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teams up - Special Olympics of Connecticut


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									                              Save up to 20% on the cost of your electricity.
                       Your FREE enrollment generates on-going donations to SOCT.

Special Olympics Connecticut has teamed up with Discount Power, one of Connecticut’s leading low-cost
electricity suppliers, to create a program that generates on-going donations to Special Olympics
Connecticut while you save on the cost of your electricity. Enroll now and for as long as you remain
enrolled in our program your participation generates a monthly donation directly to Special Olympics

Every month Discount Power will donate on your behalf a portion of the price for each kilowatt hour used
by participants in the program. Participants in the program enjoy the same cost savings available to all
Discount Power variable-rate customers.

Enrollment is FREE. You can save up to 20% on electricity – no catch, no strings attached. There
are no fees, no commitments. Your bill and service still come from CL&P or UI. Grab a copy of your
electric bill and enroll at www.SOCTPower.org to start saving—and start generating donations.

We encourage all of you along with your families and friends to enroll in support of Special Olympics
Connecticut. The more participants we have in the program, the greater the donations we can generate.
It’s exciting to be able to provide a program that saves you money--while your savings provide us with the
important benefit of continued support. Please take advantage of this no-risk, no hassle way of donating
to our organization.

“In partnership with Special Olympics Connecticut, we are pleased to offer coordinators, coaches,
volunteers and supporters savings on their electricity,” said Jon Parrella, president of Discount Power,
Inc. “More importantly, we are excited by the opportunity to generate a stream of ongoing donations to an
organization as extraordinary as Special Olympics Connecticut.         Every kilowatt we supply to the
participants in this program will generate a donation to Special Olympics Connecticut. At $0.002 per
kilowatt, the donations can be substantial.”

Enrollment in the program is easy and completely risk free. There are no fees, no credit checks, and
electricity continues to be delivered and serviced by the utilities, CL&P and UI. There is no change in
monthly billing or in the service except for the lower cost of electricity.     In order to enroll, go to
www.SOCTPower.org and have your utility bill available. Once enrolled, members typically see savings
within 30 days of their meter reading date.


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