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Executive Summary                             5

Economic Snapshot                              7

The State Economy                              9

Infrastructure                                11
Social infrastructure                         11
Access infrastructure                         11
Industrial infrastructure                     12

State Policy                                  15
Vision & Mission                              15
Industrial policy                             15
IT policy                                     15
Infrastructure policy                         16
Biotech policy                                16
Power policy                                  16
Governance                                    17

Business Opportunities                        19
Key industries                                20
Exports                                       22
Investment                                    22
Potential hubs for investment                 23

Key Players                                   25

Doing Business in Uttar Pradesh               29
Indicative list of approvals and clearances   29
Cost of setting up business                   31
Contact for information                       32

A report by KPMG for IBEF
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Executive Summary

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is situated in northern part           Economic Zones (SEZs) are under implementation.
of India and is surrounded by Bihar in the east,          Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) index
Madhya Pradesh in the south, Rajasthan, Delhi,            of Relative Development of Infrastructure of the state
Himachal Pradesh and Haryana in the west and              (2002-03) is at 103.3 against an all India figure of 100.
Uttaranchal in the north.The state has a population
of 166 million.                                           The state has a well-developed agro-based industry.
                                                          Being one of the largest producers of sugar cane,
The state has the longest network of rivers and           the state is India’s sugar bowl. UP accounts for
canals at 28,500 km fostering the agriculture sector.     28.03 per cent of India’s sugar production.The
The mineral resources in the state are mainly             affluence of agriculture spurred the growth of allied
limestone, dolomite, glass-sand, marble, bauxite,         industries like cold storages and warehousing.
non-plastic fireclay and uranium.                         In addition to industrial areas, many centres like
                                                          Kanpur, Ghaziabad and Lucknow have an established
Endowed with fertile land, salubrious-climate and         traditional industry.The large livestock population
perennial river systems, the state has long been, the     allowed the leather industry to flourish in the state.
granary of India. Agriculture is the major source         Kanpur and Agra emerged as the hubs for leather
of income for about 72 per cent of the population.        goods in the country.Textile industry is the other
The state is one of the leading producers of food         promising sector in the state.
grains and other commercial crops in the country.
The state has a well-developed traditional industry       Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of electronic
besides mineral based industry. UP is now flexing its     goods and is the fourth largest exporter of software
status as the leading agricultural state in the country   products from the country. UP accounted for close
to emerge as a preferred destination                      to 10 per cent of IT & BPO exports from the
for the food-processing industry in the country.          country in 2003-04.With a productive and cost-
                                                          effective manpower, the state has attracted some
The state has some of the oldest powerhouses and          of the largest MNCs to set-up their manufacturing
currently is one of the largest power producers in the    facilities – Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Glaxo, Daewoo, Honda,
country.The state has good communication network          and Piaggio to name a few.
including one of the longest rail and road lengths.The
state is keen to improve the industrial infrastructure    The state with its human resource potential, proactive
and has developed integrated industrial townships like    policies and commitment to ensure encouraging
Noida with state-of-the-art facilities. Noida export      climate to the investors is poised to emerge
zone enjoyed a good inflow of investment from many        as a manufacturing hub in the country.The state
domestic and international players.The state has          has become a hub for corporate R&D with many
established four agro export zones and three Special      domestic players and MNCs establishing their facilities.
Industrial Centres in Uttar Pradesh
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An Economic Snapshot

Area (sq km)                      240,928
Population (2001, million)        166.2
Literacy Rate (%)                 56.27
Net State Domestic Product        36.26
(NSDP) (2002-03, US$ billion)
Per Capita NSDP (US$)             210.53
National Highway Length (km)      3728
Rail Length (km)                  5440
International Airport (nearest)   Mumbai
Domestic airports                 Lucknow,Varanasi, Kanpur
Key industries                    Cement
                                   Vegetable oils
                                  Cotton yarn
                                  Glassware & Bangles
Industry with growth potential    Biotech
Advantage Uttar Pradesh
 Largest population in the country

 Longest river network, longest rail length and ranks second in road length

 Ranks second in total number of sugar mills

 Highest number of domestic tourists in the country

 Largest exporter of electronics and software services totalling
 to US$ 899 million in 2003-04

 Ranks fourth in software exports
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The State Economy

Uttar Pradesh is the second biggest state economy                            It is the largest producer of wheat, pulses,
in the country, with a share of 10.7 per cent                                sugarcane, tobacco, potato and milk in the country.
in aggregate domestic product. Area-wise it is the                           It also has the highest yield in the country of pulses
fourth largest state in the country.The state recorded                       and tobacco.
a growth of 4.5 per cent during 1993-94 to 2003-04.
                                                                             The state has a well-developed agro-based and food
       Uttar Pradesh - Sectoral Contribution to GDP                          processing industry.The total investment in the food
                                                                             processing industry is expected to be more than
                                                                             US$ 42.55 million in 2004-05.The state is one of the
                                                                             leading producers of dairy and horticulture.The state,
                                                                             better known as the sugar bowl of the country is one
                                     32%                                     of the largest producers of sugar cane.The state
                  42%                                                        recorded total production of 5.4 million tonnes
                                                                             of sugar in 2001-02.The state ranks second
                                                                             in total number of sugar factories in the country
                              26%                                            at 101 in 2002-03.

