STUDENT AFFAIRS by iwestaaiegjpuiv


  Year End Celebration
  June 9th, 2006
Student Affairs Committees
   Managers' Development Series
     Rosemary Anderson
     Elise Herrera-Mahoney (chair)

     Kathleen Hughes
Student Affairs Committees
   Student Affairs Disaster Preparation Team
       Adam Snook co-chair
       Elise Herrera-Mahoney co-chair
       Alex Belisario
       Kevin Browne
       Susan Girard staff
       Dave Keller
       Bob McCampbell
       Sue Matthews
       Susan Welte
       Dan Wood

   Alma Sifuentes - New Title - Dean of Students
       divisional liaison with student groups, oversight of
        campus elections, coordination of demonstration
        response, and supervision of the Ethnic Resource
        Centers, the Women's Center, the Cantú GLBTI
        Resource Center, Rainbow Theater, and SOAR

   Judicial Affairs Permanently Transferred to
   Gail Heit        35 Years of Service
   Max Camarillo    25 Years of Service
   Dan Wood         22 Years of Service


   Completed a successful recruitment and
    admissions cycle.
       Nearly 30,000 applications for Fall 2006
        admissions were successfully. processed, with
        decisions meeting the 15 March notification
       Over 3,700 frosh submitted fall 2006 SIR’s.
       Over 950 Transfer students submitted fall
        2006 SIR’s.
   Capital Projects
       Selected an architectural design consultant and
        began the planning and design process for a major
        renovation and expansion of the Cowell Student
        Health Center facility
       Completed the Hahn Seismic Retrofit Project
       Completing the refurbishment of 1st Floor Hahn.
       Launched the seismic evaluation of non-state funded
Student Affairs Development
     As of May 28, 2006 the Student Affairs Division has received
      $904,263 in Pledges and Outright Gifts.
       • Met the $140K Match for Athletics
       • Received $175,000, the third installment of a three-year
         $500,000 grant request, from the Stuart Foundation to
         support the Renaissance Scholars Program.
       • Raised several existing and created new scholarship funds
         to endowment level. Chicano/Latino, Women’s Center, and
         STARS endowments for programmatic use have all reached
         the minimum endowment level for investment purposes.
       • Creating a “giving to UCSC” presence on all Student Affairs’
         unit websites
Referendums Passed
     Measure 23 - Intramural & Sports Club Team Activities g/ug
      $2.25 Measure 23 - Intramural & Sports Club Team Activities
      g/ug $2.25 Measure 24 - Transportation Fee Increase
       • -g/ug $13.25 F-2006
       • -g/ug $13.50 F-2007
       • -g/ug $16.00 F-2008 & beyond
     Measure 26 - Recreation Programs g/ug $4.00
     Measure 27 - Seymour Marine Discovery Center ug only $.25
     Measure 28 - Renewable Energy g/ug $3.00
   Disaster Preparation
      CERT Trained over 150 employees in Student
      Implemented standard evacuation drill policy
      Established divisional standard for procurement of
       emergency supplies

