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Leading Scholars in Every Area of Legal Study

Dedicated to Teaching

The Penn Law faculty is recognized for its outstanding scholarship, excellent teaching,
and accessibility to students. They are actively engaged in written scholarship and
participate in legal symposia and conferences worldwide. Print and broadcast media
constantly seek their counsel, expertise, and insight on the issues of the day.

Our full-time faculty is dedicated to teaching, a fact that is underscored in our practice   Asra Syed L’10
of having only tenured and tenure-track professors teach first-year students (these          Austin, TX
professors are indicated by an asterisk in the faculty listing that follows). In the Penn    BA 2004 University of Texas; MA 2005
Law environment, the relationship between teacher and student deepens both inside
                                                                                             “It’s a Penn Law tradition for faculty to join
and outside the classroom where students get to know faculty members beyond the
                                                                                             first year students for coffee or lunch. This
more formal academic setting. Faculty are approachable and establish a tone of
                                                                                             spring, a group of classmates and I met with
collegiality that continues throughout each student’s education.
                                                                                             our criminal law professor, Professor Paul
                                                                                             Robinson, at an eatery with which all Penn
Students also have the opportunity to engage faculty members about their research
                                                                                             Law students are familiar, the New Deck
at regularly scheduled brown bag lunches. The presenting faculty members post
                                                                                             Tavern. Professor Robinson is a well-respected
their papers in advance and welcome students’ comments and critiques at their talks.
                                                                                             and renowned scholar of criminal law, and has
Students learn not only about substantive topics but also about the process of
                                                                                             taught the subject for years, so I think we all
scholarly research.
                                                                                             were a bit surprised to spend the lunch hour
                                                                                             answering his very sincerely posed questions
The courses we offer are enriched by our adjunct faculty, drawn from top government
                                                                                             about our opinions of his class. Was the
officials, members of the judiciary, practicing attorneys, and business leaders – all
                                                                                             course load manageable? Did the daily class
luminaries in their respective fields. Our prime location in Philadelphia, an easy
                                                                                             assignments improve our understanding of
commute from New York City and Washington, D.C., brings adjuncts from throughout
                                                                                             statutory analysis? How could he facilitate
the Northeast Corridor to supplement our core curriculum and to participate in a
                                                                                             better class discussion? He welcomed our
variety of special lectures and symposia.
                                                                                             frank responses, and even took notes on a
                                                                                             paper napkin! Professor Robinson made
The vitality of our entire faculty, coupled with its accessibility and dedication to
                                                                                             obvious that day a deep commitment to
students, has created a distinctive intellectual climate at Penn Law.
                                                                                             teaching shared among Penn Law’s brilliant

Faculty Connection

Penn Law is distinctive for the social and intellectual environment in which faculty   In the Faculty Workshop Series, members of the faculty present their academic
and students work together. Our faculty have a deep commitment to their teaching       work to students over lunch, welcoming their critiques of new and emerging
and an understanding that connecting with students creates a dynamic pedagogical       scholarship. Recent workshop presentations included the following:
setting. This belief, combined with our small size and the accessible layout of the
Law School buildings around a Courtyard, permits faculty and students to interact      Professor Stephen Morse
meaningfully among themselves and with each other.                                     “Neurodeterminism and the Death of Folk Psychology: Two Challenges to
                                                                                       Responsibility from Neuroscience”
Student contact with faculty does not stop at the classroom door. Teachers and
students continue their exploration of the topics after class and in office-hour       Professor Stephen Burbank
discussions. Students and faculty also work together on research projects, articles,   “The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 in Historical Perspective: A Preliminary
and scholarship.                                                                       View of the Statute’s Legal Significance”