                                                                             The availability of good natural resources and
                                                                             abundant manpower spurred the growth of the
                                                                             industry in the state. About 389,000 Small Scale
                                                                             Industries1 like hand-knitted woollen carpets,
       Industry               Source: Government of Uttar Pradesh, 2003-04   woodcarving, brass metal industries, terracotta, etc.
                                                                             provide large employment opportunities.
Among the major states, Uttar Pradesh ranks
fourteenth in per capita income. Uttar Pradesh                                                          Industrial index in 2001 (with 1996-97 base)
is the most populous state in India, with more than
16 per cent of India's total population.The western                                                                                                 223.0
region is more urbanised than the rest of the state                                                                                                                         169.1                  175.9      179.0
and has 622 industrial workers per thousand                                          129.1                  127.9

in registered factories, against 443 in the state.
The density of population in the western region
is 762 per thousand against 689 in the state.
                                                                                                                                                                       Transport Equipments
                                                                                   Food Manufacturing

                                                                                                           Beverage Tobaco


                                                                                                                                         Metal and alloys Industries


Agriculture is the primary sector of the state’s
economy, employing about 72 per cent of the total
work force.The share of agriculture in the total
income of the state is 33 per cent. Uttar Pradesh                                                                                                                                                Source: Economic and Statistics
produces 38 per cent of India’s wheat, 20 per cent                                                                                                                                                     Division Diary year 2001

of paddy and 21 per cent of sugarcane.The state
boasts of the highest irrigation intensity at 66 per cent.                   1
                                                                              (As on 31st March 2002)
Three most important industries in the state are           The services sector is the key emerging sector
sugar, cotton fabrics and diversified food preparations.   in the state. Uttar Pradesh emerged as a hub
The state has fifth highest share in the country           for IT companies and ranks fourth in terms
in manufacturing value added of nearly 7 per cent.         of software exports. Several MNCs have established
The state witnessed a growth of 42 per cent                their facilities in Noida industrial area, which
in cement output in 2003-04.                               is in close proximity to the national capital.
                                                           Tourism is one of the promising sectors in the
At 13,645, UP is in the top quartile in the total          state.With a range of pilgrimages, the state is the
number of factories in the country.The electronics,        favourite destination for the domestic tourists.
leather, textiles and mineral-based industries have        The state enjoys the highest domestic tourist
shown a promising growth over the years.                   visits in the country.
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Social infrastructure                                   cost for the UP state roads project is estimated
                                                        at approximately US$ 614 million.
Uttar Pradesh is one of the leading states in the
number of institutions including 16 general             Power
universities, 3 technical universities and a large      Uttar Pradesh is the fourth largest producer
number of polytechnics, engineering institutes and      of power in the country at 7,600 MW2 with about
industrial training institutes. The state has several   88 per cent of it being thermal.The state is the
reputed educational institutions like IIT Kanpur,       third largest producer of thermal power in the
IIM Lucknow, Allahabad University, Aligarh Muslim       country.The state is one among the few in the
University, Banaras Hindu University and Roorkee        country to actively encourage private participation
Engineering University (recently ranked the fourth      in power sector.The state has signed Power Purchase
best university in Asia). Some of the research          Agreements (PPAs) for nearly 2,500 MW of private
organisations in the state include Central Drug         power. Most of these projects have a tie-up with the
Research Institute, Industrial Technology Research      major power companies of the USA, Canada, UK and
Centre, Central Food Technology Research Institute,     Germany.The state signed a PPA with the National
National Botanical Research Institute, Glass Research   Thermal Power Corporation, with the aim of making
Institute, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute        UP a power surplus state3. Reliance Industries has
of Medicine and King George Medical College.            planned to invest around US$ 2 billion in the power
                                                        sector in the state4.
The state has a good network of hospitals and
has the highest number of health care centres                   Break-up of power generation in Uttar Pradesh
                                                                                  (in 2003)
in the country.
Access infrastructure                                                                        10.9%

Uttar Pradesh has the longest rail length, the second
longest road length, and highest number of post
offices in India ensuring good connectivity. UP has                        87.3%
over 4,800 km of national highways and over
10,000 km of state highways.The state runs multiple
agencies involved in the construction and
maintenance of road network with the Public
Works Department (PWD) being the nodal agency.

The state government is going to take up the                    Nuclear
                                                                                              Source: Annual Report 2002-03, Ministry of
upgradation of 973 km of important state highways               Hydro                                         Power, Government of India

