Tina Howe and Naomi Wallace.

                                                                              A Duet for Water by Naomi Wallace
                                                                              Milk & Water by Tina Howe
                                                                              The Rudy by Francesca Saunders
                                                                              Markers by Shirley King
                                                                             Artistic Director: Susan McCully
                                                                             Directors: Alan Kreizenbeck, Susan McCully, Xerxes Mehta, Lynn Watson

                                                                              Wednesday, March 5, 8 p.m. (preview)
                                                                              Thursday, March 6, 4 p.m. (free for the UMBC community)
                                                                              Friday, March 7, 8 p.m. (opening night)
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                             March 5–9, 2008 UMBC Theatre


Women’s basketball falls to                                                                                                               03.04
                                                                                                                                                        THIS WEEK IN SPORTS
                                                                                                                                                                                                            TU ESDAY

potent Vermont offense                                                                                                                   Softball vs. George Washington at 1:00 p.m. (double header)
                                                                                                                                         Baseball vs. Delaware (Away) at 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Men’s Tennis vs. George Mason at 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Men’s Lacrosse vs. Johns Hopkins (Away) at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Women’s Lacrosse vs. Vermont at 3:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         03.05                                                          WED N ESDAY
                                                                                                                                         Women’s Basketball vs. Boston University at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Baseball vs. Navy (Away) at 2:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                          03.06                                                           TH U RSDAY
                                                                                                                                         Women’s Tennis vs. George Mason at 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                          03.07                                                                FR IDAY
                                                                                                                                         Softball vs. Central Connecticut State at 1:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Softball vs. Brown at 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Baseball vs. Manhattan at 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Track & Field at IC4A/ECAC Championships
                                                                                                                                          03.08                                                           SATU R DAY
                                                                                                                                         Men’s Basketball at America East Quarterfinals 12:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Women’s Basketball vs. Hartford at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Men’s Lacrosse vs. Yale at 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Women’s Lacrosse vs. Old Dominion (Away) at 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Softball vs. Canisius at 12:35 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Softball vs. Delaware State at 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Baseball vs. Manhattan at 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Men’s Tennis vs. Maryland (Away) at 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Track & Field at IC4A/ECAC Championships

                                                                                                                                          03.09                                                              SU N DAY
                                                                                                                                         Softball at UMBC Dawg Pound Tournament
                                                                                                                                         Baseball vs. Manhattan at 1:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                                       of some of our size,” Stern said. “Some-        In the second half Vermont opened
                                                                                                                                       times it did work out and other times it     the flood gates. The Catamounts scored
                                                                                                               FILE PHOTO—TRW          didn’t.”                                     every time they touched the ball in the
> Carlee Cassidy scored 12 points against the Catamounts, falling to second in the AEC in scoring.                                        At the 10:36 mark, the home fans saw      first 3:30 of the half while UMBC went
                                                                                                                                       something that they thought they would       on a scoring drought. These two events
          Donald Daniels                      long road schedule,” said senior Kristin    looked strong and aggressive on both         never see this season: three seniors on      amounted to a 10-0 run and a 16-point
              STAFF WRITER                    Drabyn.                                     sides of the floor. The early-going was       the floor. With the injury to senior Mor-     lead for Vermont.
                                                 Though they had gone through a           led by sophomore Chantay Frazier, who        gan Hatten, and senior Amanda Robin-            Robinson finally got the Retrievers
   The women’s basketball team opened         tough road schedule, Vermont was also       pick-pocketed the ball from Pilypaitis       son giving birth late last year to a son,    back on the board, hoisting up a three,
the month of March hosting the Vermont        riding a six-game winning streak into       and scored to give UMBC an early lead.       not a lot people thought having the two      but the damage had been done. From
Catamounts. The contest took place one        the game against UMBC. The Retriev-         Vermont sophomore May Kotsopoulos            on the court at the same time would be       then on, Vermont kept UMBC down
week after a match-up against New             ers would have to deal with a very po-      quickly answered, tying the score.           possible.                                    by double-digits, until the 7:22 mark,
Hampshire on the road. The Retrievers         tent Catamount offense, second in the          For much of the first half UMBC and           “They really know our plays and they      when Cassidy converted on both her
handled the Wildcats easily, dominat-         conference in scoring with 68.6 points      Vermont played see-saw with the lead,        really have an understanding of what we      free throws to bring the Catamount lead
ing most of the game and coasting to a        per game, and attack led by Courtnay        going through five ties and three lead        are trying to do,” said Stern.               down to nine and into single digits for
16-point victory.                             Pilypaitis, fresh off being named Amer-     changes. Coach Phil Stern shuffled his           After a Drabyn three to tie up the        the first time in the second half.
   With that win and a couple of days of      ica East Conference Player of the Week.     lineup throughout the night and every        game, 20-20, Vermont went a six-point           The Catamount offense delivered
extra rest, the Retrievers had high spirits   Pilypaitis is second only to UMBC’s Car-    player on the team saw significant play-      run to close out the half. Scoring stand     hefty blows to UMBC’s hopes of coming
going into the game against Vermont.          lee Cassidy in points score per game this   ing time.                                    outs on both teams got off to slow starts    back, however, hitting big three-point
   “We wanted to capitalize on the win        season.                                        “I was looking to try some different      in the first half as Cassidy had only three                        > see LOSS [27]
and the fact that Vermont had been on a          In the opening minutes the Retrievers    lineups, especially trying take advantage    points and Pillpaitis five.

                 tuathlete : ali levendusky
      F       ea                                             Joe Palmer
                                                                                              The senior has been scoring for
                                                                                                                                         With six goals against Bingham-
                                                                                                                                      ton, she moved over 100 goals
                                                                                                                                                                               RBIs and 2 runs scored in a victory
                                                                                                                                                                               over Army), and Jeremy Blevins
                                                          SENIOR STAFF WRITER              the Retrievers since her freshmen          for her career at UMBC. If able to       (20 saves in win over 16th ranked
                                                                                           season in 2005. During that season         maintain her current torrid pace,        Denver).
                                                     UMBC women’s lacrosse trav-           she played in 14 games, scoring 17         Levendusky will score 68 goals this
                                                  eled to Binghamton to start confer-      goals. Her sophomore season she            season.                                    Up Next: Vermont at UMBC
                                                  ence play last Friday. The Retriev-      was selected to the America East              The Retrievers will need Leven-       Stadium March 4 at 3 p.m.
                                                  ers took an early lead in the game,      All-Conference team, as she led the        dusky’s continued leadership – and
                                                  scoring 10 goals on 21 shots in the      Retrievers with 41 goals and 13 as-        scoring – to improve as a team and
                                                  first period. Ali Levendusky led          sists for a total of 54 points.            pick up more wins in the young               Joe Palmer is a Senior Staff
                                                  to Retrievers with six goals on the         Last year, she scored 28 goals          season.                                    Writer for The Retriever Weekly
                                                  day, tying her career high. In just      with 10 assists and was named to                                                     and can be reached for comment
                                                  four games this year, Levendusky         the second team America East All-            Honorable Mention: Will                   at
                ATHLETIC COMMUNICATIONS           has found the back of the net 16         Conference squad.                          Delawter (4-5 with a double, 2
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                                                              campus card