Penn Law boasts many fine traditions of engagement: students in the first year         Professor Tobias Barrington Wolff
class combine in small groups to treat their 1L faculty members to lunch,              “Expressive Association and the Ideal of the University in the Solomon Amendment
1L students are invited to a small breakfast with the dean and a prominent alum,       Litigation”
1L sections meet together for a meal with their faculty members, and students and
faculty raise money together for students working in public interest jobs via the      Gideon Parchomovsky
Equal Justice Foundation Auction.                                                      “The Hidden Cost of Tort Law”

And, in this year’s annual Celebrity Law Chef Cook-Off, Professor Anne Kringel and     Professor Amy Wax
2006 Champion Professor Eric Feldman took on Professor Jacques deLisle and 2007        “Engines of Inequality: Class, Race, and Family Structure”
Champion Professor David Lipson (a previous visiting faculty member) in preparing
a three course meal with the secret ingredient, coconut. Professor Tobias              This collaboration between faculty and students enriches and defines the intellectual
Barrington Wolff served as the MC.                                                     community at Penn Law.

“In my first semester at Penn, I had lunch with each of my professors, my Legal
 Writing faculty advisor took our class to happy hour at New Deck, and a professor
 invited our whole section to a picnic at his house.”
 —Charles Collins-Chase, L’08. Hometown: Sykesville, MD
  B.S. 2004 University of Delaware; M.Phil. 2005 University of Cambridge.
  Current Position: Associate, Finnegan Henderson, Washington, D.C.

Penn Law Faculty Members                                                                    C. Edwin Baker
* These professors will teach 1L students in 2008-09 or                                     Nicholas F. Gallicchio Professor of Law
have taught 1Ls during the past three years.                                                Secondary appointment: Annenberg School for Communication
                                                                                            BA 1969 Stanford; JD 1972 Yale.
                                                                                            Expertise: constitutional law, communications law, and free speech.
*Matthew Adler                                                                              *Tom Baker
Leon Meltzer Professor of Law                                                               Professor of Law
BA 1984 Yale; MLitt (modern history) 1987 Oxford; JD 1991 Yale.                             BA 1982 Harvard; JD 1986 Harvard.
Expertise: administrative law and constitutional law.                                       Expertise: torts; insurance law and policy; medical malpractice law and policy;
David S. Abrams                                                                             sociolegal research.
Assistant Professor of Law                                                                  Stephanos Bibas
Secondary appointment: Business and Public Policy, Wharton                                  Professor of Law
AB 1998 Harvard; MS (physics) 2001 Stanford; PhD (economics) 2006 M.I.T.                    BA 1989 Columbia; BA 1991 Oxford; JD 1994 Yale; MA (jurisprudence) 1998 Oxford.
Expertise: criminal law, law and economics, virtual economies.                              Expertise: law and criminal justice, law and social sciences, legal process and dispute
*Anita L. Allen                                                                             resolution.
Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy                             *Stephen B. Burbank
Secondary appointments: Department of Philosophy, Africana Studies Department,              David Berger Professor for the Administration of Justice
Senior Fellow, Bioethics; Women’s Studies Department                                        AB 1968 Harvard; JD 1973 Harvard.
BA 1974 New College; MA 1976 and PhD (philosophy) 1978 University of Michigan;              Expertise: civil procedure, complex litigation, and judicial administration.
JD 1984 Harvard.
Expertise: U.S. privacy law, everyday and professional ethics, jurisprudence, and torts.    *William Burke-White
                                                                                            Assistant Professor of Law
*Regina Austin                                                                              AB 1998 Harvard; MPhil 1999 (international relations) Cambridge; JD 2002 Harvard;
William A. Schnader Professor of Law                                                        PhD (international relations) 2006 Cambridge.
Director, Penn Program on Documentaries and the Law                                         Expertise: international law and human rights.
BA 1970 University of Rochester; JD 1973 University of Pennsylvania.
Expertise: torts, insurance, race relations, minority feminism, law and cultural studies,   Howard F. Chang
and law-related documentary film studies.                                                   Earle Hepburn Professor of Law
                                                                                            AB 1982 Harvard; MPA (economics & public policy) 1985 Princeton; JD 1987 Harvard;
*Aditi Bagchi                                                                               SM 1988 M.I.T.; PhD (economics) 1992 M.I.T.
Assistant Professor of Law                                                                  Expertise: immigration, international trade, environmental policy, law and economics,
AB 1999 Harvard; MSc (economic and social history) 2000 Oxford; JD 2003 Yale.               and intellectual property.
Expertise: contracts, labor law, comparative law.
                                                                                            Rebecca Clayton
                                                                                            Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer
                                                                                            BA 1994 Yale; JD 1997 Harvard.
                                                                                            Expertise: corporate and financial law, corporate governance, and emerging businesses.

