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     Colon Cancer
   Prevention Project

                                                                  Letter from our Executive Director

    Letter from our Executive Director                      2     In 2005, the Colon Cancer Prevention Project began with
                                                                  one person, Dr. Whitney Jones, and the goal to make
    Our Mission                                             3     colon cancer a disease of the past. Three years later,
    About Colon Cancer in Kentucky                          3     the Colon Cancer Prevention Project is an influential
                                                                  organization in Kentucky with hundreds of partners.
    Outreach Efforts                                        4
                                                                  As the Project enters its fourth year, we reflect on the work
    2006-2007 Board of Directors                            8     accomplished since 2005. We have made great strides
    Thanks To Our Volunteers                                8     toward our goals to increase awareness about colon
                                                                  cancer prevention, educate healthcare providers about
    Balance Sheet                                           8     the newest screening guidelines and work within the
                                                                  healthcare system to increase screening rates to decrease
    Thanks To Our Donors                                    9     the number of deaths related to colon cancer in Kentucky.

It is with both gratitude and resolve that we present the first   Our success could not have come about without the
annual report from the Colon Cancer Prevention Project. Now       dedicated health professionals, community groups,
more than ever, the contributions that so many people have        volunteers, families and friends of those affected
made to achieve success has never been more obvious. In           by colon cancer who have supported each and every
this short time, due to your help, the Project has become the     effort to spread our message. We certainly could not
leading voice in our state to increase screening rates rapidly.   continue to promote prevention and screening for colon
Because of your contributions, screening rates have increased     cancer without our faithful sponsors and advocates.
and lives have been saved. To all of you a heartfelt thanks.
                                                                  We felt this year was the right time to issue the Colon
Yet , the only way to success in our greater mission will be      Cancer Prevention Project’s first annual report, in order
by motivating that single person to make the decision to          to highlight our accomplishments and the people and
get screened. The ripple effect of that one person leads to       organizations that have helped to move our goals forward.
dialogue and action toward screening on behalf of their family,   We are proud of what we have accomplished together
friends, colleagues, place of worship and the community. In       and encourage each of you to continue supporting our
our cause, change really does happen from the bottom up.          goal of eliminating preventable colon cancer deaths.

We look forward to a successful 2008 and beyond.                  Sincerely,

Whitney F. Jones, M.D.                                            Angela R. Champion, MPA
Founder, Colon Cancer Prevention Project                          Executive Director

2      Colon Cancer Prevention Project
      Our Mission
      The mission of the Colon Cancer Prevention Project is to eliminate preventable colon
      cancer death and suffering by increasing screening rates through education, advocacy
      and health systems improvement in Kentucky and surrounding communities.

About Colon Cancer in Kentucky                                  Wes Fugate reading the Governor’s proclamation.
Colon Cancer is the third most commonly occurring               September 8, 2007 was declared Colon Cancer
cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in         Prevention Project Day in the State of Kentucky.
Kentucky. Data from the Kentucky Cancer Registry show
that there are an estimated 2,753 new colon cancer cases
diagnosed and 930 deaths from colon cancer annually.
We are not helpless against this type of cancer. If detected
early, through regular screenings, the cure rate is higher
than 90 percent. Prevention and early detection are crucial.
Both men and women are at risk of developing colon cancer.
Screenings are encouraged because they can detect problems,
such as polyps, which can develop into cancer, but can be
easily removed when detected early. Sadly, only 42 percent
of Kentuckians were screened for colon cancer in 2005.

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project has worked since 2005 to
increase screening rates and decrease colon cancer deaths             Kentucky
in Kentucky by educating the public. The Project has used       Kentucky Screenable Cancer Mortality, 2000-2004
                                                                      Screenable Cancer Mortality, 2000-2004

a number of outreach methods to reach Kentuckians, from
public service announcements and informational brochures                Colorectal
to charity walks, health screenings and live television shows              Colorectal
                                                                        Female Breast
                                                                           Female Breast
We have produced public service announcements and                                                                   46%
introduced advocacy in nine different communities in                    Prostate

Kentucky ranging from Paducah to Hazard. Two live television                                        20%
shows have offered the central Kentucky communities                     Cervical
surrounding Lexington a chance to interact with doctors
and nurses specially trained to field questions regarding
colon cancer. Two community walk events, the Walk
Away from Colon Cancer held in Louisville, have helped
to create awareness and raise funds for the Project.