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 410-242-6474                                      Hours of Operation:
                                                   Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 10:00pm
                                                   Friday & Saturday: 7:30am - 11:00pm
           Minutes from campus                     Sunday: 9:00am - 10:00pm
 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                            03.04.08           SPORTS                     27

  Sports Attire:                                                                            Women’s lacrosse earns first two
  Covering UMBC’s Jocks
  Doping scandal rocks UMBC cheerleading
                                                                                            victories as offense comes alive
                                                                                                     Donald Daniels                    which was followed up by another          have guaranteed overtime. Elizabeth
                Dan Sager                     of his sport, were characterized by                        STAFF WRITER                  one from Levendusky to make it a          Weber was denied by Sweeney, how-
               STAFF SATIRIST                 famed Spartan Cheerleader Arianna                                                        two-score Retriever advantage.            ever, who made her final save of the
                                              wagging her giant en-foamed pointer                                                         Then as the first half came to an       game to seal the Retrievers’ first vic-
      BALTIMORE– The world of col-            finger at officials and falsely swearing,          The UMBC women’s lacrosse team          end, Loyola began to maneuver their       tory over Loyola since 1974.
   legiate cheerleading was shocked           “I have never used steroids. Period. I        is back on the winning track, winning      way around the UMBC defense and              “It was a very important victory for
   this past week following the release       don’t know how to say it any more             their second straight game of the sea-     turn possessions into points. The         us tonight,” coach Courtney Connor
   of a report by Congress, which al-         clearly than that.”                           son against Binghamton 15-8.               teams went into the half knotted up       said. “We have played this team very
   leges that multiple members of the            Pundits suggest that the recent al-           The win followed their first of the      in a 6-6 tie.                             well, but have come up a little short
   UMBC cheerleading squad utilized           legations are an appropriate climax to        young season, as the Retrievers took          In the second half, UMBC grabbed       [in the past]. But tonight we were able
   performance-enhancing substances           an overall era of declining morals in         down the Loyola Greyhounds in a            an early one-point advantage off of an    to come out on top.”
   during the 2006-07 season.                 the cheerleading community. The suc-          dramatic 11-10 contest under the           Abbey Swift goal as the seniors’ first        UMBC, which has been suffering
      “It is a sad day indeed for the         cess of the UMBC basketball program           lights of UMBC Stadium.                    goal of the night put UMBC up 7-6.        from lack of offensive production,
   normally rapturous ‘sport’ of cheer-       brought on new pressures to perform              Loyola, who had owned the all-          Loyola would force another tie off of a   finally got some much-needed help
   leading,” declared UMBC cheerlead-         at a higher level, forcing cheerleaders       time series against UMBC, jumped out       Retriever turnover, but UMBC recov-       as five different players deposited the
   ing coordinator Dustin Eby, while          to cut corners everywhere from per-           to an early 2-0 lead; the Greyhounds       ered with a goal of their own.            ball in the back of the Greyhounds’
   utilizing finger quotation marks at         forming engaging cheers, to the first          looked as though they were shot out           The largest lead that the Retrievers   net.
   an emergency press conference last         syllable of the school mascot’s breed         of a canon. Then, the Retrievers set-      had was two goals. Toward the end            “We had a very well-rounded at-
   Wednesday. “We as an organization          during the chant, “LET’S GO (re)              tled down and began to make plays          of the game UMBC seemed content           tack, both offensively and defensively,
   are still sifting through the details,     TRIEVERS”.                                    of their own. Off of a ground ball pick    on playing keep-away with the Grey-       and Susie [Sweeney] played amazing,”
   attempting to determine which, if             Uber-sports journalist Alexander           up, senior Ali Levendusky took pos-        hounds, holding a 10-8 advantage          Dorr said after the win. “She worked
   any specific cheerleader, is atop this      Pyles, however, conceded through              session and scored the first goal of the    over their cross-town rivals.             very hard to get her start tonight as
   pyramid of lies.”                          his publication Hitting the Cycle, that       game with 24:46 left in the first.             Loyola began to go on a run as they    goalie.”
      Danielle Adams, one of the athletes     the media should shoulder some of                Only 1:18 later, the score was all      took UMBC turnovers and turned               When asked about her first start of
   named in the report, already issued        the blame for the lack of accountabil-        even as senior Kara Dorr –- who had        them into points, and they forced the     the season, in which she finished with
   a statement admitting use of human         ity in the current Cheer-culture.             her consecutive goal streak snapped        fifth tie of the game. The Retrievers      15 saves, Sweeney said, “Everything
   growth hormone on two occasions               “We should have suspected some-            against Vanderbilt – tied the score at     were not to be outmatched. Leven-         was made easy for me tonight. The
   during the rehabilitation process          thing during those years of inflated           two.                                       dusky was fouled shortly afterward        defense played great in front of me,
   from an elbow injury.                      numbers. Girls were flying twenty,                The bench got involved afterward,       and given a free position shot. The       and they never back down.”
      “I used HGH in an effort to heal        sometimes eighty feet in the air,” Pyles      as freshman Amanda Pappas scored           senior took her attempt and made             “We were really psyched through-
   faster to return to my pom-poms            said. “Looking back on that time, the         her first career goal to break the tie.     the most of it when she found the         out the whole game and we were
   and my squad,” the senior admitted.        period we fringe sports writers refer         UMBC scored three times in just over       five hole, even though Loyola’s goal       expecting to play for the whole sixty
   “Months of training spent throw-           to as the ‘Long-fall Era,’ we should          two minutes. Just as quickly as the        keeper, Megan Steffe, got a piece of      minutes and we just kept pushing,”
   ing girls in the air had just worn me      have spoken up. But the claps were            Retrievers took the lead, however,         the shot at the 5:17 mark.                said Dorr, whose three goals were a
   down. It was either get Tommy John         louder, the (spread) eagles more ma-          Loyola took it away, answering with           Once again, both teams tight-          shot in the arm for the ailing UMBC
   (surgery) or get juiced … I accept re-     jestic, the crowds nearly responsive,         a goal of their own to even the score,     ened up their defense to finish out        offense.
   sponsibility for those two days.”          it was a new golden age of cheerlead-         3-3.                                       the final minutes of the game. The            Next for UMBC is another Tuesday
      The use of banned substances in         ing, now tainted. The once hallowed              After that, both of the defenses be-    Greyhounds dug deep and forced            night game, under the lights, as they
   collegiate cheerleading competitions       records, hollowed by silence… that            gan to settle in as goals became hard to   UMBC into two turnovers as Loyola         host Vermont on March 4.
   has gained national attention over         phrase, by the way, is trademarked,           come by. Junior Susie Sweeney, who         remained on UMBC’s side of the field.
   the previous months, culminating in        not to be used without written per-           made her first start in goal, turned        Then, with seven seconds left, a foul       Donald Daniels is a Staff Writer
   a media circus in front of the other-      mission of Alex Pyles, Inc.”                  away multiple Greyhounds who were          by Dorr gave the Greyhounds a free          for The Retriever Weekly and can
   wise unoccupied United States Con-                                                       looking to break the tie, allowing the     position shot and a chance to tie the          be reached for comment at
   gress. The week-long proceedings,             Dan Sager is a Sports Satirist for         tie to be broken by another Dorr goal,     game for the sixth time; a score would
   resulting from World Cheerleading           The Retriever Weekly. The preceding
   Association founder Mark French’s
   directive to Congress to be aggressive,
                                                  story and all attributed quotes
                                                are purely fictional. Beef? Contact
                                                                                            Softball splits another weekend
   B-E-aggressive in their crackdown                 Dan at
                                                                                            classic, fall to 2-6
Vermont wins, 71-68                                                                                  Ashley Benitez                    ing pitcher Ashley Gray. UMBC was         when Shepherd nailed a three run
                      > from LOSS [25]                                                                 EDITORIAL STAFF                 only able to gain one more run in         home run into left field, bringing in
shots to kill the Retrievers’ run. Robin-     them.”                                                                                   the bottom of the inning.                 second baseman Jessica Vetock and
son attempted to will the team to victory,       Though it wasn’t in a winning effort,         The UMBC softball team ended up            Neither team scored after the third    Shirk.
turning it on at the six minute mark          fans were treated to the Robinson sisters     1-3 for the week, going 2-6 overall        inning nor did any player had more           The Colonials scored all four of
with a six-point run and cutting the lead     – Amanda and younger sibling Chrissy –        to start the season. After dropping        than one hit in the game as seven         their runs in the bottom of the third
down to eight, but Vermont answered           playing on the same court together.           a tough doubleheader loss at Mary-         different batters for each team ac-       when center fielder Chrysanthi
with another three to keep the Retrievers        When asked about what it meant to          land on Tuesday, the Retrievers split      counted for the game’s 14 hits. Gray      Halkiotis smashed a grand slam to
at bay.                                       play with her younger sibling, Amanda         a pair of games this past Sunday at        took the her fourth loss of the season    right field. UMBC followed up with
   From that point the closest UMBC           said: “I thought going into this year me      the George Washington Colonial             against the Golden Griffins allowing      single runs in the last two innings.
got to Vermont was with 1:30 left in the      and her playing together would not have       Classic. UMBC first lost to Canisius       five runs on seven hits in three in-      The game ended early because of
game, when Drabyn’s three-point field          been possible given what had happened         5-2 before beating the hosting team        nings. Freshman pitcher Stephanie         nightfall and limited lighting on
goal trimmed the lead down to four. Then      early, but now that I have come back it       George Washington 9-4. Army was            Weigman and junior Krista Kearns          the field. Fefel picked up her first
Pilypaitis closed out the game when she       has been great to play with her on the        dropped from the tournament due            went in for relief, splitting the re-     win of the season allowing all four
needed to, as she finished the night with      court.”                                       to schedule changes for field condi-       maining innings for a combined ef-        runs on six hits with two walks and
29 and a 71-62 Vermont win.                      With this game over, the collective at-    tions on Saturday.                         fort of four hitless innings and three    five strike outs. The sophomore also
   The loss puts UMBC nine games              tention of the Retrievers turns to Boston        The Retrievers jumped out with          walks.                                    went 3-for-3 with a run at bat while
under .500 and makes them 5-9 in the          as the Terriers make their way down to        an early lead of 1-0 against Cani-            Against George Washington, the         Shirk went 3-for-4 with an RBI and
conference. In the loss, UMBC had four        RAC Arena on Wednesday night.                 sius. Senior catcher Kali Shirk led        Retrievers took a fresh start and a       two runs. Shepherd went 2-for-4
players – Drabyn, Cassidy, Robinson,             “It’s really good to be playing in front   the off with a walk, stole second,         7-0 lead after two innings. Shirk led     with a home run and two RBI.
and freshman Meghan Collebella – who          of our home crowd,” Colabella said. “It       and was brought in by a sacrifice fly      off the game with and infield single      UMBC returns home to the Softball
went over double-digits in scoring. In        really helps us out when they are here.”      sophomore first basemen Amanda             and stole second yet again. Senior        stadium as they host the Colonials
the stat book the teams were fairly even,        After UMBC plays Boston, the Retriev-      Fefel. However in the top of the           shortstop Dana Shepherd brought           again in a double header at 1:00 pm
but Vermont seemed to make the right          ers will finish out the regular season with    third, the Golden Griffins took con-       in Shirk for a run on a base hit.         today before gearing up for the an-
plays at the right time to keep UMBC at       Senior Day at home against Hartford,          trol of the lead by scoring five big       After Fefel’s single, Jessica Culotta     nual Dawg Pound Tournament this
a distance all night long.                    who holds the best record in the AEC.         runs. A two run single by first base-      doubled brought Shepherd while            coming weekend.
   “Vermont is a great team and you re-                                                     man Cameron Norton chipped away            the remaining Retriever’s on base
ally have to play a flawless game in or-       Donald Daniels is a Staff Writer for The      the Retriever’s lead at 2-1. Shortstop     were brought in on a sacrifice fly          Ashley Benitez is the Assistant
der to beat them,” Drabyn said. “If you       Retriever Weekly and can be reached for       Ashley Bonetto and catcher Michelle        by sophomore third baseman Em-              Sports Editor for The Retriever
don’t take advantage of the opportuni-        comment at        Fridey were able to knock out back-        ily Thompson. The very next inning        Weekly and can be reached for com-
ties in front of you, then you will lose to                                                 to-back RBI doubles against start-         allowed UMBC to further their lead        ment at
    28                   SPORTS              03.04.08                                                                                                          The RetrIever Weekly

