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					                                                                                                Class Notes

                                                1931                               6, 2008. Rabb was
                                                                                   recognized for his                                                                 CLASS NOTES POLICY
                              Roland C. Matthies is recipient of the 2008
                          Lt. Henry Addison Beckley Award presented by             many contributions                                                                      The class notes section of DePauw Magazine
                          the Springfield, Ohio, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs          to the community,                                                                  allows DePauw alumni to keep their classmates and
                          and the Miami Valley Military Affairs Association.       his outstanding                                                                    the University current on their careers, activities
                          Roland received the award for his role in helping to     professional career,                                                               and whereabouts.
                          establish the United States Army Air Corps’ 45th         and his knowledge                                                                       All information for class notes should be sent to
                          Civilian Training Attachment at Wittenberg College       and willingness to                                                                 DePauw University, DePauw Magazine, 300 E. Semi-
                          during World War II. Later, he launched the cadet        share local history.                                                               nary Street, P.O. Box 37, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037.
                          program that ran for 16 months. Roland remained          He is a retired at-                                                                You may also fax the information to 765-658-4625
                          at the college and was involved with fundraising,        torney from his                                                                    or e-mail to
                          finance and philanthropy. He retired as vice president   family’s law firm, E. Rabb Emison Jr. ’47                                               Photographs will be used as space allows and
                          and treasurer after 32 years of service.                 the oldest law firm                                                                cannot be returned. If you submit digital photos, the
                                                                                   in Indiana. He and his wife, Kathleen, live in                                     images should be shot at the highest resolution on the
                                                                                   Vincennes. (See photo, above.)                                                     digital camera. Images must be saved at the highest
                                                1945                                   William “Bill” F. Hayes Sr. appeared in the
                                                                                   musical vaudeville, Chicago, at Golden Apple Din-
                                                                                                                                                                      resolution or 300 dpi minimum in JPEG format.
                                                                                                                                                                           In the interest of privacy, we will publish home
                              Mary Loop Doughten and her husband, Philip,
                          received the 28th Zeisberger Heckewelder Medal,          ner Theatre in Sarasota, Fla., during the 2007-08                                  and e-mail addresses only if an alumnus or alumna
                          which recognizes outstanding contributions to the        season. One performance was attended by several                                    specifically requests us to do so.
                          community. Molly and Philip live in New Philadel-        DePauw alumni. (See photo, below.)                                                      Class notes printed in DePauw Magazine will also
                          phia, Ohio. Molly is a retired English teacher.                                                                                             be included in the online version of the magazine.
                                                                                                                                                                           Please direct class note questions to Larry Lig-
                                                                                                         1948                                                         get, editorial assistant, DePauw University, P.O. Box
                                                1947                                   Keith W. Ragan and his wife, Rayne, live in
                                                                                   Paradise Valley, Ariz. Keith is a retired attorney. He
                                                                                                                                                                      37, 300 E. Seminary St., Greencastle, IN 46135-
                                                                                                                                                                      0037. Phone: 765-658-4627; fax 765-658-4625;
                              E. Rabb Emison Jr. was honored by Vincennes
                          (Ind.) University Alumni Association as winner of        and his brothers, Rex B. Ragan ’51 and Roger L.                                    e-mail
                          the 2008 Walter A. Davis Memorial Citation, May          Ragan ’49, get together every year and have done                                        – Editor
                                                                                   so since graduating. (See photos, top next page.)

                                                                                       Roger L. Ragan and his wife, Carole Chan,
                                                                                   live in Duarte, Calif. Roger is a retired assistant
                                                                                   executive director of the Los Angeles County
                                                                                   Commission on Human Relations. He and his
                                                                                   brothers, Rex B. Ragan ’51 and Keith W. Ragan
                                                                                   ’48, get together every year and have done so since
                                                                                                                                            Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                   graduating. (See photos, top next page.)
Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                       Dale E. Espich is council director of Shiawasse
                                                                                                                                                                           Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 –
                                Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008                        (Mich.) Girls on the Run program. Girls on the Run
                                                                                                                                                                                    Class of 1948
                                        Class of 1943                              International is a nonprofit prevention program
                                                                                   that encourages preteen girls to develop self-respect                               M. Constance Nagel, John J. Baughman
                            Charles H. Sheridan                                    and healthy lifestyles through running.

                                                                                                                                                                           For a schedule
                                                                                                                                                                          of alumni events
                                                                                                                                                                           information about
                                                                                                                                                                          Old Gold Weekend
                                                                                                                                                                          Monon Bell parties,
                                                                                                                                                                                 go to:
                          DePauw alumni attended William “Bill” F. Hayes Sr. ’47 performance in Chicago, at Golden Apple Dinner
                          Theatre in Sarasota, Fla. They included G. Richard Danielson ’50, Lester “Buzz” E. Beesley ’50, Arline                                                 alumni
                          Kraft Buettin ’49, William L. Buettin ’49 and Phyllis Nelson Danielson ’52.

                                                                                                   Class Notes
                                                                                                                                                The Museum of
                                                                                                                                                Modern Art, New
                                                                                                                                                York City, recently
                                                                                                                                                purchased five
                                                                                                                                                original works by
                                                                                                                                                Mary Beth from
                                                                                                                                                her series of collages.
                                                                                                                                                These works have
                                                                                                                                                been exhibited and
                                                                                                                                                reproduced inter-
                                                                                                                                                nationally and are
                                Rex B. Ragan ’51, Roger L. Ragan ’49 and Keith W. Ragan ’48, shown together in spring 1948 and                  referenced as the Mary Beth Edelson ’55
                                60 years later, 2008.                                                                                           iconic images of the
                                                                                                                                                ’70s feminist movement. Currently, the five works
                                                                                                                                                are traveling in an exhibition titled “WACK! Art
                               Rex B. Ragan is retired and lives at 875 Victor        Junior Duck Stamp Contest held at the San Diego
                                                                                                                                                of the Feminist Revolution,” which opened at the
                           Ave. #103, Inglewood, CA 90302. He published               Zoo. She was also honored at a reception, April 16,
                                                                                                                                                Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, 2007.
                           his autobiography, Peace of Mind is For the Birds:         2008, at the Bristol Hotel in San Diego.
                                                                                                                                                The last venue is scheduled for Vancouver Museum
                           Stand Up and Be Counted, in 2008. He and his
                                                                                                                                                in 2009 before returning to the collection of the
                           brothers, Roger L. Ragan ’49 and Keith W. Ragan
                                                                                                                                                Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Mary
                           ’48, get together every year and have done so since                              1954                                Beth was interviewed for two television programs
                           graduating. (See photos, above.)                                Kenrad E. Nelson is a professor in the epidemiol-
                                                                                                                                                about “WACK! Art of the Feminist Revolution.”
                                                                                      ogy department at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School
                                                                                                                                                The interviews were shown on Bloomberg News at
                                                                                      of Public Health in Baltimore. He served as president
                                                                                                                                                Night, March 14, 2008, and the PBS program New
                                                   1952                               of the American Epidemiologic Society in 2006-07.
                                                                                                                                                York Voices, March 18, 2008. Mary Beth’s Web site is
                                Lee H. Hamilton is a member of Carbon                 His research interest is infectious diseases in several
                                                                                                                                       (See photo, above.)
                           Motors Corporation board of advisers.                      countries, includingThailand, Bangladesh, China, the
                                                                                                                                                     Arthur S. Kimball Jr. was presented Broadcast
                                Alex J. Kondonassis retired as David Ross Boyd        Republic of Georgia and the United States.
                                                                                                                                                Pioneer Award by Illinois Broadcasters Association
                           and Regents Professor of Economics at the Univer-               Jerry L. Williams is a 2008 inductee into the
                                                                                                                                                at its 60th anniversary luncheon, June 17, 2008. Art
                           sity of Oklahoma after 50 years of teaching.               Tampa Bay Business Hall of Fame. Jerry is retired
                                                                                                                                                spent 56 years in the broadcast business, including
                                                                                      founder and owner of Williams Securities Group.
                                                                                                                                                radio and television. He announced thousands of
                                                                                      Jerry and his wife, Jane Jones Williams ’57, live
                                                                                                                                                high school and college sporting events, and was
                                                   1953                               in Tampa.
                                                                                                                                                a television sports director, television play-by-play,
                                   Joan Love Allemand is retired director of arts
                                                                                                                                                man and radio station owner and operator.
                               at Beverly Hills Unified Schools in California In
                               1989 she received a grant from the National Fish                             1955
                               and Wildlife Foundation and developed the Federal          Mary Beth Edelson is an artist who has been
                               Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design              destabilizing pre-existing representation of women
                                                                                                                                                    Dr. E. “Ned” Henry Lamkin Jr. was inducted
                               Program. Joan was honored April 17, 2008, at the       since the 1970’s and offering new representations.
                                                                                                                                                into The Indiana Academy, June 2, 2008, in India-
     Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                    Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1953
                                Row 1: Madelyn Hatch Bogue, Mary Baughman Spilman, Sarah Howell Galliger, Virginia Kraft Scatterday, Barbara Miller Fisher, Dorothy Frey Chamness,
                                Barbara Cash LaVelle, Kenneth A. Wieland, Janyce Kishman Wieland, Janet Carlisle Archer, Donald E. Archer, Delores Wilson Smessaert. Row 2: Betty
                                Murray Spehar, Marilyn Hatch Schmidt, Elizabeth Class Payne, Vern T. Kraushaar, David J. Morehead, Joyce Foster Larson, Susan Stark Bastian, Marcia
                                Edwards Peterson, Bruce Walker, Joyce Whitehead Elliott, John N. Elliott, William L. White. Row 3: Elizabeth Davis Dean, Joseph T. “Tom” Ives Jr., James
                                A. Hollensteiner, Duane A. Patterson, R. Philip Steinberg, Esther Julian Jones, Robert C. Jones, Granville Chambers, Sylvia Johnson Chambers, Emmett F.
                                Kaelble. Row 4: Elizabeth Witt Horstmann, Kathryn Wieland Dombey, Alvin I. Singer, Marjorie Emshoff Tower, Wesley Tower.

                                                                                                    Class Notes
                          napolis. The Indiana Academy was established by
                          the Independent Colleges of Indiana to recognize
                                                                                                             1957                              about careers in the arts. Gretchen and Nancy are
                                                                                                                                               creators of long-running Broadway musicals and
                                                                                             Merle F. Allshouse and Frank D. Walker met
                          individuals for lifetime achievements and contribu-           for a mini-reunion at the Vinoy in St. Petersburg,     have worked as a successful composer and lyricist
                          tions to cultural, scientific, literary, civic, religious     Fla. (See photo, below right.)                         team for more than 30 years. Their new musical,
                          and educational development of Indiana. Ned is                     Nine Tri Delts from the Class of 1957 and their   Einstein and the Roosevelts, will kickoff the DePauw
                          president and chief executive officer of Indiana              spouses met in May 2008 at Hilton Head Island,
                          Employers Quality Health Alliance and a fellow                S.C. (See photo, top next page.)
                          of the American College of Physicians. He serves                   Vernon E. Jordan Jr. is one of the producers
                          on DePauw’s Honor Scholars Program advisory                   of Thurgood, a one-man show on Broadway that
                          board and executive committee of the Washington               tells the story of Thurgood Marshall and his rise to
                          C. DePauw Society.                                            the Supreme Court of the United States. Vernon
                              Jinsie Scott Bingham was elected to the Green-            is the senior managing director of Lazard Fréres
                          castle (Ind.) City Council, November 2007, to serve           & Company in New York City.
                          a four-year term representing an area that includes                DePauw classmates Gretchen Kiger Cryer and
                          several buildings on the DePauw campus.                       Nancy Ford Charles returned to DePauw, April
                                                                                        1-2, 2008, to perform and to talk to students          Merle F. Allshouse ’57 and Frank D. Walker ’57
Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                      Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1958
                            Row 1: Philip L. Ribbe, Sharon Moore Robinson, James E. Hannah, Howard N. Greelee Jr., Carolyn Duncan Young, Barbara Coppes McNett, Barbara Smalheer
                            Applegate-Jones, Mary Lynn McCorkle Sondee, Judith Hoff Ellington, Barbara E. Gunn, Dr. Jay S. Reese, Howard F. Lund, W. Thomas McGhee, Jason J.
                            Kesler, John C. Attig. Row 2: Carl A. Buehler, Robert D. Britigan Jr., Fred G. Augspurger, D. Reed Scism, Thomas A. Johnson, Ruthanne Williamson Johnson,
                            Carlton B. “Bud” Stringfellow, Joellen McFarland Stringfellow, Salle Pottle Mathieson, Anne Earhart White, Vicki Bunting Lauderdale, Emily “Laurie” Hooton
                            Hamilton, Constance Evans Claar, Kerry Winn Burstein, Douglas A. Holmes. Row 3: Janet Prindle Seidler, Jane Middleton Anderson, Grace Overdeer Zuehlke,
                            Carol Leopold Murad, Dr. Ferid Murad, Janet Gutman Bishop, Ann Freehafer Andersen, Carole Kelly Hegenbarth, Gordon E. Wesner Jr., Jane Rightsell Wesner,
                            K. David Miller, Dr. Robert G. Burney, Richard B. Hackenberg. Row 4: Edna Dix Crocker, Carolyn T. Jones, Delight Mace Dowell, Diane Woodward Snelson,
                            Gail Lone O’Brien, Carole Grimmer Irvin, Dianne Fellows Guild, Nancie Clark Williams, Georgia Basore Knopf, Particia Moore Life, James B. Life, Katherine
                            Keith Milne, Nancy Lindquist Temple, Lois Stewart Perry, Barbara Hibberd Podlach. Row 5: Donald E. Parker, Morris E. Goodnight, Gary G. Barnes, Dr.
                            Robert L. Erickson, Charles E. Kingman, J. Robert Coffin, Jane McDaniel Keller, Martha Obear Huggins, Robert N. Davies, Dawn Follett Schumann, June
                            “Dell” A. Walker, Eleanor Selle Stanley, Carol Conder Martin. Row Six: Charles E. Ray, Richard W. Gethin, Jerry G. Gaff, James H. Boyd, James D. O’Dell,
                            O. Dene Knight, Glenn H. Spoerl, Karen Johnson Spoerl, Sally Petersen Williams, Paula Weir Powell, Elizabeth Craig Joseph, Carolyn “C.J.” Hancock Cle-
                            land, Alice Jones Slanec. Row 7: Constance Johnson Kiley, Mary McCallum Henrichs, Janet Case Wandrey, William “Art” Kirk, David J. Petterson, Keith C.
                            Schroeder, W. Richards “Dick” Kindig, Patrick M. Ewing, Timothy H. Ubben, Sharon Williams Ubben, Gretchen Soldwedel Gill, Donald G. Norman, Thomas
                            L. Turk. Row 8: Marcia Volk Proctor, Frances Wilson Hayward, Eleanor Hokanson Todd, Ann Thomas Wade, Sally Fulleton Riemer, Carol Dorsett Pyle, Peter
                            H. Scheible, Dr. Duane L. Dowell, Edward L. Unterberg, Mary Kendall Leist, Donna Johnson Peterson, Ernest F. Modzelewski. Row 9: Frank F. Hirschman,
                            Martha Morgan Bull, Ann Johnson Tudor, Nancy Lamkin Edler, Carolyn Beasley Gilbert, Nancy Ruyle Dodge, Sarah Rose Miquelle, Richard W. Moore, Marie
                            Bromer Moore, Lee Lewis Johnson, John M. “Jack” Johnson, Judy Blang Locke, Dr. G. Richard Locke, Leorge L. Mazanec. Row 10: Charles B. Stafford, John
                            B. Myers, Judy Simpson Myers, Miriam Query Boling, Marilyn “Jo” Hansen Lancaster, Ann Cotton Jilg, Janet Bruggeman Fencken, Joanne Toates Huffman,
                            Jeanne Merten Parker, Charlotte Nelson Lueckel, Harriet Rinehart Attig, Thomas A. Lancaster, John B. Young. Row 11: Robert W. Edler, Ardath Edwards Cade,
                            Jane Jarrell Robinson, Daniel E. Lewis Jr., Nancy W. Monroe, Nancy Hadley Wilhelm, Julia Whitney Dawson, Kathryn A. Penstone, Patricia Barnes Moder,
                            David R. Sheaffer, Belinda “Kay” Nickel Watts, Albert A. Watts Jr., Nancy Neeley Cash. Row 12: Sandra Swisher Sammons, Martha Moore Trowbridge, E.
                            Stewart Saunders, John W. Schiller, Walter W. Sampson Jr., Dr. G. Byington “Bing” Pratt III, Richard T. Hill Jr., Roberta Gates Hill, Patricia Mannin Tillman,
                            Joseph R. Flummerfelt, Linda Stang Hanahan, Kathryn Orr Taylor. Row 13: Helen “Toni” Pigott Laker, Barbara Kenagy Wood, James E. Huitema.

                                                                              Class Notes
                                                                                                                              Ann Lee Thompson participated in Franklin
                                                                                                                          Square Gallery’s new members show, May 12-June
                                                                                                                          19, 2008, in Southport, N.C. Ann describes her
                                                                                                                          paintings as reflecting the “good old days” with a
                                                                                                                          dash of the ridiculous as well as her fascination
                                                                                                                          with small-town life. Ann won first place for
                                                                                                                          her painting, “The Red House,” at the gallery’s
                                                                                                                          Spring Show.
                                                                                                                              Joseph A. Sheridan is the author of Jesus Was
                                                                                                                          a Liberal: A Blogger’s Bold Opinions on Politics and
                                                                                                                          Religion, which is a collection of the most widely
                                                                                                                          read postings from his Internet blog. (See Recent
                                                                                                                          Words, page 18.)

