Minutes of Newbern Elementary PTA Regular Meeting September 17 2007 Call to Order A regular meet by chenleihor


									                          Minutes of Newbern Elementary PTA
                                    Regular Meeting
                                   September 17, 2007

Call to Order: A regular meeting of the Newbern Elementary PTA was held at 6:30 p.m.on
   September 17, 2007 in Newbern, VA. Presiding were Betsy Cash, President; Lora Covey,
   Vice-President; Katrina Compton, Treasurer; Joie Horton, Secretary. Approximately 48
   members were in attendance.
Reading /Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the May 14, 2007 meeting were reviewed
   and approved by those in attendance.
Treasurer’s Report: A detailed Treasurer's report was given by Katrina Compton. The report
   shall be posted on the web site for review.
Program: There was no formal program for the evening.
Introduction of Officers: An introduction of new PTA officers was given by Betsy Cash.
Introduction of New Faculty and Staff: Betsy Cash introduced and welcomed those present--
    our new principal, Mr. Joseph Reed and our new third grade teacher, Mrs. Ashley Hale.
Announcements: The next meeting is scheduled for October 8, 2007 with a dinner available
   for purchase. Details will be sent home at a later date.
   Mr. Reed and Mrs. Brillheart, the NES librarian, presented information about a fundraiser
   with Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Details shall come later.
   Mr. Reed and Betsy Cash presented “Project Playground”, an opportunity to improve the play
   facilities at NES with a grant received from Wal Mart in the amount of $1,000.
New Business: Goals and programs under consideration by the PTA were presented and
   discussed as follows:
   Programs for future meetings may include: Drug Awareness; Dangers of internet chatting
   such as “My Space”; a “Christmas Around the World” children’s program for December.
   Fundraisers may include: An NES cookbook; Cookie dough sales; Newbern Fall Festival
   50/50 raffle; various pre-planned dinner fundraisers to accompany meetings.
   On-going fundraisers may include: collecting Campbell’s labels; collecting box-tops;
   collecting used ink-cartridges; a new system by Food City for tracking and crediting
   purchases to NES; application for various grants is in progress.
   Other programs may include: Trunk or Treat for Halloween; PTA sponsored Parent’s Night
   Out; a student-managed yearbook committee; “Start the Arts” program.
Old Business: Stuart Covey updated the PTA on progress of a school security system; some
   details were still not available at this time. A motion was made by Mrs. Bentley to table the
   discussion for another meeting when more information was available from the
   company/installer, seconded by Mrs. Anderson.
Discussion: Discussions were held regarding an appropriate time for PTA meetings to begin; the
    time continues to be 6:30 p.m.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Mrs. Anderson, seconded by Mrs. Bentley.

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