           “At Penn Law, professors do more than teach; they mentor. Penn's combination of
            a small class size with a wealth of brilliant and truly invested professors provides an
            academic and supportive environment for starting a career in law.”
             —Vlad Vainberg, L’10. Hometown: Robbinsville, NJ
              B.A. Yale University 2006.

*Cary Coglianese                                                                       Jill Fisch
Associate Dean and Edward B. Shils Professor of Law                                    Professor of Law
Secondary appointments: Department of Political Science; Fels Institute of             Co-Director, Institute for Law and Economics
Government; Fellow, Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, Wharton             BA 1982 Cornell; JD 1985 Yale.
AB 1985 The College of Idaho; JD and MPP (public policy) 1991 University of            Expertise: corporate law, securities regulation and litigation, federal courts.
Michigan; PhD (political science) 1994 University of Michigan.                         Michael A. Fitts
Expertise: administrative law, regulatory policy, environmental law.                   Dean and Bernard G. Segal Professor of Law
Ronald J. Daniels                                                                      Secondary appointment: School of Arts & Sciences; faculty associate,
Provost and Professor of Law                                                           Penn Institute for Urban Research
BA 1982 University of Toronto; JD 1986 University of Toronto; LLM 1988 Yale.           AB 1975 Harvard; JD 1979 Yale.
Expertise: corporate and securities law, law and development, regulation and           Expertise: administrative law, legislative process, election law, and separation of powers.
government reform.                                                                     Douglas N. Frenkel
*Jacques deLisle                                                                       Practice Professor of Law
Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law                                                      BS 1968 University of Pennsylvania; JD 1972 University of Pennsylvania.
Secondary appointment: Center for East Asian Studies                                   Expertise: alternative dispute resolution, professional responsibility,
AB 1982 Princeton; JD 1990 Harvard.                                                    and clinical education.
Expertise: Chinese law, comparative law, international law, and torts.                 Paul George
William B. Ewald                                                                       Director of the Biddle Law Library and Adjunct Professor
Professor of Law and Philosophy                                                        AB 1974 University of Illinois; JD 1977 Duke;
Secondary appointment: Department of Philosophy                                        MS (library science) 1985 University of Illinois.
BA 1976 Harvard; AM (mathematics) 1976 Harvard; D.Phil. (philosophy & mathematics)     Expertise: legal research.
1978 Oxford; JD 1981 Harvard.                                                          Frank I. Goodman
Expertise: comparative law, philosophy of law, legal history, and international law.   Professor of Law
*Eric A. Feldman                                                                       AB 1954 Harvard; BA 1956 Oxford; LLB 1959 Harvard.
Professor of Law                                                                       Expertise: constitutional law, federal courts, and jurisprudence.
Secondary appointments: Center for East Asian Studies; Center for Public Health        *Sarah Barringer Gordon
Initiatives: Senior Fellow, Bioethics                                                  Arlin M. Adams Professor of Constitutional Law and Professor of History
BA 1982 Vassar; JD 1989 University of California, Berkeley; PhD (jurisprudence &       Secondary appointment: Department of History
social policy) 1994 University of California, Berkeley.                                BA 1982 Vassar; JD 1986 Yale; MAR (arts & religion) 1987 Yale;
Expertise: Japanese law, public health law, law and society, comparative law, torts.   PhD (history) 1995 Princeton.
*Claire Oakes Finkelstein                                                              Expertise: religion and the law, legal history, and property.
Professor of Law and Philosophy                                                        Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.
Director, Institute for Law and Philosophy                                             Trustee Professor of Law
Secondary appointment: Department of Philosophy                                        BA 1953 Swarthmore; LLB 1954 Columbia.
BA 1986 Harvard; Maîtrise 1987 University of Paris, Sorbonne; JD 1993 Yale;            Expertise: legal ethics, professional responsibility, civil procedure, and federal jurisdiction.
PhD (philosophy) 1996 University of Pittsburgh.
Expertise: criminal law, legal philosophy, moral and political philosophy.