   Affirmative Action
      Co-sponsored with EEO/AA and SHR, the “Diversity
       Recruitment and Outreach” workshop.
      Established approval to hire process with focused
       recruitment on underutilized titles
Budget, Facilities and Administration
      Budget
         • Developed and delivered 2006-07 Campus Budget Response
         • Completed Student Fee Advisory Committee Recommendations
         • Administered Division Reserve and Capital Budget ($13M); Student Fee
           ($25M); Personnel Fund Management; VC Operating and Discretionary,
      “Moves R’ Us” coordinated 5 work groups/units:
         • 98 people, 98 ITS orders, 117 phone orders. Coordination of services from
           ITS, Phone Service, carpenters, painters, custodians, window cleaners,
           electrical contactors and in-house electricians, lighting specialists, EH&S,
           Peninsula Business Services for new furniture, 3 different moving
           companies plus campus moving services and surplus.
         • Hahn Seismic - 50 people to 5 locations - 50 computers/ 55 phone lines
         • Hahn Refurbishment - 34 people to 2 locations - 34 computers and phone
         • Cookhouse Seismic - 14 people to 2 locations - 14 computers/28 phone
   Budget, Facilities and Administration
       Prepared and distributed a quarterly electronic Student Affairs
       Divisional representative on ITC, Miscellaneous Fee, Course
        Materials, Recharge Rate, Campus Business Operations
       Completed and allocated Ergonomic and Technology call funds
       Business Transformation Campus Liaison and Coordination
       Coordinated and reviewed Course Materials Fee and Recharge Rates
       Developed and distributed Entertainment; Approval to Hire, and
        Disaster Drill Evacuation Policies, and Unit Manager Standards and
       Coordinated and submitted Annual FDX space survey
       Coordinated and reviewed various audit submittals
   Information Technology
       Consolidated servers and services within
        Student Affairs and transitioned to central ITS
   Student Life - Health Center
      Purchased Electronic Health Record software, and carried out
       renovation and expansion of the Student Health Center IT
       infrastructure in preparation for implementation of the software
       over the 2006-2007 academic year.
      Recruited a new Medical Director (Dr. Drew Malloy, from
       University of Arizona) and a new Patient Services Coordinator
       (Emma Lukin).
      Under the direction of Jane Bogart, our new Health Promotion
       Coordinator, the Health Promotion department reinvented itself
       as SHOP – Student Health Outreach and Promotion – and
       created the “Just Say Gnome – Party Small” campaign to
       address problem drinking at off campus parties.
   Student Life - CPS
      The Pre-doctoral Internship Program achieved the highest level
       of accreditation (maximum of seven years) from the American
       Psychological Association (APA).
      CPS achieved the second accreditation for all of its programs
       and services by the International Association of Counseling
       Services, Inc.
      CPS was approved by the APA as a continuing education
   Student Life - OPERS
       Hosted women's tennis NCAA national championships
       Set record for net profit at Master's Swimming Championship in
       Set record for net profit in Women's Scrambles Golf
       Raised more than $300,000 in donations and matching funds
        for Athletics
       Recreation completed new web site with on-line registration.
       Designed and implemented new Wellness/Recreation program
        for summer.
       Tennis won National Championship in Doubles
   Student Life - OPERS
      Rugby team won National Championships in Division II.

      Men's Soccer advanced to National Championship bracket
       second year in a row.
      Largest Fall Festival ever.

      New Wellness programs for west campus community

      New Boating Grant for Department of Boating Safety, $20,000.

      Title IX Compliance, better than 80% of all NCAA schools.