                                               amerIca east statistics
                            S TA N D I N G S                                                     L E AG U E L E A D E R S

                                                                                                                       Team           G         Avg/G
                                                                                                  Marqus Blakely       Vermont        27        19.4
                          Men's Basketball                                                        Corey Lowe           Boston         24        18.5
                                                                                                  Mike Trimboli        Vermont        29        18
                                                     AMERICA EAST         OVERALL
                                                                                                  Ray Barbosa          UMBC           29        16.8
                          SCHOOL                    W        L          W       L                 Joe Zeglinski        Hartford       31        16
                          UMBC                      12       3          21      8                 Brian Lillis         Albany         29        15.8
                                                                                                  Brian Hodges         UMBC           24        15
                          Albany                    10       6          15      14                Darryl Proctor       UMBC           29        14.7
                          Hartford                  10       6          16      15                Tyrece Gibbs         N. Hampshire   28        14.5
                          Vermont                   9        7          15      14                Lazar Trifunovic     Binghamton     27        14.1
                          Binghamton                9        7          14      15
                          Boston University         9        7          13      16
                          New Hampshire             6        10         9       19                Assists
                          Maine                     3        13         7       22                                     Team           G         Per game
                          Stony Brook               3        13         6       22                Jay Greene           UMBC           29        7.21
                                                                                                  Mike Trimboli        Vermont        29        4.59
                                                                                                  Mike Gordon          Binghamton     29        3.86
                                                                                                  J. Von Rosenberg     Hartford       28        3.57
                                                                                                  Michael Turner       Hartford       31        3.48
                                                                                                  Brian Lillis         Albany         29        3.48
                                                                                                  Corey Lowe           Boston         24        3.42
                                                                                                  Tyrece Gibbs         N. Hampshire   28        3.11
                                                                                                  Junior Bernal        Maine          24        3.08
                                                                                                  Nick Vier            Vermont        28        3.04