                                                                                           Colon Cancer Prevention Project   3
Outreach Efforts
Promotional Materials
A critical mission of the Colon Cancer Prevention Project      Prevention Kits. In 2006, more than 1,000 prevention kits
has been placing educational materials in the hands of         were distributed to primary care, gastroenterology, surgical
doctors, nurses, and healthcare facilities throughout          and gynecological practices through TAP Pharmaceuticals.
Kentucky. To date, the Project has had much success in this    The kits provided an easy-to-implement risk reduction
endeavor, distributing more than 300,000 informational         system that each practice could use in their offices.
pamphlets statewide. Among the information distributed:

                                                               Buddy Pamphlet. In 2006, the Project designed a “Buddy
                                                               Pamphlet” asking people to encourage family and friends
                                                               to seek colon cancer screening. The pamphlets are given to
                                                               patients after a colonoscopy and included facts about colon
                                                               cancer, polyps and risk factors. In 2007, these pamphlets were
                                                               distributed nationally in cooperation with Cook Medical. Since
                                                               then, the Project has distributed more than 300,000 Buddy
                                                               Pamphlets to patients, hospitals, and endoscopy centers
                                                               in the U.S. and Canada. The Buddy Pamphlet has also been
                                                               translated into Spanish and continues to be in high demand.

    “My dedication to the Colon Cancer Prevention Project        “The Colon Cancer Prevention Project exemplifies
     stems from loss – the unnecessary loss of a beloved          comprehensive cancer control. They know that by
     parent, grandparent and friend. This loss was due            working together you are able to accomplish much
     primarily to ignorance, both on the part of a physician      more than you ever could working alone. They are
     and the patient. With the assistance of the Colon            always willing to coordinate and collaborate in efforts
     Cancer Prevention Project, we will be able to eradicate      that will make an impact not only in one of the most
     this ignorance through our education programs.               preventable and pervasive cancers in Kentucky, but
                                                                  in all of cancer prevention and control. I am inspired
     I also had a husband with a history of colon                 by their energy and expertise and know that Kentucky
     polyps. With education, we as a family know the              will be a healthier state because of their efforts.”
     importance of early screening and proper follow-up.          Jennifer Redmond, MPH
     With this knowledge we have been able to prevent             Program Director, Kentucky Cancer Consortium
     pain, suffering and the financial impact of treating
     advanced disease in our family. This is what I hope
     to achieve for the residents of the state of Kentucky
     by working with Colon Cancer Prevention Project.”
     Martha Risen
     Board Member and Volunteer

4       Colon Cancer Prevention Project
                                                                    “Catching a Killer” TV Special
Screening and Surveillance Tip Sheets. In January 2007, more         On March 24, 2006, a live television show titled “Catching
than 3,500 Screening and Surveillance Tip Sheets were mailed         a Killer” aired on WLEX in Lexington. This live telecast
to physicians across Kentucky. Our outreach focused on seven         highlighted the importance of colon cancer screening and
specialties: gastroenterology, family practice, general practice,    featured live commentary from colon cancer survivors,
internal medicine, general and colorectal surgery, radiation         including Alan Stein, owner of the Lexington Legends baseball
oncology, medical oncology and obstetrics/gynecology. The            team, and medical experts and a phone bank of physicians
tip sheets are an educational tool for physicians designed           and endoscopy nurses who answered viewers’ questions
to increase screening in their practices according to the            regarding colon cancer and symptoms. More than 35,000
latest American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) guidelines.        people in 40 central and eastern Kentucky counties watched
These tip sheets were funded by a Gheens Foundation grant           “Catching a Killer” when it aired. “Catching a Killer” aired in
and distributed through Kentucky Medical Association to              central and eastern Kentucky again on March 20, 2007, this
membership. The Tip Sheet was also distributed to 120                time featuring colon cancer survivor Joe B. Hall, former
Kentucky local health departments by the Kentucky Department         coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team.
for Public Health and the Woodford County Health Department.
                                                                    “Catching a Killer” was made possible through numerous
                                                                     partnerships with health and community groups
                                                                     throughout Kentucky led by Dr. Brad Youkilis.