      Arranged schedule for visiting Physical Education professors
       from Brazil and National Parks Director from Costa Rica.
   Student Life - OPERS
      Participated in risk management program/survey for OPERS
       programs, Ian Mcgregor Associates.
      Received National award and recognition for outstanding
       Special Olympics programs.
      Participation rates reached new levels in almost every program.
      New and continuing Community events: Kennan Ward "Wolves
       Running with the Pack", Telluride Film Festival, and Banff
       Mountain Film Festival, all with sold out audiences.
      New computerized Outdoor Rental Program for inventory and
      Dance students choreographed and participated in an End of
       Year Presentation that was standing room only for two nights.
   Student Life - Career Center
      In the midst a student protest against the Military on campus.
       The Last Chance Fair attendance increased significantly, close
       to 90 companies participated, student attendance was up by
       300 and 750 students attended the spring fair.
      SERAP Ceremony, a record 270 students in good academic
       standing were awarded for their outstanding work performance.
      A new Student Peer Advising program was created this year
       and assisted 107 students in the winter quarter alone, greatly
       increasing the capacity to help students in the area of career
      The Career Center Internship Program secured Bonner
       Foundation AmeriCorp Scholarships for Professions Training
       Program/Social Entrepreneurs Group Interns who work 300 or
       more hours.
   Student Life - Academic Support Services - ARC
      The ARC Publicity and Website Committees worked on several
       major projects to create greater campus awareness of the
       ARCollaborative services for students, faculty and staff
     Student Volunteer Connection
      Doubled our community partnerships and increased SVC
       visibility resulting in higher student participation in events and
       service projects.
      SVC sponsored the brown bag drive benefiting the Second
       Harvest Food Bank and students collected more food than staff
       and faculty combined.
      SVC successfully launched an internship program that places
       students in community nonprofit organizations for academic
   Student Life - Academic Support Services - Learning Support
      Learning Support Services officially became a campus-wide
       program offering Modified Supplemental Instruction and tutoring
       support to all UCSC students.
      Use of Learning Support Services increased by approximately
      A committee was formed to build on existing practice to
       develop a network of programs and services to assist "at risk"
       students prior to, during, and after they experience academic
       difficulty. Using UCSC research findings and current practices
       as a base, the group is constructing recommendations for future
       program development.
   Student Life - Academic Support Services - Services for
    Transfer and Re-entry Students (STARS)
      STARS was invited to apply for, and received, a $50,000
       renewable scholarship grant from the Bernard Osher
       Foundation to fund 10 reentry students for the academic year.
      STARS created a student peer mentor program to foster
       community and participation in campus life for new EOP
       transfer students
      STARS, through organizing and hosting a conference in April,
       took a leadership role in revitalizing California Advocates for
       Re-Entry (CARE), a statewide organization which had been in
       hiatus for three years.
   Student Life - Academic Support Services - Educational
    Opportunity Program (EOP)
      Created First Annual EOP Academic Excellence Reception
       held on March 8, 2006 recognizing and honoring over 350 EOP
       juniors and seniors who have excelled academically.
      In recognition of the success of the new Bridge model and an
       opportunity to increase diversity at UCSC, CAFA recommended
       doubling this year's Bridge class to 120 students.
      EOP Director was asked to participate on Undergraduate
       Academic Advising Committee to help in working through
       important advising issues for the campus.
   Student Life - Academic Support Services - Disability
    Resource Center (DRC)
      Gathered feedback from students, staff and faculty re:
       controversial exam accommodation process. Implemented
       immediate suggestions for improving procedures and
       paperwork; and will pursue further recommendations this
       coming year.
      Collaborated with IT to develop new "state of the art" web-
       based database for tracking services and providing
       accommodations to students with disabilities.
      Supported students with learning disabilities who wanted to
       create a peer support group and to educate the campus
       community about hidden disabilities. Group hosted a guest
       speaker this year and has plans to expand in the coming year.
   Student Life - Academic Support Services - Student Media
       SCTV has exploded with the addition of new equipment, advising, and
        technology. Now with more than 450 students, SCTV has established
        student Event Teams, which travel around campus to film events for
        broadcasting on Channel 28 and webcasting over the Web. In addition,
        there are now more than ten affiliated production sub-organizations.
       City on a Hill Press reached a landmark, and celebrated its 40th
        anniversary with a two day reunion of alumni representatives from
        each year in attendance.
       TWANAS also celebrated a its beginning years with a reunion of
        alumni including a lively panel of its founding editors.
       Collaborated to build a transmitter and radio station in the Pescadero
        High School District allowing for a future high school mentor program.
   Student Life - Bay Tree Bookstore
        Five successful open recruitments
           • Storekeeper Jonathon Hermasillo, replaced Doug Stevens
           • General Merchandise/Insignia Buyer, Marlen Teachout, promotion from
             Express Store, filled a long-vacant position
           • Express Store Assistant, Krishna Beck-Davis, replacing Marlen Teachout
           • Computer Department Manager, Ron Harrell, started January, replaced
             Tom Benoit.
           • Assistant Director/Book Department Manager, Susan Wolfe, started March
             20th. Replacing Rick Rudman, who is retiring August 31st.
        Reviewed operational needs for cash register upgrades, wrote purchase order,
         and order/installation pending for July. Will provide added security for credit
         card transactions, faster transactions, and will enable later installation of debit
         card pads.
        Finalized operational shut-down of Photography Services last July/August.
   Student Life - Bay Tree Bookstore
        Managed Business Services and IT Services transformations to the mutual
         benefit of the campus and Bookstore operational needs.
        General Book Department supported and attended 28 different off-site book
         signing, book reading, or other special events, including MLK Convocation,
         Dickens Universe, and Shakespeare Santa Cruz.
        Staff Accomplishments
          • Robin Ellis, Assistant Director/Operations Manager, installed as President of California
            Association of College Stores (CACS), November
          • Robert McCampbell, Store Director, installed as President of National Association of
            College Stores (NACS) Foundation, March and served as Chair of University of
            California Independent Stores Groups (UCISG)
          • coordinated two two-day meetings of UC Store Directors, with UCOP representation
          • testified on behalf of UC Bookstores at Assembly Higher Education Committee
            regarding textbook pricing
          • Karen Vomvolakis, Apparel Buyer, and Marlen Teachout, Merchandise/Insignia Buyer,
            completed CACS Buyers Institute at Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising
            (FIDM), April
   Enrollment Management - Offices of Orientation, Admissions and
    University Registrar
        Nearly 30,000 applications for Fall 2006 admissions were
         successfully. processed, with decisions meeting the 15 March
         notification deadline.
        Over 3,700 frosh submitted fall 2006 SIR’s.
        Over 950 Transfer students submitted fall 2006 SIR’s.
        Over 650 high school/community colleges were visited by Office
         of Admissions outreach staff.
        Over 30,000 visitors were served by the Cook House’s campus
         tour unit.
        Over 43,000 registration transactions were processed by the
         Registrar’s Office and system.
        Over 100,000 add drop transactions were processed by the
         Registrar’s Office and system.
   Enrollment Management - Offices of Orientation, Admissions and
    University Registrar
        Two new Admissions booklets were created to outline admissions selection
         guidelines using comprehensive review in a more user-friendly format.
        All Fall 2006 admissions material were updated, and repackaged using the “My
         University” theme.
        The Admissions “Fly-In” program was doubled to over 160 low-income, high
         achieving frosh taking part in April.
        A Regents Scholars Over-night program was hosted by the Office of Admission,
         and had 15 admitted Regent Scholars attend; 11 who then submitted SIRs.
        The Office of Admissions:
           • co-hosted a “UCSC Engineering Day”, which attracted over 225 new fall
           • co-hosted with STARS a Transfer day, which attracted over 200 new
              transfers, admits.
        A new Steering Committee Structure for the Campus Orientation program was
   Enrollment Management - Financial Aid
       Implemented an on-line Financial Aid Offer.
       Despite record numbers of aid applications and late regulatory
        releases, met commitments to post awards for fall 2006 admits
        prior to the SIR deadline
       Significantly increased the yield of new Regents Scholars and
        successfully negotiated and additional $250,000 in scholarship
        funding in collaboration with CAFA members.
       Implemented new summer aid program and successfully
        negotiated an allocation of $812,000 in summer grant funding
        for needy students.
       Revamped our email response system to address the
        increasing number of emails we receive from students and their
       Hired and trained 5 advisers and 2 new systems staff.
   Colleges and University Housing (CUHS)
       Prevailed in CLUE Lawsuit and are poised to begin Ranch View
        Terrace construction and sales program.
       Advanced second phase of planning for the Family Student
        Housing Redevelopment project and Early Education and Care
       Implemented Cultural Competency Training program for CUHS
        Management team
       Redesigned the CUHS Organizational Plan and reframed the
        Residential Dining and Faculty and Staff Housing Program
   Colleges and University Housing
      Charged College Programs, Room Inspection, and Gender
       Neutral Housing Task Force and the RA Council
      Upgrades to student judicial system, improvements to ethics
       workshop and continued development of adjudicator group
      Implemented Student Life Program Committee Structure