                                                                                                                               Richard “Dick” M. Bobb hosted a Delta
     Members of the 1957 Delta Delta Delta class and their spouses in Hilton Head Island, S.C. Those attending included   Tau Delta golf outing and planning committee
     Richard R. McCracken ’55, Joan Garwood McCracken, Richard H. Rohm, Salli Stoodt Rohm, James D. Harris,               meeting at his home on St. Simon’s Island, Ga.
     Patricia White Harris, Lawrence S. Lemser, Suzanne Blair Lemser, Deborah D. Hoyt, Janet Peters Jenkins, Carl         Alumni from the 1959-65 classes attended. (See
     Rossman Creelman and Margaret Dailey Kuehrmann. Not pictured but attending was Norine Goode Johnson.                 photo, top next page.)
                                                                                                                               John G. Hurley retired from the John D. and
     2008-09 DePauw Theatre productions next fall.                                            Indianapolis-based          Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, headquar-
         Robert W. Schrier received Castle-Connolly’s                                         mixed choral en-            tered in Chicago. He was a vice president heading
     Lifetime Achievement Award. Castle-Connolly is                                           semble that has             the foundation’s international programs, with four
     a health care research, information and publishing                                       sung throughout             overseas offices and grants of about $100 million
     company. Bob is professor of medicine at University                                      the United States           a year in 60 different countries. During his 16
     of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.                                                   and Europe. In              years at MacArthur, John also served as corporate
         Ralph E. “Jim” Snelson was inducted into                                             2009 Castlewood             secretary and director of human resources. He and
     Warren (Ind.) High School’s Distinguished Alumni                                         Chamber Singers             his wife, Linda, live in a 150-year-old house in the
     Hall of Fame, May 3, 2008. Jim is a dentist in                                           will celebrate its          historic town of Mineral Point, Wis.
     Warren, Ohio, and founder of the Ohio Dental                                             25th anniversary as              Rev. Thomas L. Stiers is interim senior min-
     Association.                                                                             an ensemble. Gayle          ister at Riverside Church in New York City. He
                                                                                              is a consultant with        had held pastorates in Connecticut. He served as
                                                                 Gayle L. Byers ’59           RESutton & Asso-            senior minister of First Congregational Church in
                           1958                                                               ciates, an employee         Old Greenwich for 29 years and served as interim
          Carolyn Tisdel Jones received an honorary              benefits consultant group specializing in public         senior pastor at Church of the Beatitudes in Phoenix
     Doctor of Pedagogy degree at DePauw’s com-                  sector business. He and his wife, Jane, live in          from 2005-06.
     mencement, May 18, 2008, in recognition of her              Carmel, Ind. (See photo, above.)
     contributions to academia during her 45-year
     career. She is associate executive vice president for
     academic affairs emerita at Purdue University.
          Lois Stewart Perry won two prizes in the 2008
     contest for members of the Denver Women’s Press
     Club. Lois won first prize for fiction and non-fiction
     as well as the award for Writer of the Year. Lois is
     author of the humorous book, Pushing 60 Behind
     Me and Heart Sounds, a memoir of her journey
     with her mother through her mother’s final years.
     Lois and her husband, Ron, divide their time be-
     tween Denver and Glen Arbor, Mich. Her e-mail

         The 1959 Alpha Chi Omega class met in Lake
     Geneva, Wis., in May 2008 for a 49th reunion.
     (See photo, right.)                                         The 1959 Alpha Chi class 49h reunion in Lake Geneva, Wis., May 2008. Those attending included Jeanette
         Gayle L. Byers maintains a successful career in         Fletcher Robertson, Vivian Usher Ripley, Patricia Shissler Stach, Gretchen Frank Beal, Carol Anderson
     the insurance industry but continues his involve-           Cochran, Dianne Pohl Hoag, Phyllis Brooks Taylor, Mary Alice Thompson Regenhardt, Barbara Beaman
     ment with music. This year he completes 23 years            Rudolph and Sonja Flesvig Noonan.
     as director of Castlewood Chamber Singers, an

                              To change your address call 765-658-4205 or
                        e-mail or fax 765-658-4172.

                                                                     Class Notes

                                                                                                                    Jonathan D. Cryer is co-author of Time Series
                                                                                                               Analysis With Applications in R, second edition.
                                                                                                               Jonathan is professor emeritus in the Department
                                                                                                               of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University
                                                                                                               of Iowa. He is a fellow of the American Statistical
                                                                                                               Association. He is also co-author of Statistics for
                                                                                                               Business: Data Analysis and Modeling, second edi-
                                                                                                               tion, Minitab Handbook, fifth edition and Electronic
                                                                                                               Companion to Statistics.
                                                                                                                    James L. Grisso retired following 50 years in
                                                                                                               newspaper journalism, Dec. 31, 2007. For the past
                                                                                                               40 years, he was publisher of the Gaylord (Mich.)
                                                                                                               Herald Times and during this time the newspaper
                                                                                                               won more than 500 state and national awards for
                                                                                                               journalistic excellence. It was named best newspaper
                                                                                                               in the nation in its circulation category in 2007 by
Delta Tau Delta alumni golf outing on St. Simon’s Island, Ga. Alumni and friends attending included Peter      Suburban Newspapers of America and best newspaper
M. Kreis ’60, John “Rick” F. Meyers ’64, Stephen R. Miller ’64, James L. Zurcher ’63, Charles H. Colin         in Michigan in its circulation category14 of the past
Jr. ’61, James W. DeArmond ’61, Roger W. Martens ’60, James V. Palmer ’65, John P. Stelle ’62, John S.         15 years of judging by the Michigan Press Association.
Null ’61, Stephen M. Barney ’62, George L. Meisenger ’61, Michael C. Hicks ’61, Erol S. Moran ’62,             Jim is past president of the Michigan Press Association
Thomas “Terry” T. Hicks ’62, James B. Nelson ’63, David G. Owen ’62, James S. McElwain ’59, G.                 and was honored as 2008 Citizen of the Year with
Richard Locke ’58, Richard G. Baumgartner ’65, James T. Gable ’63, George A. Mendenhall ’61, William           the accompanying title of “der Buergermeister” in the
G. Gerber ’61, Victor J. Gilla ’61, Jerry A. Morgan ’59, Peter J. Klingler ’60, John C. Hicks (past parent),   city of Gaylord which is known as the Alpine Village.
Mike Kane (friend), James D. Beard ’59, Terry Leiphart (friend) and Richard M. Bobb ’60.                       Upon retirement, he received special recognition for
                                                                                                               his years of service to the newspaper industry as well
                                                                                                               as his community from the Michigan governor and
                                                                                                               state legislature as well as the United States Senate
                                                                                                               and House of Representatives. His late father was a
                                                                                                               DePauw graduate, C. Lowell Grisso ’27.

                                                                                                                  The School of Nursing Class of 1962 held a
                                                                                                               reunion in Beaufort, S.C., April 6-9, 2008. The
                                                                                                               reunion was hosted by Carolyn (Hungness) and
                                                                                                               Charles Dunlap. (See photo, left center.)

                                                                                                                   James B. Nelson and his wife, Jean, are recipi-
                                                                                                               ents of the 2008 Ypsilanti (Mich.) Area Chamber
                                                                                                               of Commerce Distinguished Service Award. The
                                                                                                               Nelsons have been involved in community service
The School of Nursing Class of 1962 reunion. Those attending included Carol Olson Emens, Jill Galbraith        for nearly 40 years. Jim is a partner in the law firm
Meider, Barbara Weber McNeely, Susan Birdzell Cumming, Julie Asbell Hale, Linda Layman Haney,                  of Murphy & Nelson.
Marjorie Eaton Blocks, Dorothy Sams Pitner-Healy, Lynn Anderson Lee and Carolyn Hungness Dunlap.

                                                                                                                     For a schedule
                                                                                                                    of alumni events
                                                                                                                     information about
                                                                                                                    Old Gold Weekend
                                                                                                                    Monon Bell parties,
                                                                                                                           go to:
DePauw alumni participants in the Waterways of Holland and Belgium trip.

                                                                                                  Class Notes
                                Rev. Terry W. Pfeiffer retired June 29, 2008,
                           as a minister in the New York Annual Conference
                                                                                                           1966                                   Elizabeth McCleary Davis and her daughter,
                                                                                                                                             Lisa Heichelbech, were featured in a Mother’s Day
                                                                                         Reinald “Ren” Werrenrath III was named
                           of the United Methodist Church. He served in the          one of Florida’s Legal Elite 2008 by Florida Trend      article in Kentucky’s Henderson Gleaner, May 2008.
                           ministry for 43 years, the last 16 years as minister      magazine. Ren is a member of the law firm of            Elizabeth and her daughter meet once a week to
                           of Newtown United Methodist Church in Sandy               Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Dickson, Talley &          create pottery pieces. As an artist, Elizabeth works
                           Hook, Conn.                                               Dunlap, P.A., in Orlando. His practice includes         in several mediums. Currently, one of her horse
                                Thomas D. Stewart was named a Fellow of              serving clients with personal injury, wrongful death    paintings is displayed in the Audubon Museum
                           Branford College at Yale University. Tom is an as-        and bad faith matters.                                  in Henderson, Ky.
                           sociate clinical professor at Yale University School                                                                   Ann L. Munn married Stuart Miller Oct.
                           of Medicine.                                                                                                      11, 2003. They met at a New Mexico monastery
                                                                                                           1967                              where they were community members and be-
                                                                                                                                             came certified spiritual directors. They continue
                                                                                         Cheryl Smalley Heitmann is executive director
                                                  1964                               of Ventura (Calif.) Music Festival. Cheryl is also      as Benedictine Oblates and have built a House
                                   DePauw alumni participating in Waterways of       a licensed clinical social worker with a private        of Prayer in the mountains of Colorado. Their
                               Holland and Belgium trip included Diane Black         practice in Oak Park, Calif. She is actively involved   combined families include five adult children and
                               Seebass, Katrina Longnecker Nummela ’60,              in community organizations and serves on several        seven grandchildren. They live at 226 Bellows
                               Robert E. Hausner ’67, Barbara Forsell Barbieri       community organization boards.                          Road, Hartsel, CO 80449. Ann’s e-mail address
                               ’51, Nancy Curtis Stocking ’55, Brooks Smoot              William H. Watson, Daniel T. Hasbrook and           is
                               Carr ’51, Marilynn Porter DeForge ’71 and (not        Michael C. Maeder spent a week rafting and hiking            Stephen W. Sanger was Metropolitan Econom-
                               pictured) Charles D. Stocking ’55. (See photo,        through the Grand Canyon, fulfilling a pledge they      ic Development Association (MEDA) Champion
                               bottom previous page.)                                made at their 40th Reunion, June, 2007.                 of the Year. MEDA is a Minneapolis-based non-
                                                                                                                                             profit agency that provides business consulting and
                                                                                                                                             financing to minority companies. Steve received
                                                  1965                                                     1968                              the award for his longtime support of the minority
                               Virginia Padgett Trout retired following                   Jack B. Campbell is a health administrator at      business community. Steve is former chairman and
                           23 years of teaching at Tzouanakis Intermedi-             Longmont Clinic, in Longmont, Colo. He is a member      chief executive officer of General Mills.
                           ate School and Ridpath Elementary School in               of the DePauw Alumni Association Board of Directors          Douglas A. Smith received an honorary Doc-
                           Greencastle, Ind.                                         and serves as chair of the communications group.        tor of Business Administration degree at DePauw’s
     Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                  Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1963
                                Row 1: Roy K. Hunteman, James I. Kruger, Carolyn Watson Kruger, Karen Koning Abuzayd, Diane Lombard Kinkade, William G. Kinkade, Sue Weg-
                                man Manning, Tee Woods, Beverly Close Forslund, Sarah Humbert Nevins, MaryDay Kilborn Musgrave. Row 2: William E. Green, Joy Buckner Merder,
                                Suzanne Gill Marty, Louise Quinn Ashbaugh, Lee Livingston Arend, Judith Marsh Ireson, Rebecca Watts Lortz, Ann Hitz Chaille, Patricia Gates Younger,
                                Carole Goins Thomas. Row 3: James “Allen” Kayler, Jane Cockerill Hunt, Elizabeth Graham Belden, John F. Throckmorton, Irene “Renie” Kinzer Milliken,
                                Sarah Marks Richards, Susanna Kenyon Phillips, William L. Thornton, Penelope Simison. Row 4: Evelyn Whaley LaFollette, Jane Turk Schlansker, Susan
                                Day Brattain, Robert W. Bluhm, Virginia Jackson Claar, Barbara Owen Volkman, Joe F. Volkman, Joseph W. Hirtzer Jr., David M. Dirks. Row 5: William
                                W. Shilts, Charles A. Jarvis, John T. Elliff, John Dailey, Dr. Michael H. Thomas, J. Kent Flummerfelt, T. Kent Mitchell Jr., John B. Parks, David A. Leighty.
                                Row 6: Richard W. Pell, Dr. Philip N. Eskew Jr., C. Alan Marsh, James R. Adams, Beryl Ramsay Smith, Saundra Lawson Taylor, Jerry D. McCoy, Virginia
                                Cox McCoy, Marilyn Mead Priser, Dennis A. Priser, Michael L. Roach.

                                                      To change your address call 765-658-4205 or
                                                e-mail or fax 765-658-4172.

                                                                                              Class Notes
Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1968
                          Row 1: Christine Van Nada Riggle, Susan Scott-Downs, John S. Campbell, Lynn Kinsey Stokely, Molly Morgan Phinny, Penny Weed Whittlesey, Gretchen
                          Benedek Feemster, Timothy S. Feemster, Ellen Spencer Strasma, Beverly Wright Nakamura, Shirley Zivich Mertz, Marietta May Willman, Ann Kainz Tvaroha,
                          David S. Utterberg. Row 2: Nancy J. Geiss, Jean G. Hamilton, Benjamin Diesbach, Barbara Smith Johnson, Susan McGraw, Sharon Mitchell Renfro, Dr.
                          Susan Pilant Rose, B. Thomas Boese, Jeanne Chapman Partridge, Sue Lett Showalter, Jane Heineman Molden, Roberta Clinton Murry, Mickey May Shem-
                          ansky, Carol Klinker Attig, Thomas G. Attig. Row 3: Jeffrey E. Fisher, Robert F. Alden, Sally Kile Alden, David W. Campbell, Ruth Russ Huenke, William
                          D. Lehman, Darel F. Lindquist, Robert H. Partridge, Dr. C. Scott Molden, Robert R. Schlueter, George Knickerbocker, Daniel L. Weber. Row 4: James A.
                          Fisher, Stephen W. Sanger, Peg Newman, David C. Harbottle, Dr. David L. Gregory, J. Randall Reifers, Dr. John W. Payne ’69, James W. Payne, Dr. Terry
                          G. Rehn, Robert F. Flickinger, Ross J. Gigliotti. Row 5: Dr. Robert S. Kurtz, Gary N. Roggenkamp, Karen Olander Skerrett, John A. Gibson, Richard M.
                          Faner, Jeffrey L. Henry, Dr. Steven P. Grossnickle, Bruce M. Montgomerie, David L. Terry, Richard C. Siefert. Row 6: Andrew C. Mead, Gregory F. Udell,
                          Richard T. Carlin, Noel Hayashi, James M. Winning Jr., Wayne E. Rapp Jr., Karen Lind Folland, Royal Parsons Klauk, Dr. Larry L. Patchell.

                      commencement, May 18, 2008. He is chairman and              and community. Tim is chairman and chief executive
                      chief executive officer of Value Creation Partners and      officer of Cummins Inc. in Indianapolis.
                      Best Brands Corporation. Doug is a member of The                                                                       For a schedule
                      Robert C. McDermond Center for Management
                      & Entrepreneurship Board of Advisers.                                            1970                                 of alumni events
                                                                                       Catherine Huff
                                                                                  Gottfred is the 2008
                                            1969                                  president of the                                           information about
                           Jean D. Brubeck is development director for            American Speech
                      Signature School in Evansville, Ind.                        Language Hear-                                            Old Gold Weekend
                                                              Leon Fried-
                                                         berg is an attorney
                                                                                  ing Association
                                                                                  (ASHA). Kate is a
                                                         with the law firm        leader in the field                                       Monon Bell parties,
                                                         of Carlile Patchen       of literacy develop-
                                                         & Murphy LLP in          ment and founded                                                 go to:
                                                         Columbus, Ohio.
                                                         He was selected
                                                                                  the nonprofit Leap
                                                                                  Learning Systems Catherine Huff Gottfred ’70
                                                         for inclusion in the     in Chicago. (See                                                 alumni
                                                         National Corporate       photo, right.)
                                                         Counsel edition               James R. Newman is vice president and
                                                         of Super Lawyers         credit department manager for EagleBank, which
                      Leon Friedberg ’69                 2008®. Leon; his         provides financial analysis support for the bank’s
                                                         wife, Corey; and         loan officers. EagleBank has its headquarters in                           1971
                      their children, Aaron and Sarah, live in Bexley,            Bethesda, Md.                                             Scott S. Brinkmeyer is a member of the law
                      Ohio. (See photo, above.)                                        Sue Anne Starnes Gilroy is vice president of     firm Mika Meyers Beckett & Jones PLC in Grand
                           Theodore “Tim” M. Solso hosted a meeting of            development and executive director of St. Vincent     Rapids, Mich. He was featured in the inaugural
                      business and civil leaders, March 14, 2008, on behalf       Foundation in Indianapolis.                           publication of Super Lawyers® magazine, corporate
                      of the Initiative for Global Development, a national             Barbara White Pierce is chief public relations   counsel edition for attaining a high degree of peer
                      alliance of business leaders supporting solutions to        officer for Hughes in St. Louis. She received the     recognition and for his professional achievement
                      global poverty. Tim is a finalist for the Entrepreneur      Missouri Professional Communicators’ Virginia         in the practice area of business litigation.
                      of The Year award, which recognizes business leaders        Betts White Quest Award, which recognizes indi-           Blythe “Wendy” Gifford published her third
                      in throughout the world who demonstrate extraor-            viduals whose work reflects pursuit of the highest    book, Innocence Unveiled. Wendy blends history
                      dinary success in the areas of innovation, financial        standards of professional ethics and excellence       and romance in her romantic novels. (See Recent
                      performances, and personal commitment to business           throughout their careers.                             Words, page 16.)