and major district roads along with major
maintenance and rehabilitation of another 2,574 km.     2
                                                          As on 31.01.2003
In addition, the PWD will construct four bypasses       3
                                                          by the year 2003
totalling 20 km and 5 major bridges.The total project   4
                                                          Source: www.embkorean.org
Industrial infrastructure                                  water, uninterrupted power facility etc., the state
                                                           is keen to improve the domestic infrastructure. Noida
Uttar Pradesh established 205 export oriented units5       is popular with big names looking for land in the city
till 2002.The state has an Export Promotion Zone           to set up facilities,Wipro, Xansa, Adobe to name
at Noida and two others at Moradabad and Kanpur            a few.To remove the infrastructure drawbacks
are under implementation.The state has four Agro           of Noida, an airport is being planned as also a host
Export Zones fostering better exports of agricultural      of flyovers and expressways.
products.Three Special Economic Zones6 have
been proposed.                                             Facilities provided:
                                                              Connectivity: Noida is provided with good
Uttar Pradesh has 129 industrial areas and ranks third        quality roads connecting it to all the major
in the number of industrial parks at 89, extending            destinations in the country.
over a total area of 38,000 acres.The state has               Power: Uninterrupted quality power supply with
developed integrated industrial areas, Noida and              40 MVA surplus power is available at 220/132 KVA.
Greater Noida in close proximity to New Delhi with            Water: Potable water with per capita availability
state-of-the-art industrial and domestic infrastructure.      of 225 litres.
                                                              Telecom: 33,000 lines on digital electronic
Noida                                                         exchange 10,000 lines as EWSD German Switching
Noida, an Integrated Industrial Township of Uttar             Technology.
Pradesh was established in 1976 under the UPIADA7.            Education: There is one-degree college and
Noida is better known as the state’s IT capital. The          14 Higher Secondary schools. Proposals have
industrial park in Noida has about 4000 functioning           been approved to set up engineering and
industrial units with the state-of-art physical               medical colleges.
infrastructure.The first offshore Export Processing
Zone in the country and a Software Technology Park         5
                                                             100 per cent Export Oriented Units
with its own Earth Station are added assets of Noida.      6
                                                             Bhadohi SEZ at Kanpur, Kanpur SEZ and Greater Noida.
In addition to the basic amenities like high bandwidth,    7
                                                             Uttar Pradesh Industrial Area Development Act
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  Health: Noida is well-equipped with modern and
  advanced medical centres with good facilities.                Profits and dividends can be remitted without
  Plans for a super speciality hospital are in pipeline.        restriction
                                                                Units in EPZ exempt from power cuts
Noida export processing zone (NEPZ)
NEPZ established in 1985 by the Government
of India works to promote investment and exports.          Greater Noida
it provides the following facilities:                      Greater Noida, an industrial township near New
                                                           Delhi and in the immediate proximity of Noida
   Corporate tax holiday for consecutive 5 years           is one of the largest industrial townships in Asia8.
   in the first eight years of establishment               The township has been proposed to constitute
   Duty exempt on inputs and capital goods                 state-of-art facilities with world-class standards.
   Special import licenses for the import                  The state is proactive in encouraging private sector
   of consumer goods                                       participation in the development.The power
   25 per cent of the total production, 5 per cent         distribution has been privatised ensuring high quality
   rejects can be sold in domestic tariff area (DTA)       uninterrupted supply to the industrial units.The
   units under EPZ scheme                                  township is provided with good water facility and
   50 per cent of agro production is permitted             educational facility including primary schools,
   for sale                                                university and R&D institutions.
   DTA unit can apply for conversion to an Export
   Oriented Unit (EOU)
   100 per cent of export earnings at market rate can
   be converted; no restriction on foreign share
                                                            Developed by Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
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Vision & Mission                                         in inviting private sector participation in the
                                                         infrastructure development. Certain areas
The state government of UP has laid thrust on the        to be developed as Industrial Corridors are:
following key areas:
    Create facilitative administrative systems             Noida-Greater Noida-Ghaziabad-Gautam
    Reduce lead time in setting up of industries           Buddha Nagar
    Remove bureaucratic hindrances                         Meerut-Moradabad-Bareilly
    Provide internationally competitive infrastructure     Agra-Aligarh-Firozabad-Khurja (Bulandshahr)-
    Unfetter industries in the conduct                     Kosi (Mathura)
    of their business                                      Lucknow-Kanpur

Industrial policy                                        IT policy

 Incentives for investment                               The state government announced the UP IT Policy
    Subsidy of 20 per cent of fixed capital investment   in 2004.The government aims at increasing the
    for new units in most backward areas                 penetration of internet in the state supported with
    Subsidy of 15 per cent of fixed capital investment   high-speed telecom backup.The state has committed
    for new units in less backward areas                 to improve IT infrastructure by developing electronic
    Subsidy of 10 per cent of fixed capital investment   cities and gateways to global destinations. Special
    for new units in least backward areas                incentives have been offered to the investors ensuring
    Deferment of luxury tax in thrust areas              supportive climate.
    for 5 years
    Octroi rebate on plant, machinery and building       The state government also plans to rope in the
    material for new units for 5 years                   Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) to set
    Exemption from minimum power demand                  up software technology parks at Noida, Agra,
    charges for sick units during the closure period     Kanpur and Allahabad. The government is also trying
    Land at 20 per cent of market prices for             partner with the Indian Institute of Technonlogy
    starred hotels                                       (IIT), Kanpur, Indian Institute of Management (IIM),
    Special incentives, including electricity, equity    Lucknow and Indian Institute of Information
    participation, and other assistance, for             Technology (IIT), Allahabad for developing the
    NRI entrepreneurs                                    Kanpur-Lucknow corridor as a cyber corridor
                                                         in the state.

Uttar Pradesh is among the five states in the country    The state government has announced plans
which have enacted their special economic zone           to establish backbone network or the UP-wide
(SEZ) legislations.                                      Area Network (UPNET) for voice, data and video
                                                         transmission and dissemination. UPNET will extend
The state plans to develop industrial areas              to all government departments, state secretariat,
as Integrated Industrial Townships on the lines          division and districts.To spread awareness of IT
of Noida and Greater Noida.The state is active           in the state, the Department of Science and Technology
of the UP government and the Council for Science and       through use of biotechnology and to generate job
Technology have tied up with NIIT, the leading IT          opportunities in this field. Lucknow is home
trainer, to test the IT proficiency of the state’s young   to 20 institutions and 22 scientific academic bodies
population. Further, at least one Computer Education       with multi-disciplinary specialities in the field
Centre (CEC) will be opened in an intermediate/            of biological sciences. In view of this, Lucknow was
degree college in each block to enhance IT penetration     declared as a “Biotechnology City” in 2002, during
in rural areas in next five years.                         the 89th annual meeting of the Indian Science
                                                           Congress. The state also has a large agricultural
Infrastructure policy                                      base to provide raw materials and a large market
                                                           for the finished products. The bio-tech park in
Under the road policy, the active role of the private      Lucknow will offer start-up and incubation facilities.
sector is encouraged in construction and maintenance       The state is planning a much bigger biotechnology
of roads, bridges, over bridges, under passes,             park in Noida.
expressways and highways etc. A road fund of nearly
US$ 87 million, set up for the first time by any state     Power policy
in India, seeks to upgrade infrastructure facilities
to world-class standards.                                  With a projected investment of over US$ 5.3 billion
                                                           in the next 5 years and the largest base of potential
The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)            consumers in India, Uttar Pradesh could emerge as
is upgrading the national highways under                   the mecca of power sector in the country. UP was
the Golden Quadilateral and East-West-North-South          one of the first states to undertake power reforms.
corridor areas in the state. UP’s Public Works             New Power Policy of the state has provisions for
Department (PWD) is upgrading 3,500 km of state            increasing the plant load factor (PLF) by creating
highways as part of a World Bank aided project.            additional power capacity, modernisation of power
The World Bank has approved a US$ 488 million loan         stations and improving the transmission system.
to improve the capacity, quality and safety of the
existing state road network.The Uttar Pradesh State        Reliance Industries Ltd is planning to build world’s
Roads Project will also enhance the capacity of PWD,       largest gas-based power plant involving a total
the state’s main road agency, to manage and deliver        investment of US$ 2 billion and generating capacity
quality road services.                                     of 3,500 MW in the state.The state also aims at
                                                           electrification of its 40,000 villages by the year 2009.
The state has built an infrastructure development          The state plans energy parks in various districts to
fund with a corpus of US$ 42.5 million under the           create awareness among the people about alternative
upcoming industrial and service sector investment          energy sources.The main state park will be set up
policy, 2004. A hi-tech airport at Saifai with proposed    at Allahabad and one such district-level energy park
investment of US$ 9.5 million is to be completed           would be established in Lucknow.
within two years.
                                                           Uttar Pradesh’s power industry is offering great
Biotech policy                                             opportunities to private sector entrepreneurs.
                                                           The major incentives announced in the power
The state government announced the UP Bio-Tech             policy are:
policy 2004 that seeks to establish a pre-eminent
position for the state in this sector. The ultimate          Subsidy towards land cost and rehabilitation
aim is to bring greater prosperity to the farmers            ranging from 40-60 per cent
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  Government land, if available to be given for       Entrepreneurs of industries involving investment
  99 year’s lease at the rate of US$ 2.13 per acre,   of up to US$ 5.5 million, export-oriented units
  stamp duty on registration waived                   of NRIs with investment above US$ 5.4 million and
  Deferment of entry tax as well as trade tax for     electronic and food industries with investment above
  a period of 7-12 years                              US$ 2.2 million are provided with the single window
  Water resources to be made available for thermal    registration by Udyog-Bandhu (friend of industry) for
  and nuclear power plants                            all the clearances.