            • o Professional Staff Recruitment and Selection
            • o Professional Staff Development and Training
            • o Diversity and Affirmative Action
            • o Curriculum Development, Learning Outcomes and
   CUHS - Childcare and Early Education Services
       Completed salary analysis and implemented equity increases
        for teachers and program coordinators, bringing them into the
        range of comparable programs in Santa Cruz County
       Secured funding to enable CCEES to complete all health and
        safety repairs and maintenance on the Granary Child
        Development Center
       Child Care Advisory Committee, a sub committee of the
        Campus Welfare Committee, completed the Child Care Access
        Policy that will go into effect in Fall 2006
       Developed an employee handbook for CCEES to be
        implemented in Fall 2006
       Completed School Age yard improvements
   CUHS - Residential and Family Services
      Implemented the Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)
       model at Family Student Housing (FSH)
      Family Student Housing (FSH) successfully collaborated with
       Child Care and Early Education Services (CCEES) to develop
       parent education programming and to develop a shared Family
       Services Assistant position in order to provide seamless
       customer service
      Successfully transitioned custodial responsibility in Village
       resident units from Custodial Services to student residents with
       significant cost reduction
      Camper park successfully passed its Fire/Safety/Habitability
      Organized a transportation system for residents for the UTC
       and the University Inn during the bus strike, including a shuttle
       system and car pool.
   CUHS - Cowell College and Stevenson College