*Jason Scott Johnston                                                                     *Howard Lesnick
Robert G. Fuller, Jr. Professor of Law                                                    Jefferson B. Fordham Professor of Law
Director, Program on Law, the Environment and the Economy                                 Secondary appointment: School of Arts & Sciences
Secondary Appointment: Institute for Environmental Studies                                AB 1952 New York University; AM (history) 1953 Columbia; LLB 1958 Columbia.
AB 1978 Dartmouth; JD 1981 University of Michigan;                                        Expertise: law and inequality; religion, law, and lawyering; and professional
PhD (economics) 1984 University of Michigan.                                              responsibility.
Expertise: law and economics, contracts, natural resource law, and environmental law.     *Kristin Madison
*Leo Katz                                                                                 Professor of Law
Frank Carano Professor of Law                                                             Secondary appointment: Senior Fellow, Leonard David Institute of Health Economics
BA 1979 University of Chicago; MA (economics) 1982 University of Chicago;                 BA 1992 University of California, Berkeley; JD 2000 Yale;
JD 1982 University of Chicago.                                                            PhD (economics) 2001 Stanford.
Expertise: criminal law, corporations, and jurisprudence.                                 Expertise: health care law
*Jonathan Klick                                                                           Serena Mayeri
Professor of Law                                                                          Assistant Professor of Law
BS 1997 Villanova University; MA 1999 University of Maryland; PhD (economics) 2001        BA 1997 Harvard; JD 2001 Yale; PhD (history) 2006 Yale.
George Mason; JD 2003 George Mason.                                                       Expertise: legal history, anti-discrimination law, family law.
Expertise: empirical legal studies, public health, empirical finance, insurance,          Charles W. Mooney, Jr.
class actions, law and economics.                                                         Associate Dean and Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. Professor of Law
Michael Knoll                                                                             BA 1969 University of Oklahoma; JD 1972 Harvard.
Theodore K. Warner Professor of Law and Professor of Real Estate                          Expertise: commercial law, debtor/creditor law, and bankruptcy.
Secondary appointment: Department of Real Estate, Wharton                                 *Stephen J. Morse
AB 1977 University of Chicago; AM 1980 University of Chicago;                             Ferdinand Wakeman Hubbell Professor of Law;
PhD (economics) 1983 University of Chicago; JD 1984 University of Chicago.                Professor of Psychology and Law in Psychiatry
Expertise: taxation and corporate finance.                                                Secondary appointments: Department of Psychiatry; Department of Criminology;
Praveen Kosuri                                                                            faculty associate, Penn Institute for Urban Research
Practice Professor of Law                                                                 AB 1966 Tufts; EdM 1970 Harvard; JD 1970 Harvard; PhD (psychology & social
AB 1991 Duke; JD 1994 Washington University; MBA 2001 University of Chicago.              relations) 1973 Harvard.
Expertise: economic development and entrepreneurship.                                     Expertise: criminal law and mental health law.
*Seth F. Kreimer                                                                          Sarah Paoletti
Kenneth W. Gemmill Professor of Law                                                       Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer
BA 1974 Yale; JD 1977 Yale.                                                               BA 1992 Yale; JD 1998 American University.
Expertise: constitutional law, civil rights, and constitutional litigation.               Expertise: international human rights, immigrant rights, asylum law, labor
*Anne E. Kringel                                                                          and employment law.
Senior Lecturer and Legal Writing Director                                                *Gideon Parchomovsky
BA 1986 Yale; JD 1991 Yale.                                                               Professor of Law
Expertise: legal research and writing.                                                    LLB 1993 Hebrew University of Jerusalem; LLM 1995 University of California,
Friedrich K. Kübler                                                                       Berkeley; JSD 1998 Yale.
Professor of Law                                                                          Expertise: intellectual property, property law, and information law.