UP has large coal reserves in the form of open cast   All 100 per cent export oriented units, which exports
mines in Sonebhadra district. Abundance of water      over 50 per cent of production, are declared as public
makes this district an ideal location for thermal     utilities to free them from the threat of flash strikes.
power plants.The state government commits power
purchase from new power plants, if other network is   The state plans to make the entire tax system
not available.                                        more progressive to ensure greater profitability
                                                      for entrepreneurs. Rules, procedures and practices
Governance                                            are being liberalised to bring them at par with
                                                      global standards.
The state introduced a single window registration
system to speed up transactions red tape.
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There are several factors that affect evolution                           dependence on availability of natural resources.
of an industry in a particular region.The major                           The availability of a large livestock population
factors impacting evolution are:                                          spurred the growth of leather industry
                                                                          in the state.
  Policy proactiveness: The policy that a state
  government adopts towards a sector directly                             Capability: Availability of good quality manpower
  affects its attractiveness for further investment.                      is a must for all industries to flourish. Highly
  For example, the Uttar Pradesh State Government                         cost-effective manpower in the state attracted
  has given many concessions for the IT sector.                           many players to establish their manufacturing
  This has prompted many IT majors like HCL,                              facilities.
  Cadence to set up software development
  operations in the state.                                             Based on an assessment of the above factors,
                                                                       some of the industries with potential for investment
  Availability of natural resources: Certain                           and growth in Uttar Pradesh are illustrated below:
  industries like agro-based industries have a high

           Exclusive Policy                                 Food           Infrastructure          IT & ITES
           Special Incentives                             Processing
           Special Infrastructure                                                              Mineral-based
           (SEZ, STPI, AEZ etc.)                                       Tourism                   Industry



          Generic policy incentives

                                                                       Sector Attractiveness Drivers

                                                          Natural Resources                          Capability
                                                               Driven                                 Driven

                     This is a qualitative assessment to highlight relative attractiveness of different sectors.
                                 A case by case analysis is necessary before investment is made.

                                                                                                                   Source: KPMG Analysis
Key industries                                                                    of which Kanpur and Agra are the two famous
                                                                                  production centres. Agra is the biggest centre
Agro-based and Food processing                                                    for shoe manufacturing in the country.
The total sales in food and beverages sector
in the state accounted for 24 per cent of the sales                               Kanpur is the sole producer of saddlery products.
by industries in 2003.                                                            It is a prominent centre for leather processing.
                                                                                  Kanpur tanneries specialise in processing hides into
               Production of major crops and alcohol
                     (as a percentage of total)                                   heavy leather (sole, harness and industrial leather).
                    38.5                                                          Uttar Pradesh plans to develop a special economic
                                                                                  zone at Kanpur to cater to the leather goods
                                                                                  industry. In addition to traditional centres for leather
                                      21.3     20.4
                                                                                  and leather products in the state, Noida has emerged
                                                                                  as a major centre especially for leather footwear and
                                                                                  leather garments.

       Sugar      Potato   Alcohol   Wheat    Food           Milk                 With 196 units, the sector has shown a promising
       cane                          stock    grains
                                                                                  growth of 205 per cent during 1991 to 2000.
                                             Source: www.indiainbusiness.nic.in