                                                                                                   Class Notes
                                Delyn “Deedee” Keller Daniel will retire as            in the field of social services for 35 years.          politics of indigenous cultural revitalization in the
                           executive director of White Lick (Ind.) Heritage                 Deborah Johnson Darnell is a retired band         Americas. She returned to DePauw March 7, 2008,
                           Community Foundation at the end of the year. The            teacher, having taught grades four through adults      to speak to several classes and to give a lecture,
                           president of the Hendricks County Community                 for 36 years. She was selected as one of Chicago’s     “Urban Mountain Spirits: Indigenous Cultural
                           Foundation Board of Directors said that her con-            Outstanding Middle School Music Educators              Revitalization in Quito, Ecuador.”
                           tributions have been “immeasurable.”                        for 2008.                                                  Kathryn Fortune Hubbard was featured on
                                JoAnn Pace Barnes and her daughter, Kelley                  Rev. Kent J. Ulery is president of Maine’s        the cover of Indianapolis Woman, April 2008. The
                           Syverson, worked with the National Road Safety              Bangor Theological Seminary. He has served as          cover story profiles her role as founder of Bridges
                           Foundation to complete a film documentary titled            minister for the Michigan Conference United            of Understanding, a nonprofit, non-political
                           The Other Breakfast Club. The film deals with trau-         Church of Christ in East Lansing, Mich., for the       group working to advance understanding between
                           matic brain injury after a car crash and the long and       past 12 years.                                         Americans and people in the Arab world. Kathy is
                           difficult rehabilitation. JoAnn wanted to make the               Pamela Ventress Cutcliff retired after 34 years   a member of DePauw’s Board of Trustees.
                           film to raise awareness of the impacts of brain injury.     of teaching. Pam taught at Riverside School in             Larry J.
                           Her daughter, Kelley, was involved in a car crash that      Fishers, Ind. Her retirement plans include learn-      Marfise was hon-
                           resulted in brain injury and the need for prolonged         ing Spanish, mission trips, whitewater rafting and     ored by the Na-
                           rehabilitation. The film’s premier took place March         visiting Panama Canal, Greece and Italy.               tional Association
                           11, 2008, in New York City to an audience of more                                                                  of Collegiate Di-
                           than 400. Later, a thousand copies of the film were                                                                rectors of Athletics
                           sent to Washington, D.C., for Brain Injury Awareness                             1973                              with the Southeast
                           Day, March 13. JoAnn and Kelley were given special               Robert L. Ebe is a partner in the San Fran-       Region Astro Turf
                           recognition at the 22nd annual Western Michigan             cisco office of the international law firm of Nixon    AD of the Year
                           Brain Injury Network Symposium, April 2008.                 Peabody LLP. Bob practices in the firm’s business      Award. Larry is in
                                Rev. George A. Purnell received an honorary            litigation area.                                       his ninth year as
                           Doctor of Divinity degree at DePauw’s commence-                  Gail Ritchie Henson is author of The Gentle       athletics director at Larry J. Marfise ’74
                           ment, May 18, 2008. He is senior pastor at Bloom-           Agitator: The Story of Samuel Robinson, an oral        The University of
                           ington (Ind.) First United Methodist Church.                biography of a Kentucky civil rights leader. Gail is   Tampa. He has consistently placed his university
                                David L. Wann is author of Simple Prosperity:          professor and chair of the communication depart-       among the top 30 nationally in NCAA Division
                           Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle. David       ment at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky.       II United States Sports Academy Directors’ Cup
                           is president of the non-profit Sustainable Futures                                                                 standings. The award recognizes the efforts of
                           Society. He lives in Harmony Village in Golden,                                                                    athletics directors at all levels for commitment and
                           Colo. (See Recent Words, page 18.)                                               1974                              positive contributions to campuses and surround-
                                                                                           Kathleen Fine Dare is professor of anthropol-      ing communities. (See photo, above.)
                                                                                       ogy and gender and women’s studies at Fort Lewis           Thomas R. Mote is assistant professor in the
                                                   1972                                College in Durango, Colo. Her research and teach-      university studies department at DePauw. He and
                                 David L. English is executive director of United      ing interests are gender issues, indigenous cultural   one of his former students, Rupak Shivakoti ’07,
                               Way of Putnam County (Ind.). David has worked           property rights, history of anthropology and the       met in the office of Kenrad E. Nelson ’54 at the
     Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                     Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1973
                                Row 1: Kristina A. Thompson, Rebecca A. Brewer, Steven P. Wirth, Schuyler “Sky” J. Baab, Donna DeChants Bolz, Charles E. Meyer, Nancy Pierobon
                                Hensel, William E. McWhirter, Kathleen Heston Abbott, Susan Vaughn, Nancy Eshcoff Boyer. Row 2: Ralph E. Savage, Janet Teter Savage, Gayle Torian
                                Meyer, Mitzi M. Belknap, Jennifer Simmons Althaus, Ruth Ann Weber Johnson, Rebecca Clark Williams, Janet Hooker Winningham, Matilda “Tilly” J.
                                Wilhoite, Marilyn Shultz Evans, Mary Jill Jones Landon, Leslie Kennedy Bender, Cynthia Sheridan O’Connor, Deborah J. Daniels. Row 3: Richard G.
                                “Buzz” Horton, Margaret Moore Horton, Susan P. Stuart, Julie Houk Goodrich, Timothy S. Burleigh, Sarah Graser Gray, Karen Wichterman Molitoris,
                                Debra Alcorn Hutchens, Susan Hill Schwartz, Nancy Netherland Becker, Catharine Penniman-Moser, Marni Kent Hansell. Row 4: Michael S. Humphries,
                                Paul A. Luther, Patrick R. Doherty, Thomas H. Gee, I. Robert Emmerich Jr., Lawrence A. Williams, Philip A. Byler, Ralph C. Carstensen, Elizabeth Cooney
                                Englbrecht, Stephen K. Long. Row 5: Dr. Gary H. Wright, David L. Emison, Paul M. Beck Jr., Bruce G. Ross-Shannon, Sander L. “Sandy” Esserman, Paul
                                L. Runnels, Dr. John W. Timothy, Chalres S. Frick, David C. Ahlgren, Deborah Adams Ahlgren, Dr. Pamela S. Peigh, Marilyn G. Genther.

                                                                                         Class Notes
                                                                            Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health          discusses their efforts to increase the population of
                                                                            in Baltimore, April 2008. (See photo, left.)             pheasants by using raise-and-release techniques. Fred
                                                                                Gerald O. Sweeney Jr. is a partner in the Chi-       is a principal with J. M. Teeter & Associates.
                                                                            cago office of the law firm Barnes & Thornburg
                                                                            LLP. He works with the firm’s major intellectual
                                                                            property matters.                                                              1977
                                                                                                                                          Barbara Kingsolver received a James Beard
                                                                                                                                     Foundation Award for her best-selling book, Animal,
                      Rupak Shivakoti ’07, Kenrad E. Nelson ’54 and                               1975                               Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. The book was a
                      Thomas R. Mote ’74 at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg             Charles “Bill” W. Marion retired after 37 years of   gold winner of the 2008 Nautilus Book Awards. Bar-
                      School of Public Health in Baltimore.                 teaching at Covington (Ind.) Elementary School.          bara contributed an essay, “Knowing Our Place,” to
                                                                                James D. Weddle is a managing partner of             the anthology, American Earth: EnvironmentalWriting
                                                                            Edward D. Jones & Company in St. Louis. He was           Since Thoreau. She received an honorary degree from
                                                                            honored with Olin Business School’s Distinguished        Duke University at its 2008 commencement.
                             For a schedule                                 Alumni Award, May 2008.                                       Gregory R. Lippert is chief executive officer
                            of alumni events                                                                                         and president of Mazzio’s Corporation in Tulsa,
                                                                                                                                     Okla., which has 171 Mazzio’s Italian Eateries in
                                      or                                                          1976                               and around Oklahoma. Greg was featured in an
                                                                                 Darlene Montgomery Ryan is executive director       interview by the Oklahoman newspaper. In the
                             information about                              for TECH Fort Worth, Texas, a nonprofit business         interview, he discussed his experiences at DePauw
                            Old Gold Weekend                                incubator that works with technology start-up com-
                                                                            panies. She was among those featured in Fort Worth,
                                                                                                                                     and his successful career. Greg said, “I used my
                                                                                                                                     college life to explore and better understand what
                                     and                                    Texas: The City’s Magazine’s 14 Brilliant Minds.         was out there for me after I graduated.”
                                                                                 Kathryn Reeves Shroder is a psychologist who
                            Monon Bell parties,                             works with children and adolescents in public schools
                                   go to:                                   and private practice. She is president of the Ohio                             1978
                                                                            State Board of Psychology. The board is responsible           Robert F. Kyle is a teacher and baseball coach
                                                   for regulating the practice of psychology in Ohio.       at Rockville (Ind.) High School.
                                                                                 Frederick K. Teeter Jr. and his wife, Janice,            Michael L. McClaine is manager of rate and
                                   alumni                                   were featured in an article in the Carroll, the life-    tariff with Duke Energy in Greencastle, Ind. He and
                                                                            style magazine of Carroll County, Md. The article        his wife, Brenda, have two grown children.
Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                         Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1978
                          Row 1: Dr. Thierry H. Wilbrandt, Kim Lorentzen Grant, Jill Thompson Ash, Mark Small, Scott A. Ritchie. Row 2: Jeane Brazes Funke, Christine Boeke,
                          Lisabeth Fortune Somerville, Arlene Burnside Crow, Gregory A. Crow, Jarrell B. “Jerry” Hammond, Larry C. Spears. Row 3: Wayne A. Sayre, Eric W. Fred-
                          beck, Robert S. Lukemeyer II, Kenneth J. Kubat, Charles W. Foxwell, Mary Danielson Foxwell, Nancy Emmert McNab. Row 4: Susan Sukow Barkhausen,
                          Steven C. Greene, Robert R. Carpenter, Christopher C. Myers, Timothy B. Scharrer, Daniel B. Zelik. Row 5: David L. Harlor, Anne Page, William D.
                          Pendl, Philip J. Nicholsen, Greg T. Greenwood.

                                   For a schedule of alumni events and information about alumni services, go to:

                                                                                                Class Notes

                               Join the DePauw Alumni                                                    1979                                Hamilton and Hancock counties.
                                                                                                                                                  Vicki Garrison Apatoff was featured in a March
                                                                                       Dr. Mark R. Kelley is Jonathan and Jennifer
                               Career Network                                      Simmons Professor of Pediatrics and associate             2008 issue of North Shore magazine, being cited as
                                                                                   director of basic research at Indiana University          a Local Treasure. Vickie was noted for her creation
                                   Many current students and young                                                                           of a Web site that allows residents of Winnetka (Ill.)
                               alumni seek information, ideas and                  Cancer Center. He is associate director of the
                                                                                   Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research,            to offer input concerning how property available
                               guidance related to their career plans and          and is a member of Indiana University executive           to the community should be used.
                               job searches. They often simply want to             committee’s board of directors.                                Mark P. Kollar is a partner in the public relations
                               know more about a certain occupation                    Margaret “Meg” Kissinger Boynton was one of           firm of Cubitt Jacobs & Prosek Communications.
                                                                                   the winners of the 2007 Sigma Delta Chi Awards            Mark works in the financial services group and with
                               or industry, tips on breaking into the                                                                        clients on strategic media-relations campaigns. He is
                               field, and what employees actually do on            from the Society of Professional Journalists in the
                                                                                   category of non-deadline reporting. Meg is an inves-      a member of the advisory board of DePauw’s Pulliam
                               a day-to-day basis. If you are interested in        tigative health reporter with the Milwaukee Journal       Center for Contemporary Media.
                               being part of the Alumni Career Network             Sentinel. She and the newspaper’s investigative team           Robert R. Smith was profiled in the April
                               and occasionally helping students and               were featured in a recent article in the June/July 2008   29, 2008, issue of the Des Moines Register in the
                                                                                   issue of the American Journalism Review.                  paper’s “You should get to know” column. Bob
                               other DePauw alumni with these issues,                                                                        is vice president and general counsel at Vermeer
                               go to                                                                             Manufacturing Company in Pella, Iowa.
                               and click on the “alumni” icon.                                           1980                                     Robert L. Ward lives at 11700 Old Georgetown
                                   For more information, contact Thomas                Clinton H. Bundy was promoted to rank of              Road, #805, North Bethesda, MD 20852. Robert
                               R. Cath ’76, director of career services, at        lieutenant and serves as district commander of the        is director of professional development and liaison
                                                                                   Indiana State Police post at Pendleton. He over-          activities a American College Health Association
                               765-658-4279 or                                                                             in Baltimore.
                                                                                   sees the operation of a post that covers Madison,
     Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                               Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1983
                               Row 1: Cynthia Treadwell Bridges, Elizabeth Close Dierksheide, Dr. Allison Brashear, Cynthia Greenberg McDonough, Sandra “Sandy” Matthys Roob, Linda
                               Liebl Odioso, Dr. Kimberly Bass Gulli, Susan Ciessau Smith, Alison Misiorowski, Sarah Schenpf, Susan Landgraf Batina, Nancy Zadigian O’Brien, Jennifer L.
                               Hession. Row 2: Ann M. Woolman, William J. Greene, Cathy S. Brothers, Brenda Hansen Pollalis, Pamela May Weaver, Gregory P. Fontaine, Julia A. Pratt,
                               Comer Plummer III, Ward C. “Christopher” Hiner. Row 3: Haley Barger Whalen, Susan E. Dwyer, Laura L. Bishop, Anne E. Bingham, Valerie Julien-Peto,
                               Margaret L. Markham, R. Kieth Howard, Frank P. Scommegna, Michael P. Protogere. Row 4: Maribeth Mosher McElveen, Elizabeth Morehead Schluckebier,
                               David S. Ensing, Gretchen L. Rohm, Todd C. Stilson, Stephanie Rychlak Stilson, Amelia Chope Whalen, Dr. Sharon Fulton Hoover, Carolyn Robertson Meyer,
                               Carolyn Adams Burns. Row 5: James M. Mullin, Alice E. Ridgway, Frances E. Waddock, Patti Parkinson van Eys, Robert B. Brown, Dr. G. Richard Locke III,
                               Dean P. Cobble, Valarie Mora, Christine Boland Holliday, Barbara Pontius Bowman, Robin Barnett Oldfield, Beth Ofsthun Grosss. Row 6: Dr. Brian J. Lee,
                               Scott W. Thiems, Dr. Thomas L. Sevier, Scott A. Morehead, Timothy A. Frey, William R. Shinn, Edward C. Holub. Row 7: Christopher L. Johnston, Timothy
                               L. Weadick, Kelly Chapman Weadick, Edward D. Krukowski, Debra Markston Castino, Diane Chiapelas Arhibald, Anne Gibbs Nostrand, Julie Parker Ste-
                               venson, Joseph E. Dixon, Kenneth E. Merriam. Row 8: John T. Alelberg, William R.M. Oakley Jr., David “Waldo” Archibald, Cynthia Watson Yingling, Ellen
                               Dinerman Malone, Daniel R, Fox, Sydney Mitchell Fox, Gerald Haberkorn, John D. Turnbull, Toby Jones, Eric M. Jensen, Scott T. Hauenstein. Row 9: Mark
                               S. Flegenheimer, David S. Dewey, Philip E. McDonald, Renee Doll Campbell, Lorriane Negley Hughes, Peter M. “Cass” Casper Jr., Carrie Reavis Erzinger,
                               Brynne Williams Shaner, Mary Matson Latta, Jeri Lyday Hise, Debra Doyle Zablock, Margaret McCarty Shelly, Megan McAuliffe Boschini.