 Traditional Thanksgiving College Night included over 85 faculty, staff and
  families together with more than 250 students
 Collaboration between Res Life and Provosts to fund CUIP intern to
  develop class focused on “Diversity Dialogues” .
 Student Senate increased funding by 300% “Diversity Encouragement

 College celebrated its 40th Anniversary; State Assembly Rep. John Laird
   delivers “official resolution” from the state
 Refurbishment of the Library including new furniture
 College hosted campus and college series on racism, discrimination, and
 First annual “Parents Weekend”
   CUHS - Crown College and Merrill College

 Together with Merrill, first annual Family Day drew a crowd in
  excess of 400 people
 Outdoor Pursuits theme House programs successful backpacking,
  river rafting, camping, beach cleanups, and more!
 Collaboration with Transportation Commission & UC Bike Co-Op
  for Bike Safety Workshop

 Tacos Morenos celebrated its grand opening
 Sponsored “Mastering Sex and Tortillas”
 Provost revitalized College House, sponsored film series,
  colloquium and other events
   CUHS - Porter College and Kresge College

  Porter hosted, cosponsored with Rainbow Theatre “Emergence-See” - one man
   show blending poetry, son, and multi-character transformation – written, performed
   by Daniel Beaty
  Staff developed strong, positive working relationship with UCPD through intentional
   efforts & incident responses
 Senate reorganized to offer weekly programs to better meet student needs

  World Fest – 5th annual multicultural event begun celebrating cultures from around
   the globe. Donations supported The Invisible Children charity organization
  Kresge Podcasting – first of its kind within the Colleges; students link to Kresge
   College via the internet…shared music programs, panel discussions, streaming
   current and college wide topics are available to residents
  Beauty of Us, Kresge PRIDE, and Santa Cruz Ally Appreciation Day - 3 major
   programs to promote and celebrate positive personal and community development
   of the Queer experience
   CUHS - Oakes College and College Eight
  Implementation of Oakes 77: Exploring opportunities for Social Justice, course to
   complement the Core, developed by CUHS summer intern; taught by CRE Bill
   Heinrich (W) and Provost Castillo
  First Annual Oakes Family Day
  Collaboration with College Eight student life teams: student staff diversity
   immersion day training, RAs/NAs cosponsored student events; SLOE (Student Life
   at Oakes & Eight) Book Club starts with focus on themes of Diversity

College Eight
  Sustainability Projects – co-curricular program complementing the core course
   where each first year participated in an environmental project as part of the course
  College Eight/SHOP Partnership– collaboration with AOD to implement best
   practices to reduce the levels of harm associated with high risk drinking among first
   year students
  Established Program Development and Review Committee: representative group
   formed to be a resource for new programming initiatives and other activities and to
   review existing major programs to insure alignment with the college theme and
   student life missions. Beauty of Us, Kresge PRIDE, and Santa Cruz Ally
   Appreciation Day
   CUHS - College Nine and College Ten
   Successful searches and hires for 5 staff positions: CRE, CPC, Asst. CPC
    Provost Assistant, College Advisor, & Provost
   Implementation of reorganization to more closely align Residence Life to
    increase communication and service to students
   Formation of WATER (White Allies to End Racism) whose focus is to end
    racism and discrimination through education and the exploration of white
    racial identity and white privilege
   Programs and debates throughout the Co-Curricular Unit focused on
    current issues including:
        Third Annual Practical Activism Conference, Gays in the Military, Affirmative
         Action debate, and the Third Annual Cesar Chavez Convocation
        Service Learning experiences included: Third annual trip to Tecate, Mexico for
         over 30 students to build a home
        Praxis – collaboration with 8 community organizations
        Esprit – service learning class placed 4 students at 13 agencies in Santa Cruz
   CUHS - Faculty and Staff Housing
       Produced Employee Housing Report for the Executive Vice Chancellor and
        Campus Provost
       Collaborated with University Counsel for successful outcome to the Ranch View
        Terrace lawsuit with the Coalition to Limit University Expansion
       Drafted complete set of governing documents (Lot Lease, CC&R's, etc.) for
        Ranch View Terrace
       Facilitated updates to Housing Access Policy, Faculty finance programs and
        began development of Employee Housing Administrative Plan