                            STANDINGS                                                            L E AG U E L E A D E R S

                                                                                                                       Team           G         Avg/G
                                                                                                  C. Pilypaitis        Vermont        28        17
                                                                                                  Carlee Cassidy       UMBC           27        17
                                                                                                  Danielle Hood        Hartford       27        15.5
                          Women's Basketball                                                      Amy Rosenkrantz      Vermont        28        13.3
                                                                                                  Jesyka Burks-Wiley   Boston         27        13.2
                                                     AMERICA EAST         OVERALL
                                                                                                  May Kotsopoulus      Vermont        26        12.7
                          SCHOOL                    W        L          W       L                 Laine Kurpniece      Binghamton     27        12.4
                          Hartford                  12       2          22      5                 Kristin Drabyn       UMBC           27        11.4
                                                                                                  Ashley Cerniglia     N. Hampshire   23        11.3
                          Vermont                   12       3          21      7                 Kristin Higy         Albany         27        11.3
                          Boston University         9        5          16      11
                          Albany                    9        5          11      16
                          Binghamton                9        5          11      16
                          UMBC                      5        9          9       18
                                                                                                                       Team           No.       Per game
                          Maine                     4        11         7       21                Christine Kinneary   Boston         27        6.96
                          New Hampshire             3        11         6       20                C. Pilypaitis        Vermont        28        5.64
                                                                                                  Laura Sario          Binghamton     27        3.33
                          Stony Brook               1        13         6       21
                                                                                                  Lisa Etienne         Hartford       27        3.15
                                                                                                  Britney McGee        Albany         27        3
                                                                                                  Kris Younan          Maine          28        2.96
                                                                                                  Amy Simpson          N. Hampshire   25        2.8
                                                                                                  Michele Brokans      UMBC           27        2.56
                                                                                                  Sara Fenton          Vermont        28        2.46
                                                                                                  Morgan Hatten        UMBC           23        2.3

Women’s tennis swats Albany, improves to 2-3 on season
                                               ensuring the team victory, the doubles
                      Zak Bratcher             competitions proved to be a formality.
                     SENIOR STAFF WRITER       Nonetheless, the Retrievers took care of
                                               business, winning all three match-ups
   The UMBC women’s tennis team                to earn the doubles point, as well. Cette
improved their record to 2-3 overall by        and Chen paced the No. 1 doubles pair-
defeating the University at Albany by a        ing to an 8-2 victory; Junior Cornelia
5-2 margin on Saturday evening. The            Carapcea and freshman Emily Mannix
victory at home marked the Retrievers’         propelled the No. 2 doubles team to
first conference win of the 2008 season.        an 8-4 win; and Adewumi and Couto
   Sophomore Alex Chen, senior Pasca-          overtook their opponents 8-7 in the No.
line Cette, and junior Joy Adewumi all         3 doubles combination.
churned out victories in straight sets for        Following a short break, the UMBC
UMBC in the No. 1, No. 3, and No. 5            women return to action on Thursday,
positions, respectively. Adewumi’s 6-1,        March 6, to welcome George Mason to
6-2 win proved to be the most lopsided         town. The matches begin at 2:30 p.m.
of the match. Conversely, Retriever
sophomore Barbara Couto’s come-from-                Zak Bratcher is a Senior Staff
behind 3-6, 6-0, 6-4 triumph in the No.            Writer and the Advertisements
6 slot was the only three-setter of the           Manager for The Retriever Weekly
night.                                            and can be reached for comment                                                                                         FILE PHOTO—TRW
   With four points on the singles side             at         > Women’s tennis dominated Albany to improve their record to 2-3.
 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                               03.04.08            SPORTS                      29

Baseball’s youth     Basketball
                       Notebook:Greene reaches 200 assists on season
rears head as team
drops series to Army
             Corey Johns                        third, after Army tied the game in the top
               STAFF WRITER                     half of the inning, when he knocked in
                                                Joe Fowler after a double to deep center.
    On a cold weekend the baseball team         Two pitches later freshman short stop
dropped their season opening series             Rich Conlon singled and both Delawter
against Army 2-1.                               and Retz scored, giving the Retrievers a
    The team has 13 new comers, includ-         4-2 lead.
ing 10 freshmen, but has a good mix of             Bach ended his day on the mound
youth and experience as seniors Will            in the fourth when we caught the Black
Delawter, Joe Fowler, Mark Lemon, and           Knight batter looking for his third strike-
Steve Russo accounted for over half of          out of the day.
the teams runs in the three-game series.           In the bottom half of the inning UMBC
    The season opener did not go the            again went on a tear, as for the third time
Retrievers’ way, but they played a solid        in the game they had at least seven bat-                                                                                                             LAUREN KASMIR — TRW
game as Dan Blewett pitched for six in-         ters hit in an inning. The inning started     > Jay Greene is a finalist in the fan’s choice America East Player of the Year Voting.
nings and only allowed two runs and             with a Brainer walk and two batters later
had three strikeouts in the 4-3 loss to the     Fowler doubled and moved Brainer to                      Corey Johns                     them, the Retrievers earned themselves      he believes his team can play with any-
Black Knights.                                  third. Following his double, Delawter                      STAFF WRITER                  the No. 1 seed in the tournament and        body, and he looks at the game against
    Fowler went 2-for-4 with a run in the       stepped to the plate and delivered an RBI                                                will host the title game should they ad-    Ohio State, where Barbosa scored 32
fourth inning. Delawter also went 2-for-4       base hit.                                       Greene Hits 200 Assist Mile              vance that far.                             points and the team stuck with them
and had an RBI, as he brought in Fowler            “That’s Will Delawter,” Jancuska said.     Stone                                         No matter what the team does in          until the very end as proof of that fact.
with a double, and Lemon had a solid            “He hits for a high average and scores                                                   the tournament, they are bound to              Monroe has been a believer from
offensive and defensive day as he went          runners.”                                        In the final game of the season, Jay     participate in their first tournament        the beginning of the season. His pro-
1-for-3, and had a run and an RBI. Lem-            Two innings later Delawter added           Greene had nine assists and recorded       postseason outside of the conference.       spectus before the season was: “We got
on also accounted for three put-outs and        another run to the scoreboard, this time      his 200th dime of the season.              Once they clinched the regular season       three transfers, [Cavell] Johnson, [Dar-
has five assisted outs at third base. The        coming around to score off a Conlon base         Greene’s 200 assists during the regu-   conference championship against New         ryl] Proctor, and Barbosa, all of whom
other run came from junior catcher Tom          hit.                                          lar season puts him in the top-five in      Hampshire, they guaranteed them-            are great players and have a great will
Meaney when Lemon singled down the                 The only other Retriever run was           the country, above the likes of Mary-      selves a spot in the NIT (National Invi-    to win.We got [Brian] Hodges back,
left field line after he stole second base.      scored in the next inning when Nolan’s        land’s Greivis Vasquez and Ohio State’s    tational Tournament).                       who showed already that he is a great
Delawter also closed out the game in the        double scored Russo for his first run of       Jamar Butler.                                 “It is a tremendous step for our pro-    scorer and you can’t say enough about
ninth, striking out one.                        the season.                                      He is tied for third in the nation      gram, but our goal is to go to the Big      his will to win, we have Greene back
    “The pitchers threw well and we                With freshman David Divita on the          with 7.1 assists per game, only behind     Dance,” Monroe said.                        who is very unselfish and will find
played really good defense,” said coach         mound for his final inning of work, and        Davidson’s Jason Richardson and Tex-          The team is the No. 1 scoring team       guys to score but can also put a lot of
John Jancuska. “It’s a lot of guys’ first time   already with three strikeouts, UMBC got       as-Pan American’s Paul Stoll.              in the conference, and has been said to     points on a team at the same time, and
here and I was pleased. We saw some             into some trouble. Divita allowed only           “I’m going to stop saying that          be the best in that field by the coaches     [Justin] Fry, who is coming into his
good things but it was only our first game       two hits until an error in right field al-     Jay Greene is the straw that stirs the     of Albany, Boston, and Maine. Since         own and played very well last year, as
and we were only on the field for two            lowed the Black Knights to have a man         drink,” coach Randy Monroe said. “I’m      the beginning of the season, when           well as all the other guys on the team,
days and then came out to play.”                on, and then when the inning should           going to start saying that he’s the key    UMBC scored 81 points against St. Pe-       Matt Spadafora, Tyler Massey, Uwem
    The next day, Eddie Bach looked to          have been over Army blasted a ball out        that starts the car.”                      ter’s, Monroe has said: “That’s what this   Eshietedoho, and a good freshman
have started back right where he left off       of the park and scored two runs, both                                                    team is able to do, anybody can score       class.”
last season after his injury. In four innings   unearned. Divita showed he had a short           Early expectations proved real-         on this team.”                                 The season has been without a doubt
he allowed only two runs and stuck out          memory, however, as he struck out the         ity                                           Ray Barbosa has said time and time       the Division I program’s best ever, and
three Black Knights, and received the win       next batter for his fourth strikeout of the                                              again that, “anybody can score on any       perhaps the most surprising as well.
-- the first of the season for UMBC.             game.                                            Now with the regular season             given night.”
    “Again, we pitched very well out               Sent in to close out the game was Ryan     wrapped up, the only thing on the             The team has come a long way from             Corey Johns is a Staff Writer
there,” said Jancuska.                          Morse who allowed one walk after retir-       team’s mind is the America East Tour-      being the fifth-ranked team in the pre-           for The Retriever Weekly and
    UMBC got out to a quick 2-0 lead in         ing the leadoff batter, but a 4-6-3 double    nament.                                    season polls to the No. 1 seed in the           can be reached for comment at
the first when second basemen Brian              play ended the game, as UMBC won                 With a 21-8 regular season behind       conference tournament. Monroe said      
Brainer crossed home plate after a Delaw-       8-4.
ter double and center fielder Wink Nolan            The win was truly a team effort as