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                                                Post your e-mail address at:

                                                                                                 Class Notes

                                                1981                                 Family Estates is a family-owned business and the
                                                                                     largest winery based in Napa Valley.
                                                                                                                                          firm of Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller LLC
                                                                                                                                          in Peoria, Ill. Christopher specializes in labor and
                                                            Rev. Robert
                                                        L. Fitzpatrick,                                                                   employment law.
                                                        Episcopal Bishop
                                                        of Hawaii, was                                   1983
                                                        awarded an hon-                  Gregory K. Ruark and his wife, Jody, announce                         1986
                                                        orary Doctor of              the birth of their son, Quin Ruark, March 1, 2008.       J. Douglas Elmore, orchestra teacher at Floyd
                                                        Divinity degree              Greg’s e-mail address is           Central High and Highland Hills Middle School
                                                        by Seabury-West-                 Anne Spolyar Sellers is a managing principal     in Floyds Knobs, Ind., received the ExCEL award
                                                        ern Theological              of Sensory Technologies in Indianapolis.             for excellence in the classroom and educational
                                                        Seminary in Ev-                                                                   leadership. The award is given by WHAS television
                                                        anston, Ill., May                                                                 in Louisville to teachers throughout the Louisville-
                      Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick ’81 26, 2008. (See
                                                                                                         1984                             Southern Indiana region. Doug has taught in the
                                                         photo, left.)                   Eric W. Kjellmark, an associate professor of     New Albany-Floyd County schools for 22 years.
                           Lisa Raible Gladson is an instructor of econom-           biology at Florida Southern College, received        He and his wife, April, have three children: Megan,
                      ics at Saint Louis University.                                 the Ben and Janice Wade Outstanding Teaching         16; Ian, 13; and Claire, 6.
                                                                                     Award, March 2008. The annual award is given
                                                                                     to the Florida Southern College professor who
                               Edward E. Lehman plans to establish the
                                                                                     has demonstrated outstanding classroom teaching
                                                                                     performance.                                              For a schedule
                          first legal aid clinics in China to provide free legal                                                              of alumni events
                          assistance to those who cannot afford access to
                          lawyers and courts. He is managing partner of                                  1985                                          or
                                                                                         James H. DuBois is superintendent of the
                          Lehman, Lee & Xu in Beijing.
                               Mark R. McConnell was appointed by the                Baugo (Ind.) Community Schools.                           information about
                          governor of Indiana as judge of Dubois County                  Mark T. Lancaster is vice president of product
                                                                                     management at Depository Trust & Clearing
                                                                                                                                              Old Gold Weekend
                          Superior Court.
                               Bonnie K. Spindler donated the use of her             Corporation. He is responsible for a new global                  and
                                                                                     suite of services supporting Alternative Invest-
                          home, the historic Zellerbach mansion in San
                          Francisco, to the performances of the San Fran-            ment Products.                                           Monon Bell parties,
                          cisco Parlor Opera as part of her Salon Series for             Rebecca Lloyd Wanberg is a member of the
                                                                                     community theater group, Northminster Players,
                                                                                                                                                     go to:
                          Emerging Artists. Bonnie is owner of Spindler
                          Properties Inc.                                            in Evanston, Ill. She was a member of the cast of
                                                                                     Love Is …?, which was performed in April 2008
                               Robert R. Torkelson is president and chief op-
                          erating officer of Trinchero Family Estates Winery,        at Northminster Presbyterian Church.                            alumni
                          the nation’s sixth largest wine company. Trinchero             Christopher A. Nichols is a partner in the law
Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                   Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1988
                            Row 1: William A. Dahlgren, Deborah Frazier Dahlgren, Michael W. Garrard, Michael J. Traylor, Karen Barg Baldwin, Camille Wickett Gaughan, Jennifer F.
                            Bauer, Thomas S. Lewis, Tracey Bellamy Lewis, Dr. David A. Hinchman. Row 2: Kristine Thorlton Batross, Steven M. Ray, Ji Young “John” Roe, W. Gregory
                            Fox, Robert W. Eherenman, Ronald M. Gifford, Wendy Wise Haskell, Kent H. Rinne, Susan Elkins Goldsworthy, Michael D. Speer. Row 3: Lisa Krukowski-
                            Boté, Evan M. Anderson, Nancy Fucilla Peske, Cara Hess Jones, Lenore Connors Greeno, Xan Davies Pearson, Geoffrey D. Klinger, John E. Hoffmeister II,
                            Alexandra Lamson Compton, Rebecca “Becki” Ranney Anders. Row 4: Margaret Hanson Donoghue, Erica Okone, Randal D. Biederstedt, John Moffet, Maribeth
                            Steimle Busey, Julie A. Trowbridge, Edward P. Zimmer, Ann Morehead McClellan, Scott R. Swan. Row 5: Judidth E. Cahill, Heidi Scharadin Roulston; Mark
                            B. Hamilton, Dr. Nancy J. Gritter, Douglas M. Glowe, Dean “Pooky” Adams, Julia Thompson Venetis, Angela Tate Eugenio, Janice Hornaday Brewer, Derryl
                            Douglas. Row 6: Carol Strom Currie, Marjorie Meeks Blalock, Jennifer Turner Stanek, Kelley A. Briles, LuAnn Stanley Hook.

                                                                                                    Class Notes

                                                    1987                                                     1991                                                   1992
                                   Timothy S. Clark is a member of the board                Keira A. Amstutz is president and chief execu-         Jonathan Q. Arnold is vice president of business
                               of directors of Spring Point Project, a Minnesota        tive officer of Indiana Humanities Council. She        development for Plexus Groupe, a global com-
                               nonprofit organization created to expedite the           has served on numerous cultural communities to         mercial insurance brokerage and consulting firm.
                               widespread availability of islet tissue for diabetes     raise the cultural profile of Indianapolis.            He focuses on cultivating new client relationships
                               care. He is a senior partner and member of the               Elizabeth “Lisa” Murtaugh Gangi and her two        and further developing the Plexus brand.
                               executive team of CarVal Investors.                      children live in Naperville, Ill. She is a freelance       W. Bret Baier, chief White House correspon-
                                   Bradley D. Hauter is the head men’s soccer           proofreader and French translator. Lisa volunteers     dent for FOX News, returned to DePauw to discuss
                               coach at DePauw for the 2008-09 academic sea-            annually to help raise money for the National          his experiences as a reporter in a discussion titled
                               son. He replaces S. Page Cotton ’71, former head         Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Lustgarten          “Covering the Bush White House for FOX News.”
                               coach and Theodore Katula Director of Athletics          Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.             The discussion panel was a Gertrude and G.D.
                               at DePauw, who retired from coaching at the end              Jay B. O’Neal and Leslye Eichinger (Wright         Crain Jr. Lecture, March 17, 2008.
                               of the 2008 academic season.                             State University) were married Jan. 26, 2008, in
                                   Susan Mann Ferguson spoke to more than               Chicago. (See photo, below.)
                               175 Shelby (Ind.) County high school students,
                               April 16, 2008, at the annual recognition banquet
                               for Shelbyville’s best and brightest students. Susan
                               is executive director of Blue River Community
                               Foundation in Shelbyville, Ind.

                               Andrea R. Coons announces the adoption of her
                           daughter, Johana Ray Coons, born July 31, 2007 in
                           Guatemala. Johana joins sister, Addison, at 5350 N.
                           Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46220. Andrea is a
                           human resources director for PepsiAmericas.
                               David E. Forsell received a 2008 NUVO Cultural
                           Vision Award. The award recognizes individuals and
                           organizations in Indianapolis who do innovative work.
                           David is president of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.
                               Kevin T. Lenz was named Coach of the Year
                           by the Times of Northwest Indiana. He is varsity             Jay B. O’Neal ’91 and Leslye Eichinger wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding included W.
                           baseball coach at Whiting High School.                       Gregory Aimonette ’94 (best man and brother-in-law of the groom), Amy O’Neal Aimonette ’94 (sister of the
                               Michael D. McHugh is assistant principal                 groom), Louise Tavenner Gross ’65, Bryan M. Webb ’89, Brian R. Neff ’89, Russell D. Young ’89, Leslie
                           for student services at Clarks Creek Elementary              Hughes Wainwright ’89, John W. Wehrenberg ’90, Drewry Simpkinson Wolf ’91, Andrew R. Wolf ’90,
                           School in Plainfield, Ind.                                   William G. Tinney ’91 and Franklin R. McGuire ’89.
     Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                      Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1993
                                 Row 1: Matthew A. Lessall, Kristen E. Hall, Brian J. Zalewski, Stuart M. Morton, John E. Zimdars. Row 2: Janine T. Ekulona, Suzanne Strack Jordan, Katherine
                                 Pell Daniello, Dr. Jason N. Hubert, Bradley J. Simmons. Row 3: André L. Brewer, James A. Rechtin, Shawn A. Wietbrock, Miriam E. Cleveland, Tyler Snouffer.
                                 Row 4: Tonya M. Walker, J. Jay Busey, Lisa Henderson Bennett, Tamika Ragland Nordstrom.

                                                                     Class Notes

                                                                                                                        For a schedule
                                                                                                                       of alumni events
                                                                                                                        information about
                                                                                                                       Old Gold Weekend
                                                                                                                       Monon Bell parties,
                                                                                                                              go to:
Jean Gileno ’94 and Christopher M. Lloyd wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding included Lara
Braverman Krebs ’95, Jennifer Clark Hopkins ’94, Jennifer Richards Hathaway ’94, John C. Wright ’50,
Elizabeth Henry Wright ’51, Cynthia Schoolcraft Hannah ’94, Natalie N. Seibert ’03, Laura Hoage Rader                      Hire a DePauw
’93, Jason B. Acton ’94, Beth Waldron Armstrong ’94, Jonathan E. Hannah ’94, Anne E. Keller ’96, Jonathan               student or graduate
J. Telzrow ’94, Jennifer C. Hanley ’83, Shannon Smeelink Beeler ’95, Amy LeDoux Dawes ’96, Brian C.
Willett ’94, Carl R. Dawes ’93, Germaine Winnick Willett ’94 and John “Jack” P. Armstrong ’93.                      List your career-related opportunities on
                                                                                                                    the DePauw Web site. We can help you
                                                                                                                    recruit excellent candidates for your:
                      1993                              for Delta Upsilon fraternity. Chris is a journalist for
                                                        The Indianapolis Star. They live at 5941 Haverford          •	 Summer	jobs/internships
     Gregory T. Boyer and his wife, Kristin, an-
                                                        Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220. Jean’s e-mail address         •	 Full-time	jobs
nounce the birth of their twins, William Henry
and Elizabeth Grace Boyer, Dec. 28, 2007. Will          is (See photo, above.)                  (entry-level and experienced)
and Liza join sister Cecelia “Kate,” 3, at their home                                         Brian O. Har-
                                                                                         vey is vice president      You may post job openings directly to
in Jefferson City, Mo.
                                                                                         of drama series            the Web site at
     Robert S. Daniels is an equity partner in the
Indianapolis-based law firm of Tabbert Hahn                                              development for            career/alumni/HireDePauw.asp. You may
Earnest & Weddle LLP.                                                                    ABC Studios. He            also view students’ résumés at this site.
     Michael R. Ferrari III is co-founder of Smart-                                      oversees the cre-, an innovative Web site financial service                                       ation and develop-         For additional information, contact:
that offers Americans a new way to save and to spend                                     ment of one-hour              Thomas R. Cath ’76,
money. The Web site is                                                series. He has been           Director of Career Services
     Stanford K. McCoy is assistant United States                                        involved in the               Phone: 765-658-4280
trade representative for intellectual property and                                       development of
                                                                                                                       Fax: 765-658-4282
innovation. Stan serves as an adviser on intellectual   Brian O. Harvey ’94              Dirty Sexy Money
                                                                                         and Eli Stone as              E-mail:
property issues and is responsible for trade policies
that reduce counterfeiting and piracy.                  well as Brothers and Sisters, October Road and Kyle
     Heather Olson Peterson and her husband, Todd,      XY. (See photo, above.)
announce the birth of their daughter, Meg Elisabeth          David J. Hersh is a chief executive at upstart                             1995
Peterson, March 27, 2008. Meg joins brother John        Jive Software.                                                 Elizabeth Clevenger Jahns is girls’ cross country
at their home in Mount Prospect, Ill.                        Steven S. and Shannon (Twilford) Hoar an-            coach at Fishers (Ind.) High School.
     Lauren Stillwell Bernaldo and her husband,         nounce the birth of their son, Conner Evan Hoar,               Susan Dinkel Jensen received a National
Matthew, announce the birth of their son, Kiernan       Jan. 17, 2008. Conner joins sisters, Savannah Rose        Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy
Matthew, March 28, 2008. Kiernan joins brother          and Sophia Claire, 3. Steven is a partner in the law      Award for the three-part news series, “New Day,
Colton, 4, and sister Kaelyn, 2, at their home in       firm of Kahn, Dees, Donovan and Kahn, LLP, in             New Way.” The series focused on the 181st Fighter
Fort Myers, Fla. Lauren is the executive producer       Evansville, Ind. Shannon is a part-time teacher.          Wing’s changing role from flying F-16s to becoming
of special projects and investigations for NBC2 and     Their e-mail address is             a high-tech Air Operations Squadron. Susan is a
ABC7. Her e-mail address is                Amy Tucker Ryan is a senior associate with the       reporter for WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Ind.
                                                        law firm of Martin, Leigh, Laws and Fritzlen, P.C.,            Kemp E. Jaycox and his wife, Cindy Fink, and
                                                        in the St. Louis office. Amy’s practice is concen-        their daughter, Kate, live at 2330 Roxboro Road,
                      1994                              trated in bankruptcy and creditor’s rights. She and
                                                        her husband, Andy, live in Webster Groves, Mo.
                                                                                                                  Cleveland Heights, OH 44106. Kemp is wind
    Jean Gileno and Christopher M. Lloyd (New                                                                     energy program manager for Green Energy Ohio,
York University) were married April 19, 2008, in        Amy would enjoy hearing from DePauw classmates.           a state-wide nonprofit organization that promotes
Indianapolis. Jean is director of communications        Her e-mail address is                     renewable energy. Cindy is director of marketing

                         To change your address call 765-658-4205 or
                   e-mail or fax 765-658-4172.

                                                                                                  Class Notes
                           at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Kemp would                Stroburg, Jan. 28, 2008. Gibson joins brother              a senior consultant at Hammond Associates.
                           enjoy hearing from DePauw classmates and other            James, 2, at their home in Ada, Mich. Kelly’s e-mail           Lisa Pratt Ward and her husband, Luther, an-
                           alumni in the Cleveland area. His e-mail address          address is                           nounce the birth of their daughter, Sawyer Kennedy
                           is                                                                                             Ward, Feb. 19, 2008. Sawyer joins sisters, Cassidy
                               J. Scott MacGregor is executive producer of                                                                      Vella and Dakota JoAnna, 2. Lisa is an adjunct
                           the documentary Life for a Child, which made                                     1996                                professor at East Tennessee State University in the
                           its world premiere in competition at the Tribeca                Philip J. Hiscock is assistant state’s attorney      public health department as well as a stay-at-home
                           Film Festival in New York, April 2008. The film           for McHenry County, Ill. He was admitted to the            mom. Luther is a general surgery resident at East
                           depicts the struggles of children surviving with          Illinois Capital Litigation Trial Bar and serves as        Tennessee State University. They live at 149 Oak
                           type 1 diabetes in the developing world, despite          co-counsel on death penalty cases.                         Grove Road, Johnson City, TN 37615. Lisa’s e-mail
                           limited access to medicine and treatment. Scott is a            Jill Jennings Rowe and her husband, Greg,            address is
                           global communications consultant for Eli Lilly and        announce the birth of their son, Patrick Jennings
                           Company in Indianapolis and a freelance magazine          Rowe, Jan. 16, 2008. Patrick joins his sister April,
                           writer. He and his wife, Sara, live in Fishers, Ind.      2, at their home in Warwick, R.I. Jill is a marine                              1997
                           They have two children: Abby, 4, and Jack, 1. Scott’s     biologist for an environmental consulting firm,                Carrie Clogg and her husband, Joshua Barlage,
                           e-mail address is                   Applied Science Associates. Her e-mail address is          announce the birth of their son, Samuel John Bar-
                               Kerry (Replin) and Phillip J. Greiner announce                                     lage, July 6, 2007. Carrie is executive director of
                           the birth of their son, Jacob Ryan Greiner, Dec. 19,            Anne E. Keller is director of communica-             Civic Music Association in Des Moines, Iowa.
                           2007. Jake joins brothers Ben, 5, and Nick, 2, at         tions for American Feed Industry Association.                  Byron D. and Amanda (Martin) Hittle live
                           their home in Munster, Ind. Their e-mail address          She oversees the association’s publications, press         in Denver. They have two children: Harry, 4,
                           is                               announcements and media relations.                         and Marion, 1. Byron is an attorney with Janus
                               Carrie Schaefer Bucki and her husband, Adam,                Renee Y. Little is an associate in the law firm of   Capital Group. Byron’s e-mail address is byron.
                           announce the birth of their daughter, Leah Ellen          Carlock Copeland Semler & Stair LLP, in Atlanta.  Amanda’s e-mail address is
                           Bucki, Feb. 16, 2008. Leah joins sister Megan, 3.         She practices in the civil litigation area. She is
                           Carrie’s e-mail address is          secretary of Gate City Bar Association.                        Danielle M. Hurt and Robert Hartman were
                               Kelly Watling Stroburg and her husband, Jake,               Eric J. Petroff is author of Opportunistic Credit    married Oct. 13, 2007, in Indianapolis. Danielle
                           announce the birth of their son, Gibson Jeffrey           Investing. He is a career investment professional and      is director of music at Lebanon First Baptist
     Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                   Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 1998
                               Row 1: Damien A. Bender, Mary K. Emison Uptain, Devon K. Everhart, Charles L. Warner, Neil A. Guthals, Jamie Best Guthals, Jeremy T. Stierwalt, Ber-
                               nard C. Haskins, Alicia M. Root. Row 2: Lauren E. Franklin, DiJeana C. Wilks, Nadia T. Mitchem, LaShon Fincher McCall, Norris E. Emmons, Andrew
                               K. Powell, Jarod M. Pollock, E. Jefferson Cockerill, Michael L. Stanley. Row 3: Mark A. Smiley, Kathryn C. Arbogast, Elizabeth A. Sundermann, Renea
                               Marsh Johnson, Katrina L. Wahl, Christopher C.T.S. Stephen, Deborah Dalenberg Eskew, Kelly Banchak Grady, Kelly Hughes Vaclavek, Cara M. Adler,
                               Sara Nakasone Denckhoff, Elisabeth Jakubisin Purdy. Row 4: Jonathan T. Coan, Carlin R. Metzger, Gregory A. Hewitt, Brian S. Lord, Thomas D. Fagan
                               Jr., Adam T. Payne, G. Scott Snively, Jordan P. Williams. Krisha Salyers Werner, Nathan C. Werner. Row 5: Benjamin G. Elrod, Jason M. Phelps, Brandon
                               M. Burke, Derek T. Coe, Sean P. Roberts, Peter A. Sprague, Shane S. “Pujols” Spurgeon, Adam T. Kruse, Katherine McMullen Brown, Susan Avery Hayes.
                               Row 6: Kimberly Sandner Goff, Dr. Holly Richter Hardin, Sara Sabin Alger, Mindy N. Lewis, Stephanie Hill Leeper, Dr. Jeffrey C. Wagner, Andrew W.
                               Hunt, Carson T. King, John L. Ferringer, Ian L. Stewart, Janet L. Andres. Row 7: Katherine Reese Hutz, Kelly Ortner Grant, Elizabeth Lowry Cottle,
                               Jennifer Schmaltz Ellis, Dr. Kevin W. Condict, Charee Campbell Condict, Paul A. Kniep, Krista L. Clark, Benjamin T. Clark, Jennifer L. Johnson, Laura
                               A. Mehaffey. Row 8: Todd O. Carter, Shane W. Stille, Nathan A. Macy, Cassidy Rosenthal Ruschell, Megan Cary Lobe, Molly Wilkinson Chavers, Sara E.
                               Shade, Natalie Griffin Vinje, Lindsay D. Render, Kristin Sasse Griffin, Jamie L. Lewis, Janna R. Schwenn.