   CUHS - Student Housing Services
       Successfully launched the redesigned Student Housing Online (SHO)
       Increased annual outreach to customers listing with the community rentals
        office by 776
       Redesigned and successfully unveiled a new CUHS website
   CUHS - Dining

       Received solid response rate on the NACUFS Customer
        Satisfaction Survey indicating favorable levels of customer
        satisfaction for our campus compared to national benchmark

       Achieved excellent financial performance, significantly
        outperforming budget

       Awarded “Best Clam Chowder” for second year in a row in 2006
        Santa Cruz Clam Chowder Cook Off

       Awarded several acknowledgements for substantial efforts in
        sustainability programs, organic programs and fair trade
   CUHS - Conference Services
       Deployed new user-friendly Conference Services web site,
        incorporating marketing, on-line inquiry capability and
        director/participant information

       Developed detailed reference manual which functions as an
        educational document for senior staff and seasonal student staff

       Planned and executed 80 conferences during summer 2005 with gross
        income over 4 million dollars with a career staff of six people
   CUHS - Admin and Operations
       Implemented year-long cultural competency series for all CUHS
        managers that included 40 hours of training and additional hours of
        group work and planning

       Participated in a nationally benchmarked online residential life survey
        in which 46.4 percent of our 6000 undergraduate residents participated
        in the voluntary survey

       Established four Standing Committees that continue to do excellent
        work in the research and practice of student life: (1) Affirmative Action
        and Diversity Committee, (2) Curriculum Development and
        Assessment Committee, (3) Professional Development Committee,
        and (4) Professional Recruitment Committee

       Created a standard template for managers’ agendas and minutes,
        thereby enhancing efficiencies and effectiveness of communications
   CUHS - Facilities
       Successfully completed the 2006 College Renovation Project at Oakes
        (including re-siding and re-roofing residence hall buildings, replacing
        residence hall windows, replacing apartment furnaces with energy-
        efficient units, and remodeling the Oakes Learning Center.)

       Developed a broadly supported proposal for the standardization of
        roles, responsibilities, and damage charges for housing facility

       Achieved a forty-two percent decrease in average completion time of
        Fixit maintenance request tickets by Zone maintenance personnel

       Instituted safety training and skills development programs for all
        Facilities staff.
   CUHS - Business Services
       Reorganized Service Center into new Business Services unit transitioning from
        a transactional service center to a budget and human resources analysis team
       Implemented two new purchasing processes and systems in response to
        campus changes, including training staff and students to ensure that they can
        purchase the items necessary to their programs and operations
       Developed and delivered 2006-07 UCHS budget and confirmed approval in
        timely manner

       CUHS - Financial Planning and Analysis

       Completed UC Santa Cruz Dining budget review and rate preparation
       Standardized terms and reporting of housing capacity and occupancy
       Developed and implemented standard major maintenance reports on a monthly
   CUHS - Community Safety and Emergency Preparedness
       Created and published both the Community Safety Program
        Employee Handbook and the Community Safety Program
        Procedures Manual

       CSO staff saved one life; extinguished one structure fire;
        mitigated several residential floods; and identified and aided in
        the apprehension and arrest of the vandal/burglar suspect who
        damaged doors and hallways in Stevenson, Cowell and Merrill

       Provided CERT training to all CSO staff, after establishing the
        training as a standard
   CUHS - Capital Planning and Construction

       Successfully completed Oakes College Capital Improvement
        and Renewal program in summer 05

       Continued progress towards advancing the following projects:
         • Ranch View Terrace
         • Family Student Housing and Early Education and Care
         • Summer Major Capital Improvement Program
         • Campus Long Range Development Plan

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