Uttar Pradesh is among the largest producers                                           Largest producer of component electronics
of agricultural commodities in the country.                                            at 19.6 per cent of India’s total
It produces 34 per cent of the total groundnut,                                        With a share of 24 per cent the state ranks
17.5 per cent of rapeseed, 8 per cent of fruits and                                    second in telecom electronics production
14 per cent of vegetables. It has the largest livestock                                In consumer electronics, the state produces
in the country and its milk production is the highest                                  22 per cent and ranks second in the country
in the country. It is the largest producer of sugarcane                                Ranks third in the production of computer
and ranks second in the manufacture of sugar9.                                         components with 14.5 per cent share and
                                                                                       strategic components with 18.8 per cent.
Uttar Pradesh, with its prosperity in the agricultural
sector enabled the growth of allied industry like
warehousing, cold storages and flourmills. At 2,659,                              Major players like LG Electronics,Videocon and
food product manufacturing sector has the highest                                 others have set up manufacturing facilities
number of factories (19.5 per cent of the total)                                  in the state.
in the state.
Leather                                                                           Chemical sector is one of the key contributors
Uttar Pradesh has a well-developed leather industry.                              to the state economy.The state has a developed
The state has one of the largest livestock populations                            fertiliser industry and the sector ranks third in the
in the country, which provides a strong raw material                              total number of factories in the state.The chemicals
base required for the industry.                                                   sector has shown one of the highest growths
                                                                                  of production at 150 per cent during 1996-2001.
The number of leather and leather products
industries in the state are to the tune of 11,500,                                9
                                                                                   Sugarcane 2002-03, Milk,Wheat, Food grain, Maize, Rice: 2001-02,
                                                                                  Potato, Molasses: 2000-01, Alcohol, sugar: 2000.
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Utar Pradesh is the fourth largest exporter
of software products in the country with exports
amounting to US$ 957 million.

The IT industry is the backbone of state’s economy.
STPI Noida Facility was one of the first STPI centres
to be established as early as 1991. International giants
like HCL, Cadence, CSC among others have their
development facilities in Noida.

                  Growth of Software exports
                        (US$ million)



          241           290

        1998-99   1999-2000   2000-01   2001-02       2002-03                  24.6 per cent of the sales by industries in the state
                                                  Source: Government Website
                                                                               in 2003.The state has a good range of mineral-based
                                                                               industries.The state ranks third in the production
                                                                               of non-metallic minor minerals at US$ 203.3 million
Engineering                                                                    in the country in 2001-02.The availability of good
Total sales in machinery sector accounted for                                  natural resources spurred the growth of the industry
10.5 per cent, transport equipment for 7.7 per cent                            in the state. Some of the players in the state include
and metal sector for 23.1 per cent of the sales                                Ambuja cements, Sonabhadra Cement plant and
by industries in the state in 2002.The state has                               Almorah mini cement plant11.
a well-developed engineering sector with a number
of factories in machinery and metal manufacturing.                             Textiles
Manufacture of machinery and equipments10 has the                              Total sales in textiles sector accounted for
largest share in industrial production.The state has                           12.3 per cent of the sales by industries in the state
manufacturing units for brassware & lock making                                in 2003.Textile sector is one of the important
in Moradabad and Aligarh respectively.The basic                                traditional industries in the state. Uttar Pradesh has
metals and alloys industrial production has shown                              58 spinning mills and a total of 74 textile mills in the
a growth of 123 per cent during 1996-2001. Many                                non-SSI12 sector.The state is known for its carpets
MNCs like Honda,Yamaha, and New Holland Tractors                               & brassware products.
have their manufacturing presence in the state.
                                                                                  Other than transport equipment
Mineral-based                                                                  11
                                                                                  Uranium has been discovered in Southern Lalitpur
Total sales in non-metallic sector accounted for                               12
                                                                                  SSI: Small Scale Industry
Tourism                                                                                                 Carpet weaving is one of the important crafts in
The state recorded the highest number of domestic                                                       Uttar Pradesh. UP produces about 90 per cent of the
tourist visits at 27 per cent of the total visits from                                                  country’s carpets in and around Mirzapur, Bhadohi
1997 to 2003. Uttar Pradesh is known for Agra, the                                                      and Khamaria.These carpets are popular export
city of the Taj Mahal. Fatehpur Sikri is famous for                                                     items today. Hand woven carpets, brassware and
the mausoleum of saint Sheikh Salim Chisti. Uttar                                                       leather products form the traditional export items
Pradesh boasts of the beautiful hill stations and                                                       from the state.
a large number of temples.
                                                                                                        The total investment in the state amount nearly
Uttar Pradesh recorded an export turnover                                                               to US$ 14.4 billion of which infrastructure investment
of approximately US$ 425.5 million during 2001-02                                                       constitute US$ 11.45 billion.
and around US$ 531.9 million during 2002-03.
Uttar Pradesh accounts for nearly 6 per cent                                                            Uttar Pradesh has successfully attracted a good
of the country’s exports.The state is the fourth                                                        number of international players to establish their
largest exporter of software products.                                                                  facilities in the state.The integrated industrial
                                                                                                        townships at Noida and Greater Noida have enjoyed
                         Estimates of Exports from Uttar Pradesh in 2002-03
                                                                                                        good investment climate due to the availability
                                   by Public Companies and CAGR
                                                                                                        of state-of- the-art infrastructure.
5 year CAGR (per cent)

                                                                                                        Cadence Systems, a software giant has invested about

                                                                                                         Estimate of likely invesment in Uttar Pradesh (US$ million)

                          0                                                                                   1998
                              0          10          20              30                   40

                         Share of Exports from Uttar Pradesh (US$ million)

                           Machinery                                                                                                              135             124


                                                                                                                                                                  and Auto Ancilliaries
                                                                                                                                                  Mining and
                                                                                                                                  and Hardware

                                                     Source: CMIE Prowess database; size of the
                           Textiles                   circle is indicative of the size of the exports

The growth of IT export has been due to rise                                                                                                                   Source: Projects Today

in exports from the software export houses.
                                                                                                        US$ 100 million in its development centre in Noida.
The manufacturing industry in the state has shown                                                       Adobe system has made an investment
good export performance especially in the metal                                                         of US$ 100 million. General Motors, a leader in the
sector.The machinery exports have shown                                                                 auto manufacturing, plans to invest in the Daewoo
a promising growth with CAGR of 15 per cent                                                             plant to start manufacturing about 100,000 units
during 1998-2003.                                                                                       providing employment to over 2000.
                                                                  UTTAR PRADESH                      PAGE 23