   University of Louisville & University of Kentucky
   basketball greats, Lancaster Gordon (left) & Ralph
   Beard supported the Colon Cancer Prevention Project               Trolley Hop
   in a series of public service annoucements.                       In March 2006, the Colon Cancer Prevention Project co-
                                                                     sponsored the F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop on Frankfort Avenue
                                                                     in Louisville to further promote awareness of the importance
                                                                     of colon cancer screening. Trolley Hop participants were
                                                                     given informational pamphlets and brochures alerting them
                                                                     to the importance of Colon Cancer Screenings. This event
                                                                     followed the Project’s announcement of its collaboration
                                                                     with the Kentucky Medical Association, the Kentucky
                                                                     Cancer Program, and the Kentucky Hospital Association.

                                                                       “I volunteer for the Colon Cancer Prevention
                                                                        Project because I think it is a wonderful cause.
                                                                        Without prevention, there could be disaster.”
                                                                        Zenet Schissler
                                                                        Volunteer, Retired Teacher

                                                                                                 Colon Cancer Prevention Project      5
                                                                                           “I am a colon cancer survivor who knows the importance of
                                                                                            early screening for colorectal cancer. I was not diagnosed
                                                                                            until age 60. Even though I was experiencing some
                                                                                            problems, a colonoscopy was never suggested. After
                                                                                            two years, another doctor did recommend screening and
                                                                                            cancer was found. This is why my husband and I volunteer
                                                                                            for the Colon Cancer Prevention Project – to get the word
                                                                                            out to as many as possible on the importance of early
                                                                                            screening. It could have made a difference in my case.”
                                                                                            Mrs. Danny (Patty) Meyer
                                                                                            Volunteer, Colon Cancer Survivor

    ABOVE: Ron and Mel Fisher, DJs from 84WHAS,                                          Rubbertown Community Health Screenings Project
    volunteered to MC during the 2007 walk.                                              In the fall of 2007, the Colon Cancer Prevention Project teamed
    BELOW: One of a series of posters displayed                                          up with the Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness
    during the Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop                                              Department to deliver educational information about colon
                                                                                         cancer screenings to approximately 1,800 individuals. The
                                                                                         information was distributed in conjunction with a joint project
                                                                                         funded by the federal government to provide various health
                                                                                         screenings to the residents of neighborhoods adjacent to the
                                                                                         industrialized areas in western Louisville, commonly known
                                                                                         as Rubbertown. Led by board members Betty Mueller, MSSW
                                                                                         and Martha Risen, RN, the Colon Cancer Prevention Project
                                                                                         worked alongside healthcare and community volunteers to
                                                                                         educate the residents of West Louisville about the benefits
                                                                                         of screening for colon cancer. Volunteers who participated
                                                                                         represented Norton Healthcare, Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s
                                                                                         Healthcare, Baptist Hospital East and other organizations.
                                                                                         As a result of these efforts, approximately 400 individuals
                     Wanna show your colon a good time?
                                                                                         will receive colon cancer screenings made available to them
                       The Colon Cancer Prevention Project
              F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop, March 31st, 5 pm ‘til ?
                                                                                         through partnerships with all area hospital networks, many
              Throughout March, enjoy special promotions from participating Frankfort
              Avenue area businesses that support the Colon Cancer Prevention Project.   physician providers, and Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
                               Screening Saves Lives. Get Screened.

6      Colon Cancer Prevention Project
2006-2007 “Walk Away from Colon Cancer”                         The 2006 “Walk Away from Colon Cancer” was held
 In August of 2006, the First Annual “Walk Away From Colon      along the waterfront of downtown Louisville.
 Cancer” charity walk was held at Waterfront Park in downtown
 Louisville. Widely supported by the healthcare community,
“Walk Away from Colon Cancer” was the third walk of its kind
 in the nation. More than
 400 individuals attended,
 raising over $25,000 to
 support the Project.                                           “I decided to help with the Walk Away From Colon
                                                                 Cancer event and the Rubbertown health screening
The Second Annual “Walk                                          after someone I knew was affected by colon
Away From Colon Cancer”                                          cancer and I could put a face to the disease. I got
event, held September                                            interested, did some research, and got into the project
8, 2007, at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. More than $71,000      because it was affecting people I care about.”
was raised to support early detection and prevention of          Gary Jacobs
colon cancer. Multiple hospital systems, physician practices,    Volunteer, Retired from UPS
area businesses and individuals from the community
participated and more than 500 people, including survivors,
patients and their families and friends, attended the walk.

 The Colon Cancer Prevention Project will hold the third
“Walk Away from Colon Cancer” in September of 2008.