                                                                                                                                          Beijing Olympics
scored off a Shawn Retz RBI groundout.          seven Retrievers had a hit and six scored
    Retz helped the team out more in the                         > see BASEBALL [30]                Countdown to...
                                                                                                                                                   Suzie Richards
                                                                                                                                                 CONTRIBUTING WRITER

                                                                                                 Throughout the spring semester we will be doing a weekly countdown to the Beijing Olympics.
                                                                                                 Each week, a different sport will be reviewed. Although these games seem a million miles from
                                                                                                 UMBC, we will actually reveal how UMBC is connected to the greatest show on earth!

                                                                                                   Recent reports have revealed that the United States Olympic Committee has been
                                                                                                 busy planning the team’s preparations for the summer games. The committee has
                                                                                                 announced that Team USA will not be eating the local Chinese food at this summers’
                                                                                                 games, but instead 25,000 pounds of meat and other food will be shipped from Ameri-
                                                                                                 ca to the training camp at Beijing Normal University.
                                                                                                  The decision comes in response to a food safety check carried out on Chinese foods.
                                                                                                 Dangerously high level of steroids were found in chickens and other food products.
                                                                                                   “We had it tested and it was so full of steroids that we never could have given it
                                                                                                 to athletes, they all would have tested positive for drugs!” Frank Puleo, an American
                                                                                                 caterer, told the New York Times.
                                                                                                   The USOC has been asking athletes which foods they would like to see on the menu
                                                                                                 in Beijing. According to reports, Baltimoreans on the team, including swimmer Michael
                                                                                                 Phelps, have requested Maryland crabs and crab cakes. Therefore, the local Chesa-
                                                           PHOTO ILLUSTRATION—TRW                peake Bay may well be providing the nutritional requirements for the top American
> Sean Rae took the loss in the season opener.                                                   athletes in Beijing this summer.
   30          SPORTS                   03.04.08                                                                                                                                      The RetrIever Weekly