Potential hubs for investment                                facility is instrumental in developing products
                                                             for global market.
Uttar Pradesh as R&D and BPO hub
The state has emerged as a hub for R&D institutions          ST Micro electronics advanced design centre
in electronics and communications sectors.                   in Noida, employs over 950 professionals and has
The emergence of Noida as one of the favourite               a strong R&D presence in the state. Bharat Petroleum
IT destinations and the availability of good                 plans to establish its first R&D facility in the state.
infrastructure supported by the state’s proactive            Yamaha Motors has established its R&D facility
policies led to the growth of R&D facilities in the state.   at its manufacturing plant, which was instrumental
                                                             in launching five models of the company.
Cadence Design Systems R&D facility in Noida was
set up in 1987 with strength of 320 engineers.The            Uttar Pradesh has leveraged the prowess of its
company has invested about US$ 100 million since             IT industry to emerge as the leading ITES-BPO
the commencement of its operations and plans                 destination in India. BPO companies like EXL and
to expand by adding 300 engineers.                           HCL Technologies operate from Noida.

Adobe’s state-of-the-art R&D facility at NOIDA,               The Adobe Indian team conceptualised and developed the Acrobat

                                                             Reader for Palm and Pocket PC.The Indian unit owns some of the key
built with an investment of US$ 10 million,                  technologies in image and document compression - Adobe Pagemaker 7,
has filed for 10 worldwide patents13.The Indian              Adobe Frame Maker and Adobe Photo Deluxe.
                                                          UTTAR PRADESH                PAGE 25


Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd                             Computer Sciences Corporation India (CSC)
Adobe India commenced its operations in 1998            Computer Sciences Corporation India, the Indian
to augment engineering resources of the company.        arm of the US$ 15 billion Computer Sciences
Currently the company has a headcount of around         Corporation, a global IT services player has set up
250. An achievement of the subsidiary was the           three centres in Noida and plans to set up another.
release of PageMaker 7.0 from the India campus          The company is involved in managing information
in 2001, the first major international desktop          technology operations of International Business
product being engineered from India, which had          Machines (IBM) and Electronic Data Systems (EDS).
more than a million downloads. The company has          The company operates with a gross turnover of over
partnered with many Indian software giants like         US$ 50 million and about 1000 professionals.The
TCS and Wipro. The Indian campus has significant        company has a SEI-CMM Level 5 rating.
contribution in developing world-class products.
The company has invested US$ 100 million till date      Dabur India Ltd
and accounts for more than 20 per cent of Adobe’s       Dabur India Ltd is the fourth largest FMCG
annual revenues.                                        company in India with interests in health care,
                                                        personal care and food products. Dabur was formed
Birlasoft Ltd                                           by way of amalgamation in 1986. The company has
Birlasoft Ltd, division of the C K Birla Group was      several leading brands. Dabur Chyawanprash, a
founded in 1992-93 as a software-consulting firm        health tonic, has a market share of 70 per cent and
and was later renamed with the equity participation     Hajmola, a digestive tablet, has a share of 88 per
by GE Capital. Birlasoft offers IT services worldwide   cent. The company recorded a net turnover
from development centres in the US, India, and          of US$ 257 million with a net profit of US$ 28.3
Australia. Birlasoft has 2,000 technical employees.     million in 2003.
The company provides applications development and
support services in eCommerce, Data Warehousing,        Daewoo Motors
Legacy Systems, QA, CRM, RIMS (Remote                   Erstwhile Daewoo Motors, one of the leading
Infrastructure Management Service) and ERP.             South Korean based manufacturers of cars and
                                                        heavy automobiles was taken over by General
Cadence                                                 Motors. Daewoo Motors has its manufacturing facility
Established in 1987, Cadence India at Noida, is the     in Surajpur near Greater Noida. Daewoo’s car
company’s largest R&D site outside USA. Cadence         manufacturing unit is expected to generate
India is a pure R&D centre with investment to the       employment for over 100,000 persons, besides
tune of US$ 100 million till date, which accounts       providing revenue of nearly US$ 450 million over
for about 20.5 per cent of its annual revenues.         the next five years.
Cadence Design Systems plans to expand its R&D
facility at Noida by adding 300 engineers to its        Delphi Automotive System
existing 300-plus staff. Prominent among the products   Delphi is a global supplier to every major Original
developed here are Checkplus, the interactive design    Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the automotive
rule-checking tool, libraries for system design, and    sector. Delphi India operates as a wholly owned
VHDL simulation tools.                                  subsidiary of Delphi Automotive Systems Private Ltd
and was founded in 1995.The company has two
manufacturing facilities in Noida. Delphi India exports   HCL Technologies
its supplies to the European OEM market.                  Headquartered in Noida, HCLT is the fifth largest
                                                          exporter of software from the country currently
EXL Service Holdings Inc                                  operating with a workforce of 2,500. HCLT has
EXL Service Holdings Inc. offers comprehensive            witnessed significant growth in the past few years.
business process outsourcing services and was             HCLT partners with 370 prestigious organisations
established in 1999. With three of the four               in the world.The HCL Technologies’ BPO has bagged
state-of-the-art facilities in Noida, the company         an ISO 9001:2000 and Purdue Benchmark.
started with a headcount of 147. Currently the
service employs over 2,700 people providing               Honda SIEL Cars India Ltd
services for global multi-clients with a capacity         Honda Motors established the company in India
of 7,500 workstations on a three-shift basis.             in 1997, with the collaboration of SIEL group.The
Nasscom, in its 2002 survey, named EXL the                company currently manufactures three models Honda
leading BPO service provider in India.                    city, Honda accord and Honda CR-V with variants.
                                                          The manufacturing facility located in Noida has
Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd (GNPL)                        a capacity of 30,000 units a year and employs around
Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd, the Indian subsidiary        1,350.The company plans to invest about
of Japan based Kansai Paint Co. Ltd, is the second        US$ 177 million in the Honda CR-V project.
largest paint company in India with presence
in decorative paints as well as industrial paints         Indo Gulf Fertilisers Ltd
& marine paints, enamels etc. It is the market leader     Indo Gulf Fertilisers Ltd, an Aditya Birla Group
in the industrial paints segment.The company has          company, is among the largest and most cost-efficient
a strong presence in automotive paints accounting         private sector fertiliser companies in India.
for 45 per cent of the organised industrial paint         Strategically located in the heart of the Indo-Gangetic
segment during the fiscal 2003 with a manufacturing       plain in Uttar Pradesh, Indo Gulf manufactures and
plant at Jainpur, Kanpur Dehat.The company operates       markets urea, a nitrogenous fertiliser.The company
with net sales of US$ 164 million.                        enjoys a leadership position in the nitrogenous
                                                          fertiliser sector, with its strong brand of “Shaktiman”
                                                             UTTAR PRADESH                  PAGE 27