                                                                                         Colon Cancer Prevention Project   7
2006-2007 Board of Directors                               Thanks To Our 2007 Volunteers
President                                                  Cindy Abel                       Gary Jacobs
Whitney F. Jones, M.D.                                     Margaret Adkins                  Mary Ann Jacobs
 Midwest Gastroenterology Associates                       Karen Allen                      Anna Kaiser
                                                           Don Ater                         Lee Kaiser
Treasurer                                                  Elizabeth Beam                   Mary Kleinhelter
Melanie Clark, CPA                                         TJ Blandford                     John Kleinhelter
    Chilton & Medley PLC
                                                           Kimberly Bond                    Karen Lamberton
President Elect                                            Amy Brown                        Jacob Lucas
William F. Beam                                            Joan Butler                      Brenda Luster
    Owner, Catering Associates                             Pat Byrnes                       Kim Mangan
Secretary                                                  Brooke Cahill                    Aimee McCaa
Betty Mueller, MSSW                                        John Cahill                      Cheryl McDonald
Retired                                                    Carol Carwile                    Joanne Mensing
                                                           Juan Castro                      BJ Meyer
Members                                                    Victor Castro                    Danny Meyer
Edward Adler, M.D.                                         Elena Castro                     Patti Meyer
 Gastroenterology Consultants of Louisville                Charlotte Castro                 Keely Miller
Doug Boyce, M.D.                                           Kathryn Champion                 Amanda Morris
 Louisville Gastroenterology Associates                    Le Champion                      Christopher Mueller
Terri Diehl, RN                                            Mary S. Choi                     Harris Mueller
 Norton Healthcare                                         Jean Claiborne                   Jaclyn Mueller
                                                           Laura Clark                      Marilyn Mueller
Marge Fitzgerald, M.D.
                                                           Susan Collins                    Robert Mueller
 Anesthesia Associates of Louisville
                                                           Linda Costello-Bramham           Joyce Muscatello
Stanley Frager, PhD                                        Karin Cryan                      Amy O’Connell
 Frager & Associates and colon cancer survivor             Missy Daly                       Ann Owens
Jeffrey Goldberg, M.D.                                     Pat Davis                        Shannon Parker
 Norton Healthcare                                         Rachel Didat                     Linda Powell
Susie Greenberg                                            Pat Duvalle                      Jason Ramsey
 Retired Marketing Manager for American Express            Diane Floyd                      Megan Roberts
                                                           Laura Garrity                    Judy Robison
Jim Jackson
                                                           Carol Geis                       Maria Rogers
 Jackson Consulting, Cattleman and colon cancer survivor
                                                           Rosemary Gentry                  Zenet Schissler
Tom James, III, M.D.                                       Georgetta Gering                 Karla Snoddy
 Humana Inc.                                                                                Melissa Spurrier
                                                           John Gering
Tim Lawson                                                 Raymond Goose                    Betsy Staggs
 Tandem Public Relations                                   Jane Graves                      Jennifer Thomas
John N. Lewis, M.D., MPH                                   Martina W Gregory                Kelly Thompson
 HealthCare Excel                                          Nicole Heimerdinger              Kathy Q Thompson
                                                           Terri Heitzman                   Natalie Tinker Kinslow
Luis Marsano, M.D.
                                                           Charlene Herd                    Tina Toole-Harper
 University of Louisville Hospital
                                                           Lisa Herd                        Christine Vaughan
Laszlo Makk, M.D.                                          Diane Howard                     Celine Vollmer
 Gastro East Physicians                                                                     Denise Yates
                                                           Dara Howell
Martin Mark, M.D.
 Gastroenterology Consultants of Louisville
                                                              BALANCE SHEET                     as of December 31, 2007
Martha Risen, RN                                              ASSETS
 Jewish & St. Mary’s Healthcare
Douglas Shaw                                                     Current Assets
 Retired President of Jewish Hospital
Connie Sorrell, MPH
 Kentucky Cancer Program                                             Republic Bank                          81,535.70
Wayne Tuckson, M.D., MPH                                           Total Checking/Savings                   81,535.70
 Kentuckiana Colon and Rectal Surgery                            Total Current Assets                       81,535.70
Executive Director                                            TOTAL ASSETS                               81,535.70
Angela R. Champion, MPA

8        Colon Cancer Prevention Project
Thanks To Our Donors


BENEFACTOR : $10000 - $24999

                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Phillip                                                   Diane Sawyer &
  Ellen Bale                                             Greenburg                                                          Mike Nichols