Baseball Preview
            Corey Johns
              STAFF WRITER                      David Divita #31 – A red shirt fresh-
                                                                                         with a .281 batting average, 38 hits, and
                                                                                         a .944 fielding percentage.
                                                                                                                                               umbc sports wrap
                                             man from Mayfield High School, who                                                                UMBC ATHLETICS ANNOUNCES FAN BUS
                                             was named to the Mizuno All-Ohio team          Rick Conlon #22 – A freshman from                TO BINGHAMTON
                                             after a senior season with a 6-1 record,    James Madison High School who helped
                                             and 1.74 ERA in 61 innings with 65          lead the team to the No. 1 ranking in Vir-            UMBC Athletics has announced that there
                                             strikeouts. In four years he generated a    ginia in 2006, according to USA Today.
                                                                                                                                             will be buses going to the America East Con-
                                             2.85 ERA and a 24-7 record.                 Two-time All District, and First Team All-
                                                                                                                                             ference Tournament this weekend for men’s
                                                                                         Region and Second-Team All-State.
                                                Sterling Sams #29 – A freshman who
                                                                                                                                             basketball. The cost is only $12.00, fans will
                                             helped James Madison High School to                                                             receive game tickets, a Retriever t-shirt and
                                             the No. 22 ranking in the country by                                                            transportation to the game. The bus is set to
                                             USA Today in 2006. A balanced pitcher                                                           return after the game and if UMBC wins on
                                             and hitter.                                                                                     Saturday, there will be more buses heading
                                                                                                                                             back up to Binghamton for Sunday’s game.
                                                Will Delawter #32 – This senior will                                                         Depature time is expected to be early Sat-
                                             be the first-ever official closer for the                                                         urday morning since the Retrievers are set
                                             team. In 2007 he recorded a 6.67 ERA                                                            to play at noon. Please sign up in Room 331
  Head Coach: John Jancuska (above)          in 58.0 innings pitched to go along with                                                        of the RAC. Packages will be sold on a first-
                                             28 strikeouts and one save as well as a
                                                                                                                                             come first-served basis.
  Assistant Coach: Bob Mumma                 .365 batting average with six home runs
                                             and 38 RBIs.
  Assistant Coach: Joe Michalski
                                                Sean Retz #17 – A transfer from Ca-
   Dan Blewett #20 – In 2007 he record-      tonsville Community College helped the                                                             Courtesy of
ed 29 strikeouts in 31.0 innings before      team win the Maryland Junior College
sustaining a season-ending injury, receiv-   Championships in 2007. He led CCBC             Joe Fowler #11 (above) – A senior
ing a medical red shirt. Has a career 6.45   with 50 RBIs (12th in the country), six     who was one of two players to start every
ERA and 66 strikeouts in 67.0 innings        home runs (15th in the country), and        game last season. Had a .271 batting av-     Baseball loses season
pitched.                                     was second at CCBC in batting average       erage, 54 hits, and eight home runs to go
                                             with .398.                                  along with 21 stolen bases in 2007. Led
                                                                                         the team with 17 doubles and is eighth
                                                                                                                                      opener to Army
                                                                                         all-time with 51 in his career.                              > from BASEBALL [29]
                                                                                                                                      a run. Delawter led the team with a           responded by pitching two shutout in-
                                                                                            Wink Nolan #4 – A transfer from           4-for-5 performance along with two RBIs       nings.
                                                                                         University of Maryland who played in         and two runs. Conlon went 2-for-3 with           “Morse is a guy we knew was good but
                                                                                         74 games in two years. He posted a .254      three RBIs and two walks, Retz went           we told him last year if he comes down
                                                                                         batting average and totaled 44 hits, four    2-for-5 with two RBIs and a run, Nolan        and pitches side-armed or submarine
                                                                                         doubles, three triples, 18 RBIs, and five     went 2-for-4 with an RBI and a run and a      style he’d be better,” said Jancuska. “Now
                                                                                         stolen bases.                                walk, Brainer went 1-for-4 with two runs      he’s pitched three shutout innings for us
                                                                                                                                      and a walk, Fowler went 1-for-3, scored       so far.”
                                                                                            Tom Meaney #9 – A junior who start-       a run and was walked, and Russo went             Nolan came in to pitch for the final
                                                                                         ed 37 games last season, posting a .236      2-for-4 and scored once.                      inning and also did not allow a run. No-
                                                                                         batting average with 30 hits, 14 runs, five      Less than 24 hours later the team con-     lan also led the team in hits as he went
                                                                                         doubles, three home runs, 15 RBIs, and a     cluded the three game series against the      2-for-4.
                                                                                         .979 fielding percentage.                     Black Knights with a resounding thud,            The only other hits came from Brainer,
   Eddie Bach #12 (above) – In 2007 he                                                                                                losing 23-0.                                  Fowler, Delawter, and catcher Jon Hart,
made three starts and had a 2.65 ERA,                                                       Steve Russo #5 – A senior who started        “Our first three pitchers all had basi-     who came in for Meaney part way
lowest on the team, with 30 strikeouts in       Brad Brainer #2 (above) – A transfer     42 games last season, Russo had the          cally their first college experience,” Jan-    through the game.
17.0 innings pitched prior to suffering a    from Chesapeake Junior College. He led      fourth-best batting average, .275, slug-     cuska said, “and it was a learning experi-       Now 1-2, the baseball team will play
season-ending injury. Has a career 4.47      the Maryland JuCo Conference with 38        ging percentage, .438, on-base percent-      ence.”                                        games at Delaware on Tuesday and then
ERA and 83 strikeouts in 90.2 innings        stolen bases on 40 attempts and was tied    age, .438, and RBI total, 23. He was also       The first two pitchers were both fresh-     go to Navy the next day. They then have
pitched after only two seasons.              for sixth with five homeruns. Had the        tied for third with 12 doubles, and led      man, Austin Drewyer and Travis Pearson,       a two-day break and will have a three
                                             second-best batting average on his team     the team with two triples. He also had       and the third pitcher was a fifth year se-     game series against Manhattan over the
   Austin Drewyer #26 – A red shirt          with a .354 mark.                           three home runs and three stolen bases.      nior, Mike Fitzpatrick, though he missed      weekend.
freshman from River Hill High School                                                                                                  three seasons due to injury, including last
who had a 2.64 ERA in 69 innings                Mark Lemon #30 – A senior who is          Corey Johns is a Staff Writer for The       season.                                           Corey Johns is a Staff Writer
pitched and a 7-4 record as a senior. Also   eighth all-time with 16 career sacrifices,   Retriever Weekly and can be reached for         After the Black Knights scored 23 runs         for The Retriever Weekly and
had an impressive .541 batting average       and fifth all-time in single season hit by   comment at        in the first six innings, Jancuska decided        can be reached for comment at
with 40 hits and eight doubles.              pitches. He is coming off his best season                                                to bring in Morse in to relieve, and he  

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 The RetrIever Weekly                                                                                                                                      03.04.08             SPORTS                         31