urea, supported by a strong distribution and customer      2003-04 is recorded at 3.5 million tonnes recording
service network. Its marketing areas include Uttar         a growth of about 40 per cent.
Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, which
together account for over 40 per cent of the total         LG Electronics India Ltd (LGEIL)
urea consumption in the country.                           LG Electronics India Ltd established in 1997,
                                                           is a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics,
Ingersoll-Rand India Ltd (IRIL)                            South Korea. It is one of the leading companies
Ingersoll-Rand India Ltd was established in India          in consumer electronics, home appliance and
in 1926 with interests in fields of air solutions and      computer peripherals in India. Headquartered
infrastructure.The company’s products were mainly          in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, LGEIL operates out
supplied from IR facilities in the United States until     of 30 locations across India. LG is a market leader
the Naroda plant was built in 1965. Ingersoll-Rand         in various segments like Colour TVs, microwave
Wadco Tools Pvt Ltd is a 74:26 (IR:Wadco Group)            ovens, frost-free refrigerators, washing machines and
joint venture with manufacturing facilities                air-conditioners with market shares of 16.4 per cent,
at Ghaziabad (near New Delhi).The company                  35 per cent, 32.9 per cent, 24.1 per cent and
manufactures pneumatic tools, air motors, lube             34 per cent respectively. It has a turnover of almost
pumps, and fastener tightening and ergonomic               US$ 1000 million in India. LGEIL’s sales are increasing
handling systems for IRIL’s industrial solutions sector.   with a CAGR of 40 per cent over the past five years.
The Ingersoll-Rand operates with total turnover
of over US$ 90 million.                                    LML Scooters
                                                           LML Scooters Ltd is the second largest manufacturer
Jaypee Group                                               of two wheelers.The company was incorporated
The Jaypee Group is a well-diversified infrastructure      in 1972 in Panki Industrial Estate, Kanpur.The
industrial group of India with a turnover of over          company claims a 30 per cent market share
US$ 650 million and employs a total workforce              in volume terms with its popular scooter brand
of over 25000.The group commenced its operations           “Supremo”. It made net sales of US$ 190 million
in 1972 and has interests in civil engineering, private    during 2003-04.The company is working towards
hydropower, cement, design consultancy, information        setting up five training schools in different parts
technology and hospitality. Cement production in           of the country to train mechanics and service
personnel.The company plans to establish assembly       of 3 wheelers. In the fiscal 2004, the company
plants in Egypt and Columbia by 2006.The company        recorded a turnover of US$ 26.3 million.
is planning to convert half its scooter manufacturing
capacity of half a million units per year               ST Microelectronics (STM)
to manufacture motorcycles.                             ST Microelectronics was established in 1987 under
                                                        the name SGS-Thomson’s and later changed to STM.
New Holland Tractors Pvt Ltd                            The company is involved in designing integrated
New Holland Tractors is a wholly owned subsidiary       circuits chips in India since 1992 at its Noida facility,
of the New Holland Machine Company, U.S.A and           the company’s largest design centre outside Europe.
is a leading player in the local tractor market.The     The facility has a workforce of around 1,000 and
company has a manufacturing facility in Greater         plans to increase it to 1500, which makes it the
Noida with a production capacity of about 1,000 per     largest outside the U.S.The company invested about
annum.The company currently has 10 per cent             US$ 21.5 million in R&D in 2002.The Central
market share with revenues of about US$ 100 million.    Research and Development team in Noida has been
The company adopted innovative procedures               a major contributor in the development of the new
to reduce energy losses and currently operates with     90 nanometres CMOS (0.09 micron) design platform.
35 per cent less energy with no human intervention.
                                                        Yamaha India Ltd (YML)
Scooters India Ltd                                      Yamaha India Ltd had its presence in India for two
Incorporated in 1972, Scooters India Ltd is an          decades as a technology provider and later became
ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 Company, situated           a 100 per cent subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company,
in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. In 1975, company started     Japan in 2001. R&D division of the company involves
its commercial production of scooters under the         model conception, designing, aesthetics, clay making,
brand name of Vijai Super for domestic market and       and proto-type development.YML’s manufacturing
Lambretta for overseas market with the machinery        facilities comprise a state-of-the-art plant
from Italy. However, in 1997, the company               at Surajpur producing 10 models.The company
discontinued its two-wheeler production and             follows 5-S and TPM in its manufacturing processes.
concentrated only on manufacturing and marketing
                                                                UTTAR PRADESH                   PAGE 29

Obtaining approvals

An indicative list of approvals with timeframes for setting up business in Uttar Pradesh

  List of approvals and                          Departments                                 Estimated time
  clearances required                            to be consulted                             taken (in days)

  Issuance of provisional registration           Directorate of Industries                   Same Day/Instant
  (including NOC14 for 220 types of non
  polluting SSI15s)

  Permanent of registration of SSI               Directorate of Industries                   30 days