LEADER : $5000 - $9999

ADVOCATE : $1000 - $4999                                                   Linda Birge                                  Noel Canlas
Ameripath                                DONOR : $1 - $999                 Lonnie and Cynthia Bishop                    Rachel Canter
Axcan Scandipharm                        Cindy Abel                        Emori Bizer                                  Charmaine Cardwell
Baptist Hospital East                    Karen Adams                       Maxine Bizer                                 Caritas / Dr. Ashok Kapur
Baptist Hospital North East              Margaret Adkins                   Cyndy Bland                                  Susan Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bingham, Jr.          Jacqulyn Ahl                      TJ Blandford                                 Janet Carly
Caring Hands Patient Assistance Fund     Karen Allen                       Sandra Blandford                             Dale Carrico
Central Baptist Hospital                 Terry Allen                       Kim Blandford                                Ruth Carroll
Central Kentucky Gastroenterology        William & Shirley Allen           Amanda Blessitt                              Polly & Olivia Carter
Colorectal Surgical Associates           Daniel Allen                      Anna Bodart                                  Juan Castro
Commonwealth Gastroenterology            Jeff Allen                        Christine Bohn                               Elena Castro
Consultants in Blood Disorders           Mary Amshoff                      Martina Bohonowicz                           Victor Castro
Scott Cornell                            Doris Anderson                    Chris & Karen Bonham                         Charlotte Castro
Tonya Eubank                             Delores Tincher & Angela Ashby    Barbara Boniakowski                          Sarah and Steven Chamberlain
Linda Frankel                            Lisa Applegate                    Stephan Booth                                Le & Kathryn Champion
Gastro East Physicians                   Angelia Archie                    Dr. Borders & Associates                     Renee Charman
Gastroenterology Consultants             Kim Arrington                     B.B. Borkar                                  Chile’s Auto Body
   of Louisville                         Brittany Asbury                   Michael Bousamra                             Mary Jane Choi
Gastroenterology of Southern Indiana     Carla Asbury                      Natasha Bowman                               Jean Claiborne
Gastroenterology Specialists             Associates in General Surgery     Doug Boyce                                   Larry Clark Construction
   of Lexington                          Don Ater                          Eva Bradley                                  Tammy Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Henderson               Vona Atwell                       Braintree Labs                               Kayla Clark
Walton Jones, Jr.                        Jennifer Bailey                   Katie Brauner                                Taunjua Clark
Wanda Jones                              Jean Baizel                       Laura Brenzel                                Rosemary Clay
Kentuckiana Cancer Institute             Sandra Baker                      Adam Brickler                                Jennifer Clements
Kentuckiana Colon and Rectal Surgery     Cheryl Barnes                     Karen Briggs                                 Laura Clifford
Kentucky Cancer Consortium               Alyson Barnes                     Cristy Brisko                                Emily Cockerill
Kentucky Cancer Program                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Battafarano      Susan Broadus                                Patrick Connelly
Kentucky Surgery Center                  Bill and Elizabeth Beam           Kimberly Broecker                            Joni Connelly
Lexington Oncology Associates            Charles Beam                      Mark & Susan Bronner                         Denise Conway
Lexington Surgery Center                 A. Swain Beard                    Paul Brown                                   Josh Cook
Louisville Gastroenterology Associates   Max Behr                          Paige, Travis, and Taylor Brown              Cindy Cook
Midwest Gastroenterology Associates      Arnold Belker                     Samantha Brown                               Joanne Costabell
Pathology & Cytology Labs                Sharon Bell                       Bri & Carissa Broyles                        Linda Costello-Branham
Salix Pharmaceutical                     Karen Bennett                     Martha Bruce                                 Lisa Courtney
Tyco                                     Joann Bensing                     Patrick Buck                                 Felicia Cox
United Radiation Oncology                Maris Berg                        Mike and Kay Burke                           Petrina Crabtree
University of Kentucky Healthcare        Karl Bergmeister                  Joan Butler                                  Amy Cranfill
Women’s GI Consultants, Inc.             Suzanne Bergmeister               Brooke Cahill                                Cadie Crocker
Zonta Club                               Maxine Bigstaff                   Pat Campbell                                 Merritt and Chrissy Cullum