                                                                   Class Notes

                                                      Danielle M. Hurt ’97 and Robert Hartman wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding included
                                                      Laura Sosnowski Hauck ’98, Erin J. Hartzler ’99, Ross A. Hauck ’97, Teresa Underwood Miller ’97,
                                                      Todd D. Miller ’99, David J. Gililand ’97, Elizabeth Schindel Gililand ’97, Katherine Taylor Mulder
                                                      ’99 and Laura Murphy Ferri ’97.
Carolyn H. Voorheis ’97 and George E. Summers
Jr. wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the        Church and teaches private voice lessons. (See            George earned a J.D. degree from the University of
wedding included Kimberly Voorheis Vinyard ’92        photo, above.)                                            Richmond and M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University.
(matron of honor), Deric A. Vinyard ’94, Carolyn           Bradford D. Kulick owns Cover 2 Technology.          He is licensed to practice law in Florida, Montana
Turner Voorheis ’67 (mother of the bride) and Bruce   Brad and his wife, Kelley, live in San Jose, Calif.       and Tennessee. (See photo, top left.)
M. Voorheis ’65 (father of the bride).                They have two daughters.                                       Amy B. Wachholtz and Christopher Ayala
                                                           Michelle Palmer Black and her husband, Ryan,         were married Oct. 14, 2006, in Kansas City, Mo.
                                                      announce the birth of their son, Ethan Geoffrey           DePauw alumni attending the wedding included
                                                      Black, March 7, 2008. Ethan joins sister Alexis,          Laura Welker Cochran, Darby Janning Jameson
                                                      2, at their home in Riverside, Ill. Michelle’s e-mail     ’98 and Susan P. Gundersen. Amy is finishing a
                                                      address is                        fellowship in medical psychology at Duke Medical
                                                           Ugarhon S. Serrette, now known as Sugar              Center and will then become an assistant profes-
                                                      Johnson, is a New York-based actor, author and            sor of psychiatry at University of Massachusetts
                                                      educator. Sugar and fellow DePauwite Edward               Medical School. Chris is an operations manager at
                                                      M. Garnes ’99, founded From Afros To Shelltoes.           Cisco Systems and is pursuing a doctoral degree in
                                                      Sugar is a SAT math instructor with the Upward            cognitive psychology. They live at 27 Joseph Road,
                                                      Bound Program at Borrows Manhattan Com-                   Shrewsbury, MA 01545. Amy would enjoy hearing
                                                      munity College.                                           from classmates. Her e-mail address is amywach@
                                                           Kathryn Ventura Neely and her husband,      (See photo, center left.)
                                                      Craig, announce the birth of their daughter, Fran-
                                                      cesca Marguerite Neely, Feb. 18, 2008. Francesca
                                                      joins sister Alessia, 2, at their home in Libertyville,                         1998
                                                      Ill. Kate is a stay-at-home mom. Her e-mail address            Todd O. Carter is assistant football coach
                                                      is                            at University of Indianapolis. He oversees the
                                                           Carolyn H. Voorheis and George E. Summers            offensive line.
                                                      Jr. (Hampden-Sydney College) were married June                 Lisa Davisson Schneider and her husband,
                                                      30, 2007, in New Canaan, Conn. They live in               Eric, announce the birth of their son, Noah Keith
                                                      Livingston, Mont. Carolyn formerly worked for             Schneider, Feb. 16, 2008. They live in Belleair
Amy B. Wachholtz ’97 and Christopher Ayala            Becton, Dickinson and Company in medical sales.           Beach, Fla. Lisa’s e-mail address is lmschneider00@
                                                                                                                     Gregory A. and Katie (Effinger ’01) Hewitt
                                                                                                                announce the birth of their son, Benjamin Ryan
                                                                                                                Hewitt, April 8, 2008. Katie is a marketing manager
                                                                                                                with Eli Lilly and company. They live in Indianapo-
                                                                                                                lis. Greg’s e-mail address is Katie’s
                                                                                                                e-mail address is
                                                                                                                     Andrew “Drew” K. Powell appeared on NBC’s
                                                                                                                ER, April 22, 2008. Drew recently appeared on
                                                                                                                CBS’s Cold Case and NBC’s The Office.
                                                                                                                     Richard J. Roth III and Faviola Meza were
                                                                                                                married May 24, 2008, in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.
Richard J. Roth III ’98 and Faviola Meza wedding party. DePauw alumni and friends attending the wedding         They live in Chicago. (See photo, left.)
included Cynthia Beaman Dyer ’98, Richard J. Roth (former DePauw associate professor of English), Daniel             Meleah “Leah” Rush Powers was one of the
J. Meneses ’98, Kristin Sasse Griffin ’98, James J. Griffin IV ’96 and Natalie Griffin Vinje ’98.               winners of 2007 Sigma Delta Chi Awards from

                                                                          Class Notes
     the Society of Professional Journalists for Public
     Service in Online Journalism category. Leah is
     state projects director for the Center for Public
     Integrity in Illinois.

         Kimberly Connor Benton is a principal in the
     law firm of Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis &
     Stroud, P.A., in Kinston, N.C. She concentrates
     her practice in family law, criminal law and ap-
     pellate practice.
         Amber L. Ewing graduated in May 2008 from
     United Way of Central Indiana’s comprehensive
     leadership development program, Leadership
     United. The program prepares graduates for
     nonprofit service in their communities.
         Sara Fuhrmann Young and her husband,
     Christopher, announce the birth of their son,
     Thomas Charles Young, Oct. 12, 2007.                     Meredith L. Greenawald ’00 and Mike McMahan wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding
         Edward M. Garnes, co-founder of From Afros           included Frederick M. Crampton ’01, Sara L. Dean ’00, Kimberly M. Rymer ’00, Katy S. Dow ’00, Tonya
     to Shelltoes, a community based organization             Heetland Fenske ’00, Kimberly Kaminski Fink ’00, Katherine Mirro Johnson ’00, Molly Hodgin Brown
     focused on using art and education as tools of           ’00, Ashleih Griffin Cheshire ’00, Joy Duginske Crampton ’01, Cathryn Cassells Ensley ’98, Brandin E.
     activism, took part in the national college tour         Nelson ’00, Amber Franklin LaRue ’00, Kelly L. Drane ’00, Greta Hickman Dutton ’99, Tara Avery
     Break Into The Music Conference held at North            Frate ’00, Lynsay Clutter Wilson ’00, Jillian Putnam Holloway ’00, Erika Greenawald Grueninger ’90
     Carolina Central University, April 9, 2008. Ed is an     (matron of honor), Thomas G. Morris ’76, Jeffrey A. Small ’01, Ryan P. Hooker ’97, Matthew E. Fink ’01,
     Atlanta-based author, educator and counselor.            Andrew S. Holloway ’00 and Joseph M. Cheshire ’99. Attending but not pictured were Elizabeth Koenig
         Allisun (Groat) and Joshua L. Clemons                Doan Demmings ’75 and Mary K. Huse ’02.
     announce the birth of their daughter, Kathryn
     “Kate” Sydney Clemons, Jan. 31, 2008. They live          a school and Horizon League record 30-4 mark           ates for nonprofit service in their communities.
     in Minnetrista, Minn.                                    during his first season last year as head coach.            Jennifer Burger Herrmann and her husband,
         Kelly A. Morrison is head girls’ varsity bas-            Emily Troxell McGahee and her husband, Jake,       Jeremy, announce the birth of their son, Carter
     ketball coach at Huntington (Ind.) North High            announce the birth of their son, Mitchell Andrew       Louis Herrmann, March 5, 2008. Jennifer is an
     School.                                                  McGahee, March 29, 2008. Mitchell joins brother        attorney with Kightlinger & Gray, LLP, in In-
         Nichole Nicholson Wilson received the In-            Joseph, 2, at their home in Church View, Va. Emily’s   dianapolis. Jeremy is a general surgery resident
     dianapolis Center for Leadership Development’s           e-mail address is                 at Indiana University School of Medicine. Their
     28th annual Minority Business and Professional                                                                  e-mail address is
     Achievers Up & Coming Award. She is rehab and                                                                        Laura Downs Young and her husband, Todd,
     sports medicine manager for Community Health
     Network in Indianapolis.
                                                                                   2000                              announce the birth of their daughter, Mia Dorothy
                                                                 Monica Brownewell Smith graduated in                Young, Jan. 16, 2008. They live in Millis, Mass.
         Bradley K. Stevens extended his contract as          May 2008 from United Way of Central Indiana’s          Laura’s e-mail address is
     Butler University’s head basketball coach until the      comprehensive leadership development program,               Brian R. Garrison graduated in May 2008 from
     2014-15 season. Brad led the Butler Bulldogs to          Leadership United. The program prepares gradu-         United Way of Central Indiana’s comprehensive
                                                                                                                     leadership development program, Leadership
                                                                                                                     United. The program prepares graduates for
                                                                                                                     nonprofit service in their communities.
                                                                                                                          Meredith L. Greenawald and Mike McMahan
                                                                                                                     (Hanover College) were married Dec. 1, 2007, in
                                                                                                                     Indianapolis. Meredith is a registered nurse at Riley
                                                                                                                     Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Mike is an
                                                                                                                     operations manager for The Brickman Group. They
                                                                                                                     live at 5839 Ralston Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220.
                                                                                                                     Meredith’s e-mail address is mcmahanmere@yahoo.
                                                                                                                     com. (See photo, above.)
                                                                                                                          Lindsay Harris and Alan Jamieson (Tulane
                                                                                                                     University) were married March 18, 2006. Lindsay
                                                                                                                     received a doctoral degree from Clemson University
                                                                                                                     in 2007. She is an assistant professor of computer
                                                                                                                     science at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. (See
                                                                                                                     photo, left.)
                                                                                                                          James F. Holt and his wife, Dea, announce
                                                                                                                     the birth of their son, Hudson James Holt, April
     Lindsay Harris ’00 and Alan Jamieson wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding included                26, 2008. Jim is director of Successful Graduates,
     Charles M. Harris ’70 (father of the bride), Marie Rhine Harris ’70 (mother of the bride), Alisha J. Johnson    a consultancy specializing in increasing success
     ’01, Shelbie L. Wahl ’01, Shelley C. Stoltz ’01 and Stephanie D. Harris ’04.                                    for recent high school and college graduates. Jim

                                                                     Class Notes

                                                                                                              Elliott L. Mueller ’02 and Suzanne K. Blais

                                                                                                                    Emily Brauer Rogers is a lecturer at the University
Christopher L. Grashoff ’01 and Sarah M. Holian ’01 wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wed-           of California, Irvine. She lives in Pasadena, Calif. Em-
ding included Brian P. Tyler ’01 (groomsman), Charles J. Yeo ’00, Bryan N. Campbell ’00, Alexander H.         ily’s e-mail address is
Yates ’02, Susan E. Tingle ’01 (maid of honor), Rachel E. Atterberry ’01 (bridesmaid), Molly Carrell Pierce         Craig M. Fugate is an associate with the Indiana
’01, Bradley A. Pierce ’01 (best man), Kevin A. McKelvey ’00, Matthew R. Farrell ’01, Alana Keilman           law firm of Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim.
Farrell ’01, Jeffrey A. Springer ’01, Seth E. Johnson ’01, Sarah Campbell Wood ’01, David A. Copple           Craig’s practice concentrates on general civil law
’00, David W. Garrison ’01, Erica Kruse Garrison ’01, Brian F. McCord ’01, Melissa Dorko Swartz ’01           and representation of closely held businesses.
(bridesmaid) and Jacob A. Swartz ’02.                                                                               Sara Kopacz Kubin and her husband, Graem,
                                                                                                              announce the birth of their son, Nathan Graem
and Dea live in Indianapolis. Jim’s e-mail address                                                            Kubin, Sept. 6, 2007. Sara’s e-mail address is
     Jennifer L. Noland is a member of the law firm                                                                 Justin L. McNabney earned a J.D. degree
of Smith Moore LLP’s Atlanta office.                                                                          from Stanford Law School, May 4, 2008. He is
     Brian C. and Jillian (Boote) Parsons announce                                                            an attorney with the law firm of Munger, Tolles
the birth of their daughter, Megan Elizabeth Parsons,                                                         & Olson in Los Angeles.
Feb. 29, 2008. Brian is a high school English teacher                                                               Elliott L. Mueller and Suzanne K. Blais (Uni-
at Glen Este High School in Cincinnati. Jillian is an                                                         versity of California-Berkeley) were married June
account executive with Nestle Purina. Brian’s e-mail                                                          23, 2007, in Sacramento, Calif. They live in Seattle.
address is Jill’s e-mail                                                           Elliott is a radiology resident at Virginia Mason
address is                                                                         Medical Center. Suzanne is an attorney employed
                                                                                                              by the University of Washington. DePauw alumni
                                                                                                              attending the wedding included John P. Etzel ’03
                      2001                               Holly A. Richards ’01 and Michael J. Polites
                                                                                                              (groomsman), Tyler J. Green, Joshua P. Bukstein,
    Sara Decker Huffer and her husband, Chris-           (bridesmaid), Tiffany Tullis Dailey (bridesmaid),    Joshua J. Fraccaro, Reid C. Vegeler and Edward H.
topher, announce the birth of their daughter,            Stephanie Zoll Donley and Jessica L. Olson ’02       Inlow ’01. Elliott’s e-mail address is elliottmueller@
Anna Griffin Huffer, Feb. 28, 2008. They live in         (bridesmaid). Holly works in the Office of In- (See photo, above.)
Indianapolis. Sara is a neurology resident. Her          ternational Affairs at Indiana University Purdue           Kristin Spellmeyer Werne and her husband,
e-mail address is                  University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Mike is a pro-      Nick, announce the birth of their daughter, Ava
    Katie (Effinger) and Gregory A. Hewitt ’98           fessor of communication studies at IUPUI. They       Claire Spellmeyer Werne, Aug. 17, 2008. Kristin
announce the birth of their son, Benjamin Ryan           live at 5974 Buick Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46224.      is an OB/GYN resident physician at St. Vincent
Hewitt, April 8, 2008. Katie is a marketing manager      Holly’s e-mail address is hollyapolites@hotmail.     Women’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Nick is an in-
with Eli Lilly and Company. They live in India-          com. (See photo, above.)                             ternal medicine physician at St. Vincent Hospital
napolis. Katie’s e-mail address is
Greg’s e-mail address is
    Christopher L. Grashoff and Sarah M. Holian
were married in December 2007, in Cleveland.                           For a schedule of alumni events
They live in Chicago. (See photo, above.)
    Lawren K. Mills is policy director for human                                    or information about
services for the office of the Indiana governor, Mitch
Daniels, in Indianapolis. Her e-mail address is
                                                                                    Old Gold Weekend or                                                 and
    Holly A. Richards and Michael J. Polites (Ball
State University) were married Oct. 7, 2006, in                                     Monon Bell parties,
Dayton, Ohio. DePauw alumni attending the
wedding included Catherine Waechter Boggs
                                                                              go to:

             For a schedule of alumni events and information about alumni services, go to:

                                                                                                 Class Notes
                                                                                    Anne Weaver, Feb. 19, 2008. Kate’s e-mail address        2006, and the company has grown to 23 full-time
                                                                                    is                                 employees, with headquarters in Indianapolis. In
                                                                                         Theresa (Herman) and Andrew L. Beardsley            the past year, Compendium was named a Venture
                                                                                    ’04 announce the birth of their son, Andrew Jacob        Idol finalist and MIRA award finalist. Ali’s e-mail
                                                                                    Beardsley, Jan. 18, 2008. They live in Avon, Ind.        address is
                                                                                    Theresa is a human resources manager for Sandor
                                                                                    Development Company. Andy is a resident physi-
                                                                                    cian in pediatrics at Indiana University/Riley Chil-                           2004
                                                                                    dren’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Theresa’s e-mail            Amy C. Baumgartner is assistant professor of
                                                                                    address is Andy’s            theatre and head of the stage management program
                                                                                    e-mail address is               at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition
                           Chareen M. Stark ’02 with Reem Sweiss Belayachi               Stanislaus “Stan” P. Jastrzebski is news director   to stage management, she teaches theatre history
                           ’02 and Karim Belayachi, at a reception before their     at WFIU-FM, the National Public Radio affiliate          and musical theatre.
                           wedding in Amman, Jordan, 2007.                          at Indiana University in Bloomington.                        Andrew L. and Theresa (Herman ’03)
                                                                                         Nicholas D. Myers earned a J.D. degree from         Beardslely announce the birth of their son, Andrew
                           Carmel. They live in Fishers, Ind. Kristin’s e-mail      Whittier Law School in May 2007. He became a             Jacob Beardsley, Jan. 18, 2008. They live in Avon,
                           address is                        member of the State Bar of California, November          Ind. Theresa is a human resources manager at
                                Chareen M. Stark has been working with the          2007. He is an associate with Burkhalter Kessler         Sandor Development Company. Andy is a resident
                           United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in          Goodman & George LLP in Irvine, Calif. Nicholas          physician in pediatrics at Indiana University/Riley
                           Jerusalem for the past two years. Her e-mail address     specializes in intellectual property law. His e-mail     Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Andy’s e-mail
                           is (See photo, above.)          address is                           address is Theresa’s e-
                                                                                         Alison L. Sales is co-founder and president of      mail address is
                                                                                    Compendium Blogware, a company that provides                 Patricia J. Cooksey and Jon T. Riveire (Indiana
                                                 2003                               blogging software to more than 150 organiza-             University) were married Oct. 6, 2008, in Bloom-
                              Katherine Boomer Weaver and her husband,              tions nationwide. Ali and business partner, Chris        ington, Ind. Tricia is director of alumni chapters at
                           Tom, announce the birth of their daughter, Nora          Baggott, founded Compendium in December                  the Indiana University Alumni Association. Jon is
     Photo: KIWI Photography

                                                                                  Alumni Reunion Weekend 2008 – Class of 2003
                               Row 1: Michelle Dingus Wiegman, Corey McConnell Best, Katherine L. Busch, Lindsay S. Vogtsberger, Jane C. Becker, Ryan S. Truitt, Kathryn D. Rudolph,
                               Joshua T. Dials, Matthew T. Campbell, Angela N. Thompson, Cynthia L. Ackelmire, Katherine A. Payne. Row 2: Katherine I. Hundley, Anne Plymate Field,
                               Kimberle Engebretson Alcorn, Nancy E. Poikonen, Anastasia S. Argoe, Jessica E. Schaab, Emily C. Gage, Katie L. Lemons, Megan L. Bevington, Gregory B.
                               Nammari, Sarah J. Finney. Row 3: Brian N. Spilbeler, Melanie L. Tchaou, Meghann Huels Dials, Natalie Klooz Thompson, Molly C. Michalak, David A.
                               Scott, Gageby Hill Gaither, Megan L. Grande, Britney Rose Walker, Tara Bevington Fleck, Adam W. Czerwinski, Anna Riefe Curran. Row 4: Daniel M. Reck,
                               Kristen A. Wong, Sara E. Endres, Meredith A. Miles, Melissa C. Payne, Leah M. Jansen, Catherine Starkey Franson, Caroline A. Philipchuck, Marissa K. Gee,
                               Catherine J. Cannon, Emily West Henry, Gina James Mierbachtol. Row 5: Jessica L. Blevens, Brigid M. Roche, Kristin M. Griffith, Katherine Reis Bonomo,
                               Allison L. Smith, Michelle Aymond Gilbert, Martha E. Talyor, Joshua A. Heisler, Beau T. Davis, Daynan J. Crull, George E. “Quinn” Heidenreich V. Row 6:
                               Elizabeth A. Wallace, Andrew P. McGovern, Kristi M. Spears, Natalie N. Seibert, Kelly Moore Delph, Natalie D. Sutton, Bethany Bryant Montagano, Caleb
                               M. Sutton, Jason C. Walker, Roberto J. Munoz, Tracey A. King, Emily C. Zoch. Row 7: David W. Emison, Jennifer L. McDermott, Ashley E. Hedges.

                                                    To change your address call 765-658-4205 or
                                              e-mail or fax 765-658-4172.

                                                                          Class Notes
                                                                                                                             Adrian L. Norris is an assistant baseball and
                                                                                                                         football coach at Sewanee, The University of the
                                                                                                                         South, in Tennessee.
                                                                                                                             Michael P. Triplett and Jennifer A. Miller ’05
                                                                                                                         were married Aug. 11, 2007, in Indianapolis. (See
                                                                                                                         photo, top next page.)

                                                                                                                             Davis M. Federspiel was a national finalist
                                                                                                                         for a 2007 Mark of Excellence Award from the
                                                                                                                         Society of Professional Journalists. Her news
                                                                                                                         report, “Roller Derby,” was cited in the television
                                                                                                                         sports category. Davis lives in Chicago and works
                                                                                                                         for Starcom Worldwide.
                                                                                                                             Kathi L. Harland and Jordan P. Harp were
                                                                                                                         married July 14, 2007, in East College at DePauw.
Patricia J. Cooksey ’04 and Jon T. Riveire wedding party. DePauw alumni and friends attending the wedding
                                                                                                                         (See photo, bottom next page.)
included Casey L. Brackney ’04, Stefanie J. Chambers ’04 (bridesmaid), Corey L. Brackney ’04, McKenna L.
                                                                                                                             Rupak Shivakoti is a student at the Johns
Roberts ’04, Abigail A. Huffer ’04 (bridesmaid), Natasha Basey Pedroza ’03, Lizette Barnes Baumann ’04,
                                                                                                                         Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in
Cara Brumby Setchell (associate dean of students at DePauw), Tonya Y. Welker (secretary for alumni relations at
                                                                                                                         the microbiology/immunology department. (See
DePauw), Jennifer Clarkson Soster ’88 (executive director of alumni relations at DePauw), Michelle L. Rhodes ’05,
                                                                                                                         photo, page 41.)
Lee A. McKelvey ’05, Gabrielle Peek Benson ’05, Martha A. Leader ’06, Kelli J. Smith ’04, Molly E. Monroe
’05, Molly V. Young ’04, Laura D. Clark ’04, Lauren Humes Strauser ’04, Adria M. Haley ’04, Ashlee M.
Nisley ’04, Steven J. Setchell ’96 (capital gifts officer at DePauw), Frederick M. Soster (Ernest R. Smith Professor
of Geosciences at DePauw), Matthew J. Ehinger ’06, David M. Trogden ’04 and Rose E. Shingledecker ’04.
                                                                                                                              Seth C. Elder was awarded a United States
                                                                                                                         Student Fulbright award for the 2008-09 academic
an assistant residence manager in the residence halls        master’s degree in musicology in 2007 from UNC              year to study and conduct research in Macedonia.
at Indiana University. They live in Bloomington.             and currently is pursuing a doctoral degree.                His project is “Economic Development and the
Tricia’s e-mail address is                                                                         Protection of Cultural Heritage in Macedonia.”
(See photo, above.)                                                                                                           Kathryn A. Haklin received an international
     Eric A. Evans is an assistant football coach at                               2006                                  graduate study and research grant from the French
State University of New York at Albany. He works                 Johanna L. Fickenscher won the 10th Annual              government and the Institute of International
with the program’s tight ends.                               PTO Get Fit in May 5K in Exeter, N.H., May 17,              Education. She will spend the 2008-09 academic
     Maria L. Herrera and Amos Norman were                   2008. Johanna is a student at The University of             year on a teaching assistantship in France.
married May 24, 2008, in Fort Wayne, Ind. Maria              New Hampshire.                                                   Katharine E. Pell is a coordinator for the client re-
works in the admissions office at Indiana Universi-              Patrick Y. Matheny is director of operations at         lationship team at Hetrick, a consultant for integrated
ty-Purdue University at Fort Wayne. Amos is the              Wine Merchant in Findlay, Ohio. He is a write-in can-       marketing communications, in Indianapolis.
director of operations at the Boys and Girls Clubs           didate for Ohio’s 76th house district representative.            Eric M. Reese received an international gradu-
of Fort Wayne. Maria’s e-mail is mlherrera19@                    David I. McMillin, singer and songwriter, was           ate study and research grant from the 2008-09 (See photo, below right.)                         the opening act for recording artist Shelby Lynne’s         Fulbright United States Student Program competi-
     Elin P. Raun received a Fulbright United States         nationwide tour, March 25-May 4, 2008. David                tion. He will spend a year in South Korea teaching
student scholarship. Elin will travel to Estonia dur-        performed at DePauw, April 11, 2008.                        English to young people.
ing the 2008-09 academic year to conduct research
in the field of Estonian diaspora studies.
     Jamie T. Wilson is the music discovery Web
site’s director of content for

    Jennifer A. Miller and Michael P. Triplett ’06
were married Aug. 11, 2007, in Indianapolis. (See
photo, top next page.)
    Karl G. Odenwald is the Rolla (Mo.) High
School social studies teacher and assistant varsity
football coach.
    Peter E. Ohs directed a music video, Duplexes
of the Dead, by the group Fiery Furnaces, which
aired on MTV2 underground music video show,
“Subterranean,” March 10, 2008.
    Joseph W. Porter is head boy’s soccer coach at
Sayre School in Lexington, Ky.
    Jeffrey M. Wright, a student at University               Maria L. Herrera ’04 and Amos Norman wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding included Amy C.
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), was                  Miller ’08 (bridesmaid), Katie L. Findley ’04, James “Rob” Miller III ’04, Lauren M. Peoples ’04, Rebecca D. Miller
awarded a 2008 summer fellowship at the Library              ’04, Shelby Hutchinson Fongers ’04, Wilson Villafana ’04, Emily L. Duncan ’05, Amanda L. Bonebrake ’04, Kendra
of Congress in Washington, D.C. Jeff received a              L. Chaney ’04, Molly E. Monroe ’05, Anthony R. Kaufman ’05 and Traci Abbott Kaufman ’05.

                                                                             Class Notes

                                                                                                                            Mary Foster Geary ’28, May 16, 2008, of South
                                                                                                                        Bend, Ind., at the age of 101. She was a registered
                                                                                                                        nurse and homemaker. She was preceded in death
                                                                                                                        by her first and second husbands.
                                                                                                                            Hazel Alton Connelley ’29, Nov. 21, 2007, Tuc-
                                                                                                                        son, Ariz., at the age of 100. She was a homemaker.
                                                                                                                        She was preceded in death by her husband.
                                                                                                                            Esther Elkins Rush ’30, April 20, 2008, of
                                                                                                                        Bedford, Ky., at the age of 99, five days before her
                                                                                                                        100th birthday. She was a member of Delta Zeta
                                                                                                                        sorority. She worked in the insurance business and
                                                                                                                        was a member of the Marine Corps. Later, she was
                                                                                                                        a homemaker. She was preceded in death by her
                                                                                                                        father, Willard Elkins, Class of 1900; mother,
                                                                                                                        Marguerite Baker Elkins, Class of 1899; sister,
                                                                                                                        Dixie Elkins Thompson ’31; brother, Robert H.
                                                                                                                        Elkins ’40; and her husband.
     Jennifer A. Miller ’05 and Michael P. Triplett ’06 wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding included         William B. Lyons ’30, March 26, 2005, of
     Lowell M. Huffman ’06 (best man), Ashley J. Patton ’05 (maid of honor), David W. Emison ’03, Elizabeth M.          Springfield, Ill., at the age of 98. He was a member of
     Ernst ’05 (bridesmaid), Lindsay E. Tato ’05 (bridesmaid), Bryan D. Cuculich ’05 (usher), Margot Beardsley Clark    Sigma Nu fraternity. He was manager of Continental
     ’05 (bridesmaid), Taylor D. Clark ’05, Ann Triplett Warner ’02 (bridesmaid), David C. Warner ’00, Alexander B.     Grain Company in Havana, Ill., for more than 35
     Penning ’06 (groomsman), Allison A. Baccich ’07, Christian L. Cullen ’06 (groomsman), Gregory D. DeBeer ’06        years. He was preceded in death by his wife.
     (groomsman), Brett A. Bohlander ’06 (groomsman), Laura Page Bohlander ’06, Michelle L. Rhodes ’05, Jane S.             Marjorie Bundy Parks ’32, June 29, 2008, of
     Davis ’05, Margot Voges Vishion ’05, Christin E. Serenbetz ’05, Kristin L. Rosenberger ’05, Emily C. Schull ’05,   Indianapolis, at the age of 98. She was a member
     Amy E. Allen ’05, Kelly E. Workinger ’05, Erin Greenlee Nixon ’05, Joseph H. Nixon III ’02, Caitlin A. DeBord      of Alpha Phi sorority. She was a member of Phi
     ’05, Natalie L. Dressel ’06, Lindsay M. Weber ’06, Janis E. Steck ’06, Erin E. Dodd ’06, Tanner J. Coulter ’05,    Beta Kappa. She was a lifetime member of the
     Antonia E. Miller ’08, Jill C. Adamson ’06, Stephanie L. Bewley ’05, Daniel J. Kress ’05, Paul M. Lamb ’05,        Washington C. DePauw Society. She was a member
     Matthew S. Cable ’06, Zachary C. Harris ’06, Eric T. Mattingly ’06, Andrew W. Watterson ’06, Peter B. Smith        of the DePauw Board of Trustees in 1966 and a
     ’06, Scott T. Sadowski ’06, Mark A. Gonzales ’06, Kevin J. McAteer ’06, William H. Metzinger IV ’06, Kelli A.      member of the DePauw Board of Visitors from
     Corney ’06, Mark R. Alson ’05, Anthony M. Williams ’05, Thomas J. Pruzin ’05, Ryan M. Sipe ’05, Christopher        1966-69. She was a homemaker and a commu-
     B. Consolo ’05, Matthew R. Kapfhammer ’05, Benjamin W. Baenen ’08, Adam R. Ford ’08, Joseph G. Baker               nity volunteer. She was preceded in death by her
     08, Reed J. Scherrer ’08, John H. Tschantz ’08, Brett A. McGrath ’08 and Todd J. Capes ’06.                        mother, Edith Abbott Bundy, Class of 1904; her
                                                                                                                        husband, John T. Parks Jr. ’33; and sister, Vera
                                                                                                                        Bundy Arnold ’39. Her survivors include a son,
                                                                                                                        John B. Parks ’63; brother Hugh T. Bundy ’33;
                                                                                                                        and granddaughter, Laura L. Parks ’08.
                                                                                                                            Eva Robinson Loyd ’32, Feb. 16, 2008,
                                                                                                                        in Gainesville, Fla., at the age of 98. She was a
                                                                                                                        homemaker. Her survivors include a niece, Jinsie
                                                                                                                        Scott Bingham ’56.
                                                                                                                            G. Wendell Dygert ’33, Feb. 6, 2008, in Colum-
                                                                                                                        bia City, Ind., at the age of 95. He was a member of
                                                                                                                        the Men’s Hall Association. He was a Rector Scholar.
                                                                                                                        He was a life insurance agent and estate planner for
                                                                                                                        70 years, retiring in 2007 from Northwestern Mutual
                                                                                                                        Life Insurance Company. He was a farmer as well as a
                                                                                                                        math and shop teacher from 1933-1943. His survivors
                                                                                                                        include his wife, Ruth Tower Dygert ’33.
     Kathi L. Harland ’07 and Jordan P. Harp ’07 wedding party. DePauw alumni attending the wedding included Peter
     J.V. McFarland ’07, Timothy D. Lyon ’07, Susannah M. Ramshaw ’07, Ashley R. Amodeo ’07, R. Alexander                     Obituaries in DePauw Magazine include
     Rhea ’07, Kate L. Ziegelgruber ’08, Jeffrey M. Tienes ’08, Keith A. Schonberger ’07, Courtney E. Fischer ’07,        name of the deceased, class year, fraternity/
     Kyle S. Smitley ’07, Alexander P. Breitinger ’09, Melissa J.K. Gross ’04, Melissa M. Webb ’06, Alexander H.          sorority/living unit, occupation and DePauw-
     Toumey ’06, Iris L. Dooling ’06, Daniel S. Solberg ’06, Kathryn D. Brus ’07, Mary R. Godley ’07, Geofrey             related activities and relatives.
     T.M. Gertz ’07, Andrew W. Strasburg ’07, Michael G. Treffehn ’06, Joel M. Street ’07, Michael R. Roberts ’07             When reporting deaths, please include
     and J. Kyle Sturgeon ’06. Attending but not pictured were Hannah L. Harp ’10 and P. Jacob Gross ’00.                 as much information as possible. Newspaper
                                                                                                                          obituaries are very helpful.
                                                                                                                              Information should be sent to Alumni
                    For a schedule of alumni events                                                                       Records, DePauw University, Charter House,
                                                                                                                          300 E. Seminary Street, P.O. Box 37, Green-
              or information about Old Gold Weekend and                                                                   castle, IN 46135-0037. You may also FAX us
                                                                                                                          the information at 765-658-4172 or e-mail
                           Monon Bell parties,                                                                            to
                     go to:                                                                             Obituaries in DePauw Magazine do not
                                                                                                                          include memorial gifts.