                                                                                                                              Professional soccer
    HITTING the Cycle                                                                                                         comes to UMBC
                   Lacrosse wins with defense, but offense must improve
                                                                                                                                          Zak Bratcher                      promoted, or called up, to the UK team
                                           offense until the weather warms             Despite season-long concerns                     SENIOR STAFF WRITER                 to help the parent club compete – which
           Alexander Pyles                 up and is able to find its rhythm,       over depth, brought on by in-                                                           adheres to the more traditional MLB
             EDITORIAL STAFF               fans have to wonder where the            juries, UMBC has managed to                   UMBC’s athletic community has an-         “farm system” analogy.
                                           bulk of the scoring will come            finish the season on a strong             nounced exciting news with a profes-             Crystal Palace Baltimore is financially
       Things were starting to look a      from this season.                        note, despite dropping the sea-           sional twist; Crystal Palace Baltimore        backed by the London club and by an
    tad hairy for Don Zimmerman’s             Alex Hopmann, moved to at-            son finale 58-57 to Hartford, the         will participate in their second season of    investment group whose chairman is
    lacrosse team. Luckily for the Re-     tack this year after two previous        second-place team in the AEC.             competition at a new locale, UMBC Soc-        Medd’s father, Randall.
    trievers, Denver came to town.         seasons as a midfielder, has al-            Now, with an NIT berth al-             cer Stadium.
       Though the Pioneers came to         ways had a flair for the dramatic        ready locked up after being                   In their inaugural 2007 season, Bal-        Back in Baltimore
    UMBC Stadium ranked number             and a nose for the goal. The ju-         crowned regular season cham-              timore’s only professional outdoor soc-
    16 in the nation, UMBC’s Jeremy        nior contributed one goal and            pions, the Retrievers look to             cer team played their home matches                The Baltimore club competes in the
    Blevins made stop after stop,          two assists, but may still be ad-        continue this season’s success            at Navy-Marine Memorial Stadium in            United Soccer Leagues Second Division
    including nine saves in the final      justing to his new role as one of        in the conference tournament.             Annapolis, Md. The shift to UMBC for          (USL-2), a regional league comprised pri-
    quarter as the Denver offense          the primary scoring options on           The tournament winner receives            the 2008 campaign marks an important          marily of 10 teams from the Mid-Atlantic
    unleashed a 21-shot barrage in         the squad.                               an automatic bid to the NCAA              stage in the club’s quest for finding a per-   States. Starting this year, Crystal Palace
    the final stanza. Blevins’ 20 saves       In the meantime, midfielder           Tournament; a Retriever win               manent home – namely, getting back to         Baltimore is one of two teams located in
    on the day was a career-high for       Terry Kimener has been the rock          would constitute the first-ever           Baltimore while still maintaining a con-      Maryland. The Real Maryland Monarchs,
    the junior goalkeeper.                 of the offense while Hopmann             men’s basketball NCAA berth in            nection to their Anne Arundel County          making their competitive debut in 2008,
       Even after the 9-6 victory,         adjusts and the younger attack           school history.                           fan base.                                     play just outside of Germantown, MD.
    however, concerns abound for a         finds its place. Chris Jones, a             With students packing the RAC              Crystal Palace Baltimore and UMBC             The USL-2 is the third tier of the
    Retriever team that enjoyed the        sophomore, scored the first three        Arena for the last month, fans            publicized the news at a Feb. 12 press        American Soccer Pyramid. The highest
    finest season in school history        goals of his career against the Pi-      ought to continue to support the          conference. UMBC President Freeman            tier is Major League Soccer, followed by
    in 2007, making it to the NCAA         oneers, while fellow-sophomore           team by traveling to Binghamton           Hrabowski reflected the excitement             the USL First Division and USL-2. Unlike
    Tournament quarterfinals before        Kyle Wimer added four points.            to support the Retrievers.                professional soccer will bring to the         in the UK, there is no system for promo-
    bowing out courtesy of Dela-              Zimmerman teams tend to im-              Students at other mid-major            university and the city. Currently, a one-    tion or relegation between MLS and the
    ware.                                  prove as the season progresses,          schools dream about opportuni-            year contract is in place with UMBC, but      USL Divisions – that is, clubs who per-
       With Zimmerman forced to re-        and the youth of the team sug-           ties like this but rarely see them        Hrabowski harkened to a long and pro-         form particularly well in a lower division
    place his top-three scorers from       gests it may take some time for          become reality. As the number             ductive partnership with the club.            cannot move into a higher division the
    last season, the team has strug-       the squad to gel, so it is too early     one seed in the America East                  Two Towson University soccer alumni,      following season, and vice versa.
    gled to find the goal so far in        to panic.                                Tournament, two Retriever vic-            founder Jim Cherneski and team Presi-             Last year, in their first season of compe-
    2008, losing to the Blue Hens for         Then again, with Johns Hop-           tories over the weekend would             dent Pete Medd of Crystal Palace Balti-       tition, Crystal Palace Baltimore struggled
    a second time in less than a year      kins the next Retriever opponent         bring the Championship Game               more, concluded the press conference          early, losing its first four games by a com-
    in the season opener, and then         and one of the best goalies in           back to Baltimore.                        with flattering words for the city.            bined score of 10-1. Showing resilience,
    falling to Rutgers the following       the nation in Jesse Schwartzman             School history could be made               “This is a great soccer town with a       however, the team found its stride, losing
    weekend. The offense managed           minding the net for the Blue Jays,       this weekend; for just $12 and a          ton of tradition and history,” said Medd,     only twice in their final 16 contests. They
    only seven goals against Dela-         avoiding a 1-3 start will be quite       four-hour bus ride, any student           co-manager of the club with Cherneski.        finished the 2007 campaign with a 9-6-5
    ware, and was held to four scores      a challenge for UMBC.                    on campus can be a part of it.            “We’re thrilled to be bringing profession-    record, earning a fifth place spot in the
    against the Scarlet Knights.                                                       I’ll be there. Will you?               al, outdoor soccer back to Baltimore.”        USL-2, narrowly missing a playoff berth.
       Though beginning the season            Onward, to Binghamton                                                               The club plans to sell tickets for $16        On a more philanthropic side, Crys-
    in the top-20, the Retrievers’                                                    Alexander Pyles is the Sports           at UMBC Soccer Stadium, while children        tal Palace Baltimore is active in the local
    0-2 start dropped them from               Of course, we cannot get               Editor of The Retriever Weekly           under six years old are awarded free ad-      community, providing private instruc-
    the standings. Though the win          through a column without men-            and can be reached for comment            mission. Additionally, a Kid Zone will be     tional team camps for youth squads, as
    over Denver offers hope that the       tioning the 22-8 Retriever bas-            at          set up to further entertain the youngsters    well as offering free soccer clinics for
    UMBC defense can bail out the          ketball team.                                                                      before and during the matches. Conces-        more than 5,000 area children.
                                                                                                                              sions, including beer for those aged 21           In addition to their community in-
                                                                                                                              and over, will be available.                  volvement, Crystal Palace Baltimore has
Blevins records 20 saves, offense                                                                                                 Gary Wohlstetter, senior associate ath-
                                                                                                                              letic director for UMBC, who served as a
                                                                                                                                                                            founded a soccer academy, designed to
                                                                                                                                                                            further identify and develop youth soccer

does enough to win first game                                                                                                 primary broker of the stadium contract
                                                                                                                              with Crystal Palace Baltimore, could not
                                                                                                                                                                            in the USA. The academy hosts Under 9
                                                                                                                                                                            through Under 18 youth soccer teams
                                                                                                                              be reached for comment.                       as a way to expand the club’s recruiting
              > from LACROSSE [28]        continuing to grow in our program,”        merman.                                                                                network. Sponsored by Crystal Palace
                                          said Zimmerman. “He also has great            Jones scored his first three goals      Getting Acquainted with London               .C.
                                                                                                                                                                            F in London, the academy provides
scored their first goal with two min-     natural athletic ability.”                 as a Retriever in the game as well.                                                    first-class training at a very low cost for
utes left in the first period.               The fourth period did not go               “He had a big day,” said Zimmer-          In simplest terms, Crystal Palace Bal-    players.
   With 11 minutes left in the half,      UMBC’s way, as they were outscored         man. “He was playing well but got        timore serves as a minor league club to
Denver got on the board again and         4-1, the loan goal being Jones’ third      injured and he worked hard through       their parent organization, Crystal Palace       Anticipating the Season
cut UMBC’s lead in half, 4-2. But the     of the day off Kimener’s career-high       it and always has a positive attitude.   Football Club, in London, England. The
Retrievers scored the final two goals     fourth assist.                             His perseverance helped him and          Baltimore club is the first professional          Crystal Palace Baltimore will settle into
in the half, as UMBC was man-up,             Despite having to fend off the furi-    you have to have that at this level.”    soccer team in the USA with a direct link     the recently renovated, 5,500-person ca-
and took advantage of the Pioneer         ous Denver comeback in the fourth             The Retrievers next will go on the    to a professional English team.               pacity UMBC Soccer Stadium for their
miscue. First, sophomore Chris            period, which the Retrievers started       road to build momentum as the take           Founded in south London in 1905,          season-opening contest against the Pitts-
Jones took advantage of a pass from       up 8-2, UMBC got their first victory       on reigning national champion and                          .C.,
                                                                                                                              Crystal Palace F a $100 million en-           burgh Riverhounds on Friday, April 25,
Hopmann, and then at the very             of the season 9-6. Three goals came        the No. 1 team in the country, Johns     tity, competes in the Coca-Cola Football      at 7:30 p.m. The 2008 campaign consists
end of the half junior transfer Ryan      off of man-up opportunities.               Hopkins, on March 4 at 7 p.m.            League Championship, the second level         of 20 games, 10 of which will be played
Smith scored his first goal of the day       “[Denver’s] defense had done a             “Obviously Hopkins is very good       of English soccer, just under the English     at home, from April until August.
with an assist from sophomore Matt        very good job on man-down goals            and just dominated Princeton, who        Premier League.                                  With a five-year contract extension in
Latham. UMBC went into the half           [all season] and we went out and           always has a good team. We only              Simon Jordan, the UK team’s chair-                                   .C.
                                                                                                                                                                            place from Crystal Palace F in London,
up 6-2.                                   were effective in the man-up unit          have one day of practice and we’re       man, recognized the ability to promote a      Medd looks forward to the concurrent
   The second half started simi-          and continued to work,” said Zim-          just going to go out and play,” said     global product and to tap into a growing,     support from the UMBC and Baltimore
lar to the first half, as a minute in     merman.                                    Zimmerman, adding, “Which is             under-appreciated market of American          communities.
the Retrievers added another score           In addition to Kimener, junior          good this time of year.”                 soccer talent. As a result, he developed         “Playing at UMBC will allow us to
when Wimener found Jones for his          goal keeper Jeremy Blevins also en-           UMBC concludes their week of          Crystal Palace Baltimore.                     achieve our goal of providing world-class
second goal of the game. Then, with       joyed a career-day. Blevins was kept       play on Saturday at home against             Players from the parent team may          family entertainment,” Medd said. “We
four minutes left in the third period,    busy all day in the crease and re-         Yale.                                    come to the United States during their        couldn’t be more excited.”
Hopmann found Smith with a man            corded a career high 20 saves.                                                      off-season for much-needed playing ex-
up advantage for his second score of         “He had doubt and was asking                                                     perience, similar to Major League Base-       Zak Bratcher is a Senior Staff Writer and
the day, his sixth of the season.         what we were doing wrong, but                  Corey Johns is a Staff Writer        ball players competing in Latin American       the Advertisements Manager for The
   “Ryan is a threat at the attack po-    some big saves early helped his                for The Retriever Weekly and         baseball leagues in the winter to hone        Retriever Weekly and can be reached for
sition, which we need. He’s new and       [Blevins’] confidence as well as the          can be reached for comment at         their skills. Furthermore, particularly       comment at
starting to adapt to the system and is    team scoring some goals,” said Zim-            promising players in the USA may be
  32         SPORTS                 03.04.08                                                                                                                          The RetrIever Weekly