                                                                                                             Colon Cancer Prevention Project           9
Bradford Cummings                          Alfred Frager                Melanie Hodoh               Michael & Ruth Lee
Bob & Elizabeth Cunningham                 Patty Frager                 Rick & Gerri Hogwood        Greg Lee
Holly Cunningham                           Frager Associates            Maureen Holmes              John Lee
Libby Cunningham                           Stephanie Frantz             Cathy Holzknecht            Mandy Lee
Curascript                                 Mike Frederick               Sarah Homrighause           Teresa Leezer
Shannon Curran                             Sharmette Frempong           John & Kristi Horlander     Kathy Lega
Allison Cuyjet                             Leanne French                Sherrie Horn                Bruce & Gail Lenhoff
Jeanette Davis                             Jeremiah Fritz               Regina Howard               James B. Lenihan
Pat Davis                                  Randy Gaither                Carol Howard                Diane Leslie
Christy Davis                              Doris Gaither                Dara Howell                 Julia Leslie
Mary Dawson-Shoulders                      Anthony Galiette             Jamie Hublar                Brenda Lester
Linda Dechsi                               Teresa Garland               Micheal Huck                Crystal Levett
Pauline Deckins                            Laura Garrity                Bill Hughes                 Olivia Lewallen
Fox and Janice DeMoisey                    Joyce Gathof                 Denise Humble               The Lindsey Family
Stephanie Denkhoff                         Sharon Geary                 Julie Hundley               Roetta Lindsey
Gary Detar                                 Robert Geiger                Elizabeth Hundley           Melissa Logsdon
Robert Dick & Family                       Carol Geis                   Roy Hunt                    Helen Logsdon
Bryan and Karen Dickens                    Rosemary Gentry              Kathy Hyatt                 Anne London
Linda Dickenson                            John & Georgetta Gering      Deanna Hyde                 Janette Long
Rachel Didat                               Rhonda Gibson                Tracy Ingram                Jim & Carol Lorfing
Regina Didat                               Tami Gibson                  Karen Jackman               Louisville Surgical Associates
Terri Diehl                                Vicky Gillespie              Jim Jackson                 Pamela Lucas
Jimmy Diemer                               Brianna Gillian              James & Kathryn Jackson     Bonnie M. Lueke
Dixon-Ellis Family                         Leslie Givens                John Jackson                Jessica Lukat
Janice Dobbins                             C.M Gladstone                Bill Jackson                Brenda Luster
Brian Dobozi                               Edie Glass                   Kirt Jacobs                 Mary Lyle
Leah Dorr                                  Greg Gleis                   Gary & Mary Ann Jacobs      Jordan Lynch
Dana Dorr                                  Jeffrey & Allison Goldberg   Julie Jacobs                Dianne Lynn
Michelle Dotson                            Jon Goldstein                Sharon Jacobson             Laszlo Makk
Dr. E. Robert Dick DMD Team                Joy Goodman                  Kent & Marjorie Jaggers     P.L. Maloney
Betty Drexler                              Raymond Goose                Sanjay Jain                 Millie Maness
Christy Drury                              Katie Grant                  Becky Jenigan               Kim Mangan
Kenneth Duncan                             Mary Ann Grant               Verna Jennette              Martin Mark
Pat Duvall                                 Jane Graves                  Lisa & Katelyn Johnson      Daniel Mark
Peggy Dye                                  LeslieGray                   Jaclyn Johnson              Josh Mark
Claudia Earnest                            Georgia Green                Joe Johnson                 Jeanne Markwell