                                                                       Class Notes
     Paul C. Glick ’33, Jan. 19, 2006, of Phoenix         He retired as an executive manager for International     Alpha Phi sorority. She was a homemaker.
at the age of 95. He was a member of Lambda Chi           Harvester following 42 years of service. He was              Eldon B. Webber ’36, May 15, 2008, of Adam-
Alpha fraternity. He was a member of Phi Beta             preceded in death by his son, David B. Bulleit ’66       stown, Md., at the age of 93, after a lengthy illness. He
Kappa and a Rector Scholar. He was a senior de-           and brother, Robert B. Bulleit ’33. His survivors        worked for the Chevrolet and Oldsmobile dealership
mographer for the Census Bureau and later adjunct         include his wife.                                        in Gloucester, Md., and later as a revenue agent for
professor in the sociology department at Arizona              William R. Henriksen ’35, May 18, 2004, in           Commonwealth of Massachusetts, retiring in 1984.
State University. He was preceded in death by his         Lewes, Del., at the age of 90. He was a member of        He was preceded in death by his wife.
wife and a brother, Clarence E. Glick ’27.                the Men’s Hall Association and a Rector Scholar.             Myron J. Willis ’36, May 5, 2008, in Rich-
     Clara Kirtley LaFollette ’33, March 11, 2008,        He retired as assistant comptroller of developmental     mond, Va., at the age of 92. He was a Rector
of Carmel, Ind., at the age of 97. She was a member       auditing from AT&T in 1978, following 46 years           Scholar. He was a member of the DePauw Alumni
of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She was a homemaker.       of service. His survivors include his wife.              Association Board of Directors from 1981-84.
She was preceded in death by her husband.                     Lucille Smock Stevens ’35, May 6, 2008, of           He retired, after 30 years, as director of applied
     Richard W. Tillstrom ’33, March 23, 2008,            Hudson, Ohio, at the age of 94. She was a member         research in disease prevention at the Centers for
of Grand Rapids, Mich., at the age of 96. He was          of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She was a buyer           Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. He
a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. He was            for Lord & Taylor’s in New York City and later           was preceded in death by his wife. His survivors
a salesman for several food companies and later           a homemaker. She was preceded in death by her            include a daughter, Ann Willis Sebrell ’64.
worked several years as station public affairs director   husband, Robert W. Stevens ’34.                              Emil “Buzzie” J. Bavasi ’38, May 1, 2008, in
at WOOD-TV. He was preceded in death by his                   Carl H. Heimerdinger ’36, Dec. 20, 2003,             San Diego, at the age of 93. He was a member of
first wife. His survivors include his second wife.        of Cincinnati, at the age of 89. He was a member         Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He was inducted into De-
     Henry R. Branstetter ’35, March 2, 2008,             of the Men’s Hall Association. He was a Rector           Pauw’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1989. He received
in Wilmington, N.C., at the age of 93. He was             Scholar. He was retired treasurer of Cincinnati          an Alumni Citation from DePauw in 1982. He
a member of Delta Upsilon fraternity. He was a            School District and retired president and chairman       had nearly a 50-year career in professional baseball,
Rector Scholar. He was former president of Ocean          of Westwood Homestead Savings Bank. He was               including 35 years with major league teams. He
Garden Products, Inc., retiring in 1977. He was a         preceded in death by his wife.                           was executive vice president and general manager
pioneer in the United States seafood industry. He             Maribel Martin Kilmartin ’36, May 22, 2008,          of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1951-1968. His
was a member of the DePauw Alumni Board of                of Palo Alto, Calif., at the age of 93, of cancer. She   survivors include his wife.
Directors, 1980-83. He received an alumni citation        was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She was a recep-             Rev. Maurice E. Kessler ’38, Feb. 27, 2008,
from DePauw in 1980.                                      tionist at Stanford Art Gallery from 1960-2004.          of North Manchester, Ind., at the age of 93. He
     John C. Bulleit ’35, Feb. 19, 2008, of Laguna        She was preceded in death by her husband.                was a Rector Scholar. He was a United Methodist
Hills, Calif., at the age of 94. He was a member of           Phyllis Roper Noteware ’36, April 26, 2008,          church pastor and served churches in the Northern
Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He was a Rector Scholar.        of Dallas, at the age of 92. She was a member of         Indiana Conference for 44 years, retiring in 1980.
                                                                                                                   After retirement, he was pastor emeritus at the
                                                                                                                   Akron (Ind.) United Methodist Church. He was
  Arthur W. Burks ’36 helped create the computer revolution                                                        preceded in death by his wife.
                                    Arthur W. Burks ’36, a key contributor to the development of the first
                                                                                                                       Clare Allison Meier ’39, Feb. 19, 2008, of
                                general-purpose electronic digital computer, died May 14, 2008, at age
                                                                                                                   Elyria, Ohio, at the age of 92.
                                92. His pioneering work helped lead to the computer revolution.
                                                                                                                       She was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.
                                    Burks was part of the three-man design team at the University of
                                                                                                                   She was a homemaker and community volunteer.
                                Pennsylvania that created the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator
                                                                                                                   She was preceded in death by her husband, F. Robert
                                and Computer) in the mid-1940s. Weighing 30 tons, the ENIAC was
                                                                                                                   Meier ’38 and sister, Eva Allison Anderson ’40. Her
                                invented as a replacement for the 75 women who manually calculated
                                                                                                                   survivors include a son, George A. Meier ’70.
                                trajectories of artillery shells during World War II. His wife of 65 years,
                                                                                                                       Marian Meiks Tomeo ’39, March 26, 2008, of
                                Alice, was one of the “human computers.” She survives.
                                                                                                                   Shelbyville, Ind., at the age of 91. She was a home-
                                    Over the years, Burks stayed in touch with faculty members and students
  Arthur Burks                                                                                                     maker. She was preceded in death by her husband.
                                at DePauw. Thanks to his efforts, several components of the ENIAC are
                                                                                                                       Eva Allison Anderson ’40, Nov. 22, 2007, of
  on display in the Percy Lavon Julian Science & Mathematics Center at DePauw.
                                                                                                                   Portland, Ore., at the age of 89. She was a member
      Burks was widely known as an educator, researcher and writer in the fields of philosophy and
                                                                                                                   of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. She served in the
  computer science. At the time of his death, he was professor emeritus in both the philosophy and
                                                                                                                   Navy WAVES and later became a homemaker. She
  electrical engineering departments at the University of Michigan as well as adjunct professor of phi-
                                                                                                                   was followed in death by her sister, Clare Allison
  losophy at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
                                                                                                                   Meier ’39. Her survivors include her husband.
      After receiving his bachelor’s degree at DePauw in mathematics and physics, Burks earned master’s
                                                                                                                       Marian Ellis Gifford ’40, Feb. 22, 2008, of
  and doctoral degrees in philosophy from the University of Michigan. He spent the next five years at
                                                                                                                   Chicago, at the age of 89. She was a member
  the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, where he joined the
                                                                                                                   of Alpha Phi sorority. She worked in radio and
  design team working on the ENIAC.
                                                                                                                   television broadcasting for 10 years, and then for
      In 1946 Burks became a faculty member at the University of Michigan, where he co-founded the
                                                                                                                   25 years she was a major campaign fund-raiser for
  computer science department. During his long
                                                                                                                   universities, including DePauw in 1959. In 1983
  career, Burks remained at the forefront of inte-
                                                                                                                   she established her own consulting company and
  grating computer science and philosophy.
                                                                                                                   was vice president for development for Children’s
      He wrote many books, received numerous
                                                                                                                   Home and Aid Society of Illinois. She was preceded
  awards and traveled globally as a consultant,
                                                                                                                   in death by her mother, Erma McGuffin Ellis ’01;
  researcher and lecturer.
                                                                                                                   father, Heber H. Ellis ’01; brother, Charles S. Ellis
      At DePauw Burks was a member of
                                                                                                                   ’35; and sister, Carolyn Ellis Allan ’36. Her survivors
  Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He was a Rec-
                                                                                                                   include her daughter, Wendy B. Gifford ’71.
  tor Scholar and member of Phi Beta Kappa.
                                                                                                                       Elizabeth Emison Peterson ’40, Sept. 17, 2006,
  DePauw awarded him an honorary Doctor
                                                                                                                   of Sea Ranch, Calif., at the age of 88. She was a
  of Science degree in 1973.
                                                                                                                   member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She was

                                                                          Class Notes
     a lifetime member of the Washington C. DePauw           embolism. He was a member of Phi Gamma Delta              He was preceded in death by his wife.
     Society. She was preceded in death by her father,       fraternity. He began his career as an attorney with            Gloria J. Anderson ’48, Feb. 17, 2008, of Erie,
     Richard A. Emison ’16; mother, Esse Summers             the Chicago law firm of Rooks, Pitt and Poust,            Pa., at the age of 81. She was employed with Baxter
     Emison ’17; and sister, Patricia Emison Cox ’43.        specializing in worker’s compensation. In 1984            Travenal Pharmaceutical and G.D. Searle Pharma-
     Her survivors include her husband.                      he founded the Chicago law firm of Stevenson,             ceutical companies. Later, she was a homemaker.
          Paul R. Klohr ’40, June 3, 2008, of Columbus,      Rusin and Friedman and remained a partner with                 Marian Gregory Wolf ’48, May 3, 2008, in
     Ohio, at the age of 90. He was a member of Lambda       the firm until 1998. He was executive director of         Carroll Valley, Pa., at the age of 81, from chronic
     Chi Alpha fraternity. He was a Rector Scholar. He       National Council of Self-Insurers from 1983-1998.         obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer. She
     was a professor emeritus at Ohio State University.      In 1998 he was appointed commissioner of the              was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She
     He was preceded in death by his wife.                   Illinois Industrial Commission.                           was an assistant buyer at Macy’s in New York City
          Virgil C. McMahill Jr. ’40, March 3, 2008, of           Guy M. “Binx” Walker ’44, March 28, 2008,            from 1949-51 and a copy editor at The Tobe Fashion
     Colorado Springs, Colo., at the age of 90. He was       of Ocean Springs, Miss., at the age of 84. He was         Report from 1951-52 and 1970-73. Later, she was
     a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He was a        a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He was an           an assistant to the sales manager at Merrill Lynch
     Rector Scholar. He retired in 1983 following 35         attorney as well as a certified public accountant,        brokerage offices in Washington, D.C., as well as a
     years working as a commercial artist and silkscreen     geologist, philosopher, historian, economist and          homemaker. Her survivors include her husband.
     printer in his own studio, Screen Art Studio. His       inventor. He practiced law in Jacksonville, Miss. He           Patricia O’Hair Rugan ’48, March 24, 2008,
     survivors include his wife.                             was member of a six-generation DePauw family. He          of Gulf Shores, Ala. She was a member of Kappa
          Ruth Beaver Verbeck ’41, Aug. 1, 2007, of          conceived and developed the Ole Walker Baseball           Alpha Theta sorority. She was a homemaker. She
     Deerfield, Ill., at the age of 87. She was a member     Field at DePauw. He was preceded in death by his          was preceded in death by her father, Walter R.
     of Delta Zeta sorority. She was a homemaker. She        grandfather, Guy M. Walker, Class of 1890; father,        O’Hair ’22. Her survivors include her husband
     was preceded in death by her husband.                   Merle R. Walker, Class of 1912; uncle, Ray M.             and a brother, John D. O’Hair ’51.
          Joanne Irwin Harris ’42, Sept. 3, 2007, in         Walker, Class of 1914; brother, Fisk H. Walker                 Mary Brittain Buddig ’49, May 6, 2008, in
     Homewood, Ill., at the age of 87. She was a member      ’50; and cousins Zella W. Walker ’44 and Merle            Burr Ridge, Ill., at the age of 80. She was a member
     of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She was an account       R. Walker ’44. His survivors include sons Stuart          of Pi Beta Phi sorority. She was a homemaker. She
     technician, retiring in 1992.                           M. Walker ’73 and Douglas M. Walker ’78; a                was preceded in death by her husband, Robert C.
          Wendell F. Overman ’42, May 6, 2008, of            daughter, Alison M. Walker ’77; a brother, Bruce          Buddig ’51, and brother, David B. Brittain ’51.
     Evanston, Ill., at the age of 88. He was a member       Walker ’53; a grandson, Christian B.B. Walker ’09;             Peter J. DeLuca ’49, Jan. 15, 2006, of Man-
     of the Men’s Hall Association. He was a Rector          and a cousin, Guy M. Walker II ’46.                       chester, N.J., at the age of 98. He was a member
     Scholar. He was a manager for International Har-             Phyllis Whalen Bunn’44, Feb. 14, 1999, Dal-          of the Men’s Hall Association. He owned a dry
     vester Company in Chicago, retiring in 1992. His        las, at the age of 77. She was a member of Kappa          cleaning and tailoring business for 46 years, retiring
     survivors include his wife.                             Kappa Gamma sorority. She was reference and               in 1983. He was preceded in death by his wife.
          Richard S. Shepard ’42, June 1, 2008, of Fort      technical manager at Southern Methodist Univer-                Robert E. Jenkins ’49, March 24, 2008, in
     Myers, Fla., at the age of 87. He was a member          sity in Dallas. Her survivors include her husband,        Key West, Fla., at the age of 80. He was a retired
     of Delta Upsilon fraternity. He pursued a career        and a sister, Barbara Whalen Nevis ’50.                   pharmacy technician as well as a light and sound
     in business and was owner and operator of several            Charles A. Boswell ’45, Nov. 1, 2007, of Carmel,     technician for stage productions. He was preceded
     McDonald’s restaurants. His survivors include his       Ind., at the age of 84. He was a member of Sigma Nu       in death by his father, Ruel E. Jenkins ’15, and
     wife, Dorothy Donlen Shepard ’42.                       fraternity. He was an assistant professor at Augustana    mother, Mary Laudig Jenkins ’18.
          Jeanne D. Pachaly ’43, Dec. 18, 2007, in           College from 1950-1952, and he worked at the cor-              Thomas C. Kasson ’49, May 11, 2008, in Chevy
     Dowers Grove, Ill., at the age of 85. She was a         porate psychology firm Rohrer, Hibler & Replogle          Chase, Md., at the age of 84. He was a member of
     member of Delta Zeta sorority. She was a music          from 1952-70. In 1970 he founded an industrial            the Men’s Hall Association. He was a Rector Scholar.
     teacher at the American Conservatory of Music           psychology and consulting firm, Charles A. Boswell &      He retired from the Army Corps of Engineers in
     in Chicago and the University of Arkansas. Later,       Associates. His survivors include his wife, Lois Bearss   1987. His survivors include his wife.
     she taught diction to singers, German at Berlitz        Boswell ’45, and son, Roger W. Boswell ’73.                    Ludella Pittman Ebinger ’49, Jan. 11, 2008, of
     language schools and English to foreigners.                  Ray S. Jacobs ’45, March 31, 2008, of Phoenix,       Phoenix, at the age of 81. She was an elementary
          LeRoy M. Lacey ’44, May 5, 2006, of India-         at the age of 84. He was a member of Delta Chi            education teacher at Union (Ariz.) School for 25
     napolis, at the age of 83. He was a member of Delta     fraternity. He spent more than 40 years in building       years, retiring in 1993. She was preceded in death
     Tau Delta fraternity. He was a Rector Scholar. He       material sales and later was the national dealer sales    by her husband.
     was an attorney with the law firm of King, McCann       manager for Abitibi-Price, in Troy, Mich., retiring            Janis Raymond Gray ’49, Jan. 30, 2008, in
     & Scott in Kokomo, Ind. His survivors include his       in 1988. His survivors include his wife, Miriam           Prospect, Ky., at the age of 80, after a long illness. She
     wife, and daughter, Cynthia Lacey Gault ’76.            White Jacobs ’46.                                         was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She was
          Gene L. Palmer ’44, Dec. 19, 2007, of Santa             James C. Link ’46, April 3, 2008, in Char-           an actress and performed in professional theatre and
     Clara, Calif., at the age of 85. He was a member of     lotte, N.C., at the age of 83, from cancer. He was        commercials in Chicago. Later, she became a profes-
     Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was a Rector Scholar.      a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was the          sional narrator at the American Printing House for
     He was retired president of Pepsi-Cola Bottling         owner and president of Royal Crown Bottling               the Blind in Louisville, where she recorded Talking
     Company. He was followed in death by his wife.          Company, retiring in 1973. He was preceded in             Books for more than 30 years. Her survivors include
          Rev. Otto S. Steele Jr. ’44, Feb. 19, 2008, of     death by his grandmother, Maude Rude Link, Class          her husband, Earl E. Gray Jr. ’48.
     Pella, Iowa, at the age of 85. He was a member of the   of 1891; father, Paxson R. Link ’19; sister, Joanna            Elizabeth Matte Simpson ’50, April 23, 2008,
     Men’s Hall Association. He was a Rector Scholar. He     Link Spung ’57; and uncle, Dick Link ’21. His             of Clintonville, Wis., at the age of 79, from a
     was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He was a United         survivors include his wife and two cousins, Linda         ruptured aortic aneurysm and complications. She
     Methodist minister. He served congregations in Iowa     Link Huff ’60 and Lucy Link Stack ’65.                    was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She
     for more than 44 years, retiring in 1988. He was             Dr. John “Jack” W. Hardebeck ’47, April 26,          was vice president and secretary of Marion Body
     a part-time lecturer at Drake University Divinity       2008, of San Diego, at the age of 84. He was a            Works in Marion, Wis. She was a homemaker.
     School from 1959-1968. His survivors include his        member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. He was a            Her survivors include her husband.
     wife and sister, Esther Steele Hyde ’46.                Rector Scholar. He was a member of Phi Beta                    Phyllis Prakel Tate ’51, April 11, 2008, of
          Douglas F. Stevenson ’44, April 15, 2008, in       Kappa. He was a retired family physician and              Tucson, Ariz., at the age of 78. She was a member
     Naperville, Ill., at the age of 86, of a pulmonary      surgeon and was in practice for more than 40 years.       of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She was a retired