Win streak snapped, but top-seeded basketball has
eyes on tourney
          Corey Johns                    ball team,” said Maine coach Ted
            STAFF WRITER                 Woodward in a post-game interview
                                         with the media. “They can score, they
   After extending their win streak      can shoot, they can handle the ball,
to nine games earlier in the week at     and you have to cover all five guys.
Maine, a one-point loss to Hartford      They forced us to play catch-up and
concluded UMBC’s history-making          you don’t want to do that against a
regular season.                          great offensive team in UMBC.”
   The teams’ 21-8 regular season re-       The team’s regular season, how-
cord is good enough for the Retriev-     ever, ended with a thud in the loss
ers’ best record ever in their 22-year   to Hartford. UMBC only held a lead
Division I history.                      in the game twice, once being af-
   Before losing to Hartford, the Re-    ter the first score of the game, and
trievers defeated Maine to sweep the     again with five minutes left in the
season series. UMBC had a 13-point       first half after a Brian Hodges’ three.
first half lead with four minutes to     Other than those two moments, the
play, but the Black Bears held the       Hawks led the game until the end
Retrievers scoreless for the rest of     and caused the Retrievers to play
the half and went into the locker        catch-up.
room tied, 32-32.                           In the final five seconds, Proctor
   The second half had a much dif-       hit a lay-up to cut the lead to one
ferent ending than the first. UMBC       point and then Hartford turned the
held a double-digit lead from the        ball over immediately, giving UMBC
12:41 mark to the end, at one point      a prayer, but a three-point attempt
lead by 23 in the 85-68 victory.         by Barbosa didn’t hit and the Re-
   Ray Barbosa led the team with         trievers’ nine-game winning streak
31 points to go along with five as-      came to an end with a 58-57 loss.
sists and five rebounds. Proctor was        Johnson led the team with 24
                                                                                                                                                                                        FILE PHOTO—TRW
second in scoring with 21 points         points and 10 rebounds, and Proc-         > Brian Hodges will have to regain his mid-season form for the Retrievers to last deep into the AEC
and six rebounds, Johnson had a          tor had another double-double, his        Tournament.
double-double with 14 points and         twelfth of the season, with 14 points
ten rebounds, and Greene also had        and 13 rebounds. He also had three          Though the regular season has        No. 1 overall seed, and will face the     in this edition.
a double-double with 11 points and       steals to go along with Johnson’s         concluded, work is far from done for   winner of the play-in game between
14 assist. Also scoring was Matt         two. Also scoring were Hodges with        UMBC. The Retrievers are now pre-      Stony Brook and Maine.                       Corey Johns is a Staff Writer
Spadafora with five points and Brian     nine points, Barbosa with eight and       paring for the America East Tourna-      Due to UMBC’s travel schedule,             for The Retriever Weekly and
Hodges with three.                       seven rebounds, and Greene with           ment, which takes place next week-     comment from coach Randy Monroe             can be reached for comment at
   “[UMBC is] a tremendous basket-       two and nine assists.                     end in Binghamton. UMBC is the         and his team could not be included  

Career days by Kimener and Blevins give lacrosse first win
                                                                                                                                    Corey Johns                     ter the goal, as they scored again just
                                                                                                                                      STAFF WRITER                  three minutes later when a Kimener
                                                                                                                                                                    to Alex Hopman pass went past the
                                                                                                                             After an 0-2 start to the season,      goalie’s stick. This was followed by
                                                                                                                          UMBC took out the No. 16 team in          another score three minutes later
                                                                                                                          the nation, Denver, in the Retriever      when Kimener found Wimer for his
                                                                                                                          home opener for their first win of        second goal of the game.
                                                                                                                          the season.                                  UMBC’s final goal of the first quar-
                                                                                                                             “Wins are going to give confidence     ter came a minute later when Wimer
                                                                                                                          to the team,” said coach Don Zim-         found Kimener for a score. The Re-
                                                                                                                          merman. “It gives our guys some-          trievers were up 4-0, and Kimener
                                                                                                                          thing to work for now that they get       had already tied his career-high in
                                                                                                                          positive results after working hard.”     assists, three, in the first period.
                                                                                                                             Just over a minute into the game,         “We needed [Kimener] to step up
                                                                                                                          UMBC scored their first goal when         and he did,” said Zimmerman. “He
                                                                                                                          sophomore Kyle Wimer took a pass          found himself in a different position
                                                                                                                          from senior Terry Kimener for a           and it indicated he’s doing well.”
                                                                                                                          score and the Retrievers’ first lead in      Their shutout would only last
                                                                                                                          a game this season.                       another four minutes, when Denver
                                                                                                                             The team did not settle down af-                      > see LACROSSE [31]


                                                                                                                             21 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL FALLS TO

                                                                                                                             25 BASEBALL DROPS SEASON-OPENING
                                                                                                                                       SERIES TO ARMY

                                                                                                                             27 PROFESSIONAL SOCCER ARRIVES AT
                                                                                                     FILE PHOTO—TRW
> Alex Hopmann accounted for three points, recording two assists and scoring one goal.

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