Ginny Ebel                                 Ron Greenberg                Randy Johnson               The Martinez Family
Carrie Eberle                              Linda Greenwald              Hannah Jones                Tommy Masters
Jacqueline Eddins                          Colleen Greenwell            Heather Jones               Eric Mathis
Eileen Edlin                               Linda Greenwell              Gordon Jones                Bryan Mathis
Paul Edwards                               Lisa Grimes                  Constance Jordan            Polly Matthews
Chris Eichenberg                           Dawn Guetig                  The Kaikaus Family          Thomas Mattingly
Paula Eichenberg                           Paula Gyimesi                Tabitha Kaiser              Michelle Mattingly
D. Annette Ellis                           Vicki Haddad                 Anna & Lee Kaiser           Amy May
Mary Erenthal                              Susan Hagan                  Daryle and Karen Karnes     Mary Mayrose
Stephanie Ernst                            Jenny Hall                   Lowell D. Katz              Andre & Joy Maytum
Tracy Esarey                               Tracy Hammond                Lauren Kaufman              Nancy McChord
Andrew & Margaret Evans                    Elaine Hammond               Charlene Keene              Jean McClellan
Ben Evans                                  Susan Hancock                Tammy Kelder                Matt McCollough
William & Joilynn Evans                    Jane Hartman                 Jason Kelly                 Emily McCord
Molli Evans                                Gary Hatfield                Robert & LaDonna Kennedy    Sharon McGown
David and Nikki Faconbury                  Barbara Haunz Asher          Cathy & Bill Kennedy        Brenda McHugh
Martha Fahey                               Melvin & Brittany Hawkins    Jackie Kennedy              Tamia McKinney
Marti Fahey                                Karen Hayden                 Mary & Pete Kik             Alan McLaughlin
Tish Fegenbush                             Debbie & Arnold Hayes        Gloria King                 Louise McLaughlin
John Fischer                               Cathy Hays                   Jerome & Mary Kleinhelter   Catherine McLeod
Sam and Mary Fischer                       Beverly Hearn-Smith          Jacob Klucas                Harold & Diana McNeal
Becky Fitch                                Geraldine Heatherly          Andrea Knight               Fran Meadows
Marion Fitch                               Susan Heichelbech            Donna Koch                  Kim Meier
Marge Fitzgerald                           Niccole Heimerdinger         Martha Krieg                Brian Meldrum
Richard Fitzgerald                         Kevin Heine                  Mark Kulp                   Nora Meldrum
Mary Ann & Josette Fitzpatrick             Terrie Heitzman              Bruce Lane                  Deletta Merz
Lynne Flemming                             Kim Helfer                   George Langford             Danny & Patty Meyer
Lenley Flener                              Tina Hembree                 Joe Lanter                  Virginia Michaelree
John Flood                                 Gretchen Henry               Gerald Larson               Sarah Michaelree
Doea Florence                              Cynthia Herbig               Melayna LaRue               Theresa Miller
Karen Florence-Bennett                     Lisa Herd                    Bernie LaRue                Jan Minter
LaDonna Florence-Bennett                   Charlene Herd                Carrie Lauck                Pam Minton
Dianne Floyd                               Terri Hereford               Donna Lawrence              Jennifer Minturn
Loni Floyd                                 Cathy Hernandez              Tim Lawson                  Nicole Mitchell
Sue Foster                                 Michael Hester               The Layman Family           Laurie Moore
Rhonda Foster                              A.J. Hettinger               Melinsa Leach               Sharon Morales
Stan Frager                                Dianna Hicks                 Gert LeDonne                Kelly Moreman