  Sanction of power load for                     Uttar Pradesh State Electricity
  construction                                   Board (UPSEB)                               30 days

  Sanction of power load for production          UPSEB                                       30 days

  NOC for 29 highly polluting type of            Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control             120 days
  industries                                     Board (UPPCB)

  NOC for industries other than above            UPPCB                                       30 days
  29 and the list of 220 non polluting

  Grant of Consent to 29 types of highly         UPPCB                                       120 days
  polluting industries

  Grant of Consent to low polluting              UPPCB                                       30 days
  medium and small scale industries

  Temporary registration of trade tax            Trade Tax Department                        3 days

  Permanent registration of trade tax            Trade Tax Department                        30 days

  Inspection report for Trade Tax                Trade Tax Department                        30 days

  Decision at Commissioner’s level after         Trade Tax Department                        30 days
  submission of Inspection report for
  Trade Tax exemption/deferment

                                                             NOC: No Objection Certificate
                                                             SSI: Small Scale Industry
List of approvals and                       Departments                       Estimated time
clearances required                         to be consulted                   taken (in days)

Approval prior to construction of           Labour Department                 30 days
factory building/ use as a factory for
non-hazardous industries

Approval prior to construction of factory   Labour Department                 60 days
building/ use as a factory for hazardous
and major hazardous industries

NOC on Fire Safety from Fire Officer        Fire Department                   30 days

Declaration of land as non agricultural     Revenue Department                30 days

Proceedings under section 154 of UP         Revenue Department                15 days
Zamindari Abolition Act

Grant of License                            Food Department                   10 days

Permission/NOC from District                Food Department                   30 days
Magistrate’s level for storage of HSD

NOC for grant of license                    Drug Controller                   30 days

Drug License                                Drug Controller                   30 days

Allotment assurance from                    State Excise Department           30 days
State Excise Dept.

Excise License                              State Excise Department           30 days

NOC from Divisional Forest Officer          Forest Department                 60 days

NOC for Electrical Safety                   Electrical Safety Directorate     60 days

Permission under Urban Land Ceiling Act     Nodia Authority                   60 days

Building Map approval                       Local / Municipal Developmental   30 days
                                                                           UTTAR PRADESH   PAGE 31

Cost of business

Given below is the estimated cost of setting
up business in Uttar Pradesh:

 Land (US$ / hectare)16                                  373,416
 Labour Cost (US$ / man year)17                            1,573

 Occupation Costs                                             18.4
 (US$ / sq ft / year)

 Employee Cost (US$ / man year)18
 Software Developers                                        6,383
 Team Leads                                                14,893
 Architects                                                21,276
 Project Managers                                          31,915

 Common Heads
 Cost of capital                                            10.57
 (Prime lending rate, per cent)19

 Electricity (US cents / kWh)20
 Metropolitan Area                                             9.2
 Non Metro Area                                               9.88

Sales Tax exemptions: Exemption / deferment
of sales tax at rates ranging from 100 per cent
to 125 per cent of fixed capital investment
up to 8 years21.

   Land cost has been estimated by computing the average cost
of land at various Industrial Parks in Uttar Pradesh
   Source: Indiastat.com
   KPMG Analysis on costing for an IT venture in India
   Estimated by computing the average Prime Lending Rates
of prominent public sector, private sector and foreign banks in India
   Source: www.indiastat.com
   UP Trade Tax Department: http://upgov.up.nic.in/tradetax/default.html
Note: Exchange rate used is INR 47 per US$
Contact for information                                   State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd
State Government Website                                  State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd was
www.upgov.nic.in                                          established in 1974 to provide an impetus to the
                                                          development of mineral resources.The agency
Department of Industry Website                            primarily focuses on scientific development and
www.upgov.nic.in/industry                                 management of the mineral and sub-mineral
                                                          resources, refinement of the minerals in association
Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation          with the State Ministry of Geological and Mineral
(UPSIDC)                                                  Survey of the State and to provide encouragement
Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation          to mineral-based industries in the state.
is an agency under the state government for
developing industries and industrial infrastructure       Indian Industries Association (IIA)
in the state. UPSIDC is India’s premier industrial        Indian Industries Association is apex association
promotion and infrastructure development                  of Small and Medium Scale Industries in Uttar Pradesh.
undertaking, dedicated to industrial development          The association with 2500 strong membership covers
in Uttar Pradesh.The agency is equipped with highly       wide range of products and services and is spread
professionalized services, single window clearance        in different regions of the state.The association has
system and incentives.                                    many local subsidiaries taking care of the interests
Web www.upsidc.com                                        of different regions like Kanpur, Muzzaffarnagar
                                                          and Saharanpur etc.
New Okhla Industrial Development Authority                Web www.iia-india.org
New Okhla Industrial Development Authority                Information on markets and opportunities for
is a development authority instrumental in                investment in Uttar Pradesh can also be obtained
development of one of the Asia’s largest integrated       from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), which
industrial township in the proximity of New Delhi.        works with the objective of creating a symbiotic
The industrial township has state-of-the-art facilities   interface between industry, government, research
for industrial as well as domestic purposes.              bodies and domestic and international investors.
The authority was founded 25 years ago and
is in continuous support to the industry.                 Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Web www.noidaauthorityonline.com                          C/o Jubilant Organosys Ltd
                                                          Plot No.: 1 - A, Sector: 16 - A
Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority            Institutional Area
Constituted in January 1991, Greater Noida Industrial     Noida-201301
Development Authority is constructing a model             INDIA
integrated industrial township in the close vicinity      Tel 0120-2517325 / 2594838-40
of the National Capital Territory of Delhi and in the     Fax 0120-2517327
immediate proximity of Noida, which is one of the         Email rajneesh.sharma@ciionline.org
largest industrial townships of Asia.The industrial       Web www.ciionline.org
township is proposed to have infrastructure
at international standards.
Web www.greaternoida.com
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