Dr.iur 1961 University of Tubingen; Habil. 1966 University of Tubingen.                   *Stephen Perry
Expertise: comparative law, corporate law, regulation of transnational financial          John J. O’Brien Professor of Law;
markets, European Union law, and mass media law.                                          Secondary appointment: Department of Philosophy
Alan M. Lerner                                                                            BA 1975 University of Toronto; B. Phil. 1978 University of Oxford;
Practice Professor of Law                                                                 LLB 1981 University of Toronto; D. Phil. 1988 University of Oxford.
Co-director, Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice, and Research                   Expertise: Torts and Legal Philosophy.
BS 1962 University of Pennsylvania; JD 1965 University of Pennsylvania.                   *Wendell Pritchett
Expertise: litigation, child dependency law and practice, employment law, civil rights,   Professor of Law
and professional responsibility.                                                          Secondary appointments: School of Design; Department of History;
                                                                                          faculty associate, Penn Institute for Urban Research
                                                                                          BA 1986 Brown; JD 1991 Yale; PhD (history) 1997 University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                          Expertise: legal history, property, and urban development.
                                                                                          *Paul Robinson
                                                                                          Colin S. Diver Professor of Law
                                                                                          Secondary appointment: Department of Criminology
                                                                                          BS 1970 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; JD 1973 University of California, Los
                                                                                          Angeles; LLM 1974 Harvard; Diploma in Legal Studies 1976 Cambridge University.
                                                                                          Expertise: criminal law, criminal law theory, sentencing, and criminal code reform.
Edward B. Rock                                                                          *Amy Wax
Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law                                     Robert Mundheim Professor of Law
Co-Director, Institute for Law and Economics                                            Secondary appointment: faculty associate, Penn Institute for Urban Research
Secondary appointment: Business and Public Policy, Wharton                              BS 1975 Yale; MD 1981 Harvard; JD 1987 Columbia.
BS 1977 Yale; BA 1980 University of Oxford; JD 1983 University of Pennsylvania.         Expertise: civil procedure, social welfare law, and law and economics of work
Expertise: antitrust, corporations, and securities regulation.                          and family.
*Kermit Roosevelt                                                                       *Tobias Barrington Wolff
Professor of Law                                                                        Professor of Law
AB 1993 Harvard; JD 1997 Yale.                                                          AB 1992 Yale; JD 1997 Yale.
Expertise: constitutional law, conflict of laws, and federal jurisdiction.              Expertise: civil procedure and complex litigation; conflict of laws; constitutional
*David Rudovsky                                                                         law; sexuality and the law.
Senior Fellow                                                                           Christopher S. Yoo
BA 1964 Queens College; LLB 1967 New York University.                                   Professor of Law
Expertise: criminal procedure, evidence, public interest, and civil rights law.         Secondary appointment: Annenberg School for Communication
*Theodore Ruger                                                                         AB 1986 Harvard; MBA 1991 UCLA; JD 1995 Northwestern.
Professor of Law                                                                        Expertise: telecommunications and media law, intellectual property,
AB 1990 Williams College; JD 1995 Harvard.                                              presidential power.
Expertise: constitutional law, health law, legislation, food and drug law.              University Faculty Members
Louis S. Rulli                                                                          Samuel Freeman
Practice Professor of Law and Clinical Director                                         Steven F. Goldstone Term Professor of Philosophy and Law (Arts & Sciences)