10       Colon Cancer Prevention Project
Kimberly Morgan                    John Rees                 Pauletta Smith                             Christine White
Rosemarie Morris                   Renaissance Medical       Monica Smith                               Erica White
Trish Mosley                       Mary Rexroat              Martina Smith                              Valerie White
Warren & Hannah Mounts             Mary Ricci                Agnese Smith                               Jennifer White
Cindy Moxley                       Betty Richards            Mildred Smith                              Patricia A. Whitehead
Thomas Mudd                        Brittany Richards         Susan Smith                                Sherri Whitmar
Harris & Betty Mueller             Ronald Richardson         Donna Smither                              The Williams Family
Christopher Mueller                Tracy & Chance Ricketts   Sam Sonnier                                Kaela Williams
Elizabeth Mueller                  Christopher Ridge         Paulette Sparks                            Diana Williams
Juan Castro & Marguerite Mueller   Lewis Ridgeway            Cheryl Sparks                              Al Williams
Robert & Marilyn Mueller           Michelle Riney            Carol Spencer                              Leslie Wilson
Jaclyn Mueller                     Ruth Ring                 Tabitha Stacy                              Gary & Michele Wilson
Nashville Muellers                 Martha Risen              James & Lillie Stein                       Dorothy Wilson
Sean Muldoon                       Karen Risinger            Joseph, Ludie, & Liza Stevens              Kate Womack
Daniel & Rashawna Mullaney         Kali Risinger             Nicole Stevenson                           Charles Woodall
Dan Mulloney                       Kim Roach                 Deena Stewart                              Bryant Woodford
Elizabeth Navarra                  Karen Roberts             David Stewart                              Erin Woodrum
Jodee Nelson                       Maegan Roberts            Courtney Stinnett                          Debbie Wooldridge
Sherry Neunen                      Julie Robertson           Michael & Luann Storm                      Gregory Wooltolk
Anne Northup                       Beverly Robinson          Joyce Streever                             Scheryl Woosley
Byron Nugent                       Kathy Robinson            C. Patrick & Marnita Strehl                Denise Wrenn
Emily Nyoka                        Judy Robison              Carol Stumpf                               Natalie Wright
Catherine O’Connor                 Larry & Mary Rodgers      Bill Sturgeon                              Barbara Yaste
Paula O’Daniel                     Jorge Rodriguez           Norma Sturgeon                             Denise Yates
Linda Oechsli                      Maria Rogers              Mary Ann Thiele                            The Yepuri Family
Kevin O’Koon                       Grant Rogers              Andrea Thomas                              Kathy Young
Howard O’Koon                      Teresa Rose               Sherri Thomas                              Brittany Young
Don Olsson                         Danielle Ross             Debbie Thomas                              Janet Young
Mary Olszewski                     Marie Rosser              Greg Thomas                                Karen Zetelski
Outsource Administrative           Cindy Rosser              Philip Thompson                            Joan Zink
    Services, Inc                  Cindi Roundtree           Donna & Ronald Thompson                    Joe Anne Zwakenberg
Steve Overstreet                   Angie Rowles              Callie & Paul Thompson
Karla Owens                        Jaime Royalty             Kelly & Kathy Thompson                     In Kind Sponsors/Donors
Ann Owens                          The Rucinski Family       Natalie Tinker-Kinslow                     84 WHAS
Susan Paar                         Suzanne Rutledge          Melanie Tinsley                            Chilton & Medley PLC
Barbara Pace                       Julie Sadler              Anna Toler                                 Dairy Queen
Jenny Padgett                      Dorothy Sadler            Rita Tonini                                GEE!
Buddy Padgett                      Ed Sames                  John Tonini                                Heine Bros Coffee
Nicole Parr                        Jason Samuel              Kelly Tonini                               Bonnie Koontz
Debbie Patton                      Jean Sawyer Hayes         Carol Totten                               KT’s and Austin’s
Melanie & Wyatt Payne              Elizabeth Schalk          Scott Trager                               Madison Latimer
Holly Payne                        Zenet Schissler           Kathy Tripp                                Louisville Tap
George Perkins                     Geralyn Schmitt           Pamela Tromble                             Magnolia’s
Johnna Perry                       Joann Scholz              The Turgett Family                         Neikirk & Associates
Tonya Phelps                       Carol Schusterman         Ronald & Mary Anne Turner                  North End Café
Jill Phelps Waltrip                Charles Scoggins          Thelma Turner                              Panera
Beth Pickrell                      Beth Seabolt              Jeff Tuvlin                                Peritus Public Relations
Emily Pike                         Layla Searcy              Justin Utz                                 Qdoba
David Pilkinton                    Michael Seitz             VA Hospital                                Standard Country Club
Trey Popham                        Debbie Self               Betty Varghese                             Tandem Public Relations
Tony & Pam Potts                   Carrie Senn               Teresa Vest
Melissa Powell                     Karen Severs              June Viers                                  Designed by
Madelyn Pressey                    Travis Severs             Gary Vitale
Steve & Rebecca Prewitt            Amy & Nick Severs         Larry & Tracy Voll
Elizabeth Prewitt                  Debbie Sexton             Celine Vollmer
Susan Puckett                      Cindy Shackelford         Julia Wales
Melissa Quinn                      Larry Shapero             Leta Walker
Andy Quinn                         Jim Sharon                Missi Wallace
Maxwell Quinn                      Jessica Sharon            Karla Wallace
Nathan Quinn                       Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Shaw   Charleen Wallace
Amy Raines                         Jason & Jan Shelman       Rosie Walters
Amy Raiser                         Susan Shepard             Susan Warner
Kate Raitiere                      Karen & Skylar Sherwood   Kim Weaver
Robert Ramey, Jr.                  Rose Shipley              Sandra Webb
Jill Ramsey                        Jim Shircliff             Alyssa Weber
Jason Ramsey                       S. Shott                  Barbara Weihe
Mary Ramsey                        Helen Shuck               Shauna Weis
Doris Raque                        Amelia Simpson            Emily Wells
Susan Rassiga                      Kristine Sledge-Delk      Elizabeth Welsh
Alice Rathburn                     Vickie Sliter             Jeffrey West
Niccole Raymond                    Lillie Smith              Marie West
Deborah Redden                     Charlette Smith           John Westerfield
Lindsey Reed                       Cindy Smith               Bonnie M. Weyer

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