                                                                    Class Notes
elementary school teacher and homemaker. She was       estate agency. He was preceded in death by his             Cleveland public schools. She was preceded in death
preceded in death by her mother, Mary Stewart          mother, Lavalette Stout Schoen ’27, and brother,           by her husband, Edward C. Dom ’60.
Prakel ’19. Her survivors include her husband.         Joseph J. Schoen Jr. ’50. His survivors include his             Michael A. James ’61, Feb. 10, 2008, of Wichita,
    Carol Reininga Becher ’51, May 27, 2008, in        wife; a son, James K. Schoen ’79; sister, Beverly          Kan., at the age of 68. He was a member of Beta
Fort Wayne, Ind., at the age of 78. She was a member   Schoen Whitaker ’60; and daughter-in-law, Kim              Theta Pi fraternity. He retired as professor emeritus of
of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She was a member        Holbrook Schoen ’79.                                       Wichita State University after 30 years of teaching.
of Phi Beta Kappa. She was a programmer analyst              Carl A. Wilson II ’54, March 19, 2008, of                 James F. Trees ’61, June 2, 2008, in Tiburon,
for North American Van Lines, retiring in 1994. She    Carmel, Ind., at the age of 75. He was a member of         Calif., at the age of 69. He was a member of Phi
was preceded in death by her husband.                  Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was a Rector Scholar.         Kappa Psi fraternity. He founded and was chair and
    Elizabeth Ayres Tucker ’52, March 29, 2008,        He retired in 1999 as president and chief executive        chief executive officer of Fischer, Francis, Trees &
of West Columbia, S.C., at the age of 78. She was      officer of Bocar Enterprises, a family food brokerage      Watts, Inc., a New York investment firm. In 1981,
a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. She was a       business in Indianapolis. His survivors include his        he built Trees Ranch and Springdale Fruit Company,
member of Phi Beta Kappa. She was a homemaker,         wife, Martha Arnold Wilson ’55.                            the first organic apple orchard in Utah. In 1992 he
substitute teacher in several states and United              Dr. George W. Lewis ’55, March 14, 2008, in          was chief executive office of Brian Head Resort,
Methodist Church historian. She was preceded in        Ostrander, Ohio, at the age of 74. He was a member         Inc., a ski and summer resort in southern Utah. He
death by her grandfather, Burt W. Ayres, Class of      of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. He was a Rector         was preceded in death by his grandmother, Dora
1892, and her husband.                                 Scholar. He was an obstetrician and gynecologist           Elliott Trees, Class of 1898; father, Harry A. Trees
    Kwanghan Kim ’52, July 4, 2007, of Plano,          in Columbus, Ohio, for more than 30 years and,             ’25; two uncles, Elliott J. Trees ’21 and Robert C.
Texas, at the age of 79. He was a member of the        later, medical director for the Prudential Insurance       Trees ’22; and cousin, Gretchen Trees Wells ’49. His
Men’s Hall Association. He was a Rector Scholar.       Company. He was preceded in death by his father,           survivors include a brother, John S. Trees ’54, and
He was owner of Kim Mill Corporation in New            George M. Lewis ’36, and mother, Isabelle Turner           sister, Joanne Trees Davis ’52; and cousins, Deborah
Orleans. His survivors include his wife.               Lewis ’34. His survivors include his wife; sister, Sally   Trees Loupee ’51 and Peter E. Trees ’56.
    Rosemary Leeper Stanton ’52, Jan. 28, 2008, of     Lewis Frohring ’61; and son, John C. Lewis ’88.                 Dr. Jerald B. Turner ’61, March 15, 2008, of
Niles, Ind., at the age of 77. She was a homemaker.          Charles D. Stocking ’55, June 9, 2008, of            Clearwater, Fla., at the age of 68. He was a member of
Her survivors include her husband.                     Rochester Hills, Mich., at the age of 75. He was a         AlphaTau Omega fraternity. He was an ophthalmolo-
    Barbara Moot Thacher ’52. May 18, 2008, of         member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He was a             gist in private practice in Clearwater, Fla., beginning
Richmond, Va., at the age of 77. She was a home-       retired economist for Chrysler Corporation in Detroit.     his career there in 1971. He founded Eye Site in 1989.
maker. Her survivors include her husband.              His survivors include his wife, Nancy Curtis Stocking      His survivors include his wife, Mary Hardy Turner
    Frances Norton Heritage ’52, March 10, 2008,       ’55, and brother, L. Alfred Stocking Jr. ’51.              ’61, and son, Jeffrey D. Turner ’82.
of Wright City, Mo., at the age of 78. She was a             John B. Williams ’55, March 5, 2008, of Cana-             Anne Carter Mills ’62, Feb. 13, 2008, in Las
homemaker. Her survivors include her husband,          dian Lakes, Mich., at the age of 74. He was a member       Vegas, at the age of 67. She was a member of Alpha Phi
Irving M. Heritage ’49.                                of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He wrote the words and        sorority. She taught in Ocean Springs (Miss.) School
    Carl L. West ’52, March 19, 2008, of Phoe-         music for the “My Beta Sweetheart” song. He was a          District and later was a marketing officer for Hancock
nix, at the age of 77. He was a member of Delta        retired life insurance underwriter for Penn Mutual Life    Bank in Gulfport, Miss. Her survivors include a
Upsilon fraternity. He worked for Royal Globe          Insurance Company in Franklin, Tenn. His survivors         daughter, Elizabeth Christman Tryon ’88.
Insurance in Chicago for 20 years and later for the    include his wife, Lou Ann Hart Williams ’57, and                Patricia R. Allis ’64, March 23, 2008, of Evans-
Arizona State Fund, retiring in 1998. His survivors    daughter, Lynn Williams Cluskey ’82.                       ville, Ind., at the age of 66, after a long battle with
include his wife.                                            Robert J. Hirsch ’56, April 5, 2008, of Colorado     cancer. She was a member of Delta Gamma sorority.
    Rev. Scott D. Browning ’53, March 15, 2008,        Springs, Colo., at the age of 73. He was a member of       She was a homemaker and community volunteer.
of Indiana, Pa., at the age of 77. He was a member     Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He was retired director            Dr. William G. Turner Jr. ’65, March 15, 2008, of
of the Men’s Hall Association. He was a United         and partner of Hirsch Funeral Homes in Chicago             Cedar Mill, Ore., at the age of 65. He was a member of
Methodist minister, retiring in 1993. He was           Heights and founder and president of First Suburban        Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He was a Rector Scholar.
preceded in death by his first wife. His survivors     Bank. His survivors include his wife; two sisters, Sally   He practiced pulmonary medicine in Portland, Ore.,
include his second wife.                               Hirsch Hinchman ’59 and Judy Hirsch Nadler ’62;            for 26 years. His survivors include his wife.
    Rae Schulze Anderson ’53, Dec. 29, 2007, of        and a nephew, David A. Hinchman ’88.                            William S. Lett ’66, April 11, 2008, of Hunt-
Pompano Beach, Fla., at the age of 78. She was               Dr. Ralph R. Edminster ’58, April 9, 2008,           ingburg, Ind., at the age of 64. He was a member of
a member of Delta Gamma sorority. She was a            of East Lansing, Mich., at the age of 72. He was a         Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was a senior partner in the
member of Phi Beta Kappa. She was a homemaker.         member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He was a Rector        Huntingburg law firm of Schneider Lett Shanefelt
Her survivors include her husband and a daughter,      Scholar. He was a retired pathologist, having prac-        & Curry. His survivors include his wife.
Laura Anderson Brightwell ’82.                         ticed at Sparrow Hospital and St. Lawrence Hospital,            Katherine Buss Sigler ’68, July 3, 2008, in Pipe
    Barry L. Wade ’53, March 3, 2008, of Novato,       both in Lansing, Mich., as well as a clinical professor    Creek, Texas, at the age of 60. She was a member
Calif., at the age of 76. He was a member of Sigma     of pathology at Michigan State University. He retired      of Delta Gamma sorority. She was a musician and
Nu fraternity. He was a retired attorney in the        in 2001. His survivors include his wife.                   taught and performed as a church organist and
safety, health and claims department at Pacific              Carol Bowers Norris ’59, Sept. 23, 2007, of          church and school choir director for several years.
Gas & Electric Company in San Francisco. His           Trotwood, Ohio, at the age of 71. She was a member              Susan Henny McGraw ’68, Oct. 19, 2008, in
survivors include his wife.                            of Alpha Phi sorority. She was a homemaker. Her            Denver, at the age of 60. She was a member of Delta
    Barbara Parker Nordell ’54, Jan. 19, 2007, of      survivors include her husband.                             Gamma Sorority. She was an assistant director of
Ripon, Calif., at the age of 74. She was a member            Richard G. Weigel ’59, May 7, 2007, in Urbana,       education at the Sylvan Learning Center in Troy,
of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. She was a substi-        Ill., at the age of 70. He was a member of Phi Gamma       Mich. Her survivors include her husband.
tute school nurse and audiologist for the Ventura      Delta fraternity. He was a psychologist and was direc-          Jeanette M. Birkemeier ’69, Dec. 26, 2007,
County (Calif.) schools. She was preceded in death     tor of the counseling center at the University of Utah.    in Greencastle, Ind., at the age of 97. She was an
by her husband.                                        He was preceded in death by his mother, Irene Bretz        elementary school teacher and taught at Reelsville
    John K. Schoen ’54, Feb. 18, 2008, of Oxford,      Weigel ’26. His survivors include his wife.                (Ind.) Elementary for 23 years, retiring in 1977.
Ind., at the age of 78. He was a member of Phi               Madge Douda Dom ’61, Feb. 27, 2008, of Den-          She was preceded in death by her husband.
Delta Theta fraternity. He was retired president       ver, at the age of 68. She was a member of Delta Delta          Linda Kutschbach Gambaiani ’69, April 17,
of Hoosier Associates Inc., an insurance and real      Delta sorority. She was a special education teacher in     2008, of Westerville, Ohio, at the age of 60. She

                                                                            Class Notes
     was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She               Andrew R. Hickman ’81, April 7, 2008, in                     Gordon B. Walters, May 4, 2008, of Greencas-
     was an editor at Charles E. Merrill Publishing            Vancouver, Canada, at the age of 51. He worked             tle, Ind., at the age of 67. He was a professor emeritus
     followed by positions as publisher and editor for         for Stolle Research and Development in Cincin-             of modern languages at DePauw. He taught from
     Builder/Architect Magazine, American Society for          nati and later was a computer support technician           1968-2001 and chaired the Department of Modern
     Nondestructive Testing journal, National Executive        in Vancouver. He was preceded in death by his              Languages from 1982-1991. He also taught classes
     Housekeepers Association magazine and the Ohio            grandmother, Frances Miller Hickman ’27. His               in news writing and editing. He was a columnist and
     Runner magazine. Her survivors include her hus-           survivors include his wife; father, Cleveland P.           film critic for regional newspapers. He was author
     band, John V. Gambaiani ’69, and her son, Grant           Hickman Jr. ’50; mother, Rae Rickenbacher                  of The Significance of Diderot’s ’Essai sur le merite
     William Victor Gambaiani.                                 Hickman ’49; aunts, Mary Hickman Welliver ’51,             et la vertus.’ His survivors include his wife; and a
          Kitty O’Donnell Locker ’70, Sept 9, 2005, of         Jeanne Hickman Logan ’58 and Janice Hickman                daughter, Rachel Walters Burgan ’90.
     Worthington, Ohio, at the age of 56, after a long         Thatcher ’66; uncles, Clifford M. Hickman ’63                    Theodore “Ted” R. Williams, Nov. 11, 2005,
     battle with cancer. She was a member of Alpha             and Kenneth B. Weaver ’51; and cousins, Jeffery            of Wooster, Ohio, at the age of 75. He was pro-
     Omicron Pi sorority. She was a member of Phi Beta         A. Logan ’78 and Timothy K. Welliver ’77.                  fessor of chemistry for more than four decades at
     Kappa. She was an English professor at Ohio State             Scott T. McMahon ’86, June 10, 2008, of                The College of Wooster. He was the Hampton &
     University and the author of two and co-author            South Bend, Ind., at the age of 43, from injuries          Esther Boswell Distinguished University Profes-
     of three business communication textbooks. Her            sustained in an auto accident. He was a member of          sor of Natural Sciences at DePauw in 2000. His
     survivors include her husband.                            Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He was employed with           survivors include his wife.
          Susan M. Blackmun ’71, April 15, 2008, of            Kate O’Connor’s and United Beverage. His survi-
     Orlando, Fla., at the age of 58, after a long battle      vors include a brother, Cary J. McMahon ’85.
     with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. She was a                                                                              Friends of the University
     member of Alpha Phi sorority. She was a freelance                                                                        Dorothy “Dot” Page Grundlock Avery, June
     medical writer and nature photographer.                                       Faculty                                23, 2008, of Frankfort, Ind., at the age of 73. She
          Margaret Holder Nicol ’71, Dec. 14, 2007,                Marion Bailey Hilberry, April 8, 2008, of              worked as a secretary at DePauw from 1977-2000.
     of Indianapolis, at the age of 75, from ovarian           Kalamazoo, Mich., at the age of 84. She taught             She worked 32 years as a secretary for Haddon
     cancer. She was a school teacher and homemaker.           English at DePauw from 1955-56. She also taught at         Heights (N.J.) School system and South Putnam
     Her survivors include her husband.                        Nazareth College, Kalamazoo College and Western            (Ind.) schools as well as a real estate agent in
          Jenny L. Miller ’75, April 16, 2008, of Plain-       Michigan University in Michigan. Her survivors             Greencastle. She was preceded in death by her first
     field, Ind., at the age of 58. She was a sixth grade      include her husband.                                       husband. She is survived by her second husband
     math teacher for Mooresville (Ind.) Consolidated              Stanley R. Irwin, professor of voice, May              and a son, Kenneth H. Grundlock ’86.
     Schools. Her survivors include her husband.               31, 2008, in Indianapolis, at the age of 67, from              Percy L. Julian Jr., Feb. 24, 2008, in Madison,
          Alice Smith Ryan ’75, Dec. 12, 2006, of Plym-        injuries suffered in an auto accident. (See story          Wis., at the age of 67, after suffering a severe stroke.
     outh, Ind., at the age of 75. She was an adoption         on page 9.)                                                He was a civil rights lawyer, and a world traveler and
     caseworker for St. Joseph County (Ind.) Department            Vera Scammon, March 12, 2008, of Denver, at            photographer. He had been a member of DePauw’s
     of Welfare. Her survivors include her husband.            the age of 86, from a brain tumor. She was a voice         Board of Visitors and a visiting professor in fine
          Lisa E. Stocker ’76, Jan. 11, 2005, of Bayside,      teacher and opera performer. Early in her career, she      arts. He was a member of several DePauw Winter
     N.Y., at the age of 50, after being struck by a car.      toured with opera companies, and later she taught          Term missions of faculty members and students
     She was a travel director, senior barter consultant for   voice at universities and privately. She taught at         to Peru and Africa. He was preceded in death by
     the American Mutual Trading Company and sales             DePauw from 1964-67 and then at Indiana Uni-               his father, Percy L. Julian ’20; uncles, James S.
     promotion manager for Leslie Fay Companies. Later,        versity until retiring as professor emeritus in 1995.      Julian ’24 and Emerson R. Julian ’38; and aunts,
     she was a copywriter for the marketing department         She was preceded in death by her first husband. Her        Irma Julian Rayon ’33, Mattie Julian Brown ’26
     at Time, Inc., in New York City. She was preceded in      survivors include her second husband.                      and Elizabeth Julian White ’28.
     death by her father, Eugene E. Stocker ’33.

     (continued from inside back cover)
       When a nearby U.S. Department of Agriculture water conservation lab needed           served terms as its president. She helped to establish the faculty emeriti association
     a student to work on reclaimed groundwater, Larson signed on. “The question            at ASU, serving as president when she retired. This group extends scholarships
     was, could we grow edible fish in the desert?” she explains. “The project involved     to doctoral students who seek faculty positions as a career. She is currently on
     pumping sewer water into a series of drainage basins, where it was recharged. We       the board of the recently established Emeritus College at ASU.
     were able to grow Tilapia, which proved successful in desert climes.”                     Larson – along with classmates Barbara M. Fisher, David J. Morehead and
         Despite her interest in science, Larson’s professional path next led her into      Philip Steinberg – also co-chaired the DePauw Class of 1953’s 50th reunion
     university administration. The dean of liberal arts and sciences at ASU needed         five years ago. By calling their classmates to encourage their participation and
     an intern, a job Larson accepted while completing her doctorate. She began as          support, the four generated a great turnout and generous class gift.
     assistant to the academic vice president and within two years was promoted to            Arlyn observed of his wife’s 50th reunion: “I have never seen such camaraderie.
     assistant academic vice president.                                                     The bond, the ties, the friendships now 55 years after they graduated, are just
         Later, ASU needed a development officer. Larson recommended Lonnie                 astounding. They continue conversations as if they never left off.”
     Ostrom, whom she knew from the local YMCA board. Ostrom founded ASU’s                      And once the foursome and their spouses discovered just how much they
     foundation and then lured Larson from her sabbatical to his staff. She spent 12        enjoyed being together, they agreed to plan their 55th reunion, which they
     years in fundraising before retiring from ASU in 1997.                                 enjoyed in June 2008.
       Larson credits her mother’s example of community service and her own work at           Arlyn Larson now accompanies his wife to Greencastle. “Joyce has several loves
     ASU as major influences on her longstanding commitment to volunteerism and             in her life,” he says. “Her undergraduate and master’s experience at DePauw is
     philanthropy. She is a past president and national board member of the National        near the top of her list.”
     Society of Arts and Letters. She helped start a Panhellenic group in Tempe and             “It pretty much has defined me,” Joyce agrees.

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