BA 1971 Rutgers; JD 1974 Rutgers.                                                       AB 1973 University of North Carolina; JD 1977 University of North Carolina;
Expertise: public interest, civil rights, legislation, and clinical education.          PhD (philosophy) 1985 Harvard.
Chris W. Sanchirico                                                                     Georgette Chapman Phillips
Professor of Law, Business & Public Policy                                              David B. Ford Professor of Real Estate; Professor of Legal Studies and Law;
Secondary appointment: Business and Public Policy Department, Wharton                   Vice Dean & Director of Wharton Undergraduate Division
AB 1984 Princeton; JD 1994 Yale; PhD (economics) 1994 Yale.                             AB 1981 Bryn Mawr; JD 1985 Harvard.
Expertise: evidentiary procedure, tax policy, and law and economics.
                                                                                        James F. Ross
Reed Shuldiner                                                                          Professor of Philosophy and Law (Arts & Sciences)
Alvin Snowiss Professor of Law                                                          AB 1953 Catholic University; A.M. 1954 Catholic University; PhD (philosophy)
BSE 1977 Princeton; JD 1983 Harvard; PhD (economics) 1985 M.I.T.                        1958 Brown; JD 1974 University of Pennsylvania.
Expertise: tax policy and income taxation.
                                                                                        William C. Tyson
*Jessica Simon                                                                          Associate Professor of Legal Studies, Management (Wharton) and Law
Lecturer in Law and Assistant Director, Legal Writing Program                           AB 1967 Princeton; JD 1970 Harvard.
BA 1995 University of Pennsylvania; JD 1999 George Washington.
Expertise: legal research and writing, employment discrimination, and employment law.   Visiting Faculty
David A. Skeel, Jr.                                                                     Richard Ross
S. Samuel Arsht Professor of Corporate Law                                              Visiting Professor of Law and History (from University of Illinois)
BA 1983 North Carolina; JD 1987 University of Virginia.                                 BA 1984 Yale; PhD (history) 1998; JD 1989 Yale.
Expertise: corporate law and bankruptcy.                                                Christopher Serkin
*Catherine T. Struve                                                                    Visiting Associate Professor of Law (from Brooklyn Law School)
Professor of Law                                                                        BA 1993 Yale; JD 1999 Michigan.
AB 1992 Harvard; JD 1995 Harvard.                                                       Ilya Somin
Expertise: civil procedure and federal courts.                                          Visiting Assistant Professor of Law (from George Mason)
Yolanda Vazquez                                                                         BA 1995 Amherst; MA (political science) 1997 Harvard; JD 2001 Yale.
Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer                                                        Suzanne Last Stone
BA 1988 Wisconsin; JD 1994 Chicago-Kent                                                 Visiting Professor of Law (from Yeshiva)
Expertise: immigration law, criminal law                                                BA 1974 Princeton; JD 1978 Columbia.
Michael L. Wachter                                                                      National Constitution Center
William B. Johnson Professor of Law and Economics;
Co-Director, Institute for Law and Economics                                            Each year a distinguished panel selects two constitutional law scholars as Visiting
Secondary appointment: Department of Economics                                          Scholars who engage in activities that enrich both Penn Law and the NCC.
BS 1964 Cornell; MA 1967 Harvard; PhD (economics) 1970 Harvard.                         Theodore M. Shaw and Martha S. Jones have been selected as the National
Expertise: corporations, corporate finance, and labor law and economics.                Constitution Center’s 2008 Visiting Scholars and will, as part of their appointment,
                                                                                        periodically take part in the Center’s new Legacy of 1808 program series, a year
*R. Polk Wagner                                                                         long dialogue with various scholars and experts on the history of the slave trade
Professor of Law                                                                        and its contemporary relevance.
BS 1993 College of Charleston; BSE 1993 University of Michigan; JD 1998 Stanford.
Expertise: intellectual property, electronic commerce and